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TikTok Marketing - Learn to Create Successful Marketing Campaigns

teacher avatar Haroon, Digital Marketing & Webdesign

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

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      What is TikTok and Why you Should Care?


    • 3.

      Getting Started with TikTok


    • 4.

      Creating Content for TikTok


    • 5.

      TikTok Hashtags


    • 6.

      Marketing Strategies for TikTok


    • 7.

      TikTok Ads


    • 8.

      TikTok Use Cases to Inspire you


    • 9.

      TikTok Analytics


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      TikTok Best Practices


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About This Class

To be successful with TikTok marketing you need to know how the platform works and how the users interact with each other.

TikTok appeals to a younger demographic and you really need to speak their language to be successful.

This class will explain all you need to know about TikTok to create successful marketing campaigns.

Topics covered:

  • What Is TikTok And Why Should You Care?
  • Getting Started With TikTok
  • Creating Content For TikTok
  • TikTok Hashtags
  • Marketing Strategies for TikTok
  • TikTok Ads
  • TikTok Use Cases To Inspire You
  • TikTok Analytics
  • TikTok Best Practices

Meet Your Teacher

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Digital Marketing & Webdesign


Hello, I'm Haroon.

I’m a digital marketing & software enthusiast living in USA. I’ve been into everything digital marketing since the age of 14. I have built up Instagram accounts, designed and created countless websites and run multiple marketing campaigns. I'm in love with every digital to be honest.

I run a webdesign & digital marketing agency and love to get involved in new marketing & design trends. Right now I'm all about TikTok Marketing!

