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Learn to Paint Watercolour Landscapes in 10 mins

teacher avatar Zaneena Nabeel, Top Teacher | Artist

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

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      Welcome to the class


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      Art Supplies


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      Painting 1 - Dreamy Sunset


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      Painting 2 - Misty Mountains


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      Painting 3 - Road not taken


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      Thank you for Watching


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About This Class

Watercolour is one of the most unique mediums for creating art. It's unpredictability and unique characteristics makes it the dearest medium of most of the artists.

In this class we are going to learn some techniques in painting quick and easy landscapes. We will look into the techniques and paint 3 unique landscapes by the end of the class. 

Come join me to enjoy a watercolour walk through nature! 

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Meet Your Teacher

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Zaneena Nabeel

Top Teacher | Artist

Top Teacher

LINK TO THE CLASS - 30 Day Watercolor Challenge : Learn to Paint 30 Easy Winter Landscapes

Experience the joy of painting winter watercolor landscapes in this 30-day challenge.

Each day, discover the beauty of new techniques, color combinations, and helpful tips in just 20-25 minutes. These projects are designed to easily fit into your busy schedule, so consider joining us if you have some time to spare :)

I believe that everyone can paint, and I am sure we have all had the desire to paint something at one time or another. Painting has a healing, calming and transformative effect on us. It's less about the end result and more about the process and experience. If you have always wanted to paint, or if you'd like to start a creative routine, join me on this 30... See full profile

