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7 Ways to Boost Your Engagement on LinkedIn

teacher avatar Mallory Whitfield, Marketing Mentor for Makers

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

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      Setting an intention


    • 3.

      #1 - Connect with people


    • 4.

      #2 - Promote your profile


    • 5.

      #3 - Engage with others


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      #4 - Use your news feed


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      #5 - Tag people in posts & comments


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      #6 - Publish an article on LinkedIn


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      #7 - Share video content


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      Class project


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About This Class

In this class, we’ll cover how to boost your engagement and network more effectively on LinkedIn.

Whether you want to grow your professional network, begin the job hunt, or position yourself for a career pivot, LinkedIn is the place to be. Even though more than a quarter of all U.S. adults are on LinkedIn, many don't use this professional social network to its fullest potential. Join speaker and digital marketing strategist Mallory Whitfield for this class where she'll share tips for how to amplify your career and increase your engagement on LinkedIn.

This class also includes a downloadable PDF checklist with tips for networking more effectively and increasing your visibility on LinkedIn. You'll find it in the Class Project area!

If you like this class, be sure to also check out my other class, 9 Ways to Make Your LinkedIn Profile Stand Out:

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Mallory Whitfield

Marketing Mentor for Makers


Hi, I'm Mallory Whitfield and I work with product-based creative business owners who want to learn how to strategically market their business so that they can reach more customers and be more profitable.

I started my first handmade business way back in 2004, and along the way, I taught myself all about digital marketing and how to run a business. I learned marketing the hard way, making a LOT of mistakes along the way.

In 2014, I switched to a full-time career in digital marketing. Since then, I've worked with hundreds of artists, creative entrepreneurs, and small businesses, teaching workshops on SEO, e-commerce, blogging, social media & email marketing at events like Craftcation and New Orleans Entrepreneur Week. As Adjunct Professor at Tulane University's School... See full profile

