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Microsoft To-Do: Your Beginner's Guide

teacher avatar Francesco D'Alessio, YouTuber & Tool Finder

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Watch this class and thousands more

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Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

    • 1.

      Teaser - The Beginner's Guide to To-Do


    • 2.

      Lesson 1: My Day - Organizing Daily Tasks


    • 3.

      Lesson 2: Planning Your Week Ahead in To-Do


    • 4.

      Lesson 3: Sharing Lists & Using "Suggestions" in To-Do


    • 5.

      Lesson 4: Settings, Themes & Power Using in To-Do


    • 6.

      NEWS: Microsoft To Do announces 2.0 Edition


    • 7.

      Useful Video: Google Tasks vs Microsoft To Do


    • 8.

      Useful Video: Microsoft To Do releases on Mac


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About This Class

Ex-Wunderlist user? Or looking to get organized? 

Microsoft To-Do might be an option for you and maybe you've shortlisted it as your next task manager. This course explores and teaches you all the features and toolkits inside Microsoft To-Do, the successor to Wunderlist. To-Do is available on iOS, Mac, Windows, Android and Web too. 

We cover the following areas: 

  • How to Organize Your Day in To-Do 
  • Planning Your Week Ahead in To-Do
  • Sharing and Using Suggestions in To-Do
  • Going Further with Settings & Themes in To-Do 

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Francesco D'Alessio

YouTuber & Tool Finder


My name is Francesco.

I help people find the best productivity software, apps & tools.

We're on a mission with Tool Finder to help you find that gem of a productivity tool for work & life.

