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Watercolor Galaxy - Step by step

teacher avatar Zaneena Nabeel, Top Teacher | Artist

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Watch this class and thousands more

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Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

    • 1.

      Welcome to the class


    • 2.

      Let's get inspired


    • 3.

      Art Supplies


    • 4.

      Color Study


    • 5.

      Painting the galaxy


    • 6.

      Creating the shine & sparkles


    • 7.

      Splattering the stars


    • 8.

      Peeling off the masking tape


    • 9.

      Thank you for watching


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About This Class

Everyone loves to gaze at the stars, what about creating your own dreamy imaginative starry night using watercolours! 

In this class you’ll learn my process for painting a multi-coloured vibrant galaxy using watercolours. Each and every material will specified for everyone to follow, the class will be suitable for beginner and a professional. 

Join me to create your own AURORA!

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Happy Painting

Z :) 

Meet Your Teacher

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Zaneena Nabeel

Top Teacher | Artist

Top Teacher

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1. Welcome to the class: all right. Hello, everyone. My some sunny B. I'm back with a super exciting class on painting vibrant particular galaxy. Today I'm gonna take you through a magical purple galaxy. And this is so easy to pain that you will end up on Lee painting Galaxies. From now on, this class will give you a strong outlook on but on the technique on with the same technique, we gotta paint a multicolored galaxy. Okay, so without any further ado, let's get started. 2. Let's get inspired: no. So I typed in galaxy and God, all these results which you see here. Actually, this is one of the best week. If you want to try new competitions, there are plenty of really and on really photos off Galaxies with the Internet, which makes you think after the balls, while to think the colors, it is always a good idea to get inspired by a photograph on greet pollution off yours. You can do self picture off the awful reach from the Internet on spatter the colors which you have on choose the shades, which are nearly some low to one of the picture. This is one metal I always prefer when I lack some inspiration or I want to try a new combination. So when you have a base, are when you have something to compare it, you always come up with new and unique colors because you experiment a lot to get it back to particular color, which you see in the image you can always get inspired by the Google Pictures. Andi maker washing Off ers With that today, I'm gonna go with a purple company, she for my project 3. Art Supplies: Hello, everyone. I hope you all got inspired by my previous Ishan and you have a 90 off the galaxy you come into in your mind. Now, I'm gonna talk about all the materials that you will need in this class talking about paint . I'm gonna use watercolor from various brands and I'll be talking about the shades in detail . Then you want to, though? Next sessions now on to the paper. I'm gonna use my arches. Rough paper, which is 300 Jason and 1 40 l b. So this is the one I'm going to use for my main project for the practice. Pease. I'm gonna use my cancer. Mixed Media's pirate sketchbook. These are the two brushes that I'll be used in throughout this class. This is Princeton hesitation about six on silver black, one with pressure, but well, you believe a mixing palette. I'm using my ceramic plate to mix my shades. Whatever kind of mixing. Pilot, you have a book. Perfect. You believe two jars of water. One has to stay clean on the other One is to wash off the paint from your brush. I'm using my white wash from royal talents to create the stars. You could use your bite. Actually, Car, if you don't have the question, actually, you could go with Whitewater color. Last but not least, you'll also need a pencil, an eraser, a masking tape on a people total. Okay, so grab all the materials on, join me in my next video. 4. Color Study: No, we are going with the Wanat pink combo. I have just four shades for my galaxy and boozer appear a ping. It occurred on violent dioxin purple on ultra marine blue. Just watch out dispatchers on try and get something similar. Even if you don't have the exact same sheet, you can go with whatever you have. So that was appear upping by Daniel Smith. This is a very bright and bold color which will stand out from the galaxy. That is why and choosing this color. Now I'm going with Barack alone. Violets When this is from Daniel Smith, the next two sheets which have chosen as the dioxin purple on and ultra marine blue. Both of them are from sin earlier, I say always mentioned the brand is in matter. If you have the exact same sheets from a different Brandt, that's wonderful. And if you don't have exact same sheets, you can try and go with something, which is kind of similar. You don't need to have the exact exact same color that I'm using here. Okay, let me tell you this. We are gonna do a little bed galaxy here, so don't get stressed. We are leaving everything to