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Hello Hips & Hamstrings! [Yoga for Beginners]

teacher avatar Eva Schroeder, Yoga teacher & Student of Life

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Watch this class and thousands more

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Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

    • 1.

      Intro - A Warm Welcome to You [Week 2]


    • 2.

      Your Class Project


    • 3.

      2.1 Warm Up your Hips


    • 4.

      2.2 Sun Salutation


    • 5.

      2.3 Hello Hips and Hamstrings Flow


    • 6.

      2.4 Cool down


    • 7.

      2.5 Sweet Bliss in Meditation & Relaxation


    • 8.

      Well done! Where to go from here.


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About This Class

Welcome back!
This is Week 2, where we're going to tune in a little deeper and looking at our hips and hamstrings - areas of our body that are notoriously tight in any of us with a desk-bound life-style ... *sigh*

If you've not yet checked out our first week, here's your link!
In Week 1, we moved through a gentle yet strong session to start cultivating more mobility, strength, and a deeper awareness of your body and mind. 

Both classes are part of a 5-part course that invites you to start your very own Yoga journey! 

Create extraordinary changes 
within your life, discover a renewed sense of ease, strength, freedom & lightness within your body, your mind and of course your life as a whole. 

Once again, be mindful and move with kindness and compassion towards yourself. Never ever beat yourself up for not being able to do any of the postures right NOW. There's progress every time you practice, even though you may not notice it at first. Stay with it, commit to yourself, find that strength and grace within you and follow through.

And above all - enjoy moving, growing and deepening that beautiful relationship to yourself :)

Thank you so much for being here with me. Feel free to message me with any questions you may have (hello@evejuniper.com).

And if you liked my class, please do consider leaving me a thumbs up review, it'll help me so much get my class seen by more students, spreading the goodness of how we can navigate our often crazy lives just a little bit easier.

Thanks a million, warm wishes & happy practicing!
Eva xoxo

Week #1: Cultivate mobility, strength, & a deeper awareness of body & mind

Week #2: Hello hips & hamstrings. This one's for you xx

Week #3: Today we'll tune into shoulders and neck ... #blissbombed

Week #4: It's all about creating a strong foundation & improving your balance. Practice this one often!

Week #5: Your Yoga practice - a tool box for life. We've got goodness for the spine, the hips, hamstrings, find strength and above all - your powerful breath. Probably THE most important factor within our practice. Enjoy 

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Eva Schroeder

Yoga teacher & Student of Life


What strange times we find ourselves in. Times that call us all to stop, more than ever, to breathe, to become still. To notice the mind "stuff", notice the feelings and emotions, the way we react to what we're facing. To find balance. In all areas of your life.

Take this surreal, incredible opportunity to tune inwards, to journey inside of yourself, to elevate consciousness. And in the meantime, let our world recover and take a breath as well...

If you feel stressed or overwhelmed by the happenings of the past months, here's my invitation to you: 

Breathe deeply.

Take a deep belly breath IN.
And a deep long breath OUT.
Repeat that 3 times. Do it now.

