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YouTube Basics - How to Create a Highly Successful YouTube Channel

teacher avatar Mirjan Academy, Digital Marketing Secrets!

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

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      Position Your Channel for Success


    • 3.

      Name Your Channel Properly


    • 4.

      The Importance of a Channel Icon


    • 5.

      Create an Amazing Channel Art


    • 6.

      Write a Perfect Channel Description


    • 7.

      Create a Killer Channel Trailer


    • 8.

      Final Thoughts and Your Next Steps


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About This Class

In this class, you will learn the exact methods for starting a popular YouTube channel from scratch. You'll also see real-life examples of YouTubers who have developed successful channels in a short amount of time.

Your YouTube success begins even before you publish your first video. Your channel page (which includes your channel name, icon, art, and trailer) is crucial to the overall success of your channel. This class includes a collection of highly valuable information to assist you in starting a successful YouTube channel completely from scratch.

Who is this class for: 

  • People who want to know how YouTube works
  • People who are looking to start a new YouTube channel

What will you learn:

  • How to position your channel to make it more unique and different than other channels
  • How to properly name your channel 
  • The importance of having a channel logo for your channel
  • How to make a first strong impression on your audience by using a channel art
  • How to write a compelling channel description to help with your YouTube SEO
  • How to create a killer trailer to convert visitors into subscribers within seconds

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 This means that all my classes are related to online marketing. 

