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A Guide to Liquid Watercolours : Everything you need to know about Liquid Watercolours

teacher avatar Zaneena Nabeel, Top Teacher | Artist

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Watch this class and thousands more

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

    • 1.

      Let's get started


    • 2.

      A quick look into Liquid Watercolors


    • 3.

      Basic Techniques


    • 4.

      Art Supplies you'll need


    • 5.

      Let's do some fun exercises


    • 6.

      Class Project - The Skyline_Part 1


    • 7.

      Class Project - The Skyline_Part 2


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      Thank you for Watching


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About This Class

Are you someone who loves vibrant colours? Have you tried liquid watercolour? 

They are super rich and vibrant. Ever since they are launched they are trending in the market and have become the favourite art material of many. There are many more reasons to love them, you will get to know about them more in my class on liquid watercolours. It will be a guide to all those who are looking forward to explore liquid watercolours. 

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Happy Painting

Z :) 

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Zaneena Nabeel

Top Teacher | Artist

Top Teacher

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1. Let's get started: are you? Someone who allow vibrant colors? Have you tried playing the liquid watercolor? I am someone who was madly obsessed with these concentrated liquid watercolor as they complement the style of my work. Hello, everyone. My sons are in an appeal. I'm an artist and an instructor. Today I'm gonna take you through a very exciting fun dried. There we will together explode liquid Warda Cano's in this class. I will be talking about everything you need to know about liquid watercolor. Trust me, it's gonna be super fun exploring this gorgeous little bottoms. We will begin the class by getting to know about the Mente till exploring each and every property off liquid water cloth. And then we will do some quick and front exercises with them. And this will help you understand the potential off liquid watercolor as they're quite trending. Ever since they are in the market, there is quite a lot of exercises which will help you explore this new medium. And finally we will do a vibrant skyline using this liquid watercolor. So by the end of the class, you will find what are liquid water glows. And why I find them so amazing. Andi. I think most off you will find it amazing as well on you. We're really enjoying my liquor. Articulating Alright, Without anymore do let's get started. 2. A quick look into Liquid Watercolors: we could work. Clothes are easy and fun to work with. They are super vibrant and can create standing effects for the same reason I allow working with them. So when I started using liquid watercolor, I only had these two. The one you see here is the initial design off Colin. Liquid particulars didn't had a dropper attached to it. I used to either took my breast directly into it or I used to use a trapper. I guess these kind of borders are no longer available. All the new ones comes with an eyedropper attached The lead. These borders are made of glass. And once I accidentally dropped one of the bottle and created whole mess. How are my obsession? Will look good. Border killer didn't stop there. I kind of bought new shades and added it to my collection. Liquid would glowers are perfect for those who love wypr in color combinations just like me . So if you are someone who allows to work with based on tunes and lighter values, you'll have to bring it down to a lighter value by adding water to it. So this is all what I have in my colon collection I have eight of them. I just sure what I have You can go with any problem that you have caught. Ah, you're back. Our philosophy launched their liquid vertical arrange and I couldn't dresses myself from buying them. I'm not gonna compare any brands here. I'll just focus on art philosophy because that is the one I'm using in this class. I'm quite lucky to have all the shades. So if you are planning to buy them, you can either start with the primary clothes are by two or three off your favorite cheats . Just like how I did. I went with my agenda and a blue for the first time when I bought them. And when I got hang off it, I bought more shades which kind off match to mice. Type the first thing to keep in mind to any work with liquid watercolor, as you should have a proper palette. I prefer using one pilot to drop in the colors and another one to make so that you won't spoil the true colors. Ceramic pilots are much better when you work with liquid watercolor as eight can Costain on the plastic pallets. Our philosophy has launched 18 different shades, and they are concentrated liquid vertical arrange and there, named as taxi Fire, Brooke Candy Mistake and so on. Each offered comes in the 15 animal plastic water with an eyedropper. Attach the lid on the eyedropper makes it very convenient to use. You can directly squeeze out the paint on drop into your palate. These are archival things, which means they are resistant to veteran and fading, and they last for a longer time. They are acid free Asper. If you choose to use the pain directly the way you squeeze it out, that is the pain, too. But its maximum strength. It will be super wipe. Print Andi bright. If you wanna bring down the pain to a lighter value, you can add water to it, so the more water you are, the more light to the paint will become if you wanted to be stronger at less water. Liquid watercolor are not as convenient as