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Your Notion Beginner's Guide: Quick Start

teacher avatar Francesco D'Alessio, YouTuber & Tool Finder

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Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

    • 1.

      Trailer | Welcome to Notion


    • 2.

      Creating your Notion account


    • 3.

      Setting up your Home page


    • 4.

      Craft your pages inside of Notion


    • 5.

      Layout your Dashboard


    • 6.

      My Notion Set-up | Guide


    • 7.

      Congratulations, you did it!


    • 8.

      Welcome to Part 2: Notion Intermediates


    • 9.

      How to Create an Inbox with Notion


    • 10.

      How David Pierce manages his life with Notion


    • 11.

      How to Create a Bullet Journal in Notion


    • 12.

      How to Apply Boards, Tables & Calendars


    • 13.

      How to Create Template Buttons


    • 14.

      Sharing Pages & Locking Pages


    • 15.

      Customising Font, Layout and Look of Pages


    • 16.

      How to Master Gallery View for Recipes, Journals & Projects


    • 17.

      23 Notion Tips, Tricks and Hacks


    • 18.

      How Much Time Should I Spend On Notion?


    • 19.

      How Teams Use Notion: Arcade


    • 20.

      The Issues of Notion - 6 Major Flaws


    • 21.

      How Kylie Stewart Uses Notion


    • 22.

      How Daniel Eckler Uses Notion


    • 23.

      Gamify Your Notion: Advanced Toolkit


    • 24.

      Creating PARA in Notion


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About This Class

Notion is one of the hottest new productivity software on the market. 

It's super hard to get set-up, due to the nature of software. So this Notion Guidebook is dedicated to getting you started and ready for the world of Notion and using it on a day-to-day basis.

Please note: This is only the basics course, for the full Notion course, find it here

Notion is a workspace that teams and professionals can use to organise a lot of things, from projects to your next big event conference. Anything. This is a very flexible application to get started with! 

Here's what we'll cover: 

  • Creating a new account
  • Creating pages for work/personal 
  • Adding advanced elements 
  • Demo'ing a full set-up Dashboard

Ask me Notion queries: All of the Notion videos here that I've created before.  You can subscribe to the Keep Productive YouTube channel here

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Francesco D'Alessio

YouTuber & Tool Finder


My name is Francesco.

I help people find the best productivity software, apps & tools.

We're on a mission with Tool Finder to help you find that gem of a productivity tool for work & life.

