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Simply Cooking: French Macaron For BEGINNERS

teacher avatar Paula Whitmer, WaterColors and Puppies

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Watch this class and thousands more

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Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

    • 1.

      Welcome to Macaron Class


    • 2.

      Let's Get Ready


    • 3.

      Prepping Dry Ingredients


    • 4.

      Prepping Wet Ingredients


    • 5.

      The Big Combine (Wet and Dry)


    • 6.

      Piping Intro


    • 7.

      Tray Prep


    • 8.

      Piping the Cookies


    • 9.

      Baking the Cookies


    • 10.

      Raspberry Lemon Curd Prep


    • 11.

      Cooking the Curd


    • 12.

      Straining the Curd


    • 13.

      Making Your Delicious Macarons


    • 14.

      Enjoy Your Macarons!!


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About This Class

In this class you will learn how to make French Macarons! With the step by step process, you will be able to get that fancy French feel with a beginner friendly recipe. So grab your friends and start cooking!

Happy Cooking Friends

Meet Your Teacher

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Paula Whitmer

WaterColors and Puppies


Hi! I'm Paula and I like animals, being in the outdoors and being creative! 

About 2 years ago I was in an accident that caused me to lose my left ring finger. During my recovery I picked up watercolor painting to help pass the time. I love creating simple and delicate works of art for my family and friends! I have an adorable dog who I treat like my child and a pretty cute husband who I feed sometimes.  