Then let your breath fall to a more natural rhythm again. A... See full profile

Level: Beginner

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1. Intro - A Warm Welcome to You [Week 2]: Hello and welcome back. I hope you really enjoy the first week. You'll slowly start to build up a deeper winners, and I able to visualize on a deeper level, to encourage healing within yourself as well as building strength and mobility truth. So for today's practice, you'll need a zoo, always yoga mat. We need to see stop and to blocks of books for support. You may or may not need that. And again, a pillow or blanket may come in handy as well. So remember to always adjust if and when you need to be mindful and kind to your own body. As much as we want to challenge ourselves, we also need to learn when to cut ourselves some slack. So let's go ahead and get started. Last week, we talked about how simply becoming aware on a deeper level, we can start to encourage, release and eventually create a sense of Indians within our 40 as well as our mind. We also learned how our breath, especially our breath out, can help us find that So our focus and intention this week, if finding our edge finding mobility, becoming more flexible, is a journey inwards. It's never just This is how flexible I am and no further. You may have noticed that even just by moving sort of the variations off the sun salutations in the first sessions that you body become small, subtle every time, a little bit more every time, A little bit more, a little more ease or more give. So how far can you safely move in your practice without pushing hard beyond your limits? Where's your edge and how can you play with an edge to effect change to affect release of tension versus creating force and more attention. So for today, I invited to play with your edge. Really notice where you are at the beginning, and if you slowly move through the session, notice how that changes. Notice how it moves constantly, enjoy. 2. Your Class Project: next up your class project. So the class project for each class is the falling share your biggest inside and take away from this class And to help you with that, you have some questions for you to consider. What did you find? Difficult. What was easy? What did you think you could manage easily, but then turned out rather tricky. Did you notice any areas in your body that may need a little more TLC going forward on which area within your body appreciated the practice the most? Another really important one is compared to before the session. How did you feel afterwards? And you're able to walk and move a little more greater lighter as a result. No. Anything that comes up for you and shared in the class project area know that any difference and sensation that you feel is a wonderful and very welcome signal towards a deeper awareness and finding that awareness within our body as well as ar minus a huge step . Two more mindful movement and also living a stronger, more centered life. One. Were you more easily let go off distractions and the dreaded busy monkey mind. So let's go and get started 3. 2.1 Warm Up your Hips: Let's get started on all back, so just roll onto your back. Bring both knees into your chest. Let's take a couple of breath here, give yourself a little squeezy, a little rock from side to side. Activating the spine. Lower back when we bring the knees a little away from each other on a few movements. Always a nice way to just mobilize a little bit and see what's going on within the body. Any directions, maybe move your head from side to side. And then from here, we're gonna jump straight into a nice, deep hip opener Here, sir, have a couple of variations. Can keep your left knee bend. And we want to bring the foot somewhat right on top of that. Me Bring in your leg, you neo to the side, and then either hold onto your hamstrings. You can hold on to your ankle, or you can find the bottom of your foot and hold onto the side, the outside, Maybe the insight. Um, I'm gonna come into post cold, half happy baby. It's another variation. Here's to extend their left like out. So rather than letting it just kind of relax on the floor there lived a hell. I'm just gonna let it hover there and you find a little strengthen your left leg to counterbalance that opening within the hip. New. See how you can let your right arm get a little heavy. Really Sink into that right. Have noticed way you feel that the most, maybe final swayed from side to side. It's again. It's a really strong hip opener to start with, so just be mindful. Be gentle with yourself. Take a deep, full breath, really directed into the right hip here. Well, then, excel really is completely. Slowly bring both feedback. Change sites again. Choose a variation year. Either find your foot, your ankle, maybe hamstring and then either extend your right leg. Bend the knee again as you change science team. I feel a little stretch here in the right hip flexor, well, opening their same year. Sincere. He can just relax and consciously let go off that left hip here, so your left foot in your left hand are are strongly collected. Oh, you're your ankle there. See if we can keep their control there to find that release within the hip, you might feel in their hamstrings here as well. Depending on where you are. Anybody mega And just take more, more deep full breath against strong through that right leg. Keep your right foot. Right foot flexed. Take one last deep breath. I meant literally. Bring both feet back together, squeeze your knees into your chest and then slowly rock over to Unless I it we're going to come into clam shells. So really nice way to find a little engagement for the glute immediate. Um, make sure you're not dipping into the side here. So you want to find that