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1. Introduction: hi and welcome to seven ways to boost your engagement on Linked in My Name is Valerie Whitfield. I'm an entrepreneur, artist, keynote speaker and digital marketing consultant, and I love LinkedIn. LinkedIn has created so many opportunities for me to connect a network with other people. It has had people reach out about recruiting me for potential job and career opportunities . It's been so incredible, and one of the ways to really make the most out of Lincoln is toe have really great engagement to connect with other people, to use it as a social platform, a social network. I have another class here unskilled share about nine ways to make your linked in profile Stand out. So if you haven't already checked out that class, I encourage you to do so. But what do you have your linked in profile looking really great. What do you do to start boosting your engagement? Connecting with other people and really making the most out of Lincoln? That's what this class is all about. In the resource is area of this class. You'll find this downloadable pdf worksheet. So if you use this work, she along with what you learn in this class, you will be on your way to increasing your engagement, growing your network and boosting your career opportunities on lengthen. You ready to go? Let's get started. 2. Setting an intention: So before we dive into the seven ways to boost your engagement on linked in, I want to set an intention. Or rather, I want you to set an attention for why you're on linked in. Why do you want to boost your engagement on Lincoln? What are your goals for using leaked in what your goals for your career? If you've already taken my other class about linked in and making your profile stand out, you'll know that I talked about the same topic because I think it's really important to set your intention before going into doing the work. There are so many people who use LinkedIn for so many different reasons, So it's really important to be clear about what your reasons are. Are you trying to get a new job? Are you trying to transition into a new career field? Maybe he want to become a thought leader in your industry. Maybe you're using LinkedIn for sales or recruiting, depending on why you are using linked in some of the tactics that you use. Some of the content that you share is gonna be different depending on your individual goals and intentions, so it's really important to get clear about this first and foremost before you dive into any of the other stuff that I'm gonna share in this class I want. You also really think about how do you want people to feel when they interact with you and when they see your content on LinkedIn or when they see your profile on lengthen? One of my very favorite quotes of all time is from the great Maya Angelou, who said, People will forget what you said. People will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel. That quote really rings true to me because, yeah, people, once you make them feel away, whether you make them feel really good or whether you make them feel bad, whether you make them feel like you're a spammer, that first impression, that feeling never goes away. It sticks really deep, so it's really important to set an intention and make clear about how do you want people to feel when they've interacted with you? Once you've said that intention and gotten really clear about why you're on LinkedIn in the first place and how you want people to feel when they interact, let's dive into all of the steps and the tactics about how to actually increase your engagement. Now 3. #1 - Connect with people: The first way to boost your engagement on Lengthen is to connect with people and to really think of it as a social media network. So I've worked with a lot of people one on one and in workshops and classes about linked in and one of the things that I see a lot of people doing, and they think of linked in as a glorified resume. And yes, of course, your profile does sort of serve as a very fancy digital resume. But that's not all that linked in offers. LinkedIn is a social network, just like Facebook Onley linked in his for professional use. So it's really important to think about connecting with people interacting with people in the same way that you might on some other social networks. But to keep in mind, of course, that this is a professional network, so things are a little bit different. If you really want to boost your engagement on LinkedIn, you're gonna want to boost your network and increase the size of your network. Now it's important to be relevant, connect with people that it actually makes sense to connect with versus just trying Teoh. Think of it as a popularity contest and connect with the maximum number of people possible . That doesn't really make a whole lot of sense, but you do want to connect with people, and I suggest personalizing it when possible when you connect with people and I'll show you exactly how to do that with E. Adam note feature. When you send a connection across all, sure that later on in this video one way that I've really been able to grow my network on LinkedIn is that I'm very consistent about connecting with people on LinkedIn after I meet them in another in person setting or via another format. If you go to conferences or networking events, whether they're virtual format or in person and you're grabbing those business cards or you're making those connections meeting new people, be sure to follow up and network and connect with them on linked in afterwards. Now you might also reach out and connect with them on Facebook or Instagram or your preferred other social media network of choice. But if you want to boost your professional network, I highly encourage you to really take advantage of LinkedIn. It is so important. The other reason why this is so helpful and important to go ahead and connect with people that you've met either. Virtually at an in person conference is you remember all those business cards that you get at a networking event, like if you've ever been to an in person conference or networking event of any kind, you end up with this stack of business cards that then you're like, What am I gonna do with all of this paper? What I like to do is I will keep that stack of business cards and then within the first few days of the first week or so after I met him at the in person event, I'll take some time and I'll look through all of the information on the business cards, and I'll go ahead and find those people on linked in. Now, if you're trying to search for names within linked in itself and you're using the free account, which, by the way, I