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Ultimate SEO Strategy For Beginners: SEMrush and Skyscraper Content

teacher avatar Aidan Brotherhood, Building things

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

    • 1.

      Introduction: Welcome To The Class!


    • 2.

      What Is The Skyscraper Strategy?


    • 3.

      The Three Step Process of The Skyscraper Strategy


    • 4.

      Step #1: How To Find High Performing Content


    • 5.

      Keyword Research: The Keyword Overview Tab


    • 6.

      Keyword Research: The Keyword Magic Tool


    • 7.

      Keyword Research: Choosing Your Primary Keyword


    • 8.

      Keyword Research: Backlink Analytics


    • 9.

      Step #2: How Build Skyscraper Content That Wins


    • 10.

      Step #3: How To Promote Your Skyscraper Content


    • 11.

      Bonus #1: What If Your Content Fails?


    • 12.

      Bonus #2: Why The Size of Your Content Really Matters


    • 13.

      Bonus #3: The Skyscraper Strategy and Small Businesses


    • 14.

      Conclusion: Where To Go From Here...


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About This Class

When executed correctly, search engine optimisation (SEO) can be an advantageous marketing method, but it can also be incredibly complex and challenging.

This course covers a particular type of SEO strategy - the skyscraper strategy is a way of ranking higher than your competitors on Google without a massive domain authority (DA) or extensive backlink portfolio.

This strategy is much less complex than some of the others you might hear about, and on top of that, it’s entirely in line with what Google would like creators to do to rank organically.

You’ll learn:

  • What skyscraper content is and why it works so well for ranking higher on Google
  • How to craft excellent skyscraper content that Google’s algorithm will fall in love with
  • How to surge your acquisition of high-quality backlinks with skyscraper content

The goal of this class is to leave you with an easy-to-implement strategy that will allow you to go out and start accelerating your growth!

If you have any questions, I encourage you to leave a comment in the discussion panel

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Aidan Brotherhood

Building things


My professional goal is to create useful products that make a difference in the world.

My personal goal is to find fulfilment.

Fulfilment in my relationships.

Fulfilment in my work.

Fulfilment in my health.

The courses you'll find on this page are focused on gaining a deeper understanding of the topics they cover.

They are created for both my own benefit and the benefits of others.

You'll find courses covering business/marketing/development, as one of my current projects is building my company ambio (https://ambio.dev/).

If you want to follow the development of ambio and any other projects I'm working on you can follow me on X (https://twitter.com/AidanBrohood) and subscribe to my newsletter (https://aidanbrotherhood.com/sign-up-to... See full profile

