Color Communication

Color Communication - student project

I have been putting a lot of time and energy into understanding color better, and specifically my own paints. This was a great class on taking it a step further. That Adobe Capture app is insane. I used that and a National Geographic Image Collection book I have, and got to work making some palettes.

I was using half-pans, and I found myself being pretty stingy with the pigment. My colors are pretty transparent. I tried to find and mix some bolder colors towards the end.

This was a palette I really liked and made a few pieces from it.

I used the barn sketch for reference and made some small paintings. I'm also working on painting more loosely, so that was also happening. These are the three palettes I used. I mixed these with some tube watercolors I had so that I could get more vibrant colors. I neglected to label any of these, and I don't remember what images I pulled the colors from. I just tried to pick three different palettes.

Some barn sketches in this spastic style I have been experimenting with. I forgot to get a shot of my first barn before I finished it with ink. I used 140lb. (300g) watercolor paper.

I tried not to get too hung up on the colors looking realistic. I just tried to keep the values appropriate for where I wanted the light to fall.

I ended up inking over them and they turned into fun little abstract pieces.

This was a fun project. I like to do several small abstracts with different palettes, and this is a great way to define my own custom palettes and personalize my pieces.

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