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Yoga for happy shoulders & neck [Yoga for Beginners]

teacher avatar Eva Schroeder, Yoga teacher & Student of Life

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Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

    • 1.

      Intro - A Warm & Wonderful Welcome [Week #3]


    • 2.

      Skillshare Class Project


    • 3.

      3.1 Core - short'n sweet


    • 4.

      3.2 Seated Shoulder Warm Up


    • 5.

      3.3 Gentle Moving Shoulder Flow


    • 6.

      3.4 Goodness for Shoulders & Upper Back


    • 7.

      3.5 Cool Down


    • 8.

      3.6 Sweet Guided Meditation


    • 9.

      3.7 Well done! Coming up next week ...


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About This Class

Hello there gorgeous soul. 

We're in Week #3 and today we're looking at finding spaciousness, but also strength and mobility within the shoulders and neck - where literally most of the people that come into my classes hold a TON of tension in. And oh so much stress... Are you one of them?

If you've not yet checked out our first week, here's your link!

Week #1, Week #2 and today are part of a 5-part Yoga for Beginnerse course which invites you to start your very own Yoga journey with me! In the comfort of your own home, always at the ready for a time that suits YOU. 

Create extraordinary changes 
within your life, discover a renewed sense of ease, strength, freedom & lightness within your body, your mind and of course your life as a whole. 

Always be mindful and move with kindness and compassion towards yourself. Never ever beat yourself up for not being able to do any of the postures right NOW. You'll notice progress every time you practice, even though you may not notice it at first. Stay with it, commit to yourself, find that strength and grace within you and follow through.

And above all - enjoy moving, growing and deepening that beautiful relationship to yourself :)

Thank you so much for being here with me. Feel free to message me with any questions you may have (

And if you enjoyed my class, do go ahead and follow me, I've got a ton of good stuff in the pipeline for you. Please do consider leaving me a lovely review, it'll help me so much get my class seen by more students, hence spreading the goodness of the power of Yoga.

Thanks a million, warm wishes & happy practicing!
Eva xoxo

Week #1: Cultivate mobility, strength, & a deeper awareness of body & mind  

Week #2: Hello hips & hamstrings. This one's for you xx   

Week #3: Today we'll tune into shoulders and neck ... #blissbombed

Week #4: It's all about creating a strong foundation & improving your balance. Practice this one often!

Week #5: Your Yoga practice - a tool box for life. We've got goodness for the spine, the hips, hamstrings, find strength and above all - your powerful breath. Probably THE most important factor within our practice. Enjoy

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Eva Schroeder

Yoga teacher & Student of Life


What strange times we find ourselves in. Times that call us all to stop, more than ever, to breathe, to become still. To notice the mind "stuff", notice the feelings and emotions, the way we react to what we're facing. To find balance. In all areas of your life.

Take this surreal, incredible opportunity to tune inwards, to journey inside of yourself, to elevate consciousness. And in the meantime, let our world recover and take a breath as well...

If you feel stressed or overwhelmed by the happenings of the past months, here's my invitation to you: 

Breathe deeply.

Take a deep belly breath IN.
And a deep long breath OUT.
Repeat that 3 times. Do it now.