still use the free account. I don't have any of the Lincoln premium accounts. If you're using the free account, there is a limit to how many times or how many people you can search per months, however, you can easily work around. This just had to Google and search a person's name on Google, and there you can often find their linked in profile. So just use Google as a work around if you don't want to spring for the one of the premium linked in account packages. If one of your goals for using LinkedIn is to do sales or recruiting or something like that , if you're really, really taking this super seriously and you want to keep track of a lot of information, you can also integrate this workflow with a C R M or customer or client relationship management platform. Now there's a lot of different platforms and software out there that different people use. The one that I use personally is called Pipe Drive, but you can also use a simple spreadsheet. You can use a Google spreadsheet or an Excel spreadsheet something like that, just to keep track of who is the person what's their name with their email address their phone number and they're linked in profile. So that way you can go ahead and enter all of that information from the person's business card. Go ahead and connect with them on LinkedIn. Send a message to remind them why you met them or how you met them. You know why you know them? And then you can throw away all those business cards. So one of the questions I often get asked about linked and isn't worth it to pay for one of the premium packages that Lichten offers now it might be worth it for some people if you're doing recruiting or sales, and you really need all of those extra features. But for me, even though I'm a pretty active Lincoln user, I've never paid for that service. I feel like it's a little bit crazy for what it offers if you're not actually doing some heavy sales are recruiting on day. One of the reasons that Lincoln will suggest that maybe you should upgrade is because you could only send a certain number of messages to people that are not connected with. So if you want a message, people that you're not connected with its gonna limit you. But there is a work around around this. So here you can see, I'm looking at some people that I'm not connected with these air second connections and so say that I wanted to connect with one of these folks. If I click connect, I can add a note. So here it suddenly gives me the option to send a message up to 300 characters so short and sweet, But it gives me the option to send a message to somebody that I'm not already connected with. And quite frankly, if you are sending a message, just somebody on LinkedIn, it makes sense that you would want to go ahead and connect with them, right? Like for most purposes, it makes sense to just go ahead and connect. So this is my own work around. I also think that adding a little bit of personalization in this message area when you are connecting with somebody that you haven't actually met in an in person event or had some sort of interaction with already, this is a really great way to personalize it. Okay, so you've started growing your network on LinkedIn. You've been connecting with people that you've met either through in person conferences or virtual events. Or however you found them. You started connecting with people. Let's take it to the next step. Because Lincoln is a social network. But those social connections and that engagement really starts to come. When you have a deeper relationship with somebody, I encourage you to go ahead and schedule a coffee meeting or get to know you call. So whether you want to do a virtual call via Zoom or Skype or a phone call, even something like that or if you actually have a lunch or in person coffee meeting, I encourage you to try to schedule a handful of these calls regularly. And it depends on how aggressively want to grow your network on lengthen, or how much time you want to devote all of this, because it can obviously be time consuming to schedule a lot of meetings with new people. But whether it's a few times a week or once a week or a few times a month, I encourage you to build these deeper connections with new people in your professional network. Now, in order to save time, I highly encourage you to use some sort of scheduling tool. Whether it's something like Callin DLLee, that's the one that I use Currently. I also used a tool called 10 to 8. In the past, they make it so much easier. Instead of having that constant back and forth message either via email or a Lincoln message back and forth, trying to figure out what's a convenient time for both of you to meet you do these get to know you calls or coffee meetings or however you're doing it. I encourage you to be really careful about making sure that it is, ah, helpful conversation for both sides, right, that you're not asking somebody to give you free advice that you're trying to use them and also make sure that it doesn't feel spammy. So I'm gonna give you an example a lot of times when people reach out, it kind of depends on how they reached out to me as to how I feel in response. So I think it's really important to make it very clear that this is not a sales call. You're not gonna try to immediately sell them one something you don't want something, you know, you just really want to get to know them, so anything you could be helpful before you to kind of take the next step of asking for a virtual meeting room in person meeting to get to know them a little bit, or at least look at their profile. Try to understand what are the common things? The what are the things that you have in common that you could potentially talk about are like, Why you want to talk to them? So I've had some situations where people have reached out to me on linked in and maybe it wasn't really clear. And so I sort of assumed that they were being Sales E, and that's why they wanted to meet in those situations. There was a woman who reached out a few years ago on Guy looked at her profile, and it didn't really seem like we have anything in common and the state of mind that I was in at the time, I sort of assumed it was kind of a sales call, sort of get to know you think, and I was like, I don't have time for this. I'm sorry on then. Later, about a year later, she reached out via another platform, I think, via Facebook and messaged me and it felt much more personal. It felt like she really had a reason for reaching out to me personally like it wasn't just a spray and pray sort of situation where she was just reaching out to everybody with no real reason. And when she reached out with a more personal message to me that second