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1. Teaser - The Beginner's Guide to To-Do: Hello, everyone, and welcome to this skill share class on mugs. Off to do now myself to do is a very popular to do list application. It's been growing in popularity, and it's known as the successor to vandalised. In this course, what we're going to be doing is diving into some of the features how you can use it in day today. Productivity, giving you a bit of an idea of how it works On the IOS edition, Monks off to Do is available on Android windows on also on Web so you can access it on all of those devices. But in terms of overall general lightweight to do this application, it's gonna be a good experience for you near the end. This feature, if you're starting to like it during the starters feature well, actually recommend who this is best for, so you can get an idea of how to apply it to everyday routine. And every guys I look forward to teaching you about Microsoft to do in this skill share class. See you in this speech. If this course isn't for you, no worries whatsoever. You conjoined us on, keep productive on key productive. We focus on a range of different productivity software. You can subscribe on YouTube for free and join us. There would be great to have you in that community anyway. Guys enjoy the course in role today. I'll see you in the next lessons chairs ever. 2. Lesson 1: My Day - Organizing Daily Tasks: Hello, everyone. And welcome to the myself to do course it is Francesco Here. I will be your host or instructor across this course to teach you how to use monks off to do. And hopefully we're going to basically get you kick started on this application. Now, as I mentioned, we will be looking at it on IOS, so we'll be showing you Dying West version and also the Web version near the end as well. So this application is available on IOS, Android, Web and Windows, and they do plan to release it for Mac. So that's gonna be great. A good opportunity on. Of course, we have the I West edition in front of us here. Now, for those who don't know Mike's have to do is developed by Microsoft. It previously was called Vandalised. Well, basically, they acquired the company. Vandalised Mike Soft did on over time. They've now introduced myself to do, which is essentially the vandalised replacement. So obviously, monks have to do is a lightweight to do list application. It's got a range of features. It's very basic in a sentence, but it's actually quite a good our experience. If you're a monk, soft user and you also like a very simplistic application. There's sort of sort of a good balance between apple reminders on DTA do ist it sort of got a bit of both worlds, the best of both worlds as a hopeless ever in the UK says so. As you can imagine, I'm gonna be touching on sort of four core lessons. The first this one is going to be about my day, which is a section will dive into in a moment. Then we're gonna talk about planned, which is about how to shed your tasks inside of myself to do. Then we're gonna touch on actually building a list that could be shared amongst other people, them going around off by talking about all of the other bonus extra things that you can begin to use inside of your experience. And we'll be touching on things like themes, important tasks at 1 to 1 meetings and lots of this of the optional stuff that you can modify in settings. So guys who are typically recommend this for I always like to start with that is those who were looking for lightweight to do this application. That's not intense. that has some basic abilities. Maybe those who like to, for example, create maybe 5 to 10 task today on just like a lightweight experience. So they don't have too many features like tags and and maybe filters and labels and things like that. There are some abilities will talk about, but let's dive into lesson one, because let someone is all about my day. So here we have monks off to do in front of me again. This is the I West edition looks relatively similar on all platforms, So we're gonna start off with this top section, which is my day now. A lot of to do list applications typically have an experience called today. In this case, marks of to Do's version is called My Day. This is essentially a place to start planning what you have to do for your day ahead, and obviously this will be changed to every single day. So this will say static in the experience, and it's actually a good way to start organizing. So I'm gonna go ahead and add a task. You do that by giving it a bottom pressing and the task. And as you can see, a check box appears next to it are so I can go ahead and add one very simply, like send letter to a solicitor. And as you can see, if I press return, it gets added to the tasks. So if I go back to this sort of you just by dragging up, I can see it's added to my day and you can see. Also, it's added to an area called Tasks. So if I go out of this again, you can see has also added itself to the tasks area. And this is essentially a list of all of your tasks collectively, all of the ones that are being added to your Microsoft to do account. Now we'll talk about the sorting and prioritization later, but if we go back, you can see it's been added to my day. Okay, so when you go ahead and create the task, obviously you might want to add a bit more detail. So this is what a task editing field looks like, and you can see you can add a range of different things, so the first thing you can add is something called steps, so you're gonna have steps. They're basically sub tasks so you can break down your task in hand. So, for example, I could be like by letter and oppress word sun, and then it could be saddened. First class. So you get the idea you can essentially break them down. You can even obviously get rid of them if you don't need a certain next step. But if you're all done, you compress done with that. And as you can see, those tasks appear with the sub tasks. So if I go back to my day view, you can see zero out of two has