Grid experiments

Grid experiments - student project

Hi All,

Wish I could put some nice intro & description to this project but don't feel very confident in English.

To make things short : I love Hype !

For my first project, I thought I could start with some HGridLayout experiments

001 | Spinning & Pulsing pluses

HGridLayout filled with a svg
HColorist gradient
I've got 2 HOscillators on this one

  1. H.ROTATION for even numbers
  2. H.SIZE for odd numbers 

002 | Dancing

Mutation of previous one
Coloring the stroke (weight of 20), too lazy to draw a new svg ;)
Removed the second HOscillator
Set the size to 0 on odd numbers

003 | Turn right

The beloved HOscillator on H.X giving life to a boring grid filled with a svg

004 | Squared
3 HOscillators : X, Y, ROTATION
Not a perfect loop but love this effect anyway

005 | Tic Tac

3 svg patterns piled up with random scales
HOscillator on rotation with a random angle for each object

005 | HOscillator love

SVG HOscillators HTween =

006 | Bouncing

007 | Sequence

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