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How to Accelerate Your Growth on TikTok in 5 Easy Steps

teacher avatar Aidan Brotherhood, Building things

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

    • 1.

      Introduction: Let’s Get Started!


    • 2.

      About TikTok and Its Impact on Social Media


    • 3.

      Step #1: Spend Time Developing Your Strategy (Free Resource Available!)


    • 4.

      Step #2: Optimize Your Account For Success


    • 5.

      Step #3: Good Practises You Should Follow


    • 6.

      Step #4: Follow This Process For Creating Amazing Content


    • 7.

      Step #5: Rinse & Repeat: Consistency is Key!


    • 8.

      Bonus Tip #1: LIvestreaming Goes Further Than You Might Think


    • 9.

      Bonus Tip #2: Make Your Thumbnails Engaging


    • 10.

      Bonus Tip #3: Focus on Quality over Quantity


    • 11.

      Conclusion: Where To Go From Here…


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About This Class

TikTok has quickly become one of the most popular social media platforms on the market, and with competition steadily rising as more creators join, you might be wondering what is the best way to grow your audience and stand out from the crowd.

In this course, you’ll learn:

  • About TikTok and how the social media underdog got to where it is today
  • A replicable process for defining your niche, creating great content, and growing your audience.
  • Tips and Tricks on how you can streamline the content creation process and accelerate your growth.

This course is focused on providing you with the key information that you need to know to accelerate your growth on TikTok, whether you're an influencer looking to diversify your content, or a business owner looking to expose your brand to a new audience.

Whatever the case, I have you covered.

If you have any questions, I encourage you to leave a comment in the discussion panel.

