IG 2 Week Growth Challenge

IG 2 Week Growth Challenge - student project



I’ve had my IG account for about 2 years.  I’m happy (and amazed) that I have 1000 followers, but it feels really slow.  It seems like I gained faster after I reached 600 or so.

I’m excited about this challenge.  I’ve already switched my account to business (which had to connect to a FB biz page). I also worked on writing a more interesting post with a question, and promptly replying to comments on a video I uploaded.  That video has over 400 views!  Which has never happened!  I know we should not expect “overnight “ success, but I’m super happy about those views and comments!

i will update here as we go.


I signed up for Linktr.ee, as recommended. It was very easy and free, simply linked to my IG account.  Then added links for my website, YouTube channel, etc.  I used Ohn Mar's Linktree page as my example. 


 I'm so happy about this, makes linking in IG sooo much easier!

Thanks for this class, Ohn Mar :)

Update 2:

I dropped the ball this week, and did not post daily.  However, I’m still very happy that I did this challenge. Switching to a business IG account and adding Linktree has been a huge help!  It’s also been fantastic to connect with everyone on IG.  

I did gain followers.  But the best thing are all of the fun conversations!  I’ve never really been able to have that level of engagement, and it is great!

Here’s my screenshot after 2 weeks, 3 days:


This has been a very encouraging and helpful challenge! Thanks, Ohn Mar :) 

Happy Instagramming,