The Power of Pinterest: Learn A Pinterest Marketing Strategy for Creative Small Business Owners | Mallory Whitfield | Skillshare

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The Power of Pinterest: Learn A Pinterest Marketing Strategy for Creative Small Business Owners

teacher avatar Mallory Whitfield, Marketing Mentor for Makers

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

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      How is Pinterest different?


    • 3.

      Pinterest's secret power


    • 4.

      Types of content that Pinterest loves


    • 5.

      SEO basics for Pinterest


    • 6.

      Tips for getting seen on Pinterest


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      Pinterest for Business basics


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About This Class

For creative small business owners, the power of Pinterest cannot be underestimated. Many people, even those highly experienced in social media marketing, often misunderstand Pinterest, because it is not primarily a social media tool. It is a visual search engine.

This beginner-level class will teach you a Pinterest marketing strategy and help you understand how to use Pinterest to drive traffic to your small business website, blog, or online shop.

What you'll learn:

  • how Pinterest is different from other social media tools like Facebook or Instagram
  • the secret SEO power of Pinterest that may help you rank better on Google
  • how to see what images people have already pinned to Pinterest from your website or blog
  • types of content that perform well on Pinterest
  • the basics of Pinterest SEO (search engine optimization)
  • tips for getting your work seen on Pinterest
  • the basics of using Pinterest for Business, including an overview of Rich Pins, Pinterest Analytics, Buyable Pins, and Pinterest Ads

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Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Mallory Whitfield

Marketing Mentor for Makers


Hi, I'm Mallory Whitfield and I work with product-based creative business owners who want to learn how to strategically market their business so that they can reach more customers and be more profitable.

I started my first handmade business way back in 2004, and along the way, I taught myself all about digital marketing and how to run a business. I learned marketing the hard way, making a LOT of mistakes along the way.

In 2014, I switched to a full-time career in digital marketing. Since then, I've worked with hundreds of artists, creative entrepreneurs, and small businesses, teaching workshops on SEO, e-commerce, blogging, social media & email marketing at events like Craftcation and New Orleans Entrepreneur Week. As Adjunct Professor at Tulane University's School... See full profile