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1. Introduction: Let’s Get Started!: Tiktok is arguably the most prominent social media platform on the market right now. And as a business owner, you might be wondering what you have to do in order to grow your following on tiktok and expand your audience. And in this course I'm going to be sharing with you I really straightforward five-step process that can help you do just that. I'll be telling you everything that you need to know about the tech platform, what it is, where it came from and how it became a platform. But as today, I'll also be going over a complete content creation process with you so that you know exactly how to a compelling content on tactile. Lastly, I'll be shooting lords and tips and tricks that you can use in order to really accelerate your growth to the platform. So I'm super excited again to this question. I do have a project for this course and it's kind of twofold. The first part is that we asked you to follow what are the strategy worksheets has pervaded in one of the modules. And secondly, I really encourage all of you, if you're new to Tech Talk and you haven't done it before, I'd really encourage you just to jump start training content and then share it with us on this course. Again, I'm super excited against those with you, so let's jump into it. 2. About TikTok and Its Impact on Social Media: Alright, so to start off, we are going to be talking about TikTok and its impact on social media. We're gonna be looking at the history of tech talk and how it got to where it as today. First up, we want to talk about wisely as TedTalk. Really Tech Talk is a sharp for video sharing app that allows users to create up to three minute long videos. Fundamentally, that's exactly what this platform as is owned and maintained by the Chinese company ByteDance and has a Chinese counterpart cold don't. Study found that 26% of users are aged 18 to 20 for making this TikToks most prominent demographic textbook right now really is one of the biggest platforms on the market. It mainly captures that young audience between 18 to 24. So it's aimed at much younger demographic. Next up, where detect TOC comes from. Tiktok was originally called musically. Tiktok itself launched globally in 2016, but musically it was his predecessor and that's what actually started things off. Musically, it was focused on lip-sync. Him was trained in music. Embodies a lot of the original features that are stable at TikToks core. For instance, like trending sounds, like the lip-sync in the dance and all that stuff originally came from musically, that's where I'll really began. How does Tik Tok differ from musically, from lip-sync into everything else? And really what I'm trying to say that as TikTok literally took what music leaders doing, Westerners slip sink and then dancing and all that. And it turned into something that can encapsulate everything. And that is the alternative to the likes of Facebook or Instagram where really you can do anything on it. You don't have to be just lip-sync into music videos. Music. It was positioned in the market as a place where users can create and share sharp farm lip-sync videos. Tick tock is positioned as a video shading social network, which is much broader than musically. So this is what I mean when I say it's much more like that at Facebook and Instagram, then it has what musically was. No, What we're gonna be talking about here as the fact that people really liked tech talk. It was really like Tiktok. And one of the main reasons why they like it, as, it seems, as though TikTok seems to favor the little guy, you can actually get good organic reach unlikes of TikTok, which currently, you can't really get on Facebook. And organic reach has been declined on Instagram over the last couple of years. So tik tok is seen as a place where people can actually go. They can create stuff and they're gonna get rewarded, reach organically farther. And Tiktok isn't going to funnel them and tie them to pay for ads or anything like that. They can be more relying on organic traffic. So like I've said here, you don't have to have a large following to reach a lot of people on TikTok. If you create good content on tiktok, the algorithm will pick up and it'll short-term bunch of people regardless. So there's no there's nothing going on behind the scenes with TikTok. At least that's what it seems like right now. We don't know if that will change in the future. How dad's the underdog rise to popularity, how the Tiktok get to where it is today. In October 2018, tick tock became the most download these photo and video app on the App Store. For instance, Jimmy Fallon helped drive people to the app by promoting challenges on a show. That's true. Jimmy Fallon really dead have quite a big impact on TikToks initial draws because he has a massive, massive, massive audience and he helped them get that initial growth. But it wasn't just him, those other celebrities involved in it as well. But I'd say he really stands out as being one of the ones that are really driving tiktok. The early days. How big is TikTok now? And September 2021, TikToks or past 1 billion monthly active users. And this comes five years after the global launch in September temper 2016. Now, this five-years makes him a long time, but that's really not a long time compared to how long it took Facebook to get to. The same kind of benchmarks. There's Tech Target took Facebook like closer to ten years, took a long time. But you've also got to remember the fact that Facebook was fighting an uphill battle. They were the first real social network. Fresh ones to grow to the size that it dead. Whereas TikTok heading wherever the social media giant go from here. F Tech Talk continues to innovate the way it has in recent years. We can expect it to continue to grow. It's unlikely that Tech Talk will make the same mistakes as other social media companies, but that can't be ruled out. Now when I'm talking about mistakes. I mean, the fact that I'm on Facebook right now for businesses, for instance, business pages don't get really any organic reach. Business pages will reach approximately five to 7% of the entire audience, which has nothing. And that's the dream. Well, usually it will be much less than that. That is a mistake that Facebook made and it's very clear to anyone who uses Facebook enough for business practices. The reason they've done that, the reason they've drawn down organic reach on Facebook as saw that more businesses will pay money for ads, which really I don't think has helped them. It's really saturated the brand and it's made people really not like or trust them as much. Even though most people don't like or trust them anyway. Hopefully, tick tock doesn't go down that road, but it may, because that is the same rule to Instagram