Alexandra Maria Bellanue nee Garcia

Alexandra Maria Bellanue nee Garcia - student project

 Alex was grounded. Her books were all taken away, her tablet was downstairs, and she wasn't allowed to leave her room. Shadows danced on her blue wall, and she wondered why things had shadows. Everyone knew they were there, so why give them shadows? She absentmindedly began braiding her hair and kept pondering about it. Maybe the Lord thought they were important for a reason that no human brain could comprehend? Or he thought we should find out ourselves? What if there wasn't a reason? Alex decided to take a nap. All of this thinking was making her sleepy.

  Dr. Bellanue signed another summer camp health confirmation. Yet another patient left. Her patients had all been healthy, and this made her sad. She was glad that they were all well, but she just wished someone sick would need to be helped. Even just a fever would interest her. Why wasn't her life exciting? Maybe she should have decided to be a surgeon.

  Alexandra was lonely. Her husband was gone. Erin was too busy studying to visit, Leo was struggling to survive throughout his cancer treatments, and Piper had locked herself from her family because of political beliefs. Alexandra knew she'd die soon, like her husband and son. She stood up and struggled to the door. She'd visit Leo. He'd love to see her. He was a good son.

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