Color Scheme Game Part 1

Color Scheme Game Part 1 - student project

By playing the color scheme game I painted a still life with different color schemes.

My colors were Azo yellow, Alizarin crimson, French ultramarine.

At first I painted a thumbnail with color scheme 6 (analogous 2 complements) and violet as main color, then scheme 11 (triad) with red and then 7 (extended analogous with 3 complements). Personally I like the triad with 3 colors but here I had to use white as a 4 color.

Next I tried scheme 5 (analogous with 1 complement and violet). Here I tried all 4 possible color combinations (painting 6 is my favorite).

Finally I played the game with a landscape scene. Here I had some interesting results. In painting landscapes the analogous schemes might be favorised.

Always using the same subject was quite interesting to compare the effects of the different colors.