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Level: Beginner

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1. Trailer | Welcome to Notion: Hello, everyone. And welcome back to the skill share course. This course is going to be designed to help you get fully set up with your notion account. Now, I've personally been using notion for around about a year, So I had a good period of time to sort of get used to the functions of features. And in this school, Shekhar, what I want to do is make sure that you're fully comfortable with yourself. So we're going to be over going over how you can set up your notion account how you can set up your pages, more of the advanced functions around it. And then we're gonna personally show you my notion set up to give you some ideas on how to go about yourself. So, guys, if you're brand new to skill share, make sure to follow me on the school share count. You can scarf on YouTube. If this is something that maybe no up your street and that's always free, pretty much daisy videos now. But if you're really great to have you in this class, make sure to join up on a roll today. Thanks very much, guys. And I'll see you in the next feature. 2. Creating your Notion account : Hello, everyone. Welcome to the first workshop. It is Francesco here. Thank you so much for agreeing to join and enroll in this class. First off, it's great to have you. If you're brand new to skill, share it eyes a great platform for finding new resources. I also have another course, so if you're brand new to it, I have one on finding to do this applications. But in this Siri's off, videos were gone through how to set up your notion, and the real end goal off this course is to get you proficient enough in notion to create your own workspace. Now a few disclaimers notion is fairly new, so it's going to be on application in Africa like you stew over time. And, of course, they will make changes. Um, I will include the pricing in the description below, as well as a link to notion for finding everything to set up. But it's a fairly reasonably priced application. They do a free version, So with the free version, you get unlimited guests and members only 600 blocks on desktop, which is which, when we talk about this film or is quite limiting to some extent you get unlimited mobile blocks as well as a limit of five megabytes per file upload. Naturally, those pricing on and obviously options and features inside of each of those are subject to change. So do make sure to check the pricing. Now. In the pro version, it's $8 per month per user on you get pretty much unlimited everything from file upload to guests, members, Andi, even blocks as well. So that's really positive. But today, in today's video, we are going to be diving over how to create your first notion account. Now you can see here that I have my own notion account, and near the end, we'll show you are I'll give you a bit of a tour of my one, cause I've been using it for just almost a year now, maybe about 10 11 months, which is a good, healthy period of time and absolutely learned some of the functions of features. Obviously, the great thing where notion is, it's a very open platforms that you can change whatever you like. So this is the Mac version, but the Web version works the same on you can also download it on IOS with also an android version coming very soon. So don't fret. There is a desktop Windows version available to So if you want to download, that one was well. But the Web version works great, and it pretty much I would say it's probably one of the most consistent experiences across the board. The mold. The mobile version works slightly differently, but in this case, what I'm gonna do is for the purposes this video, I'm gonna create a new workspace. So it's very similar to on boarding. So, for example, I'm gonna call the workspace in this example skill share demo on. Do you get your own workspace? You are also, that's actually if you want to share it with team members. Andi, naturally, you can contact the team and you even set in allowed email domain. So if that's something that you want to do so you can create workspace. And one of the first prompts is being able to import from some of the popular services out there so you can import from trail. Oh asana Google Docks, Dropbox Paper quip, which is a sales force company, Evernote and work flowy eso. They're all the most popular services that you could do. Obviously, you can skip the section. Or if you want to bring in a file of some kind or files you Kenbrell, gin, text farms, markdown files, plain text, that is at C. S. V. Word documents. Hey, html ovary youthful. If you want to transfer stuff in, Of course, if you've necessarily create a workspace in Haiti, Melissa like that, like beforehand and you wanted may be transferred to this experience. Of course, that can happen. And the great thing is there some functions that correlate directly to the trailer and Asano experiences as well as the other applications. So we're just gonna skip this, Of course, once your guest on and you can prompt to send it to the IOS application so you can just put your number in. But in this case, I've person already downloaded. I won't be talking about the IOS version. It works very similar. The only things I would say about the I West version is that the resources good Bart's. It can sometimes process what's on the screen slightly differently. So that's just something to note. So here we are on the workspace, and this is your own workspace. And, of course, once you have this downloaded, there will obviously be prompts and things like that and on boarding naturally. But you can access all of your other stuff. So these are on the free plan, which is good, so you will be able to see the actual limit to stuff. And then when I show you the pro plan, you'll be able to see that obviously there's actually unlimited stuff. But this in this case you can actually switch to this one on Mac, which is very helpful. Now you can see here that it has the workspace open and available here. It gives you prompts to the templates on. And of course, these are all available templates on these zones. But I don't want to over confuse things. Now. What I want to do with you in the next session is start actually creating your home page and then sharing some of the elements. But I think it's important to start with the base and then work out what you know you can use and put in there because your setups going to look very different to what mine does on what down the road does Anyway. Guys are out. Join me in the next workshop on D. C. In a sec 3. Setting up your Home page : Okay, guys. So this is where we left off last time. Obviously, when you get started with everything, you get this almost on boarding almost like a checklist of things that you can start doing with your account, which is great. And I do appreciate that whenever I sign up to an application, But what I want to do with you guys to start off with is basically explain some of the visual layout functions. Let's make a home page because I think it's important. And then let's time into the features. So you can see here that on the left hand side you have this fixed panel. You can make it go away by using the clothes sidebar function on. It also disappears, which is helpful when you're doing more focused work up here. You, as I was explaining, got the change. The workspace area. You can use quick find, which will allow you to jump to different areas once you've got your area set up. And, of course, have the ability to see all of the updates that are specific to the space. Now you can't go into settings and use your own ability to and members and You can also upgrade from here on as off saying there is a 600 block limits. You can monitor everything from here now. It can also access settings and modify the icon domain email addresses. Andi has the optionality due to delete your own area. You can modify your own account settings, but that's not something we're going to do now. Now, just below you've got work space, which is essentially where all of your members come see on. Of course, it will give you a few templates to get started with, but my recommendation is probably You're going to be using this as a private workspace, and that's what we're gonna focus on today. So this is your private workspace. So hide this Onda, open up this and have This is a setting. So obviously you get your start pages and if you want to, you can totally get started using these checklists. And there's nothing stopping you from doing that. But my recommendation is to delete both of these or hide these ones as well. So your left with literally a blank page. Now I just explain a few of the other things on this side just before we move on. So obviously this works very similar, like an Internet to some extent. You obviously you can create your page and then below. There, you'll have links to what pages they're inside them almost like like a book within a book within a book sort of thing. But you'll start to see how that structure works. If you want to, you can import at any given time those original mentions of all of those different websites and things like that, and you can view trash as well. So if any given time, you're like, Oh, no, I've made a mistake. You can undo it or restore it on restore certain items inside of your current page. Now you can press this new page icon as well, which ants a new page to whatever tab you on. So that's great. That's the like, the left hand side tackled up in the top right hand corner. I want to share what this is all about. Up here, you've got ability to share and publish your page, which will talk about a bit. Maura's well in more detail, because, of course, you can allow public access so other people can view your workspace, you can allow other people access members. And, of course, you're not unlimited on both accounts. But remember, if other people are adding elements blocks, which we can talk about in a moment, then that will, you know, waste of your 600 allowance limit, and you can invite people write email directly or by copy page link. Now you have the ability to see updates per page and even connect your slack account, which is very helpful. So that's just another edition. There are a few more integrations will talk about them in a bit. You've also got favorite as well, so that it creates this left hand panel up here, which gives you favorite. So if there are certain pages that you find more useful that you want a pin to this left hand panel, you can do so. Now, up here, there's some final modifications. You can change the, um, the style of the text to Sarah or mono. Either one of those. They have a default, one, which we're using now, which is just a basic sans serif font. You also have a small text full width, so full wits stretches, he piece out, which I'll demonstrate probably, but later on on all the abilities as well as exporting functions. From here, you can also see work countdown of them on. But apart from that guy's, that's pretty much some off. The setting or front setting or functions is that word. But it I would say it's pretty functional in terms of getting sting started. So I think when you're starting your your notion account, it's important to understand. You know, what am I using this for? Because I think a lot of people get confused. Notion is a brand new resource. It's hard to work out exactly what it's for, but it has a lot of different functions. You could use it as your project planner. You could use it for your road mapping for the future. There's a host of board functionality in it. There's a host of tape database functionality. There's even a host of calendar functionality. But what I would say is it's a workspace for me for my situation. I specifically use it to project plan. That's when I was so use it. I was almost a replacement from Trail Oh, I talked a little bit about this under YouTube channel, which are linked below the videos on it specifically and my thoughts of time. But for me, and let me just switch over to my experience cause I think it's good to contextualize it. I don't know over bombard you. This is my workspace. As you can see, I've got a dashboard. So I have a work area so I can monitor. I work freelance. So I want to monitor my clients. I want to monitor the projects I'm working on. I want to monitor my long term goals and I wanted to wanted a I wanted to I want to create a template function. I also want to monitor my fitness and finance as well a sea of my road map as well as on a few more things. So for me, it's almost like a desktop he sort of experience of work space for me to start creating. So with that in mind, one I recommend is whatever you use it for. I think this is quite universal is creating a home page in this example. We're going to show you a few are different set up. So, for example, we're gonna show you how you can actually create it from a project planning basis because I think that's really the majority of uses. But I think the home page is universal. So this is a good demonstration of how our home page look so with, you know, let's let's move on to that. Let's start by totalling the page home page. Remember, you don't have to get things perfect straight away. It's almost like you're designing your website. You don't necessarily want to perfect it because there might be a later version or a later idea that you pinch from someone out for pinch from a friend that you might want to improve so that Sorry, I just skip forward a little bit there. But there's obviously can add a title. You can use one off the templates, so the templates function is quite a handy resource, so they have a host of templates from what other people have done. So My my insight is, if you want to use it as an on boarding tool for employees, there's obviously a section here, which is mawr for that. If you want to use it for more for quick notes and functions like that, then you cannot there and of course, task projects, database and spreadsheet. So there were a whole host and give you a nice preview. So this is a team home that you can create on Dove course. It will give you like some examples of stuff, and that's how actually look like. But my recommendation is when you're starting out to create your home page, however you like, obviously you can follow all of that structure if you want to. Now, just to find a few things that you can actually import, default or have an empty page, and you also you can use the full page with table boards and calendar. But in this case, we're just gonna strong move straight him. So to start with. Obviously, when I mentioned there's things called blocks, so these are the basic blocks and they obviously count towards your block limits. You have the video and text Uganda paved to do list headers. Some head is bullet points numbered lists, total list, quote, divider and link to page There, some of the basic block. So I'm just going to start out with creating a simple divider because I want to break the home page away, Andi just below it. I'm actually going to put a quote because I want to, um, on in, like, a little thing like Welcome, Francesco. And that's what I like adding, I added, At my personal one, I find it is obviously the use of a block if you're on free, so you don't necessarily have to have it. But it's a nice entrance to the experience. So what do you out below this? It really depends on how you using it. But in this case, I'm gonna add a uh I'm gonna add a bit detects called work, but I'm gonna add a sub header and call it work here. So you can see here that I've added this sort of like some power here, and I'm gonna add a divide under the Fit. Now, the other thing I'm gonna do is and another sub header and call it life. So I'm gonna be doing sort of like my own lay out here and do the same by adding this here . Now the thing you can do is you can start dragging things. I don't want Wikipedia recommendation for that. You can start adding things. So what I'm gonna do here is I'm gonna put them side by side. And that's how I did that on my own layout. Now I'm gonna put the dividers underneath each one. And as you can see, I've made a section that I can modify like this. It's a very simple slider, but what I can do down here is I can buy the foot bullet points and that's just by simple simply adding a hyphen. I think that's called a hyphen on Beacon, starting a less down there If you wanted to, you could just have the five most important work things. You know, your priorities of the week. Or it could be for your pages on your probably wondering I'm going Francesco just greatly home page. I don't wanna be 12 pages just yet, and that's totally fine. We're gonna move on to how to create pages next time, but I want to show you a few more things to make your home page. Little make a little bit more home pity. So up here you can add an icon so obviously and money sign, which normally detects what you've got so far. But I'm going to choose the home icon, and it's nice. Look home, Mike and I have that one is myself, and I find it very beneficial on. I'm actually gonna add a cover to There's a range of covers on. They range from being from the Met office met museums on Met office along the way to other places to the space NASA archive. So maybe I'll have a NASA archive. One that's quite nice actually lets him from Australia. It's picture of Australia, apparently. So you're starting to see a sort of home page appear, and that's quite nice. But let's say you wanted to naturally have a bit more bulk to this home page on Baby, you haven't agreed the pages that you're gonna add in just yet. So that's a That's a really good starting point thing that I would recommend doing is just below here is to add a new some Pedder Andi, maybe, and something like a reading list or even a new area that you want. It doesn't necessarily have to be reading, lest it could be websites or bookmarks. You know something that might be useful for later or quick access, so it doesn't necessarily have to be all that you want, so you can start. See, here I've got a shell on. And of course, you can add whatever structure you like. This is only recommendations. And if you're feeling really eager, you could be like, you know, Francesco, I'm gonna move straight to the hard core stuff and be like, OK, I want to see my year ahead, which is totally fine. And you can do that on this is where the more advanced functions come in. So all I do is I scrolled down to something good. The blocks Eric All database. Andi, let's say I wanted a calendar. So I want to see a year ahead in counter view. So the great thing is you can use and make sure it says in line next to it, which means it will appear inside of the home page instead of creating a full page separately, a calendar. So if I click calendar, this magical calendar appears. And the great thing is, if I title it maybe like 2000 and 18 I actually know it doesn't do that. But you can actually be Lee if you can change in settings, but you can see them on the head, which is great on Deacon. Even skip ahead months. So if I wanted to and be like, OK, I've got all my stuff there. What's coming next week, Then I can and of course I can add items. But we're gonna talk about that just before the penultimate, actually the penultimate workshop. So hopefully that has given you a good idea of how you construct your notion account. You can see on the settings page how much blocks use so far. So you can see here. Your workspace has used 22 of the 600 blocks snaps in 3% off my usage. So I'm just going up. There we go 3% of my usage on Dove course. I have a limit off 600. So I'm using them. And a reasonable rate are. All of these has included blocks as well, and you could see that the dividers and included in that too. So this is a really nice basic structure. Next future, we're going to show you how to create pages inside of that, which is a very exciting way to improve and start really getting a skeleton out of your experience. Eso without further ado, let's dive into that one. I'll see in the next future, guys. Cheers 4. Craft your pages inside of Notion: Okay, guys. So right where we left off, We were going to create page of this session, which is a great move. I think that once we want a shell open this like this bare bone skeleton, it's important to add the body elements and that you're probably wondering Francesco wanted pages do what a pages look like. This is my dashboard. So what I can do is, for example, this is a page, Andi. It's almost like a website. Once you create this page, once you click into it is actually creating a page and you can and whatever you like to it , which is very helpful. So I have a host of pages stuff I've explained before client project activities, a few relaxed ones, and I'm gonna be adding more soon anyway. But that's my use at the moment. So in this example, we're going to create a project page a roadmap page on also a fitness page to just because it might be helpful to span across those different ones. So to create a page, it's not that difficult. Will you do is this slash button and you see that there's a page that now we'll bring up this templates experience, and in this example, we're obviously starting with the projects. One which is, I think it's a great starting point on. You're probably wondering, OK, what projects do I need to know that it going on? So it would probably start with tasks and issues and dance a good template for this example on. We're gonna modify this a little. So this is what you get when you land on this page. A pre created template. The best way to deal with pre created templates when you're looking to create your own structure is, of course, to delete whatever is on there because you want to create your own set up and that is more important, so simply hover over end of any section and delete it. And of course, that area will go away. So the great thing is, I'm gonna create my total medical it projects, and I'm going to change the icon to a briefcase because I think that's more relevant. So I'm gonna put like a top a few off my work projects. I'm going to remove some of this text here, so it's kept it simple. It's kept it fresh. I think that's important when you're getting started, you don't necessarily have to undercover. So that's just something There is optional. You're not forced to do that. So the great thing is, the board element works exactly the same as trail. Oh, dance on a sign of boards. So all you have to do is create a new item. Ondo, explain how you do that in a second. But the thing that you want to do first is really to create your own columns, which are basically your lists. Essentially, there is very similar to trail Oh, to some extent. So I'm gonna put this one as pending projects and because it's yellow. But you can modify that color if you want, so I'm gonna put this one is active. But I'm gonna change it to read, because in my book, it should be read is an active project. But again, you could be green whatever you like. And it could put done one here and I'm gonna change that went to green so you can modify it . And of course, it didn't seem to change their there would dio done. And of course, you can add more columns, decide on DNA. Naturally, that's very useful. So you can add anything it here on you can hide that one if you want. But in this case, I'm I I'm gonna do it. I'm gonna hide it. And as you can see here, I've got my own land. So I'm gonna have a few projects. I'm gonna put the event conference three old cap locks on the event conference, and I'm gonna type that in. It is You can see a really simple card is created. Now, at any given time, very similar to trail of in a sauna. I can drag it across, which is great. So I'm gonna put that there. But the great thing with this experiences, it does still work very similar to the likes of Trailer. You can enter the task or the item and actually go in and add more detail. So in this case, I can actually assign it to someone. In this case, it's myself because I've got no announced on my team. I can and a creation date. But in this one, I can add a Judah as well. So maybe I want to assign it to next Wednesday. That sounds like a good day to do it, Andi. Maybe that's a time to check Back in. I could even add tags as well so I can, and at the pre created one that's important. Or it could add potential. And of course, it gives it a pre created color, and you can even add it on team. So this is this is a marketing item, so I'm gonna tag it there. Now the great thing is, well, as you can add any other property and that can be any other element, too. So it could be a file. You want to add a day you want to add a. You are rail or phone number. Ah, Formula A creation time, other people a day. You know, whatever is, you can add a lot to different elements, which is very handy down the bomb. You can add some comments and you can even add more page context and even which is the sort of like inception, part of stuff. You can add more pages inside of that. So it's a some page inside a sub paid inside a sub pages. You know the plot gets deeper and deeper, but as you can imagine, You can even add the likes of an extra Borden in line here and even another full page database. You can add a host of other media elements files videos, embeds off all the other sections, but we'll talk about the more embedding in detail stuff later. But as soon as you enter into this area, it becomes a page itself. So if, for example, I was like, I don't want to use that And as you can see, it's sort of cordoned off. It doesn't become a page, which is just something to note. So you can see here that the event conference is a potential marketing activity that's happening next Wednesday. Okay, so it's next Wednesday, magically, time traveled there. It's active so you can start moving them across and, of course, adding them as elements. And of course, at any given time you could be like AB and new column, which is very helpful now. Throughout this, of course, you can change the properties of the element and even Adam more properties. You can group them by status or even team, for example. So if you're like OK, I want to see everything that's work marketings working on at the moment, or even their status, which were viewing on now as well as filter, you can even sort them on. Use the search function to find something. So if I'm like, OK, event event is being found, apparently, But you can filter for research. T Now there are a couple of other functions, but they're pretty much a replica it off that So you're starting to get the right idea in terms of how that projects works. Now, looking at this from a home page view, you've got your first page set up, which is fantastic. So from here, you can actually see I've got work. And I'm just going to space that one out and you can see here, Okay. Actually, maybe I want to move it over to here or here. You can see it's perfect for that. Any given time, you can delete it, duplicate it and even copier. So, for example, if you were working on another bunch of projects, you could duplicate it, whatever you like, which is great. So in this case, I'm not gonna rename it'll work projects, so it's a bit more definitive and keep it in this element So the other area I was going to create with you guys is another page on going to use a template in this example. A road map, a road maps, a great way to visualize stuff. Actually, they use this sort of roadmap structure, but I'm actually gonna click the weekly agenda. Andi, show you a road map that you can stop through that. So this is obviously a pretty handy lout. But I'm just gonna change the the structure of this to a three month road map, which I actually use and find very helpful. So there you go. That's simply how to do your own roadmap. For next three months, I'm gonna put this three months road map I have the clicking isn't too much. I'm gonna have to cover the top. And the boss is well, just cause I wanted to see the bus because it's on the way to a road. So you're starting to see here? Um, the next three months off activities. Um, you can see here by a surfboard. I don't know what your next three months goals up, but you can start listing them here on Beacon, even on pages within. If they are relevant to a projects. So you're starting to see the flexibility and functionality to this offers. Of course, if I really did want to correlate it to a calendar like they had individual demonstration, I can, which is very helpful now, the sort of like page experience. So you're starting to see here that I've got these pages set up so far, this one's actually defined as its own page, which is quite nice. But if I had other views, I could view it there. So you're starting to see, sort of like a a sort of outline. Appear off here and you can see here. It looks lovely, doesn't it? I'm just gonna add that one a bit closer. You're starting. See? Some projects pile up, which is fantastic. Now, the final element I want to create with you is a fitness page one. The NYT type in fitness. I'm interest page. If you go over the template, of course, you can use something like quick note to start logging stuff down, and I think this is quite helpful. So I'm going to use this quick note template to create my own fitness. Look. So in this case, I'm gonna rename it to fit in us. I personally I love the motor use because I can relate it to something I'm doing. This is my fitness log. And for me, when I got started with on this area, I put some goals down here and maybe you want to build a point them. So maybe it could be lose four kilograms by December 21st. That's hard, because Christmas is around there to you could make it to do list here. So the to do list elements really easy to do we have to do is slash to do list. You buy new running shorts and tow Morrison Swim tank A. That's a massive amount. Is it must've on. I think that is a matter mount. So I'm just gonna delete this area. Of course, you could have useful running articles. I know they're no useful running articles here just below to actually go in view. And, of course, how do you add them, Francesco, you just on the web bookmark and tied the u R L in and it creates this beautiful book marking system. So the other thing I had inside of mine is this sort of like table of you so you can type in table in line. On Did you could put out work out long And from here you could put out, um, due date. I'm actually I'm actually want to change us. Want to due date. So this might be a good example. Um Judeh. So that's how you is this how you change it? Um, I'm really embarrassed now because I should not have to do this pretty easily. OK, So I'm gonna actually just keep this one there and put 23rd of June aan den. I can keep basically this law going, which is very helpful. So the one thing that I should have done is be able to modify the properties. So in this case, actually there, So here we go. Jew dates, ongoing select date. So that's something that's very helpful. Um, and I am going to open that one and drag this one over here so that, as you can see, it's come up is a date. Um, and I'm going to somehow delete this one, so this table here should be I want this one away. Actually. Tell you what I'm gonna do. So you can see here notes. So here we go. I'm going to like okay. Today, which I actually did is boxing. Andi, I did 25 minutes 25 35 minutes box, apparently. And then you can put that down and you can even open that one up and actually see more details there. So this is what I'm trying to say, really poorly demonstrated. But you can see that notion takes a little bit of time to get used to. Obviously, I should be a pro by now. But again, sometimes it could be a little bit fiddly, just takes a bit of time to get used to. And you can add new rows down here, so that's just a demonstration of how you can use it. And, of course, very useful. So in the next future, I would just want to run over a few more advanced functions, especially Spitter, specifically the multimedia functions. And then what we're gonna do is we're going to roll into the sort of sharing how I use it in a personal situation. So, guys, hopefully that was useful. Let's dive into more of an stuff and then wrap up with my own personal set up. Anyway, guys left do that 5. Layout your Dashboard: So guys, welcome back. Hopefully the section so far being pretty helpful for you Obviously we've only got one more to were finished. So if you do spare a moment, please do recommend this one a d end on DATs How how you do that? Just go to the skill share course on give it thumbs up If you enjoyed it, of course. And naturally, if you didn't enjoy it and don't do that, message me and say this was awful because I really appreciate the feedback. Actually, eso just do that if you'll find it really bad. So I'm gonna give you a little bit of an outline off the more advanced multimedia functions . Off course, the multimedia function still at your block said it's do a little block in check. We're on the free account. Obviously, we've done quite a lot so far. So how much have we used? It's like the lotto time 36 out of 600 of your block limits. So we use 600% so that giving you sort of an idea. How much do you view so far? So obviously we've had quite we've created already three elements off your experience so I can imagine it would be a little bit more so. The multimedia elements are quite important. Let's say you start want you want to start adding some images. Of course you have to do is type in images and choose to file you wish. And, of course, is a five mega might limit on this one. So in this case, I wanted out of faux to off me because or actually want at a photo of my local area like I've done on my own personal one. And as you can see, it's up loading. But it gives us still preview while I'm doing it. And I want to add a photo up here. So it's almost like a base to some example like, I like the fact that my own personal ones there and I can see it when I enter. So maybe I want to start adding a divider here to make it a bit more closed off, and even I could and the most important things for the day Here, let me just add most important tasks and even add a divider and to be fat, divide a central here. You're starting to see that Of course, that's a nice image. But let me just start adding a few to do so you know, feed the cat is a traditional one. I like adding. Okay, so go on a five K run ping bulb about event conference. Ah, cool, Sally about birthday party. So you're starting to see these enormous important activities. You can even add those as two DUIs. And the great thing is inside of a notion, you can turn them into produce and given time. So if I was like, okay, that's a bit too lengthy of me doing that. But I can do multi 10 no, I can't do that. That's my bad. But you can turn them into deduce, which makes him a little bit easier. So someone see Francesco, you have a nice base here, which is quite nice. You could stand to see this this beautiful landscape here, and it's all looking a bit more homey to some extent on. Of course, I've got my own areas here. Now you're probably wondering, what are the multimedia can I add? Now, this is a great thing. You can add a host of other multimedia as are saying you've got the table, board and calendar function we demonstrated, actually, all of them, which is great. But you can actually add a full page on its own off those experiences as well as I create a linked database with custom views. So images you can add which we demonstrated. Web bookmarks you can add. You can add a bit. You can have videos from YouTube video on other sites you can't code. You can even add a far which I do want to demonstrate because I think that's important. OK, let me just on this let me and a fold a document that I know I'm gonna condemn straight A. PdF Let's say Okay, so, Teoh, when we find him in. Okay, so my upcoming wedding layout Okay, so you can see here. That's great. And if I wanted a view, it goes into this sort of viewing option, which is great. So that's a really handy foil structure as well. So the other elements you can create let's just skip forward down to here. You can embed PDFs. You can embed Google maps on DLowe divine, a snuff Google drive you can embed to, which include Google sheets, another presentation ones, you can add a tweet. You can add a guest from get help. Google Maps framer. Envision Pdf's fig, MMA tight form Copan Math equations, template button