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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

    • 1.

      Class intro


    • 2.

      About the class


    • 3.

      Materials for the project


    • 4.

      What is animation?


    • 5.

      Principles of animation


    • 6.

      Some animation examples


    • 7.

      Practice with a Flipbook


    • 8.

      How is going to be your postcard animation?


    • 9.

      Sketch and Design


    • 10.

      Let's plan the animation


    • 11.

      Cut the media for the draft illustration


    • 12.

      Illustrate the draft animation


    • 13.

      Digitalize all the frames


    • 14.

      Open up Photoshop to test your animation


    • 15.

      Cut the media


    • 16.

      Colorize all the frames


    • 17.

      Handlettering animation example


    • 18.

      Digitalize all the final frames


    • 19.

      Open up Photoshop and finish the animation


    • 20.

      Project deliverables


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About This Class

In this class, you will learn how to animate your lettering designs with the traditional animation technique.

For the class project, you will create an animated digital postcard with a phrase of your choice, ready to share with your family and friends.

I will walk you step by step throughout the process from sketching to digitalizing in Photoshop.

If you don't have a light table, check out my class on how to do it yourself in a few easy steps.

This class is for anyone who wants to keep practicing their hand lettering while learning how to animate it.

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Carmina Soler

Illustrator & Animator


Hi! I'm Carmina Soler. I'm an illustrator and animator from Barcelona (Spain). 