time, I was like, Yeah, you know, I remember when you asked about getting together for coffee. Let's go ahead and do that and actually ended being a really great conversation. And she introduced me to somebody else who was really amazing woman and that situation. I think at the beginning had she been a little bit more clear about what her intentions for a meeting or wanting to get to know me where I think I would have been more open that first time and our friendship and relationship would have started a lot sooner. Now, on the other hand, I had another situation a few months ago where somebody connected with me on Lincoln on and they didn't send a personalized message. Or maybe I think maybe they did send a personalized message, but it was something like, Hey, Mallory, like you seem like you are really a mover and shaker in our local city. They live in the same city as me. They seem like you're really like a local mover and shaker and like somebody who would be good, you know, I was like, Well, thank you. I would love to get to know you two sounds great. Eso then a few days or a week or so after we connected, they followed up yet linked a message and said, Hey, I would love Teoh schedule a time to get to know you a little bit better. I was like, OK, because it seemed like they were being sincere. It seemed like they really just did want to get to know me and like, it wasn't a sales call, right? So this person was a financial planner. I'll just as contacts on and I am not a financial planner. So if somebody is a financial planner and reaches out to me, I kind of him a little skeptical. And also, by the way, the first woman that I was giving the example of was also a financial planner. So these air two different people, the same industry reaching out, using LinkedIn, but using it in kind of different ways. So this guy, a financial planner, you know, reaches out its It felt more personal, like they really just wanted to grow their network, get to meet new people professionally. And I was like, Okay, let's schedule a call. So I sent him my Kalam's Lee Link. He scheduled the call, and then the day of the call, I get an email from one of his other work associates. Or like I get a notification that the calendar notification was like, accepted by his work associate. I was like, Okay, that's kind of weird, cause I thought this was just like a virtual coffee date. Get to know you on a professional level sort of thing. And now your colleague is randomly joining our call is what I thought. I thought it was gonna be like a three person call. And then I happily zoom and his colleagues shows up who tells me that the first guy who connected with me wasn't available. There was a scheduling conflict, so it sort of felt like a bait and switch. It felt really kind of spammy like I felt like I was about to be sold to, which is not what I thought was gonna happen. So, um, yeah, I ended up having to make it pretty clear to this financial planner associate of his that I was not in the market for financial planning services. It's not. What I was interested in also is kind of a waste of time on their part and was a waste of time on my part. And the feeling that I went away from the whole situation was was really bad taste in my mouth, and I would never go back to that person or that those people, that company for financial planning advice. It was just a example of a way that I would suggest not approaching connecting with people . But if you really do just want to meet new people in a professional environment in a non spammy, just get to know you being in genuine human being caring about another human being that seems interesting to you. I highly encourage you in that sense to go ahead and reach out. Just be really be human. Don't try to sell somebody just like you know you wouldn't. You wouldn't try toe propose marriage to somebody on the first day. You shouldn't try to sell to somebody on the first time that you ever meet them professionally, either 4. #2 - Promote your profile: I get way to boost your engagement on linked in is to promote your linked in profile outside of Lincoln. So one of the ways that I love to do this is a simple link in my email signature. If you are using a professional email, likely you have some sort of email signature already. But if you don't, I'm gonna show you exactly what I dio. So here you can see I use a Gmail and G suite for my professional email address. And so this is my signature that comes preloaded whenever I send an email. And I've got my link to my LinkedIn, along with all of my other information. So how I created that If you Google search hub spot email Signature generator. This is the one that I use. It's the first thing that comes up if you Google. Search this, and if you click through this is what the hub spot you know, signature generator looks like, and this is totally free to use hubs. Spot is a leading industry professional organization within marketing and sales and all of that good stuff, so they have a lot of really great free content free tools and this is one of them. So here you can see that they offer a few different templates that you can choose from, and it will sort of give you the different options. And then once you've selected that, you can go in here and you can set your colors. You can change the fallen spot sizes. You can also add specific pictures like your company logo, your profile picture or a specific your L or C T. A. Something like that. Once you've updated all those details, you had this create signature betting. It'll give you the option to put in all of your personal details. And once you're done putting all that information and they'll give you some information that you can drop into your email signature, whether use Gmail or another service. And here's another tool. If you want to use something, have another option instead of Hub Spot. And a lot of other folks love this company wise stamps. So I think they have free and paid versions of this. It depends on if you want it to say Credito y stand for creating this, but they also offer a lot of different features. You could include your linked in profile in your email signature 5. #3 - Engage with others: The third way to boost your engagement on lengthen is to engage with others. So here you can see the news feed on linked in at this functions a lot like it does on Facebook if you're more of a Facebook user. Andi, similarly, you can post things which will talk more about in the next video that you can also engage with other people so you can see here there's the like button, which is pretty obvious. But they also added in recent years like celebrate love, insightful or curious, so you can