Stop motion para principiantes: personajes en plastilina y Stop Motion Studio app | Eleanor & Giovanni | Skillshare

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Stop motion para principiantes: personajes en plastilina y Stop Motion Studio app

teacher avatar Eleanor & Giovanni, Stop Motion, Animation, Music, Art

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Watch this class and thousands more

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Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

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    • 2.

      Principio aplastar estirar


    • 3.

      Disena tu personaje


    • 4.

      Disena tu escenario


    • 5.



    • 6.

      Construye tu panel reflector


    • 7.

      Configurando tu mesa de animacion


    • 8.

      Tutorial stop motion studio


    • 9.



    • 10.

      Truco copiar pegar


    • 11.

      Graba sonidos


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About This Class

Aprende a animar personajes sencillos hechos en plastilína, e iniciar en el fantástico mundo de la animación en stop motion utilizando la app para smartphes y tablets Stop Motion Studio.

En esta clase para principiantes en la animación stop motion, los animadores Eleanor Evans y Giovanni Aguilar te enseñarán como crear divertidas animaciones en stop motion utilizando plastilína.

Esta clase aborda las bases de la animación empezando por el principio aplastar estirar utilizando la aplicación gratuita Stop Motion Studio.

Lo único que necesitas es tu smartphone o tablet, un trípode, papel, cartulina, plastilína, dos lámparas de escritorio y cuentas, botones o cualquier material que se te ocurra para los ojos de tu personaje.

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Eleanor & Giovanni

Stop Motion, Animation, Music, Art


We are Eleanor Evans and Giovanni Aguilar, we run a small award winning animation studio in Canberra Australia. Our studio specialises in stop motion animation and animated music videos, we also make our own music videos for our band Opalised Toucan. The strength of our studio is the range of skills we bring to the table as each of us have our own specialities, we are in the process of bringing this expertise to skillshare. 

The classes we are already teaching on skillshare include classes in stop motion animation, needlecraft and unconventional music recording techniques. In addition to adding more classes in these topics we will soon be creating classes about a range of other art, design, music and animation related topics! We are obsessed with experimental animation so wa... See full profile

Level: Beginner

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1. Intro: almost Eleanor Giovanni. Someone sent a majority since the motion to name was West Ropa Kinyua Studio. The animus soon in Australia Couscous, Taqueria and, um, Asean pattern Western Musica Alina with the sandal principio any Masoum Oblast honesty Loony Organise a c Does is to a smartphone or tablet three boy those Lampard, Pretoria Apple cart, Alina Blanca Last Inning and Personals. 2. Principio aplastar estirar: I told him I mean are perceiving Community Anonymous. You know, the school remained those mass importantes for it. Come on, honey. My orders bullion Apple started. Str formers still of the emperor. In fact, that was implemented in Tokyo expressively that moment Iniesta hemp lower most Kamala Pelota Lucius original material tree here Olivia No mientras canister Track em blow by most Kamala Pelota Lucius original material flexi Really carrying the ineffective investor Hemp lower most Kamala pelota for animal. 3. 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Construye tu panel reflector: because Freedom Panel reflector is my facile necesita Rest those piece of the Cartagena Lanka It a manual a Quattro Auto manual car Cortona Tita Immune Oil slows Della Carta Blanca Dolar Interest party See Wallace for Mondo Entry angle I say with all those extremists Constanta issue sinister three Anglo L a part of history or Dale Otra ps Ricardo Lena A list of your Penis to panel reflector quota you era are awfully hard Villaluz united to Sampras as here to personally 7. Configurando tu mesa de animacion: a partner to studio animus. Young imposition We call a Premera Lamba in Manolos loves we kill a swindle. Ampara Illumina Ando is there everywhere. El Fondo, your vehicle Panel reflector in allow puesto Della Premera Lampa in scintilla Sambora's Erection Elizabeth Scandal Crear una luz uniform A Soviet scenario Morato panel reflector Bharara Flair to persona Hey, Luce Della Premera Lampa released. 8. Tutorial stop motion studio: so Motion studio soon AP Cape Emitting Osa to a smartphone or tablet Come on, studio, click A photo permitted to remain but a grand anymore Soon stop motion. But contractors top common stop motion is to you in the APP store or in the play store you can get like completamente lattice, but in percent in a stop motion up local America a selection Are Isnora pelicula personally ? Quenneville? A camera literally. Cano air hostess. Salish una el Morro. Manuel esta motel Ula. I've eater perp arrows into political Tambien plays a sterile balance a Blanco's lymph. Okay, lesson see. Really that Pelosi that the Sparrow? Yes. Um tomato tempo necesario part explode. Arrested hostess I stand Contrary interest Will tower toe to toe. Minister Castro who stole Algunos Parameters Grocery or Centurion? A cigarette. Amarilla Premera photo. Well, Baton Brokerage Stop Motion studio uniform. Assume we do till tomorrow. 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