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Yoga for Balance [Yoga for Beginners]

teacher avatar Eva Schroeder, Yoga teacher & Student of Life

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Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

    • 1.

      A warm welcome to Week #4


    • 2.

      Your Class Project


    • 3.

      How to use your breath to deepen your practice


    • 4.

      A gentle lying Warm Up


    • 5.

      Short and sweet Yoga Flow with Sun Salutes


    • 6.

      Build a strong foundation


    • 7.

      Beautiful Balance


    • 8.

      Slow down & re-energize in Shavasana


    • 9.

      Well done! What happens next week!?


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About This Class

Hello lovely! 
How are you today? 

It's Week #4! How does time fly so quickly?!

Get ready to look at the very foundations within strong standing postures. And then - you guessed it: Balance your little heart out. 

Practice this one often! We're looking at finding spaciousness, but also strength and mobility within the shoulders and neck - where literally most of the people that come into my classes hold a TON of tension in. And oh so much stress... Are you one of them?

If you've not yet checked out our first week, here's your link!

This session is part of a 5-part Yoga for Beginners course which invites you to start your very own Yoga journey with me. In the comfort of your own home, always at the ready for a time that suits YOU. 

Create extraordinary changes 
within your life, discover a renewed sense of ease, strength, freedom & lightness within your body, your mind and of course your life as a whole. 

Always be mindful and move with kindness and compassion towards yourself. Never ever beat yourself up for not being able to do any of the postures right NOW. You'll notice progress every time you practice, even though you may not notice it at first. Stay with it, commit to yourself, find that strength and grace within you and follow through.

And above all - enjoy moving, growing and deepening that beautiful relationship to yourself :)

Thank you so much for being here with me. Feel free to message me with any questions you may have (

And if you enjoyed my class, do go ahead and follow me, I've got a ton of good stuff in the pipeline for you. Please do consider leaving me a lovely review, it'll help me so much get my class seen by more students, hence spreading the goodness of the power of Yoga.

Thanks a million, warm wishes & happy practicing!
Eva xoxo

Week #1: Cultivate mobility, strength, & a deeper awareness of body & mind  

Week #2: Hello hips & hamstrings. This one's for you xx   

Week #3: Today we'll tune into shoulders and neck ... #blissbombed

Week #4: It's all about creating a strong foundation & improving your balance. Practice this one often!

Week #5: Your Yoga practice - a tool box for life. We've got goodness for the spine, the hips, hamstrings, find strength and above all - your powerful breath. Probably THE most important factor within our practice. Enjoy

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Eva Schroeder

Yoga teacher & Student of Life


What strange times we find ourselves in. Times that call us all to stop, more than ever, to breathe, to become still. To notice the mind "stuff", notice the feelings and emotions, the way we react to what we're facing. To find balance. In all areas of your life.

Take this surreal, incredible opportunity to tune inwards, to journey inside of yourself, to elevate consciousness. And in the meantime, let our world recover and take a breath as well...

If you feel stressed or overwhelmed by the happenings of the past months, here's my invitation to you: 

Breathe deeply.

Take a deep belly breath IN.
And a deep long breath OUT.
Repeat that 3 times. Do it now.