seems to be a head and don't end. It would just make sense of tech stock fold the same kind of trend. Next up, we are actually going to jump into the five steps of actually grown a tech talk. Freshly, we're going to talk about developing your strategy, which is a really important part, especially if you're a beginner. So I'm excited to jump into that with you. Let's do it. 3. Step #1: Spend Time Developing Your Strategy (Free Resource Available!): Alright, so the first thing that we're gonna look at here in this five-step process as spending time on developing your strategy. Now, for this lesson, I have included a free template that you can use that you can follow along with and fellow as you're going through this lesson. And really why I did a template as I think it really helps complement in this video because it is quite a packed when there's a lot of information in here. And I think when you're actually trying to apply a lot of the information I'm talking about here. This template will really help you. I probably should also point out, this is definitely the longest lesson of all the ones that I have in this course. As a backpack, There's a lot I didn't. And it was a lot to digest. So I think it's important just to keep that in mind before I jump into it. But first up, what we have here as why do you need a strategy? Enough canopy here, it's a bit more than just a plan which are genuinely believe, I think when a lot of people here talk about strategy or you have to have a strategy before you start implementing stuff. It may seem redundant and makes him, it's not worthwhile. But I can tell you honestly from firsthand experience, after being a marketing for quite a long time now, I've been on it for a good for coming five years now. I genuinely believe that strategy will help you get to where you're trying to get to. So having a strategy in place ensures that you're targeting the right people with relevant content that appeals to them. A strong strategy provide you with a roadmap to success. Both of those things are true. And I really would encourage you to spend a good bit of time on your strategy before you jump into tech talk, especially if you're a beginner to detect talk and you've not really used it before, the strategy will really help just give you some clarity on what it is you're trying to achieve. Hopefully it'll help you get to where you're trying to get to faster. Here we have the steps. There. You're gonna be following an order to get your strategy together. This is a table of contents really. We're going to talk about setting your goals and objectives. We're going to talk a bit defining your audience and customer persona's. We're going to talk about market positioning, brand messaging. We're going to look at how you analyze the competition. We want to talk about how you're going to find content as inspiration for your own channel. We're going to talk about creating a content calendar and we're gonna look at how you track and analyze results from your content. It's quite packed. There's a lot to go through here, but let's dive into it again. I'd encourage you to download that resource and follow along with it as you're going through this video. Firstly, we have set your goals. This is where you really wanted to fame, what you're trying to accomplish. And this is the freshman form of saying you should be doing. So. There's lots of different ways you can do this. I'd recommend, instead of just writing down random goals, I'd recommend using the smart framework for your goals. The smart framework as recognized actresses boards, especially in the marketing community, because it really helps you just nail down and good type policy goals that make a lot of sense and they are actually realistic. So you want to be coming up with goals are specific, measurable, attainable, relevant, and time-bound. So for example, we will use Twitter for customer support and Lord, or average response rate to under two hours by the end of the quarter. And hopefully, it should be obvious that the statement, Let's go and fits directly in line with the smart framework. Because it's specific, it's measurable, is clearly attainable, relevant to what this company is trying to achieve. And it's time-bound. Meaning there's a deadline and Maine for when they actually want to achieve this by the smart framework as great literature, few things that you want to keep in mind. And that is that vanity metrics such as likes and followers may be easy to track, but it can be tough to prove their value. That isn't true is just on Tiktok. That's true across the board. So I wouldn't encourage you orientate your goals around things that likes followers and stuff. I know that we're trying, the whole point of this course is to help you get from 0 to 10 thousand followers. But when it comes to actual goals, I wouldn't make that one of them because you're, you know, you're gonna get there one way or another. You want to make these goals a bit more relevant and a bit more, a bit more, bet, more well-rounded, I think is the way I'd put it. Instead, focus on measuring things like audience growth rate, engagement rates and much more. And I say much more because I've included the list of the different things that you should be measuring on your template. So if you want to check that out, hopefully you should have it there West you to see all the different things that you can measure are the things that I'd recommend that you measure. So for instance, if we're talking about followers, if you want to track follows, sure. Like, yeah, you can keep an eye on them. It's not hard to check how many followers you've got. But it's probably much more significant to track your audience growth rate over time. Because your audience growth rate is facilities gonna tell you how fast you're growing. But also when you hit that ten key mark, you want to know how And fascia managed to get that you want to know the audience Grocery of managing to achieve that goal. But you're also probably going to want to compare that West when you're trying to get from ten to 30 thousand followers as the audience growth rate, the same as the best sellers or wash. So anyway, that's saved know about tracking followers and how you should do that. Step to define your audience and customer persona's. This comes down to understanding who you're trying to reach. So it's important to have an ideal customer in mind when you're creating content. Who's the content intended for? As the question that you should be asking yourself. This will help ensure that your content is always targeted, that the right people, your customer persona, ideal customer audience will usually be built up of demographics, interests, and behaviors. Those are the three things that I would recommend that you use in order to try and define your customer