Level: Beginner

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1. Introduction: Hi. My name is Mallory Whitfield. And in this class, we're gonna talk about the power of Pinterest. This online tool congenital, ate a ton of traffic to your website or blogger e commerce shop. I have shared this information before it. Conferences like venture pop and craft cation and the attendees air always blown away by how powerful Pinterest can be when I show them the traffic that is generating to my site and other clients that I've worked with. So you're gonna learn more about that? Exactly how much traffic Pinterest can generate, Why it's so powerful, how Pinterest is different from other social media platforms like Facebook or Instagram and how to optimize your content for Pinterest so that it performs well there and send lots of traffic back to your site. You ready to get started? Let's go 2. How is Pinterest different?: I think part of the reason that people underestimate the power of Pinterest is that they consider it to be a social media tool. So they think of Pinterest in the same way that they think of something like Facebook or Instagram. But in reality, Pinterest is a search engine. Pinterest has much more in common with Google or even YouTube, which is also a search engine. Then it does with something like Facebook or Instagram, even though on Instagram we also share beautiful pictures on Pinterest. We share them in a much different way. The kind of content those pictures that you see on Pinterest they last a lot longer on Pinterest than they do on Instagram. So, for instance, if you share something on Twitter, it only lasts for maybe 18 20 minutes on average before it is gone and nobody sees it again . If you post something on Facebook, you've got a few hours. Maybe 2 to 6 is the average that I've seen referenced online. After that. If it doesn't get people commenting interacting with it, liking it, nobody's gonna pay attention again. It kind of disappears into the ether. Instagram things tend the last day or two, depending on if they get traction. There's those algorithms that we always have to deal with, so if people are interacting with it, you've got a couple of days before it kind of disappears, and people aren't really engaging with it anymore. This is where pen Trust is really, really different, so something might not kind of go viral and pick up traction immediately on Pinterest. But once it does, that piece of content can last and be valuable to people there for a really, really long time. I've seen pins that are months, sometimes even years old, sinned, lots of traffic back to my websites. So something that I added to Pinterest months or years ago is still out there being seen by people being repent and shared and being clicked and sending that traffic back to my site. So the other thing and that is really different about Pinterest is that the demographic makeup is a little bit more specific and excuse female. Generally speaking, now there's definitely guys on Pinterest. My boyfriend actually uses Pinterest to source his costume, making inspiration. There's plenty of guys that use it, but if you're thinking about who your target audiences for your business and is pen trust right for me? If you're primarily dear towards men, undressed might not be the right tool for you just because there's not gonna be as many men on that platform. But if your target audience skews primarily female, Pinterest is a great place to be the majority of people using Pinterest in active on Pinterest or women. They are also much, much more likely to buy things that they found on Pinterest and spin, not money. We'll talk a little bit later on about buyable pen, some of the really interesting ways that Pinterest has made it really easy for people to spend money there. But people who are on Pinterest or kind of already in a shopper's mindset. So if you sell e commerce, especially if it's something like fashion or beauty or any of the types of popular topics that you see on Pinterest recipes, food bloggers, things like that, anything aspirational that makes people want to live a better life, that stuff always performs really well on Pinterest. So if you're in any of those niches, any of those demographics, Pinterest is a really, really great place to explore and test out what you're doing and try to gain some traction there because it can really send a lot of traffic and revenue back to your company. 3. Pinterest's secret power: Okay, So I told you that Pinterest is a search engine, not a social media tool, Right. And in addition to acting like Google, it actually can help you with your other search engine traffic from Google and other search engines. Now, here is the Pinterest super secret power that I've seen that I don't hear a lot of other people even in the search engine optimization the S C o world talking about. So here is how I discovered Pinterest Secret superpower. This is Google search console, which is an additional free tool offered by Google that can integrate with Google analytics that we already looked at. But search consul helps me submit information about my website to Google to make sure that it is indexed for their search engine. And I can see kind of what Google sees about my site. So here, under search traffic and links to your site, it shows me all of the different links that it sees other websites pointing back to my website so you can see the different top level domains that are linking to my website. Blawg spot wordpress dot com cold spaghetti dot org's and pin trust dot com So here's where things get interesting because I noticed that Pinterest shows up in these links back to my website, right? It's seeing 1400 links, 56 different linked pages or blawg posts and notice how, as I looked through this type at all these different random things on Pinterest that co dot UK which is obviously the UK British version of pin dressed. I'm