Exploring Bohemian + Scandinavian

Exploring Bohemian + Scandinavian - student project

After taking the style quiz, it turns out I’m a mix of Scandinavian and Bohemian styles! I’ve always thought I was Mid Century Modern, but I’m wondering now if I just liked how pulled together everything looked at West Elm.

Next, I wanted to develop my style confidence by figuring out specifically what I like about each style. I created a board on Pinterest where I searched each style and started pinning the images I liked the best:

And wow do I like light wood. The other thing I noticed is that I like some contrast with blues/greens and I like some plants. Plants so up in a lot of scandi bohemian images, but I never ended up pinning any that had more than two or three. And, I like clean, but not totally minimalistic spaces. Nothing that felt to cluttered or too “much,” but also no spaces with nothing on any surfaces to warm it up. 

I’m excited by how concrete I was able to get just with a quick pinterest session — my next challenge is to go shopping with Emily’s voice in the back of my head. I took pictures of my bedroom, the space I want to focus on first, and am planning on taking pictures of items at a lot of different stores before committing to anything.

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