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1. Introduction: introduction. The TIC Tac Social Media platform has seen explosive growth over the last two years. It now has 500 million users that are desperate for fun and exciting content, and this is a massive opportunity for you to promote your business. To be successful with TIC TAC marketing, you need to know how the platform works and how the users interact with each other. Tick tack appeals to a younger demographic, and you really need to speak their language to be successful. This training will explain all you need to know about tick tack to create successful marketing campaigns. We have worked hard to provide you with everything that you need to know to use the Tic Tac platform to market your business successfully, you will find it an easy and engaging experience, and we encourage you to go through it from start to finish and then start to implement the tips and advice you find here. You will learn that a number of businesses and organisations have already leveraged tick top platform to get the word out. What they have done is not rocket science, and you can replicate their success easily. Engagement with the Tic Tac user base is essential, and this training will show you how to achieve that. Other marketers have tried marketing on tick tack and failed. We do not want you to make the same mistakes that they did, so follow the steps in this training and you will maximize your chances of success. 2. What is TikTok and Why you Should Care?: What is TIC tac and why should you care? A lot of people have never heard of ticked on. Marketers had spent advertising money, and social media platforms do not know anything about it or the potential that it provides . That's okay for you because it means that there is less competition for you to worry about . In fact, Tic Tac has been in the news recently for the wrong reasons. There was concern that the platform was not safe for youngsters to use. The truth is that there was some dodgy content on picked on, but they have cleaned up their act and removed a lot of videos that did not meet their community guidelines in terms of use. This has not stopped Tic Tac experiencing incredible growth over the last two years. In the first half of 2018 it was the most downloaded free IOS app. Tick Tack was the most downloaded app on Google play in October 2018 and overall it was the third most downloaded app in the world in November 2018. In March 2019 there have been over one billion installs of tech talk. There were 660 million downloads in 2018 and in the first quarter of 2019 there were 188 million. There are over 500 million active users of TIC Tac and 26 a half 1,000,000 of these air from the United States. Here are some other key statistics about Tic Tac There are more users of Tic Tac on Android than IOS at the moment. The largest user bases in India, representing around 43% around 66% of TIC Tac users, are less than 30 years old. The average time spent on the Ticktock platform is 52 minutes. There has been an increase, with in APP purchases of 275% year on year, 29% of the user base used to attack every day. Challenges work well. The Raindrop Challenge head more than 685 million views, and the Tumbleweed Challenge created 8000 videos and has more than nine million views in a week. For the in my feelings challenge, there are over five million videos on TIC tacs, compared to 1.7 million videos on Instagram. What is take that. A company in Beijing China called Bite Dense developed the doing app in Onley 200 days. They launched the after the Chinese market initially and the company launched Tic Tac, which is the same for the international market. In 2017 the bike dance company purchased music that L Y, which was a popular app created by a start up in Shanghai, China, who also had an office in Santa Monica in the United States. This helped bite dance to build a larger video community. Tectonic is all about short videos. Users upload videos of around 15 seconds with the previous app musical dot l y. The users tended to upload videos of themselves lip sinking to popular music videos. The most talented of these people that uploaded videos turned into the biggest influencers of the music that l line platform. It is possible to upload videos of around 60 seconds that share stories with the majority of the videos on Tic Tac ar 15 seconds or less. The target audience for TIC Tac and formerly music that l Y are teenagers and those in their early twenties with an age range of 13 to 24 year olds. Tick tock, change the variety of the video uploads on the platform. Since it has grown so much now, you will find a lot more than lip sync videos. In fact, there are many other videos to choose from rather than just music. You cannot find comedians doing stand up lots of prank videos, dancing videos, skateboarding, videos, fashion and beauty videos. And a lot more people with all kinds of talents are now uploading videos to TIC Tac. And now there are people uploading videos showing them using their favorite products. Not all the thick black users create and upload videos. Of course, this is the same with YouTube and Instagram. Ah, lot of users are just looking for entertaining content to make them happy. There is no need for a tick, that user to follow anyone on the app if they just want to find entertaining videos. They can use the Discover page and look for videos that they are interested in a tick tack user concert for videos using keywords. Or they can use specific hashtags. Now tick tack users are liking videos more than they did before, and they're subscribing to more channels There's a lot more sharing of tic TAC videos than before, and you can take a look at the videos that a user has played through their profile page. Who are the TIC Tac users? The previous at Music Gold at L. Y targeted the Generation Z demographic, and the bias was females. Tic Tacs seems to be targeting the same people, but it is really too early to tell. There certainly are older users on the platform now. You cannot get away from the fact that around 66% of take that users are under the age of 30 female still dominate the platform and around the same percentage take Doc has international appeal with a lot of users from India. In the United States, the sister Abdul Ian, has around 400 million Chinese users, and the APS use different servers. When do in first launched, more than 50% of its users were under the age of 24. However, most of these users are still using the app, so the age range keeps going up. Time will tell if the same thing will happen, a tic tac, and we believe that this will be the case videos on Tic Tac, a tic tac user can upload a video that they have shot of themselves or any other video that they have in their gallery. There are features and Tic Tac, which can slow down or speed up videos, and users can apply a number of different filters. Take that also has a react feature where users can shoot a video, which includes their reaction to another video, a small window showing the user can be placed anywhere on the screen, and this is a popular feature. There is also a duet feature on Tic Tac, where user can create a video with one video next to another one. This feature was available in the previous musical dot L y app and was very popular, so they decided to keep this a smart move. It is possible for users that upload videos to mark them as either public, private or friends. Only Tic Tac provides a four you page, which displays a feat of videos recommended for the user, based on which videos the user has viewed before similar to YouTube using artificial intelligence. Each Tic Tac user has a saved section in their profile, which only they can see here. They can add videos, sounds, filters and hashtags, which they can refer back to any time they want to do this, take top growth factors. So how did take that grow so quickly? The platform has really taken a lot of people by surprise, with its significant growth in such a short space of time. Here are some of the main reasons for the growth of tic tac endorsements from celebrities. If you know anything about social networks, then you will be aware that celebrities have a significant impact. Some celebrities are really big social media platform users and command large followings from hundreds of thousands to millions. An endorsement from a celebrity is going to persuade a lot of their followers. One of the early celebrities to embrace Tic Tac was Jimmy Fallon. He presented the app on his show to encourage people to participate in a challenge he had started. The number of TIC TAC users grew significantly from this. Fallon now has a partnership with TIC tac content that is localized despite tick tack. Being a global AMP, it has a focus for localized content. You will see a number of local challenges on