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Use AI to Build Visual Stories with Midjourney + ChatGPT

teacher avatar Micah J., AI, Data Science, Data Visualization

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

    • 1.

      Intro: Use AI to Build Visual Stories with Midjourney + ChatGPT


    • 2.

      Setup ChatGPT and Midjourney


    • 3.

      How to build out a storyline/plot with ChatGPT


    • 4.

      Develop visuals of characters with Midjourney


    • 5.

      Create scene visuals with Midjourney


    • 6.

      Refining plots and visuals for scenes


    • 7.

      Develop storyboard with captions no face


    • 8.

      Course project instructions - Share your project with the class!


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About This Class

In this course, you will learn how to leverage AI through Midjourney and ChatGPT to build visually stunning stories. Through a series of step-by-step lessons and hands-on exercises, you'll discover how to use these powerful tools to create engaging storylines, develop compelling characters and scenes, and craft visually stunning storyboards.

Whether you're a writer, artist, filmmaker, or just want to learn more about using AI in storytelling, this course has something for you. You'll come away with the skills and confidence to use AI to bring your own visual stories to life.

This is a beginner level course! No illustration experience necessary.

In this course you will learn:
- Midjourney Basics

- ChatGPT Basics

- How to craft Storylines/Plots with ChatGPT/Midjourney

- How to develop Character Visuals with ChatGPT/Midjourney

- How to create stunning scene Visuals with ChatGPT/Midjourney

- How to tell your story with a structured visual storyboard


- A web browser

- Discord installed on your computer

- Powerpoint or Google Slides

** Disclaimer ** Any illustration of characters or storylines from movies, shows or comics is only with the intent of providing educational value for methods of employing AI technology. No copyright infringement intended. All copyright belongs to their respective owners. No IP is claimed, creation of concept or fan art for educational purposes is protected under fair use.

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Micah J.