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Level: Beginner

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1. Class intro: Hi. I'm Garmin. Icily, I'm not devastated. And any major in disguise, I will show you how to major lettering designs with the duration animation. Take me for the class President. You were great and animated postcard with phase of your chills ready to share with your family. I will walk you step by step through the process from sketching. Digitizing it. I just put anyone who wants to get back in there. If you don't have a light table, take out my grass and how to do it yourself. If you resist. I mean, there's no inventor and you discover them. Let's get in motion. 2. About the class: hi and thanks To run my class here, you're going to learn the basics of the station animation while working on your project to create a digital poster like these ones. These are the units for the Scots show you which materials you're going to walk you through basic animation concepts and examples. I'll explain an easy way to practice ation animation. I'll tell you how to make a description of your animation. Had to skate in design your post and we will work on a draft animation first. And finally we were color, eyes it and finish the project. I hope you're excited about this West, so let's get in motion. 3. Materials for the project: for this class, you will need this morning book or sticky notes in America. Urban to practice Interational. Also a fancy robber and cheap paper With the draft illustration Getting my ruler and or cattle for the president, you can use the same physical, more comfort the world working, putting sense. Brash bands what their colors, color pencils or like being, and you can play with adding some pollute with jelly. Use the best media to work with the super as you choose. You will also need a light table and some tape to work on the information digitalize. I recommend to use this kind, but in case you have one, you can use your camera or cell phone with type of like I'm using this flexible arm that my dad make for me. But if you have an adjustable desk clam like this, you could do something similar with the surface. Just basis selfie. Stick like this and fix it with a couple friends. Make sure you place of finances on the handle. Usually it is made of soft plastic, and we're happy to give the violence. Want to put the cell phone otherwise will roll over like this You could also use this more tripe for a cell phone like this one. Finally, a computer with Kurdish. If you don't have for the shop, you can get the trial gration from. I don't. 4. What is animation?: animation is the illusion of motion, whereby a sequence of images which is likely differ from one for an object to appear emotion. It has necessary change in position over attack. It's time passes and no change in position. Of course, the update will appear to be still in this example. The war has the right on it and gives the same position all the time. When the heart start their position on the letters and in extreme change the position to give the illusion that they are flying. When we be busy, Minton's sweetly When right after the other, we can see we can perceive this movement because of the phenomenon off persistence of vision. The I can be put into perceiving motion. When this consecutive images shown at the rate of 12 frames per second or faster for his mother look, it's better at 24 frames per second. 5. Principles of animation: Frank Thomas and Ollie Jensen defining the basic principles of animation in the illusion of life. I will show you the four principles that you can apply more easily. Urination. I have left the lead to the full beast off principles in the Glass Presents section spot in Strange. His action gives the illusion of weight and body took actor object slowly and slow as the actual list. As we have more joins near that that people one or two in the middle and more durians near than expose. We were going to make the action faster and more doings make the action is no slow ins and outs soft in the action, making me more lifelike. Our actions, with few exceptions for the one or is I Listen as you've animation, more natural action in better timing and Spacey. It's impetus big with your objects. Move more drawings between pulse is slow, and this movie, actually we were doing make the action faster, crisper. The idea of his low and fast time Tennessee that's texture and interested In the next video , I will cover different information examples that you can apply to you 6. Some animation examples: for the project. That phrase can be animated in different ways, so easier and quicker than olives. Your time's full drawing wait any made is to draw the same phrase field times with slight variations. Visually group unseats as any rather phrase you would like to animate and then right again using the light table to make creations during us many times is your life. For instance, make one more speaker. Another more finger. Try different designs and test the innovation letter by letter. Another way to any made is to make its letter appear at once. That means that you will have many frames as letters you have the first frame would just have one. That second frame, two letters and so forth right on a six. This effect is the one that takes more time because it's more frames to be drawn. His animation creates the exact that the world is being read in that in each frame. You know what you had in the frame before, and you add a piece of the letter until it's complete and then start throwing the next later and so forth. Color animation, a cool animation that works really well with the right on effect is when they used to different one color for the world itself and the darker color to add at the end of the day last Friday of each story. If you keep doing that for each frame, the result is that the tiger color usually moves through all the layers until the end and disappears. When the phrases that you made it in any of the four ways we just talked about you could add an extra element to make it. You can be drugs flying out of the laters reels, hearts, bubbles, anything you feel that makes sense for the phrase you have chosen. In the next video, I'll explain in any way to practice these animations with Flipper. 