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Turn Yourself into a Character: Create Your Own Merchandising

teacher avatar Carmina Soler, Illustrator & Animator

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

    • 1.

      Class Intro


    • 2.

      Step 1 - Character expressions


    • 3.

      Step 2 - Get inspired by yourself


    • 4.

      Step 3.1 - Start sketching


    • 5.

      Step 3.2 - Keep sketching


    • 6.

      Step 4.1 - Digitalize: Outline


    • 7.

      Step 4.2 - Digitalize: Color


    • 8.

      Step 5 - Organize elements in a table


    • 9.

      Step 6.1 - Sell your chat stickers


    • 10.

      Step 6.2 - Create your designs and mockups


    • 11.

      Step 6.3 - Sell your designs online


    • 12.

      Step 7 - Project deliverables


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About This Class

In this class, I will show you the process to turn yourself into a character.

You will create a lot of expressions and elements that will help you to communicate specific emotions and messages to others.

You will sketch, digitalize and organize all the elements in a table to keep track of all of them easily.

Once your character is ready you will be able to sell it as chat stickers or create your own merchandising online.

I will be using illustrator for this class but you could also follow along with photoshop. 

It’s not an Illustrator class. I show you how I work with Illustrator and explain each step but I don’t go deep in each tool.

It’s going to be a fun class! I hope you'll join me. 

Music by AlumoMusic (Matt Harris) - Song "Sunny Side Up"


NEW CLASS!! Now you can learn how to take your stickers from Illustrator to WhatsApp! 

Check the class here: "Use Your Own Chat Stickers in WhatsApp"

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Carmina Soler

Illustrator & Animator


Hi! I'm Carmina Soler. I'm an illustrator and animator from Barcelona (Spain). 