not seeing things like Facebook or Instagram and seeing different versions of Pinterest from around the world. But I'm not seeing other social media tools. So all of these different pinned images show up as individual leaks back to my website, at least in the eyes of Google. And what that means is that is S e o juice and power for my website, which is really amazing because links are huge part of what drives traffic as far as search engine optimization value goes. So in addition to driving traffic directly from Pinterest back to our website from people clicking through from Pinterest, it's also sending signals to Google that helps my search engine roaring rankings within the Google search engine. Here's another cool trick to see what other people have pinned from your website to pin dressed. Now, if people can pin things even if you are not active on Pinterest, you might already have content from your website on Pinterest. So if you go to Pinterest dot com slash source and then type in your domain. So this is my friend Emily's website Sweet Olive Soup works dot com. She's a handmade soup maker. You can see all of these different images that live on her website that have been pinned to Pinterest. And these images these these this this These are images I created for her years ago with popular quotes about New Orleans. She had a blawg post that she wanted to do about quotes around New Orleans because everything's made in New Orleans. Her brand has a lot to do with New Orleans, and these post these pins still sent a ton of traffic back to her website, even though they're not directly related to the beautiful handmade soap that she makes it, send a lot of traffic back to her site and helps her to get seen. And, of course, she's also we've made graphics like this 10 fun facts about bees and Louisiana honey because she has honey soap. You can also see this on my website to go to Pinterest dot com slash source slash miss malaprop dot com. You can see older versions of PIN images like this is a much older one than the one that you would see if you went to this blood post. Right now, you can see this five craft show must have very popular since a lot of traffic back to my site. That's how you check to see what is already out there on Pinterest under your website. 4. Types of content that Pinterest loves: Now there are certain types of content that Pinterest and the people who use Pinterest love and that perform really well on this platform. People go to Pinterest to be inspired or to learn how to do something. So when you're thinking about the kind of content that you're gonna create for your blog's or website or e commerce shop, that you're then gonna create beautiful images for that you're gonna share on pin dressed and that people are going to share their and then click through back to your website. I want you to think about content and information that solve people's problems, makes their lives easier and answers their questions. So even if you are selling online, you're selling from an e commerce site. You probably have some sort of block, or you can create resource typed pages, gift guide stuff like that. So I want you to think about how you can create certain types of blawg post or those resource pages, then create these beautiful vertical tall, eye catching images that people will share and love on Pinterest. Come back to your site. Let's walk through some examples. So here you can see that this type of content. These how to biz tips by by Regina are very popular. Regina has a great blawg for solar preneurs and other bloggers that show how to make money blogging. How to add a PayPal payment button to your site here. She basically creates these Pinterest friendly images with just the little bit of text, usually the title subtitle of her Blawg post, and maybe includes a person's picture or something like money or computer in the background . So it's super simple imagery that she creates to go along with it and drive traffic back to her website. Insider secrets is the type of content that I've talked about for my craft show must haves of log post that very popular block post that we already talked about. And here you can see, I've created multiple types of graphics for that same block post to drive traffic back to my site. This image is a much newer image, so it's only had 337 repent as of the time it took this screenshot. This is an older version of the same image for the same blonde post that's been repent more than 2000 times. D I Y tutorials are also super popular. UNP in dress Who If you are a crafter, maybe you sell your handmade goods and you want to make a tutorial about something similar to what you make to kind of give people an idea of what it takes to create it. Or maybe you're a D. I. Y. Blogger. This type of content performs very well here. These images, they haven't really added text to it, but it's still vertically oriented to kind of show the step by step process that it takes to make some of these things. And so you can still create these tall vertical images without adding text to show this process. Resource guides are another of popular type of content here. This is the deer handmade life Blawg. They write content for crafters and artists and makers. These are all images that they created for one single block post, but they've created different types of images for the same blonde post to give it more ways for people to share it and pin it on Pinterest. So it's all about sales tax and income tax guides. Four makers they've created these different types of images to attract people back to that blood post. You can see different colors, a little bit of a different title free downloadable tax cheat sheet. People always love it and are more likely to re pennant, save it, share and click through. They think they might get a free something at the end of that clicking through over from Pinterest. So this is a great way to get traffic