AI, Data Science, Data Visualization

Level: Beginner

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1. Intro: Use AI to Build Visual Stories with Midjourney + ChatGPT : In this course I'm going to show you how to build visual stories with AI. I'm going to teach you the basics of how to use chat, GPT, and mid journey to build visuals like these. We're going to build out storylines which had GPT, cohesive plots that make a lot of sense with a lot of cool visuals that really bring it all together. At the end of it, you're going to do a project where you're going to build out your own story, everything together in one big storyboard. And then I'm going to share with the class, It's gonna be awesome. I can't wait for you to take it with me. If you have any questions, drop them below in the discussion section, I'll see you in the next video. 2. Setup ChatGPT and Midjourney: So to get started with mid journey, we're just gonna go to mid and we're going to click join the beta. And we do that. It's going to prompt us to open and load Discord. It's going to invite us to the Discord server for mid journey. Now, if you don't use Discord, all you gotta do, go to, download the discord, make yourself an account. It'll be on your desktop computer. And then this process will happen automatically because this triggers discord to open on your computer. If you've never been in Discord before, it can be a little bit chaotic. But when you click on the mid journey prompt and it opens this for you in Discord, you'll see this little boat over here. And that means you're in the mid journey server. And from here all you gotta do is click on one of these tabs. Any one of them will do that over here on the right-hand side, you'll see where it says mid journey bought. And we're going to click on that. And then we're going to see a pop-up box that's going to ask us to add to server. Now we can't do this yet until we actually create our own discord server. Not a complicated process. On the left-hand side over here there's a little button. Add a server, and you're just going to click that. You're going to walk through some prompts. They're very easy. It just like what category of your server or are you making and you're going to name it. And then you're going to, you're going to have that setup. So when you click add the server, you're just going to say add to that server. It would be like You're only one if it's your first time or if you have multiple Discord servers, you're just going to attach it to that one. So you see I went and clicked Add to server and then I said add to Micah server. I'm just going to hit Continue. It's gonna go through authorize it on everything. It's going to add that. And then on the left-hand side, when I go and access my server, it'll be there. And we know where successful whenever we go and click on our server. Like over here on the left-hand side, I clicked on mine that I just made. And then over here on the right-hand side, you can see I have mid journey bot is in my server and then if I hit slash, imagine, then I can say a boat. And then that will start my prompt up. And this will begin the process and you can work in here. And this is where you'll build everything out. Okay, so to get started with chat GPT, very similar process, you're gonna go to Open You can hit try in the top center where it says introducing chat GPT, research release. Or you can go down to the bottom and hit Chat GBT. Either way, this is going to take you to a prompt to set up an account. Set up the account. You can use your Gmail, that's what I did. Then you'll be able to use chat GPT in this interface right here. So you'll just be able to chat with chat GPT, and that will pretty much be all you're going to need to know there. I'm also going to be using PowerPoint for the formatting of the storyboard. If you don't have PowerPoint, don't worry, you can just go and make a Google account. Or if you have a Google account, you can go to Google Slides and it's basically PowerPoint and can achieve a lot of the same things. Here's what Google slides look like. It said, if just Google, Google Slides or slides dot Google. And you'll be able to come up in here and make a PowerPoint. Essentially, it's basically the same thing. Okay, and that's all we need to get started. 3. How to build out a storyline/plot with ChatGPT: To start this process, we're going to need to build a good story for us to build out prompts, for us to build out illustrations, and for us to ultimately craft those illustrations from mid journey into a cohesive storyline. So what we're gonna do initially is we're going to start to build a plot. And what we're going to need to do is we're gonna need to know a little bit about the existing plot and then we're going to play with it a little bit to determine where we can refine it or where, if example a character has died because you want to bring them back to life or this story. How we could do that. And we're going to use chat GBT. We're going to talk to it. We're going to ask you to help us outline those ideas and spin those out and brainstorm them from there. So I do have a word with me so that I can put everything into here. And that is gonna be like whatever comes out of chat, the valuable stuff that I want to keep, I'll put it inside of this Word document. So we are gonna go the path of trying to develop a Spider-Man fan trailer. And so we're going to play with the plot. We're going to develop a Spider-Man fan trailer. I believe we're gonna go after something to the effect of like Spiderman for a concept for Spider-Man for, and I'd like to bring back Toby Maguire personally as like the Spider-Man. I really liked the Green Goblin, but maybe we could do something to bring him back and make him even more like interesting or just something crazy about him. I'm thinking that's where I want to head for this project and we're going to start to refine this out. Probably first thing I'm gonna do is ask for the outline of the Spiderman 12.3 to chat GPT to see if we can get that as a start. So I asked it to give me the outline of the PLA for Spider-Man 12.3 collectively. And so we have a breakdown of the plot of Peter Parker and what's going on with him. Even the years that it was released. And so we got the Green Goblin here. We have dark, OK. And then we have venom with Spiderman three. So we're gonna go with that. Okay, at this point in time, what I'm gonna do is I'm going to outline what I know and what I want to happen. So what I want to happen is I want the Green Goblin come back as the dawn. And I don't want it to be hairy. I want it to be like willing to fill whole 9 yd Green Goblin. But he's going to have to come back as something. We haven't quite figured that out yet, so we'll have to figure that out. With that. I want, I just had this thought when I was brainstorming this idea. I want Peter to get a suit from Tony Stark, like a suit upgrade. Like somewhere along the story, I want him to get a suit upgrade from Tony Stark. I think that would just add for some more cool visuals. And it adds this story that Peter could know Tony and could go to start to industries and they can make a new like spider suit that was more like Iron Man III or something. So that's kinda been done a little bit before, but like I want to, I want to mix it and I just kinda want to see where it goes. So we're gonna play with that. I think we should also bring like a, like a love interests in this story because there's a ton of the Spiderman comics. And I think I'm just going to be basic and we're gonna go with like bringing Gwen Stacy back as love interests. I don't really know what happens there, but we'll figure out some sort of plot. But what we wanna do is just sort of craft this outline to give the chat GPT so that, that way it's gonna give us back. We'll ask you to expand on how this all could happen so we don't have to think up that much. You just gotta think up like 10% of what you want to happen. And then you just sort of tweak and refine and play with it from there on out. The quintessential part of any Spider-Man movie, we're going to have a big fight scene in New York. And I think at some point in time, we're going to have Peter Parker, he saves a bunch of people. And that's kind of a quintessential Spiderman thing. But I think we need to think of something unique for him to be saving them from. And so I'm just going to we're only working on like five points here. So I'm going to work on five points and then I'm asking it to expanded wrap this all up. We're probably not going to add any more points unless we're inspired. So if it feels like a stretch, all we're gonna do is think of like five plot points of things that you think are cool. They can happen inside of your story that we're about to illustrate that we're going to make the visuals of in mid journey, right. Some ideas that just came up with is that maybe the Green Goblin could come back, but maybe his spirit is creeping around us, Corp. You don't like that creepy laugh that happens in Spider-Man movies where he's like, kinda directs hair you to like take up the costume. Let's say that that happens to this mentally ill security guard. And he finds a goblin serum and then he liked becomes like, I'm just playing with a name here like the dark goblin or something like that, right? And then I'm thinking that maybe Peter Parker saves like a football game from like a bomb or something like a gas attack, right? I don't know how we're going to illustrate that, but as you work through this, you'll start to develop more and more ideas of how it could kind of workout or how you can play with it and all that. But here's what I've got right now. So what I'm gonna do here is I'm going to pass this in. And I'm going to say, I want you to write me a plot for Spider-Man four, and I want you to consider these ideas. So let's go ahead and crop that prompt right now. We're going to say, develop a plot for Spider-Man for where these events occur in the movie. I'm going to say, fill in the gaps. Provide a full plot. With character arcs and logical