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Level: Beginner

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1. Class Intro: Hi, My name is disguise. You would turn yourself into a character. You create a lot of expressions and elements, have you to communicate the specific emotions and miss just two others. We will get digitalize and organize all the elements in a table to keep track of all. When you're getting is ready, you will be able to sell it as speakers are your merchandising. It's going to be a you in the next video. 2. Step 1 - Character expressions: class by learning a little bit about the facial expressions. The vestal, when you have to learn about expressions, is to have a mirror next to you to make the faces yourself and analyze them. We all know how to make a happy, sad or angry face, but sometimes, if we don't see, may not be that obvious. How to throw the mouth, the eyes in the items. So just look at yourself in the mirror and make the expression. Do you want to draw to copy that? Here you can see a table with different combinations of eyes. We're playing with basic emotions. Such a laugh. Smile inside. Eyes and mouth are the most expressive futures. Eyebrows always help to give more details to the expression. When we had the eyebrows, depending how a position them, it changes a little bit. The emotion. Now we will in the Lyceum Orgies, which cover a range of expressions. Let's focus first on the acts. I have Group B I guns by the I type, so you can see with the same eyes how many different expressions you can create, but just change in the mouth and the eyebrows. Now let's focus on the month. How just changing the eyes. The expression can change quite a lot to see how this can be applied in a character. I have selected some stickers online and group them by emotions, messages or a status moment. Here you can see the basic characteristics of it. One and which expressions would be more likely to be used, have in mind that the same message with different expressions can have a different meaning . For instance, if you're saying that it's raining with Happy Face means that you're excited about it for that, for some reason that it's good news. But if you have a sad case, it's obvious that it's not good. The rain and umbrella at the same for both emitters, but the expression changes the meaning of the message. - Here you can see a list of basic emotions, messages and status moment. My place to go for references is being terrorist. I have created a board with chat sticker sets to get some inspiration, spend some time looking at sticker says, Either you in school beaver life in the module, a website. You can find a longer lease with more ideas for your stickers in the emoji tracker side. You can see a real time. Which idea much is that? Use the 40. So you may want to study the stain the most popular. Once I let some links in the class project section for you to check them. 3. Step 2 - Get inspired by yourself: I would just ask you to create a character. He could be difficult for you to decide which type of character to create. So that's why I suggest to turn yourself into It's a way to narrow your options and make it easier to focus on finding. Think about a particularity off your physics or personality and use it to play with your character existed with the most singular, too. Think about your hairstyle, give you wear glasses, anything that when people who knows you see the character big related to you. For instance, I have a garlic here. I would draw a big curly hair, and I will make it change according to the character emotions, to have more time with it. 4. Step 3.1 - Start sketching: now that you have an idea which streets need to have your character lettuce sketchy before to start doing exactly how your character will move like warm. I would feel sketches, tickle these up motions from the first video, and the duty decided you character would have from the 2nd 1 and work on some sketches trying to figure out how your character good act for each emotion and message that would have you to understand how your character would be. These are some of my sketches before they find any more than tail my character. 5. Step 3.2 - Keep sketching: Now you can find more how exactly your character will look like. Make sure to keep it simple with basic shapes that would make it easier to keep adding more elements later like different mouth eyes, or has so as an example. Here you can see my finalists get for the face. Very simple shapes with a Hawaii when you have to find the basic elements for the faces that is getting some emotions. Put together five or six emotions like a smile. Life sad, Mad for law In basically friend emotions, you will be using different eyes. Mouth. I wrapped. The good thing about it is that once you have everything traced, you will be able to combine them in so many different ways to create new expressions. Now let's another body with simple shapes as well. For this glass with just a from view will be enough. But you can always add different abuses off the characters, such as left and right. When drawing the body, think about the hands. Hands are very important because they will help the size. The emotions are messages you are trying to communicate. If you make the body proportionally is smaller than the kids. He will make the character market. Is there some basic hands that would help a lot to communicate? Don't has usually can be treated. Look for reference and tried to start with basic shapes like this and then finish with brown edges. Start throwing these ones with your character style, and you can have more later to have emphasized. The emotions are messages. We can also use the elements. It is small or what the character is met by its assignment hurt Diamont. Finally, it's get a couple of extra elements at this glasses where they had scarf umbrella that will help to communicate the specific messages. Once you have digitalize your character, you can create a template to print up with a light gray color. Use it the sketch. I need to make the process off a sketch too much faster. What do you have your sketches ready? Let's move into the computer 6. Step 4.1 - Digitalize: Outline: way will open this Katie names straight. That will be the layer in selected template auction. Let's get any player for the guy, which we would use to copy and reflect some elements He'd come, and I have to show the rules. Drag and drop from the side room to the center of the MIT. Renamed the Layer as a guide and lock it. Create a new layer to start illustrating the album. If you want the circle to be proportional, he chief went dry. Come and see and common F to copy and paste in front. I would use the pento to create the eyelashes. The fewer points you create, the better, because it's going to be easier to modify the shape. Rekindle their as I get a new layer for the cheeks. Gate another layer for the eyebrows. Click on the player to change the color of the selection to see that keep adding new all the years for each part of the face. So, like everything, he comments, see and common. Oh, or go to the refectory. I can't hear position the pointer on the guy. He's the chief key and drag. So now we have the outline off face. Now I'm grouping and moving it element to its layer way. Need to join both sides because we want to have them together with the direct selection toe . Like both anchor points and hit command. J keep joining the rest of the elements. - Now let's reflect the sparkle in the eye. Go to object, transfer reflect and you want to reflect it particularly. I'm gonna do the hair with mental. Now that we have the outline of her character, next step would be to put some color. 