bean completed, which gives you a bit of the idea of. For example, if you've got a project or anything you're working on, you want to be ableto technique, tick things off, and that's how you take things off, very simply, just tapping it here. Now you can see in sort of midway down, you see, added to my day. Now, if you didn't want to have this on the mind area and you wanted it is a static task that lives inside of what we created earlier or what was pre created earlier. The Tass area. That's actually fine. You can do that. So if I gave it to my day and I take it out of my day, As you can see, there's nothing in my day. But if I go to the Tass area, it's available here. Now we can go back in the Tass area or whether it lived in any projects and click Add to my day. So this is handy if you're going for your projects that the static, maybe you want to be able to delegate order task you got to do for the day. You can simply press that button and it will be pinned to the mind a area. Now there is some beneficial things you can do with each of your tasks. Now it starts with the remind me area. You can turn off noted that turn on notifications, and once you've got them on, you can essentially be ableto have notifications sent to your to do so. It's really simple. You can set a range of different notifications or reminders about when you want this task to appear so it could be Monday at 4 p.m. Now, if I go out of this, I can see. Obviously I've got a little bound notification to indicate that I do actually have a reminder set on this one. And as you can imagine, I could go ahead and pick a different time if I wanted to, so I could actually go ahead and choose a time and a date for that to be set. Now, of course, that's a reminder. So maybe I wanted to remind myself, but maybe I want to add a Jew Day, which is like a deadline for this one to be done. So maybe I want to say, OK, actually, I've only got a deadline till Thursday, which I need to do it. So there you go. You've said a due date, but also a reminder. Now let's say we go out of this and we go to my day. Let's say I want to set a recurring item so I could say something like by dog food, because this might be something that I might want to do on a routine basis. Now, in this case, I actually want to have it in my day because I want to do it today. But I want tohave. It repeated. So, for example, you could say OK, I need to buy dog food monthly. And as you can see, it's given me do today, which will add it to the mind. A section. Now this is really, really handy on. For example, if I go ahead and take that off, you can see it obviously disappears from the my day area, where it doesn't become a nun. Completed task. As you can see up here, you can go to hide, complete the task and actually get rid of it. You can show complete the task to get it back, but as you can see after the end of the day, it will disappear. But if I go back over to the tasks area, you can see that it's automatically given me the 10th of July as a date to repeat. So this is perfect, because I could just go back in and organize this for another day. So here we are, back with the send letters. A litter the area. Obviously there's two more key areas they will and even more context, so you can now add attachments and on IOS and or the mobile devices, you can upload them from the photo library camera on the farmers you have in your device. But if you are on the Web, you can't balloon anything like P D EFs and fouls that a useful, for example, to the task in hand. This in this case, it might actually be the left or itself in pdf format, so you can also go here and add a few notes. For example, I could say Send to exit a branch and I can add done in the corner. And as you can see, it's giving me a little note there. So if I get back out of this, I can see a little indication that there's a due date here. So Thursday, the 13th of June, I've got a reminder, and they also have a note included in there, so that's really, really handy. So the great thing is, if I didn't necessarily want to have this in ad my day, I could go out of this back over to lists and then tasks, and I can see that really easily there. No, of course I can swipe to delete, or I could do this, and this is a really fast way to be able to access it in my day, so if I want to quickly on it to my day, I press the blue sort of like light icon. And if I go back to my day, it appears they're ready for me to do today. So it's actually a really neat experience. And for example, let's say I need to start adding this one to specific list and not just the the tasks area . Maybe I want to add it to the House move list. So let's go ahead and create a brand new list. Let's call it house move. Maybe this is a short term one. So what I'm gonna do here is unimpressed. Dumb. I'm gonna go out back into lists, go up to my day, go to send solicitor letter. And as you can see here, I've got all of the information I need to know. So maybe I've gone ahead and created the house move area. Maybe I want to start adding tasks that maybe aren't necessarily relevant. So, for example, in this case, I can start adding task. This list We'll talk about this more in the list sharing area and also near the end. So, in the next picture, weren't you gonna talk about how to use this area, the planned area to organize and shuttle tarts in the future. So hopefully this is useful guys and I'll see you in the next set chance. 