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Utilisez l'IA pour automatiser les présentations de diapositives avec le tome

teacher avatar Micah J., AI, Data Science, Data Visualization

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

    • 1.

      Vidéo d'introduction du cours


    • 2.

      Aperçu et accès du tome


    • 3.

      Exemple de génération de présentation de base en tome


    • 4.

      Autre cas d'utilisation pour une présentation de diapositives


    • 5.

      Discussion et caractéristiques supplémentaires de cas d'utilisation


    • 6.

      Instructions de projet du cours de tome


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About This Class

Vous en avez assez de passer des heures à créer des présentations de diapositives ? Laissez Tome AI faire le travail pour vous ! Dans ce cours, vous apprendrez à utiliser l'IA Tome pour automatiser la création de plateaux diapositives professionnels et attrayants.

À la fin de ce cours, vous pourrez créer facilement et efficacement de belles présentations diapositives en utilisant Tome AI, vous gagner du temps et vous permettre de vous concentrer sur d'autres tâches importantes.

Dans ce cours vous apprendrez...

  • Les bases des caractéristiques de Tome
  • Comment créer des présentations diapositives avec Tome
  • Comment partager vos présentations avec Tome
  • Comment créer des diapositives attrayantes

Que vous soyez un professionnel actif, un étudiant ou un propriétaire d'entreprise, ce cours est parfait pour quiconque cherche à rationaliser son processus de présentation

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Micah J.

AI, Data Science, Data Visualization


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IA et innovation IA pour l'écriture
Level: Beginner

