8oz Latte topped w/ Cinnamon Sugar

8oz Latte topped w/ Cinnamon Sugar - student project

Hi there! I'm 21 years old and I cannot afford an espresso machine at the moment - however I did get my hands on an AeroPress a few years ago and have been using it to make my espresso shots since. I have very recently acquired a hand-held milk frother and a stainless steel pour mug (also a microwave and a ceramic mug) for milk as I wanted to experiment with Lattes before I applied to my local coffee shops as a barista!

Perhaps I will be able to update my submission once I get a machine!



(P.S. I've attached a video for the following reason: I usually take sugar in my coffee and I forgot to add it beforehand - so I decided to try the art first and then mix in sugar after taking photos - due to the cinnamon sugar on top this created a nice spinning galaxy effect and that's the video :D)


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