persona, your ideal customer. Because I find it to be a very good way of doing things. You know, if you're nailing down some demographics like as a male or female, what age of the people that you're looking to talk to? What are the interest is and what are they actually like it while the behaviors, what do they do online, for instance, what do they look out online? Am I just find that I really, really good framework for trying to figure out whom I do customers and I use this for clients to, it really helps and it's really, it's just really useful. Yet completely step I fell in this section and the marketing strategy deck, which you should have. So that is number two. Number three is set your market positioning. Where do you fit relative to your competitors? Your market positioning is where you highlight certain characteristics about your business as a means of creating positive differentiation between you and your competitors. Why I actually mean here is that depending on what niches, and especially if you're a business, but this is also trips as well. There are gonna be other people doing what you're doing. You want to position yourself in a unique place. You don't want to just be doing the same as everyone else. You want to be doing something better, something more significant, something that your audience should be interested in, something that, something that should be more interested in than that of your competitors. So you really want to think about the things that are gonna make you definitely are going to make you stand out with, are going to drop people then possibly away from competitors. So that's the way I sum that up. Step forward, develop your brand messaging. No way all this makes sense similar to brand positioning or market positioning. So this is about how your brand communicates with the outside world. What are the key things that you want your brand to be remembered for? How does your messaging differentiate you against your competitors? Now again, this is much like as market possession. This is about differentiating yourself from competitors. So your messaging should of course be orientated around your market positioning. But it should be more about how you communicate with your audience. How do you kill people, and what are the key things that you're saying that actually get a good response from people that actually help you grow your audience. Again, in the strategy template, you'll see hopefully the differences between them and some tips on how to It's defining your brand message. In step five, you want to analyze the competition. I've already talked a little bit of a competition here. But you do need to know what the competition are doing and how you can be better than analyzer content and focus on understanding what's working for them. And that's really you want to pay close attention to your competitors and what they're doing and what's working for them, and also what's not working for them. You want to see what they're doing isn't going too well. So you can avoid making the same mistakes that they've had. Can't overlook this part. You should really spend some time looking at your competitors and what they're doing, and how you can do it better. Step six, feign content inspiration. This may come from your competitors, maybe, but hopefully it's coming from different sources as well. So you want to research what content people like in your niche. Like I've just said they have. They might be looking at content from your competitors. But there also may be other content in different issues that we're looking at. So regardless of what industry you're in, there will likely be someone already clean content about wherever it as you do, take the time to research content on tiktok and follow the steps on the worksheet tantalize. You want to find good pieces of content that you think are relevant to your niche, where people like them and maybe incorporate certain aspects of that content into your TikTok content. Step seven, you want to create a content calendar. This is probably one of my favorite things. I would definitely recommend, above all else that you create a content calendar because this will give you a serious mixed structure and we'll just really, really help you out. The social media manager that works for bamboo media for we have a content calendar internally that we use. And we also provide a content calendar for every client that works with us on social media marketing. It's a really useful thing. It just works. It just creates a gives you that structure that you will not have if you don't use one. So you need a plan and you need structure. Creating a content calendar is one of the best things that you can do when it comes to developing your Tiktok strategy. We use content calendars internally. Like I've already said there. Why we do is you want to create your content calendar following the steps in our worksheet. But really you can do this in a spreadsheet. You can do it and this kind of book that this person's got here, I would recommend you do it in a spreadsheet and it will just be much easier to track. But you can use tools like laser, which is what we use. Next up we have track and analyze your results. In a per year. We can only understand what people like when we measure the response. So on tech stock, you need to pay close attention to watch same profile visits reached audience andrew rate of growth is important to measure your results so you can determine whether what you're doing is actually working or not. Like that for me, they're kind of sums up and I can just leave it there. But you want to eat. You have to understand what's working and what's not working. And the only way to do that as to look at your performance metrics and understand them and really spend time thinking about them and how you can improve them. Because the thing is that when you put content in Tech Talk and like any other social media platform, people will tell you by how they respond to it, whether what you're doing as good on our brother, it's actually going to aid your gloves. So you gotta, you gotta track and analyze your performance. And again, there's more information about this on the worksheet. That's it That sums up coming up with a strategy. Next up, we have optimizing your TikTok account for success, which is a super interesting one, also really straightforward one that is totally beginner friendly. So let's jump on to that now. 4. Step #2: Optimize Your Account For Success : Okay, In this lesson we are going to be talking about optimizing your Tik Tok account for success. And all you have to really do here is just follow the steps I'm talking about. And this lesson is to get good tech stock account an order. Firstly, why should you spend time optimizing your account? Before you begin to implement the tech talk strategy