react in different ways, similar to how you would react on Facebook. You can also leave a comment or share somebody's post. Now if your posting or commenting it's good to be engaging with other people back and forth that it's not just a one sided conversation, and what we to stay on top of that is through your notifications so you can see your notifications up here under this big bell, and it will give you some suggestions about what people in your network are sharing who has been commenting or liking your own pose, all sorts of things. It depends on how you have your notifications set up, so I'm gonna show. You also had a manage that if you go under your settings under account settings and privacy right here, click that and you can manage all of these things. So I highly encourage you to explore all of your different settings to make sure that it set up in a way to help you boost your engagement. Because there's a lot of privacy settings that could potentially be holding you back. If you actually want to be engaging more with people having more people, see your opposed and be more visible like so you can set up your privacy settings. Of course, I'm gonna go over to communication. So if you want to get notified regularly, if people are posting things or people are engaging with Europe owes, you can change your notification settings. You can choose to receive notifications directly linked and being Lichten Web and app. You can receive notifications via email. So, for example, I'll click here into death so you can see you want to get email notifications about conversations or about recruitment things or job for networks. There's a lot of raised to manage all of this But if you really want to get involved on lengthen encourage you to set up all of these notifications and settings in a way that works for you and your own goals under these settings, you also want to pay attention to this section who can reach you so you'll see. I have a lot of this stuff sort of set so that everybody can reach out pretty easily. Invitations to connect You can connect With you I haven't set to everyone. You can manage these settings if you need more privacy, depending on your own situation. If you want to receive invitations for liking somebody's page, we're taking certain action on LinkedIn. You can change all of that. So here again, I've scrolled back up to this notifications by channel under the communications area, and I'm gonna dig deeper into this on linked in. So if you're receiving the notifications directly, be linked in about action being taken. So here's where you could really manage what you want to see a mess. You can get notifications if there's messages, post comments. I have that turned on because I want to be aware of that. If you're interested in looking for a new job or just being open to jobs, you can turn that on. They also have more expanded things. You can see I have all of these turned on. You can manage it, how you want to, But there are linked in groups. There are events you can see some of these work anniversary like they've been at their job for a year. That way it will give you a reminder so that you already have a prompt about what to reach out to that person. You could say Congrats on your one year anniversary at your job or congrats on your new job . Thes communication settings will also give you the option to see what's happening in terms of the news so linked and curates a lot of different news related stories both longer written stories like a blawg post almost as well as curates conversations around what people only did are saying about that news story. So it sort of makes it really easy for you to find ways to jump into an existing conversation in a way that's relevant to you in your professional role. So I highly encourage you to jump into those conversations like comment. Share 6. #4 - Use your news feed: the next way to boost your engagement on linked in is supposed to your news feed. So linked in has this news feed feature, which appears on your home screen on linked in, and it's really similar to Facebook's news feed. So if you're already familiar with posting to Facebook for your personal use, but you're not really active on LinkedIn, this is a great place to start because we'll feel sort of familiar but in a more professional setting. So here you'll see that I'm notified about New Post so I can click this and it will refresh other people's posts. We've already talked about engaging in other people, suppose, But what if you want to post to your news feed, say that you have something that's relevant to your business? Or there's a great article that you found online basically any of the kind of things that you might already be familiar with sharing on Facebook news feed. You can share that stuff in a professional format here, so I'm gonna click start post, and from here it will be really similar to Facebook. You can select even who you want this to appear. Teoh. If you wanted to appear to just your connections or anyone or certain group members to click back on. You can say what you want to talk about. You can add hashtags. You can target it. You can add a photo or a video or another document. It's also started adding these other future celebrated teammate finding experts Your profile create a poll which could be a really fun opportunity to gauge the people that you're following, see their interest in a certain thing that's related to what you're doing at work. So this is fairly straightforward. There is a limit on how long these posts could be in terms of characters, everything. So keep it fairly short and sweet. All share in another video how you could do a longer form content because they do have an article like a blood type article option on linked in. Now, when you're thinking about posting for any social media channel, whether it's linked in Facebook Instagram. I hadn't encouraged to think in terms of an editorial calendar or at least buckets of contact, so there's probably more than one type of thing that you would post in any given Social Media channel. So if you think about it as buckets. It will help you be able to batch, create content or just think about it differently and make that whole experience feel less overwhelming. Thinking about what? Unopposed, you already know that you have these specific ideas or niches that you wanna post. You can think about content buckets in terms of the topics or in terms of the types of content. So, for example, maybe one of your buckets is you post an inspirational quote, and then another content bucket might be that you're posting an article written by somebody else that relevant to your industry. Maybe something from