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Using ChatGPT To Automate Professional Work Tasks | Jumpstart your Career by Leveraging AI

teacher avatar Micah J., AI, Data Science, Data Visualization

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Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

    • 1.

      SkillShare Intro Video


    • 2.

      Sign up for ChatGPT


    • 3.

      Write a Resume with AI


    • 4.

      Write a Work Email with AI


    • 5.

      Develop Learning Plan with AI


    • 6.

      Automate Performance Report


    • 7.

      Plan Your Work Schedule with AI


    • 8.

      Prioritize a Task List with AI


    • 9.

      Automate Cover Letter Writing


    • 10.

      Build a Shopping Ingredients List


    • 11.

      Get Excel Advice and Formulas with AI


    • 12.

      ChatGPT Generate Python with AI


    • 13.

      Generate JavaScript Code w AI


    • 14.

      Project Instruction Video


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About This Class

In this course, you will learn how to use ChatGPT to automate useful professional work tasks. This course includes 10 easy follow along video projects that will help you boost your professional productivity and make your work life a lot easier. By the end of this course, you will be able to use ChatGPT to build your resume, write work performance reports, create job application cover letters, plan your daily schedule, prioritize your work tasks, help you solve problems with software, communicate with external vendors, and so much more.

You will learn how to make ChatGPT:

  • Build your resume
  • Write your performance report
  • Write job application cover letters for you
  • Plan your daily schedule
  • Prioritize your tasks
  • Help you solve problems with software
  • Write and format work emails
  • & more

ChatGPT is an amazing tool that can help professionals save time and energy on tedious tasks, so you can focus on the more important aspects of your work. It's time to level up your productivity with the help of AI!

The course is easy to understand and no experience is required. Plus, you will get access to the prompt questions that I provided to ChatGPT to get these answers, so you can follow along as you go.

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Micah J.

