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Watch this class and thousands more

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Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

    • 1.

      Let's Learn TikTok!


    • 2.

      Why Learn and Use TikTok?


    • 3.

      TikTok for Beginners Class Project


    • 4.

      TikTok Home Screen and User Interface Basics


    • 5.

      My Top TikTok Video Helps Me Experience a Breakthrough


    • 6.

      Lessons Learned Creating During My First Month on TikTok


    • 7.

      Case Study with JRSwab Sharing Programming Tutorials


    • 8.

      Case Studies from Viral Videos


    • 9.

      Discover page for researching trending hashtags


    • 10.

      Learn Vertical Video Production with TikTok in the Next Class!


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About This Class

Learn TikTok, a trending social media app similar to Vine where users share short 15 or 60 second vertical videos!  In this class, we look at the basics of social media marketing with TikTok from understanding the user interface to seeing what kinds of videos viewers are watching to researching trending hashtags via the discover page!

More About TikTok:

TikTok (sometimes misspelled Tik Tok) is a Chinese iOS and Android social media video app for creating and sharing short lip-sync, comedy, and talent videos which launched in 2017 via developer ByteDance, a Beijing-based company founded in 2012 by Zhang Yiming.  In February 2019, TikTok, together with Douyin, hit one billion downloads globally.

Meet Your Teacher

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Jerry Banfield

I create music videos and teach crypto!


YouTuber, Twitch streamer, crypto investor (100% $ICP), music producer, father, husband, gamer, and yogi sober in AA since 2014 as seen at https://jerrybanfield.com/

