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Your Things 3 Beginner's Guide: Quick Start

teacher avatar Francesco D'Alessio, YouTuber & Tool Finder

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Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

    • 1.

      Teaser: The Things 3 Introduction


    • 2.

      Adding Tasks To Your Today List


    • 3.

      Upcoming: Planning Your Week


    • 4.

      Managing Projects & Your Inbox


    • 5.

      Advanced Features & Preferences


    • 6.

      Comparing Things 3 to Todoist


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About This Class

With a world full of task management applications, you've found one that seems to suit your needs, but it's locked under a big $49.99 price tag. Oh no! Don't fret, Things 3 is fantastic, but understanding whether it's for you before you commit to the big buy might be a good starting point. 

In this Skillshare class, we'll dive into a brief overview of all of the features inside of Things 3 and how to put them into practice. Things 3 is simple to use and easy to master once you're in and conquering tasks. 

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Meet Your Teacher

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Francesco D'Alessio

YouTuber & Tool Finder


My name is Francesco.

I help people find the best productivity software, apps & tools.

We're on a mission with Tool Finder to help you find that gem of a productivity tool for work & life.

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1. Teaser: The Things 3 Introduction: However, money is Francesco D'Alessio and welcome to this skill share class on think three member. You're probably interested in learning more about the things through platform and how you can use it to get things done, which is quite exciting. Now think story is developed by a company called Culture Code. It's quite highly priced $49. 99 on $9. 99 as well that per device you use it on, which seems a bit steep. So understanding whether this is the right product view is actually very important. Now, just to get a background on myself, I run a neutral channel, Corky Productive, which is dedicated to helping you find the best productivity tools and software for work on life. So in this skill check last, what we do is dive into the core elements of the things for experience on give you an outline of general opinion on how to use it. So we're gonna die. MIT's beside things like projects today. Tap upcoming tap on how we can use the multi windows and there's some great stuff here, so hopefully it gives you a nice outline off the things for experience in practice. So guys feel free to enroll today. Great to have you If you wanted to follow anyway, on YouTube, you can describe as well. They're in a great happy Anyway. Guys, I'm really excited to join you in the class very soon Chairs. 2. Adding Tasks To Your Today List: Hello, everyone and welcome to the scale. Share class on things three. Now, for those who don't know things, three is developed by cultured code, and it's becoming a very popular resource for both personal and work items. And a lot of people love it because it has a gorgeous design. I always say it's one of the best designed applications out there. And, of course, although it's got a hefty price tag, it does work very well and has a lot of features that people enjoy sort of a blend between the minimal and the sort of advanced. So I'm going to explain to you some of the features in this class. It's gonna be spread across six or seven, maybe even eight features that overly described and get you started with your things. Three account. Now the great thing is, of course, we're gonna break this down, so I'm going to start with today ongoing goto upcoming and dove into inbox and projects. So that's our first section off the course away prepared up. Now I want to sort of explain that Dittemore about myself. My name is Francesco. For those who don't know, I run a YouTube channel. Cool. Keep productive on. I just want to let you know that if you're getting started with the sinks recourse on do you want a bit more debt available in the description or the I believe it's the community tab. You will find all of the videos that we have done on things. Three over on YouTube so you can find all the great stuff there. So do not worry. Everything will be available there. So let's dive firstly into today. I think today is a great starting point. Of course it is today ongoing. Imagine today is a core part off your experience. Inside of things. Three there was. You can see down here Just a bit of a visual demonstration. You've got inbox you've got today. You've got upcoming. You put any time someday look, book and trash. Let me explain a few of those. So inbox is very much the same as your email. You can dump tasks here and essentially just place them. They're ready for organizing later. Today is where all of your tasks for today will appear. And of course, you can have different deadlines to them, which will explain in a bit later. You've also got I'm coming, which is a really nice section to view