which could be very helpful on breadcrumb to so if I wanted and a breadcrumb off the home page, then I can. But in this case, I'm not going to. So the only other elements that you can do is you can even modify the color of the background. So, for example, I wanted a blue background. Very helpful. Maybe, I don't know. So you you've basically seen all of the more advanced functions in next future. We're gonna show you a little bit of a demonstration of how I've set this one up. Of course, we've come from zero to creating an actual base here, But I wish want to show you how it works for me cause I feel that sometimes it's useful to contextualized. So, guys, let's dive into that one, and then we'll wrap up 6. My Notion Set-up | Guide: So, guys, here we are with my own workspace. Onda, It was mentioning at the start of this course, I have actually had notion for a fair while now, probably 11 months. I started officially early July time. So it is that 11 month birthday mark. But it will be a year that I'll be using notion. Of course, Sometimes with these resources, you can't necessary back. But for me, I've had a really good feeling that this is going to go Well, of course I could be totally wrong. And of course, it's a new results. So please do not rely on my full opinion on that. But I want to show you my own layout. So here is my dashboard. I call it my dashboard. Ever had a nice home icon? The land I've added the place where I live, which is Plymouth in Devon on Aiken. Even reposition this a little bit to include there, but this is a photo I took like five years ago. Now it's never this sunny. Our promise if you have a visit rarely that sonny actually today was okay. But then it went bad. Anyway, let's stop that. As I said, I've set up my own According my dashboard. I've added a quote there. Welcome back, Francesco. It sort of feels a bit homie. When I arrived there, I've created a new area called Pin Notes on. I've added one court today tab, which I am working on. That's an element where I want to open it up on. I want actually see all of the most important things you need to work on in the morning because I'm struggling in my morning routine to have, like, a dashboard because I'm tend to jump around applications. I don't want things to do. I just want, like like a base, and that's something I need to work on. I have some quickly focus, very plots out my week ahead on it gives me a good outline of what I need to do in terms of fitness. Stuff of the YouTube stuff with skill share mainly signed projects on. I have my three month road map to, so that's just three months of my plans. Now you're probably wondering, Francesca, this is so vain of you adding a photo and I don't know why I did this. I feel like I added this profile voted because it helps make the page Fillmore unique. It makes it feel more human. Um, it makes I don't know, like sometimes I feel like this is almost like the way I want a picture in my head is almost like a passport with your own. It's like a dashboard. I want to see that it's my profile. So I'm gonna work area, I've got a life area and I've got a photo of me and my fiance soon to be wife. I've got a area called Work. Well, I've got, like, clients. So I currently work freelance. This is a board of my clients can't show you, But then I contribute projects because this is more personal projects based on the YouTube channel and skill showers to fight that. So if I go into projects, I have some already pre created ones here, so I've got a host of them here on. They range from lots of different things. I've got the interview allowed for the podcast. I've got a schedule for the podcast on Guy. Also got I even create a full guidebook on here for something which is mad for the evident guidebook that haven't published at which is gonna take me a little bit more time. So we also have my year plans ahead, and I use a board for that one. I use a directory, which I'm working on of a few things. So I'm going to be having a template for all of these elements for new clients for, like, the mortgage, for bad habits, for improvement. You know, small things, and this might sound nerdy, but it's very helpful. So my area fitness, I have what a basically laid out and I have my finance to. I have these template buttons as well. So if I want to add a new page, I can quickly add a new page. Now, my reading list is quite a nice addition. And of course, what I mentioned is down here, I won't add a few more areas, maybe even sort of a plan off this sort of weak head. I I don't know what that area is gonna be, but it's going to be something better. So that's the sort of dashboard I've got laid out. What, you can see my full layout along the left hand side. I've kept it pretty minimal to some extent my three month road mt my client list my We year list all worried do most of my work so again takes me a lot of time. The other thing I want to mention guys is obviously this is going to be released on. I think it's May 14th. I will be doing on May 10th a notion webinar. So I'm going to be doing like a mini version of what I talked about. But the one thing I'm going to be doing differently is actually gonna be doing a today tab live set up. So I've added a few notes of the things I want to add in there, but that that's gonna be an additional thing so you can go to the YouTube channel. It will be a live recording, are probably link. It best I can in description below, but you'll be able to find it will be called like notion. Webinar live someone that you can find it there and go into more detail there, but hopefully this whole demonstration was useful for you, A said. I use it pretty openly. I use it to plan ahead. I use it to plan projects and That's pretty much it and I liked. Have it is some sort of loggers. Well, too, especially with fitness and finance. But hopefully guys, I I sort of covered what you needed to in notion, I feel like it was a good overview of some of the functions. Obviously, it's subject to change on resources, gonna expand in the future. Guys, if you have a spare moment, please. Do you recommend this class I'm share with a body if you like. You know, notion looks cool. I think Sally at work should try it. Or even Bob, whose my uncle should give it a try because that would be great on also recommend it on the school shit platform. That's just giving it a quick thumbs up to show your appreciation for it. That would be absolute amazing. So, guys, if you want more content like this, maybe that's ah little shorter. Then do follow me over on YouTube. I pretty much put up daily videos now, which is hopefully I can keep that pace up, but it will give you a nice overview of some useful applications like notion to help you improve your daily routine and other guys Thank you so much for coming to the school share . Make sure to check out my to do list application workshop again. It's only about 60 minutes on you can of course, skip forward. But hopefully you found this one useful. Thanks very much. Guys. It's great. Really great. Teoh, get to know you. And hopefully you got to know me a little. But you can also follow me on Twitter Onda We can become for Twitter friends if you want Francesco de underscore a LTs is my twitter handle its bean so good teaching you about notion Anyway, guys, I will shut up now and go away. I really appreciate it. I will see you guys very seem cheers. 7. Congratulations, you did it!: So congratulations. You have now completed thes notion. Skill share course. It's great to have you. I hope that the learnings was effective for you. I'll try and make a guidebook very soon. Add that on sculpture page. Do keep an eye on that. But for now, I'd really love to join me on YouTube. I do videos on a regular basis on YouTube so you can describe that on you get all the latest updates on the lights and notion many other applications. I'm also releasing a brand new things. Three course here. So if that's something that interests you to do, let me know. And I am more than happy to help you out anyway, Guys, thank you so much for stopping by heavily. This is useful if you get a moment, feel free to recommend this cancer. Of course, if you enjoyed it but really an honor to have that. So thank you very much. Have a great week. Keep productive. Let's see you guys very, very seat chance 8. Welcome to Part 2: Notion Intermediates: Hello ever, Thank you very much so far for supporting this skill shed class. All about notion. I know that a lot of you guys have been enjoying it so far, and it's great to have your feedback so far in the review section here on the skilled red class. So thank you very much. Obviously we ended the last element off this Siri's. But we are adding five additional five additional classes to this skill tread class to enjoy and go further with your notion account. This is really for intermediate or advanced level users, but if you've taken that first block of classes here on this country class, you will benefit. Massively. We dive into a fume or deeper things like the template button as well a set ups and also features that maybe take a little bit more time to understand in sign of this new section. So I'm really excited to bring you bring you next package off the course here on skill share so guys feel free to jump straight in. I am desperately excited to hear all of your thoughts and opinions. Anyway, Guys, let's diamond the next picture. Cheers 9. How to Create an Inbox with Notion: So, guys, we're going to show you how to create an inbox inside of notion. Now, this is really, really simple and something that you could probably adopt pretty much after this video. It's something that I found in the David Pearce video and actually adopted it into my own routine. Now, if you haven't watched David Pearce video, it will be available now on the scale sheer class. So you probably be one of the later classes, but you can enjoy that one. Or you can go watch on YouTube if you like to. Now, this one he actually overviews how he uses notion. So it gives you a more Mr Worked example of how to use it every day. So, as you can see here, this is Thean Box. I created it, and I've been using it for about 23 months since that interview. So it's been a actually really benefit to me since using it. Now the inbox is a really simple area where you can capture ideas, discussions, thoughts, articles, videos, clippings of whatever you like. And, as you can see here, this is my one. You could start dumping them in here, ready to process for later. So it will work is essentially like your email to some extent. Or if you have a never knew inbox before and you can start dumping ideas in here. So as you can imagine, it's really easy to create. So we have to do in this example will be recreating one. Just gonna recreate one down here. All you have to do is unlock. Paid. First is go down here and create a page. Now title the page inbox. And of course, you could go upto icons and actually click on the icon search for email on I'm sure a future will come up there we get so that looks like an inbox here So you can add Uncover naturally like you would on There you go pretty much. What you can start doing is recommendation ist and a divider Just below that is start using this place to capture stuff. So, for example, if you find an article you can type in Web bookmark and be able to add that there and you could even create a button if you wanted to. So, for example, if you wanted to, and a brand new Web bookmark each time you could type in bottom template button, that is, and to be able to add a new Web bookmark by essentially dragging this one here and putting add new article. And if I close that one, you should see when I tap that one, it automatically asks you to add a U R L on it to create a bookmark from it. Now, going back to my inbox, I keep it pretty simplistic. As you can see, I used the four ble bookmarks to basically capture articles I like to read. I also have some pages in here for scripts. At the moment. I'm currently not using Bear because I'm actually doing a video on there for the team. So I'm actually he was having to partially used ocean. But I will be back on their very soon on some conversations with people to eso use that for following up. So, for example, with the giveaway side of stuff is to message these companies and see who's replied eso at the moment like almost like a landing page. Sometimes what I'll do is if I complete the task. S So, for example, if I get all those 50 k giveaways. By the end of the week, when I clear this, I will delete it on. That will actually be a way for me to clear this inbox. So the goal is to clear this inbox once per week. For me on gives me opportunity to capture everything and see it all for later. They will be adding a Web clipper future soon, so I'm sure that's gonna really improve the experience. But as you can imagine, in inbox is a great addition to your notion account. So guys feel really throughout the day of a piercing and I'll see you guys in the next future. Cheers. 10. How David Pierce manages his life with Notion: hello over and welcome back to another feature here on the key productive YouTube channel. My name is Francesco. And today we've got David Pierce from the Wall Street Journal on me. And David just finished up doing a feature for the tools they use podcast, which will be available on YouTube as well for you to get on enjoy. Because we did video that too. Um, but David is going to take us through. Ah, really exciting application that we're both pretty interested at. Which is notion on David, a great piece in the WSJ. Maybe it was a march, wasn't it? I think that's right. Yeah. Yeah. It was a great piece. Include it below. If Evren who's listening along, um, all about how he uses notion Onda a guest progressively, how notion is changing the space. So David's actually to share his notion account for us today, so I think it's going to be quite exciting. So I'll possible to you, David, to give you a tall alright. Ah, first I'm going to figure out how to share my screen. E. Wish we will. We'll see. See how this case? My screen. Ah, yeah, I know. Yeah, Yes. Okay. This is very exciting. Okay, so this is my notion. Um, it's relatively straightforward. The I don't know if you feel this way, Francesco, but I find myself spending way too much time doing things like adding icons and covers to every page that I have. Is that that sound right to you? Okay. I went home and I have Yeah, I'm totally with you. And so I have Ah, basically three things. Um, I'll walk you through How ideo my to do list in a minute. Because that's where I've spent most of my time trying to figure things out. But basically, the set up is trying to bring all of my personal stuff and all of my work stuff kind of into one place. So the personal stuff is relatively straightforward. That's That's me. That's unprovable. David emoji, I guess. Ah, And this is basically just a rough list of sort of all the things going on in my life. This is like stuff I want to do in 2018. This is like a lynx fur. Ah, flipboard magazine. I have that you keep for getting bad stuff too. This is like, ah, I travel a lot for work. So I actually I don't know if this is updated or not. It should be. I need to put more things than packing. List. Um, this is so like things that I want to do in California. Um, and a lot of this I'm still sort of in the process of moving over from Evernote. But one of things I really like about this is that instead of just pasting links, it actually gives you this kind of stuff. Second, right? I do want to go to the big star hotels. Um, and then I just got married. So this is a mercifully short list now. Ah, but it used to be much longer and much more full of things on. And that was my vows, which I will not have you, uh, and then I have This is things like my loyalty numbers for hotels and airlines, and one of things I really like about it is I can just from any page just go in and, like, type Delta, which and then it'll show my delta number. Um, this is where I have tried so many times to keep something like a bullet journal and Evernote. Ah, And then again, in notion, and in either case, it hasn't really stuck. But I've always kind of liked the idea of having I don't even know what's going to actually , Yes. So this was like there was a while, especially when I was writing the piece where I was trying to keep sort of a day to day. This is actually wrote about notion. Okay, so this is actually good enable. So this is what I dio for. Work is I have one of these pages for every story I write basically, And so it's like these air. This is notes from a story or notes from something I read about business APS. These are notes from interviews that I did for it. This is information about different APS, And the fact that you can have these toggles in notion is one of my absolute favorite things. The sort of collapsible bullets is just wildly helpful. Um, and I have this set up is a template, So it'll give. It will give me the these colors and these headers for everyone so I can plan the video. I can plan. I can outline the piece. I've gotten These have gotten more full in in pieces. After that, I got better and better at notion as time went on. That's my personal stuff, and it's sort of increasingly filling up with with recipes and things that I like. And I can just sort of jump into here anytime I need anything. Um, by the one thing that I try to be good at on the Internet is any time I see something, I like just saving it. And then eventually it will come back and be useful to me again. And so that's not always true. But just having a place in here where I can dump stuff has been great. And the place right dump stuff is this is the inbox. Um, so this is a poorly, poorly spelled version of Somebody told me I need to watch the show person of interest I'm going to go on then these air like links that are interesting, or people that I think I should talk to you and we're having a party on July 28th everyone's invited. Um, so yes, so that's that. And then this is actually ah, for a column and writing right now. with? Well, I have interviewed for Ah, this is like I I'm writing about streaming music. And so this is a photo I spent way too long getting for the cover and basically, like stories and stats and notes that I've taken in people I interviewed and stuff like that. Ah, so yeah, this inbox part is really important to me, though, and it's setting up templates like this has been the best thing for me about notion. I don't know if this has been your experience, but it's been It's a little weird when you're just on a page to know where to put stuff. So having a thing, especially on mobile, that I can just click and be like, Don't forget to call Dad, uh, sort of sets it up is like it just makes it easier to put new things in there. Ah, my favorite part where I spent too much time. What's up? I was really gonna I was gonna say I really like the way that you're using the sort of emojis and also the colors of the head is Do you change? The colors of the head is done. I I dio I don't know if I do for all of them. Probably like a template or someone of that. Yeah. Yeah, I think that's about right. Um let's see, what's a good example. So this is this. I spent a lot of time. Do you know this website Unspool ash dot com ideo. I spend a lot of time on that site looking for these pictures. Ah, great. And And I like them very much. S So this is like shopping list for different things I need from different places. And then whenever I go somewhere and buy stuff, it all goes into there on, then eventually, I'll just delete this page and start another one because I found that keeping completed things is not useful. Yeah, um, so then I also have a page for all the stuff I want to get to. And so this is I think my favorite one is probably this one. These are like books that I would like to read on. So anytime somebody recommends a book, it goes in here. Yeah. Ah, and then I can drop it into candy to read this. Ah, and Ah, yeah, it's to read. And it's nonfiction. And then it goes on to this list. And sometimes if I'm feeling really ambitious, I'll put a like an Amazon link. I finished this one so I could go in there. Um, and so there's This becomes sort of the tracker for everything I want to and am reading. And ah, it's been incredibly handy because often I'll be like, I'm feel like reading something and then wind up just reading old books or watching old movies that I've already seen. Ah, so it's it's been nice to have something that's like, Oh, no, here are the new things that you should be Yeah, which I like a lot. I really like that. That's to be honest, like mine. My read one is so much like I don't include the recommendations in there, but I think that's something that I've taken away from that straight away, just to include the recommendations it's really need. Yeah, it's been really helpful for me. I mean, even the ones I don't end up taking, I delete stuff from this list without actually reading it all the time. But having just being able to be like oh, right, that was that book that that person was talking about, um and it's back to sort of the same thing. Just having this one place where everything that has been on my mind at one point or another is even if I decide to get rid of it and never care about it again, just like that idea of, like, what was that thing? The answer is always it's in notion somewhere. Um, so I think and then the last thing I don't know how much of this I should actually show you , but this is this is where at this is Ah, this is my, ah sort of to do list. And I have changed this a 1,000,000 times. I have used ah, notion has this great ah agenda thing that I really like this one, which I have tried to use many times. But it has some awkward things and doesn't work super well, form a. So I wind it back on something like this, which is more work to manage. But does the job on this is all the stuff I have to do today and later this week. Locally, this list is starting to get short these air like big projects. I'm working on, uh, and yeah, and then having these reminders that have started to show up in notion where it can actually like Ping your phone when something is do has been a big change for me because it's one of the tricky things is like I've always thought about this with, ah, with productivity, axes like, Where do I put pay rent? Because I need to remember to do it and remember to do it every week. And technically, it's, you know, a thing. It is a task to do. Yeah. Uh, never. And having reminders Ford has been has been huge. They haven't released the recurring half the but that's that would just round off. When there. Yeah, I'm told it's coming. If they do recurring and then improve the calendar things so it can actually integrate your calendar, I will just never leave notion ever again. They're looking at in the a P I. Right next. Yes, that would change things when that When I when I met with them a while ago, he was talking about doing like a two way Google calendar Sync on. I sort of freaked out sitting in their office, just listening to him talk about it. But, uh so So, yeah. I mean, that's kind of the That's kind of the run of it. It's relatively. This is sort of a similar version of all the stuff I have for for work. Different meeting notes. And and this is like I went to a Sonus event, and this is just like all the notes, the notes I took sitting there. Ah, and all of it is searchable. All of it is easily available. I can share individual pages. It's It's extremely handy. I love it. I love it. They caught that so I could believe that you've gone like much further than I expected. Like I mean, I saw some of the screen shots in your article, but was like, actually, this has made my notion use look really weak. Got it out of the game. No, that's That's really, really insightful. Thank you, David. Take my pleasure. And I listen. Can I offer one tip? Oh, my. The absolute best thing to me about notion has been the different views of these boards and tables. And I feel like I'm on Lee just starting Teoh, experiment with them and understand them So, like, I have this one table of all of my tasks and I can group them in any way. I need to and move stuff around and see it all in totally different ways. And it's just this, like, incredibly powerful tool. Kind of unlike anything I've ever seen before. And you can change habits grouped in How you what, what shows up? And ah, I was when I was with the Notion crew, they were showing me the how they do tasks, and they have, like, 50 different views. And it was just the wildest, most impressive thing I've ever seen. So that would be anybody wants to, like, really go pro with notions. Start messing with that stuff. I love it. That's amazing. Thank you, David. Where can ever find you? I'm Chris. Is this round off? Night short. I am, ah, personal tech columnist for The Wall Street Journal. So you can find me at wsj dot com and in the Wall Street Journal. I'm also on Twitter at Pierce, and I am always always, always on Twitter so you can find me there. Lovely. Julie. Thank you, David. Coming on. I'll include some time stamps as well, so that people can skip forward. Um, but it's been absolutely wonderful having you both on the podcast and on YouTube. So Thank you, David. Thank you. Appreciate it. Cheers. 11. How to Create a Bullet Journal in Notion: Hello, everyone. And welcome back to another video. It is Francesco here. Welcome to the Keeper. Active YouTube channel. On today's video, we're diving into how to create a bullet journal. Inside off notion. This is going to be exciting video. So stay tuned for this full feature. So, guys, as you can imagine, let's kick things off with a few messages. The first of the message is, is that we will be having the creator of the blood journal rider Carol here on the YouTube channel this week. I'm not sure whether it's going to be posted before or after this video, but he will be on this channel discuss his latest book and the methodology behind the Bullet journal. It's gonna be quite inciting podcast or YouTube feature. We did a video. I think it was about 23 weeks ago on. It's going to be available very, very soon. The 2nd 1 is to check out Rebecca Ford's YouTube channel. She has been posting so many great notion videos and include it below because she's doing such a great job in helping people find and improved the way that they use notion. I love her working practice and use of notion. She learned a great one on task management that also included features off journaling in there, too. So feel free to check that one out in the comments. Blood on the third and final message is to join the notion made simple Facebook Group. We have over 750 members in the last two weeks, and it great to have you there. Whether you're a beginner or intermediate, you can learn post questions and also learn about what notion is developing for the future . So I'm really excited, so referred to join that one. I'll be there, and loads of other people from this Facebook or YouTube channel will be that. And it guys that Let's dive into today's video. Today's video is focusing on creating a bullet journal experience inside Off Notion. I've done a mock up. I did a mock up the last week of it. This is what it will look like by the end of it, and I based it off the video that Brian account posted. I think 55 to 7 years ago, I can't really remember. It's been plenty. Ah, wanna go so you can see here that This is what will aim to create today from scratch so that you know how to do it and apply it to your spirits. And the great thing about Bullet General in is this is really a bare bone structure. Obviously, you can add so much to adapted to your own methodology. Andi even go further with the book that they recently released. So, guys, in today's video, we're creating all of that. So, guys, we're gonna create a brand new page. I'm gonna call it my bullet journal to really customize it, Onda, I'm gonna give it a lovely icon. And the great thing is, you can customize the icon whenever you like, So I'm gonna put this sort of book here, and of course, you can add your own cover to it. That's actually quite a fitting cover with the with the actual cover of the book being blue . So I'm gonna leave it right now. When we get started with Paige, I tend to have a quote, so I'm gonna add a quote and say, Francesco's, uh, bullet journal process and that gives a nice entrance to the page on. One of going to do is just below. That is I'm gonna create a subhead up, and we're going to start by creating the index first indexes almost where you find everything. It is a good starting point when you're creating a bullet journal inside or notion. So I'm gonna put a divider between knows. Just so it's a bit clear on, I'm also gonna go to the bottom or near the bottom and created another subheading called Collections. This will make sense a little later into this video. We're going to start with the index. So to start things off, I'm gonna create this structure of each page, and then I'm gonna go into the page is an add a bit more detail. Now, the 1st 2 pages is Philip Future lock, Future lock. If I just create a new page on the title it future log on Gun and a road, why not? Toilet? I got a toilet recommendation. I'm gonna add a road map and click. Add cover. That great. All I have to do is go back now, have created that structure. If I wanted to, I could go to rename on and the page number. But if in this case I don't actually have to. That's one of the benefits of obviously doing it digitally. As you can imagine, I'm gonna create a month view A month view is essentially allowing you to see what's coming up in the month. I'm gonna give it a calendar of you, and I'm gonna add a cover as well. So if I go out of this, I've got future long future August for the next three plus months. You could view view your next couple of months in here so it could be, you know, everything all the way till April will be created out page in the second month. Views for pretty much all tasks. Annual calendar activities for that this month or next month that you want to have in view on. I'm gonna create a day view. So I'm gonna create page on day. Have you got to go and add a lovely not money. A lovely son to that one, and I'm gonna add cover here. So if I go back to my bullet general, I've created the real bare bone structure of it. The future long feel future mumps ahead. And it could be whatever planning in advance Onda, the month view to actually see or tasks and calendar as well as a debut for planning and journaling your day now down here, I'm actually gonna on a divider just below this one. I think I already know. It s so I'm gonna add a new page called checklists. This is for my notes that are static. So I will click checklists, and I'm actually gonna create it with this one here. I'm also going to create a page for past months, and I'll explain why I did that at the end. So I'm gonna put a boat there. So if I go out here, I've created all the pages I really need to make now. So, as you can see here, let's start with the future. Look, now, the future log should be a place where you coordinates your next couple of months. Now, a lot of people would argue, lets us create a calendar, a calendar in line here. But in this case, I'm actually not going to do that. I'm gonna go to header and going to type in the next couple of months for the next six months and have that here. So there we go have created a few of the months minus spelling. Mistake for February can never spell it on. What I'm gonna do is I'm really simply gonna keep the next three months down this left hand panel. I'm gonna move February up here. I'm gonna moves march up here against these ones and moved April up here. Now, one of the do is I'm just gonna space these out so that I have enough information ready to out there and I'm gonna leave this for now. But, for example, I'm gonna go back to my bullet General page, and I'm create the month for you now. So the month of you should really include your tasks and your calendar events coming up. So I'm gonna add a little Tass area with header tasks, and I'm gonna add a real simple few bullets to get you started. And of course, we're gonna be creating a template out this, so we're naturally gonna keep it really simple. And then I'm gonna add a table in line. And the reason why we do this is because I won't add the calendar view, but I wanted to look like how right it does it in his feature. So I'm gonna put Calendar. And what I'm gonna do is I'm gonna move this time over to here. I'm gonna make this one smaller and I'm gonna create this one as the number off the day said it's relevant for every single month that I created for So I've got number on. I've got day and I haven't needed to change that. So here we go. So I'm gonna put 123 and list out all of the days for the month. So do remember this'll Once you've created the template in which will be using in this feature, you actually won't have to keep repeating this. So do not worry. Now, as you can see here, what the day and when you have that month available and you know, like the first starts on a Tuesday, then you could have Tuesday there. Now, the final thing you need to do here is turned this one into a text area and just add what's happening. So once I add that, I'm just gonna make it a little bit more space for it. And as you can see, I've pretty much got my month view ready now as I was mentioning, this is dead simple, So we're not really gonna go much further than that. So if I go over to Dave, you what I'm actually going to do in Dave, you is simply create an area for my tasks and also an area for any related note to the bottom. So just below here, seeing as it were creating a template out of this, what I'm gonna do is I'm going to use the traditional bullet journal notifications almost off what each off the messages mean. So in this case, I'm going to keep a bullet as a task. So that actually equals a task. I'm going to put a checklist so that simply to do on the basic blocks as a just delete that previous one as an event and I'm going to add a I believe it's called a toggle list as a note. And finally, there's some include your signify, which is an important task that you need to complete normally in sunny bullet Joe, you add a little star next to it. But in this case, I'm gonna put a bullet and call it the signifier. And then what I'm gonna do is. I'm gonna go to the right. I'm gonna add a yellow color to it. So it is an important task. Essentially. So that's nice and clear. So that's my basic structure. Done. What I might do is just below these Anson dividers. So there we go. I'm gonna go around to the bullet journal area on. As you can see, I've pretty much done the structure off all of these guys, which is great. Now, I'm not going to create a template for the future log because I probably will just add to this or change it as I go. It's not really necessarily needed. Or you could create a template if you wanted to for six months, but really not necessary month. You I'm gonna create a template for and Dave, you. So all I'm gonna do is press the slash on type in template bottom. No, I'm going to start with the monthly one. Some would call this template on new Month, and I'm gonna just get out capital. So add new months. What I want to do is I want to delete the page that's in there, and I'm actually going to drag the current monthly view that we've got here on day. I'm going to press close now. What I'm gonna do is I'm gonna put this one up here, so it's really to the right hand side. I'm going to shuffle everything up. So it's in line and neat on with everything else so great. I've got a monthly button template and I would demonstrate that afterwards I'm also going to do the same for a daily view. So we'll have to do is add New Day and do the very same is just drank that daily view up here on press clothes. Now, if I drank this one up here, I've got a new month. You and a new day view. So great. I have pretty much got the structure off this bullet, General. Inside of notion already. So I'm going to create a new month for you first. I'm actually gonna start by doing that one. And as you can see, a New Month view has created and it's actually opened up for me. Now I take this month you and just pop it below the future log. The first thing I'm going to do is rename it and call it November because that's this month . So there we go. I've got November of done on What I'm also gonna do is I'm gonna click Add new day. I'm gonna get a new Dave. You Obviously it opens up straight away. If I go here, what I'm gonna do is I'm actually gonna call it. Ah, the What's the date today on? What you can do is you can actually title it today. But you could do that inside off the this one here. So, for example, if I needed just quickly making edit to the title of it, I'm gonna put today because essentially, it will take today's date and then when today's day is gone, it would take the previous day, so that's a neat way of doing it. So here we are. I've got a mind November and I've got today. I'm gonna start by starting to populate November, so I'm going to say next month I have Let's see a few of the things I've got next month to do. Let's record a video a day, Onda. Uh, let me just populate this one. Very simply, you can start adding your task to this main area here. These may be your most important goals off the month. It could be really simple like that, and you can start adding the days as well as what's happening on those days to your calendar view. So it's really easy to do. And, as you can imagine, something that you can populate fairly quickly. Now, if I go to my bullet general, you pretty much do the same for today. So if I click in, you can start adding the task for today. But there were more specific, so let's add a few. So here we go. I've added a few tasks using the key below. So as you can see, I've got a few tasks here, like Plan the Week head and email. David Pearce and I've also got event as well. So I've used the check box as the event, and I've also added a reminded inside of notion. So, for example, it says to day at 2 p.m. And it reminded myself at the date that is at the time in the date . So it's a really easy way. I've also used a total to create a note this way. It's hidden from bulking out to the Tass area. But if I wanted to, I could quickly created into a different area. So the best way to do that is if I wanted to add it and it came extend extended item. What I could do is I could link a page. So if I take a link page linked to Page and I said at checklists. So there we go. As you can see, if I ever wanted to move this out like it easily just drank it into that area, and it will go into the linked page that was relevant. So if I had a longer note or a couple of notes that I wanted to sort out for later, I could easily do that there. So the great thing is as well if I wanted to be clear and be like, OK, plan. Full week ahead is so important, like a yellow backgrounded, and it would be the clear item as you got used to this. You could probably removed the key from the template, and that way you get a bit of a cleaner experience. Now, of course, using notion you can have tons more like tables, calendars or even boards. If you wanted to coordinate tasks a bit better. I know Rebecca uses that in her video, and it looks like a great way to organize what's coming up. So if I go back to here, you can see I've created a really simple process here away to plan my future mumps away, to have a view of what's coming up in my month and also a way to view the today. And you're probably wondering, where do I put all of this when it's all done? Now you could create an archive area like I've done here really simple archive, various. If example. When November's done, I could pop it in there or you could do that. Same with today. You can actually create a did that day archive, but it's a good way if you wanted to. To actually see past days in any journals because some people use this is a journal was, well, as a methodology to write out something every morning so you could even and that section to your today area. Now you're probably wondering checklists, What are these guys now? You could pretty much done any checklist you like like a shopping list for example. And if I type that one in, add a lovely icon. I don't know why that came up. There we go. You can start adding a shopping list straight away, like broccoli. Um, I don't know. So you could start adding any checklist you like. And, of course, if it was relevant to the Today area, you could easily and it in there for reference of, for example, Link Page to go down, and I type in shopping list so you can see that appears there, and it's easily link herbal there. So, guys, this is a really basic demonstration of how you can create a bullet General. There again, it's not something that's gonna go hideously in advance. And again, it's really customizable to what you work with. But it pretty much looks like the one who created the other day, so we have done it and re created it from scratch. Although I have adapted a few things as you can see here, I put the title in these ones and I wasn't using the app today, but you can see here that it pretty much resembles the same thing. So, guys, hopefully I give a nice overview. Please do. Trying the skill share class I am and five additional features to it. If you're watching on skill share, I thank you very much. Feel free to join me here on YouTube to anyway. Guys, thank you so much for stopping by today. Make sure have a great day. Keep productive and I'll see you guys very, very soon. Cheers. 