Then let your breath fall to a more natural rhythm again. A... See full profile

Level: Beginner

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1. A warm welcome to Week #4: Hello, everyone, welcome back for this practice. You need one block and a cushion in a blanket to sit on later. You can always sit on your block to be like so without running. We obviously want to find a way to avoid getting injured so that we can grow and expand and get better at what we love doing. But how do we actually do you? So the repetitive nature running sadly also lends it the possibility of us developing imbalances in our body that can really quickly turn into injury. So looking at the statistics, anywhere between 65% and 80% of all running worldwide get injured, strode a year. And that's a lot of runners. So rather than over developing some muscles and ignoring others the way of prevention, one of the things that we can do straight away it start using our whole body and look at moving tours or maintaining that natural equilibrium within us. But I'll talk a little bit more about that in this week training, so let's dive a little deeper today into the practice of finding balance. What does it actually mean to have great balance if you're anything like me. That's always something going on in your life. There's ups and downs that's busy times that slow time stress, but also good times that make us forget the bath and the staff stuff for a little while. So there's always change. In fact, the month before change is the only constant in our life. So true, so wise. And once you start practicing regularly, you'll notice out to every day can look completely different than the last. Even changes from minute to minute a times. And it's clear in instant reflection is about what is happening within our life in our minds, whether we've been triggered by something or whether we've overdone it somehow, whether we just had a breakthrough, bringing us back into the flow of things. So one of the beautiful things that a yoga practice them becomes is that it actually gives us a safe environment to prepare us for life. So what does it mean with that? So I think it's this always gonna be fluctuations. As I said, that's always gonna be change. Everything changes so quickly, so we can really do. Then, in our practice is to get better at navigating that change. So how do we react to certain situations? How do you react when you pull out of the post? Is it frustrating? Can you laugh about it? One off. My favorite teachers from London and I mentioned this. People once said that the way you react on the yoga mat is how you react in life. Says the teacher. Seeing you, I've got this beautiful insight into your life that makes this student relationship a very intimate Once there's a special bond in connection, usually, which makes it so beautiful and rewarding us well. But because this right here online experience, you will have to dive into this for yourself, become aware off these little moments on the map in your life and start questioning your habitual patterns and choices and reactions as well. So that navigating change becomes an intention for the practice off, creating a deeper awareness on the map towards moving towards balance. Staying open, invulnerable city, Haitian Reflecting on our feelings, our thoughts now are reactions. So what we look at today, when we called, made the ability to balance better physically, it's really looking at how do we manage change constantly so that we can continue to draw into the midline, find our center and that's stable base around which everything else is, then free to move without pushing us off center. And when we do fall and that's inevitable along the lines of our life, so be it, because we know we always have the choice to get up and try again. So for this week's intention, invited to go deeper into that inner inquiry noticed the more subtle layers within your mind as you navigate your way through the practice, enjoy. 2. Your Class Project: next up your class project. So the class project for each class is the falling share your biggest inside and take away from this class And to help you with that, you have some questions for you to consider. What did you find? Difficult. What was easy? What did you think you could manage easily, but then turned out rather tricky. Did you notice any areas in your body that may need a little more TLC going forward on which area within your body appreciated the practice the most? Another really important one is compared to before the session. How did you feel afterwards? And you're able to walk and move a little more greater lighter as a result. No. Anything that comes up for you and shared in the class project area know that any difference and sensation that you feel is a wonderful and very welcome signal towards a deeper awareness and finding that awareness within our body as well as ar minus a huge step . Two more mindful movement and also living a stronger, more centered life. One. Were you more easily let go off distractions and the dreaded busy monkey mind. So let's go and get started 3. How to use your breath to deepen your practice: way. So welcome, Teoh. Week four. Off our yoga for begin. Of course. Today we will need a block or a big book. If you don't have a block as well as and stop or a belt, we'll do as well. So to begin with, let's start sitting down. So come Teoh, a cross legged position. If you hips a happy here, feel free to to stay. If not, pop yourself up onto a block to elevate your hips, and we mentioned that in the sessions before. So find a few more movements here, maybe a little sway from side to side. Maybe look from side to side movement through the neck. Roll your shoulders up back and relax them down. And then really open your heart here to take a deep full breath into the rib cage, filling up and with the excel, gently close your eyes. So to begin with we want to ground ourselves here. We want to find strength from our deep in a core. I want to be able to draw on the strength that's coming from the ground up, and that place is safety that yeah, that strong foundation then will help us to be able to open up to all kinds of possibilities and opportunities within our bodies. So sit Brie. I noticed that your mind may not be completely still a calm here. Be okay with that. But also noticed that in the stillness of your body you sitting still here right now, you can become aware off how the mind moves, how the mind changes. So for another few moments, yeah, see, we can step into that seat off an observer off your thoughts again. Notice your thoughts how they come, how they dio. And it's always without judgment just looking at them