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1. Introduction: Youtube success begins even before you publish your first video. Your channel page, which includes your channel name, logo, channel art, and channel trailer is crucial to the overall success of your channel. In this specific class, I will teach you how to start a highly successful YouTube channel completely from scratch. You will start by learning how to position your channel to be unique and different from other channels out there. Then you will learn how to properly name your channel so people don't forget it and keep talking about it with their friends and family. Next, you will learn about the importance of having a logo or icon for your YouTube channel. Lecture 5 is all about teaching you how to make a strong impression to your audience by using a channel art. In lecture 6, you will learn how to write a perfect description to help your channel with YouTube SEO. And last but not least, you will learn how to create a killer channel trailer to turn your random visitors in Hungary subscribers within seconds. All these golden informations you are going to get for free in the next couple of minutes. And by the end of this class, you will know the exact steps that you need to take in order for you to have a successful channel and not be a failure. So without further ado, let's get started. 2. Position Your Channel for Success: The positioning of your YouTube channel is what sets it apart from others by making it a distinct, different or better. Your channels positioning is determined by a variety of factors, including your style, the kind of videos you make, publication frequency, video length, target audience, and more. But what is the significance of channel positioning? In a nutshell, channel positioning allows you to stand out and be noticed on YouTube. This is critical because YouTube receives 300 hours of video content per minute. On YouTube, there are millions of channels. To put it another way, youtube is a crowded place and being in the right place allows you to stand out from the crowd. There are some specific steps that you need to take in order to position your channel successfully. Number one, you need to define who your target audience is. This is where you respond to the following question. Who are you trying to reach with your channel? So before you start shooting your first video, determine your target audience. Is your channel, for example, for busy fathers, or it is for college students. It's best if you can narrow down your target audience to put it another way, you don't want to start a parenting vlog or a student flog. Rather, figure out to your parenting vlog or student vlog is for when a member of that group views your channel, veil exclaim, wow, I've been looking for a channel like this. And therefore, your videos will be watched, liked, and shared. Codes a from the teaching men's fashion channel, for example, has a very specific target audience in mind. Man who want to dress up and appear fashionable while doing so. So if you want to look good in a suit, Jose's channel is for you. However, if putting on a clean sweatshirt is your notion of dressing up, you will need to tune into a different channel. And one of the key reasons Jose's channel has grown to 5.3 million subscribers is because he has a well-defined target audience. Number two, your value preposition. This is where you decide what kind of value you will deliver to your audience. Do your videos, for example, how busy fathers make healthy breakfast for their kids, or help college students get better grades. In any case, make sure to define a clear value proposition. Charles and his team at Think Media, for example, emphasizes value proposition prominently in his channel Latin description number 3, video types. It's time to figure out what kind of videos you will make. Are you going to make how to videos, vlogs, Educational? Of course, you can employ a variety of videos, genres on your channel. However, it's critical to concentrate on just a few varieties that start. You can then experiment with other forms as your channel expands. Choose the format that will benefit your audience the most. For example, the how to digital channels value proposition is provide solutions to your digital problems. Because how to videos deliver the most value to their audience? 100% of their videos are hard to videos. Number for publication frequency. This is where you'll specify how frequently you upload videos to your YouTube channel and when will you upload them? There is no such thing as a best publishing shadow. Let's suits everyone. However, it is critical to have a schedule in place. Subscribers and potential subscribers will see that you post videos on a regular basis. Some YouTubers, such as caching, for example, upload a new video every day. That plan certainly works for her as she has gained 213 thousand subscribers. Others, like Lester Diaz published one new video per week. Even though that's much less frequent than the previous channel, Lester is consistent with his one video every week schedule, and that's helped him grow to over 50000 subscribers. In a nutshell, don't be concerned about publishing a large number of videos. Instead, develop a timetable that allows you to devote the time necessary to create an outstanding video content. If it's every two days, That's fantastic. That's fine. If it's only one video per month. The most important thing is to create a schedule that you can stick to. Number five, your visual style. It's no secret that video is an extremely visual platform. As a result, your channels aesthetic is a critical component in positioning it to stand out. Your visual style pervades your entire channel, including video thumbnails, onscreen, graphics, channel art, your animated icon, your wardrobe, and more. As a result, it's worth spending the time to decide on a style for your entire channel. Whether you choose for cute, high-tech, or retro, make sure your channel and videos have a consistent style. And this is all for this lecture. Thanks for watching and see you in the next lecture. 