conclusions. We got a good story, so we're going to see what it does. So I'm just going to say Spiderman for, okay. So Peter Parker is working as Corp. And that's kind of an interesting swing because then Peter notices that the security guard is acting strangely. Then maybe we can make some sort of beef between the security guard and how he just doesn't like Peter and maybe he like like checksum at the security gate or something like that. In the dark, goblin search wreaking havoc on city. Then the Tony Stark thing happens, which I think is an interesting lineup. And then there's a fight. And then Gwen Stacy gets caught in the crossfire. That's a good one. That's kinda like what happened in Spider-Man one, mary jane, Right? And I think that the AI kinda pulled the Spiderman one play out here. And because we've got the intern thing and that's almost along the lines, right? So there's the football game. And then in the end, Gwen, Stacy and Peter have loved thing. And then Spider-Man goes back to school. And I think that's a pretty interesting breakdown of a plot. But I'm going to ask it to break this out into a more cohesive like act 123.4. I'm gonna say can break this to you before. Provide more detail. And then we're going to have that you have these different acts. And we'll see if it ever does actually add more detail because that's what we're looking for. And so he adds in the chat ads and Peter here is the guard talking to himself and saying things that doesn't make sense. So that's pretty cool. So Peter follows the security yard, okay, so we actually get how that whole process happens. Okay, great. So reading through this, we have a joker vibe on all this, which is kinda cool. I think the dark goblin is an interesting concept, right? So let's say that, you know, maybe Peter doesn't have a suit. I think that's an interesting idea. Or like Peter needs a new suit and he gets a new suit, I think gets a good one. Let's see, how does Gwen Stacy getting the crossfire? I think that's good. We can ask that later. And what we'll do is we'll ask for expansion to help us figure out how to illustrate how the scenes would actually occur. Okay, so what I'm gonna do is even though this is early on and it's not super refined, I still like this. I'm going to take this all the way down to act for where there's this final showdown and and all that. I think this is good. I'm gonna take this and put that in my Word document. We're going to bring that up. I'm going to put that in there. Let me just copy and paste as text-only. And so we have everything we need. Let's save that. And then we're gonna move on here to refining this out, building some prompts, getting some visuals and all that. 4. Develop visuals of characters with Midjourney: Alright, so for this next part we're gonna do is we're going to establish a new chat and you just come up here to church EBT and you would just say new chat. And then we are going to provide this specific prompt to chat GPT. The prompt is, and you can type this out or I can give it to you, you can access it and resources. We're going to say specifically, I want you to act as a prompt generator for mid journeys artificial and program, artificial intelligence program. Your job is to provide detailed and creative descriptions that will inspire unique and interesting images from the ai. Keep in mind that AI is capable of understanding a wide range of language and can interpret abstract concepts, is feel free to be as imaginative and descriptive as possible, e.g. so on and so forth. So I'm going to say, here's your first prompt and I'm going to say Peter Parker, Spiderman working as an S Corp in turn. So that's gonna be our first prompt. And we're gonna use this chat to trigger all of the prompts that are going to be created. So over here on my left, I have some work that I was just doing. My server here in mid journey. And what we're gonna do is expand on what we have going on right now. We're bypassing these prompts into mid journey. So we have this prompt right here. So let's go ahead and copy and paste that whole thing. And I'm going to look at it. We're just gonna send it and we're going to see what it creates. And there are some banned words that are inside of my journey. So you have to look out for these sometime. And so we're just going to hit the up key, which is how I got that back so fast. And you're like to up, down, left, right quiche is hit the up key. So we'll say like instead of cutting edge will say advanced. Okay? And then we'll launch that. And so that should then begin to run. And if right now you have a free trial, hopefully, I think this should be enough to get through developing this whole thing. But the journey is not super expensive. So you can always just go ahead and get yourself a like a membership if you do run out of credits. But I think the amount that they give you maybe like 25 or more. But do understand that, you know, don't don't fire these off too crazy unless, you know, try to conserve them. But with that being said, I do have a premium subscription to us. Why it might work a little bit faster for me than you. But anyways, we're seeing some images start to form. And I do like what I'm seeing. And I think that we have a couple of different a couple of different options here. So I'm going to look at these options visually. And right off the top, I like 2.4. So the way that you recognize what numbers these are as you go 12,342.4. And I think that those are, are good to go. I think the Spiderman one, this one is also cool, so I'll go with that one. What I would do here is I'd have these options. So 123.4, this means upscale. And then v12 3.4, this means variation are very, I think. And then this one just means essentially just kick me out a different version of what you gave me with this. Well, we can do is say upscale one, and then we will upscale and sometimes it jumps around. So be aware of that upscale to upscale for I don't want three. And then we can say maybe I want some variations of two. So these are four separate commands that are going to roll out at four separate times. So these are counted as jobs. And he's going to take a little bit to load through, right? And if you throw in too many jobs, it will say job queued. And then that process will run and do its thing and work until it outputs everything for you. What's important to know is that the images that I said before, this is going to create some images that are about, I think it's like 680 by 680 pixels, something like that. And they're just these big square images. And you're gonna be able to open those in the browser and then save them to your file folder wherever you want to keep them for this project. And those are the ones that you're actually going to use in the long-term. So don't think that you're getting these four panels. You're going to actually take one of the four panels and that's gonna be your champion. And you're going to keep that one. But if you almost like one, you might want to create it so that way you can find that one champion image and then you take that home. So this is kinda how this works. So ultimately, this is our first prompt and we did get some good stuff out. One cool thing about this is whenever the image is upscale, they actually turn out to be usually much better than what you even thought you saw inside of the four panel. So like for instance, this one. I think is really cool overall, has Spider-Man colors. Some of this stuff in these bottles is a little bit weird, but overall, I think this is a really neat image right here. So we're going to keep that one. I'm going to save that one. This one is cool. I do think that there's a little bit of web here at that maybe doesn't need to be. But that's a little bit disappointing. But this one's kind of cool. I'm not so sure what is going on here. But ultimately some of the things he's little flaws inside of the AI generated images. You can still keep them. And when you're building out the storyboards, they kinda get glossed over because the main features like the face or the costume or like the whole city scene. Those are going to make more sense than whether or not this bottle is actually like hooked on tight or this map actually makes any sense. Those are the things that those fine details that we had left behind. But ultimately it's a little bit like not, not something to worry about to bet right here. So we've got a little bit Peter Parker Spiderman costume here. And I would rather that not be there. So I'm not actually going to keep those going on a run and I'm gonna, I'm gonna keep everything else that I had. Um, but let's go ahead and think up another prompt that we can ask GPT for so that we can feed that in and we can get some more concept imagery. Oh, by the way, this is what I'm talking about. Whenever you want to. Go ahead and save these, you're going to go and right-click open link, and then it will open this. And then you're going to Save As from here. To save the image appropriately, you're not gonna be able to get what you want if you just do a Save image from right here. Alright, so I'm going to want to try to make a prompt for the dark goblin, our main supervillain. We're going to want to see him. Then we're probably going to go and try to see Peter and Spiderman suit. So I'm going to try to get a prompt for the dark Gawain. So I'm just going to say the dark Goblin. And I'm gonna describe it. A super villain inspired, I can never spell, inspired by the spirit of the Green Goblin. Who is a mental until stable security guard who did self. Goblin. Looks like buffer and dark black colors. So I'm gonna see if this comes up with a prompt that would, that would make sense. And we're going to see whenever we pass this in now, majors get the Green Goblin because Green Goblin is a recognizable character and that's one thing to watch out for is recognizable characters. They sometimes get stuck because the AI polls images of them. And then you have to specifically be like, I don't want the Green Goblin to be green. I want him to be black. So I'm going to throw in actually another