from all directions and then simply let them go. Wealth you aware of them? Cellular awareness down into the point off contact with the floor. Fill your sitting bones on the ground or on the block. Filet of feet. Failure legs in contact to the ground. I was always no need to judge, analyze Just become aware of the touch off that feeling off that sensation right now and then slowly with that next deep, full breath center gente open your eyes with the excel, open your mouth and released completely and slowly rock off your block place. He blocked by one side and then roll onto your back from him. 4. A gentle lying Warm Up: slimey, hug your knees into your chest. Here, give a little squeeze will rock from side to side. And if you suckle with your knees, no, they need choppiness. And then suddenly take your feet down to the floor, bring your feet about hip width, distance away from each other and sort of way noticed the position of your pelvis. Notice your lower back is your lower back arching. So Sopel was tilting forward. Maybe your low back is flat on the floor, so when we've got the knee spend, it's a little easier over the pelvis to being a neutral position or maybe even tilting back a little and simply just find out. Natural positional awareness here are we going to start doing is find a few movements here and again. A little bit of that mobility for the lower back for the sacrum, the movement of the joins Theus. I joins gently warming that up and again, always tuning into your breath. Notice how you can cultivate that length within the breath, that awareness at all times. So from here, take this drop, draw your right knee into your chest and loop the strap around. If it mega The option is always to keep the left even or ticks in the leg out to the floor . Now, seeing how I want you wherever you Legace, whether it's straight or whether it spent at this point, I want you to find a little engagement pressing into the strap, finding the length within your arms and notice how moms are straight. So don't have them up here, so there's a little bit more effort involved with a link. Nyom. Stretch them out and let that weight off your arms and your shoulders support you in holding onto the appear. So if he in how lengthen and it's the excel, maybe straighten the leg a little bit more may be drawn towards a little bit more. Just find a few moments you're settling in. Inhale, lengthen tiny, subtle movements excel, maybe drawing the toes a little closer towards you and for moment also noticed the positioning here off that right hip. So the more we want to draw that right leg towards us, if they again. If there's a little too much effort Doble, that right hip has a tendency to kind of fly up, so the right side hip has a tendency to get a collapse a little. So maybe take a thumb here into the hip crease and push it away from you. So lengthen your right out of him towards that left foot. Towards the front off Huma, both sides of the waist are equally long. Here's the hips again in line a get length and take a big breath reaching a hip forward your right foot up on with the Excel. Maybe again settling into that position here right now because we know warmed up yet we don't want to push too far anyway, so just be be gentle on. Be happy wherever you are right now. I know this is sometimes hard for us, not just for runners. There can be mindful and still allow it to happen, Mother and pushing and forcing yourself. Right. So from here, take this trap. Both ends off the strap into your right hand and then route the left hip down to the floor . So for moment, just find that awareness of your left leg's. You wanna press that left aside, bone down into the mouth, draw the left toes towards you. So you flex, um, the foot here and then gently open that right, like, out to the side and is always gotta wool in the way here, um, see again, bring that right. Like our as far as he can. However, without the left lake in the left hip lifting up off the floor. So find the strengths. Route that down into the man, especially in a soy. So press that down into the mountains policy a full moment and then as well find a little strength AEA and lift the right outer hip up. So you're not collapsing into into the post here. You're not hanging in the post, even though you're going to find a little hammock here with your strap. The final awareness there. Well, im in slowly. Bring your right leg back. I go. They're gonna change sites before actually, before we change. Popes lie flat down on the floor, so bring both feet together, but the big toe mount touch, flex a feat and bring your arms by your side. Said notice. This is our Todd usna. Imagine you're standing down on the floor and you want to press the back off your thighs own into the mouth. So you want to find that awareness off the thigh bones reaching buying. It's not so much about locking the knees here, but it's to find that energy of the thigh bones pressing back and especially the inner thigh. It's easy to find a little bit off that rotation, and again the big toe mounts are touching already. But finding a little bit of that rotation of your inner thighs drawing back to really find that awareness off strength within the legs as you're lying down, I mean, is Lily. From here. Take your left knee into your chest, so see how you can keep that awareness in your right leg in your left knee into your chest . Or, if you lose it, just get back into on Um, se him. So find a moment. Keep that right leg routine down. Notice if that lifts up here. So maybe come back. In fact, come, come back quite a lot and then see how you can keep that right, like right thigh pressing down into the mouth and then slowly Keep that as you bring your left leg back against ASEAN. How you wanna lengthen the egg cell, maybe hug it in a little bit more and again just hang out here for a few moments, focusing on your right foot, staying flexed. So feel balancing here, standing up. Keep rooting a right thigh bone doc down towards the floor. Keep reaching your left hip towards the fun again. Maybe take your thumb here, pass it away from you so you're not collapsing in the left side ways. Find that length. Hold the rib cage in towards the floor. It's a spine, and then find a few moments here to just cut a little slack here on little learners of length within the hamstring. Think of big breath and full moment. See how, even within this stretch, how you can also find a little bit off that awareness of your left thigh bone pressing out and up. So rather than just drawing and towards you find that lift up in house. So it's almost like you're coming up over to move the leg a little deeper into the stretch . That's