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1. Introduction: Welcome To The Class!: Seo is potentially the hardest maxi method that you will ever have to master far your brand. And then this course today I thought I'd do things LSL bed definitely. Instead of giving you a bag, long and potentially complicated course and SEO, I thought I would share with you the most effective SEO strategy, the IFM, to be successful Foreign my brand and for my clients. And that's called the skyscraper strategy. And I consider this to be the simplest and most straightforward ways acquire more high-quality pipelines for your site, but also to provide much more values of the people that visit your site. So I'm super excited to get into this course with you today. And I'd highly encourage you to leave a project on what you've been able to accomplish, what the skyscraper strategies. So with that being said, Less Cancer. 2. What Is The Skyscraper Strategy?: Okay, so what is the skyscraper strategy? This is the first thing that we're going to be taking a look at here. So what is it? And why is it such an effective SEO strategy, especially for beginners to SEO? So this is what we're going to be taking a look at in this lesson. So firstly, why is the skyscraper strategy? To sum up as a process of tracing content is better than what's already out there. And so you're taking content is already high performing this already doing really well for different websites. You're taking inspiration from that piece of content and you're looking and all sorts of other different types of content and you're looking to create something that's much better. There's more than pharmacist was more engaging. And that people will find just much higher quality the most already out there is arguably one of the best ways to generate more backlinks and increase organic traffic. Now if you don't know what either of those are, don't worry because we're going to be exploring all sorts of different things unless I'm including these two backlinks are essentially links that come from any other website to your website. And they are generally a sign of authority that Google will use to write different types of content. And organic traffic as traffic coming to your website that you're not paying for. Basically that's coming through your content ranking well and Google. So that kind of sums up both of them. And it's definitely the best strategy to start with for beginners. And I'll explain in the following slides. I'll explain why that is the case. But it's, it's very, very straightforward, is much more straightforward. And some of the other SEO strategies that you'll see. And it really is focused on just chasing something that's Besser, which is the overarching theme here. And it's all a bit quality is all about making something that's Bessel, right? I'm actually all you really need to establish your blog or your website in your blocks up. That's all you really need. And you will also need to have access to an SEO. So now there's a bunch of them on the market. And I, well, Gansu, what ones are best and what ones I recommend that you use, but we'll get into that a little bit later. So next he came up with a skyscraper strategy. So Brian Dean, as we can see here, is actually we came up with the skyscraper strategy and he's offender of backlinks. And if you want it by clingo, which I highly recommend the website by the way, because Brian publishes a lot of really great content on his blog and surrounding tissue and Mark in and all sorts of different stuff. So if you're looking for really good resources, I definitely recommend Tez. And he definitely follows the skyscraper strategy for when he's chasing constant freeze website. Because you'll notice when you go on all of these concepts, as, you know, top of the range, like it's the best at some of the best stuff you'll find on SEO and all the other different topics, topics that he talks about. Because he spent so much time making sure that ease, content that is unique, compelling, beggar, embezzler, these kind of things as just drape. And this is a little quote from India that also kinda help sum up the idea of the skyscraper capacity. So have you ever walked by a really tall building and set yourself, Wow, that's amazing. I wonder how begs the A's tallest building and the world is, of course, that is human nature to be attracted to the best. Now the point is making heat as, as our most people, when they're looking for answers to questions specifically on Google, they're usually going to go with one of the first search results that pop up on Google. And we're not really gonna go much deeper than that. But more importantly, it usually that first result and giggle as what people are going to go west to find that answer. Because people want to know they're looking at the best content. We want to know that we're looking at the most and pharmacist the most engaging, the most up-to-date content on the Internet. And usually the higher the ranking is on Guigo, the more of an indication that that is the case. So that basically sums up for so yes, Brian Dean came up with the skyscraper strategy. Not me or anyone else. There are a lot of different blogs, your Feynman skyscraper strategy. But ultimately it was Brian Dean who came up with it. So next, as this great way to improve your SEO, the short answer to this is yes, this is definitely one of the best ways to improve your SEO. So white hot methods. And what I mean by that is completely in line with Google's policies. You also have black hat SEO methods, which you may have heard before if you've been studying SEO. So you want to try and stay away from Black Hat methods as much as you can. Generally there aren't good for your say, actually genuinely cannot get for n. Isn't there a shortcut way of trying to hack the system? And to be honest, most of the time, that nothing good comes with them usually will result in your website again bands. But the point I'm making here is that the skyscraper strategy as a white hat method, this is completely in line with Google's policies, is ultimately what Google once. And it's a really good mindset to get Enter when you're going into your content creation. So that's cool. I've got the lesson here is a quote directly from Google. So the best way to get other states to create high-quality relevant links years as to create unique, relevant content that can naturally gain popularity and the internet community. Now, to just break that down a little bit. And some of what it means. You go once as contact tracers to be focusing on chasing good content. That's why it doesn't want us using black hat methods are designed to just help US GAAP the rankings as quickly as possible. It wants to be ranking content that as you need relevant and high-quality. And what is getting to hear actually gaining popularity. That's where sufferance of backlinks. So FU tree, a really good piece of content and Guigo picks up and distributes it properly the way it should. What you'll find as I will naturally gained by Thanks itself because it's such a good piece of content and that's what we want. We want that to happen. The, one of the points to make here as though that can take a long time. Seo is a long-term process that there aren't really any short-term results in it. So gaining lengths, yeah, overtime, you'd probably go gain links naturally over time. And laser. And this class we're going to be talking about ways that you can kind of accelerated that process by promoting your content and making sure you're doing everything you can to get out there. And because while we want Google to rank it naturally, sometimes it's good also to give the official cells and make sure that we're doing what we can to get either. But yes, like I said, it began in the right way to improve your SEO, especially if you're a beginner. So next, why is this such an effective strategy? So beyond being in line with Google's recommendations, the main thing that makes a strategy so effective is because of