The "Buy Me" Email That Worked

The "Buy Me" Email That Worked - student project

Here's an example of a "buy me" email that made me take action!

Madewell was having an online sale, so I browsed a bit and added a few items to my cart. As it happened, I got distracted with something else (because Internet), and decided not to make a purchase. But then, being sneaky, they sent me this follow-up email, teasing me with an awesome subject line (ahem, DO I have great taste, Madewell?? why thank you!), hooking me with a dead-simple aesthetic and lots of white space, and a super-clear call to action: SHOP NOW.

This email has a clear purpose, its content is perfectly matched to that purpose, and it's easy to scroll through and navigate.

Sure enough, I went for it. I clicked in, it took me straight to my cart, and I confirmed the order. This "buy me" email 100% worked.

Head of Brand & Content