the normal watercolor, which comes in the tubes and pants as thes needs. A proper pallets it up at there in the liquid form, and it will get mixed up with the other sheet. Much quickly, however, were the beautiful FX created by them are quite unmatchable by those created by the tube or Pandora to close their super rich and vibrant on a single drop. Off pain can be used to fill up a decent area off the paper, so in short, you cannot compare liquid water closely. Traditional water close as liquid watercolor act more like ends. They are vibrant, so it's a great choice for people who allows vibrant paintings but not a great choice for Pistor levels, even though most of those brands have a taste of range within them. But the men are bleed and flow the same way. How your tradition workload us as their ends. You cannot lift them just the way have you play with your watercolor? Once you drop the paint on the paper, it is very difficult to lift them. That means there is less roomful correction. Another great thing about thes are if you leave some paint on your palate, you can easily re with the paint by adding some water on. It will act the same way as you took the paint from the bottle At the end. I would say it is all personal child's, whether to go with liquid particular, our tradition particular. It is never a replacement off traditional watercolors to me, some off the paintings, which I do by traditional watercolor. I may not even attempted by liquid would for some subjects like vibrant sky and galaxy. I prefer using liquid watercolor as a plants like magic. But for subjects like landscape leaner painting, I may not use liquid watercolor. I would always cope with traditional watercolor as they have more realistic and natural tones. So as we progress, I will show you some quick fun exercises and also some more complex exercises with liquid watercolor so that you haven't understanding on how to play with them. 3. Basic Techniques: we all are quite familiar with the watercolor techniques. Now, let's give a try exploring the same techniques using liquid watercolor. I'm going to start by trying over don't dry technique. My paper was try. I'm gonna apply the wet paint on the paper. The color that I'm using here is called County. It s a nice pink mentioned a shade and gonna apply the paint on the paper on you could see the pain, the super vibrant. I haven't applied a lot of water at us all but off a concentrated wash in. That is why the color is looking that my print. Now I'll keep a try, adding a little more water to the same color. That's the brighter version of the color now, while makes little water and then I'll bring the tone to a lighter value. So that was why don't dry. You could see how bright and bold the colors. So if you wanna go for a bolder, brighter color, always school. But we don't try techniques so that you were the true color. Now let's try the button where technique I'm applying and even called the water onto the paper just at a little area. No, I'll just drop in some paint onto the wet paper and see how is it bleeding? They're spreading quite nicely as they are already in the liquid form. They are quite nice for wetting technique. So it was well clear that basically could work closer, Good for both the techniques, but on wet on wet or dry. Now I'm gonna try the layering technique. Whenever you do the layering technique always begin with the light or to then apply the next on top ofit. So I'm going with the lighter tune off the shade. Canty. This is also known as placing technique. It is actually the transparency water clover, which makes it look so beautiful because of its transparent nature. The paint will allow you to use multiple layers on the top, placing or layering as don orner dry paper on. Whenever you apply your first layer, you have to wait for that layer to dry completely before you go with the next layer. So I have applied and even coat off my lighter tune over the entire area. Now, while I wait for this to dry before I go with the next layer. All right, it looks like my layer has tried. Now I'm gonna go with the next tune off this Majin dot and I'm gonna draw a mountain line there now, full of the entire remaining area with the strong office magenta on to read for this layer to dry. So actually this layer are layering are glazing Technique is not for those impatient people because it takes a longer time that you have to wait for the previous layer to dry before you proceed with the next. And this is why a lot off watercolorist keep a hand dryer or to speed up the drying process . How world glazing as a key method for adding detail toe watercolor painting. You can use this technique to give a sharp, crisp appearance to the ideas off your work. It is also very useful metal for controlling the color tone and intensity off your paintings. All right, looks like our second layer has also dried. Now I'm going with the third layer, which is a much more brighter tone. You would have seen paintings like this very have different layers off mountain and different tunes starting from a lighter toe, a doctor value. This is a very nice technique to paint mountains. This itself can be a gorgeous painting. All right, so that was layering are blazing technique. Now let's try the lifting technique. I'll begin by applying the vet paint onto the dry paper. I'll just fill up a little 80 off the paper using the shade. So I have applied the paint over a little area, and now I'm trying to lift the paint using my brush. I does not working that well now, while tribe with the people told him you could see the pinion does not coming out that easily. This is mainly because thes liquid watercolor are mostly Inc based. They act like ink. So Damon artwork that great with the lifting technique. This