how much value you're bringing to the table. Because when you get into this mindset of the skyscraper strategy, you're not just focused on getting to the top of glucose quickly as you can. You become focused in placing goods compelling content that is valuable, we believe will be valuable to people. And that's a big difference in mindset. Because when we just thank you again, until the top of the search rankings, really dependent on what kind of flavor major. And you may believe, well, I'm just going to do everything they can to get to the top. It doesn't really match it with the content. I don't really believe in one day and I just want to get to the top of Google and I want to get the clicks. That strategy takes you in a different direction because you're not going to be thinking like that. You're going to be thinking about if I put as much effort as I can and tracing Drake content, then that's the thing that's probably going to drive results hopefully. And you'll know that the more time the more effort, the more resources we put into creating compelling content, the higher the chances of you getting great results. So it kind of flips on a header logo. And this last point here, giggled, tensor logos make an effort to create best and modern forms of content. And it does. And I'll keep saying that because that's the thing you want to keep and maintain it. Google voter watch you for creating good content is good, really, really strong algorithms that have been developed in the last ten to 20 years. And knows what it's looking for. And it knows what people want. And it's important to keep in mind that these algorithms that Google has or not is, and they can tell what is good content over bad content. And you do have to trust algorithm a little bit to degree. So yeah, let's move on to the next one. So all such with of Ambassador, which is again, another idea I've kinda been trying to drive through this entire lesson here. But it's really important to note that that strategy isn't a shortcut or an easy route, and they both require a lot of work time and energy. But I can't guarantee that it will be. The foundation of the strategy is being willing to create something better and that's what you need to remember. So as all of it focuses on changing something Bessel, we're finding great content that people have already created and we're doing our research. We will go through the process in the next lesson. But the overarching goal here is to create something better and hope, you know, what's the intent that Google will pick up and that would people will gravitate towards that as a resource. So yeah, that's just something to keep in mind. So with that being said, let's move on to the next lesson and talk about the skyscraper strategy process and the things that you need to keep in mind when we're actually implementing this process practically. So let's move on to that. 3. The Three Step Process of The Skyscraper Strategy: Okay, so first up, we have the three-step process to the skyscraper strategy. So the process of finding, tracing, and promoting your skyscraper content and the purpose of this lesson as you go into any particular detail. But each of the steps, it's just to give you an overview of the overall process so that you know what it's gonna look like by Mr. implements them. So the first step that we have here as faint high-performing content. And this is a step where we're really going to be doing a lot of research. We're going to be kneeling down or key words and we're going to be faint in the high, the highest performing content for our chosen keywords. And really what we're trying to do here is we're trying to ensure the highest chances of success. Really. We wanted to find the right keywords. We want to make sure we're not going after one that's too big or too competitive and that we've got really low chance of ranking for. So this step is really, really important and it's important as it rushes in any shape or form. Secondly, we have trade something better and better. So what we've done all the necessary research we want to go out and we want to start actually creating our concept. And I'm going to be going in depth with you on the best way to go back tracing your content and the kind of things you should have in mind and when you begin the content creation process. And then thirdly, we want to share it with the right people. Or really we want to do promotion. It doesn't have to be anything crazy. And we'll talk about all the different ways that you can promote your skyscraper content after you publish that. And because of course, on one hand we want Google to do the work for us. We want it so right here for our chosen keywords. And we want people to find it naturally. We want people to a link to naturally so we can acquire backlinks. But truthfully the best way to accelerate that process as to give it a kick ourselves and make sure we're sharing it with people. Make sure we're giving it the best chance of success. So we will be going in depth on that particular step to and lastly, which isn't really a step, but you would just rinse and repeat, Let's see step process. So once you've created one piece of content, you promoted that you're happy with what you've done, everything you can. And you just rinse and repeat and start again. And you just keep doing that. And we just keep following this process. And over time, your blog, your wife, say your organic reach, it should all naturally grow. If you're following this by the book. So next up, let's go on to Step 1 and talking about that. So how to find high-performing content and do keyword research. So let's move on to that now. 4. Step #1: How To Find High Performing Content: Okay, step one, how to find high-performing content. So in this lesson I'm going to be showing you how to conduct keyword research, faint high-performing content you can take inspiration from and conduct something called backlink analytics. But if you don't know what any of those are, what I'm going to be talking you through all of them in detail. So firstly, we have keywords. So keyword research can get quite complicated depending on what you're doing. But for the purposes of this, I want to keep it as simple as possible. So we have short tail keywords and we have long-tail keywords. Short tail keywords are generally made up of 12 watts. They tend to be more competitive and more January brother. Long-tail keywords, on the other hand, are usually made up of three to five words or more, tend to be less competitive and are usually more specific. And long tail keywords are what we're really going to be focusing on when it comes to creating our skyscraper content. So your keywords needs to be firstly, relevant to your business, of course. And secondly, the needs to be valuable in terms of traffic. So we want to be finding keywords that have a lot of people searching for them on Google. And we want to be missing uses at the buyer stage. And we want to focus on finding a keyword that we can create great content of a sows are four key things to keep in mind. And now we want to actually go ahead and conduct the keyword research. So for doing this for me, I'm going to use SEM rush, but there are a bunch of other tools on the market that you can use to do stuff with SEO. And I just prefer SEM rush. I think it's the best as my personal preference and that's the one I would recommend that you use. However, you don't have to unless plenty of others on the market. So let's jump inside now and let's start showing you how to conduct your keyword research. 