French Fries And Good Vibes

French Fries And Good Vibes - student project

Hi! I'm Lala. Nice to meet you!

I'm excited to take this class and build my story.

I originally wanted to revamp my portfolio website and incorporate it with my online shop A Case Of Lala (coming soon) that I've been working on so that they could go hand in hand. So I came up with French Fries and Good Vibes inspired by my workspace & because my dream in life is to spreading joy to the world and make people smile. 

So here's my logo. 

and my workspace if you were curious

But as I was watching the videos and thinking about my beliefs and mission, etc I realized that I wanted it to be more than just my portfolio and shop but a lifestyle. Why not strive for smiles everyday, even if it's for 5 secs. 

So I started asking myself the questions Kate asked in the video;

1.What do you believe in?

  • eating dessert first
  • having fun and happiness
  • bringing joy to the world in a quirky & charming way through my artwork

2. Why?

  • because life should be enjoyed
  • to celebrate yourself everyday, because well you're awesome. Duh
  • people should enjoy the pleasure of turning the corners of their mouth upward into a giant smile more often and why not do that with my work

3. What are some brands you admire?

4. What's your vision?

  • to create a space where everyone can laugh and try new things. just enjoy life and have an adventure. a space to admire and inspire where we can laugh, cry and have fun.

So I got to thinking what did I want French Fries and Good Vibes to do and I came up with a statement.

At French Fries & Good Vibes, we celebrate fun & happiness. Whether it be through humorous lettering, charming illustrations, emergency dance parties or just because...we want to remind you that life is suppose to be enjoyed. Think of us as your favorite best friends who always have your back (like Kanye does for Beyoncé) take you on new adventures, introduce you to exciting people and more. So relax, eat some fries and enjoy yourself (& your life).

I did the worksheets here they are below:

I'm not so sure about my mission statement as it may be too broad and cause problems for a target audience I should target but I'm unsure. 

I'm totally open to comments and suggestions so feel free to let me know your thoughts. :)

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