length within the spine, Bring both feet together. Brought both knees together on your feet, your hips and your left elbow. Here. Want to be somewhat in line and then simply start opening it up? We're gonna do a number of rounds and notice if you're dipping into the back, Stay nice and strong. Your right hip, right on top of that left. You can always take your hand to include and notice that activation. Feel the activation as you move through this exercise here. That's a little wake up for the glutes. Let's do another three to one and I'm gonna roll onto your back again. Well, until our feet about hip width, distance away from each other. Snuggle your shoulder blades final strength through your shoulders, then leave to him. Drive through the heels. That's what I would like you to focus on here. So press the heels down, then slowly rolled a spine back down, sir. Gonna lift up and roll it back down. You want to find a little engagement here through the hamstrings as well? Obviously you might feel that in your right Glute glutes as well in the area that off. Not very, uh, or not activated a lot, especially in us women. I was gonna find three more when three. And to roll it down on last one on coming back and roll over to your other site changing. It's obviously elbow hip feet in line. Keep your hip right on top of the other and then open up here on. See how you can find a few rounds. Only good notice. You may feel that you in there and the glutes if you take your hand onto the glutes. Nice and strong controlled movements. Let's do three more and three and to on one on, and she really should get out. Coming on to on all fours position from here over the last time, we're gonna find a couple of cat cow movements to mobilize the hip and again a little bit more for the spine so we can initiate the movement coming from the hips to till Did pelvis for letting a spine follow. Roll the shoulders back. It's kind of movie. You can always find a little freestyle from side to side again. If you notice any areas within the body that feel a little tight, feel free to get lean into the autumn. See how we can move with it to move. Intern. Sit back towards your heels. I want your fingertips again. Make a little wriggle on reaching of phantoms. Forward working fingertips over to the left side, over towards your right heel, coming over to the other side, stretching back towards that left and then slowly coming back. A little bird mobilization for the wrists. A swell. Find a few big circles. Jenning Seles. If you've got any trouble with your wrists, let's pin them back now that I've got a little risk tutorial for you that I'm gonna link to the courts areas well, sitting back towards the heels here, running that stretch for the forearms, the the insides of your forearms and it's slowly coming back. Shake it out a little. We're going to move straight into, Ah, little bit of coal work here. So if you've done a court challenge, you will know off this one. Um, it's a nice little one. A little bit whole body engagement there. Bring your legs together having a hands to your knees, maybe a little further back, um, and then press the floor down. Notice that engagement of your shoulders huggy elbows in, taught each other. Do you find a little bit of that activation off your your pecs and then set a hardy belly and started hugging the core in from all the way down in your pelvic floor, drawing in and up, drawing rib cage in and up. Take a big full breath and then press the floor away so much that your body is gonna lift up here. So lift the knees, hold the belly in, take a deep full breath and then slowly, really maybe give you risked a little shake here. No, it's massage them for a little release. Let's repeat, Find that foundation Huggy help I was in. Read your chest forward. Push the floor way Bring your knees and up. Take a deep full breath I'm in slow early Release Azamiyah A little bit of a shake A little release Take a deep breath Do one last round again Bennion huggy overs in Find that engaging the whole front of the body Hug everything in and up and then started. Find on that lift Anybody Maybe now bring a right foot up. Maybe bring your left for them and it's not me. Release again. Given a little shake, No relief. Take warm a big breath Excel completely When we moved back into downward facing dog er what ? Simply to move your feet forward They found a little sway from side to side It was Hold onto your elbows for moment Well, say get out They could your spine shaking your head your legs And then in hell come halfway up Just once on an excels loaning and release me a little deeper Push the flow away with your feet As you rise all the way Lift palms up Excel Relax your arms by your side 4. 2.2 Sun Salutation: with your next inhale. Bring both feet together. Ian Howe reach both arms all the way up. Egg cell soft money, slowly folding forward in How come halfway. Hands to the fishing, the knees, conditions, maybe the floor and then exile. Release again in how to Come all the way up. Lived up. Constant Excel Relaxing almost Biocyte One more time. Inhale Reach both arms up. Excel slowly fooled in hell Halfway. Offer your heart forward. Excel Really last time. Come all the way up. Lifting up palms touch, Excel, Relax, arms. Let's continue with two rounds off an easy some facilitation Here, take a deep full breath. Rooting down into the floor Feeling that connection to the ground. No, I think up through the crown of the head. Take a deep breath. Reach both arms up Excel Fold in how halfway excel. Plant your hands. Step back into plank. Take one. Full breath is excellent. Take the knees down. Elbows move. Income all the way down big in how cobra pose. Maybe find little movement here on the X. How really pushed it back up downward facing dog, three rounds of breath fingertips are pressing down. Shoulders move away from the ears. So from the knees a lot for this one. Slowly walk feet forward again. The Ian How come halfway exile release and how reach Almost worried and up. Relax the arms I aside in help reach both arms wide and excel. Fold in how halfway Excel planned your house. Step the left foot, right foot back. Let's look old way straight down. Exhale a A and how and to cobra drew the belly in and up. Maybe gave up exile. Push for away downward facing dog three rounds of breath Slowly walk forward And how halfway exile Slowly fold in How each both arms wide and up. Look up, excel, Relax, arms, Biocyte. 