imagine prompt and paste that in there. I'm actually going to take out the part about the Green Goblin so it doesn't get confused. So let's see. I'm gonna go ahead and say at the end of this really helps in digital art format. Acid format. But I didn't really use just like in digital art style. And you can say that that's probably better than what I said. We have some stuff coming out, but we have like goblins. And so this is probably going to be a struggle as we're probably always gonna get some goblins, but we're not going to get like the mask and the suit. So I'm going to ask check GBT. Can you describe I mean, asked for it to describe essentially like a a black metallic suit that looks like the Green Goblin. I said that prompt and I'm going to see if this lines out and is saying black metallic suit glinting in the dim light. And so I'm interested to see if this will go with it. And then I'm actually going to give it a simple prompt and it's going to say, imagine Green Goblin from Spider-Man. But black, metallic, dark, stronger art style. And I'm gonna see if that simple prompt actually pulls more out of mid journey than the complex one, because sometimes you do run into that. Whenever there isn't. Whenever the prompt isn't responding in generating what you want. And this will happen from time to time. Fully expect that you're going to get stuff, uh, you don't want. Like it looks like right now I'm getting like a Lego Green Goblin. Well, I don't want that. But with that being said, we are going to work on that. And we're going to see if we can get to what we want. And we do have something that's a lot more setup, like the dark Gawain. I think that's pretty, pretty straightforward. And we can also to try to say like looks like and then like an actor's name. And then sometimes it'll pull pictures of that actor and then we'll combine those in. So when recopy this prompt because it went to the right place, but I'm going to say, but all black. Let's say not green at the end. And I'm going to hopefully see if like not green or like no green. We'll add in there. So it's kinda, I kinda confused it. So as a Green Goblin from Spider-Man, but not green. And so it'll be interesting to see how it works for that, but ultimately we're on the right track. And if this works out, what I'm gonna do is I'm going to ask for a full body. And then I'm going to ask for like on glider because the green goblins got that glider thing. And so we'll see if we can get a, get a glider in there, some sort of weapons or something cool like that. So we got some pretty good ones. I'm thinking. Number one, number two, number three are all pretty, pretty wild. Number four, it looks a little bit too much like Batman for my taste, but I'm going to try to get 12.3, but I'm actually going to want some variations of I think 1.3 just to see where they go. I'm also going to regenerate the whole thing because that prompt did go in a good direction. But we're actually going to take this, we're going to start a whole new job, whole new, Imagine. I'm going to say imagine full body. And then see if it outputs sex. A lot of times I'd like to give a shoulder up from the face, but we want to see the whole picture of the character to use them collectively. Alright, we got some of our prompts back and they're looking pretty good. So this one I think I liked the most. This one is pretty good. A little bit green there. And I said not green, but I think we're going to try a slightly different thing for that. That's okay. Let's look down here. Some of these are pretty good. I like the purple. So let's see. We're going to do the full body ones came back. Those are okay, but a little bit too much green. So what I'm gonna do is actually let's do this. Imagine I'm in the dashed yes, no, green. I'm just trying to see if I can get away with full body goblin from Spider-Man and see if that will work. I'm also gonna do try that whole prompt again. Say no green. And we'll leave Green Goblin as a full body Green Goblin, all-black, metallic. Just curiosity, I want to see what it looks like if he was like bigger and stature. Think that'll be pretty interesting to see. Just for a villain. And yeah, right here we still have a lot of green going on. But I think that is no, yeah, that's, that's why I said full body goblin from Spider-Man. So when I said goblin, it really messed with it and added in goblins from like World of Warcraft type stuff. But yeah, we're gonna be looking at, and then these ones, I think these are just going to do like the Hulk as a goblin. Which is kind of, it is definitely not. Now we want, but hey, you know what bodybuilder goblin? Cool. We'll take it. That's pretty interesting, but we'll go ahead and we'll try something else in the future. I'm actually going to go ahead and print off this one, or print off, I'm going to access that one, that one. And this one right here. And it goes through good. Then I'm gonna get the upscale version of that one. And these are all going to run. So it's good to just like go through and select them. And guess guy's mouth is pretty crazy looking. I think we're doing good here at definitely adds into the mentally ill. I think the fact that his suit is black is enough to do that. So let's go ahead to, I'm gonna see if we can get the glider to happen. So I'm actually going to grab this prompt. And I'm going to imagine, and I'm going to say no green and a black metallic with glider. And we'll see what happens there. So hopefully it'll grab like something for him to fly on and are know what that would look like, but that should be pretty cool. And I'm gonna describe it a little bit more. And then I'm actually going to go back to GPT to kinda modify this out. And I must say, Hey, let's get this. And I'm going to pass this in as a prompt, a GPT. But meanwhile, I'm also going to launch this one. So that way it could say specifically he's flying. I just got back this one. This one is really great. I think it's a super along the lines of what I'm looking for. This is really, I think, quality stuff right here, so we're stoked about that. So I'm going to take this, these will be written like a story and it's cool because they can actually add a lot more context to what you're doing with a story-based prompts. I think that's really good stuff. So instead of cutting edge will see opinions, right? And we're trying to see about getting that flying craft. And I said glider hovercraft. Let's see. When away from me. Glider hovercraft in digital art style. And we got some stuff. That's pretty cool. So we have a dark Goblin and we have hunger hovercraft glider and little bit wild, but I think I like 1.3. And maybe, so I'm going to upskill those. Maybe I'm gonna do a variation of four and get upscale for as well. Yeah, it gets gonna be good. And I'm curious to see how our long prompt plays out. Yeah, we have a good long prompt here, but we have only like a torso here. And it's a little bit to video gamey for me. Definitely not the route we are trying to go on, but we could do is we can ask it to refine through this one. Can you not use the word green in this prompt? I want to see what it does there. And what I'm gonna do is I'm gonna take this. And I could have just scrub the word green out of that, but wanted to see if it would give a different version. I'll say from Spider-Man. It looks like I think I spelled that right. I'm gonna, I'm gonna remove green. I'm just gonna say traditional colour scheme. I'm gonna see if I missed the dot-dot, no green. And we'll see if that does anything. We do have some of the hovercraft back and it's little bit cartoony. But if we keep the spiderman is like a cartoony concept. That could be okay. And maybe this could work. I don't like the way the arm is so bent and all that. So I might actually pushed up for you. Once you have an upscale the image you can actually push it for. We do variations or Beta upscale redo. And I'm gonna do like upscale where you do and see if that does anything. I do think that this one is pretty good, but we did get a lot of green and purple back. And that is with the shiny kind of traditional goblin look. And so I'm thinking we may, we may want to not keep that and I can't tell what's going on with his arms. So I think that isn't as clean, upscaled as we wanted it. But I'm going to look at these. And let's see if those turned out any good. I think that this one, number two is probably the best like upscale version, even though you can't see us face. I don t think we can get everything all at once. That one's pretty cool. And a lot of this just like prompting, creating and refining, grabbing from chat GBT and passing it over until we get prototypes the way we want them. And I will point out that this was the prompt from Chet GPT. And this is definitely not along the lines of what I want. It's like really old, kind of like eighties movie, goblin extra thing. It looks like it could be in the Wizard of Oz. And this is to say like Chet GBT will give you some awesome stuff that sometimes you really do have to refine it and tell it what's wrong with the prompt. So sometimes your prompts won't get there and then sometimes chat GPT is Will, and that's why you kind of use both interchangeably. But overall, we got some cool stuff. I think this is looking pretty neat with the purple, even though we have some weird action, some weird hand action that does happen. But I think the purple craft, That's pretty neat. So I think we're gonna go with that. I'm going to show you now guys, here's what we have. I have a couple of extra things down here that I was working on with some Iron Man, Gwen Stacy concepts, right? But we have some cool concepts of Peter Parker and we have some good concept for the dark Goblin. And so we have something to build off of. And at this point, I'm probably going to go ahead and I'm going to build a little bit of concept for Gwen Stacy because she's gonna be the other, like the third main character there. And so I'm going to want her to be in there and I'm going to give her a job. I think I'm going to make her like a barista or