gonna help you with that left hip a small to you on a rule that left out of help out but reached the right inner thigh up and over we go. So from here, hold on to the strap with your left hand and then gently as he route, you're right side body down into the mat. Bring your left leg out to the side. You can always take your left elbow down to the floor, but again find awareness of your rights. I bone find that little bit off core, the right side laced, engaged and then also find the strength and that left out a hip to lift up to maintain their support here. Within the pose. One more deep, full of breath. Linz Loan is lonely bringing on left leg back. Release the stop and once more, uh, bring stretch both legs out. Flex if eat me and find a went with your thigh bones. Rooting down a little of that one is a view. Chora swell. Find you to dust. No, here, take more, more deep full breath and then exhale completely. See how you can remember that feeling off lying down here, pressing the thighs back down into the mouth. We're going to repeat this a few more times as we continue throughout the practice, so slowly roll lift ahead will backing up 5. Short and sweet Yoga Flow with Sun Salutes: so we're gonna do is find a few rounds off our son facilitation to find little movement within the body. So don't worry too much about the alignment. Just find a few big movements were the in how reach both arms wide, lifting up on with the Excel Simply release your arms by your side and I'll come to the front here in hell. Reach both arms wide and on Excel really films one last time. Big inhale reach both arms suddenly is prepared to move all the way down. So Benjani's ever so slightly coming into forward fold in how come halfway and then excels . Lowly Fold. Step your right foot back into your plank. Take a left foot back with your knees down to the floor. Lonely itself down. Bigon Cobra pose. Maybe you don't hear buying that long. Stretch for the fund off the body and then gently press yourself all the way back up. Downward facing dog. Take a deep, full breath, and if he excels, it's only walk your feet forward in how you want to lengthen. Exhale slowly. Fold re chums. Why come all the way up? Excel, relax your arms by your state in one more round inhale, Reach both arms. Why excel slowly, full and how I feel hard forward Excel Planned the hands that you left foot back, step your right foot back and then slowly allowing soft on and how into Cobra Excel. Find strength to lift yourself back. Take three realms of breath here. Any movements that feel good, maybe walk it out but rude. Down Syria hands route down to through your index fingers. New thumbs Regis thigh bones back end up and Rudy in the hills down into them out. Take a warm or D full breath, then slowly walk your feet forward to media hands at the top towards the top in how lengthen eggs is lonely release. I'm bringing arms wide come all the way up on Excel he always by your side. If, for whatever reason you're unable to move through the full Vin Yasa, I invite you to do a variation instead. So I simply invited to do the following says he come into downward facing dog. Is he in hell? You know, Come on to your knees is the excel. Sit back into child's pose with you in highly going to come up with your Excel, even 1/2 little push up and then press it all the way back. Downward facing dog Does he, Ian Howell rock forward into your plank Excel Child's Pose in hell to come forward Half push up, Press it back Downward facing Dog Last one in How look forward into Plank Excel Child's Pose E in Hell. Come halfway old Web half Push up, Presa back downward facing dog. 6. Build a strong foundation: Let's come into our Tuscan oppose again. You have big toe mounds of touching and just lift your toes up off the floor Here, lifted her spread the toes is wide as he can. Do you really want to stretch the the bottom of your feet here and employs them back down? What do you also do is to you activate the archers underneath? You find that spring a, um, mechanism within the foot to you pump it within both feet as we did lying down. Can you find a awareness, an awareness of the thighs reaching back? So you want to find a little bit of that internal rotation So your inner thighs are pressing back, and what sometimes happens or what I see in some people happen is that the pelvis, as they do that shifts back. See, you don't wanna find that movement from the pelvis, but just find that internal rotation from the thighs to route the thigh bones back. So keep the lower back nice and nice and lonelier, so in, just pause here for a moment. Find that engagement, rooting down in a heels, reaching back through the inner thighs, and then engage your core and through the site body. Lift yourself up. And now how can you relax the shoulders? Yeah, Maybe region back on down. Relax info moment. But keep rooting down from the hips down and then from the hip up, you want a lift up, reach up through the crown of the head, and then from here, close your eyes. Notice your balance Notice. You may potentially lean to one side more than to the other. Maybe you moving forward back, maybe all over the shop. Gonna notice What is your reality in your body in just right now, This moment. Right. So gently open your eyes. We're going to come into our would Katarzyna legs here. So all we want to do it simply bend the knees and stay somewhat up right here. So you wanna bend the knees and noticed straightaway how our body may be shifting towards the front off the feet. So how can he lean it back ever so slightly? So you're rooting down equally into the floor. So you're finding that awareness off obviously, where the balance is but also the awareness of the midline, the most able based the foundation that we want to create. Say hello to your five. Keep rolling your thighs in so you're going to keep that engagement through your thighs. Keep drawing the belly into, lengthen your upper body and then reach both arms up here. Leo, get noticed how? The different position off the legs, the whole body, what that does to the balance within the ankles and then gently press itself old away. Back up. My God, going to do this one more time. Say, find that awareness of balance rooting down through the inner heels. Gente bend the knees. Shift the way to transfer the weight as much as you need. Toe Cuba routing downstream in her heels. Keep rotating your thighs out. Draw the belly into lengthen the spine and then reaching her arms up. Notice. Now, if you're dipping into the lower backs, it's very easy here to to get lazy and just dip into the low back. You hugging the belly and keep tilting the pelvis back ever so slightly, so