5. 2.3 Hello Hips and Hamstrings Flow: Let's continue straight away. Big inhale, Reach both arms up. Excel slowly Fold e and how halfway Look up, Excel downward facing the whole Step it back. So I hope you notice that again over time, but you'll find your hamstrings the back of your body opening up a little easier. So stepping right foot forward into a lunge and you can either, yeah, step forward, maybe take a right hand here to help it along and coming into your lunch. So just to kind of recap a little CIA writing, he wants to stay right above your right ankle. Notice the hips. You don't want a lunge out here hanging into the hip joint, so don't do this Instead led both hip bones. Hip bones shine forward here, so imagine their little flashlights there that are shining forward and then draw your belly in and up to lift yourself out of the spines again. You're not hanging into the hip here, so let's come intel until bring both arms all the way up running that lengthen your site body lifting up notice a strength element, but also a lengthening element taken in how you want to lengthen up with the excel. Maybe deepen the stretch a little more, maybe noticed. Feel that the feel the strength in your hamstrings pressing down through the hell it's drawing in and up. Three the belly. So keep that engagement there. The Excel Come half way forward swoopy arms back E in Hallums up Excel Twofold. In Halligan Homes on Excel, take a hands down to the floor for this one is a nice on to use a couple of blocks, maybe a couple of big books that may come in handy to elevator upper body, if that's more comfortable, maybe even all the way up here, depending again on where you are within the hips, says he and Holly wanted lengthen and with the Excel and deepen the stretch a little deeper again. Feel free to use the blocks or the books in how you want to lengthen and then start a walk your hands back. I would have to take the blocks and the books along with you. Keep your arms so your hands underneath your shoulders on flexi right foot sea in how walk it forward, Reach your chest forward and excel. Walking comes back. See in how lunging forward excel, Walk it back. Another said Right now, it doesn't have to be straight In order for you to feel that stretch here in the hamstrings in the cast as well, if you really draw the toast, taught you there. See again. See wherever you wherever you edges today. Now can you breathe intent that inherent when the length of the spying toe longer And if you excel, may be lengthening the leg a little bit more. Maybe draw other for tortilla bit more Or maybe folding for what? A little deeper in how moving with that wave, like motioning out to lengthen exiled tyrannies and always reach arms forward. Here, take one. Morty, Full breath. Excel Release women Sloan in lunging forward. Plant your hands, maybe remove your blocks. Step back and take your left foot forward. Same here to your right knee down, coming up. Find your foundation. You draw the belly in front at length in your side, putting lift your arms up. Check in notice a little difference here between your left and your right side. But then find that engagement again. Press a left heel down, find that engagement. Draw the 1,000,000,000 to find that space here between your your your core on your thigh and in the exile. Keep that as you bring your arms back. But lean half way forward in how Arms up, eggs out, Come halfway and how come on up and then X elegant. Take a hands back down to the mat. May be on to fingertips. Maybe with your palms down Is he in? How you wanna length, not lift up and then excel slow i d Hands back And how Come on forward Excel slide of that in hell again sliding forward and then excel settling into the stretch here for a few more moments in how you wanna lengthen exile release maybe walking hands forward, lengthening a spine. Keep breathing deep and smooth Loan inhalations and exhalations. Relax your neck, woman Deep in hell. Maybe draw the left host towards you even more. The direct the stretch into the calls with the Excel sinking into that stretch a little deeper. It is lonely rocket forward and seeing how lift your right leg up flight back downward facing dog. So you just stay here, maybe find an optional Viasa here to take the knees down a little more strength. Look but openers for both hips here and then exhale. Push the floor way down. What? Facing dog Regional, Right? Leg up any amount with your excel, step your right foot forward and then keep your left knee up off the floor. You can adjust the stance here as much as you need to. Lulea bring yourself all the way up into crescent lunch Notice of that left heels. Can a dip me in our dipping out? Find little stability here. Maybe bend the left knee, Draw the belly in Same here. Reach both thumbs up. Find that lengthening Syria site Body Excel Come halfway forward. Posey for moment. Reached the right hipbone back. Does he mean, how come all the way up? Eggs out, Come halfway And then in how? Take your left arm, circle it all the way around Spin the back