Then let your breath fall to a more natural rhythm again. A... See full profile

Level: Beginner

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1. Intro - A Warm & Wonderful Welcome [Week #3]: Hello, Lovely. So this class is focusing on getting our shoulders now next stretched out and also finding some strength. Ian, it's an area where a lot of us hold a lot of stress. Onda. Yeah, most of the movement that we're gonna do a really easy to do without having to do a huge warm up. We will also get your legs moving and stretching and strengthening. Um, what you'll need today you need one block or a book in a blanket. And I focused today some enjoyment off breathing space and lightness into the body without it sounding too for you. Most of us are so under pressure these days and our jobs on our whole life physically as well as mentally. So find more space and breathe easy and fully to really nourish energize every little cell within will really enable ourselves to let go off some of that stress knowing within. There's no reason why we must hold on to that stress and intention and a lot of times the pain as well, resulting from that pressure so invited to breathe deeply. We can use that imagery visualize and take a step into that direction, having the oxygen that energy and nourishment off your breath flow into the whole of your body. Enjoy 2. Skillshare Class Project: next up your class project. So the class project for each class is the falling share your biggest inside and take away from this class And to help you with that, you have some questions for you to consider. What did you find? Difficult. What was easy? What did you think you could manage easily, but then turned out rather tricky. Did you notice any areas in your body that may need a little more TLC going forward on which area within your body appreciated the practice the most? Another really important one is compared to before the session. How did you feel afterwards? And you're able to walk and move a little more greater lighter as a result. No. Anything that comes up for you and shared in the class project area know that any difference and sensation that you feel is a wonderful and very welcome signal towards a deeper awareness and finding that awareness within our body as well as ar minus a huge step . Two more mindful movement and also living a stronger, more centered life. One. Were you more easily let go off distractions and the dreaded busy monkey mind. So let's go and get started 3. 3.1 Core - short'n sweet: so it's always going to start with a little bit of coal work. Roll onto your back, bring your feet together, snuggle the shoulder blades together, draw the belly in and then lift your hip up. They're just kind of settle in here and bring a right knee into your chest. Lift your right leg up so pushed down so your shoulders or pushed down. Through that left, he'll find that activation in the hamstrings and then the glutes. Then slowly find a few hip lifts. Life in a Z nice and slow with your breath. Two more in both of these integrity, full breath and lived here you head up, reach your arms forward, nice and easy. Tilt your pelvis back so you find that engagement through the core through the front of your body, hugging everything in breathing into the site. Body womb woody Breath. Maybe draw the needs and tortilla bit more. We'll be lifting the hips up a little more, and it slowly relieve your head down to the floor. Bring both feet down, lift the hips up, snuggle the shoulder blades towards each other and lift your left knee up to dip the hips down. really dry through that, right? He'll push it down, keep engaged, glued throughout the core here as well. He's lonely. Bring it back, lift your head and slowly rock back and forward until he come up. 4. 3.2 Seated Shoulder Warm Up: so come into cross legged position. Nice and easy. Cross the are your legs edition bones. I encourage you to you the block. Lots of us have quite tight IPs if you elevate your hips. As I said before, if you watch the the Welcome clips in the welcome area, you will know that if you let elevate your hips and your hips are someone in line here with your knees, it's gonna make reflection a little more intense, a little less intense for the hips. So it's easier to sit a little longer in this position, so just find a comfortable seat drawer. The belly, in fact length through the spine, may be struck his shoulders up and back. A little of that openness here draw your rib cage and ever so slightly soon enough proof in your rib cage out and then close your eyes for a few moments here, finding your breath. Take a deep full breath, exaggerates now with the next in hell. Take both arms, nose and wide lift all the way up your palms together and slowly bring it back in hell again. Re Johnson the Excel. Bring them wide in. How reach both albums Wind strong through both homes excels lawyerly Bring him back to your heart again Inhale, reach you excel wide Last one, Ian Halory Jones Boyd Exhale slowly Bring it back Now from here. Gonna reach your arms up the ex algorithm wide into cactus ums e And how Reach about your arms up egg salad Bring him down at the shoulder blades, slide down the back Push your hands back a little in hell again Excel into Cocteau's films so bring a elbows somewhat shoulder height Here, um, Lydia, your thumbs Reach back. Push your elbows back in its squeeze the shoulder blades towards each other. You want to find that That squeezing that old ning through the chest. But also that engagement through, um, through your shoulders Here, you might already notice a little bit of that heat. Um, flooding the back here up a dark notice of that. Anything happening within the neck just released that and then take a deep full breath. Eggs are completely