means you have less room for mistakes. If you make a mistake, it is not as easy as the traditional watercolor. It may not be that easy to left the paint off from the paper, just like how we do with the normal watercolors. So be a little careful while you do the lifting technique with liquid water Klores. Now let's try some mark making. Using this liquid watercolor on this brush mark making is nothing but experimenting and playing with your brush and paint to make with this patterns and see how they're walking. This is mostly done toe. Understand your brush properly. So the more marks you make with your brush, the more you will understand how your brushes playing or how you can tell about it. So try out different patterns and strokes using your brush and liquid water. Close mark making will help you understand the full potential off your brush. Try some dry strokes are wavy lines, tickle lines, thin lines whatever you want to try here in this exercise, Mark making will help you understand your brush, Aunt, how your brush will act with liquid water so I don't now we tried the but on dry technique we don't bet. Then we try the layering on the clasing technique. Then we tried lifting technique which I wasn't that happy about. Then we tried to mark making using other liquid watercolor. Now I'm gonna try atonal wash off this color to see the full potential off the color. I started by applying the brightest pink, which is the pain but its maximum strength. And then I added water to it and I took it down to the light or tomb. The greedy in regard is quite natural on it Looks very nice s full. In addition to those, you can also try the salting technique where you just need to Sprinkle some salt over to the wet paint on Try. How is it working on? Do you can try many other techniques? Astral. I just went with the's fuel. Very popular techniques Other than the lifting technique. I'm quite happy with the rest off it. 4. Art Supplies you'll need: I hope you had fun watching the previous exercises. Now let's have a look. Water the supply said you'll need to follow my class for trees. Last. I will be using this liquid watercolor from our philosophy. You can go with any brand that you have got. It doesn't necessarily need to be art philosophy. If you have got equal line or Ph Martin, those are absolutely fine, even for the colors. It is not a class where you need to have a specific set of colors, whatever clothes you have. Carpal work. Perfect for this class. Now I know you will have a question if I don't have a liquid watercolor. Can I still join this class? Yes, you can. Jews, the calos, and drop a little off that color into a small container on drops, um, water into it and create a concentrated washing off your watercolor and can start using it directly from this little container. Make enough of paint in advance so that you won't run out of paint in between. I made too close here. Juice as many as you want. So that was for people who don't have access. Really could watercolor. Now let's have a look. Order the other supplies that you will need to make. Silk Alozie would need a palette. I would prefer using the ceramic palette or plastic pallet because these are things and it can costing on your plastic pallets. The ceramic pallets are easy to clean on Devens. T Asset is it may not cause any stain on your ceramic palette. You would also need to jars of water. One has to stay clean on the other one. A student's after pain from your brush paper as one of the important aspect when he work with liquid watercolor, which I came to know very recently when I used the's paint on a different people, which I wasn't using before. So I'm gonna just out to sample pieces off people here. These are from different fronts. Andi, I'm testing the paint on the first paper, and you can see the pain is not blending properly. It just created a stain there on you can see a dark colored pat on the top on it didn't give me a natural ingredient. Now I'm going through a line on the sample piece of paper on you could see the line, which I drew a starting to smart. He didn't give me sharp. Just the line is starting to spread out. It is very clear that this paper cannot be used when you have to. Detail are you need to draw fine lines on even the blending. Isn't that perfect? Now I'm gonna do the same exercise on the second piece of people. It is very clear that the radiant as far better than the 1st 1 Now let's add a line and see whether the paper is good enough for fine t tailing. I'll add a ticker line aspirin on. We'll have a comparison off. Put the pieces. Let's have a look at both of them together to see what is the difference between these two papers. Actually, both of them are 100% cotton are not quite sure what is wrong, but the first piece you can see in this one it didn't smart shore. It inspired out it gave me a fine, sharp line. The same Lee I had drawn it. But then on the first bond, you could see the line started to spread out on. It gave me a very ugly line there, so it is very clear the first piece of paper that's not at all a cube to handle the liquid water close, even though it is 100% watercolor paper, so it is very necessary to test out the paper before you start with your liquid watercolor project. The 2nd 1 I used force from Archer's it was 100% court analytical of paper. On it was 1 40 L D. So this will be the paper that I will be using throughout this class as I don't want experiment on a different paper. If you have another brands, just test it out on Make sure it is perfect for your project. Now let's have a look into the bridges that you'll need. I will be using various bridges throughout the practice and other sections, but in our main project you will only need a single fresh. This is our final