all of your future tasks and events all in one place . You've got any time which is basically like a channel of all of your tasks at any given time, and you've got someday, which is again. You may have heard it inside of GT, which is called Getting Things Done by David Allen. Now it's just an area where, for example, it could be like go to Finland, future items that you don't necessarily pin a date on or it could be, you know, projector activities that you're working on now because he got logbook and trash these good places to off seized a lot, but will store all of your task completed, and trash will find you'll find all of your deleted task. So if you need to go back and review it, it'll all be there. So today is really easy to get started on. All you have to do is press this plus button down at the bottom. Now, once you presses pause button, you can start adding a new to do, which is very easy to do So. For example, I'm gonna add a cook salmon as my first task. I can add notes to the bottom of it. So, for example, if I had a recipe or re link or something like this, I could add it below on. Make sure I don't screw up on this one. Now, if I want to do an attack, could easily do so. So for example, I'm gonna at the tack home because this is a task for home, not necessarily in a coffee shop. Andi is. Of course you can have a check this. So, for example, if I was like, OK, I actually need to get ingredients with this one so you can start adding ingredients checklist. In this case, I actually have all the ingredients ready now. Also, you can add a deadline. So, for example, with this maybe have been an article or something else, you could, of course, have it deadline for Wednesday And then, of course, started today. But have it deadline for Wednesday. So if you do it today, then you sort of beat t beat the gun. You already ahead of the game. So once I click off that, of course in this today tab you'll see that task there. Everything recent or the latest created times will appear on the top could drag it just below it and actually give it a bit more detail. I can also add a tab to it. So, for example, if I was on it, check them offline, actually offline activity there. Now the great thing inside. Once you start adding tangs and get organized like that, you can have these different areas. So, for example, if I had a long list of stuff on my today tab, I can actually see all of the offline task or all of the hometown. So the nice thing is, it separates it into different tax sections. Very easy to do now with the top. You're probably wondering, what is this section now? Of course, you can add in calendar events from your apple calendar. Now, this is super easy to do. You may see the ones that are slightly more great out than the other ones, the orange and purple ones, and they're the ones that have been completed because it's about two o'clock now. So, of course, those have already overlapped, which is very helpful to know. Um and The great thing is it will appear as it pinned, almost pinned to the top. Now you can get rid of this, which will show you in a second, but it does bring in your Apple calendar. So, for example, I've got an Apple calendar event here, which is editing at 2 15 It's on an orange calendar event, which means it appears orange inside of things. Three on the same would walk home appears purple inside off Apple Calendar on Dhere as well , which is very nice visually to view. Now. If I wanted to access this, I go to things. Three at the top. Click Preferences. Andi. I can obviously get rid of it all, totally so you'd only see the task, which some people like, like I used to like it when I got started and that will also appear in the upcoming lists. But you can have it showing and even remove certain sections, but even at them, which is quite helpful. So, for example, I can see my full outline off the day and what's being completed so far. Now it's very easy to do Onda. A lot of people like it because they can see their upcoming day ahead. And if you want to to, for example, I could click in and actually go to my Apple calendar event very easily done. So that's how you can simply start adding the tasks to the Today area inside of things. Three. It's very easy to do Onda. A lot of people do enjoy it because it's so simplistic. So in the next future we're gonna show you upcoming and how you can use a tab to plot and plan tasks. A lot of people do enjoy this and also how to dress. Visualize all of your events and activities you have got coming up anyway. Guys, let's dive into next future. 