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Level: Beginner

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1. Welcome to Macaron Class: Hi. My name is Paula, and this is Cedar. And we're gonna make some French girls today. For the longest time. I was super afraid of my parents because you always hear how hard they are in this for technical and possible to make. But for the past month, I have been working on them and I found a super great Cassidy. And I'm gonna show you guys how to do today. These make amazing gifts for your parents, your family, your friends. They're also super fancy treat. You provide it like a book club for date night or really anything. We're always super impressed. Today we are going to make raspberry lemon mackerels Upper in itself is going to be a simple, plain flavor. And then the love incurred the raspberry filling is gonna be what gives us our exciting taste today. So let's get started 2. Let's Get Ready: All right. So for Macron's today, we're gonna go through the ingredients that we're gonna need. Probably your most well known. Agree it is your golden flower. I got my almond flour from Costco. This bag was $11 or 11. 99. Behave, compared to go on so bad that you get the grocery store this day. But you're also $10 dollars. This is Bob. Mel. It was great. It was awful. But this is great, too. So looking for a bargain cost was the way to go, Charles. Amazing Power Trigger today also called icing sugar in a lot of recipes. Same thing we're going to using Tap that assault. You got some coloring between color girls. Some granulated sugar. Uh, that's bigger eggs, and that's all. It really goes into the cookie part for the lemon curd. We're going to need some very fresh or frozen there. Be curated, Cut until I'm totally fine. You didn't frozen Berries for this? Great. I really need to learn is and insulted better. Now, as faras ingredients go, that's pretty much it. But you're also going to be a couple of materials such as paper. All right. Parchment paper you come by in a role that tears off and where you can get it in pop up sheets. Either way, you're gonna be fully in. I have, with these ones a fit can we'll talk about why we want Hold it that way. When we get to that point, you're going to need a hand mixer or someone with a really strong arm, Definitely just handing. We're going to need beaters for that hand mixer. You're going to need tools. Um, once you're trying really handsome, one is for your wet. Now I really prefer ah, high sided metal bowl when I'm working with eggs and was talking about that. Why? Why? I prefer that to get that weight and then read dry ingredients just using a normal everyday changeable. You're all going to need a sifter and a spatula. You will need one and 1/4. We're going to need a piping bag now. Not everybody has these wonderful piping bags and tips, so you don't have these. You can use a gallon size that block back. And when we get to the point when you start typing, I'll talk about how to dio lock first, our status for ingredients. Let's get started looking 3. Prepping Dry Ingredients: Okay, So for our dry ingredients that we're gonna start with, we need to skimpy cups of powdered sugar. Eso We're gonna use my one cup measure here, and we're gonna pour right into our sifter. So that's kind of a skinny kid up. The next one will do a little bit. That's probably trigger is very messy. Don't don't kid yourself. It's gonna make a mess in the kitchen. It's gonna get everything all right, two cups of powdered sugar. And then we need one of our old in our all right one cup of almond flour straight into the sifter. All right. And now we're going to sift away. So as we're sifting, the powder sugar and the own power were still slightly mixed together. Just like that together, some of some of each in there. And it's just gonna mix it for us so you can use the side of your hand like I'm doing. You can take on instrument and go that way As you're tapping the edge, all of your ingredients are going to go towards the side that you're topping. See how it's coming inside there. So the counter act that make sure you tilt the opposite direction of the side that you're hitting. And then you're scuffle State in the middle and it won't fall over on the side of your of your sister. This is very important. We don't want any lumps in our ingredients. You can see all the lumps in here. It's not. We want to be bad news bears. All right, so you get to this point and you have lumps lofted. You have a bunch that are this big. I'm gonna go ahead and just gently break up the big ones and just get a little bit more out of there. But when they get tiny like that, you're done. Just throw it away, okay? And that's our during greens. 