12. How to Apply Boards, Tables & Calendars: survives for this future. I want to do round up how to use the board's calendar on Also tables function inside off notion. I'm going to demonstrate a few examples of how to use them in daily practice. But as you can imagine, I think it's an important interact interactive element that a lot of people miss when they're getting their account created. So you can see here that I've got my home view. I have a great example of how I use boards, and that's in the gold section. As you can see here, I've got a Jet general sort of structure for my goals. I see next two months I'm using a board as a way to Plata plant plan out all of the next two months. Now, I've been doing this since probably July time on, and I've been getting rid of the columns in the past, but it's been a good way for me to plot out everything. So, for example, all I have to do to create that if I wanted to recreate this down at the bottom, I expressed this slash and obviously bored, and I would do it in line board and once I create this. It's very, very simple. All I have to do is get rid of the first their first column. If I click hide, I will go to here and actually type in November, for example. Then I would type in December, and I will probably hide the final warier now. This is not very typical to the Cambone Way, but it's a good way for me, for example, to be able to tally all of the tasks up. So I will put my most mode, my most major and important goals over next couple of months. Here on below, I'll have my statistics on stuff that I really would like to achieve in the upcoming year or next couple of months. Now, on this right hand side, I just have a general idea of what I'm gonna be doing in terms of my plan. But in essence, essentially, it's just a way for me to do that. And the good thing is, if month, the month I don't succeed this different areas. See, for example, if I don't produce those videos, I can easily drag them across. But this is a really simplistic way of doing it. There's so many more advanced benefits to this and for example, if I wanted and more detail, for example, be able to add a bit more detail to who this is assigned to, or the type of transit it is. So, for example, if I typed in a website as a multi select and I go over to this column here into the property's area on, I actually click to show site you can the actual type. You can actually see the type from here. So it's a good way to actually visualize exactly what type of what target you're working on and what category it falls under. So, as you can imagine, you can use boards in this exact manner. Now, in terms of table use I use with Alice and Crume to plan the bloke. We have this editorial calendar, and it gives an outline to the title off. All of the pieces were working on the topic that it covers on were also have a column for assigned to as well as Jew and when they're Jew. This gives us an idea off when we're working towards them, which gives us a good idea for planning and also a post date as well as when they're gonna be done and also notes that might become useful. Now, in this view, we also have a calendar view. You can add a view despite hating this button. And if I hit the calendar view, you can essentially see when the when the all of the items a Jew. And this is a very helpful view in case we want to see exactly when we need to be targeting stuff. So, for example, if I see today, I need toe complete this article on obviously, naturally, I could, you know, change all their date post. So, for example, poke days put post. I could actually add a post date here if I did next Wednesday and that get added there quite nicely. So the view options are really great, but I'm actually going to be using if I go back to home. If I go over to workouts, I'm going to be using this as my view for my calendar. So you can see this is a calendar of the upcoming month. You can click into the calendar and create new items, so I'm gonna make a look that I actually did a workout and I did a workout, and I'm gonna add a property off time, so I'm gonna add that as a number, and that was a 30 minute session. So what I'm going to do Is that what you're gonna go up here and go to properties and I'm gonna get the time to be highlighted so you can see that was a 30 minute workout there. And if I want to edit anything, I can click in if I want to add any details again, Clearly, ADM or here on that can obviously, naturally be opened up any given time. So, as you can imagine, it is used for a lot of different situations. But it's a lot great experiences. As you could imagine, There's loads of different uses for boards, calendars and tables. The tables, specifically very useful for when you're planning ahead aboard is great for visually plotting out what you want to do for projects. I use it for goals. I also use it for clients to in what status Aaron on. Finally, the calendars is a good area for planning out, maybe something like an editorial calendar or even plotting out your journal or daily log Anyway, guys, hopefully that was helpful. I will be diving into a few more elements in the future. So do stay true. Thanks, guys. 13. How to Create Template Buttons: Hello, guys. Welcome back to another video on today's video window. Living into how to create a template button inside of notion we're gonna be diving over to the laptop. Show you how you can use it to apply to a morning routine. I'm actually going to creating my first ever template button, which is going to quite exciting, giving you a full overview of how to use it and at all on today's video. Okay, guys. So I've got my cup of tea ready. I am ready for this. Feature this in front of me of my new new our notion set up. You can probably grasp what have tried doing with it. Put a little bit more simply incidents. But he will be explained how to create a template button as well as demonstrating something that I wanted to create. I've sort of had it in my head of sort of been plotting out. I guess you, many of you guys may have known I used have a not a morning tab, but today tab that where used to sort of have an area for today items like my checklist of things like that. But it really is an expansion from that. So I want to demonstrate how I would do this on DSO put interaction. So you're gonna get a lot of real life demonstration. I'll try and and out edit out bits of me, like, sort of stirring up, but I think that's what good. What's good about notion is that you can sort of screw up and rebuild. So the template one is really, really simple function inside of ocean. What I'm gonna do is I'm actually created in this one. I'm gonna call it a new page called Morning, so I would create block here. I'll call it morning. What I want to do is an icon off, not cricket. But Sonny s I'm just gonna click that in there. So if I go into this one, what I'm gonna do to stand up with is I'm gonna press the slash button is you can see all the basic blocks come up on bond. I believe the template, but is in one of the advanced blocks or they were template bomb. So you can just type that. And if you want to just template button and it will appear if I hit, enter this configuration of the template appears. And this is where it can get quite tricky for some people. Onda, What you can do is a lot of people. And I know David Pearce has This one is used a template, but just a press or create a new page or create a new entry or something like that. But this in this demonstration, I want to create a new page that has something in it already. So the every time I'm creating a template off something So here we are, inside off the template mountain account, you can see here that want to click in that short of shake goes way button title. So I'm gonna put the button title as I think I've got over here is a log entry gonna have that as a log entry? Just say that I have a bit of a title. I was working out how to put like today whether I can put today on their on. I don't know whether I can, but I'm for this example actually to do that. So it's gonna hopefully come up today, and we'll hopefully see tomorrow whether appears and try and put a note in the comments whether it does so busy down here. These are the actual blocks that will be created when you press his template button. You can drop blocks here, so I don't actually know this, But when you're actually creating this, this element down here is I would just delete it and study start again. You can create some down here. So, for example, if I was like, OK, each time I want a table to be created you can drank this inside of there. And that's literally how you could do it. So essentially here if I wanted to, I could create a table every time I did this month says, Just demonstrate this one, because it is a good example for clothes is fine. I'm like, OK, I'm gonna log entry this one, and press that if I click it, a table should appear very simple. So you can do that with anything, Really? Let me just demonstrate it. One more thing before we move on against good toe, really demonstrate. It s so the way to get back in is this cog in the right hand corner. If I just delete this element here and go down here. And maybe we'll create uh, like a Let's see what other elements are. Okay, let's go. With a calendar in line, all have to do is drag up there. And you could see what I mean if you want to. If you really, really did want to and you wanted add multiple elements of, for example, a sub header afterwards, saying this is today. I don't know. Then you could drag that just below it so you can add multiple elements, not just one part on. Of course, if I get bank, if I click press that this is today appears. And also the list for the Canada. So I got a scratch one of these, and you delete them all. So we got a fresh page here, so I'm gonna create the one I want to create is a morning log template. So let's go in template button. Brilliant. Watch like tied to let let's title it. Morning, Love. Which I was going to do it in a sec. Um, and let's not let's pretty this put a hash tag for number that I walk around and then down below here, I'm gonna press delete on this one I'm gonna create new page So a new page down here and I'm gonna What I'm gonna do on the pages put title it morning log hashtag Then when I'm going to do is I'm gonna And a really simple structure to allow me to track my core focuses my core achievements of the day on Duh. Maybe what happened in the day? So that's three core areas I want. So here we go. So I'm gonna put a sub header, put three core focuses So these are the things I want to focus on during my day. I'm gonna put a divider just below it to mean up Don't get another sub header and put three achievements. Is that spelt right? Pretty. But you'd apparently there's a posh una Frenchy. Uh, see that this is what's really gonna hold me up, is the spelling. I'm gonna put a divider below that too. And again, I am going t o get rid of that second dividers appeared. I'm going to get create another one called Three things that happened dot, dot, dot And it compared divided. Believe that too. Now, what I'm gonna do is I'm gonna move this one a bounce of it in line with this one. You can see here, and I'm gonna put that divider down there. I'm gonna put three simple bullet points. Azaz plate police, Marcus placeholders next to all of these. So when I come onto this new template page it pretty much has everything ready for me here on. I'm going to do that one again. You just have to play around with this page toe. What suits you? And naturally, over time, you're gonna be adapting this, and then I'm also gonna do the same here. So bullets, uh, bullets on three boats. So I've got a real basic structure. I could even add icons here s so I might put like a picture of a you could probably change the icon per day s. I'm gonna put picture of a like a morning log, sort of hand drawing. They're also gonna add a cover in this in this demo, actually gonna upload one of the photos that I found the other week from a NZPA. So I believe it's that one. Quite nice morning entry. I think like quite that beautiful scenic, so I'm just gonna drag up to the There we go. So that appears. Ondas, You can see here. This is all ready to go. I have pretty much my own morning lock really briefly created here. So if I click morning, you'll see if I go back into the look. So I've created now here. All they need to do is move up into their and logically, If I just changed the title to log entry, then a quick close on a press log entry we're should appear is a new Patria. So let's say I'm ready to go, OK, so I'm gonna log entry one, and I'm gonna say full focuses Today is record skill share. And this could be in the morning, you know, plan, Uh, six months anniversary for wedding. Uh, you can see where I'm coming from, but it's a great morning at log sort of process. This is something that I am actually going to start to use. Says to be very helpful. A mansion. I'm adding it for a second day in a row. Same icon appears number two very, very simple structure. But you've got yourself automatic log and you can start adding these logs. And that's just a really simple demonstration, so hopefully you can go away with that one I'll be using over next couple of weeks. I probably need to delete these two. Andi. I'll be using it to experiment with and maybe in a few weeks I have a better idea of what the template happens. So you can use many of the advanced functions, son there to really create urine template button. And that's really how to take it above the norm. So guys hopefully enjoy this future. Just another. No, actually, if you wanted to, you could create your own archive page. Really, Really simply by just typing archive. Andi putting a box, uh, like that. Then once you create them and you start adding them and you want to necessarily be able to drag him into that you can do and then that you've created your own archive era and it was really simple. Hopefully helps you let me know in the comments. What you they join the notion going book on skill share the great to have you on feel free to draw in the new Facebook group. No should made simple and guys big thank you and I'll see you guys very seat. She's 14. Sharing Pages & Locking Pages: so, guys, as you could imagine, using the actual notion experience with your team could be something you can do. And it's a great way to be able to share upcoming projects or even ideas for future things . So one of the areas that I find very helpful is the sharing abilities, and this is what we're going to start with now in the travel section. I'm starting to create these almost itineraries of an upcoming trip. And, as you can see here, we went to Bath last month. Now, obviously, I could put all of the information I need all on this one pager. But when I want to come to share it, that's a different experience. So if I go to top brand corner, what I can do is I can do a host of different things. I can actually make this publicly accessible. If I click can comment or comment or read, that means that is public Cecil through a link, and either people can comment on it or they could just solely read it. Now they cannot edit that when they've got that link, and that becomes very easy. Now. If you have a workspace that has more than other people, more than one member. You can actually grant access to it where that's Phil axis just and it just comment, just read or whether you just keep it disabled. But once you do, you can have that on the bottle. Come on, and you can actually share the copy link to people directly. Now, if you want to invite a person directly, you can access that and all of their emails will appear of your latest contacts. And specifically because I've got Gmail integrated or Google sign in, it will bring in a few of my Gmail contacts. Now you can give these people different types of access, but naturally this will be reflected in the accounts that you currently have. So if you have a workspace account that has team access, you're allowed to add other people with team access to. So it's become a very easy way to be able to coordinate your activity. And if you just want to quickly share its copy the page link, you can paste it to other people, and that page becomes really easy to view. So it's almost like how, when you wanted to shape public evident note very similar to that. Now, one thing that we do is one more. Actually, using the editorial calendar is will invite other people. So, for example, I've messaged Alice Andi. She'll be able to see everything. And as you can see here, Crume on Dallas aren't using this as a guest on. They have editing ability here, so that's a very easy way to be able to share stuff. And the great thing is, we can just assign stuff to people really, really easily. Without the neglect of not seeing in their account, they'll be able to see any updates through updates through their account. And naturally, that's where you can see any edits that you've made throughout your account. Now, if I go back to home, as you can see here, you can go to top right hand corner and lock this page. I've been locking this page recently so that I don't make any unnecessary edits to the home page. Locking is a great way to be able to prevent accidental editing. So, for example, if you have a a nen tire layup that you've made and you want to share with your team, but you're not too sure whether they're happy with it or you want them to review afterwards because it might be something that you and your team work on, like a projects area. Then you can send it to them with page lock installed on once that's have. Once that scent, they can't make any edits to it that way, if they want to change anything, then they can do so later. But with your permission, as you can imagine, very useful feature definitely worth checking out, was recently added by notion. So, guys, let's dive into the next future. 15. Customising Font, Layout and Look of Pages: So, guys, this is going to be a really short one. But what you can be doing when you create a notion count is begin to customize it. Once you've got your dashboard ready, some of your major pages ready. And also you feel comfortable with your account. So in its future, just going to show you a few of the ways that you can customize your account. You may know these already, but if you don't, these will become very useful in your every day. Now, we just showed you how to do lock lock his exact swamp here. Now there are a host of other things that are accessible up here to like styling. Now, for example, if you are working on document, you could click this one here, which is a Serra font. And as you can see, the font changes on the page. Now something to note is if I click into another one, the Pont de Font has changed again. Now, funds can be changed per page, which makes it really easy. If you want to change the font of a specific document you're working on or page that you're working on, or view that you're working on, which is very helpful. Then you can also go to mono as well, if you want to have almost like a editing sort of style of font. But ice tend to stick with the default one. Now it's a very good experience if you're going to have a basic dashboard like this now, what you can do is you can have a small text or a large taxed small text make it just a little bit smaller on Did it? Makes it, I guess, better for bigger screens. Now, if you wanted to switch that off, you can easily do so on. You can also choose to have it full or thin width, I guess not full with Andi, I pretend to go with the not having for with on. But if you wanted to stretch it out a little. For example, if you wanted to have if you're going to hear and you can change that per page. So, for example, if I wanted that one out here, that could be easily done. So if you want, for with that's gonna look a little bit different now, Page Lock again is successful here, but just below it, you can add to favorites. So, for example, if you got plenty of pages and you wanna build to access everything there, you can create a favorites time up here. It's a good way. If you want to save a certain page you visit on a regular basis, think of them as evident shortcuts. Now if I go to Top Brand Corner, I also have the ability to go on page history so I can see the updates off the page as well as export when he found the exporting function very helpful. And sometimes I just export from notion if I'm sending some sort of outline or contract because it just looks so good. So, for example, if you want to save it, you can just click save as pdf and print and obviously naturally title it. Now. There are a few of their ways that you can customize your notion account. There'll be a few additional things added in an upcoming an update. So, for example, the Web Clipper RB adding a video, one said, Do stay tuned for that if you want to be able to see any off your block usage, if you're on a free account. You can go to top right as well as earned new credit as well. This is something that has they recently been added on something that has bean something that a lot of people have asked for. And it was honest. Hopefully you enjoyed this round up. We're going to be diving into some more features. So do stay tuned. Cheers, guys. 16. How to Master Gallery View for Recipes, Journals & Projects: Hello, everyone. And welcome back to the key. Productive YouTube General. On today's video, we're diving into how you can use the gallery function inside of notion to create recipes, toe, organize your own journal and even start projects, too. So we're going to dive into that in today's video. So guys, just before we dive into this video, you can check out the new PdF. It has over 1000 250 not the arming, specific downloads. Already, there's no sign up. It's just a beginner's going to notion that will take you through some useful insights and also a little plug as well, due to do join the newsletter, the monthly newsletter from Key Productive, which gives you outlines toe all of the best tools, resources and content. So please to check that help below. So, guys, yes, we are diving into the new gallery function. You may be seeing it here in front of you. That's because I'm starting now to use it as my almost pinned notes experience, and I'm gonna explain why at the end of this video, So if you wanna stay tuned for that, just wait to this and this video so we got to show you how the gallery function works today . So I'm really just gonna simply create a page get started with by creating a recipe guide, and then I'm going to dive into how to create a journal as well as also use it for projects to. So let's live it. So the really simple way to create a brand new gallery in line is by pressing the slash button and typing in gallery so you can create a full page gallery if you wanted to, if you wanted a lovely full bleed one. But in this case, I'm just gonna create a very simple gallery in line. So here we are going to say recipes and what I'm going to be doing is I'm gonna create a couple of recipes for a couple of things that I find on Google, so I'm gonna quickly populate it. Okay, so what I've done is I've saved three pictures off all of these things here, so let's start with a carrot cake. And the first thing that you can do is actually grab hold of it inside of your finder on. Actually drag it on now, as you can see, it's created one here, so I actually didn't need to create this one. And as you can, it's see right here is actually created an automatic thumbnail for it. So I can actually get rid of this one. And I can go into this one on rename this one carrot cake. Now, this is absolutely killing me because I am a big fan of carrot case. I have one pretty much every Thursday. So let's on the other images for the other two. So just to be clear, that's one thing it doesn't do. If you dragon images, it's tends to make the actual image thing for it. But if you want to actually on the image below it or you have to do is drag it as part off the page content. And as you can see, it appears here. But in this case, I'm actually just gonna get rid of this one and do the same for this easy pancakes over here. So if you want everything inside off the contents to be showing, So for example, these images we have to do is go to properties on, make sure the page content is showing. If you don't have it showing you see a very plane experience and that's not so great if you're using it, for example, for a recipe because you want to see the recipe. Now if I click into carrot cake, it's really simple one. I'm gonna start doing it. Start adding a few properties based on what I want to have with the ingredients. Okay, so here we go. I've pre created a few things, actually copied them from Google because I probably would butcher carrot cake if I actually made it. Now I've added a simple type, and as you can imagine, once you edit these, all of the others are edited inside of the gallery so I can start adding these in a moment . Now, as you can imagine, I can click here, and as you can see, it sounds the actual time I created it. In this extent, I'm actually gonna delete this one because there's no need to have this. But I put type here and actually a simple dessert. I basically pasted the ingredients for the feature here, although I could have put them in the bottom with the methods of also added a number here for time taken and how many people will serve when I actually bake it. And as you can see here, down below the image is 1/9 method of how to create that so that I don't go wrong. Now, the final icing on the cake and that really was an awful pun is the icon. So I'm just gonna put a carrot on. It should appear here. So as you can see, a lovely current appears and you've got the pier, Della resistance and everything that now it could do this really easily. Now for this, I'm gonna actually put this one is a dessert. I could add the ingredients, the time taken and how many people it serves, as well as the method below. And if you shared this weather people, you can add comments on relevant icons there. Now, if I wanted to, just I find the pancake icon which I don't know exists. Yes, it does exist. Then I could easily do that. That and that's a really easy way to create a recipe gallery inside off notion. So next up is a journals of Let's delete this one, or actually don't really accept done such a good job creating it. I'm going to actually create a journal experience here. So you can see I create a new one in line of cleared it. And what I'm going to be doing is I'm going to add a new entry so this could be new. Ah, let's a day that the at ah Chester Zoo, which we went to recently So I'm just get on a few properties and then I'm going to populate it just to demonstrate what you can do if it was again if it was a journal. Okay, so here we are, just created a brand new journal entry, and this could be really easy to do and really easy to greatness under gallery in and what I quite like about it is very visual and easy to do now, before I show you what this looks like. Unsigned is a demonstration. I'm gonna go up here to properties, and as I mentioned before, you can really thin this down if you want to to. But in this case, I'm not gonna keep that content. So, for example, if you don't want any images, you didn't have to have that. Boarding them to demonstrate is that you could have all of these different properties on. So, for example, maybe I wanted to did see the date. I wanted to see the location. Maybe I want to see the mood I was in. But in this case, how many steps I walk because I know a lot of people like that or the type of activity. So I'm gonna keep the type of activity on. And as you can see here, there's quite a nice outline. So visited Sept. 1st 21st Chester Zoo. It waas on the day out there. So fun click in. You can see here. I've ended the date for when the actual date it was on the type of day out. It was so you could have that. I know some people like to track their mood with stuff like that and also location. I don't know. There's no location property here, so I can't specifically assign it to something. And how many steps walk because I know people like to connect there and down below here. I could maybe start entering what it would the experience was like, and that's quite an easy way to create a journal. Now it's around things off. I'm gonna create some projects. So let's dive into that is the final piece of the puzzle. OK, OK, so let's say I'm planning an event conference. I'm going to create a brand new gallery entry for that and start to populate the properties area. So, as you can see here, I've created the event conference, a basic card inside off this gallery. So you can see here that I added it created on to create dates off event actually changed the title of it. But I've put them between two dates and end date, as well as setting a reminder for two days before, So don't quite a neat way to be able to see stuff. And if I wanted to at any given point, I could change that into a calendar. So, for example, if I wanted to go okay, I actually want to see this is a calendar view. So I get an idea of when the events conferences coming up, I can easily do so so that's a bonus of adding things that was spread out. If I click here again, I can see the event type conceded people that are involved. I can also add event details, and in this case, I'm gonna actually add a file. So there we are, added a basic the actual file for this one. I've also got a check box as well. So that's a simple track box property type here that I can take and cross as well as notes below now have also created inside of the page content a table view so that I can see the guest list onda. Some of the people that are invited if I delete this one's acts in the end of that one and also added some email addresses in this case and just need to change up email and also the phone numbers off those people. That's a really easy way to build, to add a table below. And as you can see here, it's in lovely gallery view, so you could have a few projects that out stand here. If I went over to properties, I could quite easily see the date of the event or the event type, for example, or even get a the actual event file available. So, for example, if I went to event details, ah can't review it like can't preview there. And I could also see the Antrel checklists if I wanted to To check list items just to appear here They wouldn't be actually clickable, but you could then go in and actually click them. So it's almost a preview there, not anything there. And also, you could get the people that were invited too. But in this case, I'm just gonna keep things super duper simple. You could also, if you wanted to. For example, if you added a cover on but also brought up that cover, you could see that the cover gets important to. That's something I didn't know just before. But that's possible if you just go to page cover. If you wanted page content, you could see that now. It's a really simple way to create some recipes, journals and projects and sign of gallery view. I'm gonna go back to home because I want to demonstrate what I've done with my own layout. So I usedto have, like pin dairy here are probably demonstrates in the full notion set up video, but I actually used that I have a pinned area here, but I'm actually created a gallery here, and the reason why I done that is because I wanted my inbox on my daily long to be in this sort of you. So the real benefit of this is when I click in on get this almost like Tab View off it. So I get this really lovely outlined work and start adding articles that actually has bean a lot better in terms of being able to add stuff because it's not like a preview window I can actually open up is a full page if I wanted to, like, a Houston would have. But in this case, I've actually just got its own welcome tab to so I could click in on view. That's a page if I wanted to, but in this case, it's just like a preview and the way you get the previews go to properties and actually just have page content on card preview. If I wanted to, I can and obviously the tags and stuff like that, but didn't have any that's related. Now I've also done this for my day logs that I can quickly access access a little bit of a journal. I'm experimenting with health Area that I'm also experimenting with and still going with and also my workout routine on whether I've done it or not, as well as the personal budget area, which I've only recently started. So galleries is an experimental function. One thing I notice is you just saw it there. It takes a little bit of a second or two to load. So do take notice that And if you guys are hopefully you enjoyed this one. Hopefully you found it valuable. I will be doing more futures very soon. So please do stay tuned. If your brand new subscriber please do like this video. If you are not just describe it. Be great to have you If you're from the Facebook group, thank you very much for your inspirations. On the rest, beside stuff You've done a fantastic job putting together your own set up. So this is what inspired this video and you guys a big thank you for stopping by. Make sure to have a great week Keep productive and I'll see you guys very, very, very suit. Cheers 17. 