Example Project: Copywriting with Personality

Example Project: Copywriting with Personality - student project

This is an example project to accompany my class, Copywriting with Personality.

I wrote a blog post for my client, Lois, who owns a local flower shop called The Flower Yard. Below are the notes she sent me with the points to include in the blog post:

Flower Yard blog: roses in wedding bouquet

• Encourage people to visit product page
• Build customer relationship

Lois's personal love of roses (grandma story)

Brief history of the rose:
• Aphrodite
• Cleopatra
• Poetry

Keep points:
• Not old-fashioned
• Can look modern
• Versatile

Introduce the most popular roses sold:
• Hybrid tea rose - comes in lots of colours
• Spray rose - small, delicate and natural
• Garden rose - vibrant and dramatic

CTA - link to rose bouquet product page

Here is the finished blog post:

I was five years old the first time I saw a rose. It was one of a dozen bright yellow roses that were in a vase in my grandma's living room. I can still remember its vibrant colour, the velvety texture of its petals and its sweet, heady smell. My grandma told me it was called a sweetheart rose.

Roses have a special place in history. According to Greek mythology, the first rose was created by Aphrodite, the goddess of love. Thousands of years later, the Egyptian queen Cleopatra soaked in a warm bath of donkey's milk, honey and fragrant rose petals. And the rose has inspired romantic poems by Shakespeare, Robert Burns and Dylan Thomas.

With their romantic reputation, it's not surprising that roses have long been a favourite flower for wedding bouquets. But don't be put off by their popularity. A bouquet of roses can be modern. Minimal. Even quirky. So put on your rose-tinted glasses and take a new look at this versatile flower.

The rose is the Swiss army knife of the wedding bouquet.

Do you want the colours in your wedding bouquet to perfectly coordinate with your bridesmaids' dresses? With hybrid tea roses you'll find the perfect match.

If you want an informal, natural look, spray roses are the flowers for you. The mixture of open and closed buds gives a 'just picked' look when mixed with natural greenery such as ferns or sea lavender.

Experiment with your blooms. Inject some drama into your bouquet. The bright and beautiful garden rose is the peacock of the flower world - vibrant, showy and sure to make a big impression.

20 years after I saw that first rose in my grandma's living room, I walked down the aisle holding a wedding bouquet full of identical yellow sweetheart roses. My grandma wasn't there to see me get married, but I feel like she was with me in spirit that day and I thought of her every time those beautiful yellow flowers caught my eye.

Will this romantic flower play a part in your wedding day?

See all our rose bouquets.


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