something like maybe she's in college too and she just works it like basically a Starbucks type of thing. So I'm gonna see if I can make like Gwen Stacy. But she's like a barista. And like Peter goes and gets his coffee there, something in that's where she ends up in the cross hairs or something. So we're going with them and play with that. But ultimately, I'm going to move on to the next video. I'm going to build that up and then I'll show you how we're going to do start doing some, some actual scene development outs, out of this plot that we have here. 5. Create scene visuals with Midjourney: So moving ahead into how to depict scenes. So I've already started on a couple of examples just to illustrate here. So e.g. inside of our plot and then pull up this Word document again. At some point in time, Tony Stark helps Peter get a suit upgrade. So Peter Parker and Tony Stark have to go and meet at Stark industries to discuss the suit. And so I've developed a couple of different, found, a couple of different good ones. So these are some good illustrations of what that might look like. So we have a good illustration of Tony Stark. And sometimes ai does some weird things with glasses and eyes. And that's okay because we're just kinda looking for the overall visual doesn't kinda build on. And we're going to grab a bunch of these. And when I say a bunch, I mean probably ten of each scene unless you really think you've nailed it, then you move on. But what my prompts look like for this, I'm just building these from scratch with no GBT at this point, you can use GPT if you need to, but I'm just kind of adding them in and refining as they go through. So tony Stark meeting with Peter Parker about a new Spiderman suit design. It's Stark industries tower in digital art style. And same here. We're getting different variations of that. One thing I did do when I moved on down here as I asked the mid journey to put the design on the wall to show it as like more of a diagram. And then I got this really cool one down here. I'm actually pretty stoked to get that one back. So that once you three would be where I'd want that this is more of an Iron Man suits, so they kinda went with Tony Stark. Iron Man is in that direction. Let's see what else we have here. Okay, cool. So let's actually build this out. So let's go in here, we're going to pick a scene. I'm going to show you how we're going to build this out. Peter Parker has been working at an intern as Corp. We kinda have that already figured out. So I'm actually going to go and just for a guide, I'm gonna do a highlight of what scenes I have laid out. So Peter Parker has been working aws Corp and we had some pictures of those just from the Peter Parker internal os Corp, ones that we made earlier. And he's been dating Gwen Stacy for the past year. And so what I'm actually going to do is I'm going to ask for a scene of Peter Parker and Gwen Stacy on a date. So we'll build out like this. Imagine if Peter Parker and Gwen Stacy on a date. So I'm going to do that. I'm actually going to just throw a couple of different prompts in here. At a fancy dinner. I'm going to try to get a couple of different versions flowing here for the Imagine. See Peter Parker and when Cc on a day at the park. And New York and digital art style and fancy dinner one. I'm going to want to make sure that I come out ahead with digital art style because that's kinda the style that we're running with. So I've got these prompts flying in. The jobs are queued, we're getting ready to go. We have some stuff coming through right now. We have one where they're getting coffee. That's awesome. This is pretty good. So I can kind of pick the ones I like. I'm liking 2.4. I think those are good. So I'm going to actually do just U2 and euphoric. We're going to get a bunch of these. And then with this one, Let's see. She looks kinda like mad at them over here. So I'm actually going to Iraq over and I'm just going to do like a variation of one. And I'm gonna see where I can get to there. Also, things can jump around a little bit my journey when you're working. So always take time to go back and collect the previous ones you had built. And then I'm like these guys, save them and then move forward from there. And these ones are, the dinner are pretty cool. Let's see. I think this one is really good. I'm going to go with maybe like 1.3. I like four as well. I think they're all pretty good. This one looks kinda weird. The emotions are kinda strange there. So I'm gonna go with you one. And 3.4. And I'm kinda trying to think up right now, like when there could be an issue with the dark goblin, like when does he come into the scene? And I'm thinking that maybe they could be out on a date and then there's an issue. So it kinda depends on on how you want to go. It could be at a job. It can be when they're out on a date. If you kinda be however we want it to do, but ultimately that's come through the same type of process. Let's grab these then we'll move on to another scene. So just set a little idea with some of the pictures of the dates coming in that maybe the dark gobbling could attack on the night of the proposal. And we can have a scene where peter is actually proposing to Gwen and then dark album, it crashes a party attacks. So I think that could be a really interesting way to add to the scene. And so some of these are really complicated to describe. But what we'll do is we will say, and this is where we might want to utilize check GPT. We can say, let's, let's run, Let's run with what we had here. So let's say Peter Parker, Gwen Stacy, on a fancy dinner where Peter proposes ring. So let's see if we can get that to work and we'll just try to get the proposals scene and then we'll get like dark gobbling like blasting through a window or something like that. And it may be a little bit for the storyboard. We have to fill in some gaps, but he asked for too much. If you don't ask for like simple enough scenes, sometimes there can be a little bit of an issue. So let's see. Proposes on one knee, band playing in background. Let's see. So see these come through. I think we're getting a little bit more. I've kinda the romance scene, so that kinda looks more like a proposal. Kinda dinner vibes, That's pretty cool. So we'll go ahead and we'll see what's up with that and get one of these. And this one came out good. This just like ice skating date or whatever. Alright. So let's see where Peter proposes on one knee. That doesn't happen in this. So we're going to have to try. All I got was weird eyes and weird expressions. So I want to see if we can just run that again, see if we can get somewhere. But maybe what I'm gonna do is just as a contingency, I'm going to add the phrase down on one knee is proposes down on one knee. And then that should actually trigger a scene where Peter is down on one knee. We see him right here. What kind of a ring box? And that's pretty good. So I think that that's headed in a good direction. So I think maybe we'll do, for this one, we do variations of two and upscale two over here. Get that. Now over here we do have some sort of proposal scenes, but the characters are getting a little bit weird looking. So okay, we're gonna, we're gonna press, but let's try to get something for this scene. And I think we will have it if you don't have it and you want to think of a different idea, this totally cool up to you. However it works out with these things. So if you can't get the prompt to do a certain idea, if you can't get it to create it, then basically my suggestion is you just go back to your prompt if you're trying to create a cohesive story and just create another event that you can visualize or try to separate the visualizations into separate pieces, playing with it a little bit. So I had to get them out of the restaurant. And so I just had to say on a date, Peter proposes and marriage down on one knee with diamond ring. And then West got some stuff like this. And then I got some stuff like this, which the diamond ring is not super evident, but it's like kind of implied visually. So and some of them like this, the hands got all messed up. So what we're gonna do is we're just going to try to take the best ones and then we're going to try to upscale them and make variations out of them to try to get the best version we can. Now, this is a hill, a lot of fingers going on, but like I said, with these visuals. You can kinda just depict the overall characters, then the fine details. Maybe it left out right? So don't worry about it so much if the fingers are not perfect. Because at this point in time they're probably not going to be. But here's one of these things. So here's what we can do. Let's, let's go into now that we've gotten the proposal seen, we've gotten the dating and all that kind of lined up. So I'm going to highlight that. And I'm going to move on to this scene with the security guard. I'm gonna I'm gonna just actually take this and then I'm going to pass this to chat GPT. I'm gonna see if it can make me like three or four prompts to describe the scene and we'll see what we can get going on with that. So I'm actually going to take this, bring it over. And let's say, can you actually bring this up here? Make three columns based off of this scene. If this happens, just refresh your chat GBT and you should be good. So I got to working past the prompt in. We have this cooking up some prompts now. Okay, so we have some context here and what we're going to use, we're going to take that and we're going to bring it in. And we're going to see if that does anything. If it doesn't. We'll just go ahead and try some basic prompts in here. But I did just want to see if we could take this piece of the plot and then build out some ideas, right? So let's go ahead and bring these in to mid journey and put silver on the side here. Just going to copy and paste those out with some imagined tags. So the story style prompts are pretty good. But sometimes the complexity beats amount. That's where we come in here and we'll go and add something like in digital art style. At the end of all my