23 Notion Tips, Tricks and Hacks: Hello, everyone, and welcome back to another video. Today's video is 23 tips for Notion. Now I will be doing a webinar in this one so you can watch the full video for that. But if you're looking for the quick tips and tricks, then you can dive into this. One will be starting with some beginning tips and then talking about a few more advanced tips. We're gonna be running through these one, so if you want to, you can check out the description that might be a few video expansions said you can dive into a few more details, so let's start with the 1st 1 The 1st 1 is creating your own inbox. Creating inbox inside of motion is a great way to plot and dump a few articles. Information like that remember, notion is coming out with a Web clipper soon so you'll be able to clip stuff from the Web in a much more easier fashion. And I'm sure that will include the likes of PdF's number two on your own Cover photo. This is something a lot of people miss out on, but you can actually upload your own cover photo to your notion account. It's really easy to do. All we have to do is here now, upload, and you can even reposition to make it perfect for your new page Number three, you can leave notes for yourself, even even inside off the personal account. You can use the discussion tab to actually leave a few notes yourself at the top of the page. It's quite a handy way if you want to just dump a link or an idea or way to improve the experience. I use this a lot inside of any long form pieces on creating in there. So do check it out. Number four. You can create a V two home page. I know a lot of you will spend some time redesigning their home page inside of notion that can be wasted time if you're constantly developing your home page in the live you. So one of my recommendation is to create a V two home page and on side of your home, Page said that you can create, create, begin creating your home page without damaging your current page, and then you can transfer all of the stuff in just a quick move versus actually constantly developing your home page, and this is tip number four. Number five. You can use full of lead Web bookmarks. Sometimes this actually works out really well. It's a lovely image appears on that right or left hand side, and it gives you a great little shorter summary before you dive in. Instead of just having an ugly, linked, dumped there, Number six, you can add your own icons. This is a tip that I got from Ben Wheeler over on the Reddit and also David Pierce, which we've done a video with about how he sets up his notion. Now the icons helped to brighten up the experience, and if you want certain icons like, for example, in travel, I ended Airbnb, and that made it a little bit of more customizable and also on the inbox. I brought in, and I can find the inbox, which you can download for free and, of course, access that there. Number seven is embed Google Maps into your travel plans. This is something I started to do, and it has become a great way to me to visualize all of the maps that I've got there. If I open it on my phone and I double click on the map. It will open up Google maps, and I have all of the instant information that I need to know and start working with. So Google Maps integration embedded works really well. Number eight, adding a colored background behind headers inside of any of your pages or notes. If you want to spruce them up, just click behind them and actually change the color. You might have to scroll to the bottom, but if you can change the background color to them, and this really brightens up the peace as well as making it more clear and obvious, it's perfect for on boarding documents for the team. But you can make it look a lot better if you use this function. Number nine You can change the font per page. This is something a lot of people don't know if they feel like it. Once they create a font change, it will create across the site. You can actually at the top right hand corner the three dots and actually changed the phone for that page or using. I've got a couple of sand, Sarah Sand Saref, some different pages and they look great and they work for the both of the different experiences that I've gone. Number 10 you can duplicate a page or blanc. This could save you a huge amount of time if you're looking to quickly duplicated page or even a block that you've got working this useful. If you creative page that Kambli replicated really easily Number 11. Try full width or small width, and you can actually choose between the two of these I recommend going would small with. But again, you can go full bleed across the page using for with. And that's something that will change your aspect ratio on the actual notion window, but actually really does help and actually improve the ocean experience, depending on how it you'd like to lay out everything. Number 12 access Dark mode. Give it a try. A lot of people really praised aren't committed. A lot of people don't find it useful, but if you're actually using it at night or you actually want to just change up your notion brightness whatever you want, just trying dark mode it might help you to reenergize some of the work that you'll do it. Number 13. You can create multiple workspaces. This is helpful if you want to even create a V two home page or to coordinate another project or activity. And in the future, if that becomes into a side project for business, you can invite other people to that on it. Coordinate that from there. Now a number 14. You can actually long page from changes. So, for example, if you have just created something that you like to share with other people, you don't want them editing anything or changing anything on the page. You can lock a page on, make that lockable so that they can only essentially view it or read it. And it makes it really, really easy. Number 15. You can import a Microsoft Word document that's really easy to do. We have to do is upload it as a new page and anything off that word document will be sprung into action inside of the Notion Page number 16. Our recommendation, as well, is to store movies, books and documentaries to watch inside emotion. There's a great can ban boarded. You can store it in or table or whatever you like. If you just want to create a simple list, but it's a great way to keep tally of what you need to watch. Number 17 transfer board table data to dates Now. You can do this by clicking change view. You can actually change a board or table data into this calendar view. And if you've got date, is actually and you can visualize at all there and is a great way to change up what information you see in front of you. We do this occasionally for our editorial calendar, and it does look awesome. So Number 18 you can store your favorite two tweets in a mood board. This is something I do I love sometimes te telling some of the lovely things people have said to me online on actually going there when I feel a little low or tweets that and months tweets that people have this. You can do this for anything. You could maybe be planning something or an article, and you could put a mood board together on the favorite treat. And the great thing is, the tweets are embed herbal, and you can get access to them really quickly. Number 19. You can check the What's new page for notion. If you're worried whether Notion will have a feature in a few months there always working on new developments, so definitely check out the what's new page old link that one in description Number 20. You can import covers from unspool ash dot com on Stashes. A great side, the covers highly recommended. If you're feeling a lack of inspiration from your own photos, you can actually upload them as cover photos from Aunt Slash. It looks number one. And of course, you don't necessarily have to go with the default Met Museum Art. That notion provide number 21. You've got set up off your first mention trying using the date or time it mentions and actually setting reminders on so that you get a buzz on your phone. Just check them out and see how they weren't. But they personally for me have worked great in terms of reminding me that I need to write an article or something, Number 20 to play around with the new template button. You can actually create a template, and also you can actually create a table or whatever you like aboard a calendar from pressing this button. So do checking out. I've done a full video on this one. If you want to try it out and number 23 for those designers out there, make sure to check out the fig Maher framer on a couple of other the integrations the designers, so that you can visualize what's going on. A lot of people have ignored this, but it's definitely worth it because you can definitely access all of the apse and you're using through this integration and it would, guys, Hopefully, that was a nice outline of the 23 tips for new Notion users. Again, what I want to do is recommend that you try out the skill Schmidt class. This is a guidebook. We're adding five more videos lessons to it, so you could definitely check that one out and enjoy all of those videos anyway. Guys, you can find that one description with two months free skill share. It was great running through these with you. Hopefully, you can dive into them as you finish this feature and other guys hit the like button. If you enjoyed this video, subscribe if your brand new and comment with any other notion tips. Thank you very much, guys, and I will see you guys very, very soon. Cheers 18. How Much Time Should I Spend On Notion?: Hello, everyone, and welcome back to the key productive YouTube channel. Today's With You were talking about something called notion shuffle time notion. Shuffle Time is a word that I've dedicated to essentially the act of you moving around the blocks and pages inside of your notion account constantly and want to talk about the ways that you can reduce your time spent on this. And also why that's the case. Why we spend so much time on doing this act of moving stuff around. So, guys, that's going to be in today's videos. So hey, guys, welcome back to another video. I've got a nice cup of tea here. Its backers work Monk that she's recently bought. So maybe I might get told off actually sees this video fingers crossed. She doesn't. But today is really worth talking about. Notion shuffled time and the reason Want to talk about this? It is because a lot of people in a Facebook group are mentioning this. They spend mentioned that they spend a lot of time inside of notion moving that stuff around, and I totally get where they're coming from. As a notion user myself for a year and 1/2 I've literally explored, like moving my notion account all around and new layouts and things like that. What I want to do today is talk about the reasons why, how you can reduce it and also talk about how that came to plan from the other applications that we've used in the past. So let's start by talking about notion. Notion is a modular, antic application so you can change it up to whatever style you like now in the past, with the applications we've used, like Evernote to do its trail. Oh, they've had some form off structure, some sort of organized fixed layout that you've gone into, and you just added the resources. No, naturally, let's think evident. For example, you've had no books, you've had tags, you've had stacks that you can add shortcuts even, but nothing to the extent off notion of being able to completely re create your productivity application. And naturally, a lot of people going to spend time in these applications like notion, like Hoda and like Mila. Note to no team applications like monday dot com, like Hoda like air table orbit, easier when it comes to the sort of structured layout, so they also have very similar structures to notion. But when you with the team, when you went three or four, maybe 10 people, you have a sort of obligation to create a structure and then leave it as it is until your next review. Because if you change that structure during that period of time you're working on a project , you potentially damage the process or flow off the project. And that sort of defeats the active team work and team collaboration. If you constantly changing your team application structure so teams aren't necessarily going to struggle with us, it's going to be the people who use notion as a personal experience like you and me. Now the reason why this is so damning is because Imagine if you constantly changed your notion account, maybe 45 to an hour and 1/2 a day. Add that up across the week and you're looking at a lot of time that can be spent, maybe the on the task or elsewhere, that why I want to help you to reduce that time is because we have to try and think of notion as this application very similar ones before but we have to limit ourselves, I guess all how much time we spend in the application now my sort of recommendations for you. If you're thinking this is a problem for you and it might not be a problem, it'll is the following, so major changes to your notion account. And we're talking about structural changes to Maybe your home page or a page should be done and limited to 30 minutes per week, and this could be spanned across the week. Now, I would say the one thing you need to do with major changes is be intentional. One thing that I do inside of my notion account is make notes at the bottom of page in order to let myself know what areas I want to create. And the goal behind that is so that at the end of the week, when I actually come around to making those major changes, I can actually get activated and not necessarily in the moment. For example, let's say I just jumped into it in the afternoon and started building out of page takes me another 20 minutes, but if I condense it or block it in tow, one period of time. When changing all of my major changes on notion in a week and dedicating 30 minutes to it in that block, then I know that I'm at least being a bit more frugal on how much time I'm spending on major notion changes. The other thing I do is daily notion tweaks because tweaks add up over time, like you could tweak the color change or the color background on a bit of text that you've got. You could be adding an additional table and linking it out, etcetera. That slowed things you can do. Cover pages are where a lot of time is spent. Try to limit yourself to 10 minutes a day. Maybe that's three minutes in the morning, three minutes a lunchtime and four minutes there but trying to limit actually changing the experience and signing application because you just going to delay yourself. Andi even sparked new ideas about how you could do major changes inside of notion. So as I was mentioning, I sort of make a tally of things that I need to improve in siamo notion as I go instead of necessarily doing in the moment that's always like capturing articles to read later, versus actually reading them in the moment. Well, the other recommendation I have is, if you want to change your design for home page on, let's say it's the evening and you have got your laptop stowed away or you're wanting not to do a bit of work, then what my recommendation is and what I'm gonna be doing very soon. A work she on is, is that you're just getting a bit of paper and actually just sketching out what you want that page to look like. No notion is very like, almost like a page, your adding things. You're building things in that page and sketching it out, even if you are method sketching rubbish. It checked sketching, then used the page as almost like a workspace to design something that you can recreate later. So this could almost help you in that process of delay. Anyway, guys, naturally, this is going to be on interesting space once we create modular APS, you know, yet a lot of problems with it actually got templates inside of ocean, so it's going to save you a lot of time, but I do think it's gonna be something within the noticed in the next six months. People spending a lot of time inside of a notion making it look dope. And this is actually something that has occurred in the bullet general space A lot of people have done, but it journals, but they redesign at every single month, which isn't a problem, because there's a lot of value in theme ing it to a certain thing that you're doing and limiting that time. But this is something that we have seen before inside of note books. So it's definitely worth looking. How that because I almost guarantee it. That's how notions gonna play out anyway, Guys, let me know in the comments below. How much time do you spend averagely Week on Notion. Let's not judge each other. Let's just give each other a figure. Where would you like to work towards it? Be great here. Maybe we can recap this video. I'm also doing daily videos now for this next month, at least, so feel free to pop in any comments of more videos. You'd like to see our notion or other such applications because I'm probably gonna be in the comments a bit more often any other guys. Thank you so much for stopping by today. Make sure you have a great week. Keep productive and I'll see you guys very, very seen tears. 19. How Teams Use Notion: Arcade: hello over an hour. Welcome back to the key, productive YouTube channel on today's feature. We have constant Jones at Carson is the product at. He hears a product manager. He's not the product. He's product manager at Arcade Arcade uses Gamification. Help teams connect, motivate, perform better now. Constant. We first met we Was it Steph? Invite us to the notion worldwide and yeah, and I was like, I really enjoyed that. You're set up and I thought was a really good example. Like teams use notion Onda Carson is also a notion. Pros well say he's got the expertise. I appreciate you inviting me in today. It's It's a pleasure Now. It's really exciting that maybe it's a start. You can tell us more about your work and dark aid as well. Yeah, absolutely. So we'll start there at Arcade. We like to joke that we make fun of work, and so what we're focused around is creating happier employees, and we strongly believe that a happier employees gonna be more productive and they're going to stay longer with their company. So as you mentioned, we use Gamification to create contests around KP eyes or anything that the company might be doing. And what that does is it creates engagement and competition and collaboration within mostly sales and service organisations. So brilliant Onda. How Maney are at the team at the moment. Arcade? Yeah, absolutely. So we are now at 12 full time employees, plus or minus two or three contractors. One thing that's really interesting about us is we span both both sides of the globe. So I'm sitting here in Dallas, Texas, today, and, uh, like we have about half our team here, my only on the marketing and sale side. Ah, and then But our entire engineering team sits in Melbourne, Australia. Notion has been really key for us is we build the remote first type culture on, and I'll talk about a little bit of that today and how we use it across the across the globe. Fantastic. Well, there to great places for, like, a 24 hour business, isn't it e feeling? Yeah, blessing and a curse that, you know, be able to work around the clock toe one degree, like if you can keep the engine running, it's It's very smooth sailing, and you get a lot of extras. Excess productivity But But if something blocks and you have to wait for a full day, sometimes things get complicated. And, you know, for two years we've been we've been her hurdles have been popping and up. And even with a very for appreciative figure out the best way to work together across across the Trusted sees definitely. Yeah, well, it's a really exciting. So my first question, like in times like how you first discovered notion. Like when waas that Andi, how did you sort of roll out with your team when you discover that? Sure. So before joining Arcade, I will go back a little bit. I helped to build a marketing agency here in Tallinn, focus around the medical space and my mentor and CT over there. Waas. Ah, very brilliant technician. But at the same time, like, you know, I learned a lot from him on how to build teams. And the quote that stands out in my mind is you need to work yourself out of a job with everything that you dio And for the longest time, I was like What does that mean and like, does that mean that I'm gonna get fired or let go. But really, what Ray was trying to push towards me was this concept of if you can't hand over the work that you're doing to someone you can't ever focus on new things that the business needs to achieve on So through that ray this a long winded answer. But through that, Ray really pushed this tool called influence by at last yen. And like so much so where it got to a point where one Christmas, he bought T shirts for everyone within the company that said, Let me wiki that for you. So rather than answering a question, you know, he would send you a wiki link toe where he had written down an answer to that question about how to do something. So anyway, I think I really ingrained in me this idea of communication or written first process design and to digitize everything that an organization is due just to help scale as a Z build a company. Anyway, fast forward. After leaving that company, I joined the arcade team and I was very fortunate, like with a few different things. The first was is we're a pretty small team. The second was is we didn't have anything in place that, like, how is our processes digitally or where we were doing? Project Management Task Manager You name it and at the exact same time, notion launched on, uh, product hunt. Have it follow up. So it kind of things just fell into place at one moment. And eso we actually is an organization have been using product on for over two years now, which is really exciting to see how it's grown and how it how it works beneficially for us . You know, it wasn't hard to drive adoption originally in as we've grown. And as we've scaled organization, it's amazing how many times things have changed within our own notion how many times we've blown things up and started over from scratch. That's exactly what's beautiful about it. It's really easy to move information around. It's really great to reform at things as your own internal processes evolved. And, you know, as we have moved from four people to now 12 it's it's exciting to see how new things are taking shape. Oh yeah, definitely. I think that's like like a bit of serendipity there that you found at the right time as well, right. But it's like I think it's like nice to see that, like, because you've gone for, like 4 to 12. And I think that's always I get corrected. Cool point like Like it's quite a big move for the business because you're literally quadrupling and tripling in size on. It's like trying Teoh like, obviously, that's a huge stage for the business. So it would be great to see how you've gone. About sort of mapping your process is absolutely. I think that was something that I was really like took away from the last event that you were on, like how you internalize that. So, yeah, feel free toe. So the tourists around your mention count? Absolutely. I think what's what I really want to get into today is that you know, there's an incredible amount of resource is out there currently with how people use notion personally. You know, Marie Pool, and it's really pushing the envelope here, showcasing how she uses it to take notes or organizer second brain like Thiago Forte. One thing that I really want to dive into is how startup is using notion and how you know we'll get messy. Will roll our sleeves up a little bit together. I really want to show you, like what it's like for a team, a small team, that scrapping together a product that would bring in the market and how we think about, uh, notion and how we use it across all functions of the company. Yeah, I'm buzzing because like, it's, I think is our team a czar Team Grace, I want to learn from, like, art your team. Say, Yeah, we're really excited. Great. Let me hit the share button here, and we can go ahead and get stolen. Um, OK, so I think the first thing to dive into is this concept of our principles. And like as we started to add more members of our team, you know, as a leadership group, we try to put together some things that fundamentally put remote work first. Like I mentioned respond across the ocean. And so through that remote first war comes with its pros and cons and to make it work that we have to hit here to a few different guidelines. And so these principles that I'll go over just now kind of guide all of our thinking towards how we use their tools, but then also how we design our processes. The first is is that you need to write it down. Communication between over video, our phone or even over chat. It's like an instant messenger is insanely great collaboration in the moment. But the minutes someone's not there I either working later that night, you know, they're never gonna be ableto make like absorb themselves directly into the progress that you've made. So to keep the wheels turning, we operated on the principle that everything needs to be written down. Admittedly were not the best of doing this. But you know, we try our best. The second is is like, don't be afraid to blow anything up aside mentioned as we've moved 2.5 2 years, 2.5 years grown for 4 to 12 people. We've also changed quite a bit as an organization, you know, we started out primarily in retail. We've grown to several different industries and through that we've had to build new processes for all functions within our organisation. Whether that's customer support or, you know, our design process before we go build a particular future. And so you know, don't be afraid to blow anything up on your page. We make use of what we call a soft elite. We could maybe talk about that later, but mostly, like, you know, if it's not working, change it. And that's the beautiful part about notion, in my opinion, is that it's incredibly flexible and it works in the last. This one comes actually from my dad, and this is a funny principal. But value never comes from checking a box. It's not about updating the spreadsheets, not about actually updating notion what really is important and you should never lose sight of. This is the objective that you're trying to achieve and remember that the work you do is not about how you do your work. It's about getting the work done. And so you know it is as a productivity nerd. I like to talk about or think a lot about how optimizing my work flow, but in reality that's just the purest form of procrastination. And so I tried not as hard as I can not to have her loose sight of, like actually getting done what I need to get done. Yeah, that's why enter into arcade. So like I mentioned as an organization, we've used it quite significantly across the different functions within the company. So here's a good list of some of the different things that we're looking at. Um, the we started as we scaled. The only function that we've unbundled away is the CRM management. I know a lot of teams specifically use it for sale CRM or marketing CRN. We've just grown a little bit too big for it to make sense. But besides that, we've kept most of the company across marketing, trust, success across engineering and design centralized here. So we'll go through that today. I want to go quickly, give some framing context. So I think you know, a lot of our processes connect multiple different pages, multiple different databases, multiple different aspects of notion. And even though some of your fans would be really familiar with how that works, I really definitely want to set the stage here for a second, so it will dive and we'll start with our customer table. So we internally do our CRM for our current existing customers, and that drives a lot of what we do is an organization in this fits in nicely with our mission. You know, we're here to make for a 1,000,000 happy workers, and that starts with those workers. And so everything revolves around our customer table as support requests come in. And as new things that people are asking for, the product team then develops ideas and ideas become releases that we push out back to our user base. And if we've done our job directly, then that will help us, like, expand and get serve more customers. So let's dive into, like, what that actually means. We talked about starting with a customer table. We're gonna dive into a variation of this, but I really wanted to. I I built this in such a way that, you know, anyone could take a look at this and get a good sense of how, like a team might be working. So you'll notice that these aren't actually real customers. But this is very much a duplication of what we currently have is a table, a few things to point out. With this, I mean you, your viewers, that this place should probably be familiar with the beautiful table for future inside this product. But we really try to make use of a few different things, and that is minimizing amount of properties that we have on the table and not making it overwhelming for people coming to it. So you'll see here that we make use of emoji to represent status almost more than we represent, and we use properties to. And as I show, how the customer's table connects to other aspects of the success team, it's a good glance to figure out Hey, who's an actual customer, like in the green heart versus You Know Who is that? Who is a potential customer? That might be trialling the product versus who is a really big deal, like a volcano, etcetera. So this gets really exciting. We make use of our extensive amount of different views, and so I think, like as a process owner, one of my jobs is setting up viewpoints around this central table for each of our individual employees. It would be very confusing if I had if I had to traverse through all of these and I didn't know that that's what I needed to work on. So we try to filter these these views on top of this set to make it make it useful for everybody. So a good a good example of this is, you know where we can filter out the view for just the trialling customers. One thing I wanted to point out, his notion does have a really good use of formula data, especially for looking at macro information. So this is a good example of, like at a glance, seeing how maney what's what's our opportunity value in terms of monthly recurring revenue for a current existing trialing customers. As a leadership, we actually you use this specific summary on a real customers table to get a good sense of like how we've progressed each week, which so when we think about customers, we think about connecting it to a few different things that someone dive into that. Now, um, the first isn't support request. So while we're still waiting patiently for the A P I to open up, we actually use zendesk for our support requests as they come in and we use it primarily to connect, requested our support team. Our success team can't take care of themselves and anything that might need technical assistance. And so they're transcribing diligently. The ones that need our tech team's attention across the seas to actually go execute against . And so we move anything that needs action from other team members into notion directly. And ah, from this we get, we get a good rich history of each of the customers. This success request that they so at a glance we could weaken. Dictate, you know, a volcano based customer might might regard more priority than a You know, a customer that's left us. Unfortunately, your worries about to leave us. That makes sense. And so we tried it. We try to anchor that those emoji statuses across different tables to help us contextualize . Okay, what's what's most according at this time? Um, as an organization arcade. You know, we we are product uses Gamification to transform KP eyes or business initiatives into contest within the application. But one of the ways that we do that is we also citizen employees within the organization, and we personally run contests for our team. What that helps us do it helps us test through different types of initiatives that customers want. And so we can almost prototype these concepts before we go building your product around it . And so from that we've developed this concept of game management, if you will. And our success team uses a table within notion to think about game management specifically . Um, no, she actually just shared this on Twitter the other day. I wanted actually point out here again. With the formulas, you can make use of date differences to get a countdown on how, how many days before this game actually expires? So seeing this first row, for instance, this cash collection contest for Limon you know, it ends in two days, and so the owner of this is looking towards Alison would be looking at a had 100 prepare rapping and making the announcements. And more importantly, awarding the prize is for the people that have satisfied the objective of the game. Yeah, definitely. I really like they're like in that success. If you just go out of their back to the success it arcade. It's just simple three key areas, and I quite like that because it's it's very focused and very orientated towards, you know, the end goal. Uh, it's it's interesting to hear you point that out, you know, our space exact, like our riel of success face. And maybe we could take a peek at that in a second. Is definitely lots more stuff in there. We have okay, guides and how Twos. Right. But you think of like, you think of, like, the core everyday things that you need to look at. We try to draw attention to that stuff across this base. More importantly, so, uh, you know, this is this is just an example of what that looks like. Yeah, fantastic. As ah. As we run prototypes of gains that we're doing manually or we get enough support request from a common thread. That's when we enter into the products face. And that's that's really where I operate within the business. So we'll take a look at, you know, as a product organization. How do we think about building the right things for our customers? Um, I'll sort of the caveat. And that's, you know, we've recently thought about how we do this, and we've adopted this. Ah, this this technique pioneered by the guys over a base camp, specifically, Ryan Singer just just released a book on this called Shape Up and ah, their philosophy on how they decide and bet on work to go