the watercolor to play by its own. Let go off all the control that you have got. Leave it free on lead the water and the clothes plea and create a pattern. I'm starting to appear upping, and I'm going on a random manner and adding in paint. There is no order are stroke movement that you have to follow here. So just have an idea off. Very one. The lighter colors and very wonderful back of colors. That is the only thing you have to have in your mind. Now I'm switching the color to caracara violet, and I'm adding that color in in the same way I applied open dropping. You can just let your creativity flow here. You don't need to follow the exact same strokes or an exact same pattern that I'm using here. Now I'm switching to proper, so there is no order or rule, as I mentioned earlier. If if we like one color is not enough, you could add that more. It totally depends on you, which color you want to stand out in your galaxy. See how I added the while it begin to make it a bit more brighter. So the same way you could choose the color, which she won to see as the media shed on, add the sheets accordingly. So I want a little off light to push in the middle. So I intentionally left the ideology writer in the center. So I'm gonna go back with a P rapping on adding them a king and repeating the same thing after the Opara pink algo Beto violet and purple on add a little more blue to greet the same ethic that I created on the top, you could see how the colors are planting together as the background. Despite on, I wanted to mention one thing. I'm not going with the light to two and coming back with, though on the doctor earlier the top. I'm going with the doctor door and the first ical itself. I'm taking the darkest tool and applying them so there is no coming back on top off it because most of the time what happens is when you come back with a different layer that I think that you have got on your first layer always get lost. So it's always better to come with the practice to in your first layer so that your ethics days acid ists. So I'm running my clean brush at certain media where it needs a little off help in blending , so you could just use your clean, plain, fresh and guided a little bit to plant. Now I'm loading my brush with white watercolor on applying a little off that to the center radio where I want it to be little more lighter. I'm just adding that one as my culo Suster wet toe spite will automatically blend to the sheets next to that. Okay, so that's it. That's so practice. Please. Now we're gonna do the same thing on a bit more. Largest keel. Okay, so grab the calos on joining me in my next video? No. 5. Painting the galaxy: No. Okay, so I have nicely taped on my paper. Let's do the same thing which we did and never practice bees. I'm starting with betting like paper. I'm applying a nice clean coat of clear water, as I mentioned earlier. Let go off all the control that they have. God, relax on, go with the flu. There is no rule here on you don't need to follow the exact same stroke or color that I'm using. Here, let your creativity plea on. Decide on very wonder lighter values and very on the darker values and accordingly place two colors. I'm going to the O. P. Rapping leaving the paper white at the middle on in between as I wanted that area to be lighter So you have to fool your instant here rather than following what I'm doing to see oh, very close on. Let them flow. Now I'm switching to my violet on adding them in closer to the a p rapping so that those close herbal blend together. So there's no any particular order that you need to follow here. You could place your clothes and whichever way you want. You have to have an idea in your mind. Very one, the light to values and very the jackal values, but that there should be on the top or they should be on the down. Our should be in the middle, as I'm doing here now, I'm switching to my poeple on adding that in. So I'm not going to take that more into the center as I want that to be a little off pinkish. So I'm applying the purple on to the out of corners. You could see how the colors are starting to blend by its own. That is the beauty of the veteran technique. You don't have to put so much off effort and blending the colors as your background, the spread. So one thing I want to mention. I won't be coming back with a darker court on the top, because I always prefer to apply the colors in the darkest value on playing with the light to run Darko tune a psycho. I won't be coming back with a different layer on the top. I Sometimes it can spoil the ethic that you have already card in there, So this is the way I am doing. You have the absolute freedom to choose the way you want to do that. I'm trying to blend the clothes with my clean brush. There's no paint on my pressure. I'm just helping it to blend. I want a pink to be but more brighter. So I'm adding on a little more appear upping. I didn't touch the whiter areas, which I had left from the beginning, so that just left acid er's. Now I'm gonna add a little more Whitewater color onto those areas to make it a little more lighter to create a more kind of full galaxy effect. So this is the time if you want to add more colors, if you want to make some colors bit brighter. You could do that now, as your background is still. But you have the freedom