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1. Let's Learn TikTok!: Welcome to Tic Tac for beginners here with me. Your instructor, Jerry Banfield on skill share. What we're doing in tic tac for beginners is walking you through the basics off. Why learn this app? What's exciting about it? What are people using it for and how do you use it? This courses specifically toe let you discover the elements of the interface how to do things like research. Hashtags. Understand what kind of videos people are watching. Figure out what kinds of videos you might like to create. Share my experience with the videos I've created on tic tac and to get you ready to then make great videos of your own on tic tac. If you just want to learn how to produce videos on tic TAC, I've filming a course right after this called vertical video production with TIC TAC. Therefore, this course will not cover anything specifically using the video editor which will be covered in the next class. I appreciate you watching this. I hope this is a very helpful introductory course to tic tac for you. I appreciate the chance to be your instructor and I'll see you in the course 2. Why Learn and Use TikTok?: What's so exciting about Tic Tac? Why is this worth timeto learn as a person who's got so many different things I could learn and do to me When I'm going to watch a video course, it's essential that I'm sold, and I understand why this is a skill worth learning. Why is being good with using Tic Tac and making vertical videos the skills we're going to focus on here? Why are these really valuable skills today? First, let's look at vertical videos, which Tic Tac is all about vertical video. That means up and down. That means the native format on TIC Tac is vertical, whereas most video is in the horizontal format. Vertical video is very hot these days because vertical is the native way. Many of us watch video on our phone. If you think about how you've been using your phone for the last few years, you probably take a lot of your videos holding your phone straight in the up and down position like this. And that means that you are filming vertical videos. If you're watching on your phone, you're also likely toe. Want to watch in vertical because it's just a little more comfortable to hold the phone that way. Therefore, vertical video is one of the main types of video we collectively, as users are creating right now, and we're starting to consume Mawr vertical video as well, which is what Tic Tac is all about. As a creator, I'm constantly asking what is the best format for me to create in there's certain formats I can create. And, for example, if I write a blawg post that's not very likely to reach as many people as if I make a podcast and that's not likely to reach as many people as if I make a video or course or live stream as the creator, a big part of what we dio is getting our message out there. And for me, I'm always thinking, what's the most effective way I can use my time and energy as a creator to deliver my message. If you are making any kind of activity on any kind of social media applications, you are a creator. As a creator, it's important to think about how valuable your time and energy is and where your time and energy conduce the most good. Generally, I feel that my time and energy will do the most good as a creator when I can create in a place where the most people are likely to see it and have the biggest impact on those people in the least amount of my time and effort. That's why I'm so excited about Tic TAC is because it is an application that is intended to let me and anyone else have a powerful effect. With very little time and effort, I can literally, with my phone out, hit the record button, start talking to a video in 15 seconds or 60 seconds. Put that out there, and because so many people are consuming video on tic Tac relative to creating it, I have got a good shot. And in fact, my videos have gotten as many as 10,000 views in the first few hours despite not having a following. That is a unique opportunity today because on websites like Facebook and Apple, like Instagram there so saturated with creators and the amount of consumption is not keeping up with the amount of posts, videos, photos that people are sharing, it's often more difficulties the creator to get your message actually consumed by the right people and by as many people as possible. Tic Tac right now has the balance in favor of the Creator, which is why so many people have been able to successfully connect with the people that are wanting to consume what they've created in the form of vertical videos. On top of that, Tic Tac makes it really easy to create vertical videos that then are engaging and reach people on instagram, Facebook, YouTube and Twitter via stories or via vertical video, Post says. And just make a post that the vertical video on Facebook vertical video is hot right now because of using our mobile devices. Therefore, Tic TAC is an application that makes it easier to create. Engaging vertical videos allows us to get a chance to reach people for free that aren't following us within the application itself and then haven't engaging experience and enjoyable toe watch video that's available to those that are already following us on instagram, Facebook, YouTube and Twitter. Therefore, Tic TAC is one of those applications that allows me to take a very short amount of time and have a very high return out of that time. I've found on Facebook the last several years that I've struggled to reach more than maybe 50 or 100 people when I make a post and struggle to get even a like or a couple of likes out of the people that are seeing my posts on my personal profile, despite having 1000 friends and 4000 people following me. When I started using Tic Tac to make vertical videos, I posted a video up