the platform and this has resulted in an upturn in the user base. Tik Tak has a contest that they call one million addition, which it runs across different nations. Participants with the best themes receiving award and the contest has helped to build the overall user base. Not only that, but take time provide suggestions to users for local topics, and this is resulted in more local videos created. It is easy to use technology users find it really easy to use the tic Tac app. It makes video creation and sharing very simple, which users really appreciate. There's no steep learning curve with Tic tac, as there is with some other platforms. All the user has to do is record their video and then instantly posted. As soon as you open the tic Tac app. It is very easy to access videos, and they will start to play in sequins. People find it very easy to find videos that they want to watch 3. Getting Started with TikTok: getting started with tic tac. You need to make a good start with tic tac. If you want to be successful with it in this video, we will look at the best way to get started so that you create the right foundation for your marketing. Using the APP is tic tac right for your business. Before we get started on registering a tic tac account and setting things up, you should first conduct some research to see if Tic tac is the right platform for your business. Ask yourself the following questions. Are your target customers younger than 35 years old? Does your business target Generation Z and younger millennials? Are your products visually appealing? Are you in the music business or an artist? Would you say that your brand is fun, casual and trendy? Does your brand heavy cool kid vibe about it? Do you have the resource is to post content regularly on Tic TAC. This is not an exhaustive list by any means. Take a look at the type of brands that are using Tic Tac for marketing. Now. Does your brain suit the platform? We recommend that if you are going to market your brand on tick down that you perform a test for around three months later on. In this training, we will discuss how you can tell if things are working for you or not installed Tic TAC. Now that you have decided to use TIC tac for your brand and marketing, you will need to download the APP and install it on your mobile device. Tic TAC is available for Android and IOS devices here. One of the really good things about Tic Tac is that it is easy to share other people's content freely elsewhere. Some social media platforms actually prevent this from happening. Once you have a TIC tac account, other users can share your content on other sites. TIC TAC users can actually download full video and gift versions of your content, but there is a tic tac watermark on this. This is excellent as it helps to get the word out about platform and your brand in a seamless and organic way. Once you have downloaded and installed TIC Tac, you will need to create an account and choose a user name and display name. It is easy to sign up using Facebook, Twitter or a Gmail email account, make these names count and associate them with your brand. Be aware that if you sign up, using your phone number in your user name will reflect this number. When you use an email address, Tic TAC will provide a more personalized user name. It doesn't really matter too much because you can change your user name as soon as your account is ready. TIC TAC will create a feat of videos that it thinks you would be interested in using. AI technology. As you spend more time using Tic Tac AI technology will make smarter video choices for you . Set up your profile to access your profile. Tap on the icon that looks like the outline of a person with the word me underneath in the lower right of the screen. Make sure that you right, an appealing bio as take that users will read this. It needs to be exciting for them to want to follow you. You can link your YouTube and INSTAGRAM accounts in your profile, and we strongly recommend that you do this at the time of writing. You cannot link your Facebook page, but this is sure to change in the near future. Take your time and right a compelling description. Add the most relevant hashtags here as well. It is really important that you make the description as engaging as possible. If you want other users to react to any of your videos using the duet feature, then you can set this in your profile. You will need to select an image or video for your profile. We recommend that you choose a video here. After all, this is a video platform. When you are completing your profile, always think about the appeal that you are creating. It really can make all the difference between you being discovered on the platform and not start engaging with other users. The next step is to find some related videos and start engaging with other TIC TAC users. You need to get used to navigating around the app, which is pretty simple. There are two main feeds within the tick. Tom Pap. The fall feed creates the Ford You Page that presents videos to you using AI technology. It is similar to how Instagram's explore page works. When you watch a video on Tectonic, you will notice a series of icons to the right the first icon will take you to the content creators profile If you tap on it, then there is a heart icon for liking a video. Then you have a comments icon and then an arrow pointing to the right, which you can use to share Tic Tac's on other social platforms. Finally, there is a spinning record icon that has musical notes coming out of it. This tells you about the music that is playing in the video. When you click on it, you can see the name of the track and the artist, as well as a feed with other videos that use the same music or song. If you find a video that you enjoy, then tap on the heart icon to like it as you would on Instagram or Facebook. When you find religion videos from users, they have a good following. Then you should leave a comment as they will pick up on this. You can share the video on external platforms to following other Tic Tac users. We would recommend that you start to follow other Tic Tac users. If they are in the same nieces you, then this is a particularly good idea There are actually four ways that you can follow another user on TIC tac and the methods very slightly if you're using an IOS or android device following TIC Tac users on IOS device one. Browse videos or categories with the APP. Open tap on the magnifying glass at the bottom of the screen. This takes you to the page, where you can search by user or category. Here, you can tap on a hashtag or a category. There's also a search bar at the top of the page. Now I have a video and look for the profile image in the bottom right corner that the plus sign and this will transform into a check mark. To search for a user name, use the magnifying glass again and enter the user name into the search bar. You will then see the user with a red follow button to the right. This will then transform into a white following button. Three. Follow contacts on your device. Tap on the person icon in the far bottom right of the screen. Tap the person outlined icon with a plus toe, open the friend screen, tap on fine contacts, friends and then follow a contact using the follow red button is above four. Follow Facebook friends. Go to the friend screen again, using the method above. This time, tap on fine Facebook friends. A message will appear about signing in the Facebook. Have continue. After confirming your Facebook log in, you can invite your friends to take back by using the red follow button. Following TIC Tac users on an android device. One follow from brows, open tic Tac and then swipe up the main screen to find an account of interest. You can look at recent videos by swiping up and down your home feet. Here you will see the profile picture with a red plus sign. Tap on this plus sign to follow this user to follow from search. Have the magnifying glass icon, which is on the bottom left of the screen. This opens the search page for you. Now. Use the search bar at the top of the page to search for users hashtags and sounds. When you see the user listed that you want to follow just half on the red, follow button. Three. Follow contacts on your device. Tap on the profile icon at the bottom right of the screen To open the profound change, tap on the person outlined with a plus sign in the upper left corner, then tap on fine contacts friends, and this will scan your phone book. You'll need to tap on. Allow button first tap on the follow button next year. Contact's Name. Four. Follow Facebook friends. Open your profile page as you did above and tap on the outline person with the plus sign. This time, step on fine Facebook friends. You will need to sign into Facebook, so the tick tack and scan your friends when you see your friends list. Tap on the red