prompts, if I'm trying to get a cohesive style, I'm gonna say, I'm gonna say that. Sometimes what I'll do is I'll take a piece of just the bit right here. So I can say, instead of that last bit there, I just had the physical description here. I'm going to say in digital art style. We'll see if that works. Now we have a perfectly normal looking security guard here. This is not exactly what we're going for, what we wanted. We got sort of comic strips stuff in here. So when we specify digital art, that does help us out a lot. But I'm going to try just the basic imagined prompt. And we'll say AWS Corp, security guard, mentally ill, crazy man in Guard, uniform, distal style. So I got this. I think the green goo got a little bit crazy here. So let's see if we can get this to work. But I'm actually going to change this around a little bit. So let's say imagine prompt us Corp. security guard, mentally ill, crazy man. I'm laughing at sky. Then I'm gonna do full body. I want to say clean shaven. I'll say bloodshot, eyes. Umayyad, realistic at the end they're bloodshot, did not like that. Let's see if we can just say red eyes. What up getting through here. It's not exist necessarily what I want, but what I wanted to find about this is what I don't want. So what I don't want here is the cartoony *****. And these guys just look kinda normal, although a little bit weird. So we got this guy right here and he seems like a key candidate, but eventually we're going to stumble upon somebody who is the character of the dark goblin before he comes at our goblin in our other concept photos and it's just going to stick visually. We're going to see it and we're gonna be like, that's the one. We're just going to work our prompts until we get to the one that makes sense. Then when we do eventually somewhere along the line, I'm going to show you how we're going to take an existing image and we're going to reference that to then work off of and create more images. And so I'm actually kinda like in this guy right here, I wish he had arms though. So I'm actually going to take him on them to see if we can work with kind of what he has going on. I'm going to describe him a little bit more sunken eyes, a little bit more chiseled jaw, strong features. I'm gonna kinda take this look right here, see if we can do something with that. So we actually have something kinda cooking right here with this guy. All white background. I like this. I just wish he had arms, but what we can do is we can take him, create a upscaled version and then put that link inside of the chat. And we'll run a prompt on him and try to see if we can get him arms moving forward. Okay, so I've got them down to this level. And what I wanna show you is where we can just go ahead and say Copy link of this guy. And then what I'm gonna do is I'm actually going to press up. And I'm going to say right here in front of everything that I have going on, I'm going to say prompt image. And then I'm going to throw that in and see if we get something. I'm gonna do that again. Remove realistic. I'm going to add dark room, scary, terrifying. And then I'm gonna do it again. And I'm going to add like psychotic. Because we want to have a crazy looking dude that Peter runs into at night. And what we can actually do is we can try to do something like this. It might be a little bit difficult. When you say Peter Parker meets and like, see if we can get this exact guy, like this representation of this guy to have like an interaction with Peter Parker. So definitely not try to rock with these guys. A little bit interesting there that output that laughing hysterically definitely took a different turn then I think we wanted. But it looks like we do have something good growing up here. That's pretty, pretty scary looking, so I'm liking that. Alright, here's where I think we hit paydirt is we have a crazy evil looking security guard. We got a dark goblin candidate right here. And all we had to do was refine and add some words and say like, hey, less of what I don't want them, more of what I do want you to use descriptive words to get there. And I haven't seen if we gotten to the point where Peter is meeting the guy, should be pretty interesting to see if that comes out. And we got a couple more here and let's see if I want any of these. Maybe I'll get a variation of this one skill, that one. And he starts to look a little bit more like a zombie. He's got this weird thing on his head here. But I think I like this guy. I think that's a pretty good, I think he's a perfectly scary-looking dark goblin candidate. Vibrated C1. So we're still waiting on the Peter Parker meets. I think that one's gonna be interesting and probably will yield some interesting results. This one has his arms chopped off. So definitely not. Definitely not what we're going for there. That's pretty good. Yeah. Yeah. I think we got some stuff cooking here. So this point, what I'm going to do is just sort of leave you with a guide of how to proceed. So if you have your your script up, your AKS, all of the pieces here, what you're gonna wanna do is just describe the scenes and then take out what you don't want and what you do want. And then some of the things you can, you can leave out are sort of imply and just go through and highlight as you move through all the way through your, all of your acts, right? This is basically where you wanna go. You want to be too, where you have completed all of the major pieces of your you plot. So probably you probably have visuals for all of these major events that happened. Because if you don't have visuals, Halys, are you going to tell the story? But this method that I'm showing you of kind of refining to get down to what you want. That's pretty much where you're going to, you're going to want to go. So anyhow, I hope this is helpful. In the next video, we're going to move on to some others. 6. Refining plots and visuals for scenes: Alright, so at this point in time, I'm going to show you what I have done in my plot so far. If you're following along, you're not going to get the exact same things as me, but if you're following this exact storyline, but this is what I have developed out visuals for so far. But I'm getting to the point. And what I'm going to talk about now is refining the plot to give it more depth or intrigue and expand on what the AI gave us. And we're actually going to help it. We're going to ask chat GBT to help us figure that out. So what we're gonna do is we're gonna go through, we're going to look at the visuals we have. We're going to see where the gaps are in the visuals and where the gaps are in the plot and the storylines. So I'm going to work through a couple of different examples with you and we're going to talk about that, okay, So e.g. an act to after Peter confronts the seemed to be dark Goblin who injects himself with the serum. There's, the next day There's havoc being raped on the city. And then Peter recognizes that it might be something like the Green Goblin. So he starts to think about, could, you know, the Green Goblin have come back or like what, what was up with that guy. And then later on he goes to confront the security guard who is now calling himself the dark Goblin. And so here's the point. So right after this, immediately Peter goes to Tony Stark and asked him for help. But this is kind of irregular because Spider-Man would probably just go in and just start trying to deal with the villain, right? That's kind of a typical Spider-Man pathway. He doesn't, he's not going to just observe this guy, the things he's doing and then immediately go for help. So what I want there to be is something major happens or some sort of major defeat. So we'll fill in here like major defeat or Spiderman like that, that causes this, that drives him to Tony. So what we'll do is actually I'm going to paste just this bit in here. And then I'm gonna say, I'm gonna ask Jack GBT. Can you fill in the gap? What major Spider-Man look like that would take him to Tony Stark? And this is just one example because you could just ask the chat to just enrich your plot and just add more depth or something like that. And then just try that a couple of different times. Don't be afraid to just throw things into chat GBT and see what the deal is. So they're fighting with the dark goblins too strong. So there's that. I think we need there to be something that happens. I'm thinking like there's an attack, like a major attack. And then maybe it's like maybe it becomes political. Maybe the, the mayor is like saying like Spiderman didn't do enough. That's like a quintessential Spiderman thing of like whether it's like the daily bugle or some other entity. They are like, you know, he's a villain, he's a good guy, right? Like that whole sort of public perception thing. Kind of stacks in here. So I'm going to throw that idea at the Chatham is say, can we have the defeat dark attack on City Hall? And we'll say additionally, right, where the mayor excuses, right? And then being involved, even, Alright, Something like that. So maybe what we'll have and we have visuals for this right now, is maybe we have There's all these explosions and these kind of dangerous scenes happening. And then maybe there's a big attack on City Hall. And then the mayor gets involved and there's kind of this Politics thing that happens. And then later on to have some sort of, there's a dip in the plot where Peter gets upset with his ability to protect people. And so that could occur right here. And then he could go where do I have hit with Tony Stark? Then he could go to Tony Stark for help. And then he gets a new suit. And I think that could be a really cool deal to transition him. Up and out of that sort of arc, right? So let's see. So they're fighting. So it's cool. So they've actually, the chats kind of written it like there's a fight and there by City Hall. And then the dark goblin causes the damage, right? And then it makes it look like Spiderman was involved, writer was destroying city hall, right? And so that's a good kind of spin. So we're gonna go ahead and write that into our plot