5. Keyword Research: The Keyword Overview Tab: Okay, so now we're NSAID SEM rush. Now, SEM rush, like I said, is definitely my personal preference. I definitely think it's the best SEO tools on the market, but it might not be for you for a bunch of reasons. It may be too expensive. You might need something more affordable you've made just not like it. By I'm gonna be showing you how to do it on this and the process that you follow on other platforms, but it will be pretty similar overall. So just keep that in mind. So there are three tabs here that we're going to be focusing on for our keyword research. And then we're going to look at our back like analytics lasers. But first let's just focus on keyword research. So we have the keyword overview tab, which is what I'm going to be talking about here. We have the keyword magic to, and we have the keyword manager that if we just focus on the keyword overview for a minute, the keyword overview tab is best if you have a specific keyword and Maine, do you want to analyze and look in depth all of the different information on that specific keywords. Now, I have picked a short tail keywords to start with. As you can see here, Facebook ads. So towards the short tail. And it's incredibly competitive and pretty much impossible to write for it, my opinion, unless you've got it Actually the bank website, even though that's probably still virtually impossible. So let's just have a look at some of the data here and some of the reasons why is almost impossible to write for this keyword. So we can see here that in the US we have nearly 50000 people passing this keyword every single month, which globally we have 456 thousand. Again, a lot of people looking for Facebook ads, right? And either information on Facebook ads or Facebook ads itself is just a big keywords. And the thing to keep in mind here that's not people just type it in Facebook ads. They could be tapered. And Hezekiah Facebook ads or Facebook ads had to run Facebook ads, stuff like that. So it's just the fact that Facebook ads is included in it that you can end up with such a high number. But leading on from that and the volume of it. And that keyword difficulty. And keyword difficulty is one of the best indications of whether this is a feasible keyboard or not, at least on SEM Russia, as you can see, that this keyword difficulty is a 100 percent, right? Hence, why I'm saying there's virtually impossible. Foster difficult. Okay, so this is a key word. This is an example that you would just want to stay away from, right, as a good starting point for the subject matter. Because the subject matter that at least the I would want to create content as fixed as I just wouldn't be for focusing to rank for Facebook ads like he works. Okay? And then over here we have intent. So for different keywords to how definite and 10. And this will be quite useful because it will help you. It will help you understand what content you should be cleaning for specific keywords. Then we have the trending tab. We can see how these keyword, this keyword is transient or not. So we can see here that was pretty consistent. Up here we can see results. We can see cost-per-click if you're running ads. And then here we have the level of compensation between advertisers betting on these keywords. So again, this is advertising. This doesn't really relate to much to their organic traffic, organic SEO that we're looking at. And we're going to look at other things a little bit later, but less a key things that you need to know. If we scroll down here, we can see keyword variations, different questions that you may want to focus your content on in relation to those keywords will get related keywords. And we have a CEF analysis. So this is just basically taking data straight from Google itself. Because if you type in Facebook ads, this is basically what's going to show up. And then here there's some other things. Again, Agile eats, eats. Things that you don't need to worry about right now. So basically what I'm saying is this is a good place to start if you already have a keyboard domain that you want to analyze it. So yeah, that is a keyboard overview tab. 6. Keyword Research: The Keyword Magic Tool: Okay, so now that we understand a little bit more about the keyword overview, tab and head to analyze keyboards and the different metrics that we should be looking at. And what are we gonna do about this key watch because I can't possibly create content specifically for face values. I need to do something else, so I need to find a better keywords and thus more specific and I can actually create content about the, I have potential to write four. So my first, you know, got reaction may be, well, can I think of other keywords that maybe I could write about? So why don't I think you how to create Facebook and such. And let's see with, okay, so we can see here that even though I've changed the US TypeScript Facepad is still incredibly difficult. Okay, and I can keep going unless I can keep coming up with different ideas and not really knowing whether they're going to be good or bad, whether they are going to be easy to write for or not. So this is quite a slow way of doing it. So that's the point I'm trying to make it as the keyboard over V2 is great. If you've got specific keywords you want to analyze and run them through a bulk analysis. But what I'm actually going to recommend you do is actually go to the keywords magic 2. And this is the second tab that we want to be focusing on. And this is probably the best way to come up with a range of content ideas if you don't really have that many. So another brand here, we have ads and let's look all the different variants we've got here because I think how to create a Facebook ad is cool, sorts of probably what I'm looking farther and the short tail keyboard Facebook ads. So let's see what this has to offer. So we can see here that there are crazy amount of keyword variations for how to create a Facebook ads. There's so many and wailed our content can include a bunch of these and we can talk about a lot of different topics and no skyscraper concept. We really want to have one good one that we can focus on, kind of the, the key focus, if you will. So let's have a look at some of the first ones here. So we've got HIV is actually an advocate of Facebook. And then we maybe wouldn't a fill board posts on that because that's not really skyscraper content. You can probably do that in less than a thousand watts. You could probably explain how to do that. And that doesn't necessarily mean it's by content. It's just maybe not the right thing we're looking for. But we can see the volume as decent, 320 people per month. And the keyword difficulty is 49. So it's not the worst, but it's not the best. And all of these seem to fall into the yellow and orange mark. Now, one thing you can do here, you can see the fossil, we scroll down, you can see the volume stays of a 10 and there's not really much data because not a lot of people are really looking for content related to these. What we can actually do is look at this section here, and we can see these tabs. So these are keywords that are associated with how to create a Facebook ad that we can look at. Now what I'm actually going to do here is I'm going to strip this back to Facebook ads because I feel like it's maybe too specific in SEM rush doesn't seem to be given me that beggar range of keywords I can look at. So I'm going to strip it back to Facebook ads. Okay, so now we can see a less of different keyword variations and keyboard Magic too far Facebook ads. And then what I wanna do here, obviously we've got these different subtypes here, but just before I go into them, I want to actually do something with this criteria here. So I want to have a keyword difficulty. I only want to be looking at keywords that are possible, right? So not very easier, easy kids like they're hard to come by, but possible. So in the statutes or 49 percent mark, so I'm going to click less and we're gonna see what it comes back with. Okay, so now we have a range of keywords here that are actually probably feasible, right? That we can probably go ahead and write for some of them are about sharp till someone belong to. But let's just have a look at them. So Facebook advocate seems to be one that has a little bit easier than some of the other face we add one, suppose probably still going to be pretty difficult. It's got a high search volume face, but I block or