The Wanderers

The Wanderers - student project

I decided to make a crest for a group of family friends.  We call ourselves the "Wally World Wanderers" or just "the Wanderers" for short.  

The origin of the group predates my birth, but the story that has been passed down to me is as follows: Someone once got mad at one of our friends and said that he looked like a walrus. From that point on everyone called him "Wally". "Wally" owned a RV, which was then called "Wally World". We would all go on group camping trips and we called ourselves the "Wally World Wanderers".

Back in the early nineties they had tank tops, sweatshirts and camp flags printed with this logo that my mom drew.
The Wanderers - image 1 - student project

This walrus has been an icon throughout my childhood and continues to be into my adulthood, so I knew this must be the center point of the crest.  I wanted to create a cleaner, more logo-friendly version of the walrus, so I sketched out something with simple shapes and started working in illustrator.
The Wanderers - image 2 - student project
Next, based off of some sketches I began putting some things together. The flamingo-laurels are a reference to the flamingo lawn oranaments that everyone would put outside of their tent/trailer.
The Wanderers - image 3 - student project
Here is the final version I came up with.
The Wanderers - image 4 - student project
and some color
The Wanderers - image 5 - student project
Finally, some application:
The Wanderers - image 6 - student project
The Wanderers - image 7 - student project
The Wanderers - image 8 - student project
The Wanderers - image 9 - student project
Thank you for taking the time to view my project! Any constructive criticism is appreciated.