as a story on Facebook that I created on Twitter on Tic Tac. And when that story went up within 24 hours, I had people on Facebook messaging me about my story and consistently people seeing me in person talking about my story. Therefore, it's essential as a creator to make vertical videos to make the most of what we already have worked so hard to build in terms of our audience and then to also be able to connect with new audiences. Tic Tac is the single easiest way I've found to put all this together. In one simple format, Tic Tac also inspires me to do my best and get creative ideas to make short little 15 2nd or 62nd videos that I might not have thought of otherwise. It also encourages me to actually do videos, and it makes it easy to put some text on those videos instead of just sharing things like pictures in stories which aren't nearly as engaging when I'm sharing vertical videos as soon as I use Tic Tac and I'm sharing them over on my instagram and Facebook and YouTube and Twitter, then that is getting my stories up towards the top of the placement because I have videos and a lot of other people are just sharing pictures. Therefore, Tic Tac is an incredible productivity tool. If you're a crater to make the most of what, you already have an incredible way to connect with new audiences. That's why it's worth learning. That's why it's worth trying. And that's why I'm teaching you this here today. I appreciate you learning about TIC Tac, and now that we understand what the opportunity is, why it's so exciting, we go into the details of how to actually use it. 3. TikTok for Beginners Class Project: for the class project where you please take a quick screen shot of either your profile or your favorite video on tic tac. It could be one you've uploaded or anyone else's uploaded because I'd love to get to know you see what you're doing on tic TAC and hear your experience with TIC Tac. What you can do is take a picture. Ah, screenshot of your profile, put it up in the class project and then share in a quick pair guy for to what you've done on tick talking what you've learned. And that way you'll help us get to know from your experience, you'll help be able to teach the Clash up other students to be able to connect with you on Tic tac. And all of us come out ahead that way. This is my profile on Tic Tac. I've got 30 videos I've been testing and learning Tic Tac for about a month. I've been watching and learning from other creators a lot, which is I gives me an ideal teaching experience to combines this course with what I've learned from others than what I've been able to replicate for myself. I'd love to get to know and see what you're doing on tic tac so I can learn and grow and benefit from what you're doing. Show up in the class project and then ask any questions and that will give me the best chance to help you. I appreciate you watching this class on skill share, and I'll see you and get to know you in the class project. 4. TikTok Home Screen and User Interface Basics: Welcome to the home screen on Tic Tac. I trust you can go download and install the app on your own from the APP store by searching for tic Tac. Once you create an account and sign in, which is pretty easy and self explanatory, then you will see this home screen and we'll have two basic options. It has the four you page and the following page the following pages, just from creators you've hit follow while the four U pages, The Organic Discovery Place on Tic Tac. That's where you can get your video discovered by people who have not follows you yet. And almost everyone I've found was on the for you page. And every video I've put out has got the majority of its reach from people not following. That's why this is so exciting. What I'll do here's walk you through the basics off the home screen in the user interface so that you can understand where to go from here. When you first sign in, you won't be following anybody, so they're just be there for you, Page. But as soon as you start following people, you will see the following, and you can just browse videos from people you're following on the lower interface on the buttons on the very bottom you'll see there's five different buttons. There's the home. That's where you are when you first log in. That's where you watch videos on the home page. When you click on Discover, discover will allow you to search through videos and try and find specific videos you want to watch, and you can watch videos by certain hashtags. The plus button will allow you to watch videos I've not watched. That is why my saying, the plus button will love you to create your own video, and that's the most important. But I think on Tic Tac because you're here to create, I imagine. Thus you hit the plus button to make your own videos. Next to the plus button is the inbox button, where you'll find all the notifications. Four people have liked your videos, commented on your videos, viewed your profile and followed you, ah, place where you're likely to get excited when you get started. Finally, there's a link on the bottom right to me, that is to your profile page. When we now go up and down, I'll explain to you what each of these are. The 1st 1 on the top is the profile page of the person used video you're watching. There's a little plus button under it, which will allow you to follow someone without actually having the even go visit their profile below that is the heart symbol, and that's where you like videos on Tic Tac. If you enjoy watching a video, you hit the heart. But I am pretty giving. I hit the hard button. If I laugh or enjoy a video even a little bit or I just I'm grateful for its upload. Below that, there's the comment, but no. And that's where you can see how many comments have been on the video before you actually hit it. Then you can wade into the