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Wix: Make a Quick and Easy Professional Website for Free

teacher avatar Kristen Palana, Artist | Nomad Professor | UN Consultant

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

    • 1.



    • 2.

      Make Your Website Work For You Together with Your Social Media Profiles and Mailing List


    • 3.

      First Thing's First: Get Your Website Ideas, Text, and Images In Order


    • 4.

      Organize Your Content and Fine Tune Your Ideas


    • 5.

      Making Images Ready To Use on the Web


    • 6.

      Set Up a Wix Account and Choose Your Template


    • 7.

      Setting Up Your Logo on Your Home Page


    • 8.

      Extra: Put Your Logo on a Transparent Background in 4 Minutes Or Less


    • 9.

      Saving, Setting Your Wix Site's Name, and Customizing Your Home Page Slider


    • 10.

      Working With Text and Adding Links in Wix


    • 11.

      Make Sure THIS Crucial Information is On Your Homepage


    • 12.

      Get Your Image Galleries in Shape and Finalize the Homepage Text


    • 13.

      Adding Services or Events


    • 14.

      Add Your Social Media Links to the Site's Footer Bar


    • 15.

      Edit the Mobile Version of Your Wix Site and Hit Publish


    • 16.

      Fixing Up the Menu and Adding a Blog to the Site


    • 17.

      Editing and Formatting Blog Posts in Wix


    • 18.

      Setting Up Your Contact Form and Page


    • 19.

      Adding Animated Effects to Images


    • 20.

      The Final Wrap Up and Important Last Things You Need to Know Before You Go


    • 21.

      Extra: 5 Easy/Free Tools For Making Web Images, Animation & Video


    • 22.

      Extra: Remove Text or an Object from a Photo FREE (and fast!)


    • 23.

      Thanks for Taking This Course!


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About This Class

Make web design easy. Create a beautiful, professional Wix website in about 1 hour using Wix's powerful free tools.

Are you more interested in running your business, pursuing your hobbies, and exploring your passions than fussing over your website? 

This course was created especially for busy entrepreneurs, authors, artists, do-gooders, non-profit organizations, volunteers, and hobbyists who just want to focus on doing their work, NOT on the million and one steps it takes to design and run a good website.

It's for complete beginners with zero web design experience as well as those with little to no web design budget at all.

This quick and dirty course will show you how to:

  • Make stunning and professional-looking websites the quick and easy way in about 1 hour using free online tools
  • Know how to plan a web site and make images web-ready and high quality
  • Take your regular logo and put it on a transparent background in four minutes or less
  • Be up and running fast using the most essential and useful tools in Wix
  • Get a birds-eye view of the design process from concept to final product

In this course I'll show you step by step how I created a website for the non-profit organization, PK Rabbit Rescue. I start from the very beginning and show you the most essential and important features of the Wix dashboard and interface.

I'll show you how to get started making posts, pages, and managing all aspects of your Wix website so that by the end of the day today you can already add a new skill to your CV or resume and be easily running your own website ASAP.


I'm a practicing award-winning multimedia artist and a former tenured Associate Professor of Digital Media and Program Director of Film & Digital Media at The American University of Rome (2006-2016). I'm currently an Associate Professor of Digital Media at American University of Myanmar in Yangon, Myanmar (Burma). 

Since 2000 I've been teaching students all over the world using my tried and true custom approach (turning complex information into something simple, memorable, easy-to-understand in as short amount of time as possible) to ensure that you get the most important, relevant, and useful information that can be applied immediately.

New bonus lectures and resources will continue to be added and timely design advice will be provided in the discussion forum. I love to help and always respond to inquiries and discussions ASAP.

Empower yourself by taking in this easy to follow Wix course and join our growing learning community! Enroll now and let's get started building your stunning new website today.

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Kristen Palana

Artist | Nomad Professor | UN Consultant


My goal is to empower ordinary people to do extraordinary things.

I'm an American/Portuguese multidisciplinary artist based in Malawi. After decades as a digital artist, in 2021 I reconnected with my fine art roots. Inspired by the lofty mission statements and goals used by the world's top organizations, my mixed media drawings are a call to action to visualize better outcomes for our lives, communities, and the planet. My animations have screened at over 75 international film festivals, earning numerous "Best Animated Short Film" awards, including at the Cannes Short Film Festival, Italy International Film Festival, and Sunscreen Film Festival.

As an educator, I've taught at universities on four continents. I co-founded the Film and Digital Media BFA at The American Unive... See full profile