your Taliban wants to draw down towards the floor, keeping that length within the lower Bach to get deep full breath and then gently press yourself all the way back up relax your arms by your side, coming back into your Dustin. So notice again. Keep reaching a thigh bones back, rooting down through the feet and then gently step your left foot back into wide legged stones. So from here, let the toes turn inward ever so slightly. Bring your arms by your side. And what do you want to some would achieve here is to bring the legs or the feet underneath the the hands roughly here. So make it a nice and wide stunts, right? And then relax. Relax your arms by your side, so the same cues here. So you want to root down through the feet. You don't want to collapse into the angles doing a root down through the inner heel, then moving up, finding the front of your thighs, pressing back to the back of your thighs. You've got that energy rooting back, but also draw the telling down into the mat, keeping that strength here and then reach your arms wide. Guy give lengthening up through the site body. Keep that engagement. Keep lifting the kneecaps up to final engagement there within the thighs as you press them back. Nice. So from here listen carefully, doing a press into that left heel, then turn the foot in. So rather than twisting the hip here, do you want to just find that rotation through the leg? All right, so again, don't proof the hip out, so you just find that left your pressing down. Keep reaching the thigh bone but and then rotate the leg in the him sunk it. You may want help it along a little so ever so slightly doesn't have to be a lot and then seem without right leg but externally rotate the leg to bring it out into a 90 degree angle . Leah. And it depends a little bit of the hip mobility. You want to make sure that your right knee Oh, you hit your right knee and your ankle are in line so that you need is not rolling in right externally. Rotate that right thigh. You can even again take your thumb role that right right thigh bone backing out. And if that means that left hip gently moves forward so weird we want to be careful. We want to be mindful of the knee because the knee has gotten much more, um, all much less twisting ability. There's a lot of flexion and extension off course. There's only a slide rotation element or ability off the knee, so don't move into any twisting off the knee. Um, instead, find them rotation out through the side bone. So again, just check that out room down through the food again, engages. I region back, roll right out of hip hop and notice how you really have to engage the outer edge of your right hip here in the growth, um, media on to roll onto eggs and then rotated route down for that, right? I keep pressing that left thigh bone back. So internee rotate. I left thigh, press down other Jones up maker. So the hips noticed the hips at that alignment out to the side. Now, letting go from here. In fact, we're gonna run toe, bring it over to the other side, So bring it back to the other side, find the right heel pressing down internally, rotated on right thigh and then externally rotate the left foot. Um, again, check them, check the alignment off the hips, roll the left eye bon left out of him back. Notice what's happening within the hip and see as well here. Don't know if you can see, but that my right side hip bone has moved forward a little and again just to be, um, aware of that left knee. Let you so bringing homes up again, President. Right thigh, bone back Get noticed the engagement within the glutes within the hour ahead out of hips reaching back pricing bag, relaxing the shoulders meets Negan that left knee. Is that still rolling out or in line with the hip and the left foot? All right, drew all the belly in Lengthen your site body in this lonely ways So we're gonna move over to the right by once more so we find that rooting down through that left heel roll. My left eye in it is literally external, externally rotated. Right. I notice on that. Notice that right. The positioning of the right knee notice is happening within the lower back and draw the Taliban down. So you're saying as a long in the lower back you press down so that right foot and then bend your right knee so you may normally go a little deeper into into the warrior. Two stones here. Um you can always just a little bit, but the same alignment here, so you know, route down through your heels route down through your feet. Find that external rotation through the right size so the right knee is pointing forward again in line with your right foot, that 90 degree or, you know, pointing straightforward on your mat if you know if he had and same him with that left thought. You know, rude down through the through the left foot, Rudy in aside back, but draw the belly into lengthen the lower back. Bring both sides of the waist up on gently, find your worrier two sons and then gave towards the front. Maybe noticed that left arm if it's and up and down, making parallel to the mat, relaxing the shoulders, keeping that rotation of that right out of hip, keeping that of becoming aware of that engagements through the hip. And if and whenever you get a cramp here, just lengthen your legs, maybe shake it out a little bit, then come back into that strong foundation through the feet. Lego, I think one last the full breath here. Slowly lengthen your legs when come into trick on us now from here. So you can maintain that positioning of the legs reach a right arm forward. Do you want your hips and your upper body want to move in line? So in this case, yeah, that right hip wants to reach back to draw that and he back through the right hip retread reach and then release your right hand down to the legs. Just a nice and high here. I don't. I want to do not collapse into the right side is easy to kind of dropped down here. Stay nice alone again. Don't worry about getting all the way down to the floor and then extend your left arm up towards the ceiling for now. Really want you to maintain that awareness within the hips? Keep rotating that right thigh bone out. Keep rooting down through both feet, maybe gaze up, maybe gaze down. And then, with the strength of your court, leave yourself all the way back up, pivot your right foot it rip and then externally, rotate that left eye on the left. Fit again. Just noticed that awareness of your left eye bone. Draw the belly in fine length and then Easler leak on NT. You worry a two thumbs you get. I noticed a little bit of that hip opening here, as well as the strength within the outer hips. Doing a rude engaged through the outer helps engage, activate the outer hips and feel that