comments. You could like other comments and make your own comment from their below. That is the share button where you can share the video in a message to someone else. And there's also options where you can react to a video. In other words, you can watch the video while it's being played, and below that, the last button. This is a pretty cool to me Tic Tac exclusive feature is a record little record spinning around this record. Spinning around allows you to see where the audio came from. On that video, what happens on TIC Tac is a lot of people use audio from a popular song and make a video with that audio. And then, if you like that particular song and you want to watch MAWR, where people are making videos to that particular audio, you can click on the record and find videos that have the exact same audio as well as the original audio. Sometimes for that video, for example, I love whatever the recent challenges people have been taking, like a Tu leader, Koken pouring it all over the floor in front of their family. I just think those air funny For some reason what I am able to do is I click on the record and I can go see all the challenges that people have used that audio. I can see all the videos people have made on that exact audio, and therefore you can see what types of videos you might want to create, based on the audio of the wonder, discovering now that you've got a basic understanding of the home page, you're ready to go much deeper into Tic Tac 5. My Top TikTok Video Helps Me Experience a Breakthrough: Let's look at my top video so far on TIC TAC. This video got almost 15,000 views within the 1st 24 hours, all from people not following me, and it got hundreds of comments. It got thousands off likes and got hundreds of new followers. Not just that. But when I put this video over onto my instagram stories, my Facebook page, my Facebook profile stories, YouTube stories, this video had a huge impact both on me and on the audiences that watched it in terms of building our relationships and helping me. The funny part about this video is I did not want to make this video at all this. You'll see why when Ah, let's just play it for you and then we'll talk some more about it. Will you please pray for my mom? Her name's Cathy. She's really sick. I'm just spent while crying, and I feel so ashamed that I've been judging her so much and praying so little. So please, please pray for her. What you can see about that video is that video is very raw. Very riel. Exactly what I think. Tic Tac is awesome. Potentially to share our open hearts and help let other people know that it's okay to struggle and suffer with things and go through things and be sad and ask for help. And I'm so grateful I had the courage to share that video After making thousands of videos . I've seen that some of my very best videos in terms of making a real difference of the ones where I often cheer things. I don't want to talk about that. I'd rather not put a video out. In fact, putting a video about that made me cringe. And what got me to put the video? It is my previous experience during views. I thought this video might really help. Someone might really make a difference, and I need the help. My mother's health has been an issue for years, and I haven't seen her in almost two years. This has been one of the big pain points in my life over the last few years. And just honestly, feeling the pain and asking for help and for prayers is something that I often have worked really hard to avoid. And I'm grateful they're such incredible support on Tic Tac. So many people who've never met me never seen one of my videos before. Eso maney kind loving comments. So Maney likes on the videos and some of those people following me now and still watching new videos, asking how my mom's doing opening up to me and saying, Jerry, my dad was in the hospital. He's sick. Will you pray for him? And that to me, is meeting the need of what we're here for. We're here to help each other in this lifetime and struggling with grief and pain and sadness, these air things that many of us think we have to do alone because most people in our lives don't show us that they're going through that. And I've discovered one of the most powerful ways I can create is to is to share this and this. Ironically, the video I would have rather not made that I'm like, uh, not that assumes that I was finishing up crying in the shower, and it's like this will be something to make a video about none like No, come, Seriously. This seriously, this is what I should make a video off. Come on, man. What I'm great before is I have the courage to listen to that voice today and say, Okay, this this is really what I need to make a video off. I'll make it. If this would help somebody, I'll make it And that's what I did I immediately just as soon as I got out of the shower. I'm not even sure if I was dressed in this video or not, but it's neck up, so it's no big deal. I literally just recorded a video straight from the heart, put a little text on top of it and put it out there, and I share it. And then over the next few days, what's really cool is I felt better now. My mom's physical condition, to my knowledge, is I don't know how it is different from a month ago when I shared this. My internal acceptance and the actions I've taken since then is dramatically different. I feel peaceful about this situation with my mom. I'm planning a visit. I have not visited my mother since I think 2000 and 14 or maybe the beginning of the year 2015. It's been almost five years since I visited my mother. She's came and visited me. Several times, and I've rationalized Well, she ought to come here because we have two young kids of four year old and one year old and it's much easier for her to travel and come see us. And it is for me to pack up myself and Laura and the two kids and all. Try and go make a trip to her. And she's been so sick. She hasn't been healthy enough to make a trip, and she really wasn't healthy enough to make a trip two years ago. And I've been in pain and rationalization and I struggle with this, and this video helped me to break through. And by breakthrough, I mean to not have so much pain about it to say this is the way things are. What can I do about it? Facing the pain allowed me to say, What can I do about and takes an action on it? So I'm so grateful for this video, and I've shown you this video with the hope this will give you an idea off the kind of video you could make that might have a big difference in your life and in other people's lives. 