4. Prepping Wet Ingredients: All right. So for what ingredients we're going to need three days now you want to separate the whites from the yolks. So for this recipe, Lee Wax, we're going to use both. But for the macaron cookie, we just won't have just want the whites that stopped the shell. Uh, I forget to mention in the materials portion, you are gonna need a smaller bowl for your yolks. So go ahead and grab that now. I forgot to mention that. So when you're separating eggs, you want a crack it, and you want to try and get a crack right in the middle. And ideally, you'd want it to go outside. What is just like that do that. So we're gonna start in our big bowl because that's 31 or what's to be we're gonna use first, and we're gonna gently, gently, gently open that a um, the key to macaron recipes is having good stiff peaks when you create your egg whites. Now you cannot create stiff peaks if there is any sort of fat in your, uh, and white at all, and yolk is all fat. So if you're your brakes while you're doing this, you have to start all over. It is very important to be very careful when separating your egg whites. Right? So right there. I've got a none of the white and they're gonna take my yoke. Dump it in the hole. The yolks we're gonna use for our lemon curd, Right to move on to the next, you know, very careful. Correct me if I go. But I've noticed farm fresh eggs of a much thicker shell and they behave a lot better when you're trying to separate them. The eggs from the grocery store that have been bleached in the shells are a lot thinner. Her a lot harder to crack. And you really have to pay attention to what you're doing, Mitt, too. Now, every now and again, you'll see in this one No, kinetic, that cracks. Super weird. I'm gonna show you how to fix that. Don't fix it. But Okay. So when you're cracks weird, I'm gonna use one of my previous channels. Help me here. She'll see. You can't tell. You have a Soon as I start cracking this, you guys are going to see what I'm talking about. It cracked super wonky and all of the little pieces got in there up bad, bad, bad. Okay. All right, this happens all right, Because I want to be very careful about my yoke. I'm gonna be kind of meticulous about carpet this open. You can see how cracked here if I were to just put my finger in, um, like I tried to It's gonna shatter and most likely rupture my yolks. I'm gonna kind of feel that away, so I don't have to worry about it anymore, but he's over there. Okay, now that I've done that, continue to peel away very gently. Parts of my shell. This is not ideal. Like I said, All right, okay. That show what we have from our previous AIDS. One of the ones that broke really nicely like that. We're gonna pour very open to that. What are white? Can you come out? What? And then I met Get rid of that, I think is ridiculous. And use my previous show to separate the rest of this. So sometimes it happens. I mean, it's not like on cooking shows where everything goes perfect every single time. Okay, now that that's done, you're more for hands really quick. Okay, back from washing your hands. We're gonna set our yoke society, and we're going to feed our white. So is joining our salt. We're gonna do a pinch of salt. People don't often know what a pinch looks like. Um, you can literally just pinch your salt like you have. Ah, jar A big thing of salt for me. One of these turns is I'm about a pinch art. Raise our mixer and we're gonna mix this till it's white and frothy. E right Now show you what that looks like. Way go white and frothy. Right At this point, we're going to add sugar. This is our granulated sugar. A lot of recipes will tell you toe put your sugar through for the process. I did that the first time and didn't do it. But trust the times and I've been fine. So feel free, Teoh. Send your granulated sugar through the food processor to make finer if you so wish. But I have had zero problems just using the normal granulated sugar without food processing it. So we're gonna add her. The fourth book up of granulated sugar are from the egg whites and now we're going to beat them to soft peaks beating a Don't just keep your mixer stationary like this moving around . The whole goal of this is beating air into the eggs to make them light fluffy. So move your mixer around, mix it up, trying out to your sides too much It ruins your mixer, but it's kind of inevitable. All right, check for our soft peaks. By doing that, you stop your mixer and pull up on your blades to see forms of peak. So we do not have a peek. Get going. Check again. Those are bigger word. Close off peaks. Maybe. Maybe a little bit on the soft, too soft side. That's all right. So now we're gonna add our food coloring. This is just gel food coloring from Betty Crocker. I like the jaws stuff cause it just mixes into my, uh, battered really? Well, So you think yellow the please. They're gonna dio and my custard is going to occurred, not custard. My curve is going to be read because of their asbury's. So I wanted yellow cookies and a red feeling you could make cookies with every color you want. We're gonna add about that much because I kind of wanna Palio. What? We don't want neon yellow, lemon colored cookies. You want just a soft yellow. All right, so now we're going to be too stiff. Peaks, check Price. You have a peek? Fell over. Not stiff enough yet again. I was really close. Really, really close. Well, look at that. All right. So what do you have achieved? True stiff peaks. You should be able to dump your bowl upside down and your peaks won't move. Obviously, you can't see what's going on there. Gigs haven't moved. See that? All right. So stick those in the sink and we are now ready to add our dry ingredients. 