Gouache and Color

Gouache and Color - student project

Thank you for reminding me of Color Theory books. I have quite a few but they are different than yours. One actually has swatches so I got caught up in sorting the colors and finding some interesting combinations. The one I used for this project was called “Tropical”. I don’t necessarily agree with that but I found the colors interesting.

Here I tried to match the colors in gouache and color pencils:

I then tried applying each color on top of each color to have a record of how they work together:


Here I tried playing around with flower shapes and putting patterns on them:

I’ll submit the finished project once it’s done…

Not happy with this… it’s too careful so I tried again, being more carefree.

This was more spontaneous but it feels Ike there was too much attention on the big leaf in the center. I worked on a pattern I didn’t like so in trying to cover it up it got even bigger. I was lost as to what to try next and found one of your cards, Kate. There were so many great things in it! WOW! Your colors are much brighter in reality, similar to the ones I have chosen, and there were a lot of lessons just in this one card!

I saw you opened holes where you could see through to the background to open up the shape. I tried to do that with white paint and of course it mixed with the turquoise. I waited to let it dry and try again but thought the right side of mine looked different from the left side, soooooo I put it in Procreate to play with it.

Now I need to do it in gouache!

I have been working and working on this one and finding too many holes. I’m trying to join things together and having trouble finding the right shape or color needed. There’s a lot of white-out going on as I try and solve that upper space. I’m thinking it needs to be a black leaf…a roundish one at that, touching the brown and turquoise one to its right to connect them, but I’m afraid it’ll be too big and over power the space. I may try and paint on prepared acetate instead of on the piece! (PLUS I hate the red hearts, they need to be more flower-like.) I’ll keep plugging away but suggestions are welcome!

I’m still not happy, but I’m happier! There are still areas or objects that aren’t connected but kinda help the feeling that the whole thing was stirred up by the wind.

For me there are spots that you like too much to change, like the light turquoise circular vine with berries. I didn’t want to change it so the leaf in the middle floats and gets more attention. I tried duplicating that leaf and moving it around but couldn’t find a place for it. Also, I flipped the image because the brown and black leaves added a lot of weight which worked better on the bottom. Now is there too much air on the top?

I truly wish I could be more spontaneous, I start out that way, but then I think I’m just problem solving the rest of the way.

Also, my markers and pencils just lifted off the paint because I had so many layers. I’ll have to keep trying…

Thanks Kate, for ANOTHER fabulous class and inspiring me to keep practicing with gouache. I love the medium!!