Grant readiness checklist and long term goals.

Grant readiness checklist and long term goals. - student project

Grant Readiness Checklist



            Do you have a Board of Directors?

            Who is a good contact person if I need to reach out to the Board?



            Do you currently have staff or volunteers?

            If this grant is approved;

How many people do you plan having available to make this project happen?

            Who is the person who will be leading this project?

            Can I have their contact details?



            What is you organizations vision, mission, and/or goals?

            Do you have a mission statement?

            How does the project you want the funds for fit within your mission?



            What kind of organization are you?

            Do you have tax status and documents to show this?



            Do you have a formal operational budget?

            What is your income, expenses from last year(s), planned expenses for this year?

            Can I have access to this?



            Do you have income that isn’t grant related?

            What type of income is this? (Fundraising, donations, etc?)

            Is any of that income slated for the project you’re hoping to win grant money for?

            Have you applied for grants before? Were you successful?



            How has your organization served its community?

            What are your organization’s past successes?

Has your organization used grant money for a project before?

Can you show that other grants you’ve won have been used appropriately?







Long term goals.


I want to gain the skills to be a free lance grant writer.


I want to write grants that work for the organizations I’m working for, as well as for the funder.


I want to do this so I can have an income source that I can use to make a difference for causes that I believe in, while also fitting in with my current lifestyle and outdoor industry career.