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teacher avatar Grace on Tour, "Travel is to live"

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Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

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    • 2.

      Choosing a destination


    • 3.

      Gathering & saving inspiration


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    • 5.

      Creating an itinerary


    • 6.

      Booking your trip & final project


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About This Class

In this course you will get to know how to plan your travels (near or far) in the best possible way. By doing all of the research and planning beforehand you are ensured to actually relax enjoy your trip, as the hard work has been done beforehand. Knowing where to start when travel planning can be hard, but I´ve got you covered. Together we will plan your next epic adventure. Note that you alswo can implement the same techniques on local travel. You do not have to travel far to have amazing experiences. This course is divided in to the following five lessons:

  • Choosing a destination 
  • Gathering & saving inspiration 
  • Research 
  • Creating an itinerary 
  • Booking your trip 

Who am I? 

I am Grace on Tour and I´ve been traveling my whole life. Currently I been to 76 counties and have a lot of experience regarding travel planning. You can find all of social platforms here

Meet Your Teacher

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Grace on Tour

"Travel is to live"


Hi, I´m Grace on Tour and travel is my biggest passion. 

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1. Introduction : Welcome to the ultimate travel planning course. Traveling is one of the most rewarding and amazing students you can give yourself and others. However, getting the NAACP probably researched and planned. It can be quite opposite and experience. In this course, I will give you the right tools and workflows to create the perfect itinerary, your next adventure, this class is divided into five parts where we step-by-step will create the best itinerary to ensure a more lessons and enjoyable trip. I am greeting tour and I will be your teacher for this course. Currently, I've been just 76 countries and I have a lot of experience within travel planning. I share Oral my travels on my social channels. And the links to these can be found in the description of this class. But for now, buckle up and let's get started. 2. Choosing a destination: Welcome to Lesson one. In this lesson, we are going to be discussing how we choose a destination. The very first step you'll have to make within your travel planning is choosing a destination. There are four aspects you can think about it first, to come up with the perfect location. And these are length of trip, budget, climate, and type of trip. You first up to choose if you want to be traveling abroad or within your country. Don't underestimate the local trouble. It can be amazing to explore your very own country and get further inspiration and knowledge about the concrete. Within local travel, you can do road trips, fly to a destination, take the train, bus. There are endless options and I assure you that your country will have a lot of hidden gems that you are unaware of. How much time do you have? Do you have time to travel across the world or indeed need to be closer to home. The second aspect you, she looked into its budget. It can vary a lot if you're travelling to a city or the countryside. Assays tend to be more expensive. If you've chosen to travel to another country, you can easily choose a destination depending on your budget. Some countries are more expensive than others. And in some countries you will get more for your dollar just to give you some inspiration. Here are some examples of countries that are perfect toward budget travelers, Central and South America, Southeast Asia, and eastern Europe. In these places you will get more for your dollar then for example, some of the most expensive destinations which include Switzerland, Norway, Iceland, and also some of the most expensive cities in the world like New York, London, Singapore, and Hong Kong. But know that you can also trouble cheaply within Switzerland and spend a lot of money in Vietnam. How you spend your money, it's entirely up to you. But just note that a dollar WHO gets you more in Vietnam than in Switzerland. The third aspect that we can look into when choosing a destination is the climate. Do you want a warm climate or a cold climate? Do you want to go skiing? Do you want to go swimming? The options are endless. Also note that there are not just here sorts in Europe. You can find them in Japan, Canada, mistletoe, Dubai, and Lebanon. Madonna in Hawaii, Indonesia, Portugal, France, Iceland, and Sri Lanka. As you see, there are lots of places that you might not think of at first when it comes to a certain activity or type of trouble. But do your research and try to avoid the majors, tourist traps or tourist destinations. This will keep the costs lower and create a more authentic experience. The fourth aspect that we can look into when choosing a destination is which type of trip that you want to go on are looking for a weekend, exploring a new city, or looking for a beach getaway. Do you want to do a road trip, hiking, adventure, yoga, retreat, learning how to serve relaxation. What is it that you want to out of your trip? Who do you want to be travelling with? Do you want to do a group trips, solo trip, family trip, cruise, friends trip? If you want to join a group trip, for example, some companies that do these kind of trips are intrepid and G adventure, where you can travel solo but still meet like-minded people, their crews in Norway or go hiking in the poll. Now you've got these endless options, but I hope that you've been able to narrow it down with thinking of these different aspects and chosen your final destination. 