project, where we'll be painting of I print skyline, and for that I will only use a single brush, which is my prince. Turn headed age, round size number six brush. Even though it's a size numbers expression, it comes back to a very nice point, so that makes it good for detailing Asper, you can go with any medium sized round brush. Now, as we are gonna do a skyline, you might need to trace the skyline over to your paper. I will be adding the link to these images in the project section. You can download it from their on, trend it and trace it over to your paper. If you are good at hand skating, you can just look at it on dry tone, your paper. Or you can even use a carbon paper to transfer to your paper some off. You might be using glass trays or someone methods. So no matter what the material following, just have the skyline on your paper way would also need a clipboard. Are any other object where you can fix your paper on two so that we can work at an ankle? This will help the paint flow downwards naturally on last, but not the least. You will need a pencil to draw your skyline. Then you would need an eraser to erase off all the mistakes on. If you're not using a clipboard, you might need to mask your people on toe cardboard or any other object that you're using, so we would need a masking tape on. Most importantly, you will need people travel always next to you. So grab all the materials and join me in my next 32 5. Let's do some fun exercises: I know I kept saying Liquid watercolor is so much fun to work with, so let's try some of the fun exercises with those. I just want you guys to sit relaxed. Andi, watch this X if ices and it's totally up to you whether to attempt it or not. I just want to show you the potential office, liquid water, clothes and water you can do with them. I'm quite sure. By the end of this 10 minute video, your mind will be exploring with videos ideas. So let's begin to explore our star off the show. Liquid radicalise. They're the best four return by technique. We could see how nicely the strap off pain is bleeding and creating a jellyfish kind of pattern. Allow dropping pings into the background and see how they spread on. This is how I mostly finished my paint. Okay, jokes a pot. I'm gonna create a vibrant Grady in wash, but three shades. I allowed to create background washes using these vibrant colors, and sometimes I used to add some lettering or some glitters or something to it. So I just created a beach kind off Grady in their Andi. After I finish this. Once it is dried, I'll add a little coat. I'm not a literal expert, so don't change my lettering. I just wanted to show you these are perfect to create Bagram washes. And if you are someone who allowed lettering, you could add lettering to it and make a great holiday card. Not that bad right now. Let's go. Over the next one, I have applied atonal wash off a single color brighter at the top on lighter as you progress down. So I have a nice, gradual tonal wash off the color county. Now I'm gonna add some buildings over the bottom using black, I allow making greedy in washes with these liquid watercolor as they're very vibrant. You can add any subject off your favorite like you could add some mountains or pine trees. Or you could even add some lettering to it. I just wanted to show you the various possibilities how you can make them look beautiful. The green looks bright and perfect. That's what I love about these colors. You can try the same with two or more shades. These can be perfect bookmarks. It hardly takes 10 minutes, including the drying time now Let's try another one. How a plant and even goto water onto my paper on dime. Just dropping some paint. This time I thought alco but ah, greenish competition. I'm just randomly adding colors. You could see how nicely the color, some mixing together and creating a very rustic background. I'll retour that too dry. Then again, I'm gonna add another little lecturing to this. Please don't judge my lettering. So guys believe in yourself that you can do wonders all right onto the next one. This is little more fun and quick. I'm gonna fill the entire people using those hardships I used various blues for this. You can try but the variation off a single color or you can use multiple colors. So these kind of fun patterns can be scanned and used as digital versions. I really love how these have turned out. Maybe you could add, oh, lettering and gifted to your loud ones. Now I'm gonna make another pattern. This time I thought, I'll go with some carrots. You like carrots? So using the light illusion off orange makesem random shapes off Garrett like that on you could just started ain't off, but more brighter orange and that had some loose on the top. And that's it. How nice it looks right. These can be given to the character obsessed friend for their body. Next, I'm going with an abstract florals again. I'm not Florence person at all, but I allow making this vibrant florals with these liquid watercolor play with different tones of the same color. Make them vibrant at some 80 odd and add in some water and make it lighter. Keep adding troubles at different sizes and shapes, so these flowers looks beautiful when you play with different tonal values. Make it lighter and darker at different areas. You can just platter some paint on top off it. I feel so nice to splatter using this liquid watercolor For some reason, I don't get it right when I do with the normal watercolor, because if I add more water, it becomes lighter. And if I didn't add water, it becomes very thick, so the consistency doesn't get right. But but liquid particular as they're already liquid, I could just flatter in the same way I haven't I'm adding some blue flavors, excuse my flowers and doesn't have any