Level: Beginner

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1. Introduction: Hey there. Welcome to this quick and dirty course that will have you up and running, creating your own beautiful and professional website fast. By the end of today, you can finally have your own stunning website, even if you have no Web design skills and no budget for website expenses. In this course created for absolute beginners, busy people, entrepreneurs, artists, nonprofit organizations and authors, I'll walk you through the process of creating a brand new website for a non profit organization called PK Rabbit Rescue in Pennsylvania USA. We'll use the top rated free online website builder Wix using PK Rabbit Rescue as an actual case study will build a new website from scratch. Step by step, we'll go over top Web design principles and best practices as we make a website that is easy to use, functional and aesthetically pleasing. Are you ready to get started? Let's build you a professional looking website. The quick and easy way using free tools. My name is Kristen Polana. I'm an artist, educator and author, teaching thousands of university students around the world. Since 2000 I've also been teaching online since 2014 to tens of thousands of students I specialize in helping ordinary people do extraordinary things through simple, clear explanations and baby steps building upto larger things. How can I help you today? 2. Make Your Website Work For You Together with Your Social Media Profiles and Mailing List: Hi, welcome to this lesson. So I wanted to talk to you a little bit about the relationship between your website, your social media channels, and your mailing list. In this particular course, we are focusing on your fabulous website. Whether you're an artist, an idealist, an educator, a small business owner, an individual, or an organization, they all need to have the same important things. So what purpose does each serve? So your website is where people go and they're looking for you. And it should be able to be a wonderful digital representation of you and your business or your service, 2047, even while you're sleeping. And the very first thing that people should find when they get to your website is who you are, what you do, and why they should care. Aka how can you help them, whether you're a business or individual, it's all pretty much the same. There should be easy ways to contact and find you. There should be more information about you, your history, your mission, preferably, why you do what you do. This should all load rather quickly and be available in about 7 seconds or less. What part of the reason is because people have very short attention spans and if it takes so long for your stuff to load or it's not readily apparent whose website this even is and what you do, then they're going to just click on and go somewhere else. We're completely bombarded with information. There's many, many, many things competing for our attention. So you want to make sure you capture your audience in those first 7 seconds or less, so that they know who you are. Okay? So most people, they're going to go to your website and it might be because they're already looking for something and most of the time they're not going to go visit your website on a daily basis the same way that they would use social media. Usually, your website is where you send people when you want them to complete some particular action. So you could want them to buy a product, look at some art, sign up for a course, join an event, sign a petition, whatever it is. Okay? So you're usually sending people to your website to do this thing, use your website to follow you on social media. That's how you're going to connect with people and remind them that you exist on a daily and weekly basis. And if you can get them to subscribe to your mailing list so that you can keep in touch with them through e mail, usually on a weekly or monthly level. You don't actually need a gigantic website with all the whistles and bells. I recommend just have one really good page with all of your important information on it, letting people know how they can contact you, how they can buy stuff from you. More about you. That can just be one landing page. All right. Social media. Social media is where on your website you send people to follow you on social media so that you can remind them that you exist. It's where you build relationships and share more of what you do. It could be behind the scenes in your studio. Could be a funny thing that happened to you. Could be work in progress stories about you and your practice or your product or your service. And try to post to social media at least once a day, if possible. You'd be amazed how your engagement will grow. That's a whole other course and topic, but just to show you that it works together with your website. So from social media you might send people back to your website to look at something or buy something. But then from your website you want to send people to social media to invite them to connect with you and basically be aware of you more often. And then finally, your mailing list is a list of E mails that you own. What do I mean by that? Well, let's say I've got 23,000 Twitter followers or X followers. That's great. But if Twitter crashes and burns tomorrow or X, then I lose all of those followers. I don't know how to contact them anymore. Whoop gone. But with the mailing list, if people have given me their E mail address, I'm able to connect with them. I have some mailing lists, some subscribers to mailing lists that are over 15 years and they're still connecting with me. So it's a great way to build relationships, to let people check in with what you do by sharing a newsletter. Occasionally, not all the time, maybe like 5% of the time, you might show that you're having a sale if you sell things or a special, or a special discount just for people on your mailing list. So it's a wonderful way to connect with people and make them feel special and loved by you, giving them extra opportunities that they wouldn't find on social media or your website alone. So you nurse those relationships. You make fans. You get your audience to take actions and guess what. In my mailing list, I also send people to my website to complete an action. You might want them to buy something to donate, apply to something, attend an event, vote, whatever this bills trust. And also from your mailing list, usually on the bottom, I have my little social media icons, again, asking people to follow me on social media. In a perfect world, you have all three of these things working together in harmony so that they all support and nurture each other. All right, I hope you found this helpful, and let's dive in a bit further in a future lesson. I'll see you there. 3. First Thing's First: Get Your Website Ideas, Text, and Images In Order: Hey there. Are you ready to get started? So in my But I just realized I can't immediately get started because I need to sort out my content before I even think about making a website. So I was already to, uh, make a new account in weeks. But first and foremost, I want to have a good, solid idea off what kind of website I'm going to make. So, in this course, I'm not making a website for myself. I'm gonna be making a website for a rabbit rescue shelter and association. I'm very excited there in Pennsylvania U S A. And what I did is on my Facebook page where I have other online students and people who like my page. I put out a call for people who wanted a free website so that I could use them as an example in this course. So I got lots of responses and in the end, I ended up are randomly choosing. Although I really like this organization. Ah, someone who needed a website for their rabbit rescue. So I've heard of cat rescues and dog rescues, but never a rabbit rescue. And apparently they also save guinea pigs as well. So before I get started in Wicks, I just need to get my content. Ah, What I did is I had a conversation with Shelly in my Facebook page, and she gave me some information, but what I really needed was for her to send me her text. Her image is basically what she wanted, and she didn't really get back to me quickly. It's been a couple of weeks now, So, um, I have what she's told me about her organization. So what I did is I basically created a new word document with the information that she gave me. And I also downloaded the photos that she gave me. However, the photos that she gave me this is one of my When she was telling me about her rabbit rescue, I had to send her my abundance funny, which is a digital painting I created a couple months ago. Anyway, so she sent me a couple of shelter bunnies. I'm looking at these images and they're actually not ready to use online because they're a little bit muddy. The colors are not so good. So I'm gonna need to clean these up in photo shop or give before I get started. However, she did also tell me that PK Rabbit Rescue is the group that we're gonna be working for. And the shelter is called Peaceable Kingdom. So they happen to have a Facebook page, and I've been going through this adorable. I've been going through their photos to find some images that I'm going to use, and I'm just downloading them, so I'm just basically going through and getting my images in order. So I'm assuming that you already have images and text and content that you want to use for your website. So if so, you can skip this step. But for everybody else, please. Before you make a website, have an idea and I have an idea of what kind of pages you're gonna have. Ah, what kind of images you wanna have, etcetera. And then we'll get started making your quick and dirty website using wicks. I'm gonna leave some resource is for you because I've worked with Web students since 2000 and two, and I have some suggestions, and resource is to help you get started. So once you're all set, we can proceed to making our website in Wicks. See you in the next lesson. 4. Organize Your Content and Fine Tune Your Ideas: Hey there. All right, so we're still getting our content together. But if you happen to be starting with a facebook page or something else, there are some tried and true ways you can get ideas for your website. So I went to the peak. A rabbit rescue Facebook page. Cute. Right. So this is their logo. So I've already downloaded their logo that I can use in the website, and I went immediately to their about page. So this has the most important information that you're gonna need on your website. So it has the directions, the contact information, etcetera. There's a little blurb that somebody wrote about their organizations. So since I don't have a new official about me or about us text from the organization, I can actually use this instead to get started. They can know his swap it out, edit it and change it later. And what's really good to know is that they haven't Etsy store of artwork, so I will be able to link to that on the website and some other social media pages. So this is all great for figuring out how I'm gonna plan how to make this website so Yeah, I know. When you go to Wicks or Weebly or any of thes websites, they make it sound like you just click on them and in five minutes you have a new website. But if you want to have a good website, really do take a moment to think about what content you're gonna offer, what people need to find. What are they going to automatically be looking for when they go to your website? So we want to be able to answer all of those questions because the average person person spends, on average, seven seconds on any given website, so they need to be able to know what your pages, what it's about, and why should they care how they can contact you and how they can help so especially if it's, you know, a non profit organization. Whatever it ISS, we also need to have good images on there. So I'm starting with the Facebook page and the about pages. Good. I also noticed that they have a services tab here and they offer classes on taking care of rabbits and taking care of guinea pigs, so that could be ah page on the new website as well. And I also saw that they have videos. So we may be able to embed some videos into their Web page. And if they have events, this could go in some sort of news and events page on their website. So if you're not sure what kinds of things should go on your website, definitely take a moment to research while others like you already doing so. If you're an artist, go look at other artist websites. You can look at mine. If you'd like cape Alana dot com to see what pages Ah, they have what set up. They have to kind of give you an idea for your navigation. So this is kind of cool. So they have some past events here, but anyway, so this gives me some ideas. Okay, So in the next lesson, I'm gonna give you some resource is for fixing up your images, but I'll also walk you through the process. So if you don't know how to make images ready for your website, then definitely go to the next ops optional lesson and I'll show you how to grab your images, make sure they're crystal clear and ready to go, and we'll save them for the Web. See, in the next lesson 5. Making Images Ready To Use on the Web: All right, So let's take a couple of our images. I grabbed a bunch of these off of their Facebook page under photos. I made sure they were photos that they actually took and weren't grabbing from somewhere else, by the way, so do always make sure you're using your own original photos or