7. Step 4.2 - Digitalize: Color: Okay, so let's I would use that colors without dying, And then I will add some shadows that hide escaped and guidelines. I have already saved some followers in my switch. Friends now give toggling between the color swatch and stop the street between field and are lying. Color just hit the X key by hitting common age, you can hide the selection lines so you can see better than modifications to cover the part of the hair we don't want to see. That's implicate the front here, and I feel called with the pen to close the shape. - Now we will add some shadows under the hair. We need to place the shadows within the face shape, simply get the face layer and place it about the child so, like both of them and he'd come on seven. Now that's had always inside the face chip. But we can see what a fight it if we need to weigh 8. Step 5 - Organize elements in a table: e just finished racing the body and added, Different eyes. Mouth and I arrives to get dragged off all of the elements. We will create a table and organize them. You need to have, like, an inventory. So this is my master layer with everything organized, instead blames the elements approx. The has the body, the arms and inside the Slayer have different versions. For instance, here against your hand. Great a new layer and name it table. Great a new, however quicken. At these icons, we can drag a great big table. We will start doing one column with the rectangle to and with the text tool at the title. - Now next to the column at a line of text to put the players could be the layers name MPC in the textbooks. So, like in the layers panel the Ice Kid, come and see and come and be in. Place it in the car. So, like the textbooks command, see and comment and move it down a little bit in chess. One move and then keep hitting. Commencing common comment E. To keep duplicating and placing within the same distance. Doing that for all the elements you have So that's how it should look like organized with the layer. Knicks now seems easy because we have fuel elements, but you can keep adding more eyes, mouth, hands so it can be really handy when you have a lot of just make sure that any new element you drop to added in the table and in the massively. Now here comes the calm park, which is start making combinations to create different expressions. Duplicate the master layer by dry to create layer. Now just hyper show the elements you want, irritate or modify them, if necessary, would you have expression ready? You can remove all the hide and layers. Remember, if you add a new element to copy to my cell layer into the table. That way you will always have your muscle layer. With everything here, you can see different combinations that I have done with my character. In the next video, we will start talking about how to merchandise here 9. Step 6.1 - Sell your chat stickers: Option two merchandise. Your character is to sell a set of stickers through websites like these, check this website and go through their guidelines to understand with each company requires for the sticker submission. For some companies, you need to have a minimum of 40 speakers, while for others it's just most of them required just figured to be a square size. Usually you will get 50% of the benefits for each speaker set. I noticed that some of those websites want you upload your speakers. They will have the rights to use and moody fighting. Make sure to read the terms and understand them before you upload your secrets. Flying is a big platform, very popular in Asia, and you can find a lot of seekers there for some inspiration. To upload the stickers impact, you need to contact them First Beaver. They have the option to upload your images, but you can email them some of your speakers. Anything like them. They might want to work with you. Beaver is another good sight to find inspiration. If you don't want to sell your stickers but did use them with your friends, you can always take the images as BNG in your cell phone and send them as images is not as weak as using emojis or shadow speakers, but it's still an option if you don't want to, a blow that in any way. 10. Step 6.2 - Create your designs and mockups: Once you have your character with different expressions, you can just add some more elements to create designs that you can sell a product line. I created this design for a month, and now I'm gonna place it in America, select everything and make sure you don't have any layer. Open a finish up in the market. Usually. What you don't get a mocha. It comes with the Read Me file where they explained how much time in this case I just have to face the reason justice, size and moving in the poll. How did they designed you can change your designs layer to multiply more to make it look more integrated? Here you can see another example for a little. In this case, you want to have a quick on the layer that says added, me and it will open up a new friend. Hi, the actual design and face your illustration desert dimensions and safe. So it modifies the original fact. Go back to the original file. Anyone replacing humans with your station. It's very cool to be able to see how your design will go. I went pretty. I will leave the leads to somewhere That's where you can go. Primo cups 11. Step 6.3 - Sell your designs online: what else can you do with your character? You can also sell your designs sprinted into products through these websites. All of them are pretty am very easy to use what you sell a product, you will get a percentage of the selling price. The cool thing about this side is that you don't have to deal with the printing or selling classes. As you can see, there are tons of products where you can find your designs, check them out and see which one you like the most. I have left all the leaves in the class project section. 12. Step 7 - Project deliverables: Okay, so that's now it's time to work on your project. Started creating it in the project color above the result of each step of the class. Share some of your sketches. Also images of the character digitalized. You can upload an image of your table organization and also so woke up images. I can't wait to see your character and some different expressions. Let me know if you have any questions. I hope you haven't Jake that last. I'll see you around.