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1. Welcome to the class: you. Hello, everyone. My name is any let up in, and I'm back with a super exciting class and painting some quick clan quickly using watercolor. Okay, so let's take a walk through a misty forest and come back wanting a dreamy sense. It, uh So without any further ado, let's get started. 2. Art Supplies: do you in this video? I'm gonna talk about all the materials that I'll be using throughout this class. It's absolutely fine. If you don't have the exact thing materials that I'm using, you can go with any of the brand you have, which is nearly similar. Let's talk about the pain. First, I'll be using beedies shades from the brand sent earlier, and artists. I'll talk about the shades in detail when we move on to the being transition. Now on to the paper I'll be using. My arch is rough paper, which is 300 gram per meter square 1 40 be on this is 100% cotton particular paper. You can go with any of the brand you have and doesn't really matter. But make sure your papers 100% cotton on a minimum of 1 40 B. As we're dealing with multiple layers of water, your paper should be good enough to handle the volume of water which we're dealing with, so make it in at least 1 40 l b, which will be good for our class talking about the brush. So these are three bridges that I will be using this class that is number 12 Silver black with brush on about six from Princeton. Harvard, eight cities. These two around brushes on. Then I'll be using my wash brush from Princeton. You will need a palette to mix value shades. This one here, as a very basic plastic pallets, you could go with any of the palate you have. You could even use a ceramic plate. If you don't have one proper palette, anything would work perfect for this class. We would need do jars of water. One has to stay clean. The other one you can use to rinse off the pain from your brush. The clean one will be using when we are checking water as a diluting medium or when we need to apply a clean, cold water on. Finally, we would also need a pencil. Ah, masking tape, an eraser and people trouble So that summarize all the materials be required in this class , grapple the material and gets it to join me in my next video. Uh, 3. Techniques: do you? Okay, so let's look into some techniques that we'll be using in this class. Let's begin with some water color washes in this class will be using but on bet cautious mostly. Firstly, let's try painting the sky. You've seen three different techniques for this with your because brush quickly with the whole of the paper. It needs to be fairly damn but not too flooded for this exercise. I'm using my cerulean blue. You could go with any of the blue off. Your child doesn't necessarily need to be sory in blue. This one is from our DSL. If you know the brand now with your number 10 are to al brush full in some random media's leaving some people space in between. All these apply from top to bottom. In this one. It doesn't matter because it's just an exercise we're doing. But if you're doing on a because kill, if you do it from top to bottom, that will helps you harmonize the greenery. And also it will helps you get a proper understanding of the proportion I have applied my blue. Now I'm gonna take my brush without any pain. Andi, I'm gonna have but a button blending Don't overdo the blending exercise because that will give you a patchy effect rather than a natural blended sky. Now you can leave the sky as it is. It will plant perfectly as the background is still a little bit. Now I'm moving to the 2nd 1 I'm gonna do the same thing. What I did in the 1st 1 I'll apply a wet cold water and I'm applying my cerulean blue at random areas on. In addition to leaving the white people's please, I'm gonna use white watercolor paintings. Also read the clouds. So that is when extracting would be going, too. And this one So that's the first and the 2nd 1 Now onto the third. In this technique, I'm gonna use a paper towel to create the clubs. Apply of that good water ongoing. Apply the cerulean blue. And after that, I'm gonna take my people double on lift out the pain from Ryan to Media's, and that will result in the clubs. That's it. With this chi, you could try the same thing, but two are more colors on great more dramatics guy Now on to the mountains. Let's try and do a funky effect and then add some texture sense. See how you can compose thes things into a landscape. So this foggy effect here as would be gonna try now for that, I'm gonna take a let brush and I'm randomly putting a few spots here and there. I am not fooling. I'm not making the entire people wait. Including the 80 a spare. I have applied the water. I'm gonna draw an outlying off mountain so you will get a blurry area and sharp lines in between. So that's were gonna make your mountain looked like foggy. Now I'm planting that down with pure water. The color I'm using here as integral from san earlier. This is one of my fill rate favorite favorite cheat, Do you? Now? I'm going with a much more darker integral on drawing another mountain and full ground. So that will give you a funky effect to the mountain. You could repeat the same excites and three or four layers on Crete. Falke, modern landscape, which people try in wonderful painting. I'm repeating the same exercise in the second piece. I'm applying Interco and I'm blending it down but pure water. And now I'm taking my sap green. I'm starting to applied from down to the top Andi blending two after sheets, leaving a little people right in between this mountain. We're trying to get some texture for that. Were you think it's all we're gonna Sprinkle a little of salt onto the BET paper so the paint hasn't dried completely. That's still a little bit, so you have to put the salt when the paint is still bed and that would react. The salt will react with the paint and gives you a very nice texture. When you apply salt onto the Wedbush that will start together the water color pigments. When you apply the salt, the pain has to be still wet on the kind of texture you get on your paper depends on the grain size of the salt and also the witness of the paper. I love his do it when the paper is kind of drying, so that makes the texture a bit smaller. In size is so you have to experiment this yourself and see the roses. Let's wait for that or dry. Meanwhile, let's move on to 1/3 1 in this one. I'm gonna create the textures. Using this flattering technique, I'm creating some greener area with sap green and lemony alone for the darker tone. I'm using indigo, so that will kind of give you that depth. You should always put your lighter tones on the background on. Add the Darko values in the foreground. - Now let's wait for the background to dry a little bit. If you splatter the next shade onto the background on the Bagram is still a lot. Wait, it will kind of give you those big patterns because the painters splashing out background will start spreading. Aunt, if you do the same thing, when the bag bonus a little dried, it will give you a little patterns like very small, tiny ones, and that will look like flows. So that's the same thing would be going to hear. I'm loading my brush with more 1,000,000 and I'm randomly putting some dots here and there to see the whiteness of the paper have to see here my daughter not completely spreading into the background on that is what exactly I need for my flowers. I think we are good to go now. I'm gonna splatter the same shade on the ground so by splattering you get a willing size for your flowers. For the splattering. Emphasize. Understand? Why Princeton? Her ribcage size numbers, expression all these use a brush off either four or six. Don't go beyond that. Because if you use a big brush, you end up having exploiters. So these are some techniques that will be using in our class. Go on, give it a try and amuse yourself. I'll see you in the next video. 