and just notice your phone moment. If you're hanging in your lower back, draw the belly in, keep that length within the spine. Nice and long. Here, take wonderful breath. Squeeze the shoulders region comes back Then if you excel, bring it almost together curled forward e and how you want to open up again? Exiles slowly curl it forward in housing Gonna move throughout cat cow here Excel slowly kill in Halligan region Just that, maybe look up. Excel to tell e and healthy strong through the neck Don't let it drop back Excel to curl Last one Ian, help Region back, Open up and then reach both arms up on an egg foul, bringing them white So intel 80 hands behind your back Squeeze the shoulders. In fact, full moment. Change the crossing of your legs, which my FINA feel a little weird to start with If you're not, use it and then squeeze the shoulders back here in your back. Taken, Ian, how are reaching up? Drool the shoulders down and there's the excel. Let your chin Fulwood feeling a stretch for the back of your neck there and always start to find a few circles here half circles through your head. I didn't really notice the way you feel that in your shoulders. Your neck on slowly really isn't gonna find a few circles through the shoulders Take your right hand to the left here on then let your right here drop. Told your right shoulder If you want a deep Mexican really left fingertips out ways you find that stretch there and a whole left side of your neck Take a deep, full breath. Slowly bring it up. Changing salads seem here regalia, right. Fingertips out. Really moving your breath into that space. Notice that kind of Visualize how you can breathe at openers, not spaciousness. Oxygen into that area just can't flush out any tension, tightness, anything you don't know long and eat movement here through the neck. Find a gentle twist We did last Station E. Now you wanna lengthen, excel, gaze over towards the left shoulder, gently ruled that right, hip on back, then stay here. All you want to do is look over towards your right shoulder without moving you the rest of your body the way you feel about the most. I'm slowly coming back changing sides in how lengthen up. First excel, twist over towards your right shoulder from the notice. The difference. You look over towards that left knee rolling a right shoulder back, breathing deeply into the site body into the rib cage. Women slowly coming back 5. 3.3 Gentle Moving Shoulder Flow: hands about shoulder width distance. Find a couple of cat cow movements more of that stretch for their upper back mobility within the hip woman. Sit back towards the heels. Find your child. Suppose for a moment. This is a stretch you can always do whenever you need a little time out when you're in a very dynamic yoga class and you need a little breather. Who's rusty? A folky moments, no. Also noticed the extension off your arms above your head here, so your arms and your upper body somewhat in line. So let's move into this extension a little bit deeper. Keep your hips somebody right on top of the museum, but then walk your hands forward. So first of all, we want to find that same extension that we just had, but maybe go a little deeper. But for this we want to maintain a certain engagement within our arms. So pressing hands down into the map, Huguette almost in slightly taught each other and then slowly let your rib cage melt down towards the mat. So if you're next happy, you can always gaze down, but keep your elbows off. The four Keep hugging the Bali away from your thighs you want. Don't want to dip into the lower back, and for those of you got a really strong bath bend going on, Feel free to come up onto your fingertips. Taken, release down a little deeper again. Keep your arms strong, keep breathing into the shoulders, and then, Sluti, bring yourself away A little bit of that movement to release on this. Let me shift back into your downward facing dog. So again finding strength within your homes when that same external rotations or your arms pushed down through the thumbs new index finger at the same time. Maybe been Tunisia for a few moments. So the ian how you want to reach the hills up excelled. Roll them down again, e. And how toe link Excel to drill them down. Last one in how Come on up, Excel. Draw the heels down in hell. Come on, two knees, Exel said. Back towards your child's pose in hell. Now slide hands upbringing, hips over your needs and come on into a modification of our camel pose again. Slide the shoulder bites told each other. Open up through the chest. Spring hands to the lower back and the Excel Charles posing in Ian House All force egg cell on downward facing dog E in hell. Knees Excel Child's pose. Ian. How just the one full breath open up. We lift up through the head exile child's pose a regional sport e and help to come up. Just a couple more movements here excel downward facing dog e in hell on two knees Excel Chels Pose in hell lifting up. Squeeze the shoulder plates together. Open your heart up. Eggshell child's pose. Last one in hell, Come on up. Excel Downward facing dog And how means Excel Child's pose. Take a deep, full breath. Excel completely. No way in hell. Come on. Straight up. Excel downward facing dog. 6. 