Facebook, please. Blue lost muscle stuff. Then we can see it hasn't gone through it. Like I said, some of these are short tail, so some of them may not really fit the criteria we're looking for and just make not hit the spot, okay? But what we can do here is that we can go through any of these different tabs if we think any of these other keywords are irrelevant. So if we go with accounts, okay, let's just go with the first one because I can see there's a 135 keywords related to this. And let's go straights and see what that gives us. And now that we've got that, we can see there are a bunch of longer tail keywords. This is probably more than the, you know, the kind of cash-flow that we're looking for, we can see that there's less of them. But we can see that these are creating. So all of these keyboards have the word tree and some of them are poses questions. So it really does how-to content or this, you know, like a trivial kind of content. This tutorial kind of content as the stuff that is probably really good for, at least for me if I was writing it, but less. So I'm quite happy with all of these and I want to look into them a little bit more detail. So why would actually do here as I can select all of them, which is what I'm gonna do. What I can select all of them individually. But I'm going to take all of them. And what I'm going to do here is I'm going to add all of them to keyboard manager, which is this here. And I'm going to create a new list. And I'm going to for Facebook ads, keyword research. I'm going to click Okay? All right, so now if I go to keyword manager, I can see here that I have faced, but as keyword research. And now I can go in here and I can see that I have all my keywords there. And now all I really have to do now is go through all of these individually and decide how relevant they are to the content I'm looking to create. So now all I really have to do is go through all of these individually and see how relevant they are to the content and look into Cray if I can, if I contrast something out, that's something I can focus on and because they're meeting the criteria that I'm looking for. So that is what I'm going to do next. 7. Keyword Research: Choosing Your Primary Keyword: Okay, so now that we have a list of keywords or at least potential keywords, we want to start going through them. So in the last five minutes, have just kinda had a brief look through these, have analyzed the different data points and, you know, I'm trying to figure out what one is best. So after looking at it really what you want to look at here as volume, right? The higher the volume of people with traffic coming to this keyboard every month, the backs of obviously. But like we spoke about earlier, sometimes the higher the volume and the more competitive as well, the harder it will be. Thankful. In this case, there's some keywords in here that are actually probably good for us to target. The have a higher volume aren't necessarily that maybe that difficult to write four. So the one that I'm going to go for here, these ones I've brought into my less as this one here, create new Facebook. And this has a month allocated volume of 480 people per month. I'm looking for those keywords. So what we're gonna do is click on that. And this is going to give us some good information about this keyboard and some key things that we need to know. So let me just move myself back over here. So for engineers, people months, Farsi percent keyboard definitely which is possible, global volume is 1.7 k. Then some add stuff and we're trends. And so we can see that with the trend on that it's actually consistent as a keyword of Rob. Just like before, we'll get different variations and different, you know, different variations of the keyword that we can look at. But the thing that I'm focusing on here is actually the sub zones. So what pages are ranking really well for this keyboard right now? And we want to try and figure out why, because this is a keyword that I think is probably feasible. We could probably talk to target. This man could probably get to the top of it m If we go about it in the right way. So what we wanna do here, as hopefully you are less partner, we've got your keyboard, you've done your analysis, you've brought in your keyboards and you're trying to pick the best one. We want to analyze these top results and trying to understand what it is about them that's making them rank and how we may be able to replicate some of the contents around some of these pages. So positions 12 are taken up by Facebook. We don't really want to whatever these are tall, There's no way we're going to write on Facebook, okay, but maybe we could get into the CCR5 spot. That's feasible. That's possible. And that would be good. Okay. That's a reasonable goal. So what did we wanted to? Well, I'm going to have a look at all of the results from three to five and maybe more if we need to have, I just want to see from z to 5 and see what we can find. So let's just have a look. Let's open this up in a new tab. So let me just make this right. So this is position number three. So that's one is focused on how to create a new face but adequate. And it's talking to the business manager, then it's basically given us some steps on how to do this. Okay, so prescient farms of yeah, So this goes quite in depth, right? Let's show step-by-step how someone can set up a new face but advocate. Okay, so if I'm looking at this first thing, you'll notice that as yet tells us to do, but it doesn't really give you much else. So for instance, if you could talk to you about how to optimize your face, but advocate, that would be one thing. So let's come out with us for a second. So that's 1. We noticed that we could talk about the optimization beyond just setting up the ADA and our skyscraper content. So let's have a look at another one. So let's just add espresso. And this is quite similar. This one seems to talk about has set up. I can tell by looking at this is from quite possibly an older UI of Facebook's. Yeah, slightly older. So that's our skull, you could argue is maybe slightly ODC, but it probably still gets to the main points that anyone needs to know. Okay, so let's tackle a bunch of additional information that seems to go into a bit more depth about billing and the kids spending. Okay? Still don't see n is unknown optimization, which is useful because that means we can still include that how to optimize a Facebook ad account B and just sign up. Okay, let's look at the last one, magics. And this one seems to be a little bit more in depth than the other two. If I'm being honest with you. Such a competitor objective, okay? And this is talking about actually setting up a campaign. Okay? So this is talking about how to save your face but adequate and then how someone can go in and begin advertising. So this one's really, really good, an in-depth as well. Okay, so there's a few different ways I could go about this. But what I'm gonna do here is I'm going to go into this numbers to here and actually click on it. Because y can do here, as I can see, specific information of it this year it out and how it is performing, which is another one of the great things about SEM rush. So from here, I can see that this is a fairly new ranking, that this page is ranked fairly recently from Pepperdine marketing. I can see here the different organic keywords that are ranking forum. Maybe I should consider including some of these. I, my skyscraper content as well. I can see top possession changes, I can see intent. So the highest percentage, ten seems to be for an informational. So people that are visiting this page, that intent is to find the information which is useful because that's the type of content that we would make racing. And then we can see competitors with a bunch of different information here. And this is useful. This is just what information. So why would do from here, as I seem to have a fair grasp of the different types of content that are associated with this keyboard. What I would