heel flat and come into you. Worry too from here. So notice we've changed the alignment off the hips now. So before our hips were pointing forward and now they're pointing out to the to the side. What he obviously to me talks facing you now backheels down the right foot still pointing forward and that ride me here. Notice. If that's stepping in, engaged the clues here they'll be activated earlier to bring the knee right above the ankle . Lego Don't dip into the low back. Keep hugging in through the core, remembering arms wide and relax the shoulders. Take a deep full breath on Excel completely. Take one big reverse worrier. Read your right arm up straight the whole right side of your body and then slowly come on back, straightened and rightly pivot your right foot forward. We're gonna bend. That left me to come sit all the way down Mega again, either back a bit in either. Keep your your foot down. Maybe bring it up a little more of a deeper stretch. Their you know anyone of lengthen with the Excel. Walk your hands forward. We go reeling from the site body. Relax into that right hamstring the left ankle. So stay there for a few more moments. If that's totally out of the question here, you know, there may be something going on in unique. Simply stay up high since they bend their knee here and find out stretch here of the doctors on the inside of the right leg like so many the come up here, you support yourself. Maybe even maybe even take it blocks and, you know, elevate yourself up a little here, depending on where you are, just he adjust yourself or just and support yourself as much as you can. So come all the way over to the other. Signed. Same variation here. Toothy option. Notice the difference here between your left and your right side. The mayor. They may not be one. And then walking arms forward against India's straight forward diagonal here, so region for laying on your spine. Ian, how you wanna lengthen and then excel really seem relaxed into that left leg rocking to that right ankle as well. I notice you may feel it in the like halfs, and they Achille said as well, and then slowly bring yourself all the way up. So gonna stay now isn't low again. Take it blocks if and, uh, if you need to. When we come into the white leg forward fold here. So let the toes MSF's highly move in. So shoulders hand about shoulder width distance when a length and come up with a long back with the excel slowly folding again. It doesn't matter how deep you get into this pose. Ear. You, My soft new needs a little open, but you can keep that length within this. Find somebody come over to the side here to show you. So a lot of times I see this happening here. People trying to get down to the floor to simply keep your knees, Ben. But find a little bit of that pelvic Tonia forward to keep that Lengthen your spine in how you want to lengthen, excel slowly, fold in how length, maybe come up a little Exel straight in the legs. Look before and continue with these a wave like motions and I get over time. You may be able to move a little deeper and definitely thrilled. Recessions. You they find that at the end you've opened up a little bit more. You pushed your edge and also slightly a little further down E. And how you want to lengthen it uncomfortably. Touch the of that line between your heels with your hands. Gently push the floor forward to deepen the stretch and move yourself into the stretch a little bit more than lift the shoulders away from your ears. Maybe shake up ahead here and then in how you wanna lengthen on and no, With that excel slowly Pivot that right foot forward again and come back into your lunge. Navigate on on that. Here, take your left hand down to the floor. Maybe on the block and the same here. Is he in? How you gonna leave? You're right. I'm up. Keep reaching the right hip on back and then excel Did your right hand down Spin the back heel flat, maybe come onto your fingertips or on the block and then inhale. Reach your left. Um, up. All right. So keep reaching that left hip out of hit back e And how? Lift up. Excel to change. Spin the back heel up in help, right? I'm up. Excel to change in How left Excel to change, you know, exiled to change Last one sitting down nice, low in the hips and then take your left hand down Spin the back heel up And then from here , glue your upper body on top of your right thigh, push the floor way and slowly laying mad Rightly And as soon as he started noticing upper body in your right leg moving away from each other. Stay there so he don't want to straighten the lake completely. Unless you're happy to do that and just pause there for a moment when lengthen to inhale glue the upper body to your right like Well, maybe now flex your right foot, push the right heel down into the map stain as in high only left foot. That means loony coming back and slide back into downward facing dog. Maybe give it a little shake for an optional genius. It isn't easy Excel Push it away Downward facing dog See in hell left leg lift up Excel Stepping forward in challenge Same here has come all the way up First you feed Want to be someone who puts Justin away from each other a little bit more balance Reach both arms all the way up Drew of the billions we used right here But a hell duck the X I come half way forward again Squeezes shoulders, draw that left her bone back Notice the right knee was still want to be someone right on top of that left ankle Here in how each both arms up excel Come halfway Does he mean, how? Take your right arm and make a big circle here, come all the way around and sit into your warrior to come over to the other side. Really? Go find your Lyman here excellently rotate those thighs if you need to adjust the stands a little here, Feel free to do that, but