The hairpin

The hairpin - student project

   Lucy entered her mistress’s bedroom and stopped dead in her tracks as she glanced around the room in shock. The room was in complete disarray, the bed was completely stripped down to the mattress, the armoire was flung open, drawers pulled out and hanging precariously close to crashing to the floor, clothes flung all over the room. Her eyes widened shockingly when she saw a piece of her mistress’s undergarments hanging from the basin. She squeaked when she heard rustling coming from the far corner of the room. Suddenly a head popped up from the other side of the bed and she was greeted by a disheveled person who greatly resembled her mistress.

“Lucy! Thank the Lord it’s you. Hurry I need help.” Alexis answered anxiously as she attempted to blow away a stray hair hanging over her face.

“My lady! Are you alright? Should I sound an alarm?” She asked frighteningly as she tried to make her way across the room, avoiding the maze of shoes, clothes, and bedding scattered about on the floor.

"I lost my hairpin, it fell under the bed and I can't reach it.” She said in an annoying little voice.