6. Lessons Learned Creating During My First Month on TikTok: now that we've looked at my top video, let's look at all of my videos to see what experience I have myself and some of the things I've learned from that. This is my TIC TAC profile on desktop. What I've got is just my videos, and it shows the number of likes on them and the likes often correspond directly to the views. What I've done good with is sticking to my authentic creative message in most of my videos , where I found a lot of deviation and struggle and distraction in my past is getting into making things that what I call our inauthentic there things that air aimed to get a result rather than to share a message that's in my heart. What I've done recently is make videos, just talking about kind of short previews of whatever I'm doing on my YouTube channel. I've also made some videos talking about, for example, Kickstarter project, but the ones that are doing the best. For example, this one on my grandfather passing this one here has done the best out of my recent videos . I just finished a good crime missing. My grandpa has been 25 years today. Since he passed, I was Miss my dad to He's been gone 5.5 years. I embraced grief today because it reminds me of how much I love that person and I that in that video that's the second most popular video I've done in terms of likes on it. And as you can see, there's a need people have Teoh see some open sharing of things like grief and just processing love and emotions like that. That's what I feel. My authentic message is that I have that I can really help people with on some of these videos, like this one has talked about my Kickstarter project. As you can see, a lot of these haven't got much interaction. I did one here showing a family photo shoot and then I did some or down here this one. I found some viral videos in this pen or marker throwing format that people seem one. I'm rich. Oh, this video is easy to make. This will go viral. Damn it! I like guys, Huh? I'm very missed for one. I saw some videos go viral in that format and I gave that a try. There's a healthy balance between experimenting and just playing around with other formats you've seen go viral and carrying your authentic message. And that, to me, is a delicate balance as a creator. Here's another video. I did this one. I actually I cussed in that one, so I won't play that one for the course. But this one? I talked about my debt, and it was a short version of the much longer version on YouTube. That one on par with the grandfather passing video in terms of lots of likes and comments receive it. It won't him play the beginning on this one, will it? Well, you look on the mobile app. That was the video I enjoyed making and another honest straight from the heart. Look, I've got 484,000 and debt. It started off borrowing money for student loans. Then I went and got a master's degree and now started a business, bought a home and a family, and it's snowballed from 18,000 and undergrad loans to 1/2 $1,000,000 almost in student loans, business loans, credit cards and home mortgage. Again a video that's extremely authentic. And I'm telling you what I'm doing because you'll see I'll go into some case studies after this that are a bit different. Things you might want to do to have the best shot to kind of trend of at the same time are these things that I really want to do. I'm interested. I did a video going out to lunch and showing my burger, and that got a decent amount of interaction. I put up this gaming video. I thought sure this would do well. I killed a guy in there spon He was in the fawn. I killed him with Field. I killed a guy spot. Now that video had done pretty well on my Facebook page. And I put that up on What is this app? Tic tac? I put it up on TIC Tac and I thought, Is this going to do great it, Zina Gaming for my people like video games, and you never can tell that. And for me, I don't play video games currently and thus doesn't make sense to put that up. I did kind of a little book review here. I put up something else. I said hundreds of comments I've seen and responded to for prayers for me and my mother made a big difference in my life. I'm feeling absolutely amazing and I'm thinking every day How can I help you? How can I give back? Let me know and I'll do whatever I can. I did that after I put the video up of my mom a few days after that. I also put some other videos up saying, Ah, little short things that I thought would be helpful for people to learn things like how to prevent a car accident, earn money, stay sober, things like that. And then, if you want to look at this zoo my most embarrassing video welcome to the inside of my not that one. This my most embarrassing video. What's up, homey? It's my first day in the hood. You already for me do this. My first week in the hood, I just got invited to the barbecue. Let's go. Worked out up forever. So bad, so bad. It's just so and some people have suggested we just take that off your profile like Well, that's the honest. That's the truth. That's that right? There is. This is the third video I made on Tic Tac now