copyright royalty free images. I'll put a resource in here in case you need free royalty free, copyright free public domain images for your website that you can grab off the Internet for free and not have to worry about copyright infringement. So, um, I actually need their original photos. So I downloaded a bunch of photos from their Facebook page, and now I'm going to clean them up so that there already to use in the website It's always better to have all of your content first before you make your website, because that way you don't get distracted when you're actually putting your website together. You can just grab from a bunch of photos all ready to go and not have to worry about them one at a time. Okay, so I'm not gonna fix all of these right now. I'll just, uh, grab a few. So let me see if there's a muddy one, just kind of looking in the thumbnails here. So let's grab this one for example. Now, I'm going to do this in photo shop. If you don't have photo shop, you can go to adobe dot com and get a 30 day free trial. And I also can send you to a free online tools. Uh, that's actually done by photo shop That will enable you to fix your images for free online as well. So I'm just going to do it in photo shop, so just watch me and then you can decide how you're going to do it. Let's actually open it up in here, so open with photo shop. Okay, this is a small image. So this is not gonna be good for, Ah, Big Splash Page or anything. This would only be good for, like, a small thumbnail. How do we know that? Well, because it came in 100% and it's teeny tiny. This is about if you imagine photo shop is my web page right now. This is about how big that image is going to show up on the web page. Okay, so this is a screen resolution. It's very small. We definitely don't want to scale it up. If you scale an image this small up on the Web, it's gonna get all pixelated and look really nasty. But anyway, we can fix this image up and then I'll get a bigger one to use later. So you can always check your image size under image, image size. It should be 72 is thes screen resolution and the height and the width or in pixels. So 3 73 bye to ET. That's very small. Okay, so in any case, let's I am gonna just ah, scale, zoom up just so you can see it a little bit better. If you were to look closely, you would see that I'm starting to get some pics, elation and little squares here. So this is a 300%. This is much bigger than we would actually use it. But anyway, let's at least adjust the levels and make this Ah, better image now and photo shop you can without even going into anything else. You could just very easily do an auto tone click. See how that break end up that's already much better. You can also go under auto con contrast, which is pretty much the same as auto tone, which is why you didn't notice any difference. And we can also do auto color, but I find the auto color is not so good. So I'm actually going to go auto tone again, and yeah, I don't even like that. So I'm just going to undo auto tone and undo a step backward. Okay, so it gives me something like that Now, I could actually save this just as it is, and this should be fine. Um, one other way to do this instead of doing auto tone is you can go under image adjustments and we can adjust our levels here. It actually gives you an option to do auto levels. But I'm gonna cancel that because the sexually looks better. So we're okay. I'm just very quickly. If you want to adjust your brightness contrast, you can just don't Don't go too crazy with this. I like to up the contrast a little bit. Maybe for if I were to go all the way up to 76 it starts to look really crazy off over the top, right? So if you're gonna adjust anything, just do it a little bit. Um, you have your preview options to see what it looks like in real time. You'll have an auto here. I'm just gonna hit. Okay, this bunny is good enough for me to use as it's so let me just show you how to save this. Now you can do file. Ah, in Photoshop, you can do export save for Web used to just be filed. Safer web. But in newer versions of photo shop now it's under file Export saved for Web legacy And here's the original. It's 306 K That's a little bit too big. It's gonna make your website load a little bit slower. Um, Wicks may have some sort of filter or thing that will automatically compress your images, so maybe you don't even have to worry about this anymore, But I always do. So this is, ah, square image. It's not a transparent image, and it's a photo. So I am going to choose a J peg. You see, you can choose a gift J peg paying etcetera Giffen Ping our best. If you have transparent areas in your image. Like in a logo, for example, For any photos, I tend to always use Jay Pek. And here you can play around with your quality. So, for example, if I wanted to up the quality to 95% out of 100 I see that it's gonna be 46.3 K In general , you want to aim for images that are under 50 K if you can, usually 100 K is good, So this is good. I can up my quality and I'm still gonna be under 50 K So this is great. So I am going to save this and let's I'm gonna actually I have a new folder off content here. I'm gonna make a new folder and we'll call it will make a new folder where these air Web ready. And we'll just call this small bunny got J pig. Okay. And we'll save this in our Web ready folder, and we're good to go. Okay, Now let me just open up one more. Okay, This one's much bigger because it came in already this size, and it's not even at 100%. It's only showing 60 pit 6.67%. So here's one of our guinea pigs, and here it doesn't look that bad. Actually, I'm just gonna do a quick auto tone, okay? And auto contrast is the same. And let's see what happens when I do auto color. Yeah, I don't really like that. So I'm gonna undo the auto color. Um, just one other quick thing that you might want to do under image adjustments. So we did brightness contrast. We did levels you can play with your vibrance if you wanna make it more sort of warm and vibrant. You can up the saturation if you want to. There's another one that I like to do. Image adjustments. Ah, you have some. You have some photo filters if you want to play around with those. I like this because I like the warming filter. I like my images to be a bit warm, especially in cold Pennsylvania, where these fuzzy rabbits are. But you don't have to do that. You have all these other ones as well. So there's cooling filters if you wanted. Ah, cooler looking image. It's just gonna give you different tones. If you wanted see Peotone, etcetera Don't go too crazy with these. Whatever you do, um, let's say I go with this warming filter. I may want to just a little bit of a warming filter so you can adjust how much of a filter you get. And that looks pretty good to me. So I'm gonna hit, okay? And I'm going to save this nice and big, just as it is. And again file export saved for Web. I'm gonna choose my J pick. And here, while So this was, says, 5.49 megabytes. That's what the changes that I made, right? So I can drop the quality down a little bit here. Okay, so it's now it's done a 51% 4.35 point seven. You know what? Before I that's actually really big. Let's see how it would be at 100%. So this might be a little bit too big one other way that we can adjust the image size to make it a little bit smaller is image image size 72 resolution, But very rarely do you need an image this big for a website. So I'm gonna make this may be no more than let's say 800 pixels high by 600. I'm gonna hit. Okay. Okay. So this is how big my image is gonna be. And I'm going to file export save for Web legacy. Oh, yeah. Much better. Right? So let's drop the quality down a little bit, See if we can get it under 100 K Were close. Okay, Close enough, Ray. So 44 quality. You see, there's the original. Here's me dropping the quality down, but it looks still very good. And it's close to 100 case, so I'm going to save that. So I would recommend you do this for all the images that you want to use. Give them names so you can easily find what you're looking for. Guinea pig. Can you pick one? Don't J. Pig. Okay. And make a folder full of these so that when you go to make your website, you have everything you need. You don't have to sit there and, you know, take time away from your design process to prepare your images. Okay? So I'll wait for you, So take a moment, gather your content, organize your content and get your image is ready. And then when you're ready, let's go into Wickes will set up a new account and Bing Bang Boom will have a new website up and running fast, see in the next lesson. 6. Set Up a Wix Account and Choose Your Template: way. All right, we are ready to go check out my beautiful folder of Web ready images. So I didn't use everything. But this is definitely more than enough for me to get started now for a peek, a rabbit rescue and just a quick note about saving for Web. If you haven't done so already, you should really think about giving descriptive titles so that when you're trying to put your website together, you're not searching around fumbling around trying to find just what you want. If you give them descriptive titles, you'll make your process go much easier. All right, so let's go in, shall we? So here we are, weeks dot com and I'm gonna get started, all right? And because I don't have an account, I'm going to. Instead of luck again, I'm going to sign up. So just a moment and you can do the same. Pause the video and sign up or logon. All right, I'm in and it's asking me what kind of website do I want to create? So this will give me different kinds of templates and suggestions for creating my website. I love it. So let's see what would be closest for Piquet Rabbit Rescue. That's probably under the other category. But maybe we'll let's have a look at business. Okay, so this is pretty cool. It says that wicks a d I can create a website for me, answer a few simple questions and automatically get a website designed just for you in minutes. Or create your website with the Wicks editor. Wow. So I thought Wicks was the easiest possible way to make a website because this course is all about making our own. But I guess there's an even easier way. So maybe if you just want to do that, you can. I'm curious, actually, but I'm going to continue with choosing a template because this is the With this way, we get to choose everything, and we're still building our own website, so choose a template. Okay, so it's giving me ah, bunch of templates. I love templates because not only are they easy, but they also even if, like I know how toe do Web design. I've been designing websites since the nineties, which I know dates me. Um, since since the only way you could do it was with html code and ah through Dreamweaver went WordPress all the others. Um, so I'm actually curious myself to make a quick and dirty website. I really just want to teach people how to make websites who are not interested in becoming Web designers or spending months learning how to do it. Um, And also because I live now in the developing world, I'm more interested in helping people who don't have money for Web hosting for domain names or any of the expensive software. So this is pretty cool. Okay, so let's have a look showy. I don't know. To be honest, if I'm gonna find something that's good for a non profit organization under business, I may need to go under the other category, but let me just have a quick peek and I will speed up the footage so you don't have to, uh, sit along and wait for me. Ah ha. Look what I found. Community and education, community education, religion and on profit. Well, this is a non profit, so let's give this one a try. Oh, well, these air so cool. Look, they've got environmental NGO urban church traditional. While this is like the religious stuff Ah, food, charity, kids charity feed the world. All these air so cool. Anyway, we don't have to choose the one that has the title that most suits our purpose is just something that we think will work pretty well. So I'm gonna just have a quick look and I'm gonna pick something, and then we're gonna go from there. Oh, snap. They actually have one for animal shelter. Well, that's probably the easiest, best way to go. So let's go for it. And it's free. So it's giving us the option. Let's just you can preview it or you could immediately start editing it like, Oh, it's also responsive for cellphones. Did I say cell phones? Smartphones? That's what I meant. Um, let's have a look at it. So it allows you to preview the templates you do not have to commit. All right, check it out. So this is the template. They have the little slider thing at the top. C can put images in there. That's kind of cool. We certainly have enough images of rabbits and bunnies and guinea pigs. Ah, these are their pages. So really, if you haven't planned your website, I know I sound like a broken record. What are records? But basically you want to think about what pages do you wanna have? Usually I'm gonna go with what they have here. So they have home. Ah, well, maybe we'll do something like home about us. Volunteer, donate, maybe events, whatever. And then contact us. So you definitely want to have a contact page, but this looks pretty good, right? Dog of the week ahead of the week. Oh, this is really cool. Uh huh. Look, and they have their events, too, so we could definitely use this. And look at the bottom 2023. That's kind of scary. Anyway, follow us on. Twitter follows on Facebook. This is awesome. Because we can connect the rabbit rescues social media pages by using this template. So this looks like a great template. It wasn't actually the color scheme that I was thinking off, but I think this is gonna work for now. And, of course, we can always change colors later. I'm assuming. Okay, so, yeah, I am going to choose this one, so I'm gonna click edit this site. You're on your weight. All right, we're in. So, uh, everything's all set up and Wicks is so user friendly that they're going to give me a little sample YouTube video right there just to, ah, show me how to edit everything I will. I will include that as a resource so you can take a break and watch that before we continue . So in the next lesson, we will start creating and editing and swapping content in this template, so we'll start using our template. So if you haven't done so already, please pick out a template that you want to use and make sure you've planned everything. And make sure you've watched a little intro video from Wickes and will be ready to go see in the next lesson. 