3.4 Goodness for Shoulders & Upper Back: And from here step your right foot forward into London. I'm gonna come over to the sides of walking hands over to the side and push yourself all the way back up so wide, like it stands from here this time Gonna let the toast point to the outside and I think your hips down into, uh, miss the gentle stretch. Not you'd not. A deep, gentle squad. Notice if your knees are knocking in. Let the feet follow to your nice and nice and safe for the knees. Find that openness I got. Draw the belly in and stay nice. And mason, um, Aliant here. So you want, um, till the palace back a little, too. Don't dip into the lower back, so find that engagement there and then bring her arms out. So from here, get strong through your arms. Push your hands out. You wanna flex your hands? They're pushy Handout at the same time. Squeeze the shoulder blades taught each other. So is here. You can find those two directors here. See in Hollywood telling eggs, Eliana, sit down, E. And how you wanna length Excel? You want to sit down? So from here, going to bring the hands in the cell in hell He opened up. So you twist your dial your your hands out to the science out to the back with the excel Roll the shoulders in and dull your hands forward in how to open XL $2 in Hal Una Lengthen exile. Roll the shoulders in. No, just the Fulham's role. Whole arms a little bit of that internal rotation there and then open up again. So in how? Open up egg salad. Roll in 10 rotations in help excel in, huh? They have strong through both arms. Push your palms out. A lot of it was. Find a couple more. Listen strong last one until all did it. Dial it up in this lawyer. You're like, I'm push yourself all the way up. Well done. Maybe give a little shake right now. We're gonna do step towards the front of your mat, bring both feet together. We're gonna flows to you a couple of sun salutations to find a little warming up in helping both arms up excel. Maybe find a more a little more lightness here. And how come halfway excel pushed yourself back into your plank place your knees down. Alan wasn't big. And how Open your chest forward excel. Push the floor way coming back. Take one big breath here and then slowly walk your feet forward again and how you want to lengthen, excel, slowly fold and how come away, up Excel. Really In having an open up finder. Lightness, excel slowly fold in hell Halfway exile planned you hunts. Step a buck into a plank. Draw the valley, impressed the floor down with your hands in help Excel one de pool breath. You excel completely and how region right, like up any amount. Excel. Step your right foot forward slowly press yourself all the way back up, so find an easy stands here with your feet about hip width distance away from each other. Finding alignment as you know, find ah, comfortable position for you to hold for a few moments and then reach both arms up. Take a big full breath the extra come half way forward in how reach your arms up, excel. Bring arms by your side in her again. Reach both arms up. Now bring your palms together and slowly bring them in front off your heart. So from now, what we're gonna do. Keep reaching that right upon that. Stay strong through your belly. Now bring it elbows together. So lift your hands up, then slowly bring a your homes back here. So obviously elbows are gonna separate again. But read your arms up. So you want to find that a lengthening there in your chest? Your arms, you try Subs keep pressing that left heel down. Keep pressing the right heel down and little strength there. Take a deep full breath on the excel slowly bring it back and curl a little e in hell, bringing back and excel to co last one big in how And then slowly hurl it out in how? Reach both arms up. Simply relief. Take a right hand or both. Hands down slowly slide about in How would your left, like any amount Excel? Step it forward. Find your stance Here, find your balance. You gotta draw the belly in, Maybe bend your right knee Little tilting your pelvis back in helping both himself excel Come halfway. Keep rooting that left hip in hell. Excel homes, Biocyte And how? Reach both thumbs up. Exhale Bring in front of your heart. The same Here Do you want to bring it? All of us together. Lyft up keeb little length Keep pressing a hands back your fingertips reaching back Notice it Improving out through your rib cage Draw the belly injury rip Cajun Find that balance here like a deep full breath Locks through the neck Relax through the face Then slowly Carl it out e and help bring it back Excel Curl it up in hell again Excel Tico in how Reach both arms up, Lift up, Bring arms by your side Plant your house, slide it back dome with facing dog Take a moment here. She got the legs as well And then slowly Steve your right foot forward again. Spend the back you'll flat on and slowly coming up old way into you worry a two again. So you gonna really going to find a little more fad? Um, opening here through the shoulders. So find a worrier too stuns with the hips open, remember? Right knee doesn't want to drop in keeping externally rotating. We can always take your hands. Gonna roll your right thigh out to keep that. When is a maintain that awareness of, um that opening they go and then from here, slowly take your left arm underneath the right, in fact, to variations. 1st 1 bring your right over your left and hold onto opposite shoulders. So there we go. That's one opener you really want to had. Draw your shoulders forwards. You start to find that opening in the in the back, a little bit of that stretch in the back. Second variation. You can bring again your right elbow over your left and bring the tops of your hands together. Or you can bring up homes together and then lift your elbows up here So you want to find a little bit off again off that lift three elbows and feeling their broadening off the back to really find that good stretch in your upper back there, says he in How you wanna lengthen Excel, sitting a little deeper. You can always find a little more off that side bend. Here I was lonely Bring it back and then release and how many Gaze up exile release That's one and how excel and then slowly on, really given a little shake and then slowly step your foot in and pivot to the other side. So find your worry to stunts. Same here. Now