on that video I was copying, Ah, format that I'd seen several other videos go viral on, which can be a good strategy to go viral with. The question I'm asking myself is, what kind of followers do I want? Do I want followers to expect me to make joke videos and prank videos? Or do I want followers that value me opening my heart and sharing my grief and just sharing my motions? And that's what I've been thinking about A lot as a content creator over the last several years has made five plus 1000 videos. What kind of followers do I want? I'm so results based lots of us are thinking about how do we build a following? But really, how many of stop and think, well, what kind of followers do I really want? What do I want people to expect out of me when I create something? I do not want to be expected to make videos like that every day. That video took significant time and energy, and planning to make that in my studio required video editing, and it also didn't add any value. In my opinion, it's simply made a video that Ah, bunch of other people have already made videos just like that. And in my opinion, my video is, is not as good or at best is equal to some of the other ones. Whereas you've got videos like where I talk about my grandfather passing where I talk about my mom needing prayers, I don't know if anyone's made videos exactly like that. I'm guessing from the reaction that those aren't as common. It seems the need for joke videos and funny videos is being successfully fulfilled on TIC Tac by a lot of creators. That gets me thinking, Well, what kind of followers do I want? And I've learned the hard way. I'd rather have people following me for something I can't. I love creating and can continue to create indefinitely than getting videos out there just with followers in mind and then getting people following me who don't really want me to make the kind of things that I love and enjoy making. I love and enjoy making online classes. I love and enjoy teaching, and I've spent so much time over the last several years making other things video, gaming, videos and music. I love making music. I enjoy playing video games, and yet most of people watching me make music and play video games aren't interested in watching my online courses. It's a delicate balance. Thus, this is my creative history, which I hope is useful for you to learn from what I've done, because what I've noticed is with Tic tac. I didn't take any courses. I just jumped in, started creating things with a lot of what I've done. I just jump in and start creating. The downside of doing this is I often make a lot of the same mistakes that could have easily been avoided by learning from someone else. Thus, I hope this helps you. Thank you so much for watching so much of this course, and now I intend to show you some of what I've learned from other creators. 7. Case Study with JRSwab Sharing Programming Tutorials: Let's take a look at a creator I'm following that I've followed for years. His name's Jr Swab You can find him at at J R swab on tic tac. In my pity, he's doing a great job building a following based on teaching what he knows. In other words, he's not trying to just copy other people and go for and get views. He's adding genuine value to Tic TAC is creating new things that there aren't any videos like that or people are liking his videos, and this is helping him to build his business online, and he's doing a great job with it. His profile. Here you can see his latest videos, and what I've done is I pulled up to of what I think of the best examples of his video. First, he did a video on how to be a hacker. This has got 13 plus 1000 likes, which means it's got over 100,000 views more than likely on. What you can see is it's a little quick tutorial, some of the very basic things you need to do to be a hacker. In another video, he's got it talking about the best way to learn programming, and he put a Frank Sinatra song on it. He does live streams, showing himself coding, and he puts in very short format videos where he says, Okay, Oh, here's how you do this very specific task and he makes it quick. I've learned a few things I didn't know by watching his videos, and that is genuinely helpful content, in my opinion. Now video that makes you laugh is helpful content. Also, the question is, what do you want to be followed for? J. R Swab wants people following him who want him to make more videos like this. This is what he knows is what he does, and he's doing a great job, just consistently making videos almost every day. And as you can see, his profile has gotten 141,000 likes. He's got almost 30,000 followers, which allows him to live stream directly on TIC Tac, and the best part is that he literally just grabs his phone and will point it at something he's already doing on his screen. Anyway, this is easy for him to make, and this is making the exact point I said about Tic Tac, where J R. Swab has been making a lot of content on a lot of other platforms. And these vertical videos he's making on Tic Tac are getting him out there to the people who want to learn what he has to teach Mawr effectively than what I've seen him do on any other platform. And I'm grateful for Jr swab being, ah, giving me a good example to show you off. You can create just with what you know. And do I understand from watching videos on tic tac, this desire that well, I have to make a video that might go viral. I have to be like these other people on DCAA P that what they're doing and Jr swabs A great example of you can just authentically be yourself and share what you do and build a great following on tic tac. There's a lot of categories of videos, like hacking and programming tutorials, that almost nobody else is doing any videos on these, which is why JR Swab is found it so easy to just make videos and get people to watch them. The more people start making a variety of videos on TIC tac and do a good job with, um, then those opportunities start to shrink of it. Thus, now's a great time to just be your authentic self on tic tac, and you can build a following being your authentic self on TIC Tac. You can connect with people, have meaningful relationships, and that is possible for you today. 