find that same alignment left foot pointing forward. Left me a bovie ankle. Draw the belly in and upload the hip face out to the side and then relax the shoulders here , engaged with the left fingertips. Take a deep full breath. Excel completely. Then spin your left palm up and reverse you warrior. Find that long stretch for the whole left side of your body when slowly come on back. Been that right knee as we did earlier. Funny. And your stretch mortify as much as you need to in how slowly come on up Changing sites in how you wanna lengthen exile slowly fold and how Come on, come all the way up again. Led the feet. Let your toast point inwards straight away, and I think until a few hands behind your back squeeze the shoulder blades together in how Drew the belly in and up as the ex elegant, slowly fold forward, scintillating the arms, your hands behind her back The nice way to find a more that more that shoulder opening but also to maintain and eyes along back. So work with what you've got here in how you want to lengthen, excel slowly full. Maybe so from the knees ever so slightly in how Maybe bring your arms up above and then excel slowly. Humanity, arms, relax overhead. Maybe a little more strength involved. If your arms you know I'm not quit halfway there. Then let gravity take ahold with your owns finding a good stretch their for their shoulders When your hands back to the hips soft, many's push the floor way. And then from here, if you're gonna go this side again, um, are we gonna do its pivot over to the side and come back into our lunch again? Modifies much as you need to hear, use a block even when you need to. First take your right hand down to the floor. Maybe spin your right hand out to the side ever so slightly and then with your left arm up , some really reach your right heel Back in the chest. The Han reaches forward to find that twist here and then exhale. Take your left hand down spin that let the right heel down and reach your right arm up Excel looking down. And how left exile? Look down in hell right on the last one. And how coming up when you reach the left hip bone back Find that stretch, Excel. Right. I'm up on that. Strengthen the left. Take your right hand down. Glue your upper body on top of your thigh it slowly laying You're left like you again. Doesn't have to be completely straight. They high any right foot. That will make a difference here on my make it a little easier Find that strength. You may be a little buzzing. Maybe your legs getting tired a little Here in Helena, full eggs, the left foot Take a deep, full breath Always learning Slide it back Downward facing dog Give it a little shake La slim Nina Also here, inhale into your cobra. Stretch out the front of your body. Exile. Push it back. Childs post for this one. Bring on knees. Nice and wide. Let the feet touch and then walk your hands forward. Rest your forehead on the floor. Take a deep full breath into the belly into the side body. Woman eggs l really is. Complete your shoulders. Relax with the hips. Relax. 6. 2.4 Cool down: it's lonely. Bring yourself all the way back up. Well, come on into a seated position across like a position. Nice and easy Suk asana finding a twist Take your right hand to the outside of your left knee with your palm up Teoh and how you want it. Lengthen the spine, reach up to your left hand and then bring it back behind you. New moving into twist. Take a deep full breath into the rib cage, maybe look over to your left shoulder one lost deep in how and then slowly come on back. Changing sides in how you want to reach a ride on my find that length men twisted out here , she rolled her right shoulder back slowly coming back and then come onto your back from here. So over the next one you will want a quick, uh, stretch for the lakes. You will want to need a strap. So take a strap or belt, loop it around your right foot, maybe lengthen that left like maybe keep it bend Juicy variation here in hell. Hold on to the stop quite high rather than down here with your elbow. Spend ce in hell. You wanna lengthen the excel, maybe straighten the leg a little bit more, maybe hugging towards you a little bit more. Just a few moments here to re lengthen de full breath locks in that notice what's happening within the face as well. Take another in how region, um, heal up, Excel maybe deep in it a little bit more, and then hold onto both ends of the strap with your right hand and route the left hip bone down. Let your right leg move to the outside, so find a nice deep stretch there for the N F L E. If you don't have a wall in your way, you may open up a little bit more, even all the way down to the floor. If your hips allow notice. If that left hip it's gonna lifting up route that down into the matter, we really want to just move that that opening into the right hip here a nice, juicy stretch there for the enough I a little off the hamstrings as well. Where you go slowly change sides isn't easy again. Just chill out here for a few more moments. Begin how on excel notice how we can maintain A. We have to maintain a just a gentle engagement there within the thighs to find that opening within the legs. And I will, in a second section, talk a little bit more about the mechanisms that help us with stretching and strengthening of the same time. The beauty off. Yeah. Most clever little mechanisms. Our bodies house. Yeah. So you get hold on to the strap with your left hand and then open that left leg out to the side. They move all the picture again, route that right hip own down, find a little strength through the right leg, the right hip. Maybe you can unravel your right arm out of the sigh in orbit of a starfish. There, half, half starfish. Maybe let that was toes left, toes turned down towards the floor that he moves up. Encourage even more of that rotation within the Fed. One that's lonely. Released and bring both knees 7. 