back to your website is through resource guides like this. Curated gift guides is something that I, myself have had a lot of success with. Now, these are images that I created for a doctor who gift guide. I first created this doctor who gift guide for an older site that doesn't exist anymore. Problem back in 2012 or 2013 actually aided sections to the gift guy doctor who gifts under $100 doctor who gifts under $50 which is what this one waas you can see. This single image was repent almost 11,000 times. So if you do anything related to products, whether they're your own products or whether you're trying to make money from affiliate marketing, this white background and sort of collage style of images with a little bit of text describing what this group of images is. This has performed very, very well for me. So by creating these and then creating that gift guide on my website, I've generated a lot of income from affiliate product Marketing. Recipes, of course, are very popular on Pinterest, and if you want to drive traffic back to your recipe blog's, this is a great way to do it. Ah, lot of food bloggers used this format where they have two different images of the food one up, top one at the bottom, and in the center they'll use text that says what this recipe is. Often they'll say what what the website is in smaller print these air from budget bites, which is my friends, my friend Beth. So Food Blog's. She also has a book and an app. It's, ah lot of really, really yummy, inexpensive recipes. Home decor tips, of course, are very popular on Pinterest is kind of a similar format to those food blawg ones. 15 ways to make your bathroom more chic. You can see this is kind of one image that they've broken up with. Text in the center but here on the best small space hacks, they've taken two different images and broken it up with the text in the center. These have been repent a lot of times. This one is repent 1800 times. Style Inspiration is, of course, popular on Pinterest. If you are a fashion blogger and you want to give tips, or maybe you have a commerce store that specializes in clothing. Thes are great types of topic that always perform really well. Now you can either do simple fashion photo shoot, just a outfit post with a vertical image. By itself. Those perform well. Also, these types of images where it's different ways to style, the same piece of clothing, a little bit of explanation about what this graphic is. This how toe wear and style black jeans. This performs very well, too. An in depth product reviews again. Whether you were selling the products that yourself as an e commerce store owner or whether you're promoting other people's products, this is this format that's worked well for me and those gift guides. We've got the white background and all of the images kind of laid out in this collage style with a little bit of explanation about what you're looking at. New drugstore beauty buys or best drugstore makeup for acne prone skin. All of these performed very, very well on Pinterest. 5. SEO basics for Pinterest: Since Pinterest is a search engine, let's walk through some S E o search engine optimization basics for how to use descriptive language to make sure that your information, your content, your pictures get found on contrasts get shared on Pinterest and get clicks back through to your website. So it's really important to be descriptive about what your pin images are both in your pen description on your Pinterest boards. Basically everywhere, you can use words and language to describe what these images are. Do it so you might have noticed you've seen images like this that clearly have this number that got pulled off of Ah, digital camera DSC 05119 dot jpeg These air embroidery scissors. But if someone was searching for embroidery scissors, they would probably have a hard time finding this image because it's not described in a search engine optimization friendly sort of way. So you can see there's all sorts of random pictures that are going to be really hard for people to find if they're searching for them because the person who penned them to pin dress didn't take the time to properly describe them. Whereas over here, if I'm searching for embroidery scissors. These look like actually what I'm searching for right there coming up because these people have described them antique scissors, embroidery, scissors, they say in the pen description what I'm looking for, So I'm able to find it right? Embroidery says a rihskuh feeling. Sticky thes are all very descriptive pins with descriptive pin pin information around them . So one of the ways that you can help make sure that people find stuff on Pinterest and they've pinned them for from your site. Whether you're painting it directly from your site, whether somebody else's pitting it directly from your site is to do something called adding Ault taxed or alternative text. So here I'm in the back end of my website, miss malaprop dot com. This is a WordPress website, but there should be a way to add all text no matter what type of website platform you're using. If you're using something like Squarespace or Shopify, there's ways to make sure that your images are properly described so that at this images, to show you what this looks like on the back and I'm gonna go into edit, this is the full image. Best chair for crashes and art markets. This little text overlaid on the image here, you can see alternative text. This is this all text field. So I have a longer description because what happens is that this alternative tests field gets pulled in automatically as the description for Pinterest. If someone pins this from my say so I'm just gonna click update even though I didn't change anything and then show you what this looks like on the front it so this is the same blawg post on the front end. So here's the image that we just talked about, right? You see the image, but you don't see that