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YouTube Success - Understanding Algorithm for Channel Growth

teacher avatar Parth Karia, YouTube Marketing

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

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      YouTube Partner Program Eligibility


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      How many Ads appear on Videos


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      Types of Ads that appear on Videos


    • 5.

      Understanding YouTube Algorithm


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      YouTube SEO


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      Thank You for Enrolling


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About This Class

In this class you'll understand

  • How to create a channel that is eligible for YouTube Partner Program
  • How YouTube Algorithm works
  • How to maximize your views
  • YouTube SEO - Optimize Title, Tags & Description
  • How much YouTube can reward

Meet Your Teacher

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Parth Karia

YouTube Marketing


Hello, I'm Parth. I have been learning Digital Marketing since 2015. Me and my team has accumulated more than 100 million views from different YouTube channels. I am here on Skillshare to share my knowledge whatever I've achieved till yet and would like to connect with creators and learners.  

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1. Introduction: Hello. My name is part and I welcome you to the course off YouTube algorithm in which we will discuss important topics which are responsible for growth off YouTube channel. I will use this channel for demonstration purpose and also to explain terminologies which are used in this course. We will start with you do partner program eligibility, which means if you are eligible for you do partner program ads will start appearing in your videos. We will discuss how many ads appear in 100,000 views. We will discuss what type of hearts appeared on your videos and we will discuss the most important topic which is responsible for the growth off YouTube channel. That issue too well guarded them. In last topic, we will discuss about reduce you, which means we have to optimize our reduced with proper title tags and description so that we can rank in dock tree off YouTube search results. I request not to skip any of the topic because East topic is interrelated to each other. By the end of this course, you will have a sound understanding off how to grow your you do turning. So let's get started 2. YouTube Partner Program Eligibility: you do partner program eligibility means if you are eligible for you to partner program ads will start appearing on your produce, but you have to follow these conditions before ads are solved on your videos. You should upload videos that meet policies and community guidelines off you Do. You cannot steal videos from other creators? You cannot re upload pre existing videos from you. Do you have to create your own content based on your own keyword research and your own ideas? When you start uploading your own videos, you have to get 1000 subscribers and 4000 hours off first time on your videos in past 12 months. Now, what is 4000 hours of watch time? This means if you have a 10 minute video and each view over what is your video for five minutes, that is 50% off your video. You need 48,000 viewers clear this eligibility criteria. After you, $84,000 of watch time and 1000 subscribers. You can go to Monetization Tab and link at its account from their signing the You Do Partner program policy terms on your channel will be sent to review. If you are lucky enough to be eligible for you do Partner program. You will receive an email in one or two weeks and you will be eligible for you Do partner program on ads will start appearing in our videos. 3. How many Ads appear on Videos: after we are eligible for you do partner program ads will start appearing on our videos here. You can see that I received 17.8 million views so I should also receive 17.8 million ads. Impression too. But it's not necessary. I had assumed 3.8 million ad impressions only. So why this happened and what is CPM? Let us flamed out why this happened. So I initiated asserts off keyword Freestyle rap instrumental beat and I clicked on first result Now our displays donors with you Let us see. This is Skipper Ballard So this is countered as one art impression out of two So this in this video to ads appeared So I skip out and the reduced aunt So this wasn't Skipper Balad which is pleased on this video We can contact us of one impression But if I have was the full Arden secondhand appears it would become today us toward impression. So overall, from 17 million views my videos received 3.8 million add ambitions with the CPM off three No, let us understand what is our impression What this CPM CPM is cost an advertiser base 4000 Adam patients, and it depends upon location, matter, data and lent off video. Now more CPM means more revolts, which means more ad. Develop your own overdue more CPM and more their boards, an estimated adds. Playback means videos water with add. Suppose if you got 100,000 views but adds will be placed on 50% off their views only. So you will receive 50,000 views with ads and 50,000 views which are not placed with that. So there is a difference between them and the longer the videos will be, the town says more Art Villa piano number does suppose reviewed a