Haters - student project


This was a short sketch for IGTV mainly (but I put it up on YT as well) where I listed all the things we might normally hear from haters as 'insults' and flipped it around so that we don't give them the satisfaction. 

As someone that always has one eye on the elephant in the room, I'm interesting in creating videos that make you both laugh and think. So I want to create videos that help people learn to laugh at themselves, feel like they're not alone and also shine a light on things that are strange and oftentimes problematic in our world.

My goal is to create from an authentic place but to also grow and make this a fully sustainable career. I'm passionate about this and defo put in the time but I'm at a stage where I need to make this sustainable long term. Hence doing this course to learn from the Queen!

Instagram is my main platform - honestly because I like the immediacy of connecting with my audience. And I'm now waiting for IGTV to monetize so I can have a consistent income! 

You can find me @ofshahanajan

Huge Lilly fan so would love some feedback!

Actor • Digital Creator