8. Case Studies from Viral Videos: Let's take a look now at videos that I liked that have went viral on Tic Tac. What that means is these videos have gotten a lot of views, and these videos all made me laugh. The purpose of looking at this is to help understand what kind of videos are people consuming and most engaging with On Tic Tac. This is just a small snapshot, and if you find it fun to try and do a video like this, then feel free. Thes air. What some of the top people on in top videos on tick doctor currently looking like this one Over Here by Corey Jemez. This was the first video of his I saw This video had me laughing so hard and it's so ridiculous is easy to judge. But this video he goes through and is talking about hey used under sound somebody else that uploaded, and he added several different times in the video. And it's talking about Oh, this girl's Loki crazy. I think you should hit it and quit it. Oh, you talking come and go! And then there's like the same way of saying that like five or six different ways and I just was laughing so hard watching that video. I tried to show my wife that video, and she did. She didn't think it was funny like I did, but I thought it was hilarious, and I'm using using cell little lines from that video now. And if you can entertain and help somebody laughed, then you've given them riel value in their day. It's not all about teaching, and having that gives me new skills. You help somebody laugh. That's left to dispirit a little bit, and this video helped me left That video got 140 k likes. I'm surprised the and then it got a few 100 comments. I'm surprised the comments. Ah, lot of times people will just like videos and not interact with it. You notice that prayer one with my mom got about a same number off comments, even though it got a small fraction of the likes. Thus, the key is on tic tac. If you want a video to go viral, there needs to be engaging. People need to either be clicking on comment or like, or share. As you can see. The sound down here is from a different user. It's not his sound, and he just did a lip sync video to the sound. Same thing on this next video, I'll Show You Here by Big Dog Boogie. This one was a funny video as well the first time you see a lot of these certain types of videos. This is a kind of a format for that was done. What happens is there's either you start with either a black guy, a white guy Ivan's, I think someone that didn't want the Mexican but the idea was You start off like a white guy moves into the black neighborhood. In this version, it was a black guy moves in a white neighborhood and he starts off saying the black guy says, First week in a white neighborhood. And then he These air just literally cuts from one bathroom shot to another. So he walks in first shot. You know what's obvious and miss my first day in the white neighborhood that any cuts and the idea is he's a little bit whiter sounding after a week in the white neighborhood and then, after like a month, he comes in saying, I'm going golfing with Jimmy and then in the very last shot in the video, a white kid comes in and says, Yo, Mom, give me my pizza be or something like that. And the basic premises, like he moved into the white neighborhood and became white, is the basic set up for the video. There's also the version I did was the white guy moves in a black neighborhood and turns in the Black Panther. By the end of it, you'll notice the video I did that I mentioned before on that did not go viral by any means . What happens is these certain format videos get really popular, but then they also get saturated. If you can make one of these kinds of videos that just right, when it's starting to take off, you've got a good shot to get your video out there to a lot of people. If you meet one, make one. After the market has been saturated, so to speak, you probably won't have that much luck with it. But there's always a possibility. People just like yours better, and that takes me over to this 3rd 1 this one I just have watched so many of this third type of video over and over again. And why a lot of these videos air going out there is because people like watching different versions of the same basic stunt. This one. The foreman on this video's you use this Mo Bomba song where says something like I got huh ? And then you pour some kind of a drink on the floor in front of a family member. You just as you can see he's got this to leader a Coke and he's pouring it, overflowing the glass. And this one's. I've watched so many of these videos, and Tic Tac knows I almost always I'm liking these videos. Just funny. For some reason, a girl sits down in front of family dinner and pours their whole drink over. I saw a guy did one where he goes into the news desk in San Diego and takes a water pitcher and pours the anchors water. All of the T four. I just There's hilarious for some reason. Is this just kind of ridiculous and often like, if it's a parent, there are saw one. The guys porn and Dad takes his belt off and start beating him, and I'm not. I'm not suggesting you do anything like that with these. These are the kind of videos that I've consistently went viral and are funny that I've seen . Now keep in mind for the ones I've seen, there's probably thousands, and thousands of people have done ones that I haven't seen. But what's cool is you can get discovered. If you click on that record, you'll see a whole bunch of videos with that exact