to go do is it's something that really made sense for us is organization. It was almost exactly what we were doing anyway. You just kind of gave us some of the words to describe it, So we'll start from that caveat just to make sense of what? To dio. There's a few different principles within shaping. And, uh, the main takeaways is that you don't estimate how long something would take. Instead, you set a standard or a circuit breaker. How long you think you should work on it rather than get looking at a project and going well, you know, that could take two months. We say, How can we get it? How can we satisfy that need or the objective in a month and not spend any more time on that? And so what? That reframes your thinking on how you allocate the resources you have, you have as a team, um, and helps you pin down stuff that you know, inherently that you're making up your making a bet. You're making a true bet on. Hey, this is something that our customers want or this will help us care care in your customers anyway. So the best way to thinking about how we've translated the shape up ideas are a shape of idea or the principle is that we don't have a backlog. Instead, everything starts as a raw idea. And so we have an ideas board where we where we've jotting down notes around observed requirements or observed needs, and this comes from like interviews that we have with our customers. This comes from you know, any kind of support requests that we have. This comes from sales pitches that are our sales team is doing on a day today basis. We're formulating ideas that we arcade to do. But rather than sticking that into a roadmap for into a backlog, but because it could become incredibly messy or complex, we just leave it on the idea space. We'll dive into, like what that looks like for a second. So as you notice like, there's different asked and we're actually in the rial product space here. So you're looking at a true product board here inside our organization. But so we outlined things on a component basis and so, you know, within each of these existing points within our application. Our immigration regimental, for instance. We know that there's some needs that we've observed, but these are really ready to be worked on. They're not tests that have a solution towards them. They're not tested, really. We've outlined to the technical requirements there just straight up. Hey, this is something that we know we need to go build And they might have some wrong ideas from raw prototypes As things mature past the idea phase, we get into what we call pitches, and this is really a fundamental idea from the shape up pitches is in preparation. You see her issue here is one of my teammates in here. Pitches is in preparation for, uh, getting that. That idea shaped into the solution that the team can then go execute against in a ship. A pitch itself is broken down into a few different things. We'll dive into one here. I'll give you an example Arcade. As a Gamification company, we we look at game design almost. It's like as a big, big part of their inspiration. And so one of the problems that we have right now is this kind of things happen in Arcade, and there's not a good feedback loop attached to what's happening in Arcade. I might be awarded tokens for my manager and I get a push Notification about that. When I log into arcade, nothing happens. You know, I have to go to my have to know to go to my profile. So Rivelle, living through this concept of like when I returned to the application, can I present some kind of delightful summary to meet to go over the things that happened? Um, So anyway, this is a real pitch card that we're working through right now and in the pitch we go through the problem and outlining it in a sense, where anyone within the organization can understand why that's important, we set the appetite. So as I mentioned, we don't estimate. Instead, we floored thinking we go, How long should we spend on this? And, ah, large appetite actually associates more with a month long project and then probably the most important principle. I think, in my opinion, out of Ryan Singer's book is that, you know, we designed the solution as a product team. So me and a product designer in our CTO we think there had actually you know, put a rough idea and some guard rails in place on how to actually satisfy that so the engineering team can worry less about, you know, figuring out what needs to be done and figure more about how to effectively get that into the product. We give our team a lot of autonomy and act in that in the final solution that they produce . And so we're not obsessing over, you know, fine details in this regard, but instead we're looking at okay, How can we point you in the right direction to satisfying this problem that we have now explained to You are We've talked it up. Um, you know, so we'll go through here. This is a really good example. We have some fantasy football examples from our CEO. He's a big fantasy football player, but he Yahoo, Yahoo, fantasy football does a good job of this exact use case. And so this is where we'll stick stuff that you know, might act this inspiration or my neck. His research towards what we're doing anyway, I won't get into much more of the pitch, but the thought is here is when we every quarter as a leadership team. We look through these pitches, we've looked through how many how much appetite we've associated with them. And we looked through how many engineers that we have available for us, whether that's through holiday or through, you know, teams on the bench, right, and we make bets on which pitches we want to go Dio. And so we started. We started, actually decide Hey, these air, the eight pitches that we're comfortable with going about achieving. So we kind of get into that. So the next one that will look at is inside sprouts. Uh, we now take those pitches that we're going to be worked on, and we segment the task list out that the team needs work so the engineering team doesn't ever actually work per se. On the pitch side, they work more on the sprout that's been connected to the pitch, and I'll show how we like we tagged the relational database there. Um, it's worth noting. I'm not really sure where I come up with. These are these metaphors for what I call these pages. But sprouts almost made sense to me because it's like, you know, it's the seedling that becomes what the trio of the product and then, But it also is like it's a nice garnish on top of your sandwich, so it's sprouts, but also me and work that we just know needs to be done. So there's subsets on top of the sprouts board, which is like bugs that the engineers need to go take care of, or check that that they know that they want to go stamp. And as as an or a CTO and eyes, we plan what we need to go build for the for each quarter. You know, we Sprinkle, we get it. We get a good mix of, ah, both new feature sets and then enhancements on existing stuff. And so we really try hard as an organization to balance that anyway, within the sprouts stable, you're looking at, you know, a set of different properties. But for the most part, this is This is a lot like the pitch, but again, it's more geared towards the progress s actually wanted to dive into that a little bit. I wanna walk through a sprout that's actually in testing and give you a good sense of how we used the card to communicate is an organization's just give me one second you identify which one we wanted. I guess this is a really good example of how we connect the tables together. Says I mentioned the sprouts is a item on the relation will. They are on the pitches. So as we select things to be worked on, were signing sprouts to it, right. But more importantly, we are inside the pitch itself. We're making use of the link card within the context of the card so you can go and find sprout associated with it. Um, so here is a, um here's a task that one of our lead engineers is working on currently, which is like enabling we have a chest system. So think of like a, um oppo keys boxer. A spin wheel, right? We give, we give out these things called chest would give our our end users and ability to win tokens or things within the arcade application. And they get they get chest for things that they do. What we found, though, was our customer success team was consistently pushing out these chests just as a means to drive their own engagement. Managers came to us know if you really want to do this to? We want to be able to give these chest out for whatever reason. So this is, you know, it's a really articulated problem at that point for us to get to execute against. Anyway. I'm gonna get down here into the feedback and a testing plan, so this is kind of the process that we've adapted. It's a little loose, You know, there's no there's no formal guidelines here, but I'll make. I'll make a point out a few different tips that, you know we've picked up as a team collaborating together. The first is you'll notice things were buried in these toggle lists, and that's very intentional. I like to have this principle where you have to design your notion page or any page that you're working on with your team through this lens off. If I'm looking at this for the first time, will I be overwhelmed? Do I know what needs my action? So I know it needs my attention if I'm looking at this for the 100th time, so I know what's changed and do I know what what needs what I now need to focus with and until motion gets to a point where you know the the page updates and the differences are a little bit more improved. No fault on their behalf. But we've adopted this process instead to use toggle lists. Beyond that, we always operate on this principle that, uh, the most recent or new information will go as high up on the card or the section that it's related to. So feedback from today will be above feedback from last week, for instance. And let's just say, you know, that's that's That's something that we've had Teoh to that way everyone has a good sense of Okay, what's what's the most recent stuff on this particular age? Um, inside of, uh, inside of each toggle list, we make make use of a few different things. The first is we strike throughs to mention like of stale issues or things that we don't necessarily need to go tackle on. And then we also you make use of in line comments to have small conversations within each of the different feedback. So in this case, Chris's mentioning here that, like, this is something he kidding, actually replicated, But he's gonna dig into, um anyway, so that's Ah, that's pretty much how that process works. It's worth noting that, you know, when we go through it a sprout, we choose to work on the different sprouts based off of sprints. So almost like in a traditional agile process, we sign us a small amount of time and for the team to focus on particular ideas. So I think, like, you know, sprints. Really look at the sprouts that we're working on currently. It's called sprinters, by the way, because ah, shut out our engineering team in Australia. They're really into Aperol spritz, especially one of our lead engineers over there. And so when I was building this pageant, like, you know, we make fun of work too much to call it a sprint, let's call it a Spencer. I think that guy's a little bubble to it, but maybe I'm making bad jokes here Anyway, These are the different sprints that we have outlined here. Um, and as we come through and decide what needs to be worked on were attaching those sprouts to the Sprint document. This sprint document is mostly used by our cto and myself just to get a good gauge on Hey, what's left to get done. Are we gonna make it towards the deadline that we associated with it? And so you'll see here we've we've included a linked database and then filtered that sprout the vert that view of the sprouts database Onley focus on where the sprint was assigned and so that contextually is really helpful to make use of that view specifically on this card. We use this a lot for like, you know, our our engineers will will do the same thing and the look at sprouts that are assigned to themselves That way they don't have to worry about what the other ones are working on necessarily, and they can contextualize and be effective with their existing stuff. The other thing I want to mention here is like, you'll notice this last property associated with the sprout and that's for the release. We, uh, we were a Web based application, but we also compiled down Teoh, IOS and Android and so through that we have to have very specific releases because we're pushing buying areas to the Apple store or pushing, pushing out an APP update to the android store and so through that we have to be very explicit in which associated which each release of the application and so the last part at all We'll talk about here. We'll go back to their goal is what's actually going to go out the door. So we assign releases, particularly to sprouts that will be associated with the APP updates and so as a release. So you know it's either in progress or it's actually really completed. Its assigned the sprint. That's kind of loosely associated with that release. But then it's also assigned. More importantly, the sprouts or the projects that air are going into it. This is really great for me or for are now headed marketing to come back and go, Hey, what do we need to go talk about what we wish you brag about on our social media? What should we send an email to from our customer standpoint? So I kind of show you how you use that here for a second dive into an old sprint are sorry and old release and you know, we at a glance we have what's included exactly specifically in that release and thes linked to the specific sprouts so you can get a good sense of Hey, what was actually done? What was the final result? Um and then, more importantly, we also use this is a team to prepare testing for the result. When we push a binary out, we're testing that internally on devices across the organization through, like our beta release. And so we're we're now putting contextually things were specifically related to the release that are on this card. So we make use of checklists or in in line discussions that are geared towards the release specific eso. I think you know, that covers kind of the realm of everything that we use arcade for. Uh, I pretty much have rambled to this point. I will always continue to do that. Did you have any questions? Specifically a process that you wanted to dive into That was awesome. I think the way the structure is, like, really well fought through. But one of the things I may have a question about is is more for those teams that say we're your sort size like maybe four at the start and obviously grew pretty rapidly. How much time to this tape to put together and, like, sit down and make those individual steps cause I feel like someone at home might. This is an amazing set up. I feel like someone at home might be going. How do I get there in being able to, like, formalizes president you have? Let's sit down meeting That was too many questions Friday. No, that's that's fine. Uh, it's a really interesting question to ask, you know, So like I mentioned, one of our core principles is to blow it up. You know this specific space, the product space within our notion has changed about 12 times and maybe them a little neurotic and maybe a little obsessive over how best optimized that. But fundamentally, it's consists. It's consistent with what we started with so back before, when we first started using notion, tables didn't exist, and we used columns to indicate with columns with pages to indicate progress around projects that needed to be done. So column for two Dio were calling for doing, and we had a column for done, and within each of those were just pages that described what needed to be asked. Then the introduced tables was like Great, let's add it all into roadmaps. We dragged those pages specifically into the table and then now associate ID rather than the column. We just added a property on the table. So what I'd say is like, don't ever try to design the whole thing right away, and I don't think you're going to get it right, especially if you try to go after everything that's involved, like from in the end. Instead, just start writing it down on a page as you start to see commonalities between different pages that you're right or themes within existing bits or areas within the page that don't really make sense to sit together. That's when you can think about introducing a table, introducing another table in connecting it to that other one right? And so you know, while while our process itself, you know, doesn't really have a discreet Hey, we spent X amount of hours on. It's an ongoing thing. It's not something that we're very formal about here as arcade. Either we it's someone will make a change to it, and if you make a change to it, it's your responsibility to communicate that backwards. Everybody. And if someone doesn't like it and they're encouraged to talk up, someone doesn't like it there, Particularly encouraged to stop right to change our two, to change it back or to propose a new solution. And so, uh, we're very lucky to, um, have a team of thinkers that are trying to optimize for everyone else. And that's that's been really helpful. Assistance from scale of this, an organization, definitely. And I look quite like the way that you've, like, paid more attention to let the different views for departments because I think that's what some companies can do is that they get carried away with a tall and only folks on that department. But you've included and made it fairly easy for each department's just walk in and be like I know what I'm doing, you know? Different. Yeah, we're definitely like I mentioned. We carefully try Teoh frame context. So maybe that's a good segue related to, you know, take away items that any team adopting notion convened here to go through to these really quickly and then actually actually need to wrap up here just that, um so yeah, like I mentioned, it's time to make a table. I mean, that's the most powerful feature in ocean is building things around is a relational database. I get really excited about this. I tweet about this quite a bit. You know, that's that's notion. Spreading butter, um, always organize each pages if there's someone's viewing it for the first time and try to make use of, like, any technique or tooling within notion to contextualize it for those folks. So what's most important using call outs, using colors using, uh, what I'm showing here, which is code blocks to kind of draw people's attention to the stuff that's most important that needs their action taga lists or your best friend, You know, as you start to take notes and you've got around in your mind mapping collapsed those things into a toggle, 20. The Issues of Notion - 6 Major Flaws: hello Ever know? Welcome back. So to keep productive YouTube channel, it is Francesco here Now, in today's future, we're taking a look at the floors off notion. This is video that I've had on my mind for a while now. I wanted to sort of point out a few of the things that notion could be doing better on. Naturally, it is not necessary bashing notion. I'm a big found myself. But as you can imagine, it's important if you're a prospective use of notion or someone moving from another application to be fully aware off all of the issues that currently stand a problem inside of notion. So hopefully we recap those for you today. I'll also be diving into my wish list for notion in 2020. Now, before we dive in guys, a little word from our sponsor. Are you in a sales? Do you manage sales leads? Are you in charge off the sales point line? If the answer is yes, then you'll need to know about Point Dr Managing Leeds. Keeping track of communications and managing processes can be over whelming. Find time to make sales simpler with a host of features. Help you stay on top of all the new leads on conversations, let's hone in on a feature point drives Lead booster feature is a customizable chapel that you can answer any page of your website. Lead booster will engage visitors to your site and send qualified leads direct to the right person. Israel sells now 90 1000 companies used pine try and deals worth a combined total of over 24 billion have been closed on the C. R M software is one of the best sales tools for managing incoming leads out there. I use Point drive at a previous company I worked with, and it was super easy to get on with. There's plenty of ways you can optimize it even further. There was a chapel at work who dug really deep, setting up some fantastic work clothes and educating me in the process. Now five Dr seems to be your one. Stop sales up. You can learn more about Point Dr Inscription below and start winning deals for you and your team in this easy to use. You can go to point dr dot com slash keep productive to find out more about so a Zay said before a big fan of notion. I used notion myself. If you haven't checked out my notion set up toe, you should definitely check it out. Included in a Lincoln description. Got to do a new one. So I'm sure there'll be a refresh one. Make sure your subscriber of this channel so there are a few different floors off notion. And whilst I think it's a very good tall as a whole with all companies that start out and grow, they naturally have sense of achieving is problems with the experience. Now the first of those is the offline experience. Now, whilst you've downloaded notion on your own device, there are a few issues when you go off line. If you haven't cashed that page, then you won't be able to access it. You will have this appear on the screen, and it could be a real pain when you just want to access some information. I definitely founders of pain when I was trying to find information. Now they are actively trying to work on an offline version, and you can still edit if you have cash those pages. For example, I did actually quite a lot of work on a flight, and it had this sort of status of, you know, you've got this money sinks and edits on. When I landed, I was able to go online and sink that. Now there have been a few people that have had issues with that. For example, they've sink to this work on die. It's not being uploaded afterwards. I think some of those problems have been fixed. However, this is something that a real negative of not having a fully committal, offline version they looked and that in the future, and especially in this world, woman not really that offline, you know, given on flights or some WiFi, it's definitely something that is on. Is there a major major thing? Just something to be aware of? Okay, Search abilities. This is something that again notion of stated they're working on. They worked collectively on trying to improve the performance of reliability. I've done a video about their recent updates. You contract that one out. It's about sort of the performance updates on what's happening with that. But as you can imagine, search hasn't bean a big focus. Every last I think like you could search staff very easily and you can normally find stuff within checklists inside of a page, which is very useful keywords. But it doesn't really go much further than that. If you want to get century specific file or something that someone specifically uploaded, you can't on, naturally not be great to do, having a much more find an advanced search and sign off notion. Okay, so mobile improvements. They have started work on this one. As I mentioned, there's that video one sort of idea of the performance improving. They've released an IOS version that slightly banner. Also a gradual rollout the android, the windows and the Mac versions. And I must say the Irish version is a lot snappier. I actually was opening it up and using it for a video the other day. Oh, today. But as you can imagine, it was like actually decent to open, like it was a bit shocked, like it's normally a lot slower. They do still need to work on it. There's no doubt about it, but the improvements have been made better, but they still need to sort of actively make it this fluid fast application on mobile, especially for iPad users. Okay, so one of the floors that I think it's still a problem inside off. For example, the Mac version that I use the desktop version is loading up databases like if you have a really chunky or heavy database, I don't have many of those, but the biggest one I have takes a few seconds to load if I'm opening a page for the first time in a while, and that could be a little bit of a pain, especially when you're trying to get to data as well as offline. Even if you got the page cash that not sure you can use, the database is in full. I'll have to double check on that one. But last time I couldn't Maybe this was because of the load issue. But loading databases can be a bit painful, so just be aware there's gonna be no the most reliable experience. But again, if you're on WiFi, you're not gonna really have too much of a problem, especially if you have a good connection. Okay, so this comes into the sort of conversation about like final management, like obviously, search will probably solve this and be empty. Access your fouls. But in terms of for management. I really, really, really, really wish they had local farm support. For example, if you upload a far, it's not necessarily gonna take up to a Web server that they saved onto, which is definitely secure and fine. But at the same time, being to have that locally stored like Evernote does would be Lincoln. Amazing On also have the ability to find files really easily like, for example, just having, like a button you can press to search all files that have been uploaded to notion. And that would be a really key function off the search abilities. Eso enough notion bashing. I am a big fan of the ocean myself. If haven't checked out all my videos you can do on. The thing I would say is, well, with notion is, I've just mean sort of like getting that conversation going about, you know, the reliability, that platform, things like that. And they are actively working on it, like if you see that Twitter, they're always talking about it. They are really keen to do it, and they do have a fast moving team, so they're working on that being sort of sustainability to move forward. But these are a few of the things that I want in my wish list for 2020. This 1st 1 isn't for me. It's for the new on Borders on. What I would like is, for one person that will be on boarding is to have a button that would build their experience for them. Now, this is very, maybe not so, like, you know, get started. But I would love, like the ability for them to connect the evidence, to connect their trail. Oh, and to connect like another application, then to go pre build my experience. And it automatically sets up a notion sort of workspace for you, with all of the notes in one area of all of the trailer and and a few project dashboards already set up for you in the way that you'd like to use them like that would be really cool. That would obviously include like machine learning and obviously like it would be a bit of a weird way of how it does it. But that would be really wicked for newbies on it would save a lot of time, especially for me. Teaching people notion probably drop our sales massively but is gonna mansion it would help people find out how to use notion a lot faster on that would be pretty cool to have, especially if you were like, OK, go pick my avenue and I'll pick my trailer And I put my thing create a brand new workspace of yourself. Just get going on. But again, we'll see what they're that happens. There's been no evidence that I don't even it was a close feature to be coming out, but that's just my mind now. The second feature is something they eventually announced that will be coming is a timeline function now. They already have five databases. The gallery, the list, the table of the board, onda, the calendar. There was a great five databases, but a six form would be brilliant. It be called timeline and you'll be able to sort of get this dropbox paper like experience inside of there, and you be able to sort of visually see what's coming up. This would be perfect for, like, my goals or targets for the because I want to able to see, like you know what's gonna be the focus in Q three. What major projects of working and honestly like that would just fix my entire goal set up because in a moment I'm just very simple set up. And I've tried set ups in the past that haven't necessarily worked, but that would work very well. That's it, guys. Those all my floors with notion. Hopefully, I helped you if you're looking at notion because, like, I think it's really important to tell people what the problem is, answer. They don't switch. After a lot of you, I found we're going. I use nature of three months and I couldn't quite hack it, and that's where they should have known about the floors. So this is really important video, although obviously I'm a big fan of ocean. It's really something that I think people take a lot of valley from. And they was, Listen, that's all. The good thing is that notion team always really good with support, so they always end up like plus warning star from finding stuff the gear. So I don't think they're getting no you guys, which is really good, you know, Whereas you could say something very different about the other applications. Anyway, guys, Thank you so much and I will talk to you guys in a future video. If you describe yet his describe, I don't Teoh very versatile she's ever by. 21. How Kylie Stewart Uses Notion: we can dive into yours and gain a lot of value. I'm looking forward to the formerly you mentioned cause that's one thing I haven't been able to apply. Yeah, I really I have to polish mine up a little bit because, yeah, I was trying to manipulate some some of the you know how the bottom of the database you can have the total amount and unique values. I would love to be able to effect change there, but some time trying to do that morning and couldn't quite get there. Hopefully, Yeah. Close. Yeah, that was my notion. Because we have a number of workspace, available pages as well as a specific to me and my favorite, I'd say I kind of follow like a top level architecture you can see at home. And I have does instead of having I don't know, my favorite kind of looks like a mess right now, but it also favoritism aboard that I want to show you. I'm so altogether. I do follow more of a top level structure. They home is where most of the action is. Ever since my company switched over to using notion as well, I've been able to move most of these forced into, um, the formidable account. And then I've authorized myself as a guest. I think you'll see in some places that's happening here, too. On the go. Yeah. My work email is unauthorized. User of some boards within my personal gino connection. That's something that I would like to streamline. Over time you can see me. Yeah. Viewing my own board. Um, well, so in general, I This is something I learned about at our notion. Me up. I'll go to the full screen carriage that we could see it a little more acceptably. Uh, so I have been going by dates, which this is something I'm trying. Teoh Problematically sold. So it will assign just based on the given date. I'm setting this to a formula. 