you've been working on, you need to get your TikTok account ready for action. This means deciding if you should use a personal or business Tik Tok account and optimize in your bio. Those are the two things that really comes down to, and it shouldn't take you long to do this. So should you use a personal account on TikTok or a business account, which one is better route to success? Both the personal and business TikTok accounts have the benefits. And I'm going to break down both of the different benefits here. The main benefit of a personal account, as you will have access to all sense on a business account, sounds will be limited, so that means you'll only have access to commercially licensed sounds. And the main benefit of a business account, as you can have a link in your bio from day one. On a personal account, you need to have at least a thousand followers. There's a little bit of a drawback on the business account because signs will be limited. And then there's a little bit of a drawback on the personal account because you won't be able to direct people to a link. So it was a couple of pros and cons here just to keep in mind, those are really only the main differences shared with other little things. But fundamentally, when we talk about the definition between them, this is what people will talk about. When it comes to optimizing your bio. There are a couple of things that you want to keep in mind. You want to make sure that your username and display name a clear, relevant and keywords optimized. Make sure they're consistent Western names that you use on other platforms. And this will make it easier for people to find you and remember you and you can see there that I've highlighted. And just so it's clear, what is the username and what does the display name and making sure it's keyboard optimize. My opinion, really important, but that's coming from me because I do SEO, spent a lot of time optimizing content, but you really just want to make sure it's easy for people to find you and there's consistent across all of the platforms that you're on. Next up, you want to add a link to your bio to drive traffic. So you only get one link, so make it count. And of course, like we're touched on in the previous video, if you've got a business account, you'll be able to do this. And if you're not, you probably wouldn't unless you've got a thousand subscribers. So I'll leave that up to you. But yeah, if you want to add a link to drive traffic, much like Instagram on tiktok, you only get one link. So it's essential. You make sure it's an important one. And obviously I've already mentioned the second there. But you can see that that's where the link will show. If you have a link on your TikTok account. Next you want to choose a great profile picture. This is your opportunity to catch people's attention. Choose an easily identifiable profile picture that has a true reflection of your brand. For most people taking this course, it will be your logo for your business. But you may want to use a picture of yourself if you have a personal brand or if you're an independent creator. And they have some profile picture examples just to make it absolutely clear. This shows the difference between business account. If you're using it for business purposes, an exterior account of its orientated around your personal brand. You'll use a logo or use a picture of yourself is basically what I'm saying. Step four, you want to add an pharmacist description. So you want to tell people who you are and why they should care, play much. This really is a great opportunity to someone else who you are and why people should follow you. You want to think about the message you want to convey to your audience. Maybe refer back to your marketing strategy and CEF, It's then you've got the air can apply to your description. You want to use relevant keywords to optimize your account for Tiktok search engines. Step four, step five, you want to include a call to action, so you want to drive people to your landing page or website. The purpose of this really as to entice people to check how your landing page and website. And this will encourage your audience to click on your link and move them deeper into the funnel. So if you're selling something and you're almost all of you, Welby, or at least I hope you are. The color section is really just to entice them to buy and really check out what you have to offer. And this is something that I would definitely recommend. You want to connect your Instagram account and YouTube channel to tech stock. Integrate your Tiktok of care with other platforms. You can add your Instagram account and YouTube channel directly to your TikTok account as a means of driving traffic to other platforms. This will help you grow your audience across platforms and expand your reach. So this will help a lot like what I found, at least what I've seen a lot recently as a lot of people have been able to grow their Instagram accounts, mainly because of a lot of their federal traffic they're getting from tiktok by clicking that button. So it shouldn't be overlooked. It really help distribute the attention you're getting on tiktok to other platforms. And really, really well age your overall growth if you really get things going. So just keep that in mind. Yeah, it's all really straightforward stuff and here are my final thoughts. At the end of the day, your tech talk bio is really important and it can make all the difference when it comes to whether your account will grow on. Not really because it's the first thing people are gonna see. They're gonna get an idea of what your brand is late in who you are, just by your description and just by your bio. It just something you just want to get right and just spend, don't rush it. Just spend the time you need to spend on it to get it right and move on. Next up, we are going to be looking at step Street, which is best practices you should follow on tech stock. Now we're getting more than its implementation. So the things you should already have, your strategy, your account should be optimized and ready to go. Now we're gonna talk about best practices. So let's do it. 5. Step #3: Good Practises You Should Follow: Okay, so the steps that we're gonna be talking about here as best practices that you should follow. There are four key pieces of advice that I recommend that you follow here. The first one is pay attention to the latest trends. And you won't be able to ignore what's trending on tech stock. Mainly because TikTok is electrically bell. On the back of viral content that's actually on the platform is not something that you'll be able to ignore. Focused on identifying training sounds and content trends and use them to grow your brand. You might feel like you do in a niche where trends aren't really that relevant to you. That's fine. But