bring your left arm over your right. Hold onto your shoulder. Or maybe bringing the tops off your palms together. Here, Maybe holding onto your fingertips. Was he in? How do you wanna lengthen Excel again? Really? Find that broadening of your back in how, on excel and how Lift on excel and how Lift ex ailment pain a little deeper Last one one. Slowly push yourself up, Release your arms Give him a little shake. Come on into you worry a two from Yes, you might feel a little more off that flew titty in your arms and your shoulders rivers and take your right palm up. Relief your left hand to your thigh. Stretch it out. Find out length through the whole right side of your body Exile into your side angle. Reached that right hip on back. Don't dip into the lower pack your region left on up in hell. Rivas egg cell side angle in. How Rivas Now, if you want to go a little deeper here, you can start a reacher right on forward and take a right hand to the inside. Reach your left arm above your head here. No issues a block, then in how Slowly bring it back and take a hands behind. Squeeze it out, excel slowly Fold a little release for the shoulders, softening the knees and then take a hands back to the hips. Slowly come on up. Seen here. Pivot your left foot out to this that I had been. You need worrier to reverse in hell. Left arm comes up Eggs outside angle in how Revis excel Side angle in hell. Read us Excel side angle No one in hell If you want to go a little deeper now, you left reaching forward Keeping lifting that reaching that left hip on back And take it down here in how the exact length. Nia, press the outside edge of your right foot strongly down into the math and then slowly Come on, back up, bring it back. Then pivot your rifle towards a fund. Make a giant step towards so far So come and bring your feet together. Here. Now we're going to do is to spend the knees for a moment, so find you would Katarzyna big in hell. Come on up. So make it nice and nice and high here. You don't wanna fall down too deep. Bring your upper body upright. Drove the belly in and from him at the Excel, bringing always out again these goal, goal post or cactus arms in Hollywood a lengthen, excel in hell, lifting excel life on in How reaching up. So from here, bring a palms together and now we're going to go a little deeper finding twisting your right elbow to the outside of your left knee and then slowly bring a palms towards your heart here. So finding that twists pressing left hand into your right. Find that strength here, but notice. That's right. Me. Look down to your right knee. If that's reaching forward, keep reaching a right hip enough to get deep. Full breath can always you don't quite reach. You can always take your lengthen your right arm. Gonna press into your leg. Like so. Maybe finding that twist with your army, a all right, and then slowly bring it back up, lifting up second side. So sitting down almost 20 heart twist over to side twist from your mid bath and bring elbow to the outside of uni again. Noticed the hip. It's not like this Bring a hip stock Find that alignment within the hip, roll the right shoulder back Take a deep full breath so low to your thighs Finding that stability from pressing into your leg Resisting back into your elbow And then in how reach Hold away, Back up on relaxing homes Bio side Well done Says he in hell Reached bowed arms up Excel slowly Fold in How halfway Exelon down What facing in How rock full it excel Loadem and hell up excel Push the floor away and downward facing dog Nothing in how Read your right on up Excel Stepping forward Spin the back heel flat We're gonna come all the way up again So from here bend your right knee Warrior two In helping both arms up Excel Spring on back down Read us in How hurried X sound Ah, push it forward or re entering three treats Option one option to read your arms up So pressing right for down into the mat Thean how bring a right on up Come all the way back And then exile Warrior to not gonna take that left hand Wrap it around Maybe help it along a little and find either your leg, your thigh here or just grab hold on. Gilligan's your tight here whenever you're wearing your shorts and reach up against the in hell in the lengthen. So with your left hand gonna drew that right, hit back and reach your right arm forward the retreat reach and then really so find a little bit of a bind here, so rule their left shoulder out and again. Notice your right knee. What's the rollout? So your left hand and kind of help that along a little so externally, rotate your right thigh, maybe in just your stands as much as you need to. But stay strong through your legs to your right leg micro bend the right knee low, and then somebody rest your arm. Here. Lega India leg. A little final, little more that twist, maybe gazing up and then in how slowly bring it back to excel and sit down in how going to bring it back. Excel, Trico National Triangle Pose well, variation with arm here in how come on old whip Excel, Ben uni and how come on up Excel stay loan through right side and beneath your hand make so open up through your shoulder. You might feel a little bit of that. Feel a bit off that stretch there and then unravel you left arm. Bring it all the way up here strong through both wings. Maybe bring arm above your head as well. Find even more length here for the left side and then slowly bring it back on. Worry it. Well done. No change sides. Well, you go. So find you worry too. First reverse lift about egg cell site angle. Inhale. Read US egg cell Extended side angle in hell Herita Now again, Again Bind! Oh Posey a roll the right shoulder back Draw the valley in and find your side angle. And how coming back Exile triangle pose. Hold it here for a moment, finding a little bit off the lineman noticing any changes within the alignment within the posey a Draw the valley and and keep both sides of your body long. And then in how slowly coming back Excel citing and how Come on up Excel. Try and go. Trick or not, variation in hell. Come on up Excel side angle Last one on exile Find that openess slowly unravel your arm. Reach it up. Cable a evening, the holes right side of your body as well as the left side. They stroll in both feet and then slowly condom up, relaxing the shoulders. Press back and have it towards the front. Off your match again. Given a little, shake the movement through your shoulders, a little cat cow movement, and then it's Ian Howell. Reach both arms wide and excel slowly. Fold in how common Excel slowly sit down. 7. 