AI, Data Science, Data Visualization

Level: Beginner

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1. SkillShare Intro Video: In this course, I'm going to show you how to automate professional work tasks using chat GPT, which is a powerful AI software that lets you do things like automatic creation of a resume, automate creation of a cover letter, generate a performance report to a manager, how to generate a work email, or how to plan out your schedule, or how to generate a learning plan. Things that you don't want to have to do, things that involve a lot of typing in formatting and general research can be put off on AI to do for you so that you can do what you do best as a professional, as a human being, we can put off all the other tasks on the AIM, can actually leverage it to make ourselves faster and stronger. So I'm going to walk through and show you how to actually do that using chat GPT. At the end of this course, you are going to have a project that's gonna be really fun and interesting for you. You're going to put together your own resume and your own cover letter for a job that you want. And if you already have a resume, you're just going to revamp your resume using the AI. So it's actually going to be kind of a fun experience to see what it would look like if your resume was re-written. If you don't have one, that's great because at the end of this course, you will have one. There'll be generated by AI based off of all of your real accomplishments and work history and all that. So anyhow, I hope you'll join me for this course. I'm really stoked to be there with you, teaching you all. I will see you there. 2. Sign up for ChatGPT: So in order to get you started, you're going to want to go to Open and you're going to want to scroll down to where Chet GPT is. You're going to want to click on that, then go down a little bit further and where it says try chat GPT, or you could just Google Chat GPT sign up or chat GPT in general. Click on this and then you should go to a forum where you can sign up. I use my Google account. You can too. All you have to do is put an authentication for your phone number and then you'll be good to go. 3. Write a Resume with AI: So for your first guided project in chat GPT, I'm going to show you how to write a resume. So I have a prompt that's in your reference files for this course here on Skillshare. And what we're gonna do is we're going to copy and paste that into the chat. Or you can write out your own based off of what I showed here. So to write this resume where we can start by asking the chat, can you write me just to kinda see what it says? And if you want to write out your own, which is something that will eventually be one of the projects or the main end project for this course, you're going to want to do that. So it gives us an outline of exactly what we need to give it. And you don't have to be this detailed. You can be very big, but the more information you give it the better. So what I have right here is a fake like breakdown of who I am and just sort of English and this is all fake information. It's just stuff that I made up. And just like, Hey, this is from my resume. This is my name, information about me, my contact info. I have a master's degree from a fake university. I previously worked for Microsoft and SpaceX and did all this stuff that I didn't do it, right? But I'm gonna go in here and say, Hey, can you go ahead and make me a resume based offices formation. So let's see what it outputs. Right, Cool. We're already seeing we have a summary here. We have contact information, we have work experience for every role. This is a good resume and it's super cool to see this is very surprising how effective this is. It breaks everything down, it goes all the way down to education, puts the skills lastly, prioritizes the whole thing. And he even has a section down at the bottom where it says references available upon request. So that's really cool. One thing that we can do to add to this is we can say, hey, can you provide an About Me statement that talks about how I'm always trying to evolve myself and learn and I'm always trying to get after the goals of my company and helping make my company succeed. And I'm gonna say, can you put this in the resume you just built? So I'm going to put that in there and we'll see what it does. So it's going to rewrite everything. It's going to throw in a resume here and then, or sorry, it's going to throw on the About Me statement and into the resume. Then it's gonna go through and blast through all of these work roles again. And I could even say that I don't like it. And then I just wanted to come back and provide a a new one. And I'll just, I'll just say, Can you try again but make it work? Achievements? In the About Me section, sounds smarter and better. And just literally say smarter and better and it'll just be like, alright, cool. So let's see what it gives now. Because last time I think it was a little bland, but now we're seeing some more, more spicier words. So driven to continuously learn and grow, committed to driving business success. Highly skilled and experienced. I think what we had before was just a driven professional. So it's adding more words in there that have a lot more flavor. And then we're looking over here at the, at the work achievements here. And we're getting a lot more content in there and it's just more rich overall. This is really cool. And although you wouldn't need to take this and modify it to actually accomplish what you're trying to accomplish. Which is a given, right? You can't just copy what the AI gave you going to have to make this real information. Don't take this resume and go apply for jobs with it. We'll fake information that never works out. So this right here is a really fantastic template building block and you can provide real information about yourself. You can even tell a story about everything that you did at a job. And then this could format all of that into these nice statements of these things that you did highlight the most important things and put it in a resume format that you can then utilize. But anyhow, that's enough for this one. We're going to move on to the next video. 