"You too"

"You too" - student project

This is my project for "obsession" I took it towards the idea that I obsess over everyday interactions where I have answered someone incorrectly. 

I began the project with my planning stage. I had found that a synonym of Obsession is a fixation. 

So I began my narrative plan then began to sketch. At first, i thought we could open with a shot of her at the counter with the interaction than have her at home panicking over it after so much time had passed, by using a clock to show that time passage. I ended up doing another shot that I liked a lot more


After that was lining and adding text. I wanted to keep the barista to lack a face because in retrospect she or he will NEVER remember you saying anything back... they don't care and don't matter. 

And that's the final product. I have had Izzy around for a long time so she is a favourite original character to draw. A shy little lady who loves frogs, magic and tea. I hope you all enjoy my project.