7. Practice with a Flipbook: the best way to start approaching practicing the basics of animation. Dispiriting Fleet. A three book is a little with the Syrians of throwing. When you flip the page is rapidly, it will create the illusion of actual motion. So what do you need to create? A fleet group is a notebook or sticky notes and a marker. Or, if you don't have any notebook, you can cut sheets of paper into small sizes and staple them together, and it would be the same as a little. You're going to start going to the very last page of the North. So when you turn the paint over, you can see what your experience. See the drawing, you idiot. The pain before we're going to step during the drop going across the plate, Start with a little dog on the bottom left side. In the next page, start making the drug through just a little bit and move it to the right. Keep turning the bait and modifying the drop to make it look like it's going in. Here I am using the principles as you can see em. During the first drop, Sprague. Those three in Italy, I'm going to start separating them to make the animation go faster, take it and make sure that it's movie right. There's some of the animation examples and the principles I talk about in the previous videos. Now back to sing with Any Made in the power movie through the River And now I'm gonna made the Pacific. Once you have practice a little bit with random drawings, record the result and upload a 1,000,000,000 to the class project section to share with the other students. Now that you have the basic knowledge of how to make donations in the next video rules, start working on. 8. How is going to be your postcard animation?: The first step of the process is to make a description of the animation that will be your guide while working on the project. Since it is going to give you other. So far, we know that the goal here is to create a digital postcards to share with your family and friends. To get more details, you need to answer some questions to get a better idea of how the animation is going to be . Think about a message. It can be for a specific train or something more general that you can set out to all your friends we're trying to reach. What do I want to tell to the face? How I want to make them too. So think for who is gonna be this postcard and what do you want to say? Having in mind, we have covered our animation in the previous videos. Choose which type of animation you like to do. Also consider adding some elements to make it more fun. Real islands drops worst effect and finally, but not these. Choose which media you are going to work. Okay, so here is my animation, the scripture. I want to send my poster to a friend who just got a new job, and the phrase is going to be grads. The idea is to make the poster with bright colors, dynamic and fluid. I want her to feel even more excited than she already is with names. I'm going to use the right on effect, and I make all the lettuces intimating at the same time. Once the world is created at the worst effect around it, and then I'll make the world disappear. So the animation starts again. I will work with brush pants because the colors are very bright and are easy to let engage in its, um, inspiration. You can check out the board I committed on pages for Frances and poster designs that you could use as a reference you can friendly in the class project section. Make sure you upload the script in the project calories so you can get it built before you start working on the sketch in, which is what I will cover in the next video 9. Sketch and Design: I'm going to show you the presses that have gone through to get the first idea of the design for the phrase so we would jump in your state. Here you can see seven different funds that I have chosen because I think they have out of all these funds, this is the one I like them. So it will work as the base, and I would tweak it a little. So from the other phones, I would take some details and mix them with the baseball. Here. You see how it moves Once I have to get the form, those that modifications that I have. So this is the final skipped. He doesn't have to be perfect because now we're going to trace it from the street. So here we are, just looking for here. You can see the brothers. I'm going to be using burnt and some shadows with This is the ideal first thing that I want to add here have applied different, right? So that's a general idea of my Now what I'm gonna do is leave the black text on the screen and I will try obviously that just one way toe hurt, escaped. If you are doing Han drawing very well be sketching on the movie with the supply you want. Just do whatever works best for you. Now I'm gonna Jason is cheap paper. This is the side I will be using for the information about 6.555 inches. I basically divided the sheet of media that I have for but we need to The first district, in my sense, sizes bigger with the one ST. Still a little bit. Okay, that's perfect. I'm going to put some tape to make sure it doesn't again. It doesn't have to be birthday. He doesn't have a reference. You could also printed and trace it with a light table. It's not easy to change like that. It works. It's tough. So now we can start to get you moving. - Okay , So you have my final skate with shadows, a highlight, and now we can move on. And at some now we're going to use the light able to choose skate with. I'm going to fix the scared with some tea. What color? Eyes. I'm going to use the mixed media. I chose to work with the brash and I'm going to put some tape us, right. Aligning with people where you have escaped. I'm going to use the tumble branch spans and have the flexible Bryce steep and find. The good thing about this markers is that they are water bits. Other less plan. Really? While mixing colors and the thieves, I'm very I'm going to be doing the highlight with yellow and blended nicely. I have to add it at the same time. I'm thinking if I let parents try, it will be more difficult to play students a music and in jail. I have left the lead to Spotify. Please. I have period it with a variety of busy because you want to check it out. - Now I'm going to add some showers using being color. And I will have this piece of paper here to clean teeth here. - Okay , so this is the final design for my innovation. Upload a photo of your final designing your project. In the next year, we will start biting the innovation 10. Let's plan the animation: Okay, so now I'm gonna find the skate with a black marker to see better through the light table. So I want the players to build up front drops falling into creating its later. I want the innovation to step fast and slow down at the end of creating its later to make the animation where they make and shorter. I'm going to build up the letters almost at the same time. So once you have a clear idea of how your information is going to be at some guides to your skates toe, help you while I'm going to make guides for the drops, for instance, for the C, I want to drop to stand here and grow while moving into creating the scene. You can add like an arrow sang so you know, which is the direction that drop needs to take. I don't want a super pose. It drops. So in that case, where the rights girls, I would just adjust the timing for its strong so they don't meet. So just keep adding diets if you need them for the rest of the phrase. Now what I'm going to do is to put a little marker when I want it dropped to be for each frame. So, for instance, since I wanted to let her toe mate with this low, I'm going to put fewer markers and more separated at the beginning than more marks and closer at the This is just that I And since we will be doing a test first, we can always add frames and tweeting here. I'm going to trace the