7. Setting Up Your Logo on Your Home Page: all right. After you watch the introduction video and got a sense of all the possibilities you click on, start now and we start. So let's see. What should we start with? Probably the logo would be the first thing Eso if you have a logo. This is pretty much one of the first things that you can dio. So let's, um, change the image. So we're gonna upload our bunny logo image that we have in our folder. My web ready folder. So where's my logo? Could it be that I actually saved it? And the other one? Let's see. Oh, yeah. OK, sorry about that. But it is Web ready. I did save it. All right, So once you have that there, by the way, you have these little options here. So if you did want to change something crop in edit rename, etcetera. That looks okay to me. Just selected and then choose image today. Are there? It is, by the way. So it can be a little bit tricky to actually see what you're doing with all these things on top. So if you ever want to preview what you've got, you just click and you see how one thing that I did the, uh, the little rabbit here. So here we're gonna add our name. By the way, I'm just going to include in this course ah, lesson from my other coarse canvas tensile. Because there's a quick lesson that's under four minutes That shows you how to taken existing logo and drop out the background. Because I was thinking it probably would look even better if it wasn't against a white background. For now, I'm just gonna leave it like this, but I may want a later put in one that is on a transparent background so that it blends into the background better. All right, so let's see if we want to go back to the editor. You go here. Okay. So here, we're gonna change the text. PK rabbit Rescue Tae looks good. Now, does it? Let me, I would like to just move this whole thing over a little bit, so it's not right up against the logo. Let me just click off fit for a minute. There we go. So I clicked off of it now? Yes, with my arrow keys. Allows me to just move things over a little bit can also drag and drop, so that looks a little bit better. Good. Um, and then we have all these other pages as well. Now we can manage our menu. Navigate. Okay, So the first thing we did is we went to our logo and we changed the name. Right. Um, I think we will deal with the menu and just a little bit. But first, let's continue adjusting the home page. Right? So one of the first things I can do is we can adjust our slider gallery and put some of our images in there. So in the next lesson, we will take a moment to work on our slider gallery. Okay, See there. 8. Extra: Put Your Logo on a Transparent Background in 4 Minutes Or Less: Hey there. So before we get back to our design, I want to answer a very common question that I get all the time. Which is how do I make my logo on a transparent background? Well, the way that I usually do it is in photo shop or gimp. You basically bring in your logo. You put a transparent background behind it in a layer underneath. Then you select with the magic one tool, the area that you want to make transparent. You hit, delete, and then you export the image. But for some people, that's a bit too much other people who still want to do it free and quickly. Without Photoshopped and gimp, there are lots of tools available. Let's try this one Luna pic. Okay, so first we upload our photo to make transparent. Looks easy enough, browse and okay, so here's our image on a white background. It's gonna upload. You can also do it from the U. R L. All right. Let's see if it'll do. If I just click one time on the white. Look at that. Look how quick that was. And it's pretty good, right? So yeah. Ah, let's see. Optional adjust transparency. Threshold. Okay, Note. That looks pretty good to me. Wow. So, yeah, that that's the quick and easy. And now let's see if it will let me download it. So, what do I do? Save or share on Facebook? Tumbler, etcetera. OK, let's see if we can save it. Wow, that was fast. Okay, so now if I go back to my image, You see, I put in a new image over here, and my logo is gonna go here now. I already have logos here. Please don't mind this really bad images of me from last summer. You to me live. Okay, so let's, uh let's upload the image that we just put in and made in Luna pic. So we downloaded it. Wow, that took less than a minute. Here it is. So it's going to upload. All right, it's ready. I click. And here it iss So here's my logo. Now it just goes in the middle of my image here, so I'm going to resize it, and I'm gonna move it to where I wanted to go. So I'm trying to make use of this, uh, negative space here and there we go now This is almost ready, but my image has too many colors in it. The logo doesn't really. It's transparent now, which is great, but actually would be great if it actually tied in with the rest of the image. There's no green anywhere else in this image. Now, obviously, you have to make sure if you're working with a business, if they don't mind that you take their logo and then you make it a different color for certain purposes. Um, Anastasia, who owns healing hands, doesn't mind. This is her regular logo, but then I tend to tend to other colors to go with certain graphics. I can make it black and white. A good logo is versatile, and a good business owner will understand that a good logo is versatile. It's not that you change the logo. It's not like I'm putting it in a different fund. But just to change the color, ah shouldn't be too much of an issue. So in the next lesson, I will show you how to work with some of the filters that allow you to change things that you have, such as a logo, so that you tend to them or put in effect on them. But, yeah, we're making progress here. Seeing the next lesson 9. Saving, Setting Your Wix Site's Name, and Customizing Your Home Page Slider: Okay, so we're gonna work on our slider images or home page in this lesson. And I got this very, very helpful reminder. The thing I'm always telling my students is Please make sure to save your work once in a while. It is a very good idea. So you think Click. Uh so when I go to do that actually, it's going to ask me to choose a domain. So this is gonna be our sights address. Now, if you have another domain or you want something that's more official this is gonna have my name. We excite dot com slash PK rabbit rescue. Um, Now, if you want to connect your own customized domain, you would click here. That most likely is going to It's gonna cost you money. Most likely so. But it is definitely where worth the investment. If you're very serious about your website, I suppose you could always connect your own customized domain later, So we're not gonna worry about that right now. Right now, we're only gonna focus on the free features in weeks. But this is something that PK animal rescue can do later on in their account settings, adding their own domain. They actually told me they have Ah, domain already. They just haven't hooked it up to anything. So for now, I'm just gonna put in PK Rabbit rescue. Okay. Um, by the way, you have to make sure there are no spaces or your u r l is not gonna work. You can usually get away with dashes and underscores. Oh, okay. And says just numbers letters or hyphens here. Ok, so it's actually saying hyphens are okay, so PK rabbit Rescue, I recommend keeping all lower case. Some browsers are really weird about, ah, Web addresses. Also called you RL's that have upper case and lower case. So I always tell my students, Keep everything lower case. If you need to break up a word, just put ah, hyphen or dash in there. All right, Saving. Continue. All right. We're making progress here, so yeah, here's the slide deck gallery. So, Lisette at least just change. Okay? When your site was saved when you published the following will be your domain. Okay, publish your site so people can see it. No, I'm not ready yet. Okay, so for now, this is okay. And by the way, it's good to know that you could always come in here and edit as well. But for now, we'll just to leave that. Okay, so now I'm going to work on my images. So slide deck calorie. So let's change the images. Showy. Okay, it looks like they only have two images in here. And it's kind of nice because you have titles and descriptions for each image. You can add links as well. Okay, let's put some images in here. Um, as you may have noticed in the intro video, you all to get a whole bunch of free images from Wickes as well. I'm going to actually upload my own images, my own beautiful images that we already prepared to be web ready. And, ah, some of days, I think I put hang on like, beautiful turquoise bunny I felt was an especially nice image. So let's start with that one. Okay, So here's our 1st 1 Let's add that to gallery. Beautiful. Okay, so, uh, okay. Hang on a minute, though. Is it showing? Is it gonna be cut off? Okay, Let it should be okay. I think this is just, um, getting cut off in this window, but these are also square, and so they should be okay. All right, let me add some more images. I obviously I'm gonna need to get rid of Fido and fluffy only bunnies and getting pigs in this gallery. Right? So that said some more images, and I need to upload some more images. I probably can do a whole bunch, I wonder. Let me just hold down the shift key here. Okay? So I'm greedy. I don't wanna go and do it one at a time. I want to do them all at the same time. So here's all my rabbits. And now I can use the's in other parts of the site as well. All right, here they are. So let's see, which one should we end to our galley? The sexually makes it much easier. Eso let's go with maybe like a group shot. So add that to the gallery. Oh, okay. Another one came in as well, but I'm I like that image. So that's OK. And that's putting a guinea pig her too. It's one, this one. I like this one with the guinea pig rabbit being snuggled, and I think that's good for now. Have more images. Moms. Okay, We don't have too many images, but I just want to see what I have so me. Okay, so I've read it to more than down here. For some reason, it's not letting me scroll down, but let's add those to the gallery just to see what we have. Oh, yeah, Those are luckily OK, so we're okay. So we have some duplicates here. Let's give her to that one. And Ah, I guess a zoo. Much as I love this human in this picture, let's just keep it all animals for now, So yeah, five should be good and should allow us to change the order around so you can drag, uh, the order around way have ballooned any big and hair, but that's OK. And we're good. OK, so I do recommend if you have a chance just to give some alternate text here, um, description, for example. Um, I'm gonna actually let PK Rabbit Rescue do that. So if they cause that they may have other images that they want to swap in here. So for now, I'm just gonna hit. Done. Alright. Ah ha. So this did actually get cut off. It was not a joke. So let me go back in there. Let me take that one out then. I don't want to use any images that are getting cut off, so we'll get rid of the even though I like the Turco's bunny weaken. Use turquoise bunny somewhere else. Okay, so let me just add one more image. Okay? Well, had one guinea pick, but since it's a rabbit rescue Sorry, buddy, you can't be first. Well, okay, so this looks pretty good. All right. So let's go with that for now and done. Oh, yeah, that looks good. Now, let's have a preview. All right? That looks great. So far. Obviously later. If we want, we can adjust the, um, the speed of thes light show and any transitions if you wanna have them. But right now, let's just put the most important things in there. And then we can always go back in and make little tweaks and adjustments later, all right? And the next lesson will continue putting the most important information on the home page and then slowly will turn our attention to our navigation bar up here. And the other pages that we're gonna have on our site see in the next lesson 10. Working With Text and Adding Links in Wix: Okay, So before we scroll on down to some of the other information, we should probably deal with this big. You know, basically the biggest text that people are going to see. So this is a donation button, and sure enough, I went to the peak a rabbit rescue Facebook page. And they also have a donation button on there along with some information about what they're raising money for. So this is for a rabbit room medical fund. So before I do anything