alternative text on the front end if you're just browsing this blood post. But what happens is if I click the pin bookmarklet and then I go to pull that image to pin it. Tonight I'm gonna save it on Pinterest. Here we go. This gets pulled in automatically to the pin description field, so I don't have to do anything to add additional descriptions and a somebody else pins it from my website. They don't have to do anything because a lot of people, if they're pinning from your website. They're gonna be lazy. They're not gonna edit this now. If you are penning something and you don't have access to edit the old text, maybe you are pinning it from somebody else's web. Say, maybe you're you know, maybe you're re pending something that already exists on Pinterest. You can, of course, edit this field at this description. An ad language that is descriptive, that is search friendly. So think about if somebody iss searching in pin traps, they might be searching for a director share. They might be searching for an outdoor chair if we're looking at this specific product, right, look, what word would people type into that search bar to look for? So if I'm typing in something like, what would I be looking for my searching for acrylic nails or Mr Different? I work out. What am I looking for? Include those words that people would be searching for in that description. Now, here's another place where you want to make sure you are using descriptive words to let people know what they're gonna find in this board. So this is one of my Pinterest boards gifts for co workers. Each board has its own description. In addition to those descriptions that each pin has so gifts for co workers, co workers could be hard to shop for Withers annual Secret Santa swap or for retirement or going away. A few fun gifts. Gift ideas for co workers That won't break the bank. So I'm giving examples of types of occasions that somebody might search for when they're looking for a gift for their coworker, because I want to make sure to come up if somebody's looking for secret Santa gifts or going away gift things like that. Now you can also use Pinterest to do some keyword research to figure out exactly what phrases you should include. Just like Google. When you start typing something in Akita puppies, right? So it gives you all of these variations of things that people are typing for around the same keyword phrase. Akita Puppies, Akita puppy, Akita puppies for sale. So, as you start to type in, whatever your topic is, you'll get other ideas for additional support phrases and other variations of this key wear that you can include in your pin description in your Pinterest board descriptions in your Pinterest board titles and on your blog's post or website pages themselves 6. Tips for getting seen on Pinterest: even though Pinterest isn't a social media tool in the same way that Facebook or instagram are, it's still a social search engine you're searching and finding information based on what other people on Pinterest have already penned. Repent shared. So you've got to think about how you can offer value in order to make sure that your information gets seen and shared by more people. So in addition to those s CEO basics that we covered in the last class, there's some things that you can do to make sure that your information gets seen around the platform. Now you don't want to be selfish, right? Always, always remember, never be selfish because givers get so make sure to be pinning other people's information, not just sharing your own stuff and looking like a crazy spammer. Nobody likes span, so please don't Onley share your stuff. Make sure that you're sharing things from your friends, things that are relevant to your ideal audience. Who are the people that you're trying to reach to come back to your website? What other things would be interesting to them? So, for example, when I was working with a client who was a skin care product line. In addition to having boards that we built out around their skin care products, I also thought about what other types of information would be interesting to people who would be interested in skin care. So these air, primarily health conscious women. So we created a whole born around yoga and the yoga lifestyle and health tips. And then we created a whole board around clothing and women's fashion because the types of people that are going to be interested in the skin care products are gonna be interested in other things to nobody is just a one dimensional person, so your ideal customer is going to be interested in lots of different things. So think about all the other types of things that this ideal customer would also be interested in, because those other information while it's not directly sending traffic back to your website, it's helping to attract that right person so that your information is more likely to be seen by them. There were likely to follow your entire account versus just following a specific board on when they follow your entire account. It means that when you do share stuff from your company. They are gonna be more likely to see that information. So remember that givers get and don't be selfish about it. You want to mix it up because you don't want to be boring, right? So you want to make sure that you're pinning a mix of fresh brand new content. Maybe you have a brand new blawg post that would be something fresh and new. It's doesnt exist until just now on the Internet at all. So it didn't exist on Pinterest yet. But then remember how Pinterest is very evergreen and content there can live for months or even years. So you also want to pick some of that evergreen stuff and some of the older material. Maybe you have a really great evergreen block post that you haven't shared on Pinterest in a while. Maybe it's something that comes up once a year. For example, one of my most popular blawg post that has a ton of traffic has made me a whole lot