lengthening effect of the left inner thigh and the groins and the right inner thigh. All right, so without losing the strengthen the foundation, you still find that opening had a lengthening through the inner thighs. Gaze towards the left thing. A tip Finding that Trish T that gays and focus allow everything around you around your left finger tip to become blurry. Let's take one more deep full breath and then gently lived or lengthen your left wing and then slowly start a read your left arm forward, forward, forward, forward. We can move the hip in the spine in one line without that right hip dipping forward, so don't lose their foundation. Keep rotating that left, and if I then release the handle and from here, region right on up. I love it. So unravel the rib cage, unravel the right hip and don't jeopardize jeopardize an alignment within the left thigh bone maybe taking your hand on ts I rule it out. Okay, Symposia maybe goes up towards the ceiling up towards your right hand. If you are looking at the balance here, you need a little bit more. Maybe gaze down towards the mat and then again with things. If you call, lift yourself all the way up. Pivot your left foot in and bring it hands back down to your legs. Step your feet together into your to Dossena. Let's come back to the front of all Matt. We're going to move through two more rhymes of the sun Salutations with it in how rich Both arms wine excel Slowly Fold yourself forward in hell Halfway exhale Planned hands, right foot steps back, left foot steps back Take your knees down, Elbows moving in. How into cobra eggs Sound gently press itself all the way back up downward facing dog. Take three rounds of breath routing the in the hills down, reaching with the I bones back. Lynn slowly bend your knees. Look forward. I'm walking. Feed forward to media hands in how lengthen, excel fold. It's really come all the way back. Andhra locked their arms by your side nobody in hell bending your knees swoopy arms up into your Katarzyna Pause here for a moment again Rudy inner thighs down Ruchir heels down then push the flow away to fold all the way forward And I'll find you halfway Excel Plant Johan Step back into plank Take the knees down, Lower yourself all the way in how and to cobra Exhale, Push the floor Way downward facing dog we ve in. How would you write like up behind you Any moment. Step your right foot forward into a lunge. Now spend the back heel flat down to the floor Gonna come into a worrier one to find out Foundation here for a moment again Reach your right, Zyban back Ruta in the hill, Down into the mat and insanity Come all the way up here. Linda, Megan, Notice for moment. The again the positioning off the hip. So both happens here in this warrior position are pointing forward. But keep rooting down into that right in the heel. Does it mean how? Draw the belly in lifting up Pausa, Notice the balance with the exile, taking hands back down, step it back into a plank and slowed a flow done in hell into Cobra Excel. Push it away and downward facing dog ese in how Reach a left leg up Excel. Step the left foot forward, spin the back. You'll flat, and you can always bring that right foot about hip width distance so you're not on a tightrope Supergirl. A little bit more balance. Draw the left hip bone back route down through both heels and bring both arms up again. Press down again through that right out of foot. A swell notice where the strength is. Notice how you convey balance the evenness within the foot. Take one more D full breath with the exile. Take your hands back down, step it back into a plank and then slowly lower yourself down. Make in house. Stretch the front excel, Push it back downward facing dog learn dependencies. Walk your feet forward, meeting hands, taking an inhale like that, Excel slowly, fold slowly. Come all the way back. I am an exile. Relax the alms, Biocyte 7. Beautiful Balance: right. So from him going to come into simple balance Purse, call Tree post. So again find you to dust in there to start with Ruth, their feet down into the mouth, stretched the feed out here, lifting the toes. Die. Bonds press back and again notice you don't want to be locking the knees. You want to keep them micro bent tiny, tiny little bend within the needs and then transfer the weight on top of that left foot. But rather than leaning into the left foot, I want you to just really rude down through the left it and finally lightness within the right foot. But keep that alignments of inner thigh bone reaching back. Do you really find that strength rooting down in a right here in a left heel process down into the floor and then a big movement to bring you're right food to the inner upper thigh so you can always use the wall for this fun. If this is out of the question here to bring the foot all the way up to the thigh, you can find the calf that you know in a car or if it's a really wobbly day bring it, Simply bring it to the hell. However, rather than doing this variation, obviously, because we're working on our balance, simply find a wall. So you gonna find a little bit more of that that activate within the ankle to find your balance. So again, ah, to dust. No foundation. First super important. Routed down. Rotate your thigh out, lonely. Bring it up, Find your variation, bring it to the inner thigh and then president your foot into the thigh and resist back into the foot. That's where you find the stability here, combined with the foundation rooting down and then find that same lift up through the side body, relaxing the shoulders rather than in a rib cage in. Maybe take your hands to the hips. Maybe take him in front of your heart. Posey for moment. If you want to challenge yourself here, maybe close your eyes for a moment, maybe one at a time to start with and again notice how that changes the bones. All right, when slowly release, when a change sides again, find your foundation your route down through the right foot. We stretch the toes out, lift them up, released them down right thigh bone presses up, drawer the belly in tablets, trying down externally. Rotate that left thigh already. Bring your foot up. You find your balance and bring it up way. So pressing like into the thigh was the stock into the hip here and find your variation for your hands for your arms. But notice if you're gonna leaning into the hips here, rather have you lean with their shoulders so you keep from the hips. Nice and stable. Here, maybe noticed the ankle dance within the foot. Notice your breath and then slowly Rae Lee's you go So going to come over to the left side again. Rubdowns river through the foot. Rotate the thighs. Bring the foot up. Choosier variation