else, I'm going to, um, do something over here. So this is save a pit donate. Now, maybe we'll just say course. It's, ah, frozen on a picture of a guinea pig. But, um, I think for right now, I'll just keep this text. But here, you can easily change it. You just ah, click on it and then you can change the text, The heading, etcetera. Um, I may just see about adding something, so save a pet. Don't eat now and then you actually have this donation button. So let's see what it's linking to, at the very least. Okay. Which page? So is it linking to a page right now? Let's link it to a Web address, since they already have on their Facebook page, this donation area. Right? So this is the link that I need. I'm just going to copy it, and then over here I will paste it. But it says I can link to all kinds of things. I could link to an email of phone number a document if I had a pdf file that I wanted people to download, um, to a gallery, which is the light bucks, or to a page within my existing website, which is what you normally do at this time. I'm going to let them decide if they want to have a donation page or not. But for now, we'll just link it to the Web address on their Facebook page just for now. So at least we know that it's going somewhere. All right, so so far, so good. I'm just curious, though, because this aren't really pits this or more like, Let's just to save a rabbit. And of course, we need to make sure that fits right. So let's make this a little bit smaller. It's okay, so that works, and then this obviously we want to be a bit smaller than that. But anyway, so you can make your changes. And so this is heading for, But we can actually make it bigger than that. See a rabbit and let's make it bold. Okay, this is looking much better. Okay, so this is gonna be for their rabbit medical room, and I'm curious. Now that that is there. Can we move this up? Yeah, we can. Okay, if you make a mistake, you can just do Ah, Command Z. Um, let's see if there's a way. Okay. Just Uh huh. Okay. So let's see. Now that I have this, I should be able to move some things around here. There we go. OK, so I just moved it down so that it makes more sense with this button here. And we have some lines which maybe we want to move around as well. So I'm just using my arrow keys to move that down a little bit, just so that it looks more normal here and Okay, so I zoomed out a little bit just because it kind of gives me more of a bird's eye view of what I'm doing. And I think what I will dio is just my text delivering more. Oh, I see. Okay, so this allows me to move sections around, but we're gonna keep this section the way it is. It's exit, Sumo, and we'll just move our text down a little bit more. Okay, so this is looking OK, we can preview this. So we just wanted to adjust our most important information so that it makes sense and make sure that that donation button, at least from the very beginning, is going somewhere that can actually accept donations later. We may decide to link that up to a donation page, but we haven't decided we haven't done that yet because we have to set up our menu and our other pages first, but, uh, so this is looking pretty good. So in the next lesson, let's work on some of the important information below are slider. See? There 11. Make Sure THIS Crucial Information is On Your Homepage: Okay, so I'm in preview mode, and this is what I have so far. And I just made a couple of little changes, like maybe you didn't even notice, but I just got rid of the extra space at the top. And then I also dragged these elements up a little bit. I centered the text and yeah, I was actually thinking because this is our first screenful. It's probably a good idea to put some kind of about information here, so that the moment people land on this page, they immediately know. Okay, this is ah, what this thing is what it's about. Why should I care? So we could actually add some new text over here, So let's go into the editor and I'll just show you easy ways. So by the way, you have these little tool palette. You can just drag it out of your way if it's in your way over here. I have this element here. If I click on it, you have this little stretch and this allows me cause I had too much space before, so I just don't moved it up. We didn't need so much right. And then the same thing with down here, so I you can actually take lines. And you can move those up or down as well. If you don't, if you do something by accident, you just hit Command Z or Control Z. If you're on a PC, and you can easily undo that as well. Okay, so we're doing okay here. I'm going to just add some new text. So let's head some text and where we're gonna dio seem text. Okay, so let's go with, like, just a quick about. So I'm using heading one here. So we call this about us, okay? And I'm just gonna go with the default, um, fund because it matches everything else in the site. You probably don't wanna have 50 million funds. Usually you should stick with one fund throughout, but for now, we're gonna go with this, and it gave me a color automatically, which is fine. I'm I'm happy with that. So about us. So I'm also gonna add some. So I have my headline. And now let's put some body text in there. So this is a paragraph, and we'll just move that over here as well. It has thes little rulers that make it easy for you to line things up, okay? And I'm just literally going to go over to their page to their about page. Okay, so we just want a little bit of text, and I think I will just quickly grab this text. And then maybe we'll also put where they're located as well. Okay, Um and that I think I think I will add their contact information as well. Okay, so I'm gonna go under Ed, and then this time, instead of choosing text, let's go in some contact. And they have all these different contact tools. I'm not sure if I wanna have the map in there just yet, but you cool maps, You know, that's very tempting. Let's see, we can try and see how it looks, right. Okay, let's go with the map. Okay. So if you're gonna use this, you need to change your address, and I need to get their address. Okay, So I put in their address. I know they're in Pennsylvania, so I put in Whitehall, Pennsylvania. I think this is right. But I will have to double check. Um, but yeah. Okay. So it's so close that so now I have a map, and I'm not sure to be honest, if we want that right here now, because we don't want toe did it make it too busy? Um, I was thinking would do something here. Uh, okay, just a moment. Okay. So I'm going from you may have noticed. I'm just just started moving things around. I took some of the text. Oh, and then I'm also adding some vector art, which allows me to head this little icons. This is super easy to use. - Okay , so you may have seen me moving stuff around, so let's have a look at that because your home page, the first thing that people see, they should be able to know who you are, what you do and why they should care. So this is what it's looking like so far, and we just added a little bit off information, just like a little blurb about what PK rabbit rescue is. I think it's also very important to have the address because I'm in Yangon, Myanmar. I don't know where this is located. And sometimes I get annoyed because I stumbled across a website thinking it's where I live and it's you know, somewhere in the UK or wherever. So it is important to put that you have a very quick and dirty, uh, phone number and email and location right away. So someone doesn't even need to go deeper into your website to contact you. And then we also have the donation, but Okay, so this is coming along, and the next lesson will just play around a little bit more with the homepage, and then we'll start to move on to the other pages. See you there. 12. Get Your Image Galleries in Shape and Finalize the Homepage Text: Okay, so this is where we're at right now. You may have noticed I went in and dropped the white background out of the logo. Just looks a bit nicer. So I'm pretty happy with this part of our home page. It has all our most important information, except, of course, our final menu, which we'll get to in a little bit. But all our most important information has a way that people can donate. So let's concentrate on this area down here, shall we? So let's go back to our editor and here I'm just gonna do this quick and dirty. Let's do, like, Rabbit of the Week and Guinea pig of the week. So whatever rabbits and guinea pigs they have for adopting can change. This is just placeholder text, so we'll just leave that for now. So I'm just gonna quick and dirty go and change the image. We have all the images that we have already put in here. I'm just a hiring troubles scrolling down, so I'm gonna sort hold this. Just we can see what else I have here. So let's say that car is, um, the rabbit of the week Did, uh, there's car. And then let's do the same with our guinea pig of the week. Sorry, Kitty, you're getting changed. And I don't know. Do I have a lot of guinea picks in here? I can't remember now. So wait a guinea pig. Let's go with this one. Seems like a good candidate to me. Okay, so we have that over here, we'll just put something like, uh I don't know if they actually accept volunteers, so let's just put, uh, what we do. For some reason, when I'm selecting this, I'm losing that nice bold that they had going on there before. So I'm just gonna fix that really quickly, Like the Bold is nice. Okay, so great. And then we can also just do something over here. Adoptable dogs. Let's preserve our bold. But instead of dogs to rabbits and here we can easily grow change these images, see if the some images that we haven't used yet OK, we don't want Okay, I see. This is ah, gallery. So we're gonna get rid of these guys. Sorry. And let's add some from our uploads key adoptable rabbits. So let's go. Is Cora lean? I think there were three images in there. Right? So let me just find two more. So that said these two. Okay, I guess it only boot to in there. So those air adoptable rabbits again and getting cut off here. But let's find for now and then let's do deductible guinea pigs change those images as well . Friends and piggies used to have guinea pigs when I was kid. No, I have cats. So sorry, guys. Okay, so let's, uh, better images. This one has to be in there. Pan, just put thes two in there since they're guinea picks. All right, this is looking much more personalized now, right? All right. So let's ah, save that. It's preview that. Okay, so it's looking pretty pretty nice now, right? Can we go? What we do. So we're gonna update the body text later, But right now we've got rabbit of the week and getting pick of the week. Adoptable rabbits, adoptable guinea pigs. And then next we show, add some events and maybe an offer here. And then we'll put in their social media pages. So we'll do that in the next lesson. See you there 13. Adding Services or Events: for this part. I'm going to steal some stuff from their from their Facebook page. So under services, they have offering bunny wellness and care, and they'll have a guinea pig one as well. For now, let's just steal this bunny wellness Care one and back to our editor. Okay, so this is actually $10. So will change that. Some how? Every time I click on that, I lose my bolt. So I'm just gonna fix that. I don't know if they have a deadline on, They're just gonna couldn't learn more for now and then this ISS this money, wellness and care, and I'll just grab some text, so it's Oh, okay. I see. One hour. Okay, You know what? I'm gonna gonna put that Kia one power. Give me my pretty color back, please. Yeah, just okay. And I'm just gonna try to make less text so it doesn't take up so much space, but so it should also allow me to adjust the spacing mine. Spacey. What happens if I click automatic? Okay. Actually, that's good. I just wanted to take a little nous uh, space moved on this a little bit. We don't want our text to be too close to any lines or whatever. Good. When you will listen, care this one hour intensive course. Well, will include. Okay. Okay, So there's some errors in here, so let's fix that when our intensive course think foods how to trim bunny nails, check body clean scent glands, temperatures and what? You OK? What you should have at home for wellness and sick. Unique. It. All right. That looks good. No, this bit over here should be linking to something, right? So for now, we'll just linked to doesn't seem to be linking to anything in particular. So I think I'll just send people to the contact page for the link. Here's the link, and we'll link this to a page, and we still have to deal with our pages that we have done yet, but for now, we'll just to contact page. And that looks good. All right, so we have our special service here. We also have events. So anyway, I'm not gonna make you, Ah, go through all of this with me. I'm just gonna upto update those myself. And then the next lesson, I'll show you how to update. Add the's social media pages. See you there. 