Dog Walk for Ovarian Cancer Awareness & Fundraising

Dog Walk for Ovarian Cancer Awareness & Fundraising - student project

Why? To spread awareness of the signs and symptoms of ovarian cancer, and fundraising

Who? Public 

How Many? Hopefully 1,000

What feeling? Family friendly event, with a feeling of comradery and fun as we fundraiser for OCAO and spread awareness for OVCA. 


Struggles - where to find a location for the dog walk. What else to have at the dog walk? Since it is a fundraiser what else should we do if anything? 


1. Date and Location!!!!
2. Water - We have some left over from human walk - will it be enough (Check again when gets closer to date)
3. Sponsors - Shirt for Dogs (X) can we find more? (BarkBox is local)
4. Sound for Day of event / Do we need a DJ?
5. Do we need a stage - (depends on location)
6. Price for event
7. Photographer / Photobooth?
8. ...