pressing into the leg, Resisting back into the front. My guy second notice the lower back here. So if you're dipping into the lower back so you can bring that right hip forward. So till the pelvis back ever so slightly, route the right thigh bone forward lifting up, sir. Both sides off the waste and notice how that right only can move out to the side a little bit more. So we're encouraging a little more off that external rotation by drawing that right hip forward, finding that length, rooting down from the hip down through the foot and then from the hip up through the crown of the head, up through your hands, lengthening poppet night, then slowly release again. Okay, more variation here on the right side, it's always one side that's a little low, more tricky. We need focus in drill. The right thigh bone back reached the hips. Pull would and find that still point in front of you to gaze up again, finding that dress shtee so that in this moment we have focused concentration, the whole body working. It's one unit. Maybe bring your arms up and slowly release. Come back into your to Dustin. We close your eyes here full moment and notice the change Well done. They're going to come back towards the front of your mat. Maybe you're there already. You know, with your the next breath with comeback in tow. Which could Hasna so bending your knees, shifting the weight evenly down into the heels. Your feet reach both arms up, Then bring up homes in front of your heart. Draw the belly in began route that left out ahead back and draw the bell in and then lift your right knee. The only gonna do is tilt forward and top bad left or the right foot back. Bring him back, Tilting forward. Top it back until super easier until the back the last one and lift and tilt. And this time I'm gonna stretch that right foot back Lego. So keep lift reaching that left him back. You can always to keep something there for a little support. Maybe reach your arms forward. Take a deep full breath Bend your knee to step back into crescent lunch. Bring your arms all the way up is the excel 20 Hands back down to the mat. You know, find a little more core here, so bring your feet together and I want you to pivot onto the outside edge of your right foot and maybe find a balance here with your left hand. Maybe Reacher left on up. All right, says if you're standing in your to Dustin A. With your feet, the outer edge of your right foot into them. A. Take a deep, full rough and then take your left hand back down to the floor downward facing note and how Look forward into plank. Pivot onto the left side with your right on up. It's a me. I came reaching a left hip forward. Take a deep breath. I'm in fluidly take a right hand back down to the mat. Downward facing dog. Well done. Right. So if cycling is out of question for you, that's always the option off taking your right elbow down to the map, stock your feet and run off each other. Okay? And then move from there. Nothing in how we cure with your right leg up behind you. The excel stepping right foot back down. Spend the left heel down and slowly fill yourself up into your warrior. Two stones so straightaway. Find that rotation you of your right thigh route down through their left in a hell. Reach your left inner thigh back, draw the belly in. My guy pulls it will come into post called Half Moon. And for this one, um, find your block. You may. You may need it longer relaxing the shoulders are we going to do is just reached the right arm forward. Graham, you're black. You block and place it a foot to the outside, in a foot in front. And for that, you know, just transfer a transfer the weight on top of that right foot. So take your block along here, and as you transfer the weight forward, I want you to find that engagement in your right out of hip. So keep reaching the right on a hit back. So before you even get there, you can find that strength off your foundation in the right hip. So if he drew all the belly in and up finding that space between the upper body in your your size find that opening Kim reaching the right head back as he lift your left leg. Yeah, you might have toe and just the block there And then keep gazing down. Flex alert food. Press the leftward down into that American imaginary wall behind you and then unravel your left arm up towards the ceiling. You could always gaze up towards the ceiling. Maybe get is down. Keep that one is of drew in the belly in a lengthening your spine. Take one more full brah with the excel Bend your knee, make a big step coming all the way back pivot from the food in external externally, rotate the left eye, change the block fear. Come back into, uh, you're white, you wide like it sounds warrior to position again. Rooting the left are hip back out and back, and then you slowly come forward. Find your book. Maybe you don't need a block, but then find out. Foundations a route. The foot down, left hip reaches back. Draw the valiant than unraveled. A hip to right hip. Someone wants to be in line with that left and your right arm up. Lego to keep lengthening the site body. Keep drawing the belly in Cuba, lengthening the lower back women's Loney stepping back into your white like it sounds. It's only when we left on all the way over. Let's find one more thing Yasa and how to link exile and gently push it back. It's only Benjani's Make your way forward again to the front of your mat in how you want to , like excels twentyfold e and hell reaching up Excel. Relax your arms by your side. Find one last balanced Hozier. So as we've done bray bend your knees, draw the belly in. We look find Al guru Dustin a legs here, Eagle Evil eagle pose illegal arms in a moment itself. So take your right leg route down. So the left left out of hip, You know what you're doing? Draw the belly in, and then just kinda bring it over to the side and actually going to do a couple a couple of rounds. You really want to bring that right leg over? You find that internal or that reductions who will add to the thunder beyond and one last thing zoo, and then revel in a regalia Fit around you. Carpathia. There you go. Sit a little deeper. Then bring your arms. Bring your left arm over your right. Maybe bring your palms together, tops of the hands together. Maybe a simple your elbows and then lift your elbows up. Take a big breath. Brawny upper back. We're using the left her back. Take warm or deep, full breath. Impressed the floor way. Unravel your wings and rubble. Homes on again, route down through your right foot. Draw the valley in cable length in the site. 40 0 he'll spend the night FFC through the money and just find a few movements here off that internal of that rotation. Yeah, and