follow button. When you follow people on tic Tacs, some of them are going to follow you back. Not all of them will, but that's OK. You always want to have some followers on your profile when you are starting out. It doesn't look great if you're marketing on the platform and you have no followers 4. Creating Content for TikTok: creating content for tic tac types of posts on Tic Tac To give you some good ideas for content you can create on Tic Tac, we will take a look at the most common type supposed that you will see. Remember that whatever you do, it needs to be entertaining music videos. Remember that the Ticktock platform is a follow on from the musical that L Wine platform, which was all about lip sinking to famous songs. So we'll probably not surprise you to know that many music videos and even music montages are very popular. On Tic Tac, you will find a number of lip sinking videos and others that are a bit more creative. For example, we found a number of music videos that featured characters from games were the words of the song had a strong connection. Comedy videos. There are a ton of videos on Tic Tac that have the aim of making people laugh. It is amazing how people think of some of the ideas for funny videos and create them. You will find humorous videos for people of all ages, while a lot of the comedic videos, air spontaneous and the short kind of around 15 seconds or less. There are other videos that have clearly been well planned out and have a great deal of detail in them. Making comedic videos is not easy, but if you can do it, then you will really connect with the TIC Tac crowd. Special effects videos. You can create some great videos with special effects. Inside Tic Tac, for example, there are a number of face filters that you can use to make your video is really interesting. Special effects videos are usually very popular, so you want to take your time and learn all you can about what is possible. Duet videos If you see your particular musical post that you want to reply to, you can use the duets feature in Tic Tac to create your own video by the side of the original video and use the same music. This was a popular feature in the musical that L Y that users really like some of the best videos. Using the duets feature are reactionary. You will see how someone feels about the original video, which is often very funny. It is not that difficult to make do it style videos, and you could use your own videos and react to them. Challenge Videos A very popular Thing on Tic Tac is a hashtag challenge. When Jimmy Fallon, the host of The Tonight Show, came up with the idea of the tumble we challenge, it was an enormous hit, and in less than a week there were more than 8000 videos related to it on Tic Tac that got over 10 million engagements. Ah, challenge video were basically encourage users to participate by doing something fun. Other successful challenges have included the Chipotle lid Flipped Challenge. Where they came here was to flip a chipotle bullet by only using the bowl. If you can come up with the right challenge, you can get a huge amount of engagement on tic tac creating a tic tac video. We would always recommend that you playing your TIC Tac videos. When you are promoting your brand on the platform, remember that your aim is always engagement with the users, and all those spontaneous videos can certainly do that. Those that are planned tend to do a lot better. It is pretty straightforward to create a tic tac video if you have ever posed to the story to instagram or Snapchat. Then you're going to find the tools available in tic tac easy to use, intuitive and powerful. The first thing you need to do is tap on the plus icon at the bottom of the screen. This will open the camera on your device, and you will see a large red round record button. You can create either a 15 2nd short video or a 62nd video. It is not necessary for you to use your camera to record something on the fly. There is an upload button that you can use uploaded video that you created earlier. Whatever way you choose to go, you can use the tools within tic tac toe. Add a number of special effects, including speed up your video. Slow down your video all today between your front and back smartphone camera at a timer. There are a number of effects available in Tic Tac, and when you tap on the effect icon on the left side of the screen, you can browse through them. There is a world tab where you will find effects suitable for the environment, such as a slice of augmented reality pizza. If you're using a dog or a cat in your video. Then there are even special effects available for them as well. The beauty button is a real lifesaver. Use this to erase any dark shadows that you may have under your eyes. Then there are the various filters available, which are all numbered, unlike with Instagram, where they all have names. As with Instagram, that filters and Tic tac are there to allow you to change the color filter of your camera. The timer feature is very useful, as you can set it to create hands free recordings. Without this feature, you would need to hold the recording button down all of the time. When you are shooting your videos from within Tic Tac, we recommend that you spend time playing around with the various special effects tools and tic tac. You will not take you very long to become an expert, and after this you can start testing the duets feature to create a do it video. Just tap on the share button with the original, and then she's duet. It is always good toe and a musical track with TIC tac videos, and you can do this after you have uploaded it to the recording screen. In fact, videos go viral on Tic Tac simply because of the chosen music track Toe Adam. Music Tranq. All you need to do is tap on the Add a sound icon, which is on the right side of the recording screen. You will then see a streaming menu of songs and artists similar to Spotify. Just browse the most popular tracks on TIC Tac, and you can also find other songs on Apple music as well. If you want, remember that you will not find complete songs. I'm Tic Tac. Instead, you'll find short clips to use with your short videos. You cannot edit these clips, which may not be what you want, but there is a solution, as you can actually play the music at another device while you were shooting video and tic tac. This is then registered as an original sound. You need to be careful that you do not infringe any copyrights. If you record sound from another device, though, within the Sounds menu, you will find the tracks associated with TIC Tac challenges. Once you have finished your video, just happen next and you will see a page that looks a lot like the post page for Instagram On this page, you can create a caption for your video and and relevant hashtags if you want. You can have the account handles of other users here, and you could make changes to the privacy settings where you can enable or disable duets. Turn the comments on her off and to download to your smartphones. Fuller Gallery. You can tap on safety album to make the post later, you can tap on the draft button and return to it later. Content Marketing on Ticked on Whenever you were posting content to tick, thank you. Need to think about engagement. Once you start to create entertaining videos that drive engagement, your followers will want more from you, so you had better have a plan to keep them entertained on a regular basis. There are going to be a number of marketers that make a lot of posts on tic tac at the beginning and then post nothing afterwards. This is not the best way to go. It is like telling your audience that you have nothing new to offer them. Your followers will feel that you no longer want to communicate with them, and you want to avoid this. Create a schedule for your TIC tac posts. You need to make a commitment. If you want to be successful on social media platforms like TIC Tac, New content posted regularly will increase your chances of MAWR engagement and more followers. 