same song. And often what people do is use that song to, ah, make it a format. For example, all of these did not use the original sound. There was not an original sound. They all use somebody else's sound. And then a tic tac algorithm knows. Oh, these videos are all using the same sound. If someone likes videos that use that particular sound, the odds of them liking another one are high. We should show them one of these in the for for you page. Now these are all creators that I've found their videos on just the for you Page, and I like them. You'll notice there's no consistency among hashtags. I've read a lot of different hashtags. What seems important on Hashtags is what I will show you next about doing some research to put the right hashtags that are trending on your video to accurately help Tic Tac's algorithm categorize it. But that's not absolutely essential. If you've got a sound that someone else made, the sound will do much more than the hashtags themselves. Therefore, the sound you use on your video if you're doing a lip saying to someone else's sound, as was the case on this video and on the one next to it. Or if you're using a song on your video, as is with case with this to leader of Coke pouring video, which is funny, then the sound itself is much more powerful in the hashtag. You don't even need to necessarily put any hashtags on your description. As you can see, this one didn't have any hashtags on this at all, and this one just had some pretty general hashtags on it. Now Cory's video. Actually, he did some or trending hashtags, and Cory jumps on the trending hashtags every time. You can always try and just jump on the trending hashtags, and that can help you get your video out there some more. But the same time it can. There's a better way to do it. Just look and find videos that match exactly what you're doing. And make sure just if there's a sound you can use for, then use that sound. Thank you very much for watching this. I appreciate the chance to share my experience on tic tac with you. And I hope you enjoyed looking at some of the videos I've liked and found funny, and you can search for these videos yourself if you'd like to see them. 9. Discover page for researching trending hashtags: when you're on tic tac. How do you find the right videos to create the best hashtags to use for your videos and get some inspiration for how to format your videos based on what other people are currently watching? When you go to the Discover Page next to the home icon right over here, what you'll find is an opportunity to search and browse Trending hashtags trending hashtags are very helpful to see what kind of videos you're already making, where those might fit into existing popular hashtags, for example. I love making tutorial videos, as you can probably tell, and I didn't realize that the hashtag you should know this is a trending hashtag if you make tutorial videos. I just found that on The Discover Page on TIC Tac, You can also find it tags that are trending ways. People are making videos, they're trending songs, and these can often be some of the best opportunities to create, because these often indicate a gap between what is being watched and what people are creating. You want again lots of people watching, not as many people creating, and if you just want to know, what hashtag should I put on my videos based on what I'm doing. This the good place toe learn. I am making a point now of checking the Discover tab to see which Hashtags are most relevant to my videos to help the TIC Tac algorithm. No, where to put my videos and help viewers find my video? Who might want toe watch it instead of having viewers find my video that not are going to be interested in. And this that you can scroll down through here and you can watch a bunch of different videos on the same child subject. Also, for example, I watched some of the you should known videos, and it's interesting to see the different formats people do their tutorials. Then some people just stand in front of the camera and put different piece of text. Others, like this one, held up a piece of paper and explained it off of there. Still others use some specific examples off what they're talking about and that it helps me to see oh thes air. Some of things I could do on making my videos. I appreciate you watching this, and I hope it's helpful to see what value there is in a discover page and how to research your hashtags on Tic Tac 10. Learn Vertical Video Production with TikTok in the Next Class!: thank you very much for finishing this tic tac for a beginner's course on skill share. In this class, we've looked at some of the basic things you need to know. Preferably before you even create videos on tic TAC. The next step is to actually create videos on Tic TAC. What I'm doing next is I'm filming an entire course called Vertical video production with Tic Tac for publishing stories to Facebook, Instagram and YouTube. What you want to do after that you finished with this class is watched. That course next, that course will give you the exact tips and tools you need to create vertical videos on TIC tac. And that entire course will be dedicated to using the video editor within tic TAC. If you found this class helpful, will you please take a second to leave a review? Because you will feel good giving some feedback in helping guide of their students as to rather this class was helpful. You can also complete that class project to help me get to know you to share what you're doing on your tic tac profile by just putting up a screenshot of the videos you've done and your experience so far on Tic tac. Thank you very much for watching this. I love you. You're awesome. I appreciate the chance to serve you in this tic tac for beginners. Course, and I will see you in vertical video production with TIC Tac.