Forbes or Inc magazine or something like that. Let's take that example of posting some sort of inspirational quote each week. A great tool for creating something like that is canvas if you're not already familiar with cans, but it offers a graphic design program that is browser based that is super easy to use, even if you're not a graphic designer because they offer a lot of different templates. So here you can see that I have their Facebook post template pulled up, and the reason that I have this one pulled up they don't actually offer linked in post template. They do offer a Lincoln banner template. If you want to customize the banner that appears on your profile, you could learn more about that in my other linked in class here, the Facebook post templates should work just fine if you want to share them on your newsfeed, though. So let's say that you want oppose one of those inspirational quotes. You could grab a template that feels even somewhat appropriate to what you have in mind, and when you click it, it's gonna open up in a new tab. And then, from there you can change the photo. You could change the text. You can change the font background colors, all that good stuff, and then once you have all of that, it's very drag and drop. Super easy give you other options of things that you can swap out. Once you have all of that set and click this and download it is an image. So from there, you had uploaded as an image and start your post and share more information about that. Another way to source information to share unlinked in in your news feed is the same type of hashtag, So I'm going to scroll down. I'm still on this news feed, but you can see on the left. We've got groups events and followed Hashtags. So there's a lot of different hashtag that exists unlinked in, and it'll give you some options. I'm already following some. You can also search for different hashtags. So let's search for digital marketing, for example. So here you can see I'm already following this hashtag. But I could unfollowed if I wanted Teoh, and if it was a hashtag, but it was already following, I should have the option to follow it. But here you can see what other people are talking about on the topic of digital marketing . So this is one way to find people to engage with two possibly connect with, as well as to give you some inspiration and ideas about what you could be posting on your own page. Here. I want to point out how linked in shows your activity across LinkedIn on your profile. So if somebody goes to check out your profile, they're going to see anything that you've posted, whether it's an article or something to your news feed or If you just common, it'll replied to a comment. So this is fairly. It's just above your experience on your profile. And this is important to note because pretty much anything that you do, whether it's looked into your news feed or commenting on somebody else's posed, is seen by pretty much everybody, Linc Dent. So it's important to maintain that professional atmosphere and be respectful of other people. Now, if you're thinking all of this feels like a lot of work, there are ways to automate this and sort of batch. Create content in digital marketing and social media marketing. We often think in terms of batch creating content. So say that you are going to use the tool like Canada to create some great graphics. You could do that once a week or once a month, and then use a social media scheduling tool to schedule those supposed to go out on your linked in profile and maybe even some of your other profiles. There's a lot of different tool that you can use to do this. I'm gonna show you the one that I personally use, which is called co schedule so co schedule. I currently have it attached to my linked in profile my Facebook page and my Twitter account. So here, you can see I've created, opposed to go out about an event that I was speaking at, and I created a message to go out to my LinkedIn, to my Twitter and to my Facebook. So from here I was able to create a graphic, actually created this graphic in camp like I just showed you uploaded. It included some hash tags and included a link to the actual event page. And then I scheduled this ahead of time. So that would just go out automatically to my linked in so that I could do it when I had the time, instead of having toe like Rush to constantly post on LinkedIn. Now, one thing I do want to point out about using a tool like coastguards or any other social media scheduling tool. It's important to keep in mind any things that may be happening in the world so that you don't have automated messages that are going out that maybe to be adjusted when suddenly things shift. So, for example, I'm recording this in June of 2020 so we've had a lot of things happening here in the U. S. And across the world with Covert 19 and the protest around racial justice. And so it's important to be aware of things that are happening in the broader world so that you don't have automated messages that maybe you scheduled weeks or months ago to go out that suddenly feel tone deaf or feel inconsiderate or disrespectful of what's happening in the world of that current moment. So just stay on top of that if you are going to use a social media scheduling tool. 7. #5 - Tag people in posts & comments: The next way to boost your engagement unlinked in is to tag people in your post or comments . Now one caveat. Proceed with caution and think about. Is it relevant? Is it respectful to tag them? Make sure you're not being spanning. So many should be an example of somebody who recently tagged me and opposed. So here you can see I'm on my notifications feed. So I'm getting notifications, Toe Let me know if people mention me and Jason and recently tagged me and oppose. I'm gonna click through and show you what this looks like. So Jason recently tagged me in a post where he shared a post of mine. So he's doing great on the linked an engagement game already. So here you can see he shared my post. This was my post down below. And then he tagged me in his post. And so, tagging in a post or comment, it is also similar to how it works on Facebook. If you're familiar with that, you can see here below that. When I responded to his comment, I also tagged his name. It's clickable. It's a link. Attacked it here, too. So how this works is say that I'm gonna leave a comment on this post. I would say thanks and I would hit at with my keyboard. And then it was Give me options. So it's giving me his name first, since this was his post. But say I wanted Teoh respond to somebody outs or tag them to make sure that they saw this post. For example, say that I want to tag Arthur, just click his name. I could also, if I hit at the backspace or the delete button on a Mac computer, say that I only wanted to tag the first the first name of the person E could hit back, and suddenly it takes away their last name and I'm only typing their first name and then I can continue on. That was great. And then I could hit post. So as you can see, tagging people, whether in your comments and replies or in your original post, can be a great way to boost your engagement. But you do want to be careful with it. I had an experience a couple of months ago where I got a notification that somebody had tagged me Onley. I wasn't connected with this person at all. They were tagging me about something completely irrelevant to what I did, and it felt really spammy. I actually reported that post as spam. So just be really careful about if and how you tad people in your poster comments, make sure that it's relevant. Make sure that it's respectful. 