want to do now is actually go ahead and start doing some backlink analysis. So that's what we're going to move on to the next video. But this seems like a solid keyboard to go after, and we just have to try and figure out the best way to go about it by going ahead and trying to understand the bad things in the next video that will help us get more classy on what we need to do is actually get our contents rank if we go down that road. So see you next one. 8. Keyword Research: Backlink Analytics: Okay, So at this point, we have no analyze their keyboards. We've looked at the top results, we find some high-performing content. But the last thing that we have to do here, as I analyze the backlinks of each of these pages and determine what as it's really making these pages rank and y. And that's what we're going to do here. So I've gone ahead and I've pulled out at the top ranking pages of how to look at them and understand them and the differences between them. And now what we want to do is go back to SEM rush. We went to events and backlink analytics. And when we get and here, what we're going to want to do is we're going to want to take each of the pages that we've got here so you can idolize between 35. That's why I would recommend you don't really need to go much further than that. Between C5 will give you the information that you need to. I'm going to do three here for argument's sake. So we'll go here, coffee, analyze. And then 11 to do is I'm going to take these other links and I'm going to add them in as comparisons. And the last one which is here. Okay, we've added them all. And now what we're going to see here is a bunch of additional information, much like keyword overview, a lot that you may not know what it really means, okay, when you're looking at it, but just stick with me. So really what we're getting here as a bird's-eye view of all of these different pages and all of the different metrics in relation to backlinks. So we've got authority score. We have referring domains, and we have backlinks. We have referring IPs once the device's keyboards. And this gives you, just gives you an idea of how big each of these websites are and what may be contributing to the success of these pages. So for espresso, the one that stands up straight away is the fact that we have in a photo score of Feste. And they also have a lot of referring domains and they have a lot of backlinks for this given page. And the, actually the clear one are by far for this keyboard in particular. And what this means, belly as well. We can attribute them to be in a big website, okay, but these other two are slightly different. Petal and marketing have an authority score of 13, which is really low. They don't have many different domains, but they do seem to have a reasonable amount of backlinks for thus page considerably don't have a lot of profound domains. And then magic.com and they got slightly high, well, a much higher authority scores and pepper lens. Maxing the mortar found domains and have double the backlinks. But they're kind of in the simple pendulum marketing. There's nothing that really stands out. I'm going to a bank website, basically I'm saying so the content and the quality of the content is the thing that's really driving this backlink types. So they're all texts links basically, which means that all coming from other websites pretty much. Linkage contributes are all followings. So that's all looks, gets casted reasons referring domains. That should be what you'd expect it to be. So for, you know, for for, for Facebook ads and stuff, we're really talking about what it says here, text and instant messaging, web apps and online tools, web portal, and Jeanette and Telekom. So I can if that's what we're looking at, referring domains by Odyssey. So we can see here that pipeline marketing have a type of 13 NADPH staff team websites Lincoln to them that I have an authority score between 81 and a 100, which was really good. We can see down here the number of referring domains by authority score. So we can see it as a rule max here. And so espresso turned on one really high authority websites, Lincoln to them. The other two, not so much. So what I'm really gathered from this by looking at it as that Espresso was kinda 1M by size. The other two are winning by content. So what I want to do here as biofilms are still going to be important regardless of the quality of the content. So I'm going to jump in here and I want to analyze what papilla and marketing you've done and what backlinks with caught. And know that we're in the backlinks tab of biophilic analytics. There's some really good information here, and actually it's probably the most important information, I would say, your backlink analysis because we've identified the right pages, we've got relatively good understanding of how these pages are compared against one another and why each of them are standing out over each other. But the great thing of SEM rush and some of these other SEO tools as that you will actually be able to see where these things are coming from. Okay? And that's a really important thing because when you publish your content into your robot to go ahead and start promoting it. Coming back here and been able to see specifically what sites of length to this content and potentially walk contributed to the page ranking so well, are here for you to access. You can go ahead and contact these websites and see if they would be able to link to your skyscraper constant or your law school, but a similar subjects. And that's why it's really, really important. This is really good information. Well, as tangible stuff you can put your finger on and go, hey, I can actually go to this website and I can reach out to them. I can say, can you hear linked to my content and notice you published a blog of it best Could you maybe publish something about nine. So that's really, really useful. And you just spend some time going through these, identifying where these links have been coming from, possibly how these guys came about, yes. And these links and possibly how you can replicate them for your own needs. So that can wraps up backlink analytics and doing our keyword research. So hopefully this helps. So now we are going to move on to step 2, which is actually going ahead and tracing your content. So let's move on to that right now. 9. Step #2: How Build Skyscraper Content That Wins: All right, so now that we have officially completed step 1 is 10 to move on to step 2. So NSX, and we're going to be looking at how to actually create a skyscraper content that wins. So now that we've done all our keyword research, we find high-performing content. We've done some backlink analysis. Now it's time to analyze a process of creating high-quality content that you can hopefully rank on Google. So the first step here as focused on creating long form content. While the skyscraper strategy isn't all about length, I would highly recommend focusing on I'm chasing longer form content because it's been proven time and time again, the long-form content significantly outperformed short form content. And another thing to keep in mind here as the most marks, those are content creators to implement the strategy will do it in such a wave of a, just trying to get a little bit of an edge over everyone else. I don't recommend going down that road. If he, if you are using a strategy and you're taking it seriously, don't just try and get the edge over the next person trying to trace something that genuinely compelling. Um, you know, yeah, maybe longer, maybe it will, maybe a little bit longer, but try not get hung up and just traced in something that's beggar. Try and focus in straight and something that's compelling that people will actually find useful. That's the key thing here. Secondly, go deeper and focus on the details. So we all know the search engines are used by people to find answers to questions that they have. And as an obvious thing, that's obviously what we use Google far. But it's important that we