5. The Big Combine (Wet and Dry): for any hard, dry ingredients. This is where a lot of people freak out. Tell you it's too crazy. We're going to fold our dry ingredients into our wet. Now you want to keep these as light and fluffy and areas possible. So order to do that. We do. It's called folding. Folding is not next thing. Don't just dump your stuff in and start around like that. It's not working, Dio. Okay, um we're going to fold using our spatula approximately 30 times. Want 30 turns, 30 folds. So the minute he was mad half of my dry ingredients we're gonna fold to about 15 folds. Then we're gonna add the rest of the during Gideon's and full, but remaining 15 folds approximately. It's different every time. So we're gonna gently have this because we sipped it so we don't wanna create any lumps. You're gonna add a about half now we're gonna fold. Okay, One that's one fold. Okay to three. Four. Okay, now, I said no stirring. There's a slight exception to that rule. You may park your batter like that in orderto mix it up a little bit more case we're on four folds five, six seven, eight, nine, 10 11 12. So that's, um, Dr going on there. 13 14 15 number and out of the rest of our dry ingredients. So when I first made these backgrounds the very first time ever, I was using an UNB lanced almond flour. Because that's what Harman's had. And so, as I was making these, I panicked because there were little flecks, all their almond flour. Those were just the almond outer shell pieces and totally okay. Blanched on blanched. Doesn't matter. Don't panic if you buy blanched. All right, 16 17 18 19 20 21 22. At this point, I'm gonna kind of scrape off my spatula just a little bit. This gets messy, guys. 23 before 25. 26 and I'm almost done here. I'm gonna hold it one more time. 27. So I ended up 27 folds. If you go over 30 or you're under 30 that's OK. Try to keep it under 50 folds. Ideally, if you are stirring and stirring and the dry ingredients are not mixing in, you might have not put enough exit. So double check your recipe and make sure that you did enough Now you want your battered fall off of your spatula. Kind of like lava to see how it just kind of slowly falls off. Yes. All right, so now we're going to putting bags. 6. Piping Intro: All right. So you are a mixture of Minnesota aside for just a second so I can talk about our piping bags. This is a 16 inch piping bag of that You can use decorating cakes, cookies, whatever. If you don't have this, you can use I got one Ziploc bag. So everything that I'm going to do with this piping bag, you can know the gallon ziplock back. Um, and I'll kind of refer back to the block bag as I go, but I am not gonna be There was a blood bag for this demonstration. So to prep our bag, we need to put our pieces in. So for this, we are going to be using believe this is a number on it, remember? On it. All right. This is the number 10 tiff. Is the number 10 raising? Probably a number 20 maybe larger. There's no number on it. I must have gotten it from some discount discount store. And you're going to need a so going to unscrew this little piece, you're gonna take this one, and we're gonna put it down inside the bag. Just drop it right in there. Um, your bag should have a hole cut in it. If it If you just bought these for this cooking demonstration and you just have a brand new bag, you will need to cut the tip of the bag. You can do that by just putting one of these in there with the tip uncut and seeing where it hits on marking a little line and then cutting it. All right. Now, we're gonna take our piping tip in a place that on top of our little plastic cuff but the reon and screw away it is okay if you get some of your piping bag caught in the threats, in fact, that it makes it more secure. So don't panic. All right, so this is now set up. What's your price? If you're using a Ziploc bag for this portion, you obviously would not need to set up this system. And you would just use it as is. Do not cut a hole in it. Repeat, do not have a hole, and there's a block bag until the very end. All right. Okay. We're going to be using this cup to help me fill my bag. Because of my hand, I can no longer really hold back open like they used to be able to beforehand. But ideally, you would pull the bag open like this and fill it with your filling slowly closes. You went. I don't have a range of motion to do that. I'm going to use this. Hold it open for me. All right, So if you hide yourself block bag, you would open it up, and you put it inside. Just like this, with one of the tips down in the bottom of the bag are bottom of the cup. This is ready. We're going to take our mixture. And so our cup again being very gentle with our mixture. Remember, we want to keep it light and fluffy as possible when your cup gets full. Well, you have to dio. Come on, slide up your bag a little bit. Just come back down again. - All right? Once you have your filling in there, just turn your back up like this. Very sticky mixture. Guys, feel free to like your fingers a closer back off. No, it's very important that you use your thumb and your point your finger to hold your bag. We're going toe push the air down till we hit where? Batteries. Then we're going to twist K one. A nice good twist on there. See how talked that bag aske A. At this point, if you are using the block bag, you would be just like this, but you would have no hole cut in the Tet. Okay, uh, keep it that way. Don't cut a hole in the tip yet. Wait until we get our parchment paper in our trays set up, and then you're just gonna cut a hole in the tip, and then it'll act just like this piping bag. So what? We get our trays ready. I'm gonna let this just sit in my little cup just like that instead of decide. 