probably offered around. If it doesn't go all the way, that's fine. Yeah, keep working on it and then slowly bring arms up, left arm underneath the right and then left up through your elbows. Lift up through your hands when you feel that stretch the broadening off your upper back If you gaze up towards your hands, take a warm or full breath. Actually push the floor way unravel on may be give little chick 8. Slow down & re-energize in Shavasana: take a deep breath, Reach both homes up Excel, float all the way forward We ve and I'll find you halfway and then exhale Push back into your downward facing dog from him in simply gonna transition forward into our pigeon pose to bring your right knee to the outside of your right hand Walk that left leg back any amount and you may find a little well, this year off. You're right of your right hip. As we move into the stretch. That's anything happening with your knee. Simply keep your right foot close to the hip. Is he in Hollywood? The lengthen and then excel Slowly fold again. Any amount. If you're happy up here, that's where you feel a lot of the sensation already. Stay here. By all means, breathe. Relax the neck. Relax your shoulders or equally. If you want to move a little deeper, he can always relax forward. Relax your arms. Um, stretch your arms out so whatever you are again, make it easy. Make an easy position to rest to let go off the engagement. Have any tension? Many slowly surrender into the stretch because your eyes for a moment visualizing the oxygen moving into the hip, breathing deeply with the excel, letting go of anything that no longer serves you and slowly bring yourself away back up. So for those of you who would like to add a little biased stretch, what we're going to recently bend the left knee and then, with your left hand, reach back towards If it you want to grab the inside off your foot, make a little ah, a little hook there, then gently draw the leg a little closer to work and doesn't have to be a lot with Theo, you can square the shoulders up towards the front again. If you get in anything like me, you got really tight five thigh muscles, so there's pull it there, literally. Come on back, gently press itself back into downward facing Dog island. Slowly bring your left knee forward. Same here. Maybe walk the right leg back ever so slightly is the Ian Halle. When it lengthen on a gentle reach, boxer that left hip and then slowly fold forward. You find length within the spine, and as you reach the left, her bag encourage a neutral alignment between the pelvis and the spine, so as much as we want to surrender into the post, there is still a gentle energy focused on that alignment. Again breathing space lightness into the glutes, the hamstrings hips and then slowly, slowly bring yourself all the way back up. Let's find all sides stretch here on the side as well. So engaged the hamstrings to bring the foot up. And that may be a lot already. The maybe dake, usually back beyond back in gently draw the authority, square the shoulders up this much as you can hear, you're having a right shoulder. Find that's stretched through the shoulders through your thighs and then slowly release yah ! Unravel Presa backed downward facing dog. And then all we're going to do. Find one more lengthy and forward, bold and sit down to the floor and said, Roll onto back from the last spinal twist. Bring those knees into your chest. Send your left leg down to the floor, guide your right knee over across to the left, rygel the hips right underneath each other. That's right. Your right arm out. Take a deep breath into the spine into the hips into the shoulder, then slowly bring it back. Even all the hips. Extend your right leg. Rule the left knee over. Take a couple of deep breath you and slowly bring it back. Brother. Sneeze into your chest from a little squeeze, but and then stretch your legs out into you. Should've arsenal to get deep, full breath. Excel completely. Notice for moment how you can completely drop in relaxing your shoulders, relaxing your upper body, your hips ceilings. I can completely be held by the ground by your mouth. No effort letting go any remaining concentration. Focus effort at all. Slowly, such a regal it hosed. Reveal your fingers bringing OEMs above your head on this loony. Bring any stock in, have a little squeeze rock from side to side and then slowly roll over to your right side engine. Depressed herself away. Back up. Turn around coming back into your seat on a nice long stein. Taking a deep full breath in with the excel, Just gently open your mouth and release and slowly bring our homes back towards your heart . Gaze down towards the fingertips. Finding that moment of gratitude is always towards yourself towards your practice, so the ability to move towards a lightness to move towards ability to move towards possibility. It was always navigating the change within our practice within our life. Thank you so much in the must A 9. Well done! What happens next week!?: Hello, my friend, and really well done for taking today's class. Like I mentioned earlier, any repetitive movement, if it's not balanced out, are running, has ability to act almost a squeezer and slowly where on our bodies over time. So really, we should never, like, run through the pain without addressing the root off the pain first and when we continue to see work on finding a certain balance within all, running also has the beautiful potential to continue to be released, therapeutic and plus remembering why we started and why we love it so much, so important and so does the yoga practice. And once we find that ability off violence, there's a freedom that comes with it off. Being in the flow of things off, knowing you're doing the right things in alignment with who you are, where your body is at that moment, each moment where all things are good and nothing can stop us from being aware or what we want to become hope. The enjoy the session, and some of this resonates with, you know, so please you on this journey with me. So next week we'll go even deeper into the back line off the body against meanings that your hamstrings will get another delicious those off off the they've been waiting for. If you like today's class, please take a moment to give me a little review. I really appreciate it. And don't forget to jump into the class projects area to reflect on your biggest loveliest inside that you had as a result of your class. Remember, awareness is the first step to tapping into the huge potential that we've all got with it. Much love to you, my friend. Keep showing up for yourself. You're doing really good work. Let your beautiful light shine many, many things.