remember that we should really focus on getting the details and going as deep as we can in whatever the subject matter may be. And don't just rush over the suffers triangles. Dpg can and take as much time as you need and to really Formative and in-depth content because that's what people will look for and that's what people who gravitate towards if you put in more effort and to create something that's just that little bit more unique or just that little bit more and pharmacy or go a long way. So next, you really want to try and make it visually compelling. Some people make the argument that yeah, your content that will do all the talking far. You're not really, you'll find a lot of people will not stay on a website that isn't designed properly or if it's not, you know, f, if f is not well-designed, that it's not visually compelling and lacking, a few issues may hold your content back from water could be. So make sure you include images, would approve it and take the time to create good graphics if you can. And make sure your typography is clearly reasonable. And so make sure you're using the right fonts that is spaced out proportionally, that is big enough. And just all those basic design principles that you followed when you're designing your site. Make sure you add visual stimuli but possible. So values, MGs. And for graphics, things like that, make sure you add them were, were possible. And remember that while you may have great content, people are unlikely to lengths of privilege and page. When we think about lengths and backlinks, you're like we're saying, if your page, your content isn't visually compelling, you know, I may not perform as well, so just keep that in mind. And next, you're going to want to consistently update your constant over time. And you may relate well, really. And I'm like, yeah, you probably should. So when you initially publisher content, that will be the biggest way obviously. And you might never want to look at again. And I don't recommend you look at again probably for like weeks or months because you will have just went through quite an extensive process in your head with really deep into the subject. And it's really good just to get some time away from it and come back to the elites of date. So just pay remain the SEO as a long-term. And now you may be ecstatic with your concept, may initially publish it. I highly, highly recommend updating your content frequently and making improvements where possible. Not only is this good practice, but Google likes to write content that identifies is up to date. So if Guigo, Google's algorithms can see that you've been updating your content regularly. That will probably work in your favor over the long run. So that wraps up the process you should follow and the things that you should keep in mind for actually creating your skyscraper content. Up next, we're going to talk about how to promote your skyscraper constant and things you need to keep in mind for when you're doing that and why you should do. More importantly. So let's move on to that next. 10. Step #3: How To Promote Your Skyscraper Content: All right, So hopefully by this point you have nose and all your keyword research. You've analyzed high-performing content. You've done some backlink analytics, and hopefully you've either started or you finish tracing your skyscraper content. And now we should be at the point we are ready to begin promoting it. So what we're gonna be talking about here is how to promote your skyscraper content and get results basically. And because creating a skyscraper content is one thing but promoting it and guessing results, There's another. So with that being said, let against it. So why do you need to promote skyscraper content should gain length naturally if you've done the job, right? However, this can take a serious amount of time because like we spoke about, SEO is a long-term game. And the best way to gain high-quality lengths quickly is to reach out to people and your practice Irish really, the ultimate goal is to acquire links. This is what will push your content up the rankings. And I really want to put emphasis on that because backlinks is still the single biggest factor that Google takes into consideration when deciding what content should rank at the top of the search results. So please just keep that in mind. Next, how did we find relevant prospects to reach out to? So we actually already discussed this in a previous video. So you can go back to that in a faster if you need to. But basically what we're doing is we're using SEM rush. We're taking the top search results that we found when we were doing a keyword analytics. Elements of the backlink analytics to and we're clicking on backlinks for each link and more systematically going through that Feynman website so we can reach out. So using some of the methods I'm going to mention in the next slides to see if they can include a link to our content and the next blog post. So what you can actually do here is you can use a template just like this, or you can write your own. It doesn't really matter, but all you really wanna do here is introduce yourself, talk about your content, and see the saw. There's give a few reasons why it would add value to their readers and asked them if they might be able to include it and one of your posts. And that's it. You're just reaching out to people is quite a systematic thing. It can be quite time-consuming, but I don't always recommend having a template there and then adapts and as you go and don't spam people, you know, yeah, volumes important here, but you don't want to be annoying people, so make sure the mood you're sending a high-quality and useful and passionate, right? So that's still an important thing as whatever other reached messages. So as you get if you aren't getting much luck with the first CCR5 results for your keywords and then repeats it for the 25 results for your keywords as opposed to just the CCR5 and just increase the volume a little bit. Usually that can help. So that's why I recommend. Secondly, you can search for journalists who may be interested. Journalists are always looking for additional things to pick up and talk about. So if you've been tracing really useful content, if it's something that you think a journalist would be interested in, There's no harm in reaching out to them and ask them if they may be interested in publishing are drawn some attention to. And then lastly, you can use something called Harrow, and which I'm gonna talk about here. So how do let me just pull up that you can sign up so we'll get daily e-mails of people looking for content includes on their websites. She usually journalists is mainly for journals. So yeah, how do we connect journalists seeking expertise to include in their content with sources who have that expertise. So I would highly recommend going and sign up to that is free. Not everything that you see from it will be relevant to you. But you might find here they're things pop up, okay, my content go there. I might email it to them. So it's a really good thing to have there just to keep an eye on in the background. So yeah, so that's some other arteries methods that you can use. And ideally is it for promotion, that is the main thing. Of course, you have ads and there's other ways of doing promotion like but I really think that I reached it's probably the strongest way of doing it. Because you can get really, really specific. You can talk to the decision-makers are good things. Adds up just a bit too far away from the decision-maker for me, for me to recommend that. So that's basically that we've talked about the three steps, the skyscraper strategy and some depth. Now, the next thing that I want to talk about as a bonus lesson as water concept fields, which is a really realistic question, right? It might not work. And what happens if we made our work? One of the things you need to think about. So let's move on to that in the next one. 11. Bonus #1: What If Your Content Fails?: Okay, Now that we've been