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Watercolour Cityscape - An Old Italian Town

teacher avatar Sweta Kaushik, Watercolor Artist & Urban Sketcher

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Watch this class and thousands more

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Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

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      Materials Required


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      Quick & Loose Sketch


    • 4.

      First Layer of Color


    • 5.

      Second Layer of Shadows


    • 6.

      Adding Jewels (Details)


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      Final Talk


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About This Class

Paint a Cheerful and vibrant Italian Cityscape with me! We will mix paint on paper too. Learn how Indian red and Cobalt blue deep helped in creating the mood of this Cityscape.

In this 40 minutes class, we will sketch the buildings and I know many of you face difficulty in that. Well guess what?! I will show you a way to sketch only the big shapes and I promise rest will fall into places:).

This class is for intermediate and Advanced level, and I will be covering the following elements of a Cityscape - 

  • background - sky
  • middleground - buildings, door & windows, bricks (in detailing part)
  • foreground - Perspective lines (to bring the eyes of the viewer into the painting) and integrating people into a painting!

Here for easy note down of Colors and materials used :-

Reference image - @eli__bertu

If you are a beginner and need some practice before making this Cityscape, check these classes :-

1. To learn how to human figures like me, check my class Watercolor Landscape & it’s Elements 

2. To Learn the basics of washes for any painting check my class Master Watercolor Techniques - Learn how to paint lights and shadows

The original artwork that I first created from above reference -

To help me make more content, kindly review this class and add your project!

Cheers & Happy Painting!


Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Sweta Kaushik

Watercolor Artist & Urban Sketcher



Hello Artists,

I am Sweta, a traditional Watercolor Artist, Urban Sketcher & the Founder of the 'Urban Sketching Circle - A Membership for on-location painting'. I live in Delhi, India.

I am a passionate teacher and present modern solutions to my student's problems, improving their observational skills and allowing them to visualize and interpret the 3- Dimensional world in front of us accurately on paper.

If painting from 3D world is a bit hard for you, then click here and download my free guide on Urban Sketching - 5 steps to simplify what you see.

