Pattern Play: Watercolor V in Blue

Pattern Play: Watercolor V in Blue - student project

While I'm no pattern expert, it's really exciting things start to click. That's the point I'm at. I've been doing patterns in Illustrator--which is such a simpler process--but lose those rich watercolor bleeds. Sad face. 

I was glad to see you posted this class Ohn Mar! Along with another class here on Skillshare, I'm concocting my way of working these patterns up with simple watercolor works. It's not a set process yet and each pattern definitely has a mind of its own, but I'm grateful to have gained some footing in this sub-journey. 

Can you see the original painting the in far back (upper right)?

Pattern Play: Watercolor V in Blue - image 1 - student project

This pattern is part of a collection I posted on my Instagram. I particularly like the irregularity in the rhythm. I could have made it a "straight-up" Chevron, but adding a twist is what working creatively is all about, amiright? 

Pattern Play: Watercolor V in Blue - image 2 - student project

Now. Someone please make this a reality. Wait. That's what Society6 is for. 


Thank you for the fun with smart objects, Ohn Mar! 


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