3. Lesson 2: Planning Your Week Ahead in To-Do: Hello, ever. And welcome back to this, monks off to do course. Now, this is lesson to we're gonna be diving into how to go about planning ahead when you're using monks off to do to take full advantage of the application to plan your week ahead. Now, last time we talked about the mind a area being a useful area to begin planning your tasks ahead. And of course you can. And anything to my day. It doesn't necessarily even have to be something that, for example, shed George here. We've got do the third of 13th of June, and that's already added to my day so you can have any task you have to that. So, as you can see here, you've got an area called planned, and this is a great way to start organizing for the future. Now what? The bottom of this planned list? You can start adding tasks. So, for example, if I knew plaque pack fams to them as a really simple task to do, then I could go ahead and add that one press return and it's added to today. So obviously this is no added to the money day area. It's given an indication that the task is ready for to do today, but it doesn't necessarily give it in the end my day area, which is really helpful because you might have tasks that aren't necessarily that important . So at any given time I can add it to my day. In this case, I'm going to remove it, so this is really helpful. So when have you other task inside of the planned area? It will automatically be associative for today. But if I go in and actually want to choose a day, then I've gone it on. So, for example, I probably need to plan on the Monday So if I go ahead and set that, then go out of this, you can see that it's broken in the two areas it's got today on. Later, anything later will be, you know, ongoing, which is really helpful and a good way to organize that. Now there is a way that you can begin sorting this toe and even more detail. So as you can see here, you got a range of settings. We'll be talking about that in the next future. But as you can see here, you can tap, please. So, for example, you want to hide them away. They could become hidden too. Now, for example, let's say I want to go to my Tass area and I wanted to see all of my tasks in a chronological order. So all that have to do is take away the existing sorting that they provided alphabetically . I go to sort on by due date. And there you go. I've got an indication of Okay, here are the task coming up, and I can order them based on the actual set time. So this is really helpful if you're actually planning a project. So, for example, let's go inside of the house move and I could start adding some tasks. So, for example, it could be like pack final boxes. Let's just change the final final. Then I maybe want to, For example, check electric meter. So here we are. I'm gonna press done, and as you can see here, I can go ahead and add to do's here. Now, if I go in and a few more on so gives him due dates, you can see, then I've got a few tasks inside of the house move area Now all I need to do is go to sword and change my to day. So this is perfect. You can even add, for example, the creation date, for example. That would be today in this case, but I could go to sort and sort them based on importance alphabetically due dates completed on whether they've been added to my day. Now, I will be talking to this a little nearer the end. But this is actually a really useful experience. Now, if I go over to my planned area, Alice, you can see it's a little more populated now. And as you might notice, you can see that the house move items being pulled in. So this is actually really helpful. It actually goes into even more detail than just today. And later you can see tomorrow you can see a Sepp specific time that these dept are having created in and then later might be in a week or month's time. So this is super health. I got a bit of an indication of what I've got coming up in the future. So planned could be a great warier to start organizing across all of your projects. No in the next future. Where you gonna go ahead and create a few more projects? But we're going to begin to share how you can collaborate on it and begin organizing tasks . So I'll see you in that feature, guys, see in a moment. 4. Lesson 3: Sharing Lists & Using "Suggestions" in To-Do: Hello ever on. Welcome back to the Microsoft to do course Now I will be showing you today all about the list sharing abilities inside of to do. And if you can imagine this sharing is actually one of the features. Dead is very beneficial. The good thing is, there's no limitation to So that's one of the helpful things because many of these applications have a few limitations. How many people, you know, and and at the moment, they don't have even any plans. So much stuff to do is a free application for that so you can go ahead and create a brand new list. Maybe I wanted to start organizing bills with a friend and I could say bills for the flat Little late because I'll be moving how soon? But as you can imagine, this is a project dedicated to that, So you might be able to see in the top right hand corner. You've got this little plus person on. What you can do is send out an invitation link. Now, if I press this invitation link, I get to go ahead and copy it, and I begin to share it with someone else. So The great thing is they don't even have to have banks off to do this. Invite. Link will get them access to the application and also get them downloaded. So explain absolutely everything. Now, there are a few options when it comes to adding other people so you can actually limit the current access. So if you wanted to, for example, stop new people from joining that group, that's really helpful. And if you wanted to actually copying pace this invitation link, you can do so. For example, you wanted to copy it and share it with a friend. You can do that, and that's very, very helpful. You cannot the bond press stop sharing. But this is really handy. So up in the top right hand corner, you might see a little linked person. That means it's actually officially bean shared, and this will show inside off the list view so you can start at tasks here. So I might say, in this case, you know, pay uh, gas and then I could be able to see and the other person will be able to see that task and begin check looking check listing them off. Now the good thing is you've got all of the regular abilities. But the good thing with this is, if you actually wanted to share this and actually get this going, you can go ahead and add it to my day on begin adding Remind us to it. You know, even