3. Gathering & saving inspiration: Welcome to the second lesson of the ultimate control. In this lesson, we will be looking into gathering and saving inspiration. We have now narrowed it down to one destination where we will be traveling to. And now we dive into the next stage where we are. We'll be gathering and saving inspiration on things to see and do at artists station. This is the one I've been both fun parts. I think, of trouble putting some of the things that we are going to be gathering. Inspiration sources are signs, restaurants, food areas we want to visit, activities and so forth. There are so many ways that you can gather information and inspiration. It's true. But I wanted to go through my Favorites, which are Instagram, Pinterest, YouTube, and blocks. We will, we're first looking into Instagram on integrant search on the location tag to find pictures from other people that have visited the place that you will be troubling to say the pictures that you find inspiring and informative Andre folder with the name of your destination. You can search hashtags with the destination name, or as I said, the location. When you gather all these in a folder, it's much more easily to fight again. And now we're going to look into Pinterest. What I do is that I create a board with the destination name. I will do searches on Pinterest like Vietnam travel guide, Vietnam travel blog, Vietnam, things to see and do in places to visit, in, food to eat in and so forth. We will also be looking into YouTube. There are lots and lots of trouble videos, troubled guides, troubled blogs on the platform. And you can just search for the destination with the word troubled guide or troubled log. And it will come up a lot of very good and movies where you can actually then real life insight of how it actually looks and feels at a destination. I would also recommend to saving these specific videos and creating a new playlist so that you can find them easily. And then we have troubled blogs. What I will do is that I will search the web for the destination with words like travel guide, travel blog. And when you've found different articles or websites, just remember to save them into a folder on your browser. Once you've gathered all of this information and inspiration, I want you to go back to the different links and folders, or you've saved all of the information and why that list of the places that you want to see and the things that you want to do at the destination. You should also write out restaurants, food to try shops, you name it, but create a list of everything that you want to be doing and experiencing during your troubles. You can also look up on get your died, what kind of tours and activities are available to also see further what there is to do, act your location. A bonus tip. If you're looking for more information and inspiration to play, then you can go to each country and there you will be provided with travel guide, blog posts, Instagram pictures, and videos for all of these destinations. 4. Research: Welcome to lesson three. We're dedicated to research. I hope that you're feeling really writing about your destination. Now's the time to be a bit more practical and look up some things that are good to know before you arrive at your destination. The first thing to look into is visas. Many countries will require you to have a visa upon arrival. And therefore, we have to do the groundwork beforehand. Check your own government's website for other regulations, but also for the Government page for the country that you will be the city today. In many countries which require a visa have implemented the ESA system. You easily can complete the application online vaccinations. This is a really important aspect to look into as you can get very sick when traveling if you haven't taken the measures required before. Some vaccinations are also mandatory for being able to enter a country. For example, the yellow fever is a requirement to enter Peru in countries where there's lots of mosquitoes and malaria, it's very important that you bring repellent long clothes and mosquito nets. We also should know what the local currency is. If possible, we should also withdraw some cash before we travel. And this way we will that we can actually get by when we arrive for currency conversion and use the currency. Also lookup if cards are accepted in the country, in this modern society, you would think that most places will accept cards. However, this is not always the case. There are many countries which mainly rely on cash. If the country mostly accepts only cash, then you will be able to calculate what amount that you will withdraw. If you're not able to withdraw money in your country, then usually upon arrivals in most airports around the world, you will be able to withdraw the local currency. Note that in Sweden, for example, caches not accepted in many places. And in Zimbabwe, courts are not accepted in both places. So there, you just see that there's a big difference depending on which destination you go to, what language does the country have that you're going to? And I would also recommend you to learn some basic phrases that local people really appreciate when you try to make the effort of speaking their language. Three basic phrases that are good to know our Hello, Goodbye, and thank you for translation. I use either Google or translator. With translator, you can choose languages which you want accessible offline. And then you can easily wherever or whenever, even without any Internet or signal, you can translate what you need to know. You need to have a bit of knowledge regarding how the climate will be when you arrived to your destination. This will help you in the pecking stage of your trip from experience. It's not always Woman, the desert tipping. What are the customs for tipping isn't included in the price or is there a percentage that you are expected to pay? Look this up beforehand to not offend anybody traditional and must try