14. Add Your Social Media Links to the Site's Footer Bar: all right, we are making some serious progress here for on behalf of bunnies and guinea pigs in Pennsylvania. So, um, I just want to show you what was added. So I added Thea Bunny wellness and care event. And then I also added an event called Bunny Pollux Za. Doesn't that sound fun? Ah, bunnies day out and I just grabbed this information from their Facebook page, and it's linking to their Facebook event. So good times. So in this lesson, let's just go to the very bottom and let's edit this area down here. And then once we've done that, then we have a decent functioning home page that we can work on the rest of the site, the other menu items and the other pages. But so far, so good, I hope, right. It's a very easy and intuitive Like the Wicks intro Video says there's no right or wrong way to design a Web page. Okay, so clearly it is not 2023. Sadly, eso let's go put in our date and we'll just put in our new thing here, So PK rabbit rescue. We can't we don't We could actually get rid of that I know weeks will be angry with me for doing that, but okay, so PK ribbit rescue. And then let's, uh we're gonna add their social media information, which I'm not even sure I have available right at my disposal, but Okay, so this is there. Okay. So we know at least their facebook pages. This just go to their home page, okay? It's actually this is their home page. So we can easily let's just do the Facebook one for now. Right? So Facebook and we will link it up. We can actually also link sent social links. Okay, let's do that already. Facebook and then what do you want to link it to? Okay, so I'm gonna link it to their, um, Paige, Uh, any links that you have that are going outside of your website, even if it's to your own Facebook page should come out of a new window. And when you're linking two pages within your website, you should keep it within the current window. OK, so that's it done. Hand done. Okay, so we've done that for Facebook, and I'm going to without you having a sit and wait for me. I'm going to do that also to Twitter and YouTube, and then I will preview it and we should be good to go. So in the next lesson, let's finally work on our menu items and other pages, so see in the next lesson. 15. Edit the Mobile Version of Your Wix Site and Hit Publish: Okay, so I've made some changes, and we're getting ready to move on. I'm just gonna preview it one more time and mostly have just been playing around with spacing moving things around. Um, I added some actual text from the website to feature actual pets. I've added the store, the A T store, and down here I added a second service that they offer getting to know your guinea pig, their events and then the information at the bottom here. So everything's looking quite a bit better now. And what I'd like to dio is let's a preview this in mobile as well, so we can see, um, how it looks. So this is mobile view. Okay, so this just tell it to see what it would look like on a cell phone. And as long as Oliver most important information is there, it should be Okay. I see a couple of things are a little bit out of wax or may just just as well. I'm just be careful because as you add it, one or the other, you want to just make sure you're not accidentally changing the other one. So let me just, uh, see if I move thes Icahn's. Okay, So in the mobile editor, I'm just gonna move my little icons up a little bit. Just just so silly things like that. We just want to, uh I just he just delete that space. Great. So this is already looking a bit better, and then this isn't so important, but it does book me a little. Maybe I'll just do that key does a bunch of space here. So we're gonna delete that, and maybe we'll just get rid of some of these. So it's up to you. How new? Picky you want to be okay. And so far, so good. Anyway, so I'm just tidying up. I think if that one is it gonna have it that neither should that one. It's OK. It's just for a mobile. Nothing against mobile users. But we don't need to worry about that so much. Right key. So that looks pretty good. Right? So this, um I'm wondering if we should Perhaps we couldn't hide this element from the mobile sits it gets cut off, right? So you can choose things that you may decide to hide. This is well, so I think we are in a good spot here. Great. So let's save this. Okay, so we're back in our desktop mode, and thankfully, those changes we made in the mobile editor did not affect how it's gonna look on a computer . So that is very important. OK, so the last thing I'm gonna dio is I'm actually gonna publish this. Not because it's finished. It's almost finished. I just need to change the pages now. And I'm pretty sure I know what I want to do up there, but I want to actually send it to the person in charge of PK Rabbit rescue because I won't be able to finish the whole site today. But I want her to be able to see my work in progress, and she won't be able to see it unless I publish it. So let's go ahead and publish it, All right? It's published on live online. But if nobody actually has the length and I don't expand, its not know when nothing's linking to it, then I'm not so worried that people are going to see it before it's ready. Right? So I'm going to just grab I need to grab this girl. Let me just view Say so. Let's look at it and fire fucks. I'm gonna grab my generic domain and yeah, this is coming along. So now I can send this to her, and she can have a bit of a preview. You do see that with the free website. You get these ads Ah, you know, create your wick site on the top in the bottom. But I think that's a small price to pay for having a free website and, uh, looking pretty good. And also, my social media icons are working as well. That opens up a new window and takes me to their Twitter page, etcetera. So we are in good shape. So in the next lesson, let's finally get to the menu and work on our other pages, see in the next lesson. 16. Fixing Up the Menu and Adding a Blog to the Site: All right, let's get ready to rumble. So we just want to change our men, you know, at this point and work on the other pages. So I'm just gonna click here and let's manage our menu. So this Ah, is pretty cool. So it's already set up with some suggested pages. And there's also this is an item in the drop down menu. So I decided for now and maybe PK Renna Rabbit rescue will change this later, but I'm going Teoh change these around just a little bit, and, uh, then they can always do their menu as they see fit. Okay, so first, I'm going to rename it. So we're gonna call. This one is going to be this one's gonna be, uh oh, wow, actually, hang on. Actually, as I look at the sample page here with all of the animals in it, I think I am going to keep this adoptions tab. That looks great. Um, let's do Okay, let's so rename this one so they may decide to have a volunteer page, but for now, I'm gonna rename this one. This is gonna be events. Okay? They have their donation page. I'm actually going to take it out of the drop down for now. And just by doing that, that will help. And then the contact us page. So these are the pages that we're gonna have for right now. Adoptions, events, donate and contact us. Um, and you can actually see it changing up the top here, So this looks pretty good if they want to, ever have, for example, um, under adoptions, maybe they want to have a section just for guinea pigs. That could be a new page. If I wanted to add a peach, you just go over here at page. Let's say we'll call this guinea pigs. Just doesn't example. Tip. And then you just place it in here under adoption. So you can, uh, you'll be able to preview that later. Adoptions, guinea pigs, whatever. If you want to link to ah, your menu, you can do that here. And then this allows you to head a folder with sub pages etcetera. OK, so actually, I'm going to get rid of this guinea pigs. One. I don't need that one for right now, so we just hit. Delete, okay. And we're good to go. So no to dough. we have our new menu items appear. They may decide to have other kinds of pages. Maybe a blood even. Um, that could be something. Ah, in which case it would go up here. Okay, so I think we're ready to go. One last thing. There is a button to at a blogged, and you click on it. Welcome near Wicks. Plug. Okay, so if we add a block, I'm gonna add a block. I might just take it out later. Okay. Well, that was easy. So I click to add a new blood, and it automatically added the blood to my menu over here. And, um, it can add a new but black post, manage your blood. So it's all very intuitive and easy. Okay? And this is pretty easy, right? My first post, my engaging title. This is my first post, right? And you can save it as a draft. You can preview it. Maybe I want to add a video or an image. Just click here. All right. Choose your image a play, and we're good to go now. Usually, if you have a blood, you're gonna have categories. So we might just may just call this adoptable rabbits, for example. Right. And you could put tags, so I don't know, Bernie. Grab it. Never. But this so will help people find your content. And let me let me just publish it. Kind of was, Get rid of this later. This is just on example. Okay, so this is my first post. Let's go back. Let's close this window now, and we'll go back to our editor and let's just see what we've done. OK, so this is what it looks like. So this is what the blood section of the page will look like and all right, I'm gonna publish this just so we can see what it looks like. Okay? And actually, I just have to fix them and you really quickly. We will keep the block for them. Maybe they want to have a black. I'm not sure. Okay. So could put blood in here then. We have a lot of menu items, so we should probably reduce those a little bit. So let's put, maybe we'll put donate as a sub category under adoptions, and then we have a venz blood contact us. OK, I like that. You know what I think I'm going to keep their blood. They can always get rid of it if they don't want it. But it looks good to me. Okay, So I would recommend, um as you're working when you're putting in your pages don't have 10 pages unless you're going to stack them like I did with the donation button under events. So let's preview this. All right, So here's our home page. Under adoptions, you have your donate button. Over here, you have events, you have your blood. Let's click on the black. There's our post. And when we were playing with the blood, there's lots of setting so that you can set it up just as you like, read more etcetera. So that looks good. Okay, so we have our menu and our navigation and our pages all set up. What I'm going to dio is I'm just gonna go in and tidy up the pages and make them nice, and I'll see you in the next listen 17. Editing and Formatting Blog Posts in Wix: Okay, so now that we have our first black post, let's tidy it up a little bit. What I did is I went to their Facebook page, and I found ah, story about two rabbits that were adopted. Where? There. Yeah, we are awaiting being adopted, and I'm just going to use the content and I'm gonna edit my page. So basically, I'm in the block section. Basically, I want to change this. So I click on the block post and I'm going to go under manage posts. And here is my first post. So it's easy enough for me to edit it, All right? And here we go. So I need to change this image. I'm gonna click on my image, and I have a but in here to change the image. So I'm just going to swap something else out, and I need to upload some new images. Okay, I have a new image that I named blood bunnies because they're gonna go in our blood, and here they are. So let's a play to the Okay now, this image was pretty small, actually, and Wicks is stretching it out, so this is actually gonna look bad. So we're better off by taking this image. Okay, so you need to go into the corner here right now. It's an excel. We want this to be Let's see what medium looks like. Yeah, that's about right. Okay, so it was a good idea to have alternate text just for people who are unable to see images or have vision problems, its accessibility feature. So true. Spell it. Right. Okay, so we're in good shape here. Let's just still put this over to the left here, and I'm gonna just paste in all of that text that I grabbed. And let's just make this text a little bit nicer. So what's going on with my text year? Okay, there we go. So it was at 16. Let's just do 14. Okay? So I'm going to speed this part up, So just a moment. - All right? All updated. It looks pretty good. Right. Uh, what else was I gonna dio? I think this just needs to be a headline, that's all. All right, this looks good. So update the post, and that is much more personalized than the placeholder that I had before. So in the block area. Okay, so before I play around with the settings, I'm just gonna go into my post one more time, and here it gives me some options. So here's my published post, and this allows me to go in and edit. Um, and if I preview it, let's see what it will look like. OK, so this is where our post looks like now and okay, it's better than it was before, But I don't really like it. I don't like the colors. I think it's kind of ugly, to be honest, Um, it's nice that it comes automatically with these buttons here, but for now, So So So let's see if we can fix this up, shall we? So what I'm gonna do is I'm going to lose the blood. And now I'm on the blood page and let's see if I can change the features a little bit. Okay, so I clicked on background, and I wonder if it allows me to change this. Let's just go with a lighter color. Showy. The, uh, orange is nice and all, but it just need to be so bright. It takes away from the text, so let's go with something a little less distracting So when you roll over these, it's supposed to give you a preview. My Internets being really slow right now. Uh, okay. Yeah, Let's go with that. Like orange. I like that better. Yeah. Here we go. More You could even go with. I like this color