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Level: Intermediate

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1. Introduction: join me to paint a watercolor city escape on old Italian down hello to all I'm sure of articular artist. Check out my instagram handle watercolor dot consultant to see all of my watercolor walks. My style is basically lose on die create glowing washes. I love to paint cityscapes, landscape and any challenging subject in this video. I'm going to teach you how to make this wipe it and cheerful cityscape I made. This did escape in World Watercolor Month, and lot of people have asked me to make a tutorial off this. This process will help you in loosening up your style. I take you through the three simple step. After this, you'll get your finished painting. If you have already taken my previous classes, this is going to be a very easy one for you. Distant escape is for intermediate and advanced level skill set, and if you're willing to take this class as a big ner, try out my watercolor landscape. It's and it's element to land the human figures and master watercolor technique class to learn the basics off a landscape fled start painting, but before that I'll tell you the materials required 2. Materials Required: in this video, I'm going to share with you the materials required on the basic color mixes. You need a pencil? Any razor? Ah, few brushes, preferably a large, more brush number 14. A small squirrel hair brush on a few synthetic, really well pointed brushes. I always use a bigger brush for the detailing, but other than that, you need a white gel pen or white water color for the detail. Ings a pencil and then Raisa for the paper. I used to throw sketching paper off 21 into 21 centimeter dimension. You can use any watercolor paper, preferably 100% quarter. Other than that, you need some tissues and a water container. Here you can no down. The colors that have used in this painting on have also mentioned some basic color mixes that you need to practice before starting the final world 3. Quick & Loose Sketch: Hello, amazing people. In this tutorial, I'm going to make a beautiful state escape, and I got huge response from Instagram from all a few people. First, I'm going to cover up the sketching part. This looks like a pretty complex landscape, but believe me, it's much easier than it looks. So I'm going to start with the horizon lining that make the major shapes on and make these perspective lines. It's going to be a pretty use case, as they always way have to keep in mind to keep the for most of buildings and human means intact even after we color. So I'm starting with the four Eiselin and then I'll be sketching the buildings. He seems to be gone marching towards the center on this is the one building on. This is going to be the next they just do it. If you notice it clearly, then you can see that's this'll. Building is nearly towards the right from the center street, and then this type of light. Morning, Joe sheeps the biggest sheep you know. The smaller ships go when he finally major shapes in a booth. Next is the middle ground on the last word is background in our painting foreground consist of the perspective. 19 committed ground, good games, buildings on booth. Background is basically sky. If you're not able to draw all the buildings that I'm doing here, you can skip our ad or do whatever you feel like doing. But just keep in mind the direction off sunlight. Actually, I was pretty surprised when I saw the final result off this painting. I didn't expect this to look so good. It just happened. I think it was because of the colors. The last thing? No, I mean a few impressions. Major shapes. See that focus on the bigger leadership on smaller shapes comes later. Instead of using your brush in the waning been following World Hospital doing that, I walk interiors the first wash second wash, and the 3rd 1 is the final detailing part. So adding windows and these tiny details on these details basically Meeks and object look like it's authentic self. So, for example, if you make windows near a wall, people will consider it as a building. So basically, these air, something's or sign that it might be a building are a car are maybe an umbrella or maybe human figures. You just have to find out. Those are subtle hints that make an object look like and it's authentic. So after learning the basics support of colors, pretty soon I realized that sketching is something which I can't avoid. Onder. If I don't focus on sketching, I will not make any progress. So for some time I just stop doing watercolor and for coast and gave all my time to the sketching. I really hated sketching, by the way, but I knew that to make watercolors work, I have toe focus on this skills also. Pretty soon I could see changes in my brush troves handling on how we capture a scene. I was pretty much more confident, and I had a pretty clear idea off thought I had read in the second layer and in the data spot. It's not easy to explain how this process goes, but I always ask everybody to focus on sketch so some people might consider consider the sketch highly dating. But for me, this is not, ah, highly detailed sketch. For me, it's a lose one, so it depends upon your region and from person to person. It's time to walk on the foreground and I'm going to make the perspective lines. Thes lines brings out all the difference. And you guys should always find an excuse to add these to your painting they're in. Whiting will invite of yours I into the painting. Now I'm going toe add life to this painting. So I'm going to make people. Andi. So there is a rule in a painting. The head level of all the humans are People lie on the horizon line. But you can cheat with this room in case if you're sketching gives head level after those gifts we live below the on their other exceptions also like many paint from an 80 of you. So that is only guys I have some more human figures on. Then I want words painting the first. So from now on, just speed up the painting process on this meat in the next 4. First Layer of Color: welcome, guys. I hope you already with the sketch and watercolors on. Now we'll start painting the force layer. In the first year, I used the bright shades. I don't makes them with a lot off pains or try to be saturate them a lot. Andi. So you can say I basically used the brightest and most situated beans. I have Andi in the second layer. When I put the shadows on, and that moment I use those same pains de saturated them using a complementary color and make the shadow. That's how the painting looks. Chloe, for the sky wash, I'm using Escada. The more 14 aquarium are fresh. It gives really nice Impressionist sticks mark in the sky on I'm going to use COBOL Clukey problem ing son u turn from the sky. I think first I'm gonna write this guy. I just do whatever I feel like doing like there is not a fixed technique that I'm going to use in all of the paintings and see how clear the grand elation looks. It's my model not to touch the sky wash or any wash over and over again. Because the first impression that wash gives is most clear And if you let it be, that is basically the secret off blowing washes. So like the washes floor like the color march, I believe that particular should look like water color. If you're going toe, pain them like acrylics. It doesn't show the beauty out. The real beauty of particle er is in the glowing washes on marching water colors and different shades on the paper. Only source Guys done. No on. Now I'll take a smaller brush. Let me see. So this is a sable hair brush, so I'm gonna use the sable hair brush. It's number 12 from Art Secret. It is a very sharp and now I'm going toe makes Indian red. By the way, this is from blue by nuts. Andi, I'm going to mix it. I also need your loca. This is also blue Beinart, your loca and what should I add? More? Okay, I'll start with your loca. A little bit darker Application that's