7. Tray Prep: Okay, so now we're gonna get our pans ready. These are super old bands, guys. I think I've had these since college. They're not They're not pretty. That's okay. Because we are not gonna be putting anything directly on the pans were going using person paper. Perfect paper is fantastic. I love it. I use it for everything. That is great, because that earlier comes in two forms. This pop up virgin where it comes right out of the box like this. And there's one where you roll without tear it. Yeah, when you put the part fever down first, like two, maybe even three batches of cookies that I made. I did this, but the paper on my tray and away I went piped up cookies and I followed the recipes, and it worked. But one of the things one of the problems I ran into was, if you put a cookie over here on this corner and your torture paper, it's a pop aside like this, it'll cause your cookie to be kind of oval shaped. It won't be a circle because the part of paper is kind of slanted. And hold it like that. So what? I've been doing is folding married parchment paper that match my trades. Exactly. Now, you could reuse parts paper over and over again as long as you don't get anything like wet or greasy on it. So I'm not gonna even this piece gonna be using. And even But I've already folded to fit my trays. I'm talking about two different kinds here. I don't know if you guys can see in the video. This is the pop up cheat things. One fits on my small trade. Just like that, you can see how the edges there's nothing going up the sides. You're gonna lose like the tiniest bit of space on your trade. But trust me, guys, you want it. You want to do this? I fought with my cookies a lot before I decided to fold my personal paper. So my small tray is ready from this is the Reynolds wrap party paper palpable plus signs on it. Now, this is kind of handy if you are new to piping and you need visual aids to help you spaceship if he's apart or how big to make them so least little plus signs on here could actually be super helpful. You can always a silicone mat if you have those. I don't have one of those. Cough cough intent. Weak link. I love one for Christmas husband. Her paper. It is my big trade. You can tell. It's got some little bit of cookie from the last batch that I made on there. We'll just, uh, take a dump it in the sink, and now we're good to go. All right, so now that our trades are ready, we are going to fight. 8. Piping the Cookies: Okay, So we're gonna get our piping back out of our cup, and you see, that kind of lost It's pretty shape that we had earlier. So remember, use your thumb and put her finger to push it down and twist. Okay? Same thing goes fears of block bag. At this point, you are now allowed to cut a hole. Winners of block pack Now and now on Li Ke, as you can tell minds already coming up with it because of a pressure on my bag, right. You're gonna be using your four fingers over here to apply pressure to your bag and your left hand. It was gonna be for studying if you're left handed. Obviously you're right handed for studying. So we are going to create little one inch circles or smaller, ideally with our sleeping bag. So we're gonna start here. I'm gonna make a circle about that big now I'm done making my circle. I'm gonna release all the pressure from my bag and slowly remove the tech cake. What we don't want is to make your cookie. No, I didn't even do it that you don't want little hats on your cookies. All right, It looks super cute, but they don't lay flat. So gonna get rid of that in a minute. Here. Here we go. All right. They could be from laying flat. So you're gonna go along? You're gonna create little cookies. If you are new to piping figuring out how much pressure to put on your bag is probably the because we're any curve you're gonna have to deal with. Um, too much or not enough. And you are gonna be constantly re twisting your bags as you get rid of the batter that's inside. You're gonna lose that tightness. You're almost every row. I'm re twisting up here so I could maintain a nice talk bag. Okay, so, girl, my cookies piped for this recipe you were gonna make between 20 and 25 sandwiched cookies. All right, this is 45 individual cookies, which will make 22 sandwiched. Compete with that makes sense. Um, wait. So this point is to show you next. So we need Teoh pound down his cookies. We want them to flatten a little bit. You want to release any air bubbles that are inside as well. So to do that, you're gonna lift up our trade and slam it on the ground a lot. This part of the legal out, not talk over it. But at the end, I'll give you a couple tips. Okay, so that looks good to me. Probably couldn't see it on the video, but I could actually see air bubbles coming up to the cookie and releasing. So when I don't see really anymore those happening, I know that I am done. So I'm gonna go ahead and do that to all my trays. Once you're done with this, uh, this step, the pounding down step You want cookies? Rest for approximately half an hour. Now, this is the stage that I I was impatient first couple times that I made macaroons. I was like, Do they really need to sit for 30 minutes? Is that a real thing? I know. And so I didn't set timers, and I kind of just guest turns out this part of Subaru for And make sure your macron's rest for at least years are bigger than this minor about Vonage. They will leave the rest for longer. They're gonna rest until their tacky to the touch and when you touch them with your figure , You're not gonna get any battle comes back up, so I'm gonna pound rest of mine. They're gonna breast for 30 minutes and we come back. I'll show you what they should look like. Slash feel like and then we'll put it in the oven. 9. Baking the Cookies: Okay, so it's been 30 minutes. Are macaroons have