when somebody joins you can start sharing that with another person. So the list and project management abilities are really, really beneficial. And the great thing is, if, for example, you wanted to go ahead and add it to your own area, then it does still appear in the My Day section and even comes with the project information . Now, guys, I was a little bit of an outline on how to actually go about sharing stuff. But what I want to show you is a feature that I guess different sheets the experience a little bit, and that is suggestions. Now you're probably wondering when you were looking at my day, this area, you probably wondering what that light bulb is in the top right hand corner. So if I go ahead and press him, it basically gets some suggestions from all of the other project lists that you actually have and actually how to go about sorting these so you can begin and ugly. So your today focused. So, for example, it's saying Okay in the upcoming sanction, I've got one due tomorrow. Maybe I want to start packing final boxes tonight. If I bring ahead and press onto my day, it automatically gets added to my day and it's cleared. It also has a few tasks that you could get started on, like by donk food. You could even say Marcus, complete or delete all you can, aunt, obviously it to your day. And in this case, that's all I needed to add. Now, of course, that that's all the suggested areas view, so they will continue suggest task for you. And as you can see, it's bulked out my ability to do stuff. And this is helpful if you've gone ahead and create loads of projects with friends and you want to be able to organize, you know, actually, oh, I added that one a couple weeks ago, and I totally didn't even give it a judeh. I can find it for later now. The other thing you could do, and this is quite helpful if you want to be able to determine what's really, really important inside of a big list or something like that. You may have seen the stars that appear in the right hand corner, so maybe I won't say pack for Amsterdam is actually really important. And I want to go to the house move. Checking the electric meter is also important. Now you do have an area called important and if you click it, it actually only brings up the starter victims, no matter what list or what day there in Sudan is perfect because you get to give it a bit of an indication on what you need to get on with. Now you do have all the sorting abilities. So if you wanted to and it by due date, you know? Okay, so the 13th do one is probably the most important. It's got the highest importance. Obviously, they both got high importance, but it's obviously got the most due date to it, so you could go even deeper if you wanted to. So, in the final feature will actually going to a few of the extra abilities dumbing into everything from theme creation to search and tasks to some of the more abilities that you can do in settings. So guys let join us and lesson four to wrap up all of your knowledge. 5. Lesson 4: Settings, Themes & Power Using in To-Do: Hello there, guys, in this final think we're gonna be touching on some of the extra abilities were diving to emoji use, creating themes, importing task, search task and even touching on some of the settings and also showing you what the Web edition looks like. Now, before we dive in, I just wanted to mention two things just before we obviously you jump into lesson four, you can become a describe it to keep proactive YouTube channel. This is obviously free to do when you get loads of useful software, for example, of to do maybe isn't for you that didn't meant to rhyme. You can definitely check out obviously other resources we do reviews on on Also, the second thing is, if you enjoyed this to do course and you found it valuable, please do are give a review at the end of it. It really does help other people to find it in a skill share platform. And I would appreciate, of course, and any feedback. Obviously I could go deeper in scientist coarse and really lets time into lesson for because we're gonna be wrapping up a few of the abilities here. I'm really sprucing up your mikes off to do account. So obviously the first thing is a motor use. We cannot go without using Emojis. So let's say I wanted to go and edit the title off one of my features. So, for example, one of my projects, I maybe want to give it a money dollar sign. Andi, that is a useful weight and an emoji. And as you can see, the emoji is taken. Asked the project, I come I can do this with any project that I have. For example, I want to do add a house to the house move. You can see I go back to lists, and that's a lovely addition to those icons. And of course, you can do this with tasks as well. For example, if you wanted to and the Netherlands flag, let's see if I can find it pretty rapidly. You can add that to obviously any of your tasks. I'm going to start with the finest important be in end. This is embarrassing. So there we are. And as you can see, it's spruces up the task inside of this application, so adding a moody's is a nice addition to your experience. Now This isn't the only customization experience you have. You can go to my day, press on three dots in the corner, go to change theme and you can add What have you like is the theme. As you can see, the theme of the top changes in this case I'm gonna add a love legal cottage on Go give it a blue actually gonna give it a green So the style so as you can see it gives it a bit more of a relaxing my day area. Now, if I go to Bill's, maybe I wanted and a different theme so forget to change theme. I could maybe I'm purple and I could say, actually, I'm gonna put this one here because we're in the city. There we go. A purple theme for that, and that helps you to differentiate when you're going inside of all of the different projects. So creating themes is a real benefit. You can't do this. Actually, you can do this. I don't know that you can go to the planned area. For example, you can add a flight with a red background