2.5 Sweet Bliss in Meditation & Relaxation: And if you want a little bit more hip opening, as always, you can bring the soles off the feet together into your body cannot snow SUPT. About ACC Anissina reclined couples post, or you can extend both legs out. Take a deep breath, have an excel, Let it go completely. So in this last part off our practice today, I want to lead you through a brief meditation. This is a meditation for clarity. To send to yourself and to move back to sit behind the wheel off your own life smooths control and equanimity within your mind, and it's OK if you've never meditated before. Simply lie on your back and I'll guide you through it. On some days, meditation will feel easy on others. It might feel a little more difficult. The trick is to gently stay with it each time, no matter how it feels. Make sure you're comfortable here before you start stretching out. Simply gonna meditate, lying down. It's normal for your thoughts to wonder, Simply tried to take a step back and appreciate finding alone headspace, so it's simply close your eyes. Here, find your breath. Take a couple of deep full breath in and out. So this is a simple counting prana Yama. Simple meditation on the breath. Right away, Such a notice, the movements of the breath on its own. No, it is where you feel, not expansion and the rise. Notice the ease of your Excel, releasing any intentional tightness within the neck shoulders and slowly started deep in the breath without creating any tension, and see how you can linger in the excel for a little while. Each time you excel, drop any remaining expectations, any mind stuff to help with staying focused on your breath. We'll begin by simply counting backwards. Just listen to my voice, keeping your eyes closed, so take a big breath on the count of four. Three to one and breathe out on the counter. Four three to one in hell on four three to one excel, let it go for three to one. Now inhale on the count again. All four three to one and egg cell on the count off. 54 three to one big breath in on four three to one and excel on five, four, three to one. Now, going deeper in how big on four through A to one and not X l long and six, five four, buttery to one big D breath on four, 321 and again had Long XL six five, four, three to one, this time again breathing on four, three to one and even longer on 76 five, four, three to one. Deep near breath in on four, three to one and then soft on the counter. 76 five, four, three to one deeper one last time for three to one and then breathe out smooth on 87 six. Fine for three to one that big in Jalan for 321 and controlled XL eight 76 five four three to wanna continue in your breath on your own in hell on four and Excel on eight. Does he continue? Each time you excel, feel like you're letting go any stuff in the mind. Any remaining expectations? Any judgments visualized them melting away, so all that's left its softness within the mind. Maybe gentle heaviness on the top off your Sinuses just continue on the counter for breathing in eight. Breathing out linger in the Excel. I feel that welcoming sensation of letting go of release. Take one more round there. Notice that's no tension. Let's take one more deep breath with the Excel led to go completely normal. Focus. No concentration just for a few moments. Allow your mind to just be linger and that silence noticing the ebb and flow off this life in your breath. Find your Shiva Sena resting. Pose nothing to do. Simply take rest and slowly, slowly, whenever you're ready, starting to wriggle your toes, wriggle your fingers. Bring your arms above your head and give yourself a really good stretch. Full body stretch. Engaging all the muscles and cells within the body. Men bowl over onto your side. Keep your eyes closed. Gently process off up into a seat. Take a deep breath in excel completely. We have to tend to pride ourselves by being able to multi task. Yet our productivity really excels now. Ability to stay present fully and what we're doing in each single moment in the simple act of being present in the breath is the foundation of it'll. Now join your hands together value. Gaze down ceiling in your practice you before you go back into the rest of your week. Give yourself a moment off gratitude towards yourself. Your practice, your beautiful body being a little clear, own body and mind about where you edges today being a little clearer on where you comfort zone is and where you start to grow and expand into this strong and beautiful soul that you already are within your heart. And call your lips into a big, big smile and take that with you. Thank you so much that must stay. 8. Well done! Where to go from here.: Hello, my friend. And how are you feeling? How does your body feel now? How does your mind feel? Did he enjoy the shabbas now at the end, So good all up and really take it with you into your day off the rest of your weakest. Well, if you've got another few moments, take your diary and make a note off How you're feeling house a session ones and then schedule your next yoga class in the sequence for next week, ideally the same day in same time. If that work for you, block it out in your diary created. Remind us you can really stay committed to yourself and follow through with creating some magical changes within your life. Give me a little review and a thumbs up much appreciate that it will really help me get this clocking by more people and help more people tune into their beautiful Selves. Get stronger, feel better and relax a little more And just really live the life they love to lift. Thank you so much. Number Stay. Bye Bye. See you next time