been resting. They look great. We're gonna touch the tops of these gently. And look at that. Nothing comes off nice and tacky. Um, if you try to touch them hand, they seem very cool. Your battery probably wait longer with that Karol's. It's very, very important that you have a consistent oven. So we want the heat in our oven to stay pretty much the same 300 degrees the entire time. If you have a shoddy oven, that is inconsistent, I would not recommend using it to make mackerels Your neighbors, Your friends do it as a activities almost house. You want a good consistent of it. All right. That does not mean use your conduction oven cake. I've got infection factor in mind. I don't put it on for this. So among girls already, and you're gonna put them inner. So those are going to sit there for about five minutes. We're gonna check on and see if they're ready to come out or they're gonna need about five minutes more. Okay, so these macron's have been in the oven for five minutes. You can see what they've risen a little bit. So at this point, I am going Teoh, open the oven and let some of the steam out. And I'm going to check to see if the bases air starting to turn golden round. So you know that these air done when the very banks the cookie worth touching the part parchment paper starts to turn a very light golden brown color. Um, these This is the type of cookie you're gonna need to sit by the oven and watch while that's baking, because I can go pretty quick thes shouldn't stay in the oven any longer. Been 10 minutes. Um, I'm averaging about seven in my oven. Seven minutes. Okay, So these men Peron's are done. So to get them off our train onto a cooling rack is a fork to catch the edge of my parchment paper, pull it off a little bit, and then I can use my hands. Okay, so these need to cool completely. 100% cool cookies. You cannot fill these until they're cool. So we're gonna leave these here, but the set with them just hang out while we go make her love incurred 10. Raspberry Lemon Curd Prep: way ready for our love incurred. So one of the ingredients we need for a woman heard is love incest. We need about a teaspoon of lemon zest. So this is this Esther. They come skinnier summer, different shape. This is mine. They're very sharp. Be very careful with them. They come with protective cases for so we're gonna zester limits and we just want the yellow apart. So Afghans estate you pretty much get one one poll before we get to the White Way. Don't want for a bunch of white, that's the bitter hurt. The purpose of lemon zest is to add flavor on Also have a little oils in the peel of the lemon that can add to your ingredients. So it's important to not go to town in one spot. Just get the outer layer. This is gonna go in until I've pretty much gotten all my surfaces. So this recipe calls for a teaspoon of lemon curd. Gonna be honest? I'll probably at more because I really like lemon. If you are not a big fan of women, just add a teaspoon. I'm gonna add more good Could be honest with you guys. That's all I'm still going to town here. My lemons s. So that's what I got from a whole lemon. All right. You don't get a whole lot. I'm gonna add all of that. The risky calls for a spoon. This is a teaspoon. Okay, so see, you got a little bit extra. All right? No set that aside. Way are gonna prepare our raspberry. So remember, frozen raspberries, because you're gonna puree them. And I didn't see the point in spending extra money for the fresh ones. If they're just gonna be period into a mushy mess anyway, so you can tell from the frozen raspberry letting them fall while I made my macaron cookies . They're pretty Muffy. Overhead E. Okay, we're gonna measure a cup over Asbury's again. I'm gonna be be generous, like raspberries. Put them in the food processor, which is just off camera. Can't see it. We're in a food processor. It. I'm gonna pork back into this measuring cup to show you what one cut yields after it's been processed. So this is our pureed raspberries. As you can see, no longer is a whole full cup. That is totally okay. All right. It's perfectly normal. for you to only get about 3/4 of a cup after it's been pureed. All right, so we have our raspberries. We have our yolks from earlier. We have our lemon zest. We're gonna be using some of these lemons a little bit later. Butter this point, we're going to get a double boiler out. Okay? Double boiler is two pots. One pot is larger than the other, and the smaller pop goes inside the big pot and we boil water in the big pop. And then we're gonna cook Our occurred in the smaller pot, so move over to the stove and show you what that set up looks like. 11. Cooking the Curd: we are going to set up our double boiler set up. We've got two pots. This is my bottom thoughts. I'm gonna put about two inches of water for cooling. So two inches of boiling water into my pot and we want the water to be simmering, which is pretty much what it's doing right up. Just like that, We don't want to get to a full boil, turn my oven and a little bit. That's perfect. So we'll take another pot will stick it nicely on top of that pot. Now, if you do not have a double boiler situation like this, um, if it were me, I would just do all of this in a pot on the stove of the very low heat. What we're gonna risk happening with, uh, we're gonna do is put the egg yolks in here and you don't want them toe turn into scrambled eggs. So if you do this without a double boiler not saying no, just be very careful. Maybe have a helper