to the planned area, which is helpful, and as you can see the actual color off the icon changes. I didn't actually know that happened, but that's a real nice edition in the Eye West version, at least. So of course, you can go ahead and import from another application. All you have to do is you can import from vendor list so obviously venal. This is the only platform that you can convert from. But this is handy. You go to the start importing now and be able to convert that over. Now, one of the things that I want to do obviously share with you is the ability. For example, if you wanted to have a 1 to 1 meeting with someone and you wanted to be able to list a few things, this is a popular use for it, something I saw on the mikes off to do application because I know a lot of monks off 365 users will begin to use this. Let's say I wanted to have a meeting with someone like Bob. I could start adding the tarsa, make this, wanna share a bowl list with someone and press done. And as you can see, this could be used for 1 to 1 meeting, So this is a really benefit. Now you're probably wondering, OK, I've created all of my projects. I'm trying to find a task that is very relevant. So what I'm gonna do is I'm going to top right hand corner to search all of my tasks, steps and notes. In this case, I'm just gonna type in gas. And as you can see, that appears there so you can begin to find even more detail. For example, in this one, the organized Amsterdam trip that I planned a while. Go. You can see book flight from Bristol Airport as the information, so the search area is actually beneficial because you can search everything you need to know inside of your account. So you probably wondered, inside of the settings area, I had what's called turn on completion sound. So if I go ahead and put the sound on, make sure it is on. I can go ahead and record that. So the completion sound is a really nice addition to your experience, because when you go about taking things off, it makes it a bit more interactive. So obviously there's a few more additions you can go of two lists, and you can go to the smart lis area. Obviously important and planned a smart lifts. You can auto hide empty smart lists as well. So if you're not utilizing one of them, I am utilizing all of them. I can have that, and I can even take away important and planned. So they do not appear because some people actually like that as experience. So that is monks off to do is a total. I'm gonna show you the Web version now because I think it's important to understand what differences are. And, of course, they're working on a Mac version two, so it's only gonna get better. But I really hope to found value in creating your mikes off to do experience. Obviously, it's a very lightweight application, but again, if you have any questions, Aquarius, please do drop a line to Francesco. It keep productive dot com, and also I'm happy to help you with any questions you have about, for example, maybe not mikes off to do is not for you after this feature, but at least you found out and you could message me and I can go over some more details and if a guy thanks so much I hope you found this useful. Please let me know in the reviews if you have any feedback But if you liked it, please do review it while obviously if you didn't, please do provide feedback anyway going thanks so much. And I will see you on the YouTube channel. Assume nice cheers. 6. NEWS: Microsoft To Do announces 2.0 Edition: Hello ever on. Welcome back to the keep productive YouTube channel. It is Francesco here today, we're gonna be talking about myself to do $2 0 we're gonna be talking about the new plans that they have and diving into the brand new application with that photo Do let's jump in. So as you can imagine myself to have been working hard, they did send me a a beater version that I was testing on. Obviously, there's a few design changes in this application. They also added a future stewed security, I believe, and get two step authentication now. But we're gonna be oh so first impressions off myself to do to daughter. Although I've already sort of played around that little now, as you can imagine, there's offer to turn on notifications on bond. I'm going to say no to that. But as you can see, it's slightly different eso it's gonna bring in all my stuff here. You can see that some of the iconography is a lot cleaner, a lot more flat design, But you can also see that the colors a slightly different So once I go into any off the new list, So for example, this one is important. Nothing really changes in terms of the actual details page. When you're going to see a task, it's not any different. However, you do get this sort of like card layout for each task on what's nice is, well, if you want to add a task, just pops up and you're able to sort of get rolling. Now. Some of the things that they've done is it added a few different backgrounds, which makes it a lot sort of brighter. So you got a more color range. You can also add what's good photo Very similar Tous another application called Vandalised , which they have incorporated a lot. And they mentioned this. It actually said they've incorporated lots. So this actual background is directly imported from the vendor list. One which is something that I know a lot of people will love but also feel freaked out because I'm looking at it going. I'm holding vandalised, but actually, when list is going to be unavailable, I'm sure in the near future. So that's one of the nice additions you can add and customize with any of the photos, which is nice, like there's some really attractive high quality design ones, and I'm sure in the near future they will be able to allow you to customize to add your own photos. Now it's the same across the board, so you can design any of the pages to meet your needs. I really like new color design on the headers. Look a lot bolder, a lot bigger, so if I go to my day, I can start adding toe my day naturally, for example, it could be buy stamps because I