Connecting with my Spirit Guides

Connecting with my Spirit Guides - student project
  • What situation are you bringing to your Spirit Guides? - I am new to contacting my Spirit Guides. I have been feeling a bit stuck lately and so I wanted to ask my Spirit Guides for guidance and reassurance.
  • What steps did you take as far as preparation and setting intentions? - I raised my vibrations using white sage, then had a bath so I can fully relax and work on my emotions and meditate. I asked my Spirit Guides for a message. 
  • What did you experience during the session? - I felt huge amount of love and care from my Spirit Guides which made me feel emotional. I felt they knew everything about me.
  • How and what messages did you receive, and how can you start applying them in your life. - I felt reassurance that I should be proud of where I have come. My spirit guides encouraged me to take courses including a cooking course. I felt my Spirit Guides were very pleased I have reached out to them. 

Thank you for the fantastic course! I will continue to connect with my Spirit Guides.