3.5 Cool Down: so bended knee zia about hip with distance away from each other. Bring your hands behind you with your fingertips pointing forward and same here. So squeeze your shoulder blades together. Open up your chest, reach a chest up, And if this is enough for you, please stay here. If you want to lift it up into your table top, feel free to do that, lifting your hips and I like to keep much untucked. If you want to bring your head back up, we'll even let it relax back. You're free. To do that means learning. Bring it back down. Coming into your seat. Take one big breath. You are letting the shoulders relax and then slowly coming back into a seated position, maybe prop yourself up onto a block just one of a few moments. Take your right arm up a little stretch for the triceps. CIA Always final stretch for the sides. It's lonely coming up changing sides. Push it back a little on and slowly relief. Now bring her right arm across the body and draw the shoulder out here, so you really want to find a little bit of that stretch for your your shoulder your deltoid a little here on it. Slowly change sites. I don't know if you can still hear me. Yeah. Find a good stud here on. Really? We're gonna find one more stretch for the shoulders on our back on our front. So just come on to lie on on your front here. So you want to bring? I'm going to start over on the other side, But bring your arm out like so, and you can always adjust. Avoid moving into any pinching off any sort soaping arm out of the side. Look down, left home, left hand comes down and I'm sorry. Bend the left knee, and then all we're gonna do is roll over to that right side. So you may even just kind of hover somewhere here. Maybe your left foot can comes down to the to the floor and then notice how your your right arm feels your right shoulder here. Where do you feel the stretch? Maybe you need to just a little bit, but keep it engaged. You wanna keep a little of that strength there? That support we dont push down through that left hand to roll the left shoulder up. We can always take your left arm up more of that stretch. Share a little bit of that squeeze of the shoulder blades and your back, and then slowly bring her back down to the floor. Shuffle over. You go. So, no, bring her left arm out to the site. Same here. Bend your right knee, maybe. Yeah, roll the shoulders away from your ear already, and then slowly roll over to this side. Then again, maybe a right foot kind of Hovis here maybe can take it down to the floor, read your right shoulder up. Maybe just that left hand your left arm ever so slightly. Or maybe reach your right arm up towards the ceiling. Maybe stretch it back towards, uh towards the back when there's lowly. Take it down again, Roll onto your front, take your hands under the shoulders and then press yourself all the way back up into an all force and then reach back towards your heels into your child's pose. Stretch your arms out to the front, maybe take them by your side to relax your shoulders a little more and then take a couple of breath here. Nice and deep. Full inhalation. And as he excels, only relax your shoulders a little bit more relaxing neck, relax your face and slowly bring yourself all the way back up to sit down into a cross legged position. 8. 3.6 Sweet Guided Meditation: Hello, everyone. And welcome to today's meditation. You may have heard before someone saying that we are not our thoughts or that we're not our feelings, and today is really to find a little bit more awareness off that do really gonna tune into what that actually means. So it's about finding out how we can take the seed of an observer, our thoughts and our feelings. And again, all that really means is that we find a way to realize that be not our thoughts that were not our feelings. But instead we realize that we are that consciousness that can observe and look at these feelings and thoughts within us. It's almost like you're stepping next to yourself and looking at yourself, looking at yourself, looking at your feelings. And when we do that, we're able to create a certain distance between us and our thoughts and feelings so that we're not as reactive anymore, depending on what we feel. Think in whatever moment, so that ultimately we can create an awareness or we can start to realize that we are able to choose what we feel and think. So let's see how we can use the following meditation as a tool. Mental training to practice, creating that distance to our feelings and our thoughts, and maybe then overtime. When you practice this more often, you realize you're able to choose consciously. What do you want to feel and think and how we want to feel and think in our life? All right, lovely ones. So let's begin. Simply start by sitting nice and told you can sit cross legged or in a chair in a somewhat comfortable seat, which allows you to adjust it for the next 15 minutes or so. So reach up through the crown of the head. Find a gentle awareness of your core to support