8. #6 - Publish an article on LinkedIn: The next way to boost your engagement on LinkedIn is to write an article. So what if you want out right, something that's a little bit longer than the regular news feed will allow. Or maybe you are a writer or author, or you want to be a thought leader in your industry or niche. The write an article Future is a really great way to do that, and you can do this on a regular basis. You can do this on the occasional bases. Whatever works for your particular role here, you can see this appears in the same place where you would write a post on your news feed, but you can instead click write an article unlinked in. So here I'm gonna click this and it opens up in a new tab. So this is similar to a lot of other Web publishing formats or blawg publishing formats, so you can see it gives you the opportunity. You can add a photo here if you'd like, you can write a headline, and then, from here, you can write your content. You can begin to write, and if you want to add an image or video or something you can click this little box here, and it will give you these options. You can have images, video slides, links on more. You can also edit all of your text with you See highlight it. You can do bold italics, Underline bullets, quotes, links. You can also do heading one heading to and normal. And then you can also save your drafts. Or you can go ahead and publish once your body. So this gives you the opportunity to write much longer form content. And I'm gonna show you one way that I've done that and been able to grow my influence and boost my engagement on lengthen. So here I am, under my activity and how I got to that is I click under me and then under manage post and activity. So that brings me to this page. So the first thing that it defaults to is everything I've done on LinkedIn, including if I liked something. If I commented etcetera, I can see all of my post from the news feed right here. Or I can click over into articles, which is what I'm about to dio. So this shows me all of my blog's like articles. Now I've written a lot of different articles, but I consistently do this article of the Southern started report, which do twice a month. So is part of one of my professional roles. I curate the Southern Started Report, which is a twice monthly email newsletter that curates news about technology and started related activity from across the southeastern United States. So we send this out via email newsletter. But when I took this over about two years ago, I also started cross posting it to my own linked in profile. Now the reason that that I posted to my own linked in profile is that you cannot from a business page on lengthen post these articles. You actually have to write it from a personal profile from an individual author. So I do it under my own profile in order to write these longer articles. So basically what I do here is a copy and paste everything that's going out via email over to lengthen on. The reason that I do that is because for us, it was more important that this information reach a wider audience and create brand awareness for what we were doing. Then the have it locks behind an opt in on an email. Now, that might not be the case for everybody, but depending on what your goals are for your business. If you have an email, this could be a great place to cross post that information. Or if you have a blob, this might be a great plates to cross lose some of that information. So here you can see I've got this headline. Use the little emoji in my headline There you can see that I've published this on June 11 2020. And I can also edit this article if I'd like and I confused stats about who's seen or engaged with this article, you can see I've used different formatting here. I've used bold quotes, all this good stuff, and this is a pretty lengthy article that I dio this recent news is an image that I created , so this is actually an uploaded image here, but I use this to break it up. You can see I just cross post all this information, and every time I share it gets a lot of engagement, a lot of views and comments and all sorts of things. So when I click over here to somebody else that maybe you're familiar with. Renee Brown. We're in a Brown is a researcher and author, and she has a lot of work around shame and vulnerability and social work, and she's become much more popular. In the last few years. He had a Netflix special where she spoke, and she's done a lot of Ted talks. So she also opposed often in this article format. And a lot of people who have written books and our authors and are prominent in their field use this feature, and I think it's a really great tool this linked in article we're going to see down here. She's got some legs and some blows and all that stuff. 