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1. Course Intro Video: In this course, I'm going to show you how to use TOM to generate amazing presentations all with the help of AI. Tome is a slide presentation generator that lives in the web. You can create these awesome presentations on any topic. And I'm going to show you how to do that at the end of the course, you will have created your own tone as a project. And I'll show you several different use cases and all the basic features of tone and how to use it. So I hope you'll join me and checking out this course. I can't wait to see you there. 2. Tome Overview and Access: So Tom is essentially an AI powered presentation generator. So think about chat, GPT, or any other AI software where you just provide a text prompt and you ask it to do something for you. And then in this case the output is a presentation with slides. So with tome, you can just describe like a, what you want for the slide to be and what you want the purpose of the presentation to be. And then it will build that out for you. And you can modify it from there. So you put in a prompt. It does have some image generation built-in using Dolly too, which is opening eyes platform for image generation. And I'll show you also how we can just grab and generate other images and bringing those in just any images that you would have for any use case for the presentation you want to make. So you can bring in, like I said, lots of different content. You can build out stories, presentations, whatever you would use PowerPoint for. You can pretty much use this for. On top of that, you can also integrate a lot of different things from the web. You can add in narration like a voiceover on top of your presentation. And then you can provide that in the web for anyone. And that can be available on mobile. It can be available on desktop to be available anywhere. So overall, it's an extremely cool thing. I think this is a really powerful AI tool. I think a lot of folks are looking to automate sort of PowerPoints process. And so this is one way you could do it. So just go to, It's just tome dot app or Beta dot tome dot app. And then you're just gonna go here and you're gonna say tried Tome, where you can go to sign-in. Alternatively. From here, we'll go in. For me. It's got all of my tome equipment in here and on equipment, but all my presentations in here. So if I come in, I can see a variety of different examples and just the presentations that I've worked on. So they just kinda stand here. And so from here, if I hit Create, I can move into creating a new tome. And that's what we'll step into in the next videos. 3. Basic Tome presentation generation example: We're going to jump straight into creating a presentation. Just go ahead and click Create in the top right-hand corner. And then it's going to ask us for what we want to create a presentation about. So for this one, I am going to start with a prompt here. Or we're gonna say we want to create a presentation about, about AIG image generation tools that are available in 2023. So I'm going to say that I want to talk about Delhi to stay well diffusion mid journey and Google muse. And then I'm going to highlight the pros and cons of both. Presentation, highlights of all options. I said both, but I meant all options. So I'm just going to say where, say a fire off on that, which is going to hit Enter. And then that's going to start generating our pages in. So as it's generating, we're going to look at that, but we'll see up here at the top we have a back button. Over here, we have a share and we have some other options as well. Over here on the right-hand side we have some styling and some addition. This is sort of where we can work with the palate of the things that are on the slide. And then over here on the right hand, this is a little like creation. And then down here on our left, this is the, on the center left, that's where we can add more slides. We'll see what it gives us by default. Then we will look at actually hitting some of this against itself. Okay, so we have an eight slide presentation here. Let's go look at the top. Okay, So the title slide, exploring the AI image generation tools of 2023. That's great. So it's covering Dolly stable diffusion, Google muse, pros and cons. And then conclusion. Okay. It talks about Dolly. Talks about stabled diffusion, talks about mid journey. And then it talks about Google muse. And then pros and cons. So the pros and cons didn't really come out exactly like I wanted. We could do some refinement there. But then the conclusion, we have just a similar slide, similar breakdown right here. But I'm going to show you with this basic setup, some things that we can do. So first thing we wanna do, Let's go over to the right-hand side where it says set theme. We can set theme for either a tome, which is the whole thing, or a page which is just the singular slide that we're on and they call it a page. But what we can do is we could say for the whole tome, we can change the background. We have this color picker right here. We can change the text color for the heading or the paragraph. Or we can just rely on auto color, which is what I'm going to rely on here. And then if we made a custom theme, Let's say we set it as that we could go and we can say Save theme. And then we would have this theme reflected throughout our entire setup. But if I wanted to go off of a theme that was not accustomed, I can show you some of the ones we have available. So we have light, very bright, cream, little bit darker, canary. I think this one is a really great sort of yellow, but it's definitely not for everyone. Ocean and moss. Moss I think gets my favorite, but I'm just going to partial to green. And then we have dune. Then you have a Neptune, which I think just one fits pretty well for this. And then Musso or whatever. However you say that like, I like neptune for this one, I think it's a really neat one. And what I could do is let's say I wanted to have net Neptune, but for this page I wanted heading to be white. That's how I would set that just for that one page. Okay. So we do have that going for us. So that's pretty much the themes and aesthetics cupboard that we can change here. So let's say that I wanted to add something into this. Like let's say I wanted to add an image or I wanted to add anything to this slide. But I could do is I could say right here on the right hand side, hit the plus button. And that would allow me to add any of these tiles. So if I wanted to point to anything, I have a bunch of different options. Text image, a dolly image, a video, Giphy gifts. You can go and grab any GIPHY GIF and put it in there. Any table. But you want to provide any table of data in any way, shape, or form. Figma, air table, any web link, Twitter, tweets and framer, Miro and looker. You have all of those options there. Let's say that I just wanted to add some text. So I would have this text available here. And I could say pros and cons discussed. But you're really going to have pros and cons thing. I could style this however I wanted. So we have some pretty robust styling options here. I think that's really good. Now we also have the ability to. Kinda drag and drop. It is a little bit tricky to go in and actually find where the dragging and dropping is. But you can kind of grab these little bubbles here and you can move these around. So it's very much akin to just the slides, but it's a little bit more intuitive. I think that that's