5. TikTok Hashtags: tic Tac hashtags. It is very important that you use the right hashtags with your tic tac posts. You can add them to a video post in an independent post or on the section for comments. If you want to categorize some of your content on tick time, then you need to use the right hashtags. You could also use Hashtags when you want your audience to know that the video post you are publishing is related to some of your previous posts. If you want to highlight a trending event, then you need to use Hashtags reasons to use Tic Tac hashtags. There are a number of important reasons why you should use Tic Tac hashtags. Here are the two most important reasons. Getting more likes and exposure. The main reason to use Hashtags is to make it easy for TIC Tac users toe. Understand what your videos are about so that they will be persuaded to watch them by persuading your audience to watch a video with the right hashtags. You will certainly get more views. Hashtags are good at highlighting trending topics that users do not want to miss. It will increase the number of likes that you get to, the more engagement that you can get through the right hashtags, the better, and this will help you to drive more sales, Increase your following some of the users on TIC TAC will be looking for specific types of content they will look at. Hashtags is the best way to determine the type of content you must use. Relevant hashtags and TIC tac users will be more likely to follow you if your hashtags accurately describe your content. There are other users trying to do people with their hashtags. How can you find the best hashtags for tic tac? You need to know how to find the best hashtags for your content on tic tac. There are some proven methods that you can use to find them. Know your audience. A lot of your audience and ticktock will only follow certain hashtags on the platform. If you just use random hashtags and do not categorize your post properly, then users will ignore your hashtags and posts. You will not establish yourself in your niche unless you research your audience properly to find out what they really like. Once you know what your audience wants, it will be easy for you to create your own unique cash tanks that will really appeal to them. You can start to create customized Hashtags once you have established your brain with your audience. Look at what tic tac influencers air doing. You need to find out who the best influencers are on tic tac and take a look at how they have become so successful. It is important that you learn from these influencers because they know what they're doing and how to get the best onto the platform. Look at the trends that influence was right on and the hashtags that they use. Take a look at the post that the influencers make and note the hashtags they used for the most successful posts. Also look at some of their post that didn't work so well, so you could avoid making the same mistakes. Check out your competitors. Spend some time researching your competitors on tic TAC. Most of them are going to use the same hash tags on their posts, and then you can follow these to see what your audience wants from the niece you are in. This is a very important task. When you were just starting out with tic Tac and you are trying to establish yourself. Never copy what your competitors are doing. Look at their successes to generate ideas for the hashtags that you can use used tools to find. Good Tic tac hashtags. There are good tools that you can use to find hashtags. Using these tools will show you popular hashtags for specific niches. Here are a couple of good tools that you can use Seek metrics. You can use this tool to find good hashtag for your tic tac posts. There is also an option to use comparative metrics so that you could measure your performance on the platform. It is easy to use seek metrics and the interfaces intuitive. There is a search feature where you can type in a hashtag keyword and seek metrics will provide some suggestions for you. You can copy these suggestions toe later. Add them to your tic tac posts. All hashtag all hashtag is another good hashtag generator to use the tool than just type in a keyword and all hashtag will do the rest. That will recommend good hashtags for your niche, and then you can copy them for future reference. The best 100 hashtags to use for more likes. Here are the best hashtags that we recommend You used to get more likes for your Tic Tac posts. One. Tic Tac Too Funny three. Love four. Follow Me five Means six. Cute seven. Music. Eight. Fun nine. Fashion. 10. Happy 11 Musically 12. Follow 13 Follow for follow Back 14 Comedy. 15 l A Well. 16. Mean 17 like For Like 18. Muser 19. Video 20 Girl 21. Funny Videos 22. Dank Means 23. Dance 24 like for follow 25 TV Tea 26. Take talking, though. 27 Mean 28 repost for follow 29 Summer 30 Pick of the day. 31 Friends, 30 to Life 33. Beauty 34 Repost 35. Selfie 36. Smile 37. Amazing 38 Family. 39 Beach 40 0 T. V. 41. Beautiful 42. Fitness. 43 Sky 44 Pretty 45 Do It. 46. Sunset 47 Dog 48 Hair. 49. Swag. 50 vsc Oh 51 Cat 52 Makeup 53 Holiday 54 Inspiration 55 iPhone only 56. Scene. 57 Fashion 58 Art 59 Tags for Likes 60 Son 61. Don't Filter 60 to Travel 63. Follow for follow 64 Photo 65 photography 66 VSC Oh, Cam 67 Model 68. Fall in Love 69. Insta Light 70 Nature 71 Why See 72 Photo of the Day 73. Home 74 Drawing 75. Healthy 76. Best of the Day 77. Jim 78 Baby 79 Design 80 Cool 81 Instapage 82 Motivation. 83 Night 84 Party 85 Insta Cool 86 Christmas 87 Fit 88 Good Morning 89. Workout 90 Blue Many one Flowers 92 Handmade 93. Black and white 94. Instant Food 95 Yummy 96 Pink 97 Hot 98 Lifestyle 99 Work 100 black. Take a good look at these hashtag suggestions and work out which ones will suit your niche . Some of them are general, so you can experiment with ease. Always measure your hashtag performance as it is very important for your success on Tic Tac 6. Marketing Strategies for TikTok: marketing strategies for Tic Tac. We believe that there are three effective ways that you can market your brand on tic Tac one. You create your own branded channel and upload relevant videos for your niche to. You can identify and work with influencers on tick tack to increase your reach on a platform. Three. You can advertise on TIC Tac. We will cover this in the next video. A lot of marketers on TIC Tac use a combination of these things to grow their followers and increased the reach. In this video, we will discuss the eight most successful marketing strategies that many brains use. One hashtag challenges the tick. That community loves a challenge. A lot of users love to accept challenges on the platform and create videos and upload them in response to the challenge. If you want to create a challenge and tic tac and you should, then you need to create an exciting and relevant hashtag. It needs to be memorable and easy for users to find. We have already mentioned in this training how popular that Jimmy Fallon tumble we challenge was okay. He had the benefit of using the power of the Tonight show to spread the word about his challenge. But if you take this out of the equation, it was to look a challenge because there were more than 8000 videos created in more than 10 million engagements. All, he asked tick tack users to do was dropped to the ground and then rolled like a tumbleweed when they heard a particular piece of music to create a successful challenge. You need to think about how a tic tac user can interact with your brand in a fun way. Maybe they hold one of your products and then do something fun with it. You also need to think about the difficulty in the creativity of the challenge. We would always recommend that you had a degree of difficulty into the challenge. The Jimmy Fallon Tumbleweed Challenge was difficult because the dropping down to the floor and rolling like a tumbleweed had to be done in public. Those that took up this challenge were really proud that they overcame their shyness and did it. It is always a good idea to allow the user some flexibility in any challenge that you create. Provide the tick tack users with the guidelines, but don't tell them exactly what they have to do. You will get better results if you allow users to chance to put their own spin on things. The jeans company guests did this very well. Jeans are a really personal item, so they encouraged users to show off how they like to wear them. This gave the users the freedom to use filters and other special effects from within. Tic Tac. Google also had a successful Tic Tac challenge for the Google assistant. When you think about it, there is almost an infinite number of things that a person could ask the Google assistant. So Google invited users to ask any question that they wanted of the Google assistant, which made the challenge creative and very popular to use duets. Ah, lot of marketers missed the trick. With duets, you can utilize a hashtag campaign with a duet that is unique and attracts a great deal of engagement. Well known deejay Collett is now an official Tic tac partner. He created a very popular hash tag. Catch these blessings by creating duets where he is looking at himself in praising individuals so users are able to use the duet function to record themselves beside deejay Colette so that they can react to what he is saying in his video. So we encourage you to think about ways in which you could interact with your audience using the duet featuring Tic Tac. Here are some ideas. Sing to one another. Hold a conversation, high five each other, finish each other's sentences. There are so many possibilities with this. So get your thinking cap on because TIC tac really like to do a