Favorite Feedback Tips!

Favorite Feedback Tips! - student project

Hello everyone!

While taking this class, and upon viewing my notes I've learned a lot about the difference between being a true leader and not just a boss. 


Favorite Feedback Tips! - image 1 - student project

I couldn't just choose one, tip that I've learned in this class. So, here are my top three favorite tips, and why, that I've learned!

1) Come from a place of Fallibility or Humbleness, Remember that your feedback is not the word of god, it's just observations that you have noticed and brining it up to the other person.

2) Don't Delay Giving Feedback, The sooner you tell the person what their doing is wrong or how they can improve upon what they're doing can be beneficial to both parties! 

3) Close the Feedback Loop with an Explanation, Explanations as to why you're acting or not action on that certain feedback, could improve relationships with your team and make them feel like their voices were heard!


I truly appreciate the instructor, Claire Lew for sharing her experiences and thoughts about obtaining feedback and being a good leader and I hope to implement these tactics, both in day-to-day and business, in the future!

Brandon Britt

From Zero to Hero