your yourself and sitting up nice and told and relax your shoulders. Maybe even lean back ever so slightly to allow yourself to really open up to breathe fully in and free range can open your heart a little here and when you're ready, simply close your eyes. Just take a deep baresi a few deep breaths deep. Inhale through the nose and out through the mouth. We can take a huge breath full of love, life and joy, and so, so deep and then breathe out all the way again through the mouth. I mean, how once more If you're breathing in so deeply for the first time in your life, finding that spaciousness and freedom of your breath on and release again slowly, let go of your breath and allow it to find its natural rhythm again, Bring your attention to the tip of your nose. Notice a gentle flow of air in and out and simply observe. How does it feel as you in how how does it feel as he excel? Maybe even notice a temperature difference here. Yeah, you can become really present when you focus your attention on your nose. When you breath with that laser beam like focus, simply watch your breath breathing in on doubt again. And even when you notice any sorts coming up, simply acknowledge that without veteran and then gently bring it back to you. Focus on the breath, the woman meditating. We're training our minds to stay where when pointing our attention to exactly where you wanted to be and then keep it there and focusing on the breath is a great tool to help us with. This is this very moment right now is always really have. There's nothing else yet. What happens is that our thoughts take us away sometimes on a journey to the past or the future. And whenever you start to consciously focus on your breath, that's exactly when you arrive in the here and now and become fully present. And when you're ready, start to tune into your body. Just a little body. Check your noticing how you feel today. Now imagine you're a scientist with a cool little jacket being grown glasses, maybe a magnifying glass as well. And that I said, scientists that you are you now noticing which feelings within your particularly present right now this simply to known. Simply watch and notice what's going on and see if, for the first time ever you looking at your feelings like that. And as if you didn't know whether they're good or bad, as if you just be totally curious about what feelings actually are. And then you started, dive into your body and notice what exactly you're feeling right now. Which feelings have been particularly present within you today, and it's a scientist that you are. Just imagine how you taking one of those feelings. Just one of them. Maybe it's doubt or love, Gratitude, maybe anger. Whatever comes up here, whatever is somewhat more present than others imagine you're now looking at it in a lot more detail. Take this feeling into your hand, look at it and turn it around. Look at it from above, from the left from the rights moving from underneath. Just notice its color. Its shape. Maybe it's heavy. Maybe it's really light. Just imagine that right now there's nothing more interesting in your whole life than looking at this feeling that you're holding in your hand. We become aware of it where it came from, what it wants from you. And so whilst you're looking at it in such detail, take a moment to tune in and check whether you like this feeling. Maybe not so much. Take whether you want to keep it. Or maybe you don't does it, do you? Good. Maybe it doesn't. And depending on how you choose right now, you can keep it for now or you put it back Where came from. Now imagine this giant shell full of feelings. A huge shelf with hundreds and hundreds of feelings safety Now decide this feeling that you were just looking at isn't doing you any good. Just imagine you as a scientist, you go ahead and just you could just help it back onto the shelf. You just put it back. If you don't want to feel it anymore, you can choose. What do you want to feel? Here? You're able to choose your feelings and become aware of them without any judgment. And then just look at it, observe it. Look at what it wants for me. Or maybe you realize that it may just want some attention because eventually you've been giving it attention in the past. But now you realize that you can consciously choose which feelings you'd like to focus on and which one stone serve you, in which case they'll go straight back onto the shelf. So now you start walking along that huge shelf and start to look at all the feelings that they are out of all these hundreds of feelings. Go ahead and look at which feeling you really, really like at this moment, which one resonates the most with you right now and then take it off the shelf and start checking it out. That feeling that he would love to feel right now, Whatever it is you'd like to feel, check out its foreman shape its color with its light or heavy. Maybe it even moves and then notice. Whenever you do that, what comes up within you? Does it maybe trigger something with you? So if you like this feeling, make a decision to simply take it with you into your day. Make a decision here. And now that you can connect to that feeling as you become aware of it, this could simply be love and trust. Gratitude in a piece, strength, confidence or joy. And then choose to take it with you, having made the decision to allow this feeling to be with you throughout your day. So now, as the scientist that you are having just discovered and explored your feelings, you walk a little further into the next room, and this room is the room of your thoughts. And you, as a scientist, are amazed and simply stunned by just how many millions of thoughts there on this room simply wiz E and buzzing through the whole room. So with your little cool white scientists