through the entire skyscraper process and depth, now it's time to move on to some bonuses. So bonus one as what to do if you're skyscraper, content fails. Now this may not sound like a bonus because it makes him quite negative. But I do think it's important to discuss some of the things that might go wrong and why they might be wrong. Because no strategy is completely bulletproof. Things can go wrong and things can happen that prevent you from achieving the results that you want. So yeah, that's against it. So sometimes things just simply don't work. Most coaches are always willing to share success stories of it was what, but there aren't nearly enough examples of what hasn't worked. So the purpose of this lesson is to explore the possibility of failure and why it makes happen. So there are three main reasons why this may not work. The first one is choosing the wrong keywords. So I emphasized that the start when we went through the first lesson by enough, emphasis on how important as that you find the right keywords and the right topics. And because I really is going to make or break your content is like and what you do before you set sail, you, if you're going in the wrong direction, you're never gonna get to where you wanna go. And so it's really, really important that you get that right from the get-go before you start creating content. If you don't get that right, everything else is a waste of time really. And the next one is being unknown. So when you're conducting your Irish and you're looking for places or different people or different resources, I can link to your content if you aren't known or you're quite new to this, You're not going to be as recognizable in the inboxes and some of these people. So for instance, some of you may know new Patel who's a massive failure and the marketing space. And if someone popped up and has inbox, email them, asking them, include a link to has content and their work. Most people would know, most people would do. And I imagine he's probably, probably got a very high engagement rate on the emails they sends out. You may not have the inactive be one of the reasons if you're just isn't working, It's just not doing the job. All you can really do with that. It's just stick in and keep going and trust the process. Really. Talking about process that brings onto the third one, rushing the process. Again, this is something that I can Start, but you really don't want to rush this process. You may be anxious the publisher content, but you shouldn't rush the content creation process. Because the last thing you want to do with this is per bad content, like it defeats the purpose of everything that we're talking about here if you rush the content creation process. So yes, these are the three big things that you really need to keep in mind. And they are the three most common reasons why the strategy may fail for you. So, yeah, just keep these things in mind. So the next bonus lesson we're going to move on to as being adaptable. So let's move on to that now. 12. Bonus #2: Why The Size of Your Content Really Matters: All right, so in Bonus Number 2, we are going to be talking about the importance of being adaptable. And this will mainly come up. And I would really, I'm speaking to those of you who may feel as though you may be on resources or may not have the time required in order to implement a strategy like this. So S, that's the case. Follow the process to the best of your ability would be adaptable. So f resources are tight, focus on first and foremost, dominates in your niche. And what I mean by that as going into really, really specific topics and you'd industry that, you know, you can really capture. You know, I'm probably dominated, right? Because what you find is the more specific the subject matter as less compensation there will be. So that's something important to keep in mind. Secondly, really focus on targets, the long tail keywords. I've been talking about this through the entire course, but I can't put enough emphasis on the importance of it. There's just no point in going after broad search terms. And because it's all, it will almost always be impossible to write for all times. Especially if you're a smaller company or smaller brand, or don't have a really strong online presence, just, you just have to focus on fainting long tail keywords. And then lastly, you really have to focus on finding low competition keywords. And that will come about from doing a combination of the latter. But again, it all comes down to really your keywords like that is such an important part of this whole process. You have to get it right. And you really want to do we can't offend low competition keywords that you're going to have a high chance of ranking for. Um, because really the point I'm trying to make here is if he, if resources are tight, if this isn't something you can dedicate a lot of resources to, you wanna do everything you can to give yourself the highest chance of success and doing things with less sort of sure-fire way to do that. So that's it. So next up for bonus lessons, we have Y, the size of your content really does matter. So let's move on to that next. 13. Bonus #3: The Skyscraper Strategy and Small Businesses: All right, so now we're on to the bonus number three, which is the final bonus of this course. So size matters. The skyscraper strategy on small businesses. And so really what we're looking to explore here as, as a skyscraper strategy, a feasible solution for small businesses as it realistic. So the question penta and exploited. So firstly, as it wasn't for small businesses, if you're a small business owner, you need to consider if you have the resources to justify the festive plus arrows that it may take to implement the skyscraper strategy. Now that Feste plus errors may seem, for some people, it depends how deep you're going, but for some people it will take 50 plus hours to implement the strategy. For some people it's gonna take ten to 20. It just depends on what you're writing about, how extensive as, how much detail is in it. You know, how much research has to do with a lot of different factors that go into determinant how long the strategy takes to implement. But you do need to consider. So you really need to consider, if you have the resources to be able to implement this, do you have the resources to be able to create compelling content that is Beslan everything else out of there for your chosen keywords. So that is the question, really, what to do if you don't have the resources? The cheapest way to implement the skyscraper strategy is to outsource it to a. So however, the contract must be native English-speaking and they must have a strong grasp of your industry. As they don't have either of those things. You're going to find it very hard to create great content that will rank higher than your competitors. That as a, really, so is this a feasible solution for you? That's the question anytime. So if you don't think you've got the resources and you're going to have to look at alternative solutions. One of them being the main one being, should you hire a contract or hire someone in-house to take care of this for you. That's what you need to try and figure it out. So that rubs off with this bonus. So let's conclude this course. So onto the next one. 14. Conclusion: Where To Go From Here...: All right, so hopefully you've enjoyed this course and that you can now go and deploy the skyscraper strategies to grow your blog, but also attract more customers for your brand. And like I said at the beginning of this course, I would highly encourage you to leave a project showcasing what you've been able to accomplish, but the skyscraper strategy. And if you want to learn more of a digital marketing SEO or any related subjects, I would highly encourage you to check it on BYU academy. I've left a link for that and the description of this class if you want to check out. But other than that, thank you for watching. I hope you found that useful and I will see you in the next one.