of money and is very popular. On Pinterest is a holiday gift guide. It's for funny white elephant gifts. You know those white elephant parties where you just give ridiculous gag gifts so have a whole gift guide built around gifts for that purpose. And it's definitely not something that people look at in March or June. But when it starts to get towards the holiday season kind of late October, especially November and December, that post gets a lot of traffic and traction. So every time when it gets to that time of year, I want to make sure to add those pins to pin trust again. Because even though there's older versions of that same pen, by adding it again, it means that people have the chance to see it all over again. So you want to mix it up in terms of new and old and types of content and topics that you're pinning on. Now there's some other ways to make sure that your content gets seen and that also involves other people. So there's group boards, and then one of my other favorite ways to make sure that you get seen is via something called tribes on a tool called Tailwind until one exists outside of Pinterest. But it's super super helpful, so let's walk through some of that information now. Since Pinterest is a social search engine. It does offer lots of ways to get social. One of the main ways to do that is with group boards. So this is a very popular group board that I am a member of call and limited life hacks, crafts, D I. Y. And family health issues. It's, ah lot of different types of topics that are covered in this particular group board. As you can see, there's been a lot of pins and a whole lot of followers, which is the main reason that group boards can be really helpful because there's usually more people following a big group board like this. Then there are people following your individual account now, even for me, with 14,000 followers that I have 37,000 plus followers for this group board is going to get a lot more eyes on a pin that I add to this board. Now all of the boards have different ways that you conjoined them. They will usually say in the description what the board is for. What the topics covered are any restrictions. So Fashion Post must include a craft on the clothing in this particular board, and then they'll usually give instructions about how to join the board. So for this one, you email this person and they will add you to the board. Different boards have different rules about how to get at it. Once you are added, it will show up in your list of, um, all of the words that you have when you go to pin something so you'll just pin to it like you would anything out. So what I recommend doing is head over to Google and search for Penn Tread. Sorry, pin tressed group boards. And usually there's a lot of bloggers that have written directories of different group boards. There's even pin groupie this Pinterest group aboard directory. Let's check this out. So that's honestly the best way that I found to find new group boards other than just searching through kind of spending time on Pinterest and finding them that way. But you can find these blood posting directories, thes air, all sorts of different boards. They break him down by category. Number of pins, number of collaborators, numbers of followers so you can check that out, find a board that is right for you. So then another great way to find either the group boards or find other people to collaborate with its Facebook. So Facebook groups There are a lot of Facebook groups that are for Pinterest pinning, so it's just search something like Pinterest group boards within Facebook. You'll start to find groups like these. You can pop over, see what their rules and restrictions are, and then usually they'll have threads where people can post different pins from Pinterest that they want people toe kind of share. Let's talk about different opportunities that they have different group boards that these people that are members of these Facebook groups have. So that's another way to find people to collaborate with and to share each other stuff and then one last way to share other people stuff to help them share your stuff you share. Their stuff is via the tribes feature on a tool called Tailwind. So Tailwind is cool because it helps you schedule and publish in advance pins to your account. But we're not gonna talk about that right now because that's like a whole other thing, and they do offer a paid service, but they offer a little bit of stuff for free that you can get and you could do some of this tribe stuff for free. So it's a really cool way to kind of try it out and get started. I'm actually looking at this account on my free account right now, so this is all information and I'm getting for free. There's limits to what you could do per day with a free account, obviously. So this is a tribe that I created called badass creatives. This is for anything around art and creativity and marketing advice for artists and creatives. Now I request that everybody do vertical toll images because we all know that those performed the best on Pinterest. You can see how many people have re shared things from this tribe. How many re pens there are, how many people are in this drive? You can see the list of members here now in order to pin something to this tribe. The easiest thing is they have a little bookmarklet that's kind of similar to this Pinterest, one that you install in your browser. Um, and then once you've added your stuff to this tribe, it shows up here, and then if you want to share other people's stuff to the tribe. You can do so. So say that I wanna share this exact steps to make $5000 a month on a new blog's super quick. Say that I want to share this toe one of my blogging, um, Pinterest boards. So I'm going to go down here and shows to blogging tips. And then I would simply say, add too cute and that is gonna go into my teal wind que, which is thescore Edgell pins that