to Yeah, to drip doesn't let me customize film, color and opacity. Yes, yes, yes. Okay, so let's me choose. That's okay. Okay. So this is the color that I've selected now, and we'll let it stay at 100% so that's gonna be much easier to read, right? And it still fits in with our color schemes. We're gonna have this orange stuff going on, then. Um, that should be okay. And this Read more books. Really be up a bit higher. I don't know why it's down here so much. This is just a preview, but let's see. Okay, so this is better on, But I guess if we want to do anything else and click on settings number of posts per page. OK, so these are settings for a blood feet. Um, what's the date format? Post Tex Mex characters. Image side. Okay, actually, let's ed more characters. Okay? So this is better. For some reason, the spacing that we set up is not coming out. But anyway, these are all little things that we can play with later. Uh, read more. Okay. All right. So those are our settings. Okay, So those are our settings, and then I think if we want to do anything else will have to do it from in here and preview it. But anyway, so that's the rundown on editing and managing your blood. By the way, as you're working, you have appear right now I'm in my blood page. So if you logged out and came back in, you can always switch between your various pages and what you're editing in the wicks editor from appear. Okay, You also don't forget that you have tools and other things Here is well, so everything you need is right here. If you get lost or you need something, then you also can ask help in the help section. Okay, so in the next lesson, we will continue with fixing up our new website. See, in the next lesson 18. Setting Up Your Contact Form and Page: Okay, so I adjusted my blood page by going appeared under pages, blood and I changed the size of my image. Basically, all I did is I clicked on the blood post and clicked on settings, and it allowed me to change the image size number of characters, etcetera. So we're ready to go. So our blood pages working or home page is working now, I just need to update adoptions, events, contact us and donations. So I'm not going to go through all of those with you because you don't need to see me do that because you already know how to do everything. But I will take you just to the contact page. So Paige, contact us, all right? And we're already using the, um, the template. So obviously, the cat and the dog here are not going to work, even though they're really cool looking. But maybe we can change the image. Who knows? Maybe we can find something else in the library where I could also just do ed. And let's use, um, Victor Art. Uh huh. Let's look under animals in nature. Maybe we'll be lucky. It's to a search, since, uh, might be hard to find a rabbit amongst older. Look at that. Okay, great. Um, all right, here we go. Let's see, I want to use this, but I wonder if they let me change the color. Yeah, Why not? This looks good to make it smaller. It's given to the kit. Now we'll put in a double knee. So cute. It actually doesn't mind. I don't really mind that. It's ah Green, but let's make sure that it is going to fit in with the rest of the peach and I can change this color. Right? Come on. I know you're gonna let me change this color. Yes. Awesome. Okay, so this is the contact page. Obviously, I need to swap out this template information and this template. Ah, Google map with the proper information. And I also need to swap of this dog. But this looks pretty good. So far. So just one other thing. So clearly, I'm gonna go in. I'm gonna clean up all these pages, but, um, yeah, hopefully you're getting the idea of how easy it is to ed and change things. And just remember this one thing. So even though I've been saving it in here the changes won't show up live on the page unless I hit publish again. So every time you want to make sure that your changes air live and that other people can actually see them, just make sure to publish, and that's pretty much it. You can also preview your site and see how it's looking. All right, so let's see, How does it look when I click on contact us? Yea. OK, so I'm going to clean up these pages. Okay, so I've actually fast forwarded and going in. I added this little bunny over here adjusted everything over here. I put in the address for the Google map and I also changed this, uh, this information here and I customized the contact form. So basically what you dio when you're working with this template, just click on it and under settings. So for the contact form, for example, it's gonna ask you your email address and then you just follow the prompts for setting up the form. But the most important one is your email address, and then it gives you options to customize your message, etcetera. And that's basically it. So the contact US form is all set. And then for the Google map, you just click on change address, which is what I did. I put in the address for Piquet Rabbit Rescue and then the proper map has come up. So once you've done everything, you want to save it and then remember, you have to publish it so that your changes will go a life. All right, in the next lesson will continue on our way where you are making progress. Rabbits are being rescued and take care. 19. Adding Animated Effects to Images: Okay, This website is pretty much done. So I've gone in and I have changed all of the pages. And this is the events page. I just grab something off their Facebook page about bunny pelusa. So before I wrap things up, I just wanted to show you a couple more features. So if I click on change image, we've used, you know, settings and design, there's a cropping etcetera these air filters, which you can use, but let's try animation, so this will affect how the image shows up on the page. So let's say I don't know, let's make it so you could actually hover over these, and it can give you a preview of what they're gonna look like yet I don't want that. I kind of like the floating in. Yeah, um, bones in, glide in, fade in, etcetera. So this gives you some ideas and bounce in. Don't go too crazy with ease. So you don't want your whole website to be moving around like, uh, making people seasick. So I would just use this sparingly, but I'm gonna click on fluid in and close, and no, it shows that it has an animation on it. It saves. Let me just publish this so that I can view my changes. And then let's ah, see fix. Okay, Cain, let's of ur site. Okay, here's my site. Let's go to the events page. Uh, all right, that looks good. So you have all the tools you need now to make a beautiful website. We've got our content. We've got our navigation. We've got our images. Uh, everything is up and running, including now all the menu items, the donation page, etcetera. So in the last lesson or the second last lesson, I'll just show you a couple of other settings that you need to know about. But other than that, you are good to go. This is a quick and dirty website made for a where the organization and I'm going to hand this over to them so they can make their own changes moving forward. Seeing the next lesson 20. The Final Wrap Up and Important Last Things You Need to Know Before You Go: Okay, so in this lesson, just ah reminder if you haven't done so already, it is a good idea to link up your logo and your website name to your actual home page. I'm not going to do that right now, but basically, you just select it and you add the link and you're gonna have to, uh, linked to euro. Actually, we can do this very easily here. Don't even have to put the link so we couldn't link right to home. Or we could do Web address and put the full girl. So I'm just gonna do that. OK, Paige. Home. Great. And this should actually do this for every page, because this is in my main header. So usually people are pretty used to being able to click on a logo and expecting it to take you back home. You also have your home button over here. So this is the adoptions page and this our galleries where I just swept out the animals they had with some of the animals from the shelter. So we've used most of the most important tools and wicks at this point. Ah, we did menus and pages background. You can change background colors. Um, this is your red button for adding icons, images, videos, etcetera. Here you have different APS that you can add for your business, etcetera. So just a moment. Many of these air free okay, and inside you'll find things like booking. So if you're like one of my other clients Healing Hands Massage Studio in Miami, Florida they would have a bookings section on their website magic form builder Facebook. Like Ah, Wicks, get subscribers. So some of these air free grow your mailing list with a sign up form, etcetera, so you can do a search for different APS that you want to add to your site, and they're all very intuitive to add there. I'm going to just close this window. So you also have Ah, we already did the blood. There are promotion tools, and there's also the bookings tool here. So all of the's are pretty intuitive if you get lost. For whatever reason, remember, you have appear you have options for getting phone on Google accessibility connecting your domain. Many people already have a domain name that they want to, uh, connect. If you wanna upgrade to from a free site Let's just let me just show you the upgrading features because they're very, very inexpensive. If you want to just connect your domain and that's it, there's a feet. There's a plan for that. Okay, so you have the connect domain feature, which is most basic $2. Sorry, this Aaron pounds, Um, but it's a very inexpensive, I would say for the rabbit rescue for their purposes because they've never had a website before. They may even want to just go with this combo plan for personal use because it allows them to connect their domain. They're removes the Wicks ads and allows you to add that little icon which normally shows up there and some ad vulture. So there's different plans, depending on what you want to dio um and yeah, basically, you have your mobile editor if you want to have a look at it in, uh, to see what it would look like on a smartphone, etcetera. You also have other tools as well. And here's where you're most likely gonna need help if you need help with any particular feature. Um, and forgive me, because in this course I don't want to duplicate things that already existed for free online. But you have all of the step by step videos here. So if you're having trouble with one of the particular APs or a particular tool you can search in here. Okay. So, yeah, we made a quick and dirty website. This is for anyone who doesn't want to learn web design. Hopefully, this was easy. Walk through. And now I'm ready to just have a look at my website What it looks like published. So I'm gonna go into your site view published site. All right. And there it ISS So all the most important information on the home page. A little bit of things that they do. Events, services, social media icons at the bottom there and then my various pages. So we have the adoptions page. Okay, So these air just regular images from the gallery, and I only added captions to this one so you can put a name for everything, and if people click on it, it's actually gonna enlarge the image. And you can have as much detailed information as you want here, and it will go through the gallery. I didn't put any information for these other ones so that's something that they're going to do themselves. But it looks good. Right hand. We added the donation page and just working with their template and adding the donation button, etcetera here onto the events page with information about bunny, Pollux Za no, into the blood that we set up. Okay, so there's only one post in there. No, but Aziz, they add more. It will show up below here, go inside the post and it allows us in to see more and then finally will go to our contact page with over information. So not bed. Not a bad job for just about an hour's worth of work. And now an organization who never had a website has one. And they can use that to do even more good in the world. On behalf of rabbits and guinea pigs. I'm so glad to have played a part in that. So, um yeah, I'm very excited about this, So I hope that you find Wicks to be easy and intuitive. And as you come across your own specific questions or you want to show me pages that you're working on, feel free to ask a question in the course or send me a message. I love to help. I will be happy to help you with everything. Everything. Everything. Just tell me your questions. Ask me your questions and show me your pages. Show the rest of the class your pages as well. We'd love to see what you're working on. Okay. Thank you so much. Take care. 21. Extra: 5 Easy/Free Tools For Making Web Images, Animation & Video: Hey there. So hopefully you're starting to get more and more ideas and ways to kind of break through your creative block. But one of the very best ways is to just start making stuff using free software, free tools, free images, free video and pre music. Because if you are just sitting around staring at a blank screen or a blank canvas waiting for an idea that's gonna freeze you up. But if you start at least thinking about Oh, I want to do something with animals and you start looking at pictures with animals or start working with templates, etcetera, and you start putting something together, you're gonna get ideas as you're working. One of my very best creativity boosting