3. Upcoming: Planning Your Week: So, guys, in this next episode, we're going to be diving into the upcoming tab inside of think three. Many people do enjoy the upcoming Tampa, mainly because the functions of it and I need to plan ahead and organize all of your events and activities. So, as you can see here, this is my upcoming tab. I can see all of the events that I've got here, but not the task person, because I haven't added the tasks yet. So all you can do to and the tasks is very simply press the plus button. And from here, what I can do is I can actually add a new to do so for example, I can see in the evening there I have the new mission impossible to go to with my father in law. So what I'm going to do here is I'm actually gonna and check me a cat tickets because I get offers and I want to check whether this one's coming up. So, as you can see here, this will appear as an activity to do now. For example, on Wednesday, um, I could just federal this one for Wednesday. I actually have, but it looks of in an interview in the evening with Joey Cora phone from barren fig. So what I'm gonna do here is I'm going to add a specific ah, podcast notes, and as you can see here, it will plot it down. So if you added to this one necessarily, you could definitely on it down or even drank between the two, which is a very helpful feature, and you can actually view really far in advance. As you can see, all the activities are logged at the top here, which is quite nice. But you can score with Hank, and great thing that I love personally about the upcoming town is you can see actually the August 21 to 31st because what they do is they just summarize the exact month. So, for example, conceal the way to December here without having to scroll down badly inside of this feed. And it's very easy access. So it's It's very lovely now, one of the things that I do enjoy and many people do enjoy about things. Three is the new windows function, so you can add a new window to decide. So, for example, let's say if I wanted to move this maneuver like that and Aunt Inbox. So the great thing here is, for example, from planning my week ahead. I could be like, OK, I could buy a new lamp on Thursday, so I will drank it the Thursday And as you can see here, it's already automatically added a za Thursday events. It was moved out of inbox and actually added into the upcoming stream. Very useful. Now if I want to do, I can add, for example, by Grandpas president to Wednesday on the same would happen here. So a very easy way to plan ahead for the week. And many people do enjoy that now in terms of upcoming. That's really all you can do with it in terms of getting access to everything, of course, won t hand projects and activities. That's where it gets a bit more complex. But we'll be diving in at into that in the next future. We're gonna be talking about inbox and projects as a whole, so hopefully that will give you a nice overview 4. Managing Projects & Your Inbox: So God is last time we talked about upcoming and inbox and how you can use them. Now we're going to talk about the inbox and how you can use it alongside the likes of projects and areas. Now, it's really easy to do. In box is something that a lot of people use to plot out their task. Capture them across the day. So, for example, let's say you're in a meeting. Oh, I don't know. You're running a few errands in town and you bump into someone, nor your in that meeting and someone gives you a bunch of tasks or someone gives you some recommendations, you can add up to inbox to process them later. Now, I'm gonna add a few more work items into here. Eso bill bulk it up a little, and then I can demonstrate how we can actually create projects toe organize these or even just you can just add them to up coming in today Areas as well A. Someday if you want to organize him into more detail. So, for example, I'm gonna andere go to Finland. I'm gonna add, uh, plan, work, a vacation. Ah, swimming on Saturday and one more. We're gonna put Plame kayaking because maybe we'll do a day thing. So, for example, I can see all of these here. And of course, inbox is very helpful for organizing them. So for example, straight away. I know I'm gonna click someday on at that one there so you can find some day here and is a great way to view all of your someday or upcoming activities. You can review them anytime you want. And also you can see here I've gone swimming, I've got kayaking. I've got, you know, future work events. So let's start to organize this into projects and areas. So it's really easy. You press the new list section. I'm recommends learning with areas there obviously grouped on sort of responsibility more than they are projects. So, for example, let's have personal to stop personal area for your personal projects. Andan other area Calder work. You know, you might want to have more these, but this is really the most simplistic arm experience. And now what I'm gonna do is I'm gonna start an activity cooled kayak event, and I'm gonna move their personal well. You can have a project said on not inside of an area. Just be clear on you can just keep them there. But in this case, I'm just gonna have it impersonal. So the client event is coming up, maybe at the end of the month. So what I'm gonna do is I'm gonna add it a deadline. So the deadline is the 30th. So, as you can see, I've got 17 days left on the 30 of August piers on this area. As you can see, very easy to use Now, as you can imagine, a lot of people like seeing that how long they've got of a certain activity. And of course, you can add and complete the project if you want, for when it's over, but you can actually have a add it to your upcoming