if you asked you to submit growing and you really want to do it, I'd really recommend getting on the back of trends wherever you can and make them relevant to your niche. Number two, as partner with creators or vice versa. Some of you watching this course, you might be business owners and you're looking to grow your brand on tactile, or you may create those looking to grow your personal brand. So regardless of what one you are, one of the best ways to grow and Tiktok as a partner with others. So if you're a brand, partnering with a creator can help get your brand more exposure. And if you're a creator, partnering with a brand is a great way to monetize your content creation. That's really you can make partnerships with people. You should definitely do it. Next up, you want to make sure you're publishing content frequently. This might seem really, really obvious and I totally get why. Because you, for all of us will hear people saying that all the time. But you have to post frequently on TikTok and you have to be consistent. Tiktok isn't like other platforms, so you can't post too often on tech stock, on Instagram. You can post too often in a really annoy people on Tiktok. That's not the case. You're not usually going to annoy a lot of people by posting too much on tech stock. So if you're really prioritizing tech stock as a, as a social channel, you want to aim to post between one to five times per day. Mortar if you can, but I don't see many people posting more than five a day. While it's best to post as much as possible, you want to ensure you can manage the workload and stay consistent, so don't push too hard. Yeah, sure. Post as much as you can, but you want to make sure you can stay consistent and it's actually a workflow you can manage. Lastly, don't sacrifice the quality of your content just to post more, which is kind of in line with what I've seen previously. You just don't want to bite off more of the country pretty much. And number four, you want to keep your videos short and engaging. Now, I have first-hand experience West talking too much on TikTok and not being more concise in what I'm saying. But TikTok is not the place for a long form value at the time of making this course. So there's actually an update that came out that it seems to indicate that TikTok is going to try and take on YouTube by allowing ten minute videos to be posted. I think that kinda gets away from what Tiktok as and I think they're gonna struggle with that quite a bit. And plus nothing, nothing's actually came into effect yet. But as it stands right now, short-form video is definitely what you should be focusing on. So you should be looking to squeeze the most amount of information dependent on your niche. Enter the shortest video possible. You want to strip out all the stuff people don't actually need to know. So in my case, I get too technical and I talk about things that probably isn't that relevant to a lot of people. When really I could shut down, say it in a much more entertaining and attention grabbing way. Here the best-case is on tiktok. Know how to hold the audience's attention was shot engaging and entertaining videos. So keeping your video sharp will naturally result in a higher engagement rate. That engagement rate is going to have quite an impact on how many people tiktok shows your video too. So keeping your video shot and engaging as a really important thing here that you're going to want to keep in mind. I said that's the four key best practices that I can recommend to you. Next step, step four, I'm gonna be talking to you about the Tech Talk user interface and the process you should follow for creating really great content. So we'll jump into the next video. 6. Step #4: Follow This Process For Creating Amazing Content: All right, so step four, I am going to be talking to you about the process you should be following for tracing amazing TikTok content doesn't really have to be that complicated. Creating things on TikTok is really straightforward. Actually, I'm gonna be talking to you about tech stocks user interface. And I'm gonna be showing you how to actually create a video on TikTok. So let's jump into it. So firstly, let's talk about the Tech Talk interface. Tick tock. It has a very simple user interface and it's really, really easy to navigate. And many people would argue that TikTok has taken all of the best bits from Instagram and differentiated to focus only on video, because obviously Instagram is still quite a bit about photos, and obviously TikTok only do video. I'm actually going to hop on my phone. I'm going to show you exactly how to, or I'm going to talk you through rather the Tiktok interface and how it all works and stuff. Let's take a look at this now. When you go into the app, but you'll see that you'll be taken to the four-year page. Now have lots of different content on it and relevant to wherever you've been looking at. And you'll always go there when you initially go on to the API, always go back to the 40th page. You've got a following tab up at the top as well. So if you're following people and you only want to see people you're following, you can see them there. You've got a live tab at the top too. We can see live videos. You can scroll through them. Obviously, you can search things to the right-hand column here you can see who the creators. You can see the number of likes of videos, got comments, shares. And you can see down the bottom here what sounds a person who is using. Then obviously you've got the description, the username of the individual. And if you want to check out the profile, you just swipe, right? So it's really, really easy to use. It's super, super simple. And that's the homepage. That's pretty much what there is to it. You just scroll and I'm sure you probably know that because you probably use TikTok. If you want to explore. You can go and discover different things as you can see here. Again, if you're looking for different content under different categories, the discovery pages is probably really, really good. If you are doing some research, some content research. You'll add your inbox in here so you can see who's following you. And then you will have your profile just like this. No. As far as it goes, That's it. Then if you want to create any content, you just click this button here to get started. And you can see there that I can see myself as I'm making this video. That really is that when it comes to user interface, I'm going to talk about all the definite effects and stuff you can use when you're actually creating videos in a second. But as far as user-interface goals, this is kind of what tech talks all about. It's really straightforward to use. It's not that complicated. And everything, everything that you need is a few clicks away. That is tech stocks user interface. With that being