Intuitive Painting

Intuitive Painting - student project

Playing is fun but sometimes is not easy to silence the inner critic. First I made the left one but as you can see my mind was still there telling me what to do so I decided to quiet it down just making spirals with the first color I saw. I guess they ended up making a cohesive pair somehow.

Now I was already warmed up and that made just letting go a lot easier. I decided to start with a star and painted around it.


Playing with colors and an attempt to use wet on wet technique. I say attempt because this paper is not a good one for watercolor but I just went with it, why not?


Here is my little landscape and a background to match.


Is it just me or is it peaceful to make the same shape over and over? I ended up with a bunch of these and probably will do a lot more. 



A simple happy greenery ^^


And the repeat is back! Now it comes with some breathing exercise made with a fan brush which I rarely use and definitely should use more.


Drill time!

Few more...

And a bit more. Have to confess that my inner critic cringes at this one but I´ll post it anyway.


The next one is inspired by the mug that is always on my desk leaving a trace of coffee behind. Clumsy? Oh yes.   


Now the toughest one. I was crying even before you said that this could happen. Corona, quarantine and politics are making 2020 a pretty hard year to live through. I was hearing the news while I painted this and it was not good.


I know this year is being a struggle for everyone so I´d like to end this project with hope. After the news I turned some happy music on, made another painting and that´s how it turned out. 

Always wanted to be a digital nomad and travel around the world so a colorful planet makes a lot of sense. I also like to think that this means a happy, bright and better world.


I like all your classes but this one came at the right time.

Thank you!

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