area if you want to, just by using the wen area. But again, I don't necessarily recommend it. Now you can add tanks. Say, for example, I'm gonna anti export. Um, they're just support on dime. Also going to I'm gonna leave it in naturally. But you can also move it, repeat it, duplicated delete it on, also share it too. Now the great thing inside of projects is you can go deeper than just adding task. You can have something called this new header which allows you to separate stuff a little more. So, for example, I'm gonna write a little pack list for cracking. So, for example, I might have new beach towel, and all I'm doing here is impressing control. End on the Mac two and a new top new to do. Very, really easy to do. And then I had wet suit. I'm gonna add, uh, what else do I need for kayaking? I need the Antrel crack itself. Uh, so I'm gonna rent. So there we go. I always see that's my little mini pack list there on. Of course, I can even archive it, move it or remove it if I want. So I'm gonna add a new section and say organizing the event, So I'm gonna add control end and a new town. So I'm gonna actually have an activity here. I'm actually gonna create official posters, and I'm actually gonna give it a Jew date off Tuesday because I'm gonna do it tomorrow. And that is a home activity because I hope home not home home activity. Then I can organize because I need it. For example, the printer home. So you can see here that obviously it's broken up with the tank. So the more tanks throughout, the better it is, Andi easier it is to. So, for example, I want to add a few more items on activities. So let's add a few more. I don't know what else I need to do for this kayaking event, but I'm going to say, Ah, invite my buddies on Facebook and I'm gonna and then went in for Friday so you can start seeing I'm getting a bit of a sort of tally of activities here. I'm going to say, Call a car renting to organize event and they go, I'm gonna add it to another date. I'm gonna add it to the week after. There we go. So I'm giving myself a bit of time here. Now, the great thing is, you can start seeing that a project is emerging sort of a bit of unorganized project here, and you can start seeing that the kayaking event on the 30th of August is making shape. Now, today I'm indirectly managed to get the official posters done on. I'm gonna take that off there. And as you can see here, I'm not sure whether you can. A little bit of a pie has been taken out off the event, which is great because you're working away on once. All of these is all of these are done. You can actually see the pie CO full. And then once you've completed it, unit complete. Andi, get it signed, sealed and delivered. So, for example, if I was taking them off, I would be able to complete the project. As you can see here, I can see the show. Long items on DSI. The official event posters were done, but is a good way to see all of your completed activity so far. Now, projects are really easy to do. So, for example, I'm gonna create a few new projects. So let me just remove this one, because I don't really see it relevant anymore. I'm gonna archive it. Ah, can you know? And I'm just going to delete it. Andi, Off course, it's become irrelevant. So I've also got another project coming in. I've got a trail. Oh, day, which is coming up soon on. That's in Spain, So we need to get organized for that. When is the deadline for this one? It is the fourth off. September so it can start seeing this is quite unorganized. Area. I actually have a list of stuff I need to do. Um, you can see here. You can add. Really? Simple head is here. So, for example, I need to contact team. Andi asked for press Now. Very easy to do. What I can do here is use this little icon here on schedule it for Thursday on. As you can imagine, the same party thing works here, so it's very easy. Do on is going to see here, Aiken. Just if I wanted to, I could drag it into here. Andi can't remove that there. Um and then I'm gonna add these two to today because I want to organize those a bit later so you can start seeing that if I kept the area section, I can see all of my projects and my personal projects here. So it's a good way to visualize everything, and it all seems very organized. Now, if I want to go a bit deeper, I'm gonna show you in the next future. How to add sub tasks. I'm also going to dive into a little bit more off the functions of features anyway, guys, let's dive into the next feature. 