22. How Daniel Eckler Uses Notion: Hello, everyone. And welcome back to the Keeper. Productive YouTube channel. It is Francesco here on today. We're very lucky to be joined by annual heckler. Now, me and Daniel just talking. I just get to know him Camille from the notion team. And he recommended that I definitely get in touch them after asking her some of the tools that I wanted to sort of get involved in the new trick Trainable tours, more interesting setups, emotion. And apparently Daniels blows everyone away. So I'm excited to dive into his notion. Daniel, please do introduce yourself and a bit about your work. Yeah. Daniel Lechler, uh, founded and sold A few consumer technology companies have spent my career kind of at the intersection of technology and art and design and culture. Eso the first company I found. It was, ah, long network for men's fashion lifestyle crude, five million readers a year, pictures of jackets and shoes and all sorts of stuff like that. We quickly learned that we have positioned it is a magazine. But no one wanted Teoh read what we were writing. They just wanted to see the pictures. And we took that insight and said Why don't we form a community that enables anyone to curate images and informed community around that? Essentially Pinterest before Pinterest's called pixie sold the previous company built up pixie. The 35 million visitors a year did the whole D C circuit. Um, eventually contrasted lunch. Got enormous number two so kind of automated Pyxis. So bad off spent some time in the marketing industry, an anomaly and buzzfeed really just realizing that what I love to do most is just come up with ideas. Um, having run companies and focus on one idea for 10 years, as opposed to in the marketing world, you get to do five ideas a day was really, really exciting transition for me and this kind of informing the work that I'm doing today , Um, so yeah, kind of in a transition period right now, thinking about what to do next and probably taking all the lessons I've learned from the technology world of marketing world Teoh help other people come up with cool viral ideas toe promote their businesses Fantastic and Camille particularly what, like mentioned your creative grain slowing process and and I think that will obviously from all of the learnings from those previous businesses be ableto reflecting the notion. A question about notion. How did you discover notion and why did you go about choosing it? His think? Sometimes there's a lot of mantra wraps up there, but which Why did you decide to go with this one? Sure. A friend designer developer named Cory Gibbons referred it to me. Uh, we share a lot of this same brain and tracks its, and it took his reference with a lot of weight that said, I still didn't try it for six months, which I very much regret. I'd encourage anyone today if you're watching this and have not yet used notion toe at least Ivan and play around and see if it's for you. Um, it's the best to all I've ever used in my life. I'm obsessed with it. Uh, the primary reason that that I use it is most of my work is kind of research and thinking and writing and organizing. Andi, I have not found a tool that's even close to notion to allow me to do all of those things. It's fast, minimal and simple, and as you mentioned, modular allows me to kind of organize things and exactly the way I want. Uh, yeah, I just I can't even imagine a life without it now. Yeah, I'm the same. Like you can't go back, can you? It's It's even harder. Well, I will pass over to you, Daniel, because you're gonna give us a little bit of a tour of your account. Eso Let's jump in if you're if you're up for it. Yes, sir. Of late, hopefully have done their the right sharing sayings. Oh, there we get. That was great. Cool. Yeah. So I spend I'm gonna put you up here. I spend most of my day in these two windows, so the right window is kind of like my to do list. And that's the meetings. It's meeting with you meetings later today. Some things I want to dio a swell is just like a scratch pad. So, you know, put some stuff that I want to take you through today. Throughout the day, I'll just be typing rain and stuff in here, and I was just using it is just a place to organize my thoughts. And then on the other side, this is kind of a broader to do less bigger projects. Um, so I actually know what? Before we go there, let's let's jump to maybe a pin another pin tab. Um, so every morning, I do like a little morning routine thing and you'll notice here like this. This, this and this are all different notion times that I use for different tasks. So half of my pin Todd's air notion and to ask earlier like, Why do you like it? It's It's primarily for that reason If I could have all of my work flow being notion, I'd be a very happy person. Um, yeah, so it just every morning I kind of reflect and revisit kind of why I'm doing what I'm doing as I mentioned earlier. Like creating ideas. Infected experience is really important to me, helping other people do the same. Um, really pursuing like a person. Share with me this idea of idea, Floria just chasing ideas, new ideas as opposed to, you know, stuff like money and fame. Um, I was other stuff in here to, you know, like I have my meditation and yoga. Just different stuff that I do throughout the day. It just keeps me grounded in the morning, um, out of curiosity on that vision area. So did you go about designing that in a separate application and then upload it is an image , right? That's right. Yeah. If I could do it. A notion if there were some simple image editing tools, that would be awesome. And maybe one day there will be that Just, um yeah, I guess just to see the workspaces. So doing things you've seen that's over here in progress, I'll dig into a bit later. This is kind of like a flow for the work that I'm doing right now. So maybe starting with strategy. Also use notion kind of is a wiki to just keep track of ideas and share those with other people. So the company I'm working on right now is called Space Cadet in the vision is to create other connected companies. Um and so the problem that we're trying to solve is like innovations increasing and companies are having a hard time trying to keep up. Andi believe that you know your human progress is informed by experimentation and velocity . More experiments. You dio faster. You do them, the more likely you'll get a win. um and you know, I won't contribute into this, but just using this is kind of an informative reminder in the same way that division board reminds me personally what to focus on this helps your mind me, but also other people within the company, uh, what we're doing Why? And testing. And then that kind of leads into actual tasks coming out of that. So every quarter at the top here, I'll put like the three big tasks. So, you know, continuing cell for exploration leather, that's meditation or reading, working on launching space cadet and helping inspire ideas. And this just helps us an anchor Teoh create you tasks and ensure their laddering up to a broader vision and broader, bigger goals. Um, every two weeks, I'll do like a little sprint Teoh to ensure that, you know, I'm focused on the right stuff, not just loads into, like, a process whereby I run through some things that have been happening in the past while and if they've been working and what I should focus on next, um, those will turn into tasks that air here, or I'll pull them from previous tasks. Um, so you can see like there's a bunch of tasks here, for example, laddering up to inspiring ideas. I'll do some work here. Is one all right? This this is more of a scratch pad. He's actually like, I'll actually do work within these, um so, like I do on a weekly newsletter for creative technology. These were just a bunch of, you know, things that I'm gonna be posting in the near future. Just keeping militant bookmarks in here. Um, or, you know, a bigger project might be something like, we're trying to come up with something viral, tow, launch and share the agency with the world. Um, so we're coming This idea face to famous. Just a prototype. Um, you can see in a moment my face will appear, um, And then over the course of a few different seconds, it'll take me through different celebrities all the way to looking like at least silverstone, um, using using these just as actual work. Like doing actual work within these tasks. Um, so, yeah, I guess when it comes back, Teoh focused on the actual brainstorming part of those ideas. Toe actually come up with that idea, I think, is the area that you probably like to focus on more doubts. Um, so prior to coming up with an idea like face to famous, I'll spend a bunch of time brainstorming on so traditionally create a new project by the template for those projects. And maybe I'll pop that over here and then this is quite extensive, but I'll go through it faster than slow. Essentially, this is just a series of prompts and resources to help me be creative and help me be strategic. Um, so you can see it's quite long. There's a lot going on, but we'll go through it a bit that more slowly, Um so traditionally, use this new project template in conjunction with the work on the left. So if this is almost like a process to focus on the different things that you see a lot there, So, for example, well, actually brought her to put it. We used this thing called Double Diamond okay, which is just a framework for coming up with ideas so that this stuff on the left is kind of like strategy and stuff on the right is creative. So if you have you have a problem and you start by kind of diverging and coming up with lots of different ideas. Exploring as much of it is you can doing bunch of research and then you kind of consolidate that research into different insights or opportunity areas, and then you get you isolate like a few big opportunity areas and then use those. It's launching pads to be creative. So I d ate a bunch of ideas coming out of those. Respective, Um, this is how might we uses a standard thing in technology. Um, use this process and loosely, this takes you through that process. So you can see here. This is like the discovery phase, and you worked through what I call bursts. And so maybe you start with breaking down the brief. So I have an example of that. When we came up with that face thing that I showed you earlier, the brief was oriented around something called Synthetic Media. So I don't know if your viewers are terribly familiar with all the G fake stuff going on, like face up turning into old person, that kind of stuff have been really excited by that. So we thought, you know, how might we use personal implants to generate synthetic media that people want to share and use that with that double diamond t really blow it out and come up with a bunch of stuff. So, for example, one of those things is to break it down, break down that brief, and you can see you know, we have the inputs. So person Sorry. Rather, personal inputs is one of the things that we can break down. What are different? Personal inputs that people could use boys tax photo. What's different? Media that they could generate something on Alexa photo. Where might they share? How can we encourage them to share? Maybe there's a celebrity route I feel go way deeper than this, but obviously would be too much of a massive minute to share. Um, so I just wanted to give a quick look. It's toe. You know, one of these things looks like when it gets broken out a little bit. Um, but yeah, essentially, I'll go through these differ tool sets to do research to find inspiration. Often they'll have, like, a header, but then different crops within them, or sometimes they'll actually have resources inside. Um, okay. Yeah, I feel like this is a as organized as it might look, it's actually also a bit of a mess, so I'm happy to keep only one of the questions I had. That was it's really interesting how you've sort of gone about making something that you already know about the double diamond process instead of creating into an area. So, um, I guessing that this flash area with the bursts are That's ecstatic information. And then you create a new ah, a new row in the table every time you do apart the process. Instead of that doing things area, right? Yeah, so this stay static, this area on the laughed. But on the right, I'll use this process as a scratch pad to start. I'll break it down over here, you know? Yeah, you start taking all sorts of notes and whatever I come up with and all built around to. It's not, as you know, oriented as it looks all bounced from one part to the other, and however my mind's working, it's more just the things on the Left Act is a reminder to bounce to other things. If I've for gotten okay, that's really interesting, Yeah, and is it so that the first part of processes bursts. But then does it expand into more stuff? Yeah, that's right. So after you've done the bursts on built out, you know this part of the process to leave this open. Maybe, you know, bursts is kind of this part of the process you've gone through expanded it. Maybe then you look at all what's come out of all the bursts, refined those things into more, um, things that people can understand, as opposed to messing notes that I'm just taking and then coming out of that, you're going to start being creative. So that's what we call sparks. So there's much more resource here and what I What I have essentially done is pulled from other creative frameworks to create verges on my own. So there's a very popular created framework called Scamper. You can see it here, substitute combined, adapt, modified, put other uses, eliminate, rearrange. So I've taken scamper and put it in these prompts, but also added some prompts to each thing. So maybe you could substitute a place or a person or an emotion, and then this was both to educate myself and other people as to this framework, but also to serve as a reference toe. I've also put fund nails that correspond to each of the respective promise just to show you an example of that creativity or creative prompting use. Um so to make this more clear because obviously that some things were a bit too small for people to see an example of substituting place Is this project where a person story, an ad agency, Can we open it up? You know, there we go. So this is, ah, project whereby they put this tooth into a person's mouth so that they could open beer with their mouth and that would be an example of substituting place, right? Usually the place that happens is on appear opener. Um, that should be in your hand, not in your mouth. It would be funny if it's in your mouth. Oh, all of these prompts corresponded to different different ways to be creative. And then all of these images are references from those respective things to both educate people that aren't familiar and serve as a reminder. Um, go ahead. Sorry. I was going to say this is really interesting because I think like particularly myself, and I know a few other people they don't like formalized that process and make it like a wick experience like you have where each time you go replicate something you can go back to that original resource. So even with your so the sprint planning with the two weeks, I really like the way that I think I'm gonna definitely steal that concept of. So you having a full track list or full availability of it and then actually just replicating it, cause yeah, I like the way that you're using pens as well to sort of, you know, work alongside to your notion. Already it's pretty good. And to your point, I think, well, especially with the creative process. A lot of people don't want to make that process driven and kind of want to let their mind a little bit crazy and see what comes out of it. And I do that to this. This serves Maura's a reminder to do things that maybe I forgot in my organic process or all bounced around to different parts of it, depending on how I'm feeling. So maybe another example would be this is sorted by rather straight, but open. This is sorted by different types of creative problems that you might have. So if you have an advertising problem, these are all There's a website called Deck of Brilliance that has 52 prompts to come up with advertising ideas. And I've essentially pulled that in here and made it a little bit more concise. Um, so if I have an advertising problem, I just go through these 52 prompts and see which one might be most applicable to resolve that create a problem. Um, so I don't always use everything, and sometimes I use nothing but broadly. It helps as a tool set to be creative. If you're feeling stock, that here's another good one. Just, ah, random idea connect random inspiration. So there's a bunch of resources and here, one of which is a random word generator. So if I'm feeling stock in an often creative ideas come from places that are not traditional or linear, I'll force myself to take that brief. You know, something like this, and make whatever random word association comes up fit with this idea, and so that only come up with random ideas that you otherwise would. It okay, that's what That's what. Interesting. And how long would you say that it took you to set up this catalog? I mean, it's not something I did in the sitting. It's, you know, certain parts of it have have come over time. For example, I started with the advertising thing, and then later I had a strategy. And, I mean, if I had to quantify how much time I actually spent, all in 100 hours is just a loose estimate. Um, about that time sort of saved, isn't it? Now that you've done it? Oh, for sure. I mean, you know, traditionally in advertising what steak is an example? Just one create a project that the conception part of it could take 40 hours. Um, you know, what I've done here is help myself make I take 10 hours instead of four days on saving 30 each week. That 100 gets made up real quickly. Yeah, definitely. Um, yeah. There's a bunch of other stuff here, so Yeah, let's see. Actually move on. Maybe so. Another thing that happens within advertising and elsewhere is you're often routing something in what they call a big idea. And that big idea can manifest itself in different channels. So let's take the tooth tooth that we looked at as an example. You know, that's a product, but there's also PR, and maybe there's an advertising associated with it. And maybe there's some out of home thing where the guys sitting on sitting on a curb and showing and opening people's beer in a bar. It can live in a bunch of different places, and what this area does is help you. Once you have that big idea, Teoh orient yourself as to which channels it should. It should predominantly live in. So, you know, should be a nap. Should be on a bill hoard should there be a blimp that's associated with it. Um, and all of those air sorted by just to drive awareness is a drive acquisition and is a drive conversion is a driver. Attention, um, so that if you have a particular problem that you're trying to solve, you consort and determine the channels that are best associated to blow your idea. Sure. And out of curiosity, since you've been using this, how how maney sort of ideas instead of projects, Have you been working on sure, so this. This channel area is quite new, and I actually haven't used it yet at all. But this top area, these two in particular, I've probably ran through 30 40 50 round more, probably hundreds, hundreds of projects. Um, using these tools. Fantastic. And yet continue talking us free. The last area that's in here is kind of a reference tool. So these I use this is essentially, like a pin trust book marking stuff that is inspiration for the creative process. Um, very well sorted. So, for example, what you're looking at right now is that's the same creative project to come up that face connector. These are all just emerging study, viral emerging technology ideas. So, you know, this is an AI painting that made in a new Rembrandt using I or this is an influencer is made with G. I, uh this is a I making seven million versions of Nutella package in so tons and tons and tons of creative inspiration here so that when I got a project, I can sort by whatever I think the most applicable thing to do is I see. So this is done by media and channel, you know, there's websites and there is experiential and there's video and social and PR. So depending on the project, I got a look, a different category and look for inspiration related to that to help spark new ideas. So it's like like a your muscle, your brain bank of all of those ideas for when it comes to it. Yeah, that's really nice. Yeah, I quite like that. It's visual as well that you can. You can find everything you need there and going back to the sort of the doing things area that you sort of, uh, manage every day. Is it? I think I saw all night that you had evening routine to things that do you actively used, uh, it for work, Andi. Sort of your own life. Yeah, I use notion for both. So this I mean, so a good example is I just moved to New York. I have not yet memorized my phone number. Uh, when people ask, it's here or like or I'm waiting on a shipment of books from Amazon or, you know, here's places that maybe I want to travel to. More broadly, it keeps some of my more personal stuff down here. so, like people that I want to stay in touch with or general reference. Yeah, I use notion both for personal, in for business. Extensively. Fantastic. Well, sorry. It went a bit with him. Well, Daniel, I really appreciate you taking us through that sort of ideation process. Andi, All of those banks that you've created where can ever and find you after this? Cool. Yeah. Check out daniel. Lechler dot Com has got links, Teoh. Everything I'm doing on the internet. Daniel, underscore. Heckler at Twitter. I'm quite active on, uh, if you're interested in the company I'm working on haven't yet launched, But you could go into space, could at that time I see a to learn a bit more about that. Um and you know, if I can help it all, I think one thing that you asked in the email is how might other people create creative processes for themselves? Um, I'm also have happy that share, um, access to this if anyone wants to duplicate it and use it for their own purposes, um, or anyone else has any questions about how they might set up a creative process. I'm happy toe Teoh. Talk to people about that as well. Yeah, definitely. I know I'll grab that link from you, and we'll share in the description. But I appreciate you taking the time out, and it's given me a lot of hints for my own day to day use of motion. So thank you. And I look forward to sharing this one. Thank you. All right. Thanks, Daniel and talk senior. 23. Gamify Your Notion: Advanced Toolkit: Hello, everyone. And welcome back to keep productive YouTube channel. It is Francesco here. And in today's video, we are very lucky to be joined by Conrad Lynn, who is the co founder off Finn trucks. He also has Bean working very, very hard of last couple weeks on the gave ification project, which sounds really exciting. And it very much is what we're doing today in this video is we're gonna be looking into how he is enabled Gamification inside of notion and how you can get started with that. And in our second video, we're actually be touring his account. So it's going quite exciting. Conrad, how you doing? Thank you for in Casco. I'm doing well. Thank you for having me. Yeah, it's great. It's gonna be really fun on Bond. You said it was cold over there, right? Yeah. I'm currently in my hometown in Toronto. I'm usually based on Singapore and Yeah, this, uh, I'm back for the holidays, and it's been quite a temperature shift for me. Yeah. I mean, we're both wearing jumpers. Like I feel I feel like Toronto is gonna be a lot colder than it is here, But I'm wearing a thicker jumper. Which eyes a season? Definitely. Yeah, definitely. So maybe for those who are totally new Teoh the Gamification work that you've been doing Maybe a bit of a if I missed anything in terms of like your bio in terms of filling in the gaps. Yeah, so do a short introduction. Ah, my name is Conrad as, uh, Francesca has pointed out, and I'm an entrepreneur That's very passionate about building next generation solutions. By leveraging on smart technologies, I normally dedicate my efforts towards initiatives that impact the world positively and benefit the global community. Um, as three co founder off in Trucks Network, recently named by CNBC, is the world's top 100 most promising startups in 2019 I think on many roles and manage multiple global teams deliver results in the short amount of time. So I'm always constantly looking to team up with innovators equally passionate about tackling global challenges. Andalucian breakthroughs through co creation, collaboration and community. And the most recent challenge of my mind is how can we create a sustainable structure in which the human brain is self motivated to accomplish much more in the limited time we have every day. Well, guys Oh, that's a good mission, Says Strong mission. So, yeah, you've been working obviously hard on the Gamification side of notion, and I'll see this project. So maybe for those who are totally new to it, could you give us a short introduction to Yes. The whole idea of Gamification is that, you know, for every action that you do in your every day should be game ified, with good behaviors reliably rewarded and bad behaviors reliably this incentivized. This can be achieved by introducing concepts found in gaming experience, points and gold rewards. And the importance of this is that you have to teach your brain to learn how to learn. It's very obvious, especially when you go and do. Meditation, for example, is that we don't have full control over our brains, and every day we come off little bits and pieces off motivation to spur us into doing something productive. For example, we might tell ourselves after we do this for Dr Thing, we might get some ice cream. We might get to go to the movies. We might go out with her friends. So many things that you put to your mind to, you know, kind of goaded into doing the things he wants to do. The things you know you should be doing to be as productive as possible. Now the Gamification project is a template that I created that increases productivity by building Gamification into your everyday life, awarding experience points and gold rewards to successfully accomplished Mouse Instructor Day. Additionally, I further booster productivity by enabling live leaderboard nationalities so it promotes friendly competitions between your friends, family and community. Oh, it's gonna be exciting. I mean, good to sort of dig a bit deeper, so maybe we can jump over to your demo. Andi sort of roll into this, obviously, is this? There's lots of different aps out there that I know of, like have an RPG. But I think as you said, we were talking before, like a lot of people like the notion side of things like having you know, the graphical interfaces. You said that notion is like attractive. Say, I think this will be quite cold. Yeah, well, I mean, the idea is that there's always been a few great applications out there that has been trying to game. If I habits, goes achievements you mentioned, you know, have Attica, you know, some other abs like that. But they always have some sort of constraints when it came to the reality of the work we wanted to accomplish on day by day basis. So why I really wanted to do was to create my own application where everyone can have full control over the customization, enabling features to be added and shared any time. So the beauty of this template, which is built on notion, is that is 100% customizable. You can choose which milestones award you points or gold, and how much to award a time. You can also choose how much want to penalize yourself for missing deadlines and inversely , how much? Reward yourself for closing task early, and you can choose to reward yourself A upon completing 70% of all the routine. Have a building task you want to accomplish today or you can reward yourself only when you cute complete 100%. It's all up to you. So that's the beauty off. What, Uh, the game of Cajun Project and do inside Notion. Yeah. Oh, you're gonna as you mentioned before, you're gonna build me a little, like profile. Right? So, uh, all right. So I'm gonna share mystery now, and let's see it how we can, uh, off through this lovely. So you can access this template by just going to the link. I'm sure Francesco will show it on the screen right now. Oh, somewhere in the, uh, in the description as well, But, um, essentially what it is, it's just a one page template that has a bunch of embedded data basis within. And you see that right here? I have something called the Hero's Leaderboard. And, for example, sake. I have to advertise first. When is my avatar which I privatized all my data. But of course, there's also your avatar here, which is the first avatar that I've set up for you to get started very easily. Once you duplicated the page, the steps on how to get started, it's just right here above you can check it out like this. I've already duplicated on a brand new account just as a demonstration purposes, so I'll get straight into it. So, for example, here is I'm gonna run through your avatar here, and then later on, I'll be building a avatar for Jessica here, but the idea is that you have various tasks that are pending throughout your week. You may have five tasking of 10 tasks, but the view off the success plan here, the view off the database, which you can build inside notion, shows cases for me. All the past are gonna be do from a week from now to today. So, for example, if I wanted to set clear KP eyes on the target date was December the third. And let's say I finished the progress to 100% and the closing date was today. So I'm one day early and you see there's a difficulty rating off. Three. Which means that I expected to take 3 25 minute chunks of time to complete in the 25 minute chunk is important because, psychologically wise, you should not be concentrating on something more than 25 minutes at a time. You should take a 25 minute, you know, straight flow states off productivity. Take a five minute break. Look outside, you know, take a breather, drink some coffee, then get straight back into it. So when I say three chunks of 25 minutes That's why I mean, you're taking by mid breaks in between. And if I change the status to complete, you see that immediately jumps down to here In my recently completed, which is just another view which I filter out completes. You see that I'm early by one day. Fantastic. And if you notice up here, my ekes be actually goes up. I've leveled up the level six from five. If you miss that, I'll do right again. So if I change that from in progress, I drop down to level five. If I change this to complete, I level up to level six. So all the formulas are baked in and you can start immediately. The second you to please the template. Um, I can also go into some further detail about other aspects off the Gamification. So let me also show another thing called off coming key results. So it's very important for you to map out the outcomes that are related to your task, your everyday tasks. It's for the visibility sake. Right? So you know that when you do your maybe sometime menial and trivial task during the day, you know that they're actually relating towards greater goal and a greater key results, a great outcome that comes at the end of the day. So, for me, for example, I want to set measurable targets for life goals, right? Unless I click open and I say that it's still 25% it's 100% and I completed today as well, and this one is two days early. So if I finish this and I say my progress is complete, you'll see that it also jumps to my recently completed I'm early by two days, and my level is going up to seven now, and the level will keep getting incrementally harder by a factor of two. So the XP earned doubles the amounts for next level every time you level off. But of course, you can also set these by yourself, However, your curve you want to be. When I have a handicap, you want to have a harder time leveling up. It's all up to you, and that's the flexibility we're building in here now, for the third example I'll show you is habits and building habits is very important because if you don't put together the list off the routines that you want to build in tow habits every day. You might not do them. And if you don't even miss one day, it's so detrimental to your habit building because you missed the momentum off. How you want to continue proceeding throughout your day and building those strong tasks, you need to be a common sized, essentially for you to be successful in their life. So what I've done here is that when a say, for example, I have an example of around 16 habits that I want to complete every single day and I start checking them off, you notice that my avatar has keep going up the XP. And now I'm not going to eight. It keeps going up, keeps going up. He's going up. And you also see that I have a formula here that checks how much percentage I've completed off my daily habits off the day. And as mentioned before, I've said it so that when I hit 70% of all my daily routines done, I now get additional rewards, which for me is in the form off gold earned. And as I continue doing this, let's say I feel this all out. All the way you see that I have now on the star, it makes you feel good about myself, and I also get some additional gold earned. And, of course, the normal X speed returns as well. Another thing that's really interesting about this and this just a bonus that I've added in is a reflection template. So that's that Create new page and I call it December 2nd 2019. Create this new page and I opened it up. You see that if I set the date to today and let's say I set a template, I immediately populate this with some key questions I think are very important for you to ask Once in the morning and once in the evening, in the morning, you should figure out what you want to accomplish, that they wanted five things that are important for you to learn and grow. And at the end of the you want to recap to see if you really accomplish those five learnings. And if not, then what could he have done better? And on top of that, what have you might have done wrong during the days that you would definitely want to change in the future. I think this is a bit of very useful reflection that can help a lot in your daily planning . Of course, your daily productivity as well. And let's I add a cover here just to on me. Things of it look a bit nicer, as I just you know, some colors, for example. And I set my mood too, you know, I was successful, for example, and my effectiveness was five stars. I borrowed that from Mary poet, but away. So if I throw down, I'll see that for my last week. You know where all my journal entry scope. And this is very important for you when you do your week, uh, and planning and you see that? Okay, so my last week, maybe this is my mood of role. This was my effectiveness. What can I do better in the next week so I can improve on top of that so that all this comes together into a very kind of a standardized way for you to take notes of your life and be able to organize it and lift better. Which is why I say that You know, this Gamification project really was built from our friends, family and community to motivate us to live our best life and hopefully inspire a global movement as well. Yeah, that's really wicked. I feel like everything's gonna be selling their PS force as we speak so they can get it set up. This is this is really awesome. And I'm just curious in terms of like, how long did it take you to build this entire set up? Because I can imagine it didn't It wasn't an overnight thing, right? I think it was maybe three sessions in a row. The story about this was actually quite interesting. You know, I I've always had the idea of wanting to game if I my life. I mean, I'm pretty sure Oh, some childhood fantasy that I could live in an RPG world, you know, collecting XP and gold for things I really hated to do. You know, that my parents forced me to dio that probably were good for me, but I had no idea. Why are how right? So come. I think around a month ago, I had the opportunity to look into notion a bit more because I was setting some workspaces off for my team for my company and I realized that, you know, there was a potential for me to be able to set better. Okay, Ours offer them. And for those who don't know, OK, ours means of jackets and key results. And, you know, it's just hypothesizing to see you know how this goes on correlates with, you know, getting little bits of motivation throughout the day. How can I make it so that people could feel motivated to complete tasks that have been set up for them and off course? How can they see this ability into how their work release a bigger picture? Because, as we all know, the biggest reason for interactivity I'm profundities worry is that you don't know why you're doing what you're doing. It's almost like you fancy banging against a drum. You know, you have no idea why or how so, You know, that kind of sparked the idea. I spent a weekend, are looking into it and building it up. And then I presented the initial idea to some friends they like so much they wanted to play around with it immediately. So I think a few days after that, I made a video about it and as you guys know, kind of exploded on Reddit and also our faces. Here we are now, and I'm very excited about the additional rollback this well, because there's just so many new ideas that you can do with this, A ZAY said notions. Such a festival of wonderful tool that it is possible to fill this above and beyond anything that you have seen on the market before. And I'll be happy to explain a bit of the implementation roadmap of that's been being planned out later on this. Well, of course, first we need to fill Francesco an avatar. Yeah, let's do this. Yeah, yeah, lovely. The that there. Also, I think the thing that's quite impressive about this is that, like even if somebody wanted, because one of things people think struggle with inside the nation is a task management aspect, like some people don't know how to build a task management aspect. And this actually pretty much does it for you in terms of like it's a very big it can be a very basic concept, but then it weaves in this sort of game location side that just get some going. So I could be good for people looking for to do list experiences, too. Yeah, I was starting to Ben Lang the other day from the Notion team of Horse, and I remarked that, you know, one of the important aspects of any collaborative projects such as this one is that it's able to attract new users. And I'm very passionate about being able to attract community and bring together community aunt. How we all collaborate, asbestos we can, and the important way to do that. And this is something that Ben had said as well is that, you know, without a lot of good templates, people just don't know how to make sense off this app. I think when I shared some of my setups on the Facebook group that you run Francesco, people are saying that you know, I'm about to give up on the tool. It doesn't seem as intuitive as I thought it be, you know, and there's a lot of things that they were struggling with. And for me, the answer is, well, if I can provide them with a template that's intuitive and engaging and yet obvious in its benefits and easy to learn, well, that's the winning factor right there. And I see no reason why you should be scared of using something like this, especially when the customization and the additional functionalities are just so much to be wanted. And get so excited about that. Yeah, I defy 100 saying green with you because I even when you see this, like from a total newbie point of view, you look at it and you sort of freak out. You like what? What's happening? But then when you when you go through your life, I'm gonna go This makes total sense. So it's sort of a night brainer. I love it. So, yeah, that's run through this. And I'll set up a avatar for you and I'll be following the steps as I set them out in this patient. I'm proving to everyone that it can be done just by following the instructions. That's always something that people are worried about. Maybe you say it's easy, but you know I can't do it. So all the instructions I've taken the care to note how all the formulas that matter in this document in this ah template. So if you do change something, you know what to change in where two changes. So hopefully that helps you as well. But let's get started first. So, for example, your avatar here, I'm gonna click this, and I'm going to duplicate it. First step. Very, very simple. Now I'm going to change the name. Let's call it Francesco. See who my typing. It's, uh oh, It's like me a little bit lovely. Okay, Perfect. I'm going to change the cover to a picture. That's I just got going entirely finally big ha ha, right here and then. Perfect. So what you have to do first is you have to duplicate these templates for every you avatar . Unless you want to share the same success plan and daily routines as your spouse. Probably you don't want a new one. So what you do is I'd highly all these three just for example, So that's highly all these three. I'm going to duplicate this and let's just move it into a new space just so that it's a bit organized here. That's out of divider. And I'm going to rename all these in the second s loss. Let me open all these up and then I'll show you what