4. Write a Work Email with AI: One really great task that we can automate is writing emails. So if you're writing important emails all the time and formatting them all out and sounding the right way and including all the information is a bit much. You can just explain the general message of what you want to the chat and then it can output a awesome e-mail for you. So the use case that we have right now is, hey, write an email to all company employees, reminding them to update their talent and skills profile so we can fit them with new growth opportunities, promotions, and all that stuff. And this is going to be from Micah at the HR professional development team at big money tech company, right. So it's just a just a dummy thing that I'm providing in here. But what it's generating is really, really very real building block for something that you could utilize to roll forward into something that you could actually use. And we could actually just say like right now, I'm looking at this and says hello everyone. You know, blah, blah, blah. It's a little dry. And so I could say something like, could you sound layer? And then it's just going to restate it with a different tonality. And Let's see what it comes up with. So, yeah, thanks for your help with this. Have a great day. Best. So instead of thank you for your attention on this important matter, right? So this is a really excellent pathway for it, right? We could tell it to write any sort of e-mail out. And I'm just thinking of a random use case off the top of the head. I could say, Hey, can you email my boss, Sarah, and ask if we can have that team meeting out at Olive Garden or something like that. So you see like see email my boss, asking her if you can have for lunch. Not question, we're good. Alright, cool. So it's writing this thing out like, Hey, I'm wondering if it would be possible to schedule our meetings over lunch. I think it'd be a nice change of scenery. And this is great, right? And so what we can say is, Hey, don't say this email is for next week, say that it's for this week. This is for Tuesday. At this point, we're kind of asking the AI to do things or we could just copy and pasted do ourselves. But we can just tell it something like, Hey, can you write this email to be relevant to this Tuesday? And it will just add that in. Awesome. So this is just one example of how you can automate an email. I hope this is helpful. See in the next video. 5. Develop Learning Plan with AI: But most people want to learn new skills and sometimes you have to learn new skills might be a requirement of your job to get smart on something. You might have been tasked by somebody to develop yourself in a certain way. So you're going to need to plan for that and you're going to need to know where to even start. So you can actually use chat. Gpt is sort of a mentor or a guide. It can dig up information for you and it can give you a plan, sort of like a digital coach. So what I have here is a request. It just says, Hey, I need to be to become smarter on organizational project management. Can you provide me with a four-week plan on what I could do to get smarter and this area. Could you give me suggestions about where I could go to learn about these topics? And then could you make the guide very simple so I can understand it because I don t know much about this. So I'm literally saying, Hey, explain to me like I'm five, tell me what I need to do week-by-week. And so it's spitting out a guide where it says, Hey, here you go. You can go look at the PMI website. You can look at this PMBOK. Awesome. We've got some references, some things to go look at. And we can even ask it specifically, what should I look at in the PMI? What should I look at and the PMP be okay. Let's say, I'll ask you right now. Should look. Then it should be giving me some suggestions. And then when I can do is I can say, hey, can you give me not just a week-by-week guide, but a day-by-day guide. Let's see, we're already getting this information here. So what I'm gonna do is I'm going to ask it to build in the this information into its day-by-day, week-by-week plan for me so that I know how to go out and do this. So I could say, can you include this all of this commission a day? Day, week. And let's see, this should be providing us with something where it says, Hey, week one, day one, day two, day three, and so on. And that's exactly what it's doing. So day-by-day, we're getting a breakdown of tasks. And we could even go so far as to ask it to say, Hey, provide a hourly schedule of every single day. So that that way I know exactly what I'm gonna be learning day-by-day and I can actually slap it into my calendar and I can start looking at these sources and developing, start diving in and following this training plan. So it's giving an overload of details and this is not just copy and paste. This is the AI actually going out and developing a, a step-by-step tiered guide where it goes all the way up to like the hardest, hardest level that they can get you a week. For. One thing I want to highlight here is that when you're using this, you see that it stopped in the middle of its text generation and it was printing our week three. And then around here it kind of died out. So now we have access to check GBT at the time that I'm making this course and just a free period. And when I'm experiencing this right now, I have just met the max of what the AI will actually provide to me. There is a rate limit and some things like that. But what we can do is I can say just to get it to produce less text, less lines of text. I can say, can you summarize this day by a plan for me? Make shorter, more condensed. And so I'll put this into the chat. And then it's going to come through. And it's going to make a slightly more condensed version. So it says days one through four, day five. So we're getting some mashup of the days and how they're going to blur together. So you see, we got all the way to week four that time just by modifying how we ask the question here. Alright, that's enough for this. We'll see you in the next video. 