really neat. And I can come in here. And for this, we can come in and we can even put some, we got to link. We have all of the styling options that you would normally see. Like if I wanted to make this metallics, it looks like it can't actually hear, but that's okay. I think you'd have to be down to like a caption or a body or something like that. And then that should work. But you can have a list or whatever. And if you want it to mess with the theme, we could come in here and say, okay, all paragraphs, those are gonna be blue. And that's just for that page, right? So as we step through, this will reflect accordingly. So let's say for this one, for this slide, I want to provide a link to Dolly too. I could just do something like this where I just put in the link right there. And then this will be a link. And I think you've got to hit Enter and then it'll stick. That's cool. But if I wanted to say, let me add from the web, a web link, hit Enter. I would actually have an imbedded web site inside of this. And then I can modify this or even take out this image because this image is it providing a lot of context? I think I would rather just have access to the website here, right on my slide. So this is really cool because you're getting the full power of the web when you create the presentation. So you've got the link, you have some discussion about this, and then you have the actual website here available right there for you. So it's fully embedded and you're ready to go with that. So for additional integration, Let's say that we wanted to get rid of this image and we wanted to add in instead a GIPHY on this one. So I'm going to paste the Giphy link. Just a, I looked up like which one has the option. And so the conclusion is conclusion, choosing the right ai image generation tool in 2023. And conclusion, there are a variety of ai image generation tools available, decisions, decisions. So just kind of adds a little bit of fun to your overall presentation. So up here on the top right, if I hit play, then I'm actually going to be able to step through my entire presentation. You'll see how exactly how it works. And so here we go. We got everything that we want here is looking awesome and the decisions, decisions, GIF, and that's great. And then we'll just exit out. And if I want to share that up in the top right-hand corner, I could sit share. And then I can say, Hey, anyone with a link can play, right? And then I can just copy the link. And I gave them link to the current page. If I still want to write here, I can even get a QR code for what this would, you could scan it and then you can pull this up. This is really cool because you could go and you could take this QR code and you could put it somewhere where people could see an actual presentation and they could, they could view that presentation right there. Okay, cool. So in the next video we're going to go over a couple of more examples of how we could use this. 4. Another use case for a slide presentation: Alright, we're going to try a, another presentation. We're gonna go ahead and hit Create again. And then we're going to ask us for a national park CP brief on feeding bears. So I'm gonna write out the prompt right here. Let's just see that the prompt is gonna look like this. I'm going to say a Yellowstone National Park safety brief on the dangers of feeding bears, how to not accidentally feed bears in general, bear safety. So I'm going to hit Enter on that. And this should push the prompts to create. And it's going to say it's going to generate this out. And we got some slides generating. And what I did do is I pulled some, some images from mid journey which I made, which is another AI generation to want them to bring those in here. And I'm going to use them as tools in this presentation. I'm also going to show you how to record a narration for this presentation so that this can stand alone, so that, that way somebody can be on a trail and they can scan this QR code and I can click it right now because it's degenerating. But if it wasn't generating, you'd be able to see the QR code. And so we can have this up. You can have somebody speaking, and then you can have all the slides here. So bear safety, an overview. And then the dangers of feeding bears, how to not accidentally feed bears. And we have some pretty interesting images with fire sun bear. Dolly is pretty interesting. And what to do in the event of an attack, how to prevent bear attacks, and when to contact the park rangers. Okay, cool. So we've got this first thing we'll do is we'll set our theme for the whole tome to be moss, which is just fitting. I think that's a really good theme for this presentation. So we'll just leave out there. And then over here, like it was talking about with share, we're going to want to have this QR code. That's the end state, right? We're going to have that up for people to scan. So let me show you. If we want to narrate this, we're just gonna go ahead and say record narration. And when I click on that, it's actually going to pull. If I wasn't recording this right now, it would have my face right here in this black circle and it will be tapping into my webcam and my microphone. I can hit record. And then that would let me record a voiceover for this with my face there. And whenever somebody played this presentation, I could say, hi, Welcome to this friendly guide on how to avoid bear attacks and how to not feed the bears. And we put that in there and that will be that will make it a standalone piece of media here. So what I'm gonna do is I'm gonna go and I'm right here. I'm gonna go and change this one. We're actually going to, I'm going to hit Delete key right there and then I'm hit Add Image and then upload an image here for that. Okay, so I uploaded this one. I made for mid journey of this man, literally impossible situation. You probably would never be that way. You have some options here. We can adjust the image, scale it in and out. I'm going to set it like that. It gets good. And we could add a caption. Say like really, don't have dinner with bears. Alright, so like we mean it. Okay, cool. So we've got this. On the next one, I can go ahead and replace this. You see that? I loved this one is a boo-boo for evil Dolly. Yeah, just some AI generated texts. A good old at generating texts. I'm gonna put another image in here. Alright, so I'll put up some images to all these. If you ever want to modify the way that these images are set up, I'm putting them all to be fill and I'm not putting captions on there. And I did take out just this one piece right here, how to prevent bear attacks because I think the idea is that we would cover this in general bear safety. And then we'll show you the slides here. So we have the dangers of feeding bears. How to not accidentally feed them. General bear safety, what to do in the event of an attack and when to contact a park rangers. This is looking pretty professional, I think is pretty cool and the method for sharing will be easy as well. And so we can have the voiceover here as well so that when people hit this, when they go to hit Play, it could go ahead and break that down for them. I'm gonna do one other thing here. So I'm going to add in a page right here at the very end that says something to the effect about how rare bear attacks are. But I want a table that shows how rare they are. So I can actually go over here and say ai crea, create a page and I'll say how rare bear attacks are, how they are rare because of