video, which was off four minutes. Suppose if review of video off 10 minutes. So there are chances that others capable eligible appear during the video, so this will increase the hard impression. No, what is video metadata? We're doing my dad. You don't means the keywords, which you use in your title tags and description. The topic off overdue. Suppose in Children's has high CPC, CPC means cost per click. If you create videos on insurance, you will get more revolt because keyword insurance is high. CPC and 1000 ads off insurance can give you hire CPM. It depends on your location toe. If your videos are being played in high CPM countries, you will be rewarded more. You can see CBM off, India is 0.90 and CPM off Australia is 8.62 So if your video is being played in Australia, it is good for you. If your video is on high CPC keywords, it is good for you. If you're creating longer videos and people are watching it completely, it is good for you and you. If you combine all these three things if you create longer videos. If you create videos on high CPC keywords and your videos out being played in high CPC countries, it will be very rewarding for you. 4. Types of Ads that appear on Videos: before discussing different types off art, which appeared on a video. Let us understand you do ecosystem. Udobi ecosystem is built from advertisers, viewers and creators. Advertisers please their ads for products and services to reach an audience so that they can end up producing their products or services You was comes to you due to learn are for entertainment are to see product reviews. Which there into student. No, here comes Okay, you did. Creator makes videos that's off the purpose off boot and takes their cut. Now we can discuss about different at types. The maximum act types that appear on videos, ass capable video odd next, his bumper pads and next is displayed. Now we know these ads appear maximum ANA videos. Let us understand what these ads are. It's capable video odds are at that I played before during after video. It is generally off three minutes in length, but you can skip these that after five seconds there's I've done all debases. Similarly nonce capable. Aja's off same duration around 20 to 42nd but you can not skip them, and they're also played on all devices. Bumba rides on six second ads, which are played just before the video is played, So these three ads are sold Maximum honor videos on our maximum rewarding, as you can see, it's capable. Agile 56 person played Mamba Ride a 34% played on display ads are 5.5% bled. No. Why displayed on a well earned a peerless because they are soft on the stop and laptop devices only so maximum soldiers, other initiated on mobile. So that's why they are below five person because they are not solved on mobile devices and 80 to 90% searches and views are on mobile devices only. So hence they appear less they are PMO and these agile, more rewarding than these ads. 5. Understanding YouTube Algorithm: Now let us discuss the most important topic off this course, which Stu Dio algorithm. It simply means revolt engaging videos that keeps you were watching people discuss here about four times. That is watch time audience retention CDR, which means click through rate and engagement signals. We will take example off a video from my channel. The land off this video is three minutes and 42 seconds. So the number of us are just for my video. He clicks on my video. He sees my time nail on a disk, ultimately impression. He sees my video. He clicks on it on views it for two minutes and eight seconds, which gives our average person days view off 58 person. So my video is being viewed for at least 58 person, which is a very good signal. Do it toward me. So audience retention is person days off video people watch and what's time is total accumulated minutes watched off that particular video. Suppose if I get 10,000 visitors on this video, each viewer will what this video for two minutes. So what's time off? This video will be 20,000 minutes and then of you would initiate a sort. You, too, will display the search results. So whenever you see a Tom Miller does a Tamil impression and the burning upon the I tell in Tamil, you feel the relevant, you click on it, and when you click on it, you start watching the video you start engaging with that video. An engagement signal is also rewarding. If many people comment on your video, share your video, you will get more terminal impressions and more clicks. Here we can see I got 2.9 million ambition had my Tamil appeared to 2.9 million viewers, out of which 8.3 passion. He was clicked on my video, and I received three lack 23,000 views with the average view tradition each. We were watched my video for one minute and 21 2nd which give me a What's time off for the lack and 37 minutes. So now how you do be rewarded me So this is a very good signal that my every view duration is one minute 21 seconds, and all off my reduce out off are not three minutes or so, So I have audience retention off for tea Person to 50. Listen, my audience retention is between 40% to 50 person, which is a very good my trick to reward me. So you do have rewarded me with fix those from browse feature and says it serve you. You can see YouTube sort is when this explosion. So the views I received an impression I tease you So when this expression views were received from you dip sort but for DeBose and and additional 13 person So this is 53% off traffic received Waas suggested from you, Do you of you were