6. Automate Performance Report: For most jobs, you're going to have some point in time where you're going to need to express what you've been doing well, you've been working at the company, whether it's every month, every three months, or a year, whatever it is, you're going to probably be asked to provide some sort of summary of that information. And you might just have little bits and pieces of a story laying around that you remember or e-mails or things like that and writing that takes a lot of time. So if you want a really good format, you might just want to spin that story together and tell it to chat GPT where you can get something spit out. So what I have right now is a fake performance reports statement for me and I work in the flying car research division to Acme, Inc. And we're developing a Ferrari that drives underwater motor oil than never runs out. And we're halfway done with the key, a soul that actually looks good. And we're also working on a project to develop a nuclear powered Tesla and Elon loved it. So let's see what it spits out for a performance report statement. So great. So it's saying, Hey dear manager, I did all this stuff. The Ferrari that drives underwater was a very innovative vehicle. It's a major advancement in our research. That would be and I worked closely with Jack and we're refining this formula. And I've also been working on a key, a soul that actually looks good. And I'm confident that this new vehicle will be hit with consumers. And while I caught the attention of Elon, who was very impressed with our progress on the nuclear Tesla. So anyhow, yeah, so this is basically just a roll-up performance statement based off of just this. I literally just kinda blurted out some stuff and it went through this with this firstly, secondly, in addition to finally, overall, slight breakdown of statements that like You mean in less than a minute, Lashley, in less than a couple of seconds, this spit this out. And all in all might have taken you maybe like five-minutes to write up all of your, your, your ideas to template that you are working on. Right here. You don't need to format anything else just put into chat GPT. So awesome. This is one aspect here that is really good. And if you're a manager for a bunch of different employees like this and you needed to make a roll-up for like your division or for your office. You could take all of the text for all of the different performance reports from the entire team. And you could put them into chat GPT. And you can be like, Hey, can you find the most important things about all of these different performance reports and then summarize them into one performance report for the entire team. And so that's something that we can produce in another project that's a little bit more than what I have available right now, but just kind of start to let your imagination expand onto where this could go at, how you could be using this in your workplace. And it can go quite a few different places. But anyhow, in the next video, we will have another project for you. 7. Plan Your Work Schedule with AI: Another task and we can automate with chat. Gpt is planning out your day, your daily schedule or your calendar and all of your meetings and fitting that all in and figuring out where it's all going to go in the most efficient way is something that is best dealt with by a machine. Unless you want to tell it that you want to move stuff around. I'm going to give it a prompt that says, Hey, can you give me an hour-by-hour schedule for an eight-hour workday where I need to do all this stuff. So I'm gonna push this in here and then this is going to prioritize and give me a eight hour window where I'm gonna be able to do all of this stuff. So I need to get lunch with my boss, attend a yearly training. I need to pick my kids up from school. I need to work out in the morning. I need to meet with Joe about the underwater Ferrari marketing project and all this different stuff. So looks like we're doing good. I've got all the way down to about 03:00 where we're doing great. And it's even giving me suggestions like, hey, you can include some breaks in your schedule to rest and recharge throughout the day. But let's say I'm going to actually take something from the e-mail generation concept and I'm going to add that in here. So I'm going to say, hey, I'll send us an email to Bob. See if he wants to chat about a possible flying Kia Soul project that we may start working on next mic. Could you write out that email Also? Could you fit this task into my daily schedule? Which it's ironic because I'm asking you to write out the e-mail and then also to fit the task of sending the e-mail into the daily schedule. So like it's doing the work for me. It's going to write the e-mail out and then I'm going to take that just copy and pasted into Bob and it's just going to go. So let's see. Okay, So it says, hey, here's a sample email to Bob. It's gonna be a really exciting opportunity. Great. So let's see is redefining my schedule and let's see where it puts bobbin. Okay. So actually just pushed lunch in our later and I'm going to send the email to Bob about the flying key, a solo project, but it gave me like an hour to cut and paste this in. So I can actually tell it. Sending the e-mail to take our u stayed in my like I'd like to give it a very detailed kind of request. So I'll say, Hey, can you read it, redefine the schedule