3. Name Your Channel Properly: Your YouTube channels, formal name as your channel name. Channel names can be anything from a person's first and last name, such as Will Smith, to titles that represents a channel's main topic such as Marvel Entertainment. Your channel name is crucial because it appears on your videos, your channel page, and then YouTube's search results. Also, how people identify and perceive what your channel is about his heavily influenced by its name. As a result, it's critical that your company name appropriately reflects your brand. Here are some best practices to name your channel. Number 1. Choose the channel name category. The first step is to select a channel name category for your project. Channel names are divided into four categories. Name, brand, category, and descriptive. The simplest and most obvious method is to use your first and last name as your channel name. It's especially useful if you're going to be the face of your channel. Sunny Lena doozy, for example, is a successful entrepreneur with a strong personal brand. So she's simply named her YouTube channel sunny Lena doozy when she started it. Number two, your name should describe your topic. Someone should be able to look at your channel name and immediately recognize the type of videos you produce. However, you are not need to literally explain the content of your channel. As a result, you may end up with a bland, generic sounding channel name, like videos for football players. Instead, come up with a unique approach to highlight or simply hint that the theme of your channel. Take, for example, the entrepreneur Academy Channel. The topic of this channel, assisting entrepreneurs in increasing their social media presence is described by entrepreneurial academy. Without sounding generic or towel. Number 3, your name should be unique. It's critical that your YouTube channels name stands out from the crowd. The Action Lab, for example, is a rapidly expanding scientific channel. Assume you wanted to give your channel the moniker action laboratory. It's easy to mix up that name with the Action Lab. So before you decide on a name, look it up on YouTube to see what comes up. If you see another channel or channels with the channel name that is nearly identical to yours, you should probably change it. If you can't discover any channels that sound similar, you'll find to go. Also do a Google search for your prospective name. This can assist you avoid choosing a channel name that is too similar to another company, even if it isn't operating on YouTube. Fluxes, for example, is a movie centric channel with 6.5 thousands users. This distinct channel name prevents it from being confused with any other movie related brand on or off YouTube. Number for your name should be sticky. You want your channel name to be easy to remember for your view was. As a result, the more distinctive your name is, the more memorable it will become. Mr. Beast, for example, is one of YouTube's most popular entertainment channels, over 65 million subscribers. Mr. be stuffers you an indication of the content on this channel. It's also highly memorable. Another example of an extremely sticky name is the Try Guys. 7.62 million subscribers. Not only are their videos fantastic, but his amusing channel name is impossible to forget. And now let me give you some quick tips and strategies to help you decide on your channel name. A. Avoid using numbers. Using a number in your channel name. For example, laughing with merchant 25 can give the impression that your name was generated automatically. It also makes it more difficult to find your channel name. Is it 25 or 20 slash 05? Be used name modelling. Consider some of the companies you watch on and off huge you. What distinguishes them? What makes them stand out? Make an attempt to replicate their formula with your channel name. C, domain name availability. You'll probably want to start creating a brand outside of YouTube as your channel expands. This can be aided by having a consistent channel name and domain name. You don't have to get domain if you don't want to. Adolf net or a dot io can also work. D, social media account availability. Check if your channel name is available on Twitter, facebook, Instagram, and other prominent social media platforms. This isn't a must. However, having social media account names and do URLs that match your channel name is beneficial. Ie, Keep it simple. Make your channel's name simple to say and spell. In general, using two to three words, phrases such as the movie talkers, rather than one difficult word is preferable. Movie talkers use a tool. Having trouble coming up with a name, I recommend using the Shopify business name generator. Simply type in a word or phrase that you wish to incorporate in your channel name, and the program will generate 100 names suggestions. For example, I found 100 business names containing the crypto word. So guys, this is all for this lecture. Thanks for watching and see you in the next one. 4. The Importance of a Channel Icon: Channel icon is a small visual representation of your channel on YouTube and in Google, channel icons appear on channel pages in the YouTube search results and on video watch pages. It is important because it appears in more places on YouTube than any other element of your channel. On YouTube, for example, your channel icon can be found in the following places. Watch pages, your channel page, video comments, subscriptions, featured channels, related channels, search results and community dab. In fact, for many individuals, your channels symbol will be the first thing they see. When you pose to remark on a video, for example, your channel icon appears right next to it. Because the R channel icon appears in so many places on YouTube, it's critical that it appropriately represents you and your channel. Here are some best practices for having a channel icon. Number 1 had shot. If your channel only has one star, are headshot is probably your best bet. A clear head shot can help your channel appear more welcoming and personal. Pat Flynn, channel icon, for example, is a professional headshot of patch smiling at the visitor. Alternatively, if your channel is a collaborative effort, you can showcase the complete team. Beyond family, for example, has a channel icon that depicts the complete family. You can even use a headshot that hints to your Channels topic if you want to liven things up. Isaac from cooking with seeing the code, for example, is the host of the popular cookery show. Isaac is in the kitchen for his channel icon had shot, as you can see, to assist explain his channels topic. And like a jar abou, the Nigerian comedian, don't be afraid to show off your individuality and your headshot. Number 2, your logo. You can use your logos, your channel icon. And if your channel involves multiple persons or if you don't want to use a head shot. In fact, Several brands like FC Barcelona do exactly that. Keep in mind that your channel icon is quite small, particularly in places like the comments area or the video. As a result, your logo may need to be resized or significantly altered to fit clearly within the limited space. For example, the Brave Wilderness channels channel icon is a variant of their logo. Number 3, a visual as their channel icon. Some channels utilize a visual that reflects their videos. It's possible that this will work, but it will be difficult. The image must convey the theme of your channel in a distinctive way. Take a look at this channel icon for a craft channel, for example. While that channel icon conveys the channels topic, it is neither distinctive nor memorable. Art for kids have, on the other hand, is a popular craft tutorial channel. They imply a graphic to convey the types of videos they produce. But maybe more importantly, the image is exclusive to their YouTube account. An image with a resolution of 800 by 800 pixels should be used as your channel icon. Also, because your channel icon displays on