5. Advanced Features & Preferences: So you're probably wondering, OK, this might get out of hand at some point. Francesco, you know why can't I and sometimes will. You certainly can. Using the check this function. If I go into a certain task, I can start adding a checklist. So, for example, if I wanted to choose who my buddies were, that was inviting on Facebook, so it could have, you know now, Becca Richard Onda Bob. He's gonna be coming along too, so I can start adding a little checklist here and actually visualize standpoint easily Now , the deadline for this because I do need to invite the people. I can start it by adding there and I can see here that, of course, although this is a sign for Friday, I can and it a deadline. Eight days left on it. So it's an urgent task, and this is the way that is to find more than a priority section because you don't actually have priorities inside off. Think story, Which a bit of a shame, but a lot of people sort of mind that actually. So you're probably wondering, you know, what are you going to do with this one? Okay, go. swimming. I can access the Saturday tam from here. So all I have to do is go to this Saturday area there. Now, if I wanted to, I could add a reminder. So, for example, in Saturday at nine o'clock, it will ping off and let me know that I have an activity here. So I'm just gonna press enter or I'm gonna remove from now on, and it's gone all the way down there now, what's gonna plan a work vacation someday? Maybe here. But as you can see, you can start seeing it to taking shape. And the good thing is, if I'm going on to satellite, you should see it here on Happy. You could also add something called Repeat. So repeat allows you to aunt. It's per week. So, for example, this is per week item repeat after completion. Actually, I'm just gonna have it is a weekly repeat on. And you know, actually, you can actually be very specific. You can have it to run an end on a certain date. So, for example, I know that they shut off for Christmas swimming, so I'm gonna add it as a 12 off that. So for example, if I click OK, that's now we're recurring tasks they don't have every Saturday on. That should appear once I complete. That is a nice, recurring task to have in the back area. So a few more advanced functions is of successful inside a preference exception. So if I just start with general, this should give you a nice outline. So if I have any long book tongues and I need to have completed, they can immediately go to the log book or I can have it set manually or daily to be ended there, which makes it a lot easier. The bank account can I to be today and in box in the amount of task you have in there. So, for example, if I ended, it now would have three inside off my today tap. So let's just have a little look. There we go three inside so you can see it added a little bit of an outline. You can actually our deadline only or have known it all, which might make it easier now weaken Group two DUIs into the today's ended today section point to project an area which I'll show you in a second, you can allow the today widget to appear to launch things three and also preserve the window with with when re sizing sidebar and also manageable things. Free you RL's which I will include the Article two because that is a lot more advanced and will be demonstrating in this future. Now things three Cloud is the sort of storage platform, no storage platform but sort of security part for behind it. So this is how you'll sink all of your IOS and Mac experiences, so things three cloud will help to organize that for you. Once you create an account, it's free. And of course, once you paid, it will sink really, actually quite smoothly. It doesn't really well for me. You could also have an enable short, quick entry, which I would demonstrate in a second on. It will automatically add it to inbox, and you can change that to today by default Calendar ends, we explained in a moment ago, and also you can add reminders are straight into your inbox, which is very helpful now for adding quick entries. It's really easy if I click control P in this case, because that's how I said it. You can set it to anything. I can quickly add a new item. Say, for example, uh, go for a run and I can add that one to the inbox straight away, and it will appear in the inbox, happy as Larry. Now the great thing about things three is it's fairly open, and I particular loved experience. I love when you start a new day and this appears you have one new to do that appears and allows you to notify what you have for the day ahead, which is going to nice indicator. Now. One of the experiences I'm particularly enjoying is the search tamp. You can search anything from list to deduce the tanks. It's quite easy to use. So, for example, let's look for Richard inside of that kayaking event thing. So if I could continue, I could see here that the sometimes selected Brigid inside off here, which made it really easy to find all of that good stuff. If I put it to the test again and for example, and it would we add in the Charlie Day, uh, what did press? There we go. We confine its found the relevant press area so it's quite good in terms of being able to on the relevant sections. Now what I want to do next future is sort of describe my experience with to do lists and things. Were you given a bit of an outline of how I sort of take things three. And then what we'll do is we'll wrap up Andi. Hopefully, that gave you a nice outline. Two things. Three because obviously thinks free is a paid experience, and it's tough to judge whether it's the best resource for you on. Maybe this gave you the best outline anyway. Guys, let's dive into next future and I'll see you there Cheers. 