Sample Project: 'Aziz'

Sample Project: 'Aziz' - student project

This is a character that I’m envisioning as the protagonist in a future story and I’d be interested in exploring different points of his life, jumping back and forth in time, to reveal who he really is. That’s why I’ve chosen to present my scenes in reverse chronological order, to give that sense of a man being revealed. But as you organize your own scenes, you should choose the order that makes the most sense for your character. 

Because this is meant to be an example that will hopefully clarify the project better, I wanted to provide three very different kinds of scenes: The first scene is ‘literary’, and I think has the most dimension and strongest sense of an aura. The second scene is more bare-bones and cinematic, moving forward in a straight line with a beginning, middle and end. While the third is a short impression, a quick portrait, with very little actually happening. 

Again, the intent is to give you some idea of the range of possibilities you can choose from, enjoy:

Class Sample Project - Russian Doll Exercise: 'Aziz' (draft 1)