here. Alright, so I've written in that the dark goblin, right? He, the City Hall thing happens. Peter Parker fuels upset about it. I said Green Goblin, I got to stop saying that dark goblin. Then. And even the AI put in Green Goblin several times because it's pulling up the old plot as MI. And so Peter reaches out to Tony Stark, Tony agrees to help. And so you see we have a little bit more cohesive of a storyline forming here. So with this new peter goes to stop the dark goblin in the dark, gaba escapes. I think it's a little bit too much in terms of fight scenes. Because initially like he's here and then they fight and he escapes, and then a fight and he escapes. And then they fight down here, and he also escapes and later on they fight. But something we're going to deal with later on is that he escapes, but there's no explanation is of y and so we need something to happen. Ultimately. I added this in that the dark goblin eventually gets locked away in a mental asylum in the outskirts. And I'm thinking maybe a dark goblin captured by spider webs. So I'm thinking like maybe we can have a little bit of like a sort of fun classic Spiderman type kind of vibe, right? Just like uses this web to wrap up dark goblin, like finally gets him trap somebody can't get out of it. And that's that. And then he gets a locked away in a mental asylum. So with that being said, I think I'm actually going to take away this fight scene right here because that doesn't, that makes a little bit more sense that initially he would find the dark Goblin. And we have a little bit about his personal life. And we have the confrontation with the security guard, the city hall, all that stuff. And then we have the football game. But here's one thing. So we have Gwen Stacy, she gets caught in the crossfire. And I think what we need to do is we need to have Gwen Stacy at the football game as after Peter gets rid of the bomb. I said, before he gets rid of the bomb, he saves Gwen and then he goes back for the bond. Because we've got a couple of good shots of Gwen, like needing help or like being in distress, right? And so we find those here and then have her being saved. But it's, it's with the new Spiderman suit and those are pretty well. Some of them are where the new Spiderman see stuff like this. So I'm thinking I have some of her at the game as well. So what I could do is maybe get her at the game, will make her look distressed. So this is where I'm going to need to go back and fill in some visuals for the scenes based off of the plot adjustments. So basically this whole process is just sort of a circular. Analyzing your plot, checking the visuals you have, and then going back in and filling things in. And when we're all the way done and we have everything broken down, we're going to take it all and we're going to throw it back into chat GPT. So we'll move along here. So during the fight, she becomes caught in the crossfire. I'll say chaos. Peter's able to save Gwen. And then when he does that, dark goblin escapes. And then Peter throws a bomb and into space. And he's able to do that because the new suit from Tony Stark has some additional power and he can like really launched stuff. So that's kinda the explanation there. So this point in time, he gets away, but we're not gonna make Peter frustrated at that point in the plot. Like we want him to be frustrated over here. Now for the city hall things, so there's a little bit of redemption in this plot. So the mayor accused of Spider-Man, of the attack on City Hall, and then in front of the whole city, Spider-Man saves the football stadium for being bombed with like a dirty bomb that the dark goblin has. So that, that kind of pieces together. The accusation and the redemption. And overall we're just building a better story out here. There's one thing that I did right in here where Spider-Man proposes to Gwen Stacy at the end of the the dark goblins to like getting captured. So that's a happy ending. So I'm going to add that in here right at the end. We're going to say the reaffirmed their love for each other. A PE teacher proposes one. So that's gonna be the Tailwind, the dark goblins and asylum. And then Gwen, Stacy and Peter, where they put a happily ever after, everything is going good. So it's kinda interesting tonality. The whole thing. We got a pretty dark plot and we have a pretty dark new supervillain and we get some defeat in here. And at the end, there's this sort of like happy resolution. So I'm feeling good about this, but I do know that all of this needs to be refined. So I'm going to say, we'll take all of this and we'll put it into GPT. And I'm gonna say, Can you write x to include all these names? Alright, so this is going through. It's going to rewrite everything and we'll check it. And so I'll kinda come back at here in just a second to show you how I did. So first try, this has turned out pretty good. All the main points are retained. And it did summarize this and write it out just a little bit better than I did because I was just kinda jotting down and that's kind of where you want the AI to work for you. So you just want to jot down ideas and refine a little bit and then pass it in and it'll give you the final product. It's polished and all the way ready to go. So let's see. Okay, Great. Peter decides to take a break from being Spider-Man. Okay, interesting kind of breakdown, right? You know, what would be cool is if you like injected at the very end there, just like it's kinda a little teaser. Like a teaser of like spider kid. You know what I mean? Like like a little Peter Parker. Gwen, like maybe we foreshadow like out into the future if we can get a visual of it, of like Gwen, Stacy and Peter Parker as a family with a, with a kid would be like and when kid in future. And maybe we like, we can tease the visual S-like, are they thinking like, where's it going and if they're getting married, like we can just sort of projected out, I think that'd be cool because then there's like a legacy to Peter Parker, Like he's going to have a kid. And then that kid could be like another Spider-Man, right? One thing that I wanted to add in here, I'm just I had a visual come to me with a security guard. The ghost of Norman Oswald is sort of haunting us Corp.. So I, I'm thinking about an act to wherever the dark goblin like reveals that the Norman Osborn is like ghost, has been haunting him. I think we should add in a visual of Norman Osborn, ghost in here somewhere. So I'm thinking that will do that early on. I'm going to just inject it right here. So like a visual Norman borns ghost, haunting chord. So that'll be a pretty cool visual. I think that will add a lot just to have that like the ghost or a spirit or whatever. Same thing happens with Harry when there's like something in the mansion that is kind of calling him to take on the goblin. We want that same sort of vibe there. And I think a visual of that William Defoe crazy face that can be pretty intense. So I have a little bit of that already inside of the visuals here. I've got show you here. Let me pull it up. So down. I think right here. Got a pretty good one. So something like this. It's pretty close to what I'm going for. I'm just thinking that that could be maybe enhanced. Right? I think this is gonna be where the guard is telling Peter that kinda the whole, the whole plot of like, hey, i've, I've run into this. I've been talking to this ghost or whatever he says, right? We're gonna kinda have to figure out some dialogue. It's going to inject it there. So overall, I'm feeling pretty good about this. If I do go to build the storyboard and there is, there are any additional gaps. What we'll do is we'll just run the same sort of cycle of just sort of cohesin the plot, asking GPT to help us polish it up and then building visuals aside of mid journey until we feel good about it. If we need more visuals, we just go back and then throw prompts in. And ultimately, that, That's pretty much our whole process there. So in the next video, we're just going to get into building out the storyboard. And that's going to have the whole plot. And that's pretty much we're just going to pull up a PowerPoint and then fill out everything and then input all the bits of the story. And that's where you're going to actually be able to see it as sort of a movie. And that's where it's going to evolve and start to get really cool. And that will also, when you're washing it, if you start to feel any gaps or C like that, you want a visual of something that's not there. That's when you go back through this whole process. Again. 