YouTube in a variety of shapes and sizes, double-check that it looks good as a 98 by 98 px round or square image. That's it for this lecture, guys. Thanks for watching and see you in the next one. 5. Create an Amazing Channel Art: Enormous banner that runs over the top of your channel page is known as channel art, also known as the channel header image or YouTube banner. It's widely utilized to convert channels, brand and personality graphically. It's important because it's the first thing people see when they come to your channel. As a result, it's a crucial aspect of generating a good first impression. You can also utilize channel art to communicate important information about your channel, such as your upload, shadow, tagline, and social network profiles. Here are some best practices when it comes to YouTube channel lots. Best practice number 1. Use an image that represents your channel. The image you use in your channel art should convey to messages. What is the subject of your channel and what distinguishes it from others. And when it comes to your channel art image, you have three main options. A, the creator shot. This is a picture of you, the YouTube channels creator. This is ideal for logs and personal brands. Like this channel, art from Darrow leaves most personal brands merely display a professional looking shot of the creator in a static posture. Other channels feature their creator in an action pose. This is a shot of the creator doing what they're known for. Take Andrea tough workouts channel, for example, are amazing channel art shows Andrea in the middle of a dance workout, which represents how YouTube videos perfectly be the representative shot. This is where you use an image that represents your channels theme. Because a picture is worth a thousand words, employing a representative image to promote your channels brand can be done without a lot of text. The torque half CBT channel, for example, has a single image indicating that the channel is primarily on the FC Barcelona Football Team. C. The logo simply said, this is where you make your logo, the main focus of your channel art. For example, Tech Gumbo channel artists simply his white and light blue logo. D. The image collage. You don't have to stick to just one image. Many YouTube channels use a collage of photographs to symbolize the channel, letting you know what kinds of themes they usually discuss. And the whore fails channel, for example, employees, a lot of graphics to demonstrate the types of topics he covers. Best practice. Number 2, your tagline, your channels value proposition is described in a short, snappy tagline. It's an excellent approach to summarize what makes your channel distinctive. In a few words, you might think about including your phrase in your channel art. New visitors to your channel will be able to see it right immediately and understand what you are all about. For example, YouTube, a great, calm non Danko utilizes his catchphrase, more followers, traffic, and money to quickly communicate how his channel difference from the majority of others in his niche. Best practice number 3, channel art links, links to external websites are provided by channel lot links. These links will appear in the lower right corner of your YouTube banner. These URLs aren't included in your channel art image. Instead, they're superimposed over the old channel art. Because these connections appear on top of your channel art, it's critical to remember them when you construct your channel art. For example, you don't want to include any texts to our visuals in this area as they'll be hidden by your channel lot links. The majority of people utilize their channel art links to direct visitors to their websites and social media accounts. However, you can use a subscribe link. When someone clicks on that link, there'll be directed to your channels subscription page. To create a subscribe link, simply add these words that you see in this screen and JRR, good to go. Best practice number for publishing schedule. This is optional. Consider incorporating your upload schedule him to the old channel art if you have one. This can inform new visitors and existing subscribers about when new films will be available. Franklin hatchet, for example, reveals that he has a new video every week. And when it comes to creating new channel art, you have two options. Do it by yourself or hire a pro. If you have graphic design skills, you can make your channel art yourself using a photo editor like photo or Canva. Photo is a free application where the function intended exclusively for producing YouTube channel art. Thanks to their variety of templates, you can make a really great looking banner in a few simple steps. Upload your photographs and photos, add some text, and export your channel art. On the other hand, can there is a high-quality online graphic creation tool with drag and drop functionality. It's features are more strong than photos, allowing for more distinctive designs. However, such features make the YouTube banner makers learning curve a little steeper. But if you don't want to design your channel art by yourself, you can simply hire someone else to do it for you. On sites like Fiverr for just $5, you can quickly find someone to produce professional-looking channel art for you. Just make shorter send your design or an outline of your channels positioning and examples of channel laugh that you like. Follow all of these best practices that I showed you. And you will have a great channel art for your channel. That would be all for this lecture. Thanks for watching and see you in the next one. 6. Write a Perfect Channel Description: Channel description, sometimes known as a YouTube about page, is a short summary of the types of content you post on your channel. It can be found on your channel page as well as in YouTube search results. But description of your channel is crucial since it allows visitors to understand more about you and the kind of videos you produce. In addition, a well-written channel description can help visitors become subscribers. Using keywords in your channel description might also help with YouTube SEO. Here are some best practices when it comes to YouTube. Channel descriptions. Number one, Start Strong. It's crucial to pay attention to the first 100 to 150 characters of your channel description. Because for starters, YouTube displays the following 100 to 150 character sample beside your channel in search results. This is also the part of your description that people will read first. So you want to make your channels positioning clear right away. Number two, keep your viewer in mind. Many YouTubers write about themselves in their channel descriptions. My channel is all about my favorite TV shows, for example, may be part of that description. Every episode I tell you what I think of it. This strategy makes sense for some personal brands with a large following. However, for the majority of channels, it's critical to illustrate the value of watching your content. The opening sentence of the click bank