feature and use it a lot. Get this right and you will get a ton of engagement for your brand. Three. Use influencers As you would expect. There are a number of influencers on tic tac, as there are with all the other social media platforms. The difference is that because Tic tac is fairly new, there are not as many as there are on Instagram, for example, so identifying them should be easier for you. Even though the tic tac a platform is new, there are still influencers on there that have millions of followers. They can really help you to push your marketing campaign to their audience. When you are choosing an influencer, you must consider the authenticity they have and use the right type of content. Big brands such as Google have used influencers to spread the word about their campaigns to good effect. There have been a number of successful influencer marketing cases using hashtag challenges . For example, it all boils down to selecting the right influencer and allowing them to have input. Let them create the best content around your campaign because they know their audience much better than you dio. So you could ask an influencer to wear a piece of clothing that you sell or using one of your products. The influencer needs to be comfortable doing this. If they don't like the clothing or the products that you sell, it will never work well. Tic Tac is a young people's platform, so don't expect influencers to promote campaigns for products designed for older people. Four. Use scarcity. Scarcity is always a good marketing tactic, and this certainly implies to tic tac. You want to encourage engagement and participation, and having a time constraint will push users to get involved. If you don't use some form of scarcity than people will put off their participation and probably never end up getting around to it. So if you want to create a challenge, put a time limit on it. When a TIC tac user knows that they only have a few days to participate, it will force them to make a decision. Guess Jean's gave user seven days to participate in their challenge, which was very effective as their participation numbers were high. Five Be authentic. We would always recommend authenticity with your marketing for any social channel. But it is particularly important with Tic tac as it is so new and pure. The platform is not saturated with brands yet, like Instagram and others are, we're sure that this will happen eventually. You always need to be authentic and tick tack or else the community will shun you. Don't be sales oriented and try to push users to purchase your products and services. Instead, you need to push community and creativity. Use engagement with your brand is a good way for your audience to receive likes and shares from their communities. When you get this right, you will experience a lot of success with your marketing on tic tac six. Build a community. You're not going to get very far with TIC TAC. If you just create a single challenge and leverage this by using an influencer, it is essential that you are prepared to build a community on the platform. Of course, you convert the community around your brand in your products. We recommend that you start by creating simple videos. You need to decide on the tone that you want for your brand and then create short videos that resonate with this. Do you want to be funny, political, controversial or positive? When you create a good community vibe on TIC Tac, other users will be clamoring to join in. Seven. Encourage user generated content. The Generation Z crowd wants to be fully immersed. They like to be active and are not. Fans of watching TV is it is far too passive for them. Tick tack users want to participate and get involved with stuff, so give them this opportunity around your brand. Your aim here is to encourage tic tac users who like your brand to share videos of themselves using or interacting with your products in some way. When this happens, you're likely to receive high levels of engagement. A restaurant in China came up with the idea of having a D. I Y option on their menu people that one. For this option, we're able to create their own unique dishes, and a lot of them created videos around this. They then uploaded these videos to the Chinese version of Tic Tac, which is due in what was the result of this Well, after only a few customers that have chosen the D. I Y option uploaded the videos. The restaurant experienced a sharp increase in traffic. In fact, a further 15,000 people approached the restaurant for their D. I. Y option, and many of these made videos, too, and uploaded them. Over 50 million users viewed these videos. Eight. Promote your videos on other social channels. When you create videos for TIC Tac, he can use them for promotion on other social channels as well. Also, add them to your website or blonde. This is a great way to get more followers on Tic Tac as well as on other platforms. 7. TikTok Ads: Tic Tac ads. At the time of writing this training, TIC TAC ads were not available to all countries. They were certainly available in the United States. To see if you can place ads on TIC TAC in your country, please go to Https Colon, Ford's last forward slash add stock ticktock dot com. Tic TAC started to show short ads in January 2019. Later in April 2019 TIC TAC launched the beta version of their managed service platform, which created a bit herbal Add environment reps from TIC Tac will run ads for you, but this is sure to change. So here we want to explain the types of ads that are available on the TIC Tac platform. There are a few things that you need to know about, Tic Tac adds. First, you can only use in feed video ad. This is sensible is a platform is renowned for its short video clips. You have the choice of three different models with these ends. One cost per click CPC to cost per 1000 impressions. CPM three Cost per view. CPV. This is a six second view in terms of audience targeting. You can go for gender and age, as well as geo targeting at state level. Going forward, Tic TAC plans to introduce other targeting options, such as behavioral interest in more granular demographics. At the moment, there is no minimum spending requirement, but TIC Tac does encourage their advertisers to make an investment in ads that will be large enough to produce results in generate leads and sales. There is a feature to create custom lists, but you will need to use a physical list for this as CRM integration isn't currently available in time, there will certainly be a self ads serve option and useful integrations brand takeover ads . If you want your ad to appear when a user opens Tic Tac, then the brand takeover ad is right for you as it will present your ad front and center. With this type of ad, you will be able to drive TIC TAC users internally or to an external destination. Onley. One advertiser can use a brand takeover add per category per day over time. This is going to make these ads pretty expensive at the top of the screen. The user can elect to skip the ad if it is not of interest in them. With brand takeover edge, you will be able to measure reach through click rates, unique reaches and impressions. These are going to be effective ad types as the ads will be user friendly and designed to have an impact on the target audience. The HASHTAG Challenge ad The hashtag challenge at is all about encouraging user generated content by requesting TIC TAC users to participate in a challenge that showcases your brand in some way. Challenges are very popular and tic tacs, so if you get this right and you can expect some very good results. Hashtag challenges are so successful because they capitalize on the natural tendency of TIC TAC users to create their own content and uploaded to the platform. When you go for a hashtag challenge and the representative from TIC Tac will partner with you for a period of six days, which will be the length of your ad, it is a good idea to find a good influence or partner for your hashtag challenge, add as they will be able to extend your reach considerably. The right challenge idea will result in a lot of organic engagements on the TIC Tac platform branded lens ads. If you are familiar with the airlines, is offered by Instagram and Snapchat, then you will find this to be a similar concept. With branded lens ABS, you can use three D objects, face filters and more. Ah, branded lens can provide a very deep level of engagement on tic TAC When you have the support of the user base, this will be a very good way to get your message out there in feed native ants if you like . The Instagram story adds in full screen mode and believe that this kind of approach is right for your brand than the in feed native ads from TIC Tac could be the right choice for you. You will be able to add a link to your website in these ads. Of course, as with other types of