are gonna be published to my account from Tailwind. So that just pops up right over here. I don't really have anything in my queue right now because they haven't been using Tailwind a lot recently. So this is the only one showing up this is gonna pin later today. Um, and that is how we do that. If I wanted to delete it, I can also do that if I want a pen and immediately I can also do that. Let's have back over to the tribes feature, because that's what I really, really want to talk about right now because this tribes feature helps you help other people and vice versa. So we're looking at this. Try but how you find new tribes? Well, again, you can go to Google and search for Tailwind tribes to join, But they've added this. Find a tribe feature within Tailwind itself. So we go to find a tribe. Let's see what happens. So they'll give you categories that you kind of dig through and tribe topics. Or you can search for something. Now I'm with a free account, so I have a limit to the number of tribes Aiken join, Um, and then some tribes you have to request to join and the moderator will approve you. Some are approved automatically. It's a lot like Facebook groups. So let's see. I want to look at e commerce tribe topics so I could join this best of Etsy Products tribe . I could request to join this digital marketing tips and ideas Tribes. I could see how many people are in there, how active this group is. Let's join this best of Etsy products right now and just check it out. So loading my tribe content here, I can see this is all about etc. They have tribe ruled etc. Post only, so I should only be posting images from etc and for each pin that I am. I must schedule somebody else's pin. So it's really it's like a add a penny. Give a penny. You got to give as much as you get to the tribe. But this is really, really helpful. Way to get your stuff seen and kind of help other people out in the process. And what these numbers down here showing is this is the number of items that this person, Lauren Thomas, has submitted to this group here. I can see if I have shared anything obvious. I just joined this group, so I haven't heard anything yet. Um, of my own pins. This would be the pens that I've contributed of my own. This would be shared how many pins I have pinned of other people's stuff to my Pinterest account. I can also skip them if I say I don't want to see that again. That's not really a good fit for my audience. This yellow scarf, Aiken, skip this and hide. It will show up here as skipped. So this Tailwind Tribes feature is really helpful for helping out other people and getting some help in return and making sure that their gets more eyeballs on your Pinterest content . 7. Pinterest for Business basics: Maybe you already have a Pinterest account, but it's a personal account now. Personal accounts are great, but if you're using Pinterest for business purposes, you should really either set up a new account for your business or upgrade your existing account and convert it to a Pinterest for business account, because you get some really cool features that you have access to once you've done that. So let's walk through some of the benefits of Pinterest for business and what those features are using Pinterest as a personal account. Currently, I highly encourage you to join as a business either creating a new Pinterest account for your business or switching your account over to business account. Because once you do, you unlock a lot of different features. This is the main Pinterest for business page, and we just go toe business dot Pinterest dot com, and it will get you all this information and links to everything that you need to do to sign up, of course, got lots of incentives and tells you about why it's going to do it. You can get started with creating an ad, which is, of course, their advertising platform. That's help interest themselves makes money from offering the service to you. Pinterest for business gives you access to a lot of different marketing tools. Now, some of the tools that I think are most useful are rich pins and the Pinterest analytics. So what are rich? Pens me. Pop over here and give you an overview So rich pens basically pull in. More information to Penn Trust when they get pinned from your website so you can go to this page. The business stop contrasted com rich pins. You can add the rich pins to your account. I'll show you a little bit about more. I'll show you a little more about that in a second, but the product pin. So if you sell products the rich pins for products they pull in extra information into Pinterest, it will actually pull in the price of the product name. It will make it more visible. If you are a food blogger, it'll pull in more information from the your recipe. It'll actually break down the recipe itself in all the ingredients needed right there in Pinterest. If it's an article like a blawg poster, a news article like this one from Forbes just pulls in more information and makes it more eye catching on. Petra's more likely for somebody to engage with it. Click through. If you're an APP developer, you can also make pins that are rich pins. There are only compatible with IOS right now, as you can see. But these pens allow people to install the app directly from Pinterest without even leaving . So if you're trying to get more app installs the app pens or another really cool feature So let me show you. Here is the page that actually explained everything about how to set up Richmond. And it sounds really intimidating if you haven't done it yourself. But depending on what platform you used to run your website. Ah, lot of this is kind of already enabled for you. So if you use something like Squarespace or Shopify, a lot of this stuff is gonna be set up in the back end for you. So basically what you need to do is kind of validate your website with Pinterest so that the two are kind of connected together. So you will