rides with the color. So is easier to differentiate from the skate. Now we need to define how many friends will need for the animation to be completed. To know how many friends is gonna have your information. We should found a miser. You have into your escaped. That's going to give you an idea of how many frames you're gonna have in my case. For instance, in the sea I have about 12 months and is a letter that would take more frames to build also have to come to birth defect. That will happen almost at the same time that I will make the world disappear For the first effect, I will need about time space and the world disappear. Ian might take one or two extras, so I would say I would need between 17 11. Cut the media for the draft illustration: So this is a sheet of media that I'm going to use. I would just divided in four price. Since this is a side that I have used for the skit, To me, that was a good size to work with not too big and not too smart. You can choose whatever size fits better design. I'm going to use one of these pieces as attempted to get the paper for the trust animation . So I have to go plate with the ruler. Each sheet of paper in that case, the size of the template feeds twice perfect on the paper. Make sure you got with the ruler from the side that it doesn't have the numbers since it's designed to be used for that. Besides, you don't want to damage the numbers side. Okay? So just keep cutting sheets of paper for as many frames you have counted that you only I suggest you got some extra because you need it sometimes while mating, you feel like adding an extra frame or you need to read or okay, so now that we have a bunch of papers got against working on just animation 12. Illustrate the draft animation: So we will start with the draft of the animation, make all the animation with pencil and the paper. Usually Scott, we were tested before to do the final animation. Since I have already done the scared in the correct size, now it's going to be easy to place our friends in the same position. Just make sure the might the sketch position with the new ship. I'm going to step drawing the first frame with his small drops. I will leave the air for later since I don't want the G drop to run into the artery. So when this job is around here, we will start throwing the I will also wait to start with the and the exclamation to draw the second frame. I will keep the 1st 1 That way I can keep track of the first jobs position and so it's easier to draw the second position. Same as we have done with a flip book. So the first job was here and I will move the second drop and I will make it big. Since the genie is going to have a long way to build, I will have to make the drop go faster compared to the we can see already the movement of the drops by flipping the page like that, take up the first frame, give the 2nd 1 and at the new sheet of paper to draw the third frame. So just keep doing things like that. - Now that I have the were completely, I'm going to animate the first set. Then there are the words for each of the strain's. At the first frame off the first effect, I will start making the world disappear now that I have all the frames thrown. I would take a week for us to visualize it in for the show if there's anything that it's the change or 13. Digitalize all the frames: to digitalize the draft animation. You can either a scan it frame or take photos like me if you take photos. Is the camera fixed? Posted a table, Basic couple pieces of tape to have a reference so you can place all the friends in the same position. Now just get basing the frames and taking for us. When you are done, we will move into for a shop to visualize that after animation. 14. Open up Photoshop to test your animation: let's open after the shop I'm gonna be using for the shop CS five. But any other vision will do. Okay, So what we want is to have all the scans, photos that we have done in the same document, able to file scripts both sides into stat browse where they have the forest. So, like the 1st 1 Hall Chief t last one to select all of them, you're going to see that the photos have been loaded in the layers panel. If you have it, open goto, though I'm gonna stand the window. Is that like it better? It's, uh I just hit f or you can go to be a screamer. Full screen mode with menu by. I'm gonna have to rotate the Umit. So go to image. That's the case for you, too. It's I wasn't sure about Kasai. And now we're gonna open the animation panel do window. It's gonna say animation or time, depending on the version for the shop that you have. So here we have the panel it gives you are seeing the panel like this. This is the timeline view. Go in this icon and click it. We're gonna be working in the flames to load all the years to the animation panel, go to these little many here and choose make frames from layers or compared to frame animation. Depends on the Russian that you have you play. Have any lay here, and I don't want any delay. Now, keep they and see. Okay, that's looking good in gives you have the frames. Reverse that. Sometimes that happens. Just go back to the animation manual and reverse the frames. That's okay. Now, what I'm gonna do is the line. All the years he select the first layer shift key for last one. Go to edit, out to align the years. The auto should be fine since it okay, that's gonna help toe a line all those years. You can do manually to its if you don't feel that you did a good job. But I think most of the time he wants just gonna get rid of the this frame so he'd see good Teoh I con sider crab. Too looking, drag Enter. That looks better already. So we want the animation. Teoh, look forever. So go to hear what it say's once and you have different choices. You can have it for three times. Whatever are. Or you could even choose how many times you want that is forever gonna work for us. So So I want to give a little bit of the late to all of the frames, so I'm just gonna select all of them is gonna give while 0.1 fractions of a second. If you have all of them selected, whatever you change is gonna help by through all the free. So and for the 1st 1 I'm just gonna give a little bit extra. Really? And just before the first effect, just a little bit That's active depending on how your emotions thinking. Just play with the lay and see if it works. Now, I'm gonna add some elements to the animation Just so much small drops which are going to make animation more food. I'm going to use a similar color to integrate it with the tract illustration. This is a friend. I want to add some drugs. I go to the layers panel and I add there right above that way, I didn't draw on the original layer. So it is here to make changes. I'm just trying to make the leader drops full of the direction off the big drops. Let's see how it is looking. I think this adds some texture to the animation, so I'm going to keep adding jobs through the rest of the letters. Now that I'm happy with the results, I will throw these little drops to my draft illustrations. Having it doesn't rain for to draw the drugs. I would use the light table and I will have the computer next to check me out. I just made image. - Finally , I would draw the highlights for it. Okay, that's it. Now I can start colorizing all the fridge with final movie. 