said, let's talk about how to record and publish a video on tiktok. So the process for creating TikToks is very straightforward and there are lots of nasal to native tools on the app that you can use to help you make your TikToks more engaging. And you don't have to use third-party applications to make TikToks. And when I say that, y actually mean is that you don't have to rely on Premiere Pro to edit videos and study. You can do all of it on TikTok and it's honestly, it's such a great platform for that. For video editing is really, really good and it's really easy to use. And that's what we're going to talk you through in the next slide. So let's continue with where I was. I'm gonna go back to Tech Talk. I'm going to hit Record here. Sweet, so I can see myself and obviously you can see me as I'm recording this. And what I'm gonna do is I'm just going to create a tech stock and will run with it and see how we get on. It probably is definitely not going to be a field tech stock is gonna be a little bit of a tech talk, but just to illustrate the point. All right, everyone, I'm currently making a course for our Skillshare on how to grow from 0 to 10 thousand followers and using our five-step process. So if you want to check out that course, all you have to do is click the link in bio to check it out and you have an affiliate link there. Alright, cheers. You can see there I've just recorded Tiktok or at least part of one, at least on this course. What we're gonna do is just hit, well actually before I had done, let me talk you through some of these things. Off on this right-hand column. You could flip, want to flip it around and record different things. You can change the speed of your TikTok so you're recording a different speed. This is really useful if you're trying to fit a line and you're a bit stuck for time. You can filter. You've got lots of different filters, just like any other application, which I can't see how much of a fan off, but nonetheless, they are there. You've gotten hence, you can see I've obviously, I've got smooth on your teeth. I'm depths. Again, not as if done that much for me, but they're there and you can select a bunch of different things if you want to highlight Europeans on tiktok, you've got tamer as well. You want to start countdown for your recording, anything like that. That's it. That's all you really got on the recording page. But then if we just hit that tech in either we go along, I'm going to turn my volume down. But what we've got here, when we go through to the next page, we've got a bunch of different things. Actually. We've got obviously filters again, No Tiktok watched with clips. So when you press the film button each time that acts as a clip. So if I go to edit clips, I can I can edit the length of the video if there's something I don't want it, I can get rid of it. We'll just save that because I'm not going to be adding this too much. There's voice effects I can do. Which, yeah, if you want to make funny videos like the F that we super-helpful, you can do a voice-over. If you'd record contents there on your phone or on anybody else and maybe you didn't give her analysis of at the time. And you want to give them one. You can click that button and do a voice-over. You can add captions to your videos. I'm Scottish. I tend to add captions wherever possible. To my videos. It just helps when people are listening. Yeah, I think it's quite good to add captions that he can. When it comes to usability point of view and people that may have maybe can't hear or stuff like that. You really want to have captions and it's probably a good thing to have. You'd get enhanced again. You can enhance the video, may make it look a bit better. You can have no yesterday just to review. Got a lot of background nice. Down the bottom here. This is where you add your signs, which is pretty important. So you can add whatever standard you want. You can search for new sounds. You can see what's trends. Which again pretty useful. You want to be using trends and sense where possible. Again, you can more effects you can add. Like if you want to. In this course, throughout this course, I've been talking about making your videos more engaging. I didn't affects whether irrelevant, it's probably a good way to do that. What I found on TikTok actually as f's, you've got lot shock clips that create a lot of movement and the video, it really hurts people and really keep sort of tension. And it can be really good. You get taxed here. Let's just add check. Tiktok, something like that. I can place it wherever we want to make it bigger, etcetera, etcetera. Then we get stickers. You want to add different stuff to your textbook you can do that is quite similar to Instagram stories. Obviously. That's going to all the features there that would edit that play about with it. Do I want it to make it FET what I'm looking for and then I would hit Next. Then here you can add a description to your video. You can add a couple of hashtags. You can mention people are at other videos. You can tag people wide recommend you do actually, let's point is if you've got some more options, you can see that I've got a load high-quality video uploads. You may not want to do that if you're using your cellular quite often, but if you're on wifi and you're quite comfortable with, then you probably will want to upload your TikToks and a higher-quality. Otherwise, we'll upload an SD which you probably don't want. You can also have auto-generated captions. That'll be default, I'm pretty sure. But the thing I'd point out with that Tiktok is not that smart when it comes to getting your captions right. So I would always do them manually if you, if you are adding captions and English planning content, it's a bunch of stuff there. I would always keep, you want to allow comments? When we're talking about engagement, Juliet and the stitching is a good way to, like if people want to interact with your content, I think you should let them. Anyway, the last thing you would have as your cover, so Eigen my Tiktok there. If I want to select a cover, I can click there. I can add a sticker and I can put new course, new Skillshare course. I put that there or something, something like that, something to make it pop. Then save that head posts and then that would me, that is literally how easy it is to record and publish a TedTalk. Stop recording there. That's where we're at. So next up, we've got rinse and repeat, I'm going to be step five. So hopefully that video was useful. If you've not used Tiktok before, you want to. You just wanted to see how it was done. But it's a really easy platform to use. Like anyone can pick up. Yeah. Let's move on to the next one. 7. Step #5: Rinse & Repeat: Consistency is Key!: All right, so the final step in this process, as rinse and repeat, all we have to do is