based off of that information I just gave you. So that way I'm not just stating to the AI algorithm, Hey, you know, this kind of broad statement of just like, Well, that won't take that long. I want to have that built in there. Great. So it actually brought my window down to 30 min for sending the email to Bob. And then it's still fit everything in up until three. So that's awesome. So I can actually, this is another angle of this. So I could actually throw a curve ball and say, Hey, I need to cancel my lunch meeting with Sarah. She had an emergency that she had to deal with on the underwater Ferrari project. Could you reschedule that for tomorrow and tell me what my schedule looks like if I still work out and pick my kids up from school. And I meant to say, could you schedule that, reschedule that for tomorrow and then also show me what my schedule looks like tomorrow, but I can just wait until it spits that out. And then just say like, Hey, give me my schedule for today and tomorrow. Great. So it's already doing that, so it's already thinking ahead and Awesome. So it did repeat the travel receipts and the yearly training on the workplace standards was we'll assume that that's just a onetime task, but we can be more explicit because it doesn't necessarily know that those are just onetime things. And then it could help us plot out a better scheduled based off of this. You see how it just flawlessly move Sarah from this lunch window or this time slot over here, this time slot over here, and a balanced all the time in here. So if at any given point in time you had an issue with your schedule and you needed the conflict a knee into meetings around, you could do so which had GPT, you would just have to tell your schedule and then ask it to move things around and they could shift things accordingly. I think that's a really unique use case and it's a really clean way to automate a task like this that could take a lot of unnecessary brainpower. 8. Prioritize a Task List with AI: Another useful thing we can do for our work is if we have a list of tasks that we need to accomplish, we can give that list to chat GPT, and it can spit back out what it thinks is the top priority for us. So we can go in here and we can say, hey, can you set up all these tasks by priority? I don't know. Priority, everything should be good. So could you just guess? And here's what I need to do. I need to read the New York Times brainstorm a new way to make cars fly. Meet with Bob, talk to the insurance company about the recent robbery at one of our company gas stations and some other tasks. And give me a priority list. And I should have said with numbers. But also telling me if you think the task is high, medium, or low priority. And I actually am curious to see what it does with this one because if it's reading this correctly, it's good to identify that may be putting in a ticket to get my computer fixed and dealing with the robbery are probably going to be the higher pry ones and that's just off the top of my head. Right. So I've got the high priority for the gas station. That's awesome. Meeting with Bob about the picnic and reading the New York Times. Those are low brainstorming, low. Planning out the next five years of professional development, medium, and then putting a ticket to get my computer fixed with IT, medium priority. So that's the interesting way that a rack and stack dose, but it's pretty, pretty in line with what I was thinking, right? So one thing with this, it's important to keep in mind that this is only as good as you make it. So if you tell it, Hey, the priority should evolve to maybe put the computer higher than these other things, then it will respond accordingly. So you kinda need to state out the prompt of what you want. And ultimately, GPT is only as good as the query that you give it. 9. Automate Cover Letter Writing: Now, most of these tasks have been relevant to if you're at a job, but kinda just like the resume one, if you are interested in applying for a new job, one thing that's going to come in with those job applications as cover letters and cover letters are a highly suggested, a nice feature to have on top of your application with your resume. But they do take a lot of work. So I just pulled this information here for this job that pays pretty good out of Seattle for a video content producer for Amazon. So what I did is I took that and basically the full job description just said, Hey, can you write a resume cover letter, letter that explains why I want this job. Here's a job at then just put that in there and let's see what it comes out with. So we're looking for a cover letter. That's something that we could copy and paste and slap right on our resume that we can also write with chat GBT. So kind of two birds with 1 st there. And right now it's outputting Dear Hiring Manager. And that's if you don't know the hiring manager's name, you have that going for you is writing, hey, I want to express my strong interest and I have hone my skills, great wording here, my previous positions, Let's see. Experienced at managing agencies. I'm excited about the opportunity. And wow, it nailed everything it pulled out that it was the creative team at Amazon. Said that, said, Hey, I'm a team player and a just has a full package. So we can take this right here and we can paste this in as a cover letter and completely remove the need for any of that work. And so if we wanted to just say, I don't really care for this version is exactly what I want. We can just hit try it again and it will actually output a different version. And when you try again, my understanding of chat GPT is algorithm is that it considers that as a sort of rejection of whatever you gave it the first time. It seeks to provide something slightly newer. But obviously it can only work with what you have provided it, but we've provided it a lot. So should be remixing all of the pieces of relevance in the job description that we gave it and working with that to provide a better cover letter. Yeah. And so it says, I am able to travel with them all regions. Blah-blah-blah. Very cool. That was something I didn't see in the last one. So overall, we have a very, very useful automation for somebody on the job search who wants to building cover letters where they resume putting out. We will see you in the next video. 