15. Cut the media: This is the mixing yet that I'll be using for my brother. I have measured in market to carry them for parts. What I'm gonna do to cut all the pieces I need weaker is to use the light table to trace the that way I won't have to measure with a ruler each sheet of paper. So first I want the papers I have and then I cattle of them. 16. Colorize all the frames: Okay, So now sent to colorize off the frame, I'm going to have this year as a reference of the final result of the call. You don't have the media. There is Scott and all the things that I'm going to trace. I also have some tape ready in case I need to fix the paper when I have to illustrate the world to make sure it doesn't move. I also put here a small piece of paper because I will be blending these two colors and the yellow tape is going to tell with the orange color. And I will be able to play with this paper. So let's start dressing in colorizing extreme who don't some music and a J the process. - Now I will start adding shadows with the blender bash again. I will have the designers a reference for the chaps we don't need The light table for this is even though the blender Bryce looks being it is actually please. Since it is a long process, I wouldn't show it off here. He took me about three hours to color eyes in a chat shows for all the frame. So take your time and take a break off course. You don't have to do it all the same day. Find a moment, every to work. 17. Handlettering animation example: This is an example. Often information with the handling during and right on it. I did my escaped on the light table and I praise the new frames and need to stay them one by one. This is the end result for 18. Digitalize all the final frames: make sure you scan. It usually employs a love them in the same position that waiting will be very easy to arrange them for the show. Have a good second evening for the fight, so you give the correct or their friends. It doesn't matter if you stand for the first or last as long as they since the final file is going to be an animated deer scanning at 70 to be I would be, but I recommended scan. It's you 100 b and later in food and shop reduces. That way you have a place in the world. Is it the final frame? Staking for us can be tricky, depending the media that you have used. It is a little bit waiting. It can give you troubles with shadows once you start working for it. One way to minimize the problem is to create this trying us to call each corner of the frame, so just cut for narrow triangles from any piece of paper. Play some tape on them in position. It's one in a different corner, China to cover too much just what's necessary to hold the paper. - Also at some tape on the top left side to be able to place all the friends in the same position . Sometimes it can be difficult to put the paper under the times, so what you can do is force them a little bit up. So it's easier to fit the frame corners and now just keep placing each fame and taking photos. But you are done. Let's finish the animation in for the shop. 19. Open up Photoshop and finish the animation: So now we're open up for the shop again and we're gonna follow. This impresses we did before they work to file scripts who has into stack rows. So the fames okay, off the razor can be load in the year's final. If you're happy, open to go to window two layers and the heat f to expand the window and I'm gonna retain the human because it's I'd say Now we're gonna opened animation banner or Time line, depending on diversion for the shop that you have. It's gonna go to the animation menu, make frames from the years. Okay, it's going words. So we're gonna have to reverse the flames. Just go back to the animation menu. River Spain's We're Gonna align. I would before select all the layers in the spinal, go to a out of line layers. That's fine. Take some time. It's jumping a little bit big, but I'm gonna do now is five. So she see are the icon here? I have respected keep enter, attempting a little bit, but for now it's fine. So we're gonna add frame a black frame at the beginning, so select the first frame he duplicate player. Go back to the first name removed. This layer that it's created with needed duplicate the first same dragging into the new there. Hide the second layer Heat alone, too. Go to this icon here she option key and goes to whatever you want Phone to make sure that the background real similar. Okay, so let's see what we have in the second frame again. It's it's already So now we have one empty fame and rest of the nation. We're gonna add a delay to all of them off just a fraction of a second. The 1st 1 A little bit more. Let's see, e think here, I won. Do you have one cream that doesn't have the I want to hold for just a little bit. Congrats were So I'm just gonna duplicate this frame and duplicate this layer. He's one, and I'm just gonna with the clone tool again. He asked cops inky this So we have one frame without any drops is we make sure that each frame shows the layer that it has to show. So this is Rob's. This is the one that we just created, and we're gonna make this whole let's see, just a little bit with Like, I think that looks better. You have more time to read grads. Ones executed. Okay, so now what I'm going to do is at some a testament, there's one. This one was created. We need it. We're gonna created in a test month layer to color. Keret do this. I got here to the attest mints layers, but perhaps, and scholar parade will be. I want to get rid off so much tech, sir, that I have in the background so you can hide the layer to see the difference. I like that. It's a little bit situated so that the colors pop up more. Okay, What happened here? You can see that this one is lighter. Speakers just apply the adjustment layer to the scream. So what we want to do is select all the frames, and I like that. The adjustments later, that way all the layers are gonna have Okay , so now I'm gonna use the image with the image image size 100 20. Project deliverables: you made it. You finish the class. Now make sure you create your project if you haven't done it yet. Disaster deliver while still blood in your project. Upload a video off your flip book animation, your animation description to let us know how your animation is going to be and which pays you're going to use. Share your sketches and final design, your animation plan and how many times you think you would need Upload a gift with your test animation and tell us if you have a date retorted anything. A bloated foot off all the final spends illustrated. And finally, you're given Imation ready to share line. I'm so excited to see all your digital postcards. Please let me know if you have any questions in the community section. Thanks again and see you around.