suppose of you? What is watching a video and end up that video You to place my video toe that you were that he might be interested in are on the home page off many other viewers that they might be interested in. So you you do have rewarded me with that. So I got additional 55% of views just because my audience retention was good. My watch time was good and my cdr waas 8.3 person So you knew toe have a good click through rate. A good click through rate can be anywhere about from 7% to 12%. Evidence of you do addition off a four minute video can be our own 1.5 minute or two minute an audience retention off 50 person is considered to be good so that you can be reward. So this is how beauty of elevated Hamburg's it rewards and using videos that we was keep watching. So you should focus on what's time an audience retention. We always focus on views that we received 50,000 views. Very saved, 100,000 views. But are people really engaging with our produce that will decide our channel Groot So we should focus on that only. 6. YouTube SEO: toe appear Indo you do sort we need you do as you as you means search engine optimization. Which means you should optimize your title tags on description properly. You should do keyword research and competitor analysis and come toe Uh, conclusion that what title description and tax are best for you. That Michelle you An example? My target Gibbard Waas Freestyle rap Instrumental bead. So I created a video on my name my video file with that keyword. So there's a step on name your file with your keyword steptoe door competitive analysis and a fine of category or topic which has high search volume if you want to receive 1,000,000 off use. So to see that I initiated a search from my keyword I will no user you do filter and filter it of you count to see how much potential this car degree or top Because I can see in one year This video received 54 million views which proves start This not big has high search volume. So I created a title description and tax for this video and I name this video with next level freestyle rap instrumental beat trap, hip hop instrumental now the best practices to name your title with exact match keyword. You should not mention your name or your studio name or name, Address, telephone A. Anything every living that user will not start. You can write everything in description if you won't do. And description is always a context off your video content. Whatever you have done in the video, you can explain this in video description. It is generally off three sentences, but you can write 300 sentences Also, if you want to, and tags are oil target, give us what you want to target. So my tags are next level. Instrumental freestyle rap and swindle freestyle prob beat What They were waiting. That user can sort in source, but off you do I mention all those tags Now? I will upload the video. Have a copy their title. Copy that description. Copy that eggs. You can create a customized thumbnail from Ghana. More options. Here you can piece your legs tags, give context to your video and also increases that each off your video so it is necessary to mention tax so that you can serve your video toe. Other key word searches as when and click on next African nonce capable. Add to make sure that all sorts off guards appeared on my videos next, thanks to public, and I'll publish my review. So this is best practice toe upload overdue. Do a property with the search. Come up with the title description and a tag. See that the exact match key? What is there in your title in your description as well, Copy all their tags mentioned all the attacks that are related to a over dio Save your final name with exact Match Key would create a customized thumbnail so that it will increase your city are so this is how you landing New tube sorts results. When you create a good video, you will get good view. Duration. When you get a good view duration more people will see your videos. And by getting a good watch time, you can drank in top three or top one off that competitive keyboard, and from there you do will reward you with more browse features and says they stayed with your views. And this is how you can grow your channel 7. Thank You for Enrolling: Thank you so much for enrolling in this course. I hope I have made everything clear and gave you a sound understanding off how to grow your channel so, like mirror above. Once again, you have to do a proper with us. You toe uncovered yours. You have to optimize your title tags and description so that you could land in new Dupe Sort. When you appearing, you do sort, you will get Tamil impressions. Good Tamil will give you clicks with this city are when he was click on your video. If this stay on your video for longer duration which gives you good audience retention and good, what's time you will rank in YouTube, search more, more you do search and more audience engagement will give you re wards off being into blouse features and said the state videos and then more views. You get more ads appear on your videos and you know more. If more ads appear on your videos and off higher CPI M, you will get rewarded. And obviously for art, you have to be eligible for you do partner program for which you have to create videos which followed a policy and community guidelines off YouTube. You have to have thousands of tribals and $4000 on what's time in past 12 months. So thank you so much for enrolling in tow. This course, please leave a review and let me know. How was this? Thank you.