they look like on That's the 3rd 1 opened. Lovely. So let's call this Francesco. Uh, that D'Alessio So how I say your last name? Yeah, that's pretty good. That's a good effort. Good effort, right? Right. And then a s. Well, and for good measure, I'm gonna make this also FAA. So I just to recap I've done I've duplicated three data basis and I've renamed them to F A . Very simple Now there's also one more step. We see something called master tags here. Someone also open up in a new tab under master tags to see that I have for for each avatar , essentially, what it is is just four difference ways you can assign winds on each one has its own basic speed based school that awards. And of course, these things can also be completely customized, as he wants for here in the formula for social. You guys hold you to that. All leaders flow. So you see here is that I need to duplicate. So let me just also copy this. And you see, it's very simple. I'm just basically copy and pasting everything. Me. Let me get this. So now I have that and this copy off my minute test. So I'm gonna change that, too. F a And then I'm also a change. Just 12 f a. And I'm going a bit slow here. But you guys can definitely see how it could take even under a minute. If you're quite adept at this and have used it for more than one time, So adding, you know your whole family to this it's really no big deal in all. I think I was talking to a Christian church and they want to add their entire 1000 people congregation to this. That's amazing. I'm quite pleased about that. So Okay, so you see all the ones named F A. I'm going to read. Remove your avatar here from that one on the ones, obviously for why Am were keep your avatar here. So I'm just assigning the person that's supposed to be a sort it with this. I can also, um, subsided up quickly. So this is a busy y a This was supposed to f a This one supposed to be f. Why only this is f A. That this is called because people are going to be able to do this Well, sir. Homos. Well, so if you like, do it, you won't actually do this. Now you can pull out next to us and just exactly Yeah. So I'm also going to do something here where I'm going to just copy over this stuff. So because I know one thing about notion that's quite nice to me. Is that so? Normally, I high if I open this up, you see that actually hide a bunch of stuff I'm there, here on and stuff that you would never know about. Right? Because in this view, I hide all those columns. But when you duplicate a, uh, database and has relations will actually open up another relation in here. So it means that it saves me the trouble of having to do their relation again. Just wonderful. Honestly, eso you'll see here is that this is related to you, right? Wonderful. I'm also going to just let me sure everything is proper. FAA is here. Why a is here. This is fine. This copy of Y A. That shouldn't be here, so make sure that's cleaned up. Why Asian be here either? So these are all why aims? They should all be cleared. Okay, lovely. So I'm gonna open this up and you see that I have a little like empty space is just to filter them out on. Of course, there's, ah lot of improvements that can be made. Teoh whole organization of this. This is just definitely early us No, really look and feel and touching the beta. Sure, but I'm very excited about the upcoming refined versions of schooling that makes them more easy and intuitive to use. I think one of my friends is working on something where if we're able to have a question, they're, like, kind of on boarding question. They're kind of look when notion does. But we asked them what they want to achieve all of this, how many users they want, you know, and we can automatically generate all the data bases for them and all the templates for them as they need it. So that's another thing on the road map just to keep guys interested, But definitely that's interesting to us. So I'm duplicating this. So just to drag it down here just to have, like, a little divider from my visual aesthetic reasons, I'm going to call on this down. I want to call this, uh, f a success plan tags. I'm gonna call this F eight daily routines tags, and you already see that I'm almost half done. Well, Alice has left you ask. Well, very easy. So you see that I have to relax here and to roll ups here. These are important roll ups, and these are the rules that will have to touch upon right now. So let me showcase this now, so f a a also needs to get rid of this stuff here. Okay, so I need to delete all this stuff. And also, let's cause all this stuff. And the thing is, once you once you do this ground rope work right. It becomes a lot easier to be up to manage, because you don't have to do it again, right? Yes. It's just one time. That's the beauty of it. So eso just why, Like I say, if you're just starting off as toe one person, I mean, go ahead, use this. No problem. But if you want to set up a new character, it would take a five minute, uh, just five minutes to clear out everything. Make sure it works for you. That's all it is. So I a successful in and what I'm doing right now is I'm just making sure that there's no residual edification information. So, for example, everything in this why column should be only those of y a and everything in this FAA. Call them. Show me because of FAA. Looks like this. Is that so far? So I'm gonna hide these again. And when I hide use again and lovely. So let me just finish what I was showing casing here, so I'm gonna task, so I have f a rear. Sorry, f a. Okay. I have to roll ups. I'm still finish those up real fast, so I might add a property actual. Let me just duplicate this property will be very easy to put this property. I'll duplicate this property here. A swell. I'm going to copy this over here. A copy. This over here. I'm also coined Teoh to put kit this one here and to put this one here, Andi. Right. And of course, this is as complex issue wanted or as easy as he wanted. Honestly, eso that's definitely answer here, But I do hope that all the documentations makes it as easy as possible. People who do want to jump in and kind of And so this really on it? Uh huh. 12 punch kind of thing. You know, this should go toothy f a success plan. This should be the multiplier. And again, I'm just showing you exactly if I'm just copying the above right. I see that I want to calculate the sum. So I want the some here, I think. Did that go to the Y? A success plan way that one of this one? Twice. You're right. So my face is just fine. Lovely. And then this is going to be the multiplier, and it's gonna be to some. Right. So you see, there's always already some calculation happening, right? And they get if I do, this is this is the face of satisfy difficulty number and some so Ephesus Sex plan and difficulty number right here. And then I can also do to some right here. So that's already don't done next. Daily routines multiplier some You'll see a pattern here, so f a daily routines. I want to do the multiplier and I want to do to some and next one is difficulty number and some so f a daily routines, difficulty number and some lovely. So let's go back to this and we'll see that we already have Francesco. Lovely. So you see, it's on private. Why is that? Well, because you have to link it up. So right now, the tags that it's linked to its only huge wins and big wins. You want to link it, Teoh Also your five minute tasks and you're 25 minute pass for F A. Ah, And once you linked all that up, let's see a worse. So all right, there's a few. One more thing you have to do here, So if you scroll down, you see that I have a lot of code that essentially tell us what you need to change. So this is when you want to change your east be earned. The multiplier takes How much expected? Next level, the total XP. Now, if you wanna add more avatars, you need t add something here. This is the thing that you have to do. Unfortunately, Azad, this moment you have to do that. So right here is a totally speak. So this actually became kind of like a formula walk through actually love disclaimer there ? Yeah, thing is like a notion. Advanced level 10. It's sick. Okay, so what you see here on your eyes might burn my seen this. But let me just try to say is that if this if the character tasks it's Conrad, then we would use Conrad's multipliers and Conrad's multipliers to add on to the basics. P. Otherwise, if it's you know, your avatar here, then we would do why a success plan and the Y a daily routines, Right? So it's very simple here where we understand that now all we have to do is just add another one for Francesco's, right? Let me show you that here and the beauty of it is that you change it Once here, everything I was changes. So what you have to do is just change a totally XP until total goal. And then what to do that everything works. So I mean, just do this year and this one, you might have to speed up a little bit. UNESCO. Yes, I just went. That's a really little Yeah, yeah. You can do like a little skip video magic. That's it. It's like did you have have ground force in the UK in single but no ground forces like a UK program. I think they were. And that was that three. It's like a gardening program. I don't know why I watched it as a kid, but they had this segment where they just sped up. Okay, so that was very easy. I just copy and paste that you saw that. Right. OK, so I'll have to do here is now changed the name of the person. So you ever thought he was there? So now this one is Francesco. Sure. I spell your name right on this is Hawaii. This FAA, right? Any gave you? Just following this in the church is so easy. And I'm done simples that you see, I said, Yeah. Now I'm gonna do the exact same thing here, right? So I'm gonna copy just from the if statement and, you know, pace from the if statement, and I'll add a better bracket here. Sorry. You undid, uh, redo that. Um, sign a copy from this. If statement, I believe I need to paste it back into here, and I just at bracket here. Lovely. So you'll see that again? I just needed changes to friend Ceausescu. And I have this as f A. And I have discussed that May. And now I'm done now has gold fit. Now go back. You'll see that I scroll up. Francesco, you are now level night. Congratulations. I haven't even done anything. And you feel good about yourself. That is good. So they say it is. So if you start now, if you start implemented, if you, for example, start out in task to success plan, um, and start implementing the tags, it'll just starts flowing. Right? Exactly. So, for example, just remember your level here. Level nine, right? Yeah, let's say But now I'm also gonna have you finished some past. So yeah, let's say that there's something in progress. Up here is a key results. You wanted to hope Deep focus for 30 minutes on any pass, right chance at 100%. You say you finished it today. You see, the difficulty was a five or a very long time. Yeah, Now I finish to complete. Now you'll see that you have a bold You have got a more your speed and level up, though this is a hard ass, you know? Yeah. Yeah. Let me work harder. Go hard. I'm for about that. Let's see completed a goal, and it goes a huge win. Right? So people would actually get you along a net. You a lot of points. So let's say this was 100%. And your goal or target was today, for example. Right? And you close it today and you finish to complete, then that one definitely levels are they got me to tend? Yes. Exactly. Oh, my God, Conrad, How like, Like, how do you even think this up? Like criticism until, but like, in a good way? It's mental like Ha ha. That's so good. How did you just go, right? I'm good. I know the the F statements because there's formula on easy today. Yeah, I think that's a bit of this touch and go. I do have some coding experience on. And you know what? My past workplace is actually a company I still associate with quite closely now, too, is that they have a low code database platform where they can build mission critical data base systems. They mostly here towards banks and, you know, old and gas companies, insurance companies. But I had some experience playing around with their application there and that. Definitely give me some of the basics for doing what I want to do here. Yeah, s so good and so on. If everyone fortune along, they can take advantage off the Gamification template below. Because you guys could go and apply all that. If you want. Watch this video or Conrad's video, like at the same time. So, like, map it, then go and do so because, uh, yeah. Oh, my God, this is awesome. Yeah. So I take the opportunity to welcome people find you? Yeah. So, yes can definitely find me. Let me just pull up my website here. Yeah. So this is also deflation. I do like a to a lot. So yeah. So this is my work in progress websites just for now. But you can definitely find me a Conrad Lynn dot com and you can see why I've been working on these. This is a sample of what I just showed you their video that I've made just to showcase how uncle put together. Of course, this video is also very important as well. I also have a, um wrote that where I talk about what's coming up next and what collaboration opportunities there can be for everybody and that something very important to me, actually, because why I built this for well, it's really just get the ball rolling. I really want to see more collaboration from the community. You know, when I first shared a simply I already had a fantastic ideas pouring out from the woodwork . People wanted you so much for motion, but they didn't know how. And they wanted to work together on something like this. And of course, you know, people are tried. No life are Jr life RPG. I think on also have Attica and all those kind of acts. But really nothing compares with the ability to agile task the way you want them, assign values the way you want them. And really, the world is your oyster when it comes to this. And if you don't mind Francesco, I could spend a little bit to talk about what's coming up next. Yes, lovely. So ah, what's coming up? Next on. Of course, the time line needs to be updated, but we've already done a batch of events events. Functionalities. That's when we release really soon, actually. But let's talk about what's happening now. So we're building task experience. Points took to be rewarded towards specific traits, and this is really important because are nowadays a lot of people face love, uncertainty in 24. Creating PARA in Notion: Hello, everyone. Welcome back to the keep productive YouTube channel. It is Francesco year on today. Very lucky. Be joined by Marie Audrey. She is a notion expert. She also runs her own business, which is called Gruver Wink, which helps entrepreneurs and freelances to get productive through hosted everything Work flows, notion, lots of things like that. On day she is joining us today. We're very lucky to be joined by Marine Maria. Sorry it was going to dive into, uh, notion for us today and shows how she uses it. Her business. So Marie, maybe I'm gonna quit you Marie load times because there's too many memories in this. Maria, I'm sorry. We're maybe fill in the gaps of what I missed. Um, yeah, you basically said it all. I love helping entrepreneurs getting their stuff together, getting them organized, getting them, feeling confident with their jobs, and, um, just guiding them through their process and helping them trust their intuition. And so I Yeah, that's basically what we do. A groovy wink isjust help being entrepreneurs and freelancers at RBC to get organized and just be happy with their with their Morgan life Fantastic and will make sure to include Maria's YouTube channel here. She has a great you tube channel there, so Yeah, it's fantastic. Eso included. Relate on. Obviously you're no shooting consultant as well. So if anybody has any struggles with notion, find her details for low. Of course. Great. So first off, first question is, how did you go about discovering notion? Andi, out of all the tools in productivity, Why did you decide to go with that? Um well, so before before. Like in 2015 to us And 16 awas also virtual system and I with all of my clients, they all use different platforms. They used sign not to do this. Ever know you name it, All of them. I tried them all. They were kind off. They were nice, but they were in, like, this whole thing that I could use like one thing that I could use, uh, usually everything waas like all over the place. And so years after that, I I be it because I fell into this burnout place. I wanted to find a way for me to work more naturally. Like in a war clo that works for me and I stumble up in your notion video. One of the many videos last year notion was just coming about was getting popular, and I and I wonder, like, What was this all about? He looked really nice, and I I loved it. I completely was blown away. By the way, that notion, um, the way that it's flexible, that you can just make it your own that you can. Uh, yeah, it's like your brain. It's how it's like how it works and you can move things around and it's never perfect. But you always kind of like involved. So it's it's a great way to stop. This, too, is to stay away from the structure that all of those different APs were given me, and it kind of like, exploded my creativity even more so. I was really excited to use notion, and so I kept created like tutorials and all lad like little videos here in there. And I saw the attention, all the huge opportunity of a lot of people. Just like wondering, how can I use this tool like to the best? Like, how can I really, um, you know, we see it unusual of the things, and you know, and it's great. I always find something new from notion. They always are improving themselves. And even though it's not perfect, I think it's gonna get there eventually. Really hopes, with all of the things that they have promised to come out with. And I'm just waiting for all of those like the A p I or the timeline O. R or so many other things that I that I hope for it. And so I'm very hopeful with this tool because it has helped me, and I know that it has helped a lot of people. Yeah, definitely. And you get the quite citing drop of, like introducing its people and taking them through how they can take advantage of the maximum potential. So, out of curiosity, that is, it s so it zgray viewings just you a to moment, right? Yeah, Fantastic. So today you'll be shown us like more tour around, how you're using it to track all of the clients and also all of your processes as well. And before we jump into that, obviously you've been influenced a lot by, um a lot of learning from Thiago Forte. Many will be called to sort of, like, introduce that before we move in because I feel like it's some of your work will be influenced. Yeah. So, yeah, I am. The main method that I used from building a second brain is the part I method, uh, para means projects, areas, resources and archives. So that's how I organize all of my digital information. And so I I developed my projects in notion I managed my areas notion I kind off save all of my resources. And basically Well, there's the archive folder where everything that just not relate anymore to what I do it zin s o. I found that this is the most simply stick and more straightforward way to organize all of those things. But I also have some other elements that I added for myself and, uh, but yeah, it's basically that I can I can show you. Yeah, Let's Let's dig into your notion works face. Yeah, it's gonna be fun. Let me know. Uh, drumroll still drumroll way. Oh, I can see it now. Yeah. All right. Perfect. So Okay, so let me just start here. Let me move this so you can see. And so Yeah, this is my main, um, my main side by structure. Ah, the workspace are all of the things that I share with my, my community and the people around me. And obviously I saved some pages for favorites. But in my private folder structure, I have the projects, various resources and archives plus start here page where everything kind of falls in. So this is the only place that I actually actively work on every day in the in box pages where I used the web paper and just dump in like, resources that I found or a place for me to just quickly capture everything that I have in my mind or anything like that. So I'm just gonna go ahead and close this. And so I walk through my my process here, so OK, so I have this start here Page. It's It's always changing. I'm always adding and like putting things in different places. So I think every interview is gonna be different. Or like media's, that I do with notion. Um and so, yeah, I have, like, a weather widget that I found somewhere not I can remember when, but it's really cool to see the week ahead. then I have my open and close workflow. It's kind of like it gives me, um a prompt on what to do for when I start my day. And when I close my day for business. Uh, so, for example, I tracked my routines and would completely completed yesterday. I It's kind of like, gives me the instructions on how I can use my database. Um, and then I have also, like, weakling. So a fun developing projects or sprints? Uh, I can just go there and find them. It's so my Yeah. So I really love how you have that sort of simple workflow there. I'm actually just curious how you set up the weather act as well. Have you done that for hate him out? Right then embeds. I'm not sure where I can find the, uh let me just try to find it here because we were included in the link. Because if people do you want Oh, that's a very wicked hack. You you've introduced that? Yeah, it's it's basically a link. Uh, it's this is this embed Madonna media blue dot com. And basically, it's also dio cashed, I guess, and you will show you your local weather. Um, that's really so it is just that link. I will send it to you. Yeah, Yeah. Sorry. Carry on, though. Yeah, As I said before, this is This is like, my how I help me remind myself how I should use my my database because it can be kind of convoluted or, uh or difficult to use If, Well, if you are new to notion, this would be very difficult, I guess, because it's it's how you kind of figure out how you best work or what are the things that you wanna do you want to see first thing in the morning, for example? So in this state, a base have filter views. So the things that I'm doing today order by Parretti's in a combat mood. I have my calendar where I see my months ahead. So I kind off or my week ahead. So if I wanted to move things around depending on how it feel or what's happening, stuff like that. Uh, my working progress. Um So, for example, I have have it by the status on the progress of each of those things. And so I tried to make these progress in progress lists as short as possible because I figured out like I wanna That's why I have here stuck starting and start finishing. It's just the things that I started. I wanted to just move to done a Souness possible side trying not to. I tried to limit as much as possible the working progress so I don't overload myself. Then I have done and waiting, um, as well. Uh, it's just where I where whenever I marked done in somewhere, it goes there and so kind of everything flows and and it's kind of cool because nobody, nothing ever kind off. I don't I don't never I never miss anything. Uh, And so for this particular database, I have a project name in the next action. So I also implement that getting things done, type of mind set off finding the nest, physical action, um, then have my backlog with all of the things, the tomorrow things that I have to do. Just in case this one of the last things I do in my days to check for tomorrow a lot of my ideas and obviously the archives. So that's how I This is where I spent most of my time issues with this database. Um, but whenever I want to work on specific project, I go into my projects, areas where I break down, I break things in sprints. So I work in two weeks. Friends, I I also have the link database here for the active projects that I'm working on. So everything that was stuck project and that's marked us. Not done, Uh, not archived, not waiting for anything. And it's a priority. So I just want to see the things that are actually important and not just a whole list of craziness, because I've seen I've seen people using, like thousands and thousands of, um ah, inputs in a database in can be overwhelming if you see everything at once. So the filters are very useful for that. Um, I also have this This a different database. Where have my spring projects, um, sort of by epics, tasks, status priorities Calendar is the same things just feel during different views for different, like aspects of the off the same database. So and also have my I also yet my quarterly plan. So things that I wanna do in the next year, um, and if I needed to find a project to do, I can easily find it here. And then I just have this image. Where can is that Bloom's taxonomy where I can, um, breakdown tests much more detail or Clark clear. So it helps me figure it out. What do I need to do? What is the next step in my You know, each of these things? Yeah. That's how I Yeah, that's really cool. I was gonna mention there. Like I guessing the new timeline feature is probably gonna replace the way that you using sprint projects when they bring out, right? I hope so. Yeah. I have my own timeline here, Um, four for the whole sprint, and then obviously, the tasks are broken down by hours. Um, and so yeah, I hope that I can see that because there's also, um how do you say this? There's, um when there's test that depend on all their tasso depend on the fancies. Yeah. Yeah, I Yeah, that's what I see. Something. I want to see you. Yeah, fingers crossed eso in my areas. Let's just move on. I It's a different type of, um look from the other things because I don't Even though I have my my database from the same mind sweep, ah, fields or by the things that are attacked areas, Then I I can easily kind of make areas into projects. Ah, lot of people have this kind off confusion whether, like, what is projects versus areas? Um, in basically, projects are the things that you're starting and finishing that have a deadline that that is just gonna get done, and that's it. But the areas are all the things that you maintain in your in your life or business. So there's a lot of things that I I I do I the things that helped me grow my goals, the core things that I do and what I want to read. So that's basically how I I bring it down in this so good layout so I can see everything. A lot of the different areas in each of those pages have all of the information that I need or for example, um, how I deal with my clients, they're all in my groovy wink. All of the things that I do in my boot camp are there. And so I tried to, uh this is like a place for me to save all the information that I need in order to quickly collected and summarize it for for either my my projects that I'm doing for my areas or, um, for managing all of the different things. So, for example, my clients, um uh would I would find them in hint there, but, uh but yeah, that's how I tried to break it down as much as possible. Um, so, yeah, that's it for my areas. And so, for the resource is I broke it down in sections. So there's the things that I do the new section. So all of the things that come with, like, productivity and coaching and marketing and writing and the things that I actually do, uh, the things that make me feel better and so the will being things in mind set and have its attention and flow. And each of this struggles have the linda basis filter by the seems so, uh, all of the things that have collected that have the attack agile or design, thinking or planning, uh, are falling into here. And so each of this totals have, uh, the database, depending on that specific, um, theme. And so that's That's how I see easily search or find information. But also, I find I can see that the the main library here. So if I wanna find something specific, I just search it here quickly. Um, and I also have the Pinterest style type of board where I can find all of the like visuals and things that kind of again my attention. It's another way to kind of see it. Um, I tried to give myself a lot of different perspectives just because that triggers something in me. I like connecting ideas, and it is it's fun to kind off. See how I can take one when, Ah, I don't know one thing or one thing that I want to ride and connect it with something else . So that's why I kind of like connected notion with getting things done are building a second brainer. I gile in spring Seuin like creating this kind off ecosystem that does not kind of relate too much, but it kind of works for me. Yeah, yeah, and, uh, yeah, so that's how I do my re sources and I kind of have other things that I don't save in my database because it's just easier to get it from a page. Um and so when I go into my in box, this is kind of like the place where I just dump everything. I give myself a note on the last time I emptied it. Um, it's just a place for me to kind off get rid of ideas or things that I found online. And then I give myself some time to go over a clean it, uh, eliminated the things that don't work or that really didn't make anything for me or, um yeah, and so that's That's where I jump everything. And then I either grab it and dump it in there related place. So, um, in the resource is most of the time, But then I can lean them back to projects. If they're very little projects. Um and so yeah, that's it. Yeah. I really like how you used inbox deck. It's like normal people think about having somewhere to centralize, just dumping ideas. Floating thing, links me in notes and then be able to organize them in the area. So that's really cool, because people don't think I I think I started in boats like donkeys ago, but then decide not to use it and say, That's cool. I like that. Yeah, yeah. And and also building a second brain, um, focuses a lot on the resource is that you get on how you collected and how you summarize it as well. And so for each of these resource is, uh, I forgot to mention and miss c here just a little bit slow sometimes. Yeah, they're working on databases on that. Yeah. So, for example, I just wanted to show you one sometimes. So the status have s Oh, yeah, I have status Says this reviewed or in progress Or to read, um, to some rise or to watch. And so if I wanted to, uh, find things to watch, then I I quickly kind of, like sorted by that. But by that filter, And as I was saying before, because progressives immunization is one of the aspects off building a second brain, Um, it's easy for me to to find that information and understand why I was useful in the first place. That I wanted to, uh, they use it, for example. It's a one of my favorite. Uh, um, resource is that I found is this, uh, article by Taylor Person and it's all about bottlenecks. And so I I kind off both because they're in progress. It's organization there, slayers that you go through. And so you kind of bold the things that you found interesting and highlight the things from the bowl that you found most interesting. And this way you can kindof understand what is the thing that from this article that actually spoke to me at that time? It's easy for me to go back and say, OK, I remember why I did this on how I'm gonna use it and, um and hopefully yeah, for for all of the different projects that I'm doing. So if I wanted to write about bottlenecks, then I can easily find information about about that. And it's already kind of some rice or a t least highlighted into the key points of the off of those Resource is so yeah, that's how I use, um, my second brain, which I also should mention this, uh, when I when I create projects, I have these template button here called Project May gives me, uh, this kind of layout for myself to kind off Brit, break down the project into outcomes and plan. And so here in the project manager and I have I can kind off break it down into task, and he goes directly into the into the into that database. So I don't I don't have to do things prize or whatever and also to the mind sleep where I see in the start page. But also I was I was just saying that in the research I can also ah, field to read by the theme off that project. And that's how I find, um, that it's just a ling database to that same library where I find all of the things that need that kind of relate to that. And so that's how I also connect ideas and see things in a different way. But this is, you know, this is kind of cool, because I don't have to think about what is the next step or what is it that I actually need to do for this? It's just laid out for me. Um, so how I planet, how I I break it down and my research and my audience and my content and also my retrospection. So it's kind of like everything in one place. Uh, and any fine needed to, um added, a new resource is, and I just link them back in there. Um, so yeah, that's that's something that I have been starting to using more. The template buttons are great for For that? Yeah. Wow. Yeah. I mean, it's like an incredible one package because you're, like, literally just press a button and it's all there ready to go, Onda. Not many people know that you can do the linked data bases inside of those database template. Yeah, exactly. That's a really nice That's a really nice up as a whole that you've got there. Because one question, one final question I had for you was in terms of the paramedics. It like I used it I have ever known on Google Drive, and I found it really good for that. I What advice would you give people when they set up? Because I can imagine they're sort of a little bit of a learning curb. Do you have any advice? You bees advice for newbies? Um well, if I would suggest implementing this when you kind of already know. How do you plan to use it? So what? So for newbies is just write down all of the things that are going on in your life. So and then you can start putting things in the right place with this system. So, uh, there said great exercise called the mind sweep or brain down being or whatever. And it's just making ah, free list without really thinking too much about it. About the things that that's your doing, the things that, um, that need your attention or the areas in your life you want to manage, create, like, huh, A normal list and then create a page cold project page, cool areas, sore them. Um, if you already know how to how to differentiate between them. But I actually suggests you start with just one project at a time at the beginning when using notion, because there is when you start realizing the all of the different elements and things that you can use to develop a project and you will evolve. So I say, be patient. Be very patient with notion, because if you start going all crazy at once, it's gonna be overwhelming and you're not gonna use it. So my moto is make it. Keep it simple. Use it often. It's just making a simple it's possible for yourself. And as you go and you learn how to use it properly, then you will evolve to something great. But the thing is that you need to use it, you need to make it So, uh, your worst days when you feel like like you want to do much, then it's easy for you to find stuff. Um, just make it easier for yourself, and it starts with finding, like, one project one area in your life and slowly build up from there. Um, at the beginning, my my notion was just a mess was like craziness. Uh, so it's It's normal. It's normal. That at the beginning is kind of crazy. Yeah, boot everything in there and you don't know how to sort it. But just start with a project, maybe put the pages like that in the projects, every source arsonist in archives, and then start building that slowly. Um, yeah, that's I guess that's my as good recommendation cause, like is it can be dawning. And if you make it dawning. It's gonna be worse. Fear you start. Um, Maria, where can people find you after after this episode? Today? Well, you can find me a groovy wing dot com at Instagram. Ah, a swell groovy wink or kiddie? Seema? Kiddie. Seamus, My Twitter handles well in the Roman and Twitter. Um, on YouTube. Uh, what else? Yeah, I guess so. I love it. Well, thanks for taking the time out, and I'm sure loads people gonna find huge amounts value from mess. So I think you're the first video that talks about actually implementing Paris. So that's gonna be quite good. A good concept. People to jump into, Say thanks, Marie. Yeah. Thank you, Francesco. That's awesome.