prevention. And following the rules about something like that. And so then it's going to create just one slide, just one page for me that I can then use in my presentation. So it adds in this how rare bear attacks are. What's doing the dolly generation right here, which we don't really need off the bat. And what I'm gonna do here is I'm actually adding a table which I think is one of the cool bits here. I'm going to add that in the side. And so we're going to have just a two rows, two columns with a title. I'm going to say like, how rare are there? And I'll say like for the year 2002, 2021, 2022. And I'll say like there were only like to hear and they were like, there's only one here. Okay. So we got this breakdown here of how rare the bear attacks are. And I can, I'm actually going to slide this over. So this is gonna be just isn't going to act as a little dataset. I'm going to add in here a video. I'm gonna see if I can put this here and then the wants me to upload. So I'm not going to upload a video, but I could upload a video file. I'm gonna see if I can add in web and if I can link to a YouTube video. So that should work pretty well. I'm going to try to see if I can drag. That's a bear safety video from Glacier National Park. We could say in this case where we're using it. Then here, let's try to see if we can drag this over top. That way we save a little space here. Okay, cool. We have something going on here. And wants to try to drag this up. And then I could add in this right here. And I could say like watch this video or more tips here, safety tips. And then I can take this, center it, and then center it inside the box. And so this is really nice and clean. We got a video laid out here. And then if I hit play and the presentation, we would see we actually have a scrolling slide, which is one thing that's really neat about this. You can fit a lot inside of these tome pages. You can slide in the slide and you can put a lot of information inside of one singular slide. So I think that that's awesome. That's a great way to pack more information inside of your presentations, including things like videos or what have you. So overall, this is just another example of how to do it with a couple of more features. We went over how to bring in Table and then a video. Obviously all the rest of these, they kinda works similar, went over spacing theming. And I think we'll show one more example of the presentation we could build. And then we'll move on. 5. Additional use case discussion and features: Let's build out one more just for kind of expanding our imagination on what's possible for this. I'm going to say Create and the prompt I'm going to give it is going to be a welcome to paper. 2023. A paper paper or a commercial sale, commercial paper sales conference. Paper sales reference held in Las Vegas. Okay. So that's gonna be a gonna be like an opener for Haley. Welcome to this paper sales conference. And we're going to see how this looks, right? How this is all broken down, how this all comes out. So there's a lot of different use cases for this and conclusion in this course, I just want to highlight that you could use this for educational purposes. You could use this for so many different things. You got your, you know, an opener brief for a conference. You got your bear safety brief, which is an educational thing. You've got like reports on projects and progress reports. Like a construction project, you could say like, Hey, we're 50% done, here's what we're looking to work on. You could use it for like brand launches, business proposals, all sorts of things. So a lot of really cool options here. So this is not, isn't exactly what we're looking for. Not 100% in line with what I wanted some actually what I'm gonna do here at the machine is step back. And if this ever happens to you, just say, we'll come in here. I'm gonna delete that. I'm going to say, we're going to reap, type this prompt and then re fire it. So changing my prompted this, which hopefully should have some more detail. And I just want a better starter because obviously we could just build this out from scratch, but I do want it to have a little bit more substance off the bat. So we're going to let this Generate. And already I'm seeing, great. We gotta schedule and map of the convention center. And so we could like link to those. We can embed those. What have you and we have more slides coming in here. I think we're up to seven or eight pages. So this is cool. Right here, since it's paper. I'm just going to change the theme instead of a dark theme to just like a cream. I guess looks really cool even though it is like very light theme. It gives a very paper ask, right? So one thing we could do here is we could get rid of these and we can embed some some different images to represent our conference or whatever, or some gifts of the office or just whatever we wanted to do. We can also embed some tweets. I'm just kinda thinking through a couple of different scenarios here. But yeah, overall, just like I showed in the other videos, you would just come in here. We can delete these and then fill them out whatever we wanted. I think that these Dolly images are honestly they're not my favorite. I think this is a pretty interesting ones like a rock concert with it just a giant scroll there and gets up. Super funny, super unique. But yeah, overall Very cool. I'm just another example of where this could go. We could build this out, modify it, do everything we've talked about recording, changing the themes and aesthetics. We can create new pages on the fly. We can insert a couple of different things here, whatever you wanna do. And then ultimately we can share it and then someone can play that if they absolute link, depending on the sharing permissions that we provide out for it. So I hope this is helpful. I hope this was a helpful coursework. In the next video, we're going to talk about the project. 6. Tome course project instructions: So for your class project, you're going to create your own tone. So that's what we're gonna do. This is actually a tome right here that tell you how to create your tone. A little bit of Tom section there. So go ahead and put your knowledge to the test. Go to tome dot app and start building out your own tome presentation. Go ahead and find the right images. These ones are example of the default ones from Dolly. Go ahead and get some different ones in different material and just sort of build your presentation now however, makes sense for you feel free to change the images up. Organize your slides in a way that makes sense to convey whatever you need to be. This could be like a business thing, could be like a learning thing. Whatever you want your tome to be, just think of a scenario and just roll with it if you want to do one of the ones that we made in the class like the park safety brief, you could do that. You can show that off as well. You're going to put it all together. And once you have that all organized, right? You could, you know, this is right here, use presentation software like PowerPoint or Keynote, Right? But we're going to go ahead and use tone. And then we're going to share our presentation. So go ahead and share it on Skillshare in the course projects section by providing screenshots or linked to your tone. And thanks so much for taking the course with me. I am excited to see your course projects. If you liked the course, be sure to leave me a review and let me know how you liked it. Alright, Have a good one.