particular shape. I'm just making it. Yeah, but it's abstract, right? So it doesn't need to have any shape. I'm adding. Some club was with a lighter purple there, so ardent as many flowers as he won't play with different colors. Different tonal values on display at awesome colors in between, so that it has so a rustic and abstract look. So I'm quite happy with my Florida attempt. It isn't that bad. Maybe the credit goes to the liquid watercolors, not me. All right, guys, on toe over. Next for exercise. As you see here, I have just taped down my paper using a masking tape on I have apply the tape on a crisscross manner on created a pattern. I don't have any image in my mind. I just randomly applied the tape on entered a boot pattern like this. Now I'm applying and even called the water to the entire paper on. And now comes the fun. Drop in any color off your child into the water, which you have applied on the paper on. Let that spread and create a nice blend. Maybe you can just play with a single color or multiple colors. I'm going to use three shades here. It is the first time that I'm doing a mindless pattern like this, and it feels so relaxing. Now I know why so many people allowed to do this. Guys, it is so much fun to play with these colors like this because you don't have any image in your mind. There is no specific output Daddy wanted to create. You're just mindlessly playing with the colors on forgetting about the final output. - Oh , my God. Look at how vibrant they are now. I really regret for not doing this before anyway. Better late than never. Whenever you're playing with these kind off exercise is you have to have oh, stronger tape. I don't know what the washing tapes, the normal ones work well, because when you're playing with a lot of water, multiple layers specifically, the chances that the pain can seep into Andi can spoil the whole purpose of the tape. I'm going to remove the masking tape. Looks like it worked well. It didn't feel I'm quite happy with this. I don't know why I never tried this. I think I will add a lettering using a gold foil. Maybe our maybe not. Anyway, let's progress to our next exercise. This is gonna be the last one on the rule. I'm gonna try a Wiberg galaxy. I'm going the same clothes as I had some leftover in my palette. I'm quickly adding Carlos mindlessly just dropping the colors into the background on trying to blend him. Just drop into Carlos. And maybe you can wait for the pain to bleed and blend by its own. So it's gonna be a super blue galaxy. I didn't want toe take any other paint out, so I just compromised with the colors. But I had in the palate on That's our galaxy. I think it looks more like an underwater seem tiny galaxy. Anyway, the whole purpose was to make you understand there are quite a lot of things that you can do with this vibrant little bottles off concentrator, liquid watercolor 6. Class Project - The Skyline_Part 1: Alright, guys, let's begin our final class project. We gonna paint a vibrant skyline. I'm gonna use this arches born 40 l be 100% quarter in particular paper For my project, go with any paper which you feel as perfect for your liquid watercolor project. This one here is a digital bush in off the skyline that we are attempting today I have linked an image of the same in the project section which you can download and trace it over to your paper These other images that he will signed in the project section. If you are going with Dubai Skyland, you can use thes or if you want to try your city's skyline, are any off your favorite city? You can go with that. So which will be the city that you want a pain to retrace it over to your paper? The center Carlos that I'm gonna use for my skyline. The choice is yours. You can choose your favorite colors for your skyline. I have a bright blue which is called truth on. Then I have ah mentioned double scull candy and then I have a C green sort of a culo which is called Bora Bora. So go, buddy. Off every color. You can even go with two or maybe multiple colors. More than three, as I mentioned. And art supply section, You need a bull to fix your paper. You can either use a piece of cardboard or anything that you can fix your paper on. Two. We're going to work at an angle. So I placed my masking tape on to need the board so that my paper is sitting at an ankle Now talking about the brush Throughout this class, I will be using one single brush, which is my Princeton round brush from the heritage Syriza size number six. It is good for D deals astral as it comes back to a nice point when dipped in water. I have taken the other two shades. I'm gonna drop in some off this parable racheted into my palate. I have a jar of water, but I'm keeping next to me. I have few people travel last full. I'm going to start painting. I'm gonna go with the Imagine dark yellow First, I'm applying that over the brooch. Khalifa, make sure the bridge study or using has a great point. So that you can paint the tiny details. This is a painting which anyone can do. You just need to have your skyline traced over to your paper. I think that is the hardest part. So if you saw that than the rest off, it is quite easy. You just need to play What different tones off your colors that you are using. As you see here. I just went with the brighter tone first, and I add a little water. Now I'm going with the blue shade and I'm just blending those colors together. So which will be the color that you're using? The little quick. Apply the second color closer to the 1st 1 that you applied and try to blend them together and play with different tunes bringing water, make some areas, lighters, a media brighter and repeat the same throughout the skyline. - So I painted the Bush Khalifa on the building. Next to that, you could say