7. Develop storyboard with captions no face: Alright, so we're at the point where we are going to start building out our storyboard and putting together the plot with the visuals. But first I want to show you a little trick that I had mentioned earlier with using images that you've already created. So like let's say I wanted to take this image, image journey. I could go ahead and copy the link. And then what I could do is I could go in here and I could create a new imagine prompt. I can say I imagine. And then the first thing I could do is paste that image. And then I could also put a space and then paste another image. I could combine them if you wanted to. But would this I could just say, like I say, all black suit. Then I'll do a dash, dash, no grid. And I'll see if I can get this same image, but to be an all black suit with no green. The idea is that this should generate to become almost identical with this. So we're going to see if that works out here in a sec. So d gives us a visual with a similar face. And let me go up here. This face is posture. It definitely translated over, but it took suit in. It meant business suit or dress suit. And so I would have to add some more words to figure this out. But that's kinda how you can take an existing image and then take the essence of that image and then import it into your new image or any prompt. But okay, let's get going. So you're going to want to open up to your visuals and then your PowerPoints. We're going to make a PowerPoint with just a bunch of blank slides. And if you have the recent version of PowerPoint, now, you can also do this with literally any graphic builders like Google Slides or anything. I'm just going to use PowerPoint. I think it's gonna be easier. What we're gonna do is we're going to start with the beginning of the story. So I've got my plot over here. And so the first act, I'm going to try to chunk these individuals. So Peter Parker has been working as an intern at Oscar for a few years, struggling to balance his personal life with his responsibilities as Spider-Man. Okay, so I've got a visual brewing here. I think that we're going to need a picture of Peter Parker, an S-Corp as an intern. And so I'm gonna go down, I know I've got one of those here. And I'm going to bring that in and we'll play around with this as we want. It goes needed. I'm gonna go ahead and bring in a, another one, another image of him and Gwen, Stacy. And then I'm going to bring in one of him fighting crime. Have a couple of those up here. And then I'm going to stack those together. So the idea is going to be drawn that Spider-Man and his priorities are a little bit rough. And so what I'm gonna do is I'm going to take the Design tab up here in PowerPoint. And what it'll do is it'll give me use automated designs on the side. I think this is a really cool feature. So if I do this, then we got kind of a split here. So I'm realizing that I actually don't, I don't really like this this intern picture. So I'm actually going to go delete it, take it out and find another intern picture, will maybe use that another time. I'm just going to find an intern picture here, slide that in. And then we're just going to design a slide. And then what I'm gonna do is I'm going to take some words and put them over. I think I have some of Peter's studying or working late at AWS Corp and there they are. Yeah, cool. There we go. Then it gets a lot more along the lines of what I was looking for. Alright, so we got Gwen Stacy. He's an intern. Kinda display here. This is pretty cool. I like this. So what I'm gonna do is I'm gonna take this text box in place it wherever it makes sense. I'm gonna kinda move it around. And then I'm going to turn down the font as needed. And sometimes this looks better at the top. Sort of depends on what you wanna do. So I'm gonna take this, I think this is good. I'm going to roll with this. Ultimately, all we're doing is basic PowerPoint. So if you want to insert a text box, you just go to Insert tab and then do text over here. And then you just paste that in there. And all I do with style, this is a right-click on it. It's like a white fill and a black outline. And then the font is banned. Shrimps semi bold 16, at least in this case, lowercase. So we at least have some fun we're working with. We have one slide. Go ahead and make sure you save. Always make sure you save. And what we're gonna do is I'm going to actually take the plot outline that I have here. And then I'm going to highlight a knee like some sort of color. What I've done, let me use maybe green because I already used the blue. Alright, so he's been dating Gwen Stacy for the past year, but the demands of being a superhero have made it difficult for them to spend quality time together. Okay, cool. So let's get some another scene of like Gwen. And maybe we'll get one where she looks a little bit. What kinda absent. We're just kinda by herself. And I've got some pictures of that sitting down here where she's kind of just hanging out, what she looks like she is by herself. So she's not with Peter. It kind of adds to the the story there. There's that, but then I want to get something of them kind of seeming happy. So I'm gonna go ahead and grab had some more of them going on a date. So I'm going to I'm going to find those real quick. Bring them up. I get the family because swore that I had some other ones. But anyhow, what I'm gonna do it from here as I'm going to take another, another one of Spider-Man fighting crime. Or just to kinda general Spider-Man picture. I think this one right here with the police might be good. Good. I don't think that'll fit into the store and if we need to take things out, we can. So we're going to take this one and move forward with it. I did find some of the date pictures, but I think this is good. I want to have it be clear that he is working with the police and that's why going as alone basically. So I'm going to copy and paste just another textbox, and here is just a default. And then I'm going to grab this right here. I'm going to copy and paste it in. I'm going to paste that specifically you might run into this with PowerPoint, Keep text only. And then there's a trick. You can do Shift F3 on Windows and that will actually make it all capital. So it make it more of like a comic book style. So from here I'm going to actually just downsize that, move it over. I'm going to center it. I think we move in it together. Like that. Could be good. I'm going to set that up like that. This one. I think I am okay with it being left centered, that's fine. But so we're starting to build our storyboard out. So I'm gonna go ahead and highlight that. And then one night while working late at AWS core, Peter notices that the security guard who has history of mental illness seems to be acting strangely. Let's go ahead and we're gonna get that. And let's move into that scene. So I'm gonna go and find where Peter's work in late. And I kinda want them to be in a position where he's sort of hear something. I've got some where he's like walking around us Corp. late at night. And we got him at late at night and then I need to find security guard. He's down there. I think. I'm not sure which one of these guys I want to use, but I want them to look normal. And then just a little bit more insane and a little bit more out of control until eventually he's revealed the Peter and he sort of looks like this when he actually becomes the dark goblin all the way out. So I'm actually going to, I'm going to rock with just this one. For now. I think this is pretty good. Okay. So we got this. He's been acting strangely. Okay. We'll just copy and paste this proactively blitz, figure out how we Yeah, there you go. So Peter's working late at an S-Corp, crazy security guard, history of mental illness. Good. Let's copy and paste over. Actually, we're going to have to copy that text again, put that over, copy and paste this. Bring that over. Same process. And so this is the process. So just to kind of give you a broad overview, this is what you're gonna do once you get all the way down to the end. And then you're going to have this sort of comic book visualization of this whole story that you've written out from plot all the way down. So in this process, if you don't like the visuals, you go back to mid journey and you make some more visuals. If you want to change or add anything, you just fit that in the slide sequentially. So that's like the front of the story is at the top and then moving on down to the bottom, that is where you have your conclusion. Yeah. So that's pretty much that's pretty much it right here. So I'll go ahead and I'll show you the final product here in just a little bit. I'm going to speed ahead. Alright, so I'll show you what I have is of final results. So it had a bunch of slides, went all the way down to the battle scene. I didn't really need to have any major plot revisions, so I didn't go back that much. But overall, I have a really cool storyboard here. And the only thing left to do for actually presenting this as you could save these as individual jpegs, which you would just go and you would just do File and Save As. And then everything would just file save as JPEG. And you can have that stills and then upload those wherever you want. In this case, that would be a good presentation for this story. You could make a video. You could do any number of things. But ultimately you've, you've written a story with AI, with mid journey and catchy BT. And you've illustrated it and you've presented a plot, and you have captions for that plot. So anything with voice-overs are actually turning this into animation or expanding any further will be kind of outside the scope of this. But this is really cool stuff. So happy that you hung along with me all the way up to this point in the course. And in the next video we'll go over the actual project that you will work on and build out as a part of this course here on Skillshare. 8. Course project instructions - Share your project with the class!: Alright, so for your class project, what you're gonna do is use chat GPT to develop a storyline or a plot on a subject or a topic that interests you. It doesn't have to be anything from a set of lore or like a movie or something like what we just did here with Spiderman. Like it doesn't have to be something that exist. You can make up a brand new story. You can ask chat GPT to help you craft that story all the way out. And then you can describe all the characters and all the plot and build entirely from scratch. Then you're going to use mid journey to develop some visuals. And then you're going to develop a visual storyboard with captions that describe your story just like we did here. And then you're going to share your project here on Skillshare so that everyone else can see it and become inspired by it. And so I can see it. I love to see your projects. You can share that as each share a couple of jpegs with us, you can share a PowerPoint file. You can share a link to a Google Slides. You can do it a couple of different ways depending on how you want to do it. Up to you as to how you actually build this out and you share it. But please do share it from here with the course. So anyhow, if you have any questions about anything along the way, go ahead and drop in the discussion area. You need any help from me? I'm available, I check Skillshare daily. You can reach out to me if you have any questions or need any help with anything or you want to know anything in general about the course. So thanks so much for hanging out with me and I'll see you in another course.