have to buy some stamps. Andan actually adds up there, and you can use the suggestions feature as if you were using it previously. Now, as you can imagine, this is really a little bit different on the Mac version. So take a look at the Mac version. It's a lot cleaner. I think that the and the Windows version as well I think the photos look a lot better. They've announced that dark mode is coming toe ia wes. It's available currently on all of devices minus IOS. Andi, they've really pushed on vandalised. They're looking to sort of, I guess, eradicated very soon. But there's a big conversation open, which I've done a separate video on will either be out today or tomorrow. It's about the vandalised buyback situation, so I'll try and publishing either tonight or this morning, or either way will be available on. I'll put it in Lincoln description. But whether the old founder of Vandalised actually goes and buys back vandalised or whether they just leave Microsoft to do to be the sole experience anyway, guys heavy as a brief overview, I don't want to touch too much, but hopefully give an idea of what's new into or what's new in myself today. I will talk to you guys very soon and please let me know what you think of it in the comments below. If you want to take the skill set class on myself to do, you can feel free to go and check that out as well. Anyway, guys, thanks very much. Talk to you very, very soon. Cheers 7. Useful Video: Google Tasks vs Microsoft To Do: hello ever on Welcome back to the G productive YouTube channel On today's feature. We're putting Google tasks versus Microsoft to do now. I know a lot of people will be putting them the comments already, probably even before even saying this to do definitely blows Google tasks out of the water . But let's put these side to side give you a bit of an outline on what the experiences offer , and then we'll dive into which one is more suitable for you. So, guys, let's dive into today's video. So, as you can imagine, on the left hand side, we have mikes off to do. And on the right hand side we have Google tasks. But let's first look at the availability. Now. Both of these applications are free, although you need a Microsoft account. Were quiet for to do. Now Microsoft to do does have some work capabilities. You do get it free with a monk soft account, but you can also get it through your office. 365 which is for the personal count. $5.99 per month. You also need a Google account for your Google tasks, and at the moment it is currently only available on the links off Web as a plug in sort of plug in. I'll explain the moment on also on IOS and Android. Myself to do is available on everything, even Web and also Windows, but not available on Mac devices as of yet. So if we look at these few experiences, both of them can create very simple leszcz into do. It provides much more of a fine tuned list abilities, advanced sorting and even the ability called My Day, which allows you to have your own dedicated today section. You also have due dates, and also it's start date to as well as a plan section for viewing your upcoming tasks and also share a bowl lists with a priority with Important. So when you look at Google tasks, although it has sub task and it got a lot faster than myself to do, it doesn't have too much stuff going for it. You can create lists on one of the killer features aren't say is the Gmail. I don't So, for example, you can drank Gmail e mails into your Google Tasks account, and this is something a lot of people like to do And the great thing is, if you have the Gmail app, you can link back to that original email pretty fast, too. Now, I would say as well, Google task is definitely more minimal and designed. You're really not gonna get too much customization here in terms of customization. Let's look at Microsoft to do it has tons of themes, colors on the ability to share lists, which makes everything a whole lot better. Now, of course, we knew mikes off to do blows it out of order in terms of features. But if people are looking for a Morris minimal experience, I think Google task is a great place. And definitely for those looking for digital minimalism and a simple place to plan away from all of the complex features, I think do global task. Definitely House of Space likes of Marquez. Brown uses this one as his go to to do list application on, and that's the last time I checked. But definitely if you want customization and to do ist like features or that was not fully caught up yet, you're definitely best off going with the likes of Mike's off to do now just to give you a bit of an idea on development potential. Google keep was a slow burner at the start, but they really pushed it. And as you can imagine, Gould task could have that injection off future progress. And as you can imagine, it could be trying to catch up with the likes on Mike, sort of to do pretty fast. And, of course, they'll have resources to put into that very similar to the like Sof Monk stuff to do. They seem like a really friendly team. They're excellent list staff and a chan on Twitter like there's no tomorrow. It's amazing to see that team. And, as you can imagine, they have the user voice feedback so that it can chase up any issues and definitely become or accidental are six months. So in terms of the future development, of course, Google tasks might have an injection off focus. But as you can imagine monks have to do is staying pretty consistent right now. If you want a simple distraction for experience, Google Tass is your option. And if you like that Gmail ability to be and to add emails in Gmail, you're gonna love it. But if you want something that's super customizable, has shared abilities, has advanced sorting. And also on my day view, I think myself to do is your best bet. So as you can imagine, guys, this one definitely went to find stuff to do as an overall to do this application. But as you can imagine in the days off simplicity, you might like Google tusks. So, guys, if you want a full review on both of these, I've done a months off to do review very recently. 