foods. A big part of traveling and experiencing and you culture is trying to be local and traditional foods. Look up the different dishes that you want to be trying so that you are prepared to know what you want to order from the menu electric socket, I read my needs, always traveled with a trouble socket adapter lookup the socket in the country to ensure that you have the right converter. Some countries have very unique. So it gets like in South Africa, how to dress. Some countries are highly religious and require you to be covering certain parts of your body. Did you know that the mold is is a Muslim country where you only allow to wear a bikini served and bikini beaches on local items. And when entering a sacred and a religious place around the world. Most of these places where look, will require you to be covering knees and shoulders, local customs and culture. Some things can be good to know about a country's culture before you arrive. For example, do the half siesta. This means that places will be clothes during certain parts of the day. How do people greet each other? What times do they eat? In Spain, you eat very late. In northern countries. Quite rarely. This will also show you what restaurants are open and our places closed on Sunday. Good snow. 5. Creating an itinerary: So what I do is I open the document and I write down the dates were because in this case we are going on a long region to Saint Petersburg. And as I showed you before, I did the research where I had written down good things to know like the currency, language, electric socket, visa requirements with the tap water is safe to drink, recommended vaccinations and the number of inhabitants in the city. We also have and some gathered history and information that's good to know about the country. Have my list where I've written down all the sites through. I want to see the tours. I want to do everything like that. The sources of inspiration we gathered together. So what I do is that I write my flight schedule here. If you have one, then it's very important to write out how you will get to your recommendation. And here I found a good description of how to get from the airport to the city center. And they'll have also done a map of how I will get from the Metro Station two milestone. And you can see it's within walking distance and I can see a map of how I will get there. We'll also download the maps offline for St. Petersburg. And in addition, I have the Metro map for the city. And also I know that one fair. I won't wafer and costs for if I ruble. So it's good that I have some of the local currency. And there's four when I'm at the airport or who withdraw some ruble, also written my accommodation address and it's good tools out the number if you have, you can find it. And also that I'm going to be paying upon arrival and this sum in Russian rule, and this is the conversion. And as I told you, I use the currency for the conversion. I then have a full day exploring sites in St. Petersburg. And I've done a list here and I've put them in order so that I create a good route for myself. I will start up north and then work my way around the city. And this order, I will also write out the opening times, entrance fees, and also maybe some good information about each place, the history behind it, or good things to know about the site. I've also found a restaurant where it wants to go for lunch, which I called the atomic data. And then it can also be good to write up alternatives. Have also booked in a canal boat toward three. And I'm also looked at the actress where I need to go to join this tour. I've paid beforehand, so I don't need that. And my ticket is digital within the debtor guide. Apple second day I'm booked in a day trip tour. From there, I can write up also the address of where you have to go to get to the tour if fundraising and so forth, any information regarding that and then I will be leaving on 18th. So just the information guarding that, you always will have this on hand. So it's good to write it up as much as possible. Especially as you don't know. If you'll have intranet or any connection. You can still see maps, information, opening times and so forth. Everything that you need to know they are chairing will look something like this. And I tried to print it out beforehand and also give it to friends and family so that they will know where I am each day. I tried to print out two copies in case one gets lost. And I like to have them in h5 formats because it fits perfectly in my bag. And then when you're out exploring the city, you can take off each plates that you visited. 6. Booking your trip & final project: Welcome to lesson five, 15-year trend. We have now reached the final stages of your travel planning. Once all of the research and information has been gathered, gets time to procure trend. I will make some recommendations here of sites that I like to use when looking at trip for flights LIT along those sky standard or the Google Flights search engine. With this search engine, you can get a good overview over Rouen flights are the cheapest for any kind of transport. I like to look at Rome to real, this will list the cheapest or fastest or most convenient mode of transportation between cities or countries. It will list you anything from boats, fairies, trains, buses, flight, you name it, but it gives you a good overview and different alternatives on how you can transport yourself from eighth to be accommodation. I like to use, or Airbnb for tourism activities I like to use Get your guide. I wanted to say a huge thank you for stink to Leanne and completing this course. Good job. You're now ready to plan your next adventure. I have created a project linked to this course. You to create your itinerary for your next trip. And we can share these to give each other inspiration on amazing travel itineraries around the world. I hopefully you found this course informative and inspiring. And I call, wait to see you on your next adventure.