jacket, you go ahead and on wonder through the room between all the salts. It's not. Observe with excitement and wonder what all these thoughts are. Imagine he was seeing those thoughts that come up the most throwed your day. Those stars that pump up the most within your mind, those that repeat themselves that keep coming back into your mind. And those starts also that you're really familiar with and then simply continue walking through this room with these thoughts, flying around and strew it, bouncing off each other, millions of them. And then, just as he did with your feelings, simply choose one thought. Pick it up, rabbit from out of the space that it's floating in and take it into your hand. Look at it. What does it say? How does this thought feel? Is it heavy? Which form which shape does it have? The delights? Maybe it's warm, and it's really cool, dark And with that huge curiosity, just look at it again from all science. And again, you have the choice to now say, Do you want this thought? Do you want to think that thought, Do I really want to entertain it? Does it help me? Does it empower me? Or is it powerful and loving? Is it a powerful and loving thought? And if that is so simply, keep it. No. If it isn't simply imagine how the scientists in you is not able to take this thought apart in tiny little pieces. Just imagine this is huge workspace this huge table in front of you. And imagine the scientists. Now that you are, you take the thought which is made up of different sentences, different words, different letters and then simply take it all apart so that in the end, the individual let us just lie on top of the table without anymore meaning. And with that, it doesn't hold any more weight or value anymore. It's simply gone. You simply took this thought apart, and now you can choose as to whether you want to just throw the letters into the building, that standing right next to the workspace you've just been working on. Or maybe you decided to create a new sort out of these letters, or you could simply decide to leave them there and come back to them later on. Do you wonder often continue walking through the space, looking at other thoughts anything that kind of comes up new, curious What's happening within your thoughts there and what's he looking at? These thoughts, there are those that keep coming back that I'm very persistent. But they're also once and really loving ones. When suddenly you realized that you, the scientists, you're not one of these thoughts, but instead you are the scientists. You can touch these thoughts. You can take them into your hand. You can take them apart into individual letters. You conform them to new thoughts. You can question them and all these thoughts and feelings, then this massive In this huge space, they just come and go. Sometimes I stay a little longer. Sometimes they just linger for a while and then disappear again. But you, the scientist, can I choose to keep them or not. The fascinating thing is that your thoughts are just hovering in this huge room, and there's also space between these thoughts that he can wander around in. So this space is your consciousness. It's a space that holdings around your thoughts and your feelings as a columnist and a piece did as it always stays the same. The only thing that changes are your thoughts and your feelings. Depending on would you choose to think and feel, says your work day as a scientist, Cumpston and you're relieved and excited at the same time that you can simply walk through the room and out of the door. You still amazed and fascinated by the huge amounts of feeling buzzing through the room at any time. He also relieved that they come and go, and then you have the choice which wants to keep and which ones to let go off. You are the consciousness that surrounds it'll, and the more gently and loving you look at these thoughts and feelings in your mind, the more you can choose which consciousness you want to be in. Is that scientists, you know? Go take off your jacket and your glasses and you excited to return back to your breast. You're still an observer, simply watching it now. No need to adjust. No need to change a control. It simply focusing on your in. How I don't dxl just stay here for a few moments and when you're ready, slowly started deep in your bra. Start invites a movement coming back into your body, but you're owns above your head and give yourself a really good stretch. Justice thoughts won't ever stay for very long. They simply move on again. What makes it so difficult? It's the judgment that we attached to them. So the more we practice being that observing, the more we start to become conscious off the process and the more we can create that space that distance that we need. It's like when the cinema, watching a film weaken, just simply sit there and watch the film. But we're not the screen, and we're also not the film itself. Instead, we are the consciousness that surrounds it all, and that is also in a position to observe itself. You just gave yourself a moment of gratitude here for taking the time to tune in and really become aware of that reality within you and getting to know your thoughts and your feelings a little better. Thank you so much for joining me today. I wish you a wonderful rest of your day. Thanks so much. Much laden. Bye bye for now 9. 3.7 Well done! Coming up next week ...: I hope you enjoyed today's class. These movements are fantastic to take into your toolbox of self care, not just a fix your aches and pains, but also for prevention. Before things start, Teoh kick off in that area, keep opening up connecting to your heart and, as a result, inviting a deeper breath and more spaciousness into your life. Next week is going to be all about balance, so buckle up and get ready.