channel description, for example, expresses clearly what watching their videos will do for you. Number 3, use key words. In YouTube search. A well optimized channel can rank when you search for Gary vein, a chalk on YouTube, for example, the Gary Vee channel comes up first. Youtube ranks videos and channels based on a variety of characteristics. However, when it comes to rating your channel on YouTube, the terms you choose in your channel description carry a lot of way. So consider the terms that people would use to find your channel on YouTube. After that, distribute them throughout your channel description. For example, on my YouTube channel, merging productions, I use a variety of terms that people could search for while looking for channels about making money online and working from home. However, you should avoid keyword stuffing. Your description may come out as robotic and artificial as a result of this keyword stuffing also look spammy to YouTube and Google. Instead, craft a captivating description that will encourage someone to sign up for your newsletter. Then in places where it makes sense, put a few key words. Number for call to action. Don't be afraid to include a clear call to action to subscribe at the end of your description. This encourages viewers to subscribe while viewing your channel page. For example, Brian Johnson asks you to subscribe to his channel at the end of his channel description. And with that being said, this is all for this lecture. Thanks for watching and see you on the next one. 7. Create a Killer Channel Trailer: Channel trailer is a video created to help visitors learn more about a YouTube channel in a shorter amount of time. This trailer is automatically displayed at the top of a YouTube channel page for non subscribed view is when this option is activated. Your channel trailer is crucial since it may be a great tool for converting people to subscribe as on your channel page, your channel trailer is usually the second thing that people notice after they see your channel art and channel icon, trailer visitors will discover more about your channel and subscribe if it is done appropriately. Here are some best practices when it comes to YouTube channel trailers. Number one, aim for 30 to 90 seconds. While there is no ideal trailer length, YouTube suggests that you keep it brief. Many YouTube marketing professionals advice keeping your trailer between 30 and 60 seconds long. That is the short period of time. But if you script out your channel trailer, 32, 90 seconds gives you plenty of time to include everything a trail and needs to convert viewers into subs. This includes a brief introduction to you and your channel highlight reel of your video material, overview of the types of videos you publish, posting schedule, and a call to action to subscribe in their incredibly crisp channel trailer, the fitness splendor channel, for example, touches on all of these components. Best practice number 2, use the TOP formula. That TOP formula is an easy and effective way to structure your channel trailer content. Here's how it works. T stands for target audience. Begin your trailer by stating who your channel is intended for. Let them know as soon as possible. Within the first five to ten seconds, your audience will know they've found the right channel. O stands for origin. Now that your audience is aware that your channel exists to assist them, it's time to tell them about your beginnings. This is where you quickly explain why you started your channel. This personal tale distinguishes your channel from the hundreds, if not thousands, of other YouTube channels on the same subject. And P stands for pitch. Finally, invite others to subscribed to your YouTube channel. You can phrase this pitch however you like. It should match the style and personality of your channel shown and Benji from video influences, for example, flawlessly follow the TOP formula, best practice number three, show a highlight reel. Show. Don't tell as YouTube puts it. This is excellent guidance. Clearly, you should explain who your channel benefits and why you started it. However, don't forget to show viewers what they may expect from your film. You are in good condition if you've already uploaded a few videos to your channel. Trailer, simply provide a highlight reel of your greatest content. Gemma Stafford, trailer, for example, includes a lot of footage from her prior projects. Best practice number 4, optimize video title and description. Your trailers title and description appear next to your trail around your channel page. As a result, it's critical that your title and description compliment the message of your video. To put it another way, you should avoid titles like channel trailer 2021. Make a compelling trailer title instead, such as welcome to or why you should subscribe to. For your trailers video description briefly highlight your positioning or tagline. What kinds of videos do you make, when do you release them? And also a call to action for subscribing. This trailer from I surf tribe, for example, has a title and description that match the trailers design and messaging. Follow all these guidelines and you will end up with a killer channel trailer that will turn your visitors into subscribers within seconds. And with that being said, this is all for this lecture. Thanks for watching and see you on the next one. 8. Final Thoughts and Your Next Steps: If you are watching this lecture right now, I want you to stop watching it. Just stop. Stop because I want to thank you and also congratulate you for arriving at this point. I hope I gave you enough good information to help you create your first successful YouTube channel. I've done my best to keep this class short and straight to the point. So you can have enough time understanding and processing the information and be able to use it for your channel. Before you go, you need to do just two more little things. Number 1, you need to follow me here on Skillshare, cause I will be uploading more high-quality classes to help you in your journey on YouTube. Follow my profile on Skillshare so you don't miss any new classes when I publish them. And is number 2. As soon as you finish watching this lecture, I want you to take action immediately. 99 percent of the people who watched courses don't take action. They just waste their time watching them without taking any real action. And as a result, time passes and they get lazy and therefore they aren't successful on YouTube. Instead, you need to be that 1%. The real success starts when you take real action. So go ahead and create your first YouTube channel. Name it properly. As I showed you, create your channel icon and channel banner, right? Your channel description, and create your channel trailer. Do all of these and then take a screenshot and publish it in the project section, I will be able to see your work and together with other creators, we will discuss ideas in the discussion tab here on Skillshare. Again. Thank you very much for watching this class. See you on the next one. Bye.