interviews Indian Rhett. Now I want some grand new elation. Let's go for potters Pink. After doing the 31 days challenge like before that I never thought or imagined that I would be using quarters thinking my serious heart works But now I'm in love with Spain That was your locker by the This is going to be really bright There's the suddenly part basically the sun in statically hitting that part So I'm going to use a brighter shade on I don't have that in my palace. I'm goingto take it out. This is Vincent Orange. So I would like to add a little bit off Indian red, I think a little bit more off here loca. Thank you. That is tune our did, by the way. Im extremely messy, vile painting. See how good? Sharp point. It's so useful on my boldest tilted. Andi, I used to canvass board. I couldn't find a better supported the movement. You can use anything with which you are comfortable, but building your board is very important. I'm going toe Makes the pains on the paper like this. Just your board on it started on. I love it. How it's coming out. Okay, so this is generated. June ordered is Venetian Jered only. But what I like about this generated bluepi nurse sonorities that it doesn't de saturate after drying a few pains. Beast mostly are big means the de saturate. They become darker after drawing. But if this one doesn't and I try to avoid those paints that becomes darker after drying. Andi. Now, this building is supposed to be inviting color, so I'm not gonna paint it. I'm mixing Coble Flutie with Indian red and it brings out a lovely grief. And now we're working on the foreground. Just predict on the human shapes Geif. You lose a few shapes because in detail part will use more darker and saturated pains toe being them out que soul. I need a graduating pain, so I'm using your tight on. I'll also use part of Spink. This is part of a fink and the last clear has more off partners being than your fight. Oh, I think I ensure you. So this is done. The false Larry start. It was a continues wash. You can see how this Lear is, and now it's time to let it try. And then we move on to our next part where I'm going to paint the second layer 5. Second Layer of Shadows: moving on to the second layer, which is the layer off the shadow in this light. I'm going to be the shadow off all the buildings on. It's going to be joined together. The shadows will not be individually pleased. Somehow or other, they will be joined together. You can see it here on. I'm going to use this squirrel Hairbrush. This is silver Velvet brush number eight. And this is how I'm going to being the shadows. You can see that there is variety in the pains I have used in the shadows. They are talker Andi. Watching this, you'll get an idea how we're going to proceed. Father. It is advised to use a smaller brush than the one you had used in the first layer for more control and precision. And this is where we walked a little slowly and carefully on I'm mixing again. Cobalt blue deep on Indian red. A lot of people have asked me how a being shadows, and it's really difficult to explain it. So here you can see I am using cobalt blue D for the shadows and neutralizing it. Using Indian raid on, I'm using a darker version off what I used in the base the first layer in the same spot off the building. So that is what you usually have to do on with practice. Maybe we'll get a hang off it. I hope it solved some off your doubts. You can see the variation off pains in the washes on its really important that this variation should be seen and it should be clearly visible way don't have toe foot consistency off the pain so that the lower the force layer is not visible. I'm going to add a bit of sort of a genuine tothis wash father dark in it. Now here I have to change the pains. I used Winsor orange and yellow car. So here I'm de saturating your Loker a bit. You have to make shadows in one go and connect them. If we're going to dry at some spot and remain red at others, the shar doubles look scratchy. Keep comparing the tonal values. Andi cleared shadows. Somehow I have to connect the shadow toe the bass part mother's shadow off the building is still right. Keep connecting, enjoining so that it won't look unclean are over. I think I need to darken it a bit. And now Gina Red. If I am not satisfied, I'll keep teaching, changing their tonal values of the shade. If I have to darken it, add a bit off cobalt blue deep. An Indian dread are maybe sort of like genuine. I'm going to protect and paint around the heads off the people. It's going to look really lovely after it tries. Andi. Dealing is what will bring it together, and now I have to go to the next part off. The shadow building is also projecting a shadow on the ground. It's really important tohave crisp, clear edge in the shadows. Now we have to make shadow here, and I have I can see that I have applied part of Spink at the base. So I'm going to dig porters pink and mix it with any dark beaned on the ballot and make a bold stroke. Um, old oblique stroke. Make it in one goal. You can see that my Leary's going continues, and it has not right at any point. Now I need a doctor version. This part is going to be the darkest part. Now you can speed up the video if you would like to and enjoy the process here. I'm using ticks or alleged annoying on. I think this part is even more docker that they're just didn't building going forward. I'll do, ah, bit off detailing hair. Generally, I showed the dealing part in the next radio, but there isn't fixed formula. So here I'm going to add a bit off detailing using my rigger brush because the part off painting is already dry and I can't wait to start adding the deals, go ahead and speed up the process if you would like to. After adding a little bit off detail in this part, will be meeting in the next part where I'll be adding the white highlights, human figures and everything that is required to finish this painting so CIA 6. Adding Jewels (Details): thanks for keeping up with me on here. We are moving towards the end segment on. We'll be doing the detail ing now for the details. I prefer to use a rigger brush on our a sable brush or any synthetic brush with a good to put book. You can see that our initial ears were really lose on in the detail ing. We're just going to put some lot lines and windows are any other things are yeah, the human figures also for the darkest stock. Abusing a mix off cobalt blue deep on immune ret. Army. Be adding a little bit of sort of like Geno into it. I am going toe. Bring the variation in the washes from light to dark, or talk to light at the smallest places, like big Nose. Also, try to use the appropriate brushes. Don't use any large sizes off brush Andi. The trick is to use the appropriate brushes at appropriate places for the white highlights . I'm using minimal white shell pen. You can also use abide gosh or white photo color for the human figures. I'll be using bright shades like Hansa yellow, medium, viral, orange, cobalt, even on the brightest red in my palette. Trump here. On what? You can speed up the video or enjoyed your piece. Andi, I'll be talking to you again at the end of the video. 7. Final Talk: I hope you enjoyed this MODY City escape. This painting got huge response on Instagram and was like by all this is also a personal favorite. Walk off mine. What stands out? This spending from the others is its unique color selection and all credit goes toe in, generate on cobalt blue deep. You go ahead and experiment more. There are some variations in this painting from the original ones and you can also do the same add as much as you like. Don't forget to add your artwork down below and also comment and let me know What are your thoughts on this painting? I'll be waiting for that. Check out my other books on my instagram handle at watercolor dot consultant And you can also send in your request on what you would like to learn next time. Thank you for joining me. See you next time