4. Painting 1 - Dreamy Sunset: do you? Hello, everyone. So these other shades which we gonna use in this class if you don't have exact same shade, it's OK. You could go with something which is nearly similar. The first step I'm applying an even coat of water, leaving a little area at the bottom. We gonna do overtone? Let's guy here, starting with ultra marine blue and applying each shade from top to bottom after the blue I'm going with Violet, then crimson blending them together now going with four million on finishing at birth yellow Once you reach yellow, blend it down But clean water We have our first wash of the sky ready and that means half of the task us already done. Now I'm gonna lift off beaned before the bag down dries I'm lifting off the paint and a small soak Elashi to mimic the sun I'll take off paid from that tiny area on After that, I'm feeling the same shape with white toward a car to enhance the sun A little more Now I'm lifting pain from random media from the sky Amusing my flat brochure There's no paint on my brush I'm lifting paint on, then dubbing them on a People travel on repeating the same to create cloudy sky effect. So this needs to be done before your background drive completely. - My sky is really I'm adding a little more white water glow to the sun because it needs a little more enhancement. It's to paint the field. I'm gonna makes a little off indigo with violet and applying the darkest don't at the bottom, do you? So that's the color I got by mixing violet and indigo, - applying the darkest don't at the bottom on with clean water. I'm taking it to the lighter tone. You need to keep everything light at the horizon line playing with this light and the darker tone as what great those depths in your painting. So it is very important to make it light on the background on talk on the foreground. - Now , on to the final step, make sure everything is dry completely before we proceed to the step. Now take either pains green or black. We're going to add the paddy shoots now draw your lines freehand from bottom to the top. After this, we're gonna add those tiny dots on the tip. Now you can fill in your field, but body or be shoots whatever you wanna call it. Remember not to fill in too much. Next to the area where Bacri to that he picked up a son. You could draw one or two shoots next to that. We want to create an effect of the sun hiding behind his body field. So if you draw a lot, you might enter losing that effect. You could fill in the remaining 80 about how mature you wanna add. It's on. That's it we have done. I hope you all in charge, painting this Rimi sense it with me. Now let's take a walk through a misty forest. I'll see you in the next video. 5. Painting 2 - Misty Mountains: do you? Hello, guys. Let's now take a water clo walk through a quick and easy mystic mountain landscape. You think just one she to do this painting. That's a monochrome landscape. The Colorado using here French Ultra Marine blue from sin earlier. The first exercise is to understand the tonal values off the color, spat it out and understand the darkest room you could achieve on Bring it down to the lightest room you can get with the same sheet. So that's the greedy int of the sheet. Amusing. Now I'm painting the sky with the lightest tune off the blue, which I got from this watch. My sky has dried completely. Now I'm going with the first layer off my mountain We used the lightest storm for the sky. Now for the first layer off the mountain go over the next tune you got while I was fat The shade take brush for love paint on. Always draw your mountain with little absent down that will make it look more natural. So that's the first layer. Now I'm going with the second lier. Try out the shed, which you are going to use and make sure it is not too dark. Then the first layer you applied. So that's the second layer There. You could use any color off your child's for this painting. And also, you could break down to how much of the layers you want to chat. I'm going with Finally is here. No, on to the third layer. That looks perfect. So that would be my cheat. It's do you third layer done. Now what a little more. Rocco Tool. I'm applying my foot layer. Make sure you're Each layer has dried completely before you move to the next one on finally going with the darkest tune off the French Al Shammari. Include With that, I'm finishing my 50 layer on. That's it. Hope you enjoyed this man in my next we do. We have a little more challenging one coming up. I'll see you in the next video. 6. Painting 3 - Road not taken: Hello. Hello. Now we are on the third painting this one as little more challenging than the 1st 2 But you see yes, you see closely I'm painting my sky asked me to and the practice Ishan on applying even goto water on adding a little of cerulean blue Trans Amiriyah leaving little white space in between Wait for this guy to dry. Okay. My sky has dried completely now and adding to spot a water on time painting my mountain Just ask speeded in the practice issue Draw your mountain combining those border sports So you get a blurry area under sharp aguilar which will look like a funky mountain That's empty goal material used to paint the mountain. Now I'm blending it down with pure water on to wait for that to try. Meanwhile, I'm drawing a party which leads to the mountain. We need to great a foggy effect where the rule meets the mountain. To greet that effect, I'm gonna take off the pain with a people tone on. After that, I'm at a little off white water color to make that DDR bit more lighter. - You could actually keep this ex ice if it's light on your painting. Now I'm taking into goal on creating a bit more darker mountain on the foreground after I add indigo, um, adding sap green. And in between I'm gonna add a little off your Loker. A light on off yellow ocher to the roof. Okay, Now I'm gonna add in wake shapes off pine trees. This doesn't need to be well detailed. The next step is to fill in the greenery. We are being to the greenery with the splattering method we tried in the practice station. I'm filling in the remaining media, but sap green and lemony alone leave the road. Tacitus, - do you now add in the dock? Oh, tombs at random spots I used Integral. For this, you can use any off the dark green or any other Darko tunes off your choice. Those stock tones will get makes to the yellow and supreme. - Now I'm loading my number six brush but formally on let's splatter it onto the greats. Don't add in too much of splatters. If you need more, you could add them. But your brush I'm lifting off thes middle splatters which fell on my route. Along with that, I'm gonna add some lines off normally on the road, on blending them to the yellow, adding some more or in spots with my brush. Now I'm gonna add some darker tones at the bottom to greet. Detect for the greenery to add in the dock. Oh, tones at the bottom I'm using integral on. When I go up, I'm using sap green. Use the sheets according to the background. Shades don't fill in the entire yellow and green and the background. We still need those lighter tones. It's no let's finish the painting by adding a few pine trees you on, but that we had done with three quick and a seeing watercolor landscapes. 7. Thank you for Watching: you Okay, everyone so will be made it to the end. Panta lot for watching. And I hope you all enjoyed painting with me. You can use all these techniques between loaned and this class in your future projects as well. Experiment with your favorite sheets and try out new landscapes. You guys always surprised me with such beautiful class projects. And I'm so excited to see the mass usual. Do. Share them. Thank you for watching and happy painting.