6. Comparing Things 3 to Todoist: So, guys, What I wanted to do in this final element is talk a little bit about to do ist and things. Three. Now, some of you guys probably searching for to do list applications Probably put yourself up against the likes of to do is tick tick journalist, you know, trail Oh, as a resource that you could use. And of course, there are so many different alternatives. They're somebody's do. This upset was out there and, of course, to do it is one of those major one. So and it's a reduced number choice that I use now we want to talk quickly about how I used to do it on also how things where he came into my routine. So what I previously been use a I've been using to do this for many years now, maybe three or four years on the trunk, and I moved to things three at the start of the year. Now we used it for three months, and I really enjoyed the experience, although it wasn't for me. And many people do find things free, very easy to use, and it's something that I was thoroughly impressed with. Now the thing that features inside of things. Worry that particularly impressed me was a design. Now, many people, if you're looking for a dead simple application, this is perfect. If you're looking for something that doesn't go above and beyond in terms of filtered functions and things like that labels, then this might be your best man. It's a happy medium. If you want on and you know that you're on IOS and Mac lover. This might be your ideal application. Now, of course, over time I was giving myself a bit of analysis on this. There was nothing wrong with it. The things three cloud worked really, really well. But to do it's just seem a bit more flexible for me as well as being an able to expand in the future. To some of my different advanced are set ups. Now, if you're actually looking at to do ist on your comparing it things three. You need to ask yourself a few questions. You need to ask whether is things three suitable for your daily routine based on your devices on your comfort ability with a platform. Do you know whether you will be gaining the investment back its old big investment. If you've got an iPad and iPhone and a Mac, you're looking at upwards of 1000 up, not 1001 $100. So that's quite expensive. Began its one off, so you can compare it to, like, said to do list, which is $30 per year on an annual fee. So, you know, that's obviously $20 saved per year. But again, you haven't gone that upfront free, and you don't have to pay anything again. So you do need to work out whether it's financially viable for you to go for this resource . Andi, also ask yourself, You know, is it suitable for me if I've changed application of last six months? If you change the application last six months, it might not be great view because you're a bit, I guess, a bit unstable with your choice of solutions. And if you're investing upwards of $100 into this, then you need to make sure it's good view and at least be ah, year plus application that you're gonna stick with. And of course, you need to make sure that's 100% right now. Who do I recommend this to? Mostly I really do recommend it for professionals or even personal individuals who were looking toe organize their week ahead, you know, doesn't have too much intense use but also likes to keep things organized. Andi doesn't necessarily work off prioritization, but mawr visualizing your events and task for the week ahead. So again it's very broad, but I would recommend it for those professionals and individuals who sort of want a fresh start with that to do this application again. It's really for you when I recommend doing nice is checking out the things Street, 14 day free trial or Mac because it will give you a good idea on what loads of videos on it . I've got a ton of videos available in the comments below, which can check out on really done if India thing three in a full depth, because it's important to understand whether it is for you. Now. We've also done another skill set class on finding the perfect to do this application for you. So if you're someone that's like, Oh, you know what, I'm actually stuck on what to do? This application I go for, then this might be your best bat. So do check out that one again. It's free if you've got the premium experience, which you will have if you're viewing this video and they were going to a huge thank you for stopping by. If you have any questions or queries, I can add future videos and Q. And A is to this skill share class, so feel free to pop under me. Will questions Just send me them on email, Francesco, and keep productive. Don't come are happily Answer them. And again if you're coming in honoring whether to do is a tick, tick or sun or something like that is you know Selangor decision to think three, but you're still keen on things. Three. Let me know and I'll happily go for it with you on a 1 to 1 basis and other guys huge Thank you. If you're new to me, then feel free to scratch my Nutri because again, I'm I do free video every other day, so feel free to check me out there and also to keep productive dot com website. Anyway, guys, thanks so much for stopping by and I'll see you in the future. Future cheers