ads of the in feed, native ads have a skip feature for users that have no interest. With this type of ad, there are a number of options available to you When it comes to design, you will be able to measure the engagements you receive with this type of ad as well as total views viewing times click throughs and impressions. Your in feed native ad could be between five and 15 seconds in length. The video must be in vertical format, and it will display on the tick tack users or you Paige. There are some call to action choices, such as visits to your website and APP downloads. Attack ads will certainly improve over time. It is in the company's interest to attract advertisers and keep them as happy as possible. At the moment, that Tic Tac ad system does not have the sophistication of Facebook ads or INSTAGRAM ads. But this will get better as the platform continues to grow. At the moment, ads on TIC Tac are probably going to be the cheapest that they will ever be, so we recommend that you give them a try. There is certainly a large enough user base to make this worthwhile for you. As with all social media ads, it is a good idea to tweak them and mix it up. Seeing the same and all of the time is not really a good thing on social media test all the ads that you place and take the time to work out why some perform better than others. All of your ads will need to blend in seamlessly with the TIC Tac platform. The reps will ensure this right now, and even when the platform goes, self serve ads will probably still require approval from TIC Tac Fun. Entertaining and consistent ads are the most likely to win the day. Anything that encourages participation is going to have more appeal. So if you want to use TIC Tac ads, you need to plan your content and let your creativity flow. 8. TikTok Use Cases to Inspire you: Tic Tac use cases to inspire you. There have been a number of successful use cases already on Tic Tac, despite the platform being fairly new. Some of the early adopters of TIC Tac include sports teams, musicians and colleges as well as specific businesses. In a lot of cases, they have found that their TIC Tac videos create more engagement than they do on other social platforms. The Bailey Bakery There have been a lot of bakeries, pastry chefs and cake decorators used Tic Tac for their marketing with good results. This makes sense because baking and cake making is highly demonstrative. You'll find a lot of videos of chefs and cake decorators doing their thing to music on Tic Tac. A number of chefs and bakers have a mass followings of over 100,000 on TIC Tac, but the Bailey Bakery really stands out at the time of writing. They have over four million followers, and their videos have received over 90 million hearts or likes their videos. Also, Baker's decorating cookies to background music. Sometimes they use the speed up effects as well. Anthony Barr, Budo lawyer This one will probably surprise you. It seems unlikely that lawyers would do well on TIC Tac, but there are quite a few on their that are getting good results. Some of the law firms use the platform for brand awareness, and they have fun in the process. The biggest lawyer success story on TIC Tac is Anthony Barr Budo At the time of writing, he has over 1.8 million followers, and his content has more than 26 million hearts. Other lawyers share their advice and expertise on tank talk and some videos get thousands of hearts and comments. University of Florida It is no surprise in universities and colleges with TIC Tac accounts . Some are doing better than others in the University of Florida is certainly making their mark on the platform. They have more than 83,000 followers in almost a 1,000,000 hearts for their videos. The University of Florida shares a lot of different experiences, such as a behind the scenes look on campus accomplishments of various students, videos on sports hype and even dance challenges. Least not X again. No surprise to see musicians using Tic Tac, but little Mass. X is a smart rapper who used the platform to really get the word out about his music. Most people have heard the Old Town Road song, and you can think Tic tac for this. In a large part. A couple of years ago, Little mass Acts was unknown, but he worked out how he could use the mean culture of tick tack to appeal to the cool kids on the platform. His Old Town Road song went Viral ended up being the longest number one song on the Billboard Hot 100 Spotify. How did he do this? Well, he posted a video of him performing the song on Tic Tacs platform, which was quickly turned into a mean the spread like crazy and produced over 500 million video views and resulted in over five million users creating videos around his hashtag Old Town Road, the low mile shop. If you own an e commerce store than you need to watch this, there are a lot of small e commerce stores using the pick that platform to promote their products. Now they do this by creating and uploading videos that show how their products work toe background music. The low mile shop has really done well on TIC TAC. They created a video showing one of their products for closet organizing, and this received nearly two billion hearts and almost 7000 comments. What can tick tack do for your online store? The Washington Post This is another usage case that may surprise you. The Washington Post has around 100 and 60,000 followers, and their content has over four million hearts. The content created by The Washington Post uses the features of Tic Tac really well. They really embraced a fun challenge and mean culture of the platform. Some of the most popular videos provided behind the scenes look at their newsroom. In one video. There's a fun exchange between the editor and a reporter that received almost 100,000 hearts and more than 160 comments. The Pasco County Sheriff's Office cops on TIC TAC. You better believe it. There are a number of great cops, including entire sheriff's offices, that have a presence on Tic Tac. One of the first of these law enforcement agencies to get on the TIC Tac was the Pasco County Sheriff's Office. Now they have around 300,000 followers, and their content has over three million hearts they create right along clips with their deputies and behind the scenes clips. There are really funny videos of deputies taking a popular dance challenges on Tic Tac Other success stories. There are other success stories on TIC Tac to the MBA is on the platform, and they have over 5.5 million followers, and their content has more than 79 million hearts. They always post very content ranging toe highlights of basketball matches to fans dancing . Most of the N B A. Teams have their own tic tac accounts. A good example of this is the Chicago Bulls, who actually haven't account for their mascot, who has the name Benny the Bull. Benny has an INSTAGRAM account as well, but he has more followers on TIC Tac. Benny creates collaboration videos with other mascots. One of the most popular of these videos, with the mascot from the Philadelphia Flyers, who has the name Gritty. This just goes to show that Tic Tac offers many opportunities for co marketing. We hope that these successful use cases have inspired you to get started with the TIC Tac platform to promote your business. Get in now while it is still growing, and you too, can create a huge following and a great marketing channel 9. TikTok Analytics: Tic Tac Analytics. When you were promoting your business on any social media platform, you need to regularly check how you're doing. It should never be a case of putting content out there and hoping for the best. You need to know what is working and what isn't. So here we will give you the lock down on Tic Tac Analytics. You will need a pro account. Recently, Tic TAC launched their Native analytics program, which is only available for pro account holders. If you have an INSTAGRAM Creator account, then this is similar. You can use the analytics, dashboard and Tic tac to discover insights about your audience and how your published content is performing. It is very easy to switch to a pro account. Just go to your profile settings and tampon. Manage my account on the next green just happened. Switch to pro account. After this, you have to choose a category for your account, and the final step is to enter your mobile phone number so you can receive a verification code via SMS. Enter the code and you're good to go. Go back to your settings menu and you will now find analytics. Tap on this To get to your dashboard, you will need to switch to a pro account before anything is recorded and displayed in your dashboard is gonna take around a week to see anything meaningful, so posts as much content as possible during this time. There are three categories on your Tic Tac Analytics dashboard, which are one profile overview to content insights. Three. Follower