to play with the darker on the light. Oh Don's now, so I'm gonna add little off appear upping to make it a little more brighter. - And that's it. We have our background, really. Now let's add in some stars. Andi, finish up the Galaxy 6. Creating the shine & sparkles: So in this Asian, I'm gonna teach you how to create those shining stars. All you need is an year bug. My background district. A little bet I'm gonna take on your butt on lift off, gained from Iran to media. So there is no order that you need to follow. You can lift after pain from variable you want and always remember to rub off your year but on a paper towel or a clean clothes, because there would be a little off paint on the year. But when he used to you But the second time the paint on the year but can stain the paper again. So all these from go to clean your B A. But so that is one technique to lift off the paint. You can you see a brush aspirin concert after year, but it is much you see every day about because you get clean white dot Now I'm taking a smaller brush on dipping it in whitewater color and putting some dots so the wind dogs are spreading onto the background as my background is still a little wet. No so too great. The shine and the Spar pool I used to you, but first and I took up some paint. Secondly, I took worry Brush on applied some white dots. Now I'm gonna go with people toe and lift off some paint. This can be in small patches. It doesn't need to be dots. Aspect it with the blood handle. Brush don't left often. Big, big patches do that in small patches, which kind of greed that shine on the sky. So the only thing you need to keep in your mind as from painting the sky to creating the shine and the sparkle has to be a but speedy Bruces because to get the desired effect while lifting off the paint, your backer has to be under to bet. So from painting the sky to creating this shine and sparkle, it has to be done in Fargo to get a proper effect. So this is what makes your stars appear as if they're shining. Now let's go ahead on Split of the Stars 7. Splattering the stars: no. So we have over Bagram. Perfect. Now I'm using White Wash on gonna splatter the stars into the background I took a little off the paint on the lead on I'm gonna take a smaller brush on to but another brush and gun attack on to the smaller one to create the stars. You just need to get the consistency right. It doesn't need to be a white quash. If you don't have one, you can go with white click or even Whitewater color would book. So when you feel like you have enough stars, you can stop it there. Do overdo and mess it. I'm gonna splatter some more on Stop it. I think by one most plateau, I would have enough of stars. Okay, so I have splattered enough of stars. Remember those boards between added with your bird on to the EADiaz speed lifted the paint off. The people told him Those are the key EADiaz. Now we're gonna add the stars on two. You can see those white spots between added, but that year put Pick those areas on at the white dot but your brush or you can even use your white Children. You can see how easily be made the stars look as if they're shining. So that's why we created that. The white spots behind on we added the white brighter sports onto it to make them appear as shining. I'm gonna cook, leaping all those ideas where I have that white spots on anti because towers I'm done adding the bigger stars on the abortion. Now, I'm gonna go to the top portion on do the same thing by adding the biggest stars with my brush again. You can use your wide Children instead of your brush, if that is more comfortable for you. No, I really loved those shine and sparkles we have got here. Um, that's it, guys we had done. Now I'm gonna peel off the masking tape on show you. How is it looking 8. Peeling off the masking tape: no. Hello. So we finished our painting in decision. I'm gonna show you a few tips on peeling off the masking t. The most commonly practiced way to peel off the masking tape us to do them at an ankle like this. So actually, this reduces the pressure on doing tear the paper off. So hold one end on to beat up the masking tape starting from the other end and do that in an ankle. You see how nice on a clean line I have got here. So this is one simple step which you can follow. I never trip s you can blue try on the paper which will lose in the blue off the masking tape that can be easily removed without tearing the paper off. But also, if you're using a good quality artist, great people that also make a huge difference. I love how the Hopi wrapping is standing out in my Kalac's e. This is one cool color which is so bright and unique, which you can use your galaxy or any other projects which makes it stand out on I'm allowing this tiny corner with all those shining stars. Experiment with all sort of colors. You lie, I think, after the box and come up with a very unique galaxy with your own favorite cheats. 9. Thank you for watching: Okay, so we made it to the end. I hope you all enjoyed painting with me. Please share your class project in the project gallery. I would love to see them experiment, but Gilly color competitions on Come up with your own magic in galaxy on. I'll be seeing you next time with a class on painting a spiral galaxy. Thank you for watching and happy painting.