I just took two shades on. Both of them are on the brighter side. So I'm gonna use the technique that we tried in the abstract flowers. I'm gonna play with color. Then I'm gonna splatter some color or were to the building. So here I am splattering some agenda over to these buildings just the way how we painted thes two. I'm gonna proceed to the next building, apply your paint in the brightest value, then at some water, then play with the tunes off your color at some media, bring it down to the light of value. Next, I'm going to create that effect of the pain to dropping from the buildings. For that, I'm using those dropper and I'm just pressing it over some area and telling the people so that it will flow down. You can use your brush passport to mimic that dripping paint. So that is the basic idea. Whatever we have done until now, we gonna repeat the same excise throughout the skyline. So we went in on added a brighter color. Then we turned it down using water. Then after that, we added the splatters and then we dropped in some paint and created those dripping effect . I added a like tuition off agenda as it is all bright and bold Now, we also need some light oh, values in between. So I'm adding in a lighter tone there. If you are someone who allows playing with lighter tools can just avoid the brighter side and play with the lighter tones. In that case, you can add water to the paint at the beginning itself so that you have your lighter to one's ready. I think I use quite a lot of my gender on blue I'll go. But the sea green, even of some of the collision blend well, properly. It is absolutely fine at the end. Once you splatter on dropped the pain, it was all going to be fine. So don't worry about that now. I'm gonna add the dripping pain to using the secret in shade. I'm using this eyedropper and I'm dropping some paint over this idea, and I'm tilting the people to help the pain flown town. If it's not floating, help it A. But either with your eye dropper or with your brush, I'm gonna jump into time. Lapse on. I'm gonna follow the same technique which we used until now 7. Class Project - The Skyline_Part 2: we are halfway through. Let's progress with the remaining off skyline. I'm gonna drop some more paint over here and greet that paint dripping effect. So if you are using your normal watercolor and you don't have an eye dropper like this to make this dripping effect, you can use your brush, draw a line on, put a sport at the end. Along with that, Blatter some colors to make it a bit more natural. There is a little area left. Word decide. I'm gonna finish that first. Before I pursued with the right side, most of you would know I'm an architect by profession on. When I started my career in to buy, I worked on a project which is right next to Broach Khalifa. For some reason, it hasn't opened yet. Just still, under some evolution, there is quite a lot of pink over the site. I'll drop in some see green. You can use the same technique to paint anything, actually, even floral some leaves, some abstract landscape, anything you can to we displayed with the tonal values off a color on. Then we splattered some colors, and then we also created the spinning dripping effect that's all what we did on. We kept on repeating the same exercise to fill up the entire skyline. Now I'm gonna splatter some more color over this area, just looking quite plain. Once I splatter the color, it would look but more rustic so you can actually play with the size of the splatters. If you want to. Some big splash doors, you can add some more water or you can take a bigger brush and do the splattering. We have a little remaining or were the right side. It looks like my boots qualifies, leaning a bit. No mind. I'll fix it later so that a sport we have left, we have three more buildings to go. So I'm gonna full of the same method as we did before. I'll switch to time, lapse and finish it off quickly. I only used three shades for this entire project. You can go, what more colors? Maybe you can go in a brain boutin, or you can play with a single color on different tonal values. It is totally up to you. Experiment all way possible. Come of wood standing skylines. I was allowed to see them. Most of you are very creative. I used to allow the class projects, especially the way you flatly them. So always let er creativity flow. Never. Just copy what I'm doing here. Make it in a way that you feel your stylist more recognized. All right, we are almost there. I have just a tiny tip off that building remaining. I'll just do a last round off splattering. This is my most favorite part of this Iolaus splattering because you know I'm a galaxy person. I want to split. Does something onto the painting. If it's star or just sums Blatter or anything, this is my favorite spot. Sounds funny, right? But I think most off you can't really to me. If you are a Galaxy person, it is a messy task, but it is the most satisfying part off it. I'll quickly add some warps platters, then I'm done. Okay. All right. So there we are. We have over vibrant to buy Skyla. Other than my butch qualifies, Little leaning. I'm quite happy with the rest off it. I think it is as beautiful Last my digital bush in. I hope you guys enjoyed a desperate do give a try. I would love to see your city skyline 8. Thank you for Watching: Thank you guys. We made it to the end. I hope you all enjoyed painting with me juicy off every city And do give a try paying this vibrant skyline and uploaded to never present calorie I would love to see them if you enjoyed my class Do live review It will help me improve as a teacher. And don't forget to attack me If you're posting them on to Instagram, I would love to re share them in my stories. Thanks again for watching and happy painting.