insights You can tap on the tabs at the top of the screen for a deep dive into each of these categories. The profile Overview. You will use the profile overview to see how well your tic tac account is performing. In general, you'll be able to see your total profile views, video views and your total follower count. Your video views are displayed first. With this, you can see the total number of times that users have viewed your videos in a seven day or 28 day period. There's a daily breakdown provided which is useful to identify peak days. Then you will see your profile views again. There is a seven day or 28 day option for this, and it is broken down into individual days. Finally, there's your follower count again available for a seven day or 28 day period broken down into days. All of these metrics are useful to you and can be a big help to develop your TIC TAC content strategy. You can identify useful patterns with your profile Overview metrics. You can use it to determine the time it takes users from first consuming your content to viewing your profile and becoming a follower. Content insights. You can get very rich insights from the content tab in the Tic Tac analytics. First, there is a top level view where you conceive use to each video post that you created over the last week. This is from the newest content to the oldest. It also shows you which of your videos has trended on the for you page for the same period , as well as the total of use for those videos throughout the process. What is really great about content insights is the ability to look at each individual post that you made to uncover the richest insights. You will get the following metrics for each post total hearts or likes for the post Total comments from the Post Total shares for the Post Total video playtime. Total video views, the average watch time sources of traffic audience territories. The audience territories Metric will tell you which post resonated the best with which different audiences. This is presented a country level. You can compare this to the audience territories. Information found in Follower insights. Follower Insights in the Follower Inside section, you get a top level view of the demographics of your audience. You'll see a split by gender as well as a breakdown of your audience numbers expressed in percentages. The territories are broken down to country level. Pantos Tic Tac Analytics Tool. The analytics package offered by TIC Tac is good, but you can only use it to examine the performance of your own account. What if you want to look at the performance of your competitors accounts. There's an external tick tack analysis tool available from Penn Toes that will enable you to do just that. And those gathers publicly available Tic tac profile data to provide you with insights for accounts that you do not own. You can sign up for a free pantos account, and you will be able to analyze data from three Tic Tac accounts if you want to look Atmore and obtained more detailed metrics than they have to premium options. At $19.99 dollars a month in the pencils dashboard, you can see the following. For each account you were tracking the average engagement rate, total number of hearts, total number of video posts. He average number of hearts or likes the average number of comments. The number of other Tic Tac accounts that the profile follows. Let's say that you wanted to partner with a specific influencer to boost the reach of your content. You can use pencils to see what their average engagement rate is, which will help with decision making with the premium version of Pento so you can look at hash tags. For example, there's a hashtag challenge dashboard that will show you the following the average HASHTAG engagement rate, the average number of comments, the total views to the hashtag content, total number of posts using the hash tag the average likes for the hash tag. Pantos is a really good tool to have in your TIC Tac marketing armory. You can start with the free version and then upgrade from there when you need more details . Knowing the results that certain influencers and competitors are achieving will give you an edge 10. TikTok Best Practices: Tic Tac Best practices. Although Tic Tac is a fairly new platform, a number of best practices have already emerged through different marketers experimenting with the platform. So here we have nine best practices for you to follow to get the most out of your Tic tac marketing. One Tic Tac has a young user base, the Generation Z, people that, like Tic Tac, want to be entertained and they want to participate, so you need to give them what they want. As the platform grows, you may find that the audience broadens out in terms of age, but for now you are looking at the younger generation, so always keep this in mind when you were planning your content to always use music, take back users. Expect music with their videos, so give it to them. Remember that a lot of the users come from musical data. Why? Where music was the predominant theme. It will not take you long to add some music for your videos, so be sure to do this. Three. Use special effects. There are lots of different ways that you can spice up your videos using the special effects within picked up. Take the time to learn how these effects work and use them as often as you can. You can experiment with different effects to see which are the most popular with your audience. Four. Use multiple shots in your videos when you create a video using multiple shots and makes it a lot more interesting. You don't have to do this with every video, but experiment with this in a few and see how your audience reacts. Five. Challenger Audience Tick talkers Enjoy a challenge, which is one of the hashtag challenge features so popular. Create a relevant and memorable hashtag for your challenge and make it fun with the degree of difficulty. Always set a deadline for completion of the challenge. Six. Take a look at your competitors. Find out who your competitors on tic TAC are and take a good look at what they're doing. You can get some good ideas from this that will be the inspiration for some of your content . Remember not to copy what others were doing, but take their ideas and put your own spin on things. Seven. Use analytics. Not everything that you do on tick tack is going to be a runaway success you must know what is working well and what isn't. Take that provides you with some great analytics that will tell you everything that you need to know about your posts and your profile as a whole. A plan. Your content. Sometimes an on the fly video can work well, and there's no reason that you shouldn't create thes from time to time. But in general, it is better to plan your content and create a posting schedule. Provide more of what is working. Nine. Be consistent. It is much better to develop a consistent posting schedule than to post a lot of videos at once and then leave it for a while before you post again. Your brand can easily be forgotten if you do this. If TIC Tac users like your videos, then they will expect more, so get them used to a regular posting schedule. 11. Conclusion: conclusion. If you have gone through this training from start to finish, you will have a good understanding of how you can use the TIC Tac platform to promote your business to the huge user base of more than 500 million users. It is important that you do not just jump onto the platform without knowing what you were doing. Tic Tac users are looking for fun and entertaining content brands and organisations that have used the platform successfully marketing know this and have postive creative videos that get the users involved in their brand in a fun way. If you want to succeed with TIC Tac marketing, you must do the same. More and more businesses are starting to realize the power of the Tic Tac platform, but as things stand, it is not saturated with marketing. This means that it is an ideal time for you to get started and establish yourself on Tic tac. While there is less competition. Now it is over to you. While going through this training will make you a bit smarter. Only by taking action will you be able to leverage the TIC Tac platform to increase the profitability of your business. Remember to download and install the happened. Play around with it so that you are familiar with the features. Before you start to post videos, you need to be committed to marketing on TIC Tac. Don't make the mistake of posting a lot of videos at once and then do nothing for a long time. The users will just forget about you. Get organized and create a content marketing schedule for Tic Tac and stick to it. We hope that you found TIC Tac marketing to be informative and useful. Get started today with your TIC tac marketing. We wish you every success promoting your business on this rapidly growing platform.