simply repeat the process consistently. I kind of hinted at this, I've actually not have mentioned this through the entire course, but consistency with any social media platform. But I think TikTok in particular, consistency is key and without consistency with the following, this process consistently overtime shorter In, put the work in and getting content out, it might not be worth it. And I genuinely believe that consistency is the only way to actually grow on the platform. I've seen it for our clients. We do a bit of tiktok, but we'd maybe don't do it as much as we should. But particularly on the client side of things for us, on a brand side of things, consistency is a thing that whens every single time, if you consistently show up and put content out and your regulars with it and you really put the taming. And that's where you're going to see the best results. It's not enough to just post once in a blue moon and hope that will get you the results you're looking for. You have to show up every day. And it's that simple. There's not much to that one. That is actually what you have to do. You just have to show up every day. You have to put content out, you have to trust the process. And just gradually you'll see things grow and you'll see things move. You're not going to see, you're not going to get that instant gratification from one video. You may, because it's tiktok and everything can go viral, but it's very unlikely for that to be the case. So up next, we're going to go on to, I guess, important steps here for you. And I'm going to go into, so we've got this one here, and it's about live streaming. So let's move on to that next. 8. Bonus Tip #1: LIvestreaming Goes Further Than You Might Think: All right, so bonus step number one, as livestreaming goes further than you may think. So again, it's like another really straightforward thing that you can do, but they can really make the difference to your growth. So I would say this is one of TikToks best growth hacks to really engage with your audience and attract new followers. All right, so once you hit around a thousand followers on TikTok, you will unlock the option to do live streams. And you shouldn't ignore this option as it may increase your growth dramatically by exposing you to new audiences. It's also a great, unfiltered way to interact with your audience. And if your data, you can also make money. It's protect hot lives by guessing donations. So it really is a good thing to do is a good practice to get into once you hit that 100 thousand followers mark. Again, it's something that I've seen work really well for our clients because it's a really transparent way firstly, to engage with your audience, but the way tech talk live-streamed works, it will actively exposure to new people constantly eat, maybe even more so than a tech talk, one of your TikToks we'll do while you're at that point and growth. So I would really recommend that. And like I said, it's a good practice to get into. That's the first born is set up. Next we have thumbnails to talk about. So let's go on to that now. 9. Bonus Tip #2: Make Your Thumbnails Engaging: The next tip that I have for you, estimate your thumbnails engaging and actually spend time making them engaging because they can play an important part in your growth. What thumbnails do generally, generally across the board regardless of what platform you're on, is that they will play quite a significant part in your click-through rate. So how many people, but actually see your video pop-up somewhere. How many of them actually click on it and view your video? The reason why they don't seem like very important. The reason why they don't seem like a very important thing on tiktok is because most of the traffic that you get will come through the For You page in Azure. Know, if you go on to the four-year page, you don't see any thumbnails that can lead to anyone to think that, well, they don't matter because it's not really going to get seen. I don't think this is true. I think thumbnails still play quite an important part. And your TikToks, you want to keep them on brand. You want your feet to look good. Bond top of that, your videos are not only going to pop up on the page. And then the long run, the likelihood is pop-up on tags. They're going to pop up in people's searches. They're gonna get recommended to other people. And that your thumbnail could actually be the difference between someone clicking on your video or not. So while it may not seem that beggar thing, when you're just getting started, you want to make sure that they're on point and you're happy with them. That's basically what I'm getting at here. And it should have a positive impacts on your click-through rate. That's number two. The last bonus tip I have for you is to focus on quality over quantity. So we'll get onto that in a second. 10. Bonus Tip #3: Focus on Quality over Quantity: Alright, so we're on the last bonus step here that is focused on quality over quantity. This for me, I think, is one of the most important things I'll touch on in this course because you need to get the SRE if you want to grow. Not just on TikTok, but on any platform. It's really important that you know, that quality comes first and quantity comes second. You have to try and raise the bar and your niche. And depending on what units you're n, This may be quite a tall order, but you have to do what you can in order to grow. While quantity matters, if you want to grow on TikTok, it can't be at the expense of quality. If your content is sub-par, it will definitely hinder your growth. It, and it really just says worth putting in that extra time and effort to make your content exceptional. It will really make the definites to your growth because people want to feel entertained. They want to feel like watching something that the deem to be valuable. Let's watch the time. And the only way for your audience to feel that way as if you really put an effort into your content unless, well, make you stand out from the competition in your niche. It's something that you really have to do if you want to grow. And that's it. We've done it, we have finished this course. So let's jump onto the conclusion and talk about where we're gonna go from here. 11. Conclusion: Where To Go From Here… : All right, So thank you so much for watching this course. I really hope you've gained something from it and that you can now go ahead and begin growing your audience on tiktok. If you like this course, it would be great if you could leave us a review and definitely followers. If you want to see more digital marketing courses like this for Extended Learning, you can also head over to ambulate academy. I've left a link for that in the class description. So other than that, thank you again for watching this course and I will see you in the next one.