techniques is going toe one of my sources for free images, music and videos for your project. I will give you the link to this block post on my website, and I will talk to you a little bit more about copyright law and what you can and cannot do when using other people's images. But I have here the whole list of places where you can get free creative Commons images that you can start working with as a base. So some people, maybe we'll take a picture of a rocket ship and start tracing over it and throw out the original photograph in Boom, you have an illustration. Other people want to make photo collages, or they want to go into a free program like Can Va and put images together, maybe even ones that you took right. So there's all kinds of places where you can get free professionally shot photographs and illustrations. Uh, online. So this is my big list. There's also an area if you are someone who wants to play around with video, our animation. There's places where you can get free royalty, free music and sound effects that you can put together either in an audio project or as the soundtrack for a video. Our animation that you're making. And then you also can use free videos. Many of you maybe want to make a website, or you've seen websites that have video backgrounds. These are great places to get free, professionally shot video that you can use in your website projects, but also in your video and animation project. So I highly recommend just browsing this resource and then let me show you. So this is, ah, glug that I have with my students in Yangon, their secondary students at Talon International School. And here's just four samples these air grades Ah, six through 11. And many of them have absolutely zero design or our experience and what we did in the classes. I had them go to those websites, find an animal of their choice. And then we brought the photo in a free program called gimp, which you can download for free. I'll only building for you, and then they brought in their photo. And then they used the drawing tools in gimp in a different layer to trace over. The photo made their little tweaks here and there, and then they threw out the original photo and they were left with different kinds of illustrations. So these are for just a different example. So some just did a black and way drawing like this one with the elephant, and she really played around with the different thicknesses of lines to get those wrinkles in the skin. And then others were kind of more colorful, more blocky. The student used a big fat brush, almost like a paintbrush to draw around a dog, and you can actually see remnants of the original photograph in the background here. So that's another way that you can start making stuff without worrying so much that you're completely on your own. So my other suggestion are going to a great website such as canvas. I'm already logged in. Chan va dot com is a great website because they give you all kinds of templates. So if you don't have an idea you can borrow, you can borrow an idea and just start putting in your own text in your own words. So if we were going to make a Facebook cover, for example, and just, for example, that gives you all kinds of kinds of templates, obviously you want to use the free ones and less pay to use it. But let's say I don't know. We choose one of these right? So can Va gives you a template, and then you anything you quick gun you're going to get, uh, you're gonna get settings for. So flip this. You can change the position. Usually I start with the text, so anything I click on allows me to click on the text and I can change the fund if I want to the colors, etcetera. I apologize because I don't have so much time to go into every single program I want to show you. But I just wanna, um, give you a taste of all the free tools out there where you can use templates to get started . So I wanted to change the image. Ah, in 10. But you have the elements section over here. And if I wanted a picture of a tree, iCal has all kinds of free photos and graphics here. So if I wanted to and bring this in here, surely right. With photos, you can replace this photo with something else. Okay, So anyway, it lets you drag in any photos that you want. And, of course, if you have your own photo, you just upload on image. There is of some of my students from Mendel A in Inler mentally teaching a social, of course, and there we are. Right. So anyway, just to an example in canvas, obviously then when I'm happy with this can go and I can download it and use it anywhere I want. That's just can va. Uh, I have a full course on this, by the way, I should mention, But you don't need a full course to get started, right? There's other kinds of tools besides can Va. So if you want to make a website, there's wicks dot com, which also is very easy and intuitive. You just go in and I'm obviously I'm logged in. But you go in and you can create a new site. And you just say, What kind of sight do you want to make templates for portfolio on CV? No, it'll actually make one for you, but if you choose a template, it's the same thing as can Va. You just go in. Let's say Let's say like this one, you just go in and you start editing. All right, so here's my Templin. It same thing. Um, and there's ah, bunch of help videos. Toe will be with me if you get confused. Anything, just like in Camba G. And anything. I select have settings, writes congee. Um, I can change my funds, the color richies. So we have that I can change pictures if I want to change image so anything right click on it gives me settings for have a bunch of money images in here already, But you have the same option and wit when I wanted to say, Is that basically Wicks, just like Can va gives you free images that you can use from input did Ah, there it is. So I know it seems a bit overwhelming just coming in here and starting off, but basically, that's how it works. You can click on anything, start changing it. You have buttons, um, up the top. Here you have pages. So right now we're on the home page with manage pages and there's actually a resume page. When I click on it, I am taken to the resume page and edit that as well. I can get rid of pages or add my own. And then when I'm done, I can preview my website and publish my website, and this is all for free. So that as the world's quickest introduction toe with, uh, yet again, I'll just say it once. I don't have to say it for each example, but I have a course, a larger course for every single one of these tools that I'm gonna show you. But anyway, so that's weeks, man. What else did I want to show you? I wanted to show you, uh, power tune. So platoon is just like can va, just like Wicks. I'm not going to get into it here. But you sign up, you go in and you have templates, and then you just swap the stuff around. You can have your own animations. You can put your home music in. Ah, you can write the text and determine the story. And if you follow a template, it's much easier than if you're just trying to do everything from scratch. So there's Pau tune, okay. And then there's stencil. And so one thing I like about this one is you just grab in the image, whatever you like text here, which light if it's gonna be on a dark background. But then the thing I like about stencil it's just like can va But they have a bunch of quotes here. Broom creativity is a gift. It doesn't come through if the air is cluttered. John Lennon. Thank you. So anyway, you can well stuck around, but it just makes it really easy. Teoh Macon Inspiring quote that you can share on social media that took me, what, two minutes? And then you basically can download it or share it right on social media. So that's that. So there's a bunch of free tools that you can start using right away. Plus, you know where to get free images, free videos and cream music. So now you really have no excuse. So if you still are not feeling creative, then maybe you should just not worry about it and just start making stuff instead and see that helps give you it. All right. I hope this helps see you in the next lesson. 22. Extra: Remove Text or an Object from a Photo FREE (and fast!): Hey, how's it going? I got an email today from someone at the World Food Program asking me a really common question. So I thought in this video, I will show you how to easily remove text from a background image. I don't know if you can see the email that I got. So basically it's a woman walking to the vehicle. So the text in the lower left-hand corner is the texts that they would like me to remove. And this is one of those things that even a year or two ago, I may have gone into Photoshop and done a couple of things that I've been doing for many years. There's actually an easier way now. And I always check because I feel like new apps and websites and whatever are constantly being introduced. So I wanted to show you this one that I just came across. I'm just using because I like to especially living and working in the developing world where people don't always have access to expensive software programs like Photoshop. As much as I love it. I wanted to show how to do that with a free program. So I just did a Google search, something like remove texts From Image, free online program or in a lot of apps came up as well if you're working on your phone and the computer. So I came up with this one photo or I don't know if that's how you pronounce it. Remove texts from image online for free. I love it. So let's try, let's see how it works. We remove texts now, drag or upload your images. All right, So it's making me do a free trial, but for now, I'm just gonna go with the free plan, so I'm gonna go do that and then I'll be right back. Alright. I am the proud owner of a free three-day trial header footer. Just a little life hack, I use the to-do list app called to-do list. And whenever I sign up for any kind of free trial, I know I will forget if I don't write it down. So I just pop it in my calendar and maybe one or two days before. And actually here it actually tells you to cancel the free subscription 24 h before the free trial ends. So anyway, just a little life hack, just pop it in your calendar to check with. Check in with yourself if you want to keep it or not, so that you know, to cancel your free trial before you get charged if you don't want to continue and have this thing now for the year, it's actually, it seems like a pretty decent price though anyway. Alright, so let's go for it. So I'm going to Let's see, did I download this? Hold on. I did. Okay. So you want to open up the image that you want to remove the texts Trump. So we are ready to get rid of our texts. So I'm going to focus on the object remover. By the way, if you're interested in what are these other things due? This looks like a really cool program actually. You can always click on this little question marks and they'll give you more information. So we're using the object remover. As you can see, it's not just for text, it's for full-on dogs in this case. But it could be a fly on the wall, could be text, could be someone's foot, whatever it is that you want to get rid of. So what we're gonna do, We're going to smear the thing that we want to take out. So let's do that first. And, um, yeah, let's do that. So we go inside here. And I'm going to draw over this area that we want to get rid of is optional, that if we use the eraser, if we want to like, whoops, oh gosh, I just did a Command Z. If you want to kind of go get in there more tightly, you can. Usually if I'm gonna do this really accurately, I would zoom in. I'm just doing this rather quickly though. So let's see how this works. Alright? So let's do start removing. Alright, there you go. That worked perfectly and saved me loads of time. If I had done that in Photoshop, I would've done it with like the cloning tool and the smudge and it might have taken me at least, you know, I don't know, ten to 30 min depending. But that was pretty quick and painless. No. Wow, love it. Okay. Great. So far, free trial is definitely worth the money. All right. I'm going to hit apply. And that's it. I'm going to download this. And I can send it to the World Food Program and they can use it on their social media. Let me just confirm that in fact, it did download and yeah, perfect. I'm going to send this in and now they can use it. I actually didn't do anything else to this image. I might just adjust the levels a little bit, but I'm just going to send it back to them just as they gave it to me. So photon is the name of the program. You can use it for free for three days. It looks like they're really inexpensive, monthly and yearly plans as well. And anything that saves me time and energy is okay in my book. So yeah, this is giving, getting two thumbs up for me. Alright, I hope this was helpful. Take care. 23. Thanks for Taking This Course!: thank you for taking this course. I hope you found my tips and tricks helpful, clear and easy to use for yourself. Please remember, you can always ask me a question by starting a discussion or by contacting me through my website or Facebook page. If you did find value in this course, please do take a moment to leave a rating or review. Your feedback helps me best provide a high quality course experience for you and your online classmates. I also look forward to giving you personal feedback on your project. Click the project, but and under the video lessons to start. Thanks so much for being a student in my online classroom. I hope to see you again soon.