Learnings from -- Providing Effective Feedback

Learnings from -- Providing Effective Feedback - student project

Do's for providing effective feedback

1. Come from a place of care (Clearly explain the why)

2.Place of Observation (Traits and Behavior - Clearly explain and establish by using the facts)

3.Place of fallibility (Explain the way you see the things and feedback from your respective)

4.Place of Curiosity (Ask questions)

Feedback Effects

1.Gratitude for honest Feedback

2.Feedback Loop Closure with explanation

3.Act on Feedback

4. Ask Specific question during the feedback with the time-boxed

 Make note of the obstacles the people are facing to give feedback.

Obstacle 1:- Fear

Obstacle 2:- Futility

  The choice of words used during the feedback cycle makes a big difference.