10. Build a Shopping Ingredients List: Now for a little change of pace, this isn't work, but it is relevant to being able to work well, you need to automate other things in your life, like a grocery shopping list and that whole process and figuring out what you're going to eat for the week and meal planning. So what I can tell chat GPT is I can say, hey, this week, I just want to have like an AI can be really vague and Taco Bowl to casseroles, something healthy and shrimp fried rice. And that's what I want. Can you give me a shopping list? And so I can just say can you give me a shopping list? Or the and it's going to go through and it's going to provide us with a meal by meal, probably. And we're going to see here in a second breakdown of all the ingredients that we need to go get them without list, we should be able to ask it like, Hey, can you redefine this by category or, you know, all these different things. So it's spitting out, yep, potential shopping list. And I can say like, can you organize this shopping list by type of I'll say like, I'll actually just say, based off of where I might find these foods together in the store. And so I'm basically asking like, hey, can you guess where things might be next to each other, like all the produce items and then maybe all the meat is going to be in the meat section and then all of the olive oil and all the seasoning. And it's doing exactly that. So it's got all my vegetables, herbs and ******, and then the other ingredients is kinda broke those out. And I could even say, can you give me a list is line by line. And so instead of, he gave me Alissa was line-by-line, but I want to item by item, so I should have said item by item. It would have been a better phrasing to ask it. But we'll see if it understands what I'm implying based off of what it gave me last time and see if now. Yes, it's giving me the item by item line-by-line shopping list. Great, So this could automate everything that I need to do to get ready to go shopping this week. And this is all the ingredients for what I need to make. Then from here I could even ask it for the recipes and then all the information for that and automate that whole process as well. So if you've heard of HelloFresh, where they send the ingredients to you and then they give you the ingredient cards. This would be chat, GPT can't send you the ingredients, so HelloFresh does have that going for them. But if you want to go to the store, you can get over what you're going to make, how are you going to make it and all the ingredients and everything. You can just do. You can just use this to automate that whole process. 11. Get Excel Advice and Formulas with AI: Let's shift back to work for a second. And let's say that I have to do something on the programming side, but not too much programming. Let's say it's an Excel formula. Let's say that I have some dirty data. I have, my team is putting all these different date formats into our Excel sheet. And I really need to figure out how to clean them up. And I'd even an Excel formula that will help me do that. Will I can ask and describe this problem To Chat GPT. And I can say, hey, I've got all of these formats. I need an Excel formula to clean up all these dates so they can be in the proper format. And so what it's gonna do is say, Hey, you can use this date value function that's actually going to go and dig through and then reformat your days even if they are in different formats. So it gives me the formula. It says yep. Even shows me how to say, hey, you can identify it by date, text. You can use all these different functions to identify and clean out all of this dirty data. And then make it all the same. So I can continue to iterate on this and ask him a bunch of different varieties of the same question. But this can go really deep because it knows the documentation of almost all software that is publicly documented. So you can really dig deep into use cases and asking questions and things like that. So this is one extremely useful way you can use chat GPT is to interact with software and programs and then fielded questions and scenarios. And it gives you the actual code or formulas that you need to accomplish things. 12. ChatGPT Generate Python with AI: Now let's say we wanted to write some Python code and maybe that was relevant to your work environment or you're a programmer and you want to expand into Python owners know what that looks like. We could ask you to write some Python code as well, as, well as it seems like almost every language. And since Python is a really common one, that the results are probably going to be really good. So you can say, Hey, can you show me how to use Python to make an HTTP get request to the API. And here is the end point. And when you're serving up links to chat GPT, it's important that you tell it, Hey, I understand that you cannot browse the Internet, but I just want you to use this in the code. So like code can just be like copy and paste. So you see it is going through and outputting with that exact link that I just gave it. Every bit of code that would work. So we could take that, run that through and then assuming that the response is JSON, we would be good to go. So the only thing that we're running into here is this saying, Hey, this content may violate our content policy. But what we're gonna do is submit our feedback and we're going to say just to, Yeah, everything's good. But one thing we can do now is we can