add a little bit of data like a little tracking verification code and then once you do that. You pop your website in their validator and you validate when you apply for rich pens. So once you get the code that they give you, you basically can pop over to your website and and put it in depending on what platform you're on. If you use wordpress like I do, One of the easiest ways to make sure that you can set up the rich pins is to use a plug in called Yost s CEO. Now within Yost s CEO. They have a social tool that helps you with lots of different social media sites to do something similar to rich pins. There's different versions of this for Facebook and Twitter, but for Penn Trust, once you have your meta tag, that Pinterest gives you a little code looks like this. You pop it in here and you save those changes and then you can go back and validate with the rich pins on Pinterest now and the here, you would put in my website your l and click validate if I was trying to set the stop brand new. But once you have all of that validated and you follow all these steps, you click. Apply now you're rich. Pins are showing up. All that's gonna be pulling out a lot more information to Pinterest from your website or e commerce shopper Blawg. So that's why Richmond's a really cool. They just help make your pins more visible on the platform. Now, if you sell e commerce, buyable pens are really cool way to make sure that your content is much more visible on the platform. So buyable pins on Lee work with certain types of shopping platforms right now. But if you are using those platforms, it's free to do this. So right now, Shopify is one of the main e commerce platforms that works with the buyable pins. There's a few others I think, big commerce and maybe one or two more. But basically what it does is it pulls in the information where it's got the price, everything. But then somebody can buy directly from Pinterest without even having to go directly back to your website. So the buyable pins are really cool. And that's another feature that comes with the Pinterest for business and with certain e commerce platforms. Now here is analytics. Analytics is super cool, super informative, so Once you've set up that Pinterest for business account, you get access to your analytics so you can see all sorts of information about how many people are following and viewing your Pinterest pens, how many people you reach and the types of people they are and how much activity is coming from your website itself so you can see some of what your top pins are. If you want to promote those pins and run an ad based on those things, you can do it directly. From this view. In the analytics, you can see the number of impressions the number of, like eyeballs seeing any of your pens. The number of saves we used to call those re pens they call him saves now on Pinterest, the number of clicks and it shows me the pin type. So when we were just talking about the rich pins, all of these that are in my top pin impressions, these are all rich pins. So that's kind of proof as to why rich pins are so great. They get a lot more views, a lot more visibility on Pinterest than just a standard pin. So I highly encourage you to switch over to Pinterest for business and explore some of this stuff. Explore your analytics. See how much people are looking at and interacting with your pin. See which of your boards of the most popular because whatever is working for you go deeper in that I am all about that the 80 20 rule 80% of what is, you know, happening on your website. 80% of your traffic is probably coming from 20% of your content or 20% of the work that you've done. So focus on that top 20% of what you're doing to get 80% of all your results and finally Pinterest ad. So this is, of course, how Pinterest makes their money is when people run ads. So if you're ever searching through Pinterest, you've probably seen the promoted pins. This is how you can set those up. There's different types of campaigns you can set up. Um, depending on what your goals are. Of course, you can try to get more traffic to your website and have people click directly through you can build brand awareness and just make sure that more people are seeing what you're doing . Boost engagement with your pins if you want to make sure that people are repainting or clicking on your stuff or again, If you're an APP creator, you make mobile APS. You could Dr Installations of your App. So you do this. You choose a campaign that you want to do these air, some old campaign. So let's just pop in cool gifts for guys worth the splurge. Let's just try this one. Name that campaign. Let me scroll down. Then you kind of walk through this ad process can set up an ad group. I'm just gonna use something that I already had. You can then create a target audience. You can add interest and keywords. You can set these based on locations and languages and devices. You can either leave these these things open to all devices or say that you have something you want to target specifically so that Spanish language speaking people in the United States on Lee on, you know, tablets that are all female. You can make sure that all of this is targeted to those people. Then you pick a pin that you're gonna use. You can set a add group budget. You can set the times that you want this thing advertisement to run. You can set your maximum bids. So I'm not gonna go into a hole on a detail on this, cause this class is just a high level overview. But these are all the features that happen when you switch your account over to a Pinterest for business account instead of just a personal account. So for the project for this class, if you haven't already done so, go ahead and set up a Pinterest for business account or switch your count over two pitchers for business and explore some of these features that are offered here and let me know how it goes. Share your project here with me.