9. #7 - Share video content: the next way to boost your engagement with LinkedIn is using video. So here I want to share how a friend of mine, Rachel, is really crushing it with video unlinked, and she's really been able to grow her engagement and grow her network through video. You can also see she's doing pretty well in the rest of her profile. She's got a great banner with lots of information. Great headline. So I'm just gonna scroll down, says she. You can see she's featured some of her YouTube videos, things. She has a 13,000 plus followers, which is pretty impressive. So over here I'm looking at some of her recent activity, and she's been doing these little videos, these talking head videos pretty consistently. For a while now. I've been watching her, and you can see how this one videos posted three days ago got more than 68 engagements, 51 comments and more than 1400 views. And I just want to scroll back up because I want to compare that engagement to some of her other post that don't include that same video or the video at all. So here, you can see opposed that Rachel may just a couple of hours ago, so it hasn't had a lot of time to get engagement yet. But it's not video, just a photo and some text on 10 engagements to comment so far. She also shared some video earlier today from YouTube. Now sharing video that's hosted another platform is a little bit different than uploading video directly to linked in because linked in, like so many social media platforms, are generally gonna prioritize video or other content that's hosted on their platform. They make money the longer you stay on their platform and engage in their platform. So if they are given the opportunity, Teoh host a video that you're keeping people there unlinked and longer to watch that video , they're gonna be more likely to show that video in the news feed. I'm promoted to more people to see it. So generally, linking to a video that's posted on YouTube is not gonna be as good for engagement unlinked in as hosting a native video that lives natively within linked. So here, again is another example of a link to a YouTube video. This 16 comments. 10 engagements are not quite as, and you know, quite as active, quite as many engagements scroll down. So here's another example of a different kind of video that Rachel posted in the last couple of days. So you can see she does this thing Teoh, where she posts a headline a to beginning of proposed. And then she enters a couple of spaces so you can see that there's more. But all of the rest of the text is hidden behind the Seymour. She will have to click into it. And then if I continue to scroll down what we did, See if somebody saying this. The newsfeed is this fun little video You can see this is just seven minutes. There's no sound or anything. It's still looping video. So I shared Canada in a previous video in this class. But I wanted to show canvas again because they're offering more and more video options similar to what Rachel made. And just, you know, you could use a simple little bit of graphics to sort of spice things up, make it a little bit more interesting, visually appealing than maybe a photo on its own would be those fun graphic videos that you can create with Canada or a similar program are really great option. But you don't have to do that. You could do something as simple as grab your iPhone or whatever your devices. Grab your Web cam on your computer and create a quick video. Just opposed what you're thinking about. You know, explain something that you're an expert about something that's relevant to your job or your professional role. As you can see, Rachel's a speaker. I'm a speaker, so we do a lot of these types of videos. But I think there's a lot of opportunity and a lot of different industries, even if you just creating a quick, short talking head video where you're just getting on screen and talking about something that you know a lot about for one minute a week, that could really help to boost your engagement on leg down. The next way to boost your engagement on LinkedIn is to take advantage of live video. So linked in live is something that they've started offering more recently, and it's currently still you have to apply to do it. It's not just automatically offered to everybody because not everybody is gonna, you know, be able to take advantage of this opportunity. But if it does make sense for you and your business, it's a great opportunity to really boost your engagement. So here you can see you comply to do it. I'm gonna show you some examples of a few people who are doing it. And I think doing it really well and consistently so. Gary, where is somebody that I'm already connected with? As you can see, he's a Ted, ex speaker, facilitator coach, and I often get the notifications that he's going live unlinked in. You can see here in his feet he does these little interviews with folks. This is another great way to boost your engagement. A lot of people that are doing the live features on LinkedIn are doing these livestream similar toe like a live video castor, a podcast interview, whether involving somebody else. So it's making it so that you could broaden your network on linked in by including and collaborating with another person. So this is a previously recorded video, one of his live quickie videos, and you could see this is really is quickly these air 12 minute videos. It doesn't take a ton of time. Each week. If this is a route that you want to explore and go down, I don't currently do live videos, but I have been featured on some other peoples live videos on lengthen. So here's an example of that. A few months ago, Alexander Able, who is the founder of a company called Lunch Pool, your co founder. They do a couple of these lunch pool live show. They do coffee breaks and lunch breaks to kind of facilitate conversations on linked in which is actually really similar to what their program, what their app lunch pool does. So it ties in really well to the business objectives and gold to do these linked in live videos. So he and I chatted for about 30 minutes on Lengthen Live on the way that he did it. I'm sure there are other ways to do it, but he used a secondary tool called Stream Yard and another. A lot of people that do live streams, whether on Facebook, Live or YouTube, live linked in life, use the secondary tool called stream yard. So if you want to dio linked in live or get involved in Livestream anywhere else, I encourage you to check it out 10. Class project: congrats. You've made it to the end of the class. So I hope that all of this information was really helpful for you. I highly encourage you if you haven't done so. To go to the resource is area and download the worksheet and use it to guide you through actually implementing all of the stuff that we've talked about in the class in the class projects area below. Show us your progress. You can upload a photo of you with all of these things checked off. Shows your filled out work, she or upload a screenshot of something that you've done unlinked din that pertains to one of the ways to engage. Maybe you want to show us an example of a live video that you've done, or somebody that you have tagged in one of your comments. Something like that. Which of these ways to boost your engagement has worked out best for you? Share it in the projects area below. If this class was helpful for you, please leave a review. The reviews really help other people to find this class on skill share. So if you found this helpful, pay it forward Lever review. Let me know what you thought. I hope you have a great day and have so much success on linked in Let's Connect.