say, Hey, can you show me how to take that same code and then transport the air transform the output of that GET requests into a Pandas DataFrame, which is another higher level that you might go to learn. It's a pretty basic level in Python, but if you're just starting to learn, you might want to, you might want to know that. So here it's saying, Hey, here's how you would do that step and kind of shorthanded it because it said, Hey, request I get URL and params equals params and that those values are up here. So I left those out. And so we copied and pasted that end. You would need to go get this. So you kinda see what I'm saying. You do need to understand a bit of the code in order to make it work. And you need to be able to debug it. But ultimately we could just say, Hey, could you just I could just say that didn't work. When I copy pasted. And I know it won't because there's no indication of what URL or params are in this exact block. I want to see if it will recognize it. It needs to give me the URL and the params, which it does do. And all I had to do was go back to a onetime to say, hey, here is kind of what I'm running into. And if you run into errors and things like that, it will also act accordingly. Alright, so thanks for watching. Definitely check out the next video. I'll see you there. 13. Generate JavaScript Code w AI: Let's say that I am in a work role where I could benefit from knowing some coding. And let's say that I have a broad idea of what I do. What I wanna do, I wanna write some JavaScript. I want to use React JS. I could start asking some questions to chat GPT like can you show me how to build a basic page in React? And then what it'll do is it'll say, yep, no problem. And then give us all the code, which we can then go into our coding environment. And we can start building out that in testament to make sure it's accurate. It's not 100% accurate all the time, but I'm really simple tasks like this. It should be a homerun. Every single time if it's messing up, there's probably something wrong with your environment. You don't have the right packages. Or sometimes I have seen this just produce like circular errors where it'll tell you how to do something one way and then that doesn't work in that it tells you how to do it another way and then that doesn't work and yet it's just going to infinity loop. But with that being said, this is giving us the breakdown of how to produce a simple page and react, but we can ask it to do a more complex tasks. We can say, Hey, can you show me the code in React that creates a search bar to search for a list of usernames. So what we're asking for is the ability to search for username values that are available to us in React, but then also provide the front end for that search. This is going to go through and provide all the code for this. And this is where it could get a little bit more in depth, but we do have a search button. I see that we have an input, we have an onsubmit form. And so we have a couple of things that seem very clear cut, correct? In the render. Now, we're still looking at the code pushing out, but it does have a state here and usernames. And so those are some of the things that I recognize off the bat that seem really straightforward. So then this function on search, so there's a search term and then on search. Yeah, and then there's a function here. Yep. And so you would have to test this out, but it's very likely that this will work. Considering that this is not a super complex task. And as you get into writing out a full very complex suite of software, you will not be able to share that directly with chat GPT, so you will have to ask it very nuanced and smaller bite-size questions and then bring that code into the environment and then modify it slightly to actually get what you're wanting. 14. Project Instruction Video: Alright, so it is now time for our project. The project that I'm going to give out to you is for you to write out a resume. And if you already have one, feed that resume to chat GPT, just copy and paste all of it in there and ask it to reformat it and see if it will give you a better one. And if from there, let's go ahead and get a cover letter for a job that you would like. So go on or any job site and then find a job that you want to apply for an aim high, just, let's just pick a job, right? And then let's get a cover letter for that job and then go ahead and if you want to, I'm not saying this is part of the project, but go ahead and put an application for that job and go ahead and post the results of that resume. If you feel so inclined. In the project section here on Skillshare, you don't have to post any personal details, would that in fact, please don't just make that available to everybody. I use like fake phone number and fake e-mail and stuff like that. Just just so I could share my chat GPT generated resume. And in this case, your cover letter as well. That one should be pretty void of any personal information. So shoot in the chat to worry about that. But extra credit show off a unique way you automated a task in your workplace which had GPT. So go ahead and throw that in there. And when I say extra credit, you're just gonna get a big boom thumbs up from me for sharing that with everybody. I think this is a really cool technology and it's really great to see when people explore and develop new ideas. And there's so many people with so many ideas out there that there's probably a lot of cool things that we could share with each other. So go ahead and do this. That is your project. The instructions are here in this video and then also in the suggestions down below, anyhow, help you have a good time and I hope you like this course. Please leave a review for me. If you enjoyed taking this course, I hope it was great for you. It was awesome to build it for you. So anyhow, I'll see you around here on Skillshare and have a great day.