2019 IOS edition. So check that one out description on all school tasks I did a few drawn it. So if you want to get a full outline off, the experience has already changed since that last review. Definitely check it out, and it's going to thank you so much. Hate this inscription Bond. If you're brand new to keep productive and I will see you guys in a future video official So guys have a great day. Keep productive and I'll see you guys super duper soon. Cheers, guys, 8. Useful Video: Microsoft To Do releases on Mac: hello over and and welcome back to the key, productive YouTube channel. It is Francesco here. So into the future, we're taking a look at the brand new myself to do for Mac. Now they have released a Mac addition. They already have an IOS, android, Windows and Web edition, and this is almost the final piece of the puzzle to some extent. So with many of you know, I covered the under this sort of coverage over time. And, as you can imagine, among stuff to do, start off pretty slow, like they didn't really sort of have, like, a personality. To some extent, I think a lot of people thought they got absorbed by Microsoft. But now they started to come back like and I'm seeing regular faces, designers and developers and even team members. There is air pushing it forward, actually, like being in the forefront on Twitter, and that's really nice to see. So they actually reached out and gave me a pre release edition, so I will be reviewing that addition in today's video. As you can imagine myself to do, Guys is growing pretty rapidly on its is trying to catch up with other big popular to do this applications, and I believe it's stunning to get that sort of nostalgic feel of vandalised so slowly. I think this is coming back for circle now, just before we dive in. I actually have created a course on myself to do. I found a lot of people were finding it tricky to set up and obviously get started. So I've put a class on skill share. You guys can go and enjoy it. If you used a link, get two free months of skill ship Premium. But it will give you a bit of a deeper understanding of myself to do what some of the features are on. We actually dime into the Web edition I Wes Ishan, and the great thing is, it's pretty consistent, so you can use the same experiences we also get tips on, like how to go about using features which might be helpful for your day to day routine. Anyway, guys, let's just speed up and go straight over to the Mac book and dive into myself to do for Mac . So here we are with Microsoft to do for Mac Now, I'm actually quite excited about this release because sort of unifies the monks off to do sort of layout. You've now got all of the applications and actually annoyed me when they released with, like, just like a few with, like, some half baked experiences on. As you can imagine, I am always glad to see that experience will sorted. And now with the Mac addition, they've got pretty much all the applications. So, as you can see here, the Mac, the Mac addition really is just very similar to the other edition. So we won't be touching too much on this wasting any time. If you want to explore the island West Edition, we've done a video on that. But as I mentioned, we got the new skill share class if you wanted to go with it. So you can see here that obviously you've got the same similar panel, the left hand side, you can go up here and search all of your tasks. So if I want to search like dog food, I could find it very specifically there on I've got my day, which I can still do all of the regular settings, like changing the theme which is still used to do on all of the sorting abilities, and I even have the lovely suggestions area, which is handy. So this suggestions top. It appears on this right hand panel on, and it's quite easy to use. For example, you could see, you know, for example, I actually do need to buy milk today. So I'm gonna hit plus on that one and then automatically begins to an it to your today tap , and I can check the electric meter as well. And if I want to hide that, that's pretty easy to do so there. So if you can imagine suggestions, good way to keep self organized. But this application is pretty similar to some of the other additions, which I quite like. You've obviously got a bit of a thinner sort of theme up the top. You've got a bit more of a sort of bigger window to be able to play with than you would on obviously the I West editions, but actually replicates the Windows edition fairly well. Onda Over it down here. If you're looking to share some stuff, it's quite easy to begin sharing with the invitation. You can obviously share it directly with some of your mail, obviously, but that's something quite handy and very easy to do so So let's go ahead. Go ahead and add a task. I need to buy card for Alex and I'm gonna go ahead present. It's fairly easy, and obviously, on this right inside, you begin to and some tasks. So maybe I want to add a few Newton, if well done, on passing short hand. And I just make sure to on that. No in obviously reminded me today at one PM and obviously everything comes up here and you can add snacks. Steps Are Likas well, so the experience really doesn't differ in a way, Obviously, it's available now, Mike Soft. Now, obviously, it's available on Mac, which is really handy, and I can see they're doing a lot with the planner abilities. We actually will have a few planner on SharePoint videos coming up. So if you're Mike Soft nerd, you will love those. But this was just a short overview because not much has changed, but it will give you an idea of what it will look like. Hey, guys, just another note. If you do fancy the course ticket in description below. But I really appreciate you stopping by. If your brand new here and you're branded he productive YouTube channel, please hit that's description button on the bell. Notification. If you won't seek future videos, I will see you guys. Very, very seat. Thanks ever.