to add stuff while you're constantly whisking to keep stuff from cooking too fast. So we've got a double boiler set up. Our water is simmering. You're going at our raspberries. First of all, my eggs scramble. We're gonna half a cup of powdered sugar. We're going to add a tablespoon of lemon juice. This is fresh lemon juice that I just squeezed out of 11 that resisted. You're more than welcome to add, um, candle in juice that came from a bottle but are like fracture. Had it in the house and are lemons. That's not Remember this recipe calls for a teaspoon of lemon zest, but I like lemon. So we're gonna add everything that I greeted earlier. Just just a little bit more than its he's been. Um, don't worry about all the lemons, us and seeds. We're gonna straighten those out later. So I'm gonna start this up and then at my jokes, So I have better control over what's going on. Okay, So are three egg yolks. And now we're gonna be with game. You will be standing here whisking for approximately 10 to 15 minutes. Yep, It was gonna with constantly so we don't close. Exult, scramble on. We don't want bits of cooked egg in our hurt. Now, if you're due for to scramble, it's OK. As long as the pieces are smaller, like the size of a very small P. That makes any sense. We're gonna restrain this like I said, to get the season stuff out and put metal straight out. But if your eggs like police credible looks like scrambled and start over, there's no saving it at that point. So we're gonna be whiskey here until our herd gets a foamy top. - Okay , that's kind of hard to tell, but this is phony. If you take a spoon on, take a little piece out. You can see all the little foam bubble, but it built up. You can see how much lighter and whiter color it's nice and sick. You get a nice texture to it. So we're now going to come off the heat over here at our butter. So this is four tablespoons of cubed butter. Clock that in, and it's room temperature. Butter. It's not cold butter. It's not melted butter. It's just been sitting out. We've been doing stuff, man. We're gonna whisk in our butter turn off. Your butter is melted. Have a taste. See what you think? Delicious. Okay, now we're gonna go over there and straighten it 12. Straining the Curd: we have our pot report endorsed rear that is sitting over a little bowl in a special to get it all out of there. Perfect. But I think all right now, your woman card should be fairly thick, so it's not gonna just, uh, fall through your strainer. You're gonna have to scrape it for the bottom of your strainer. And if some seeds get in there, it's OK. It's not the end of the world. The ones you have gotten. Everything else. This is safe. You are going to cover this with some plastic wrap. It's gonna go in the fridge. Whoa! Maybe in the Frankish look cools down, and then we will fill our macron's. 13. Making Your Delicious Macarons: our lemon curd or raspberry looming for Just chill. Our cookies are nice and cool, not radio is we're gonna pick two. Cookies are roughly the same size and shape Gently flipped them over. You can see how nice and golden brown they are. Perfect. We're gonna take a little bit of lemon curd clock that right on there. You don't need as much as you think you need With this recipe, A lot of other macaron recipe is still still that really full. And with this, you don't really want that. So we're gonna twist the top dance about science. Speak out. Beautiful raspberry, lemon could macaroons. And you can fill the rest of these and come up with these Macron's. They are one day only Macron's. If you try to fill these, put him in the Freij, save them for a couple hours. Come out for your dinner party later. No. Good. Um, this lemon curd will slowly start to soak into your cookie, so these are best enjoyed immediately. And for the next probably 23 hours, we find sitting out at room temperature for party or whatever, But we I noticed that when I tried to say the extras that I had of these last time. They did not say Well, Oh, however, the cookies on their own do say, Well, you can keep these afraid or in the freezer until you're ready to use them. For example, today I am going to a bridal shower, and I am I made 60 cookies like this 120 individual of these off three days I've spent making cookies, and so I will be assembling them there at the bridal shower. A couple of tips. If you notice that your cookie the top of the cookie has crapped, a couple things could have gone wrong. First of all, you might not have faked it long enough, and you took it out too early and it collapsed on itself. Second, you didn't tap all of the air bubbles out. We're tapping them on the counter. Third, you might know about them rest for long enough. So if your computer bigger than mine and you only let them rest for half an hour, they might crack. If they're bigger than this, let them rest for upto 40 minutes. They're smaller than this. You could probably get away with 20 minutes. So though there's some troubleshooting ideas, if you, if you find that years are cracking, were not cooking all the way through. Same with If your cookies are sticking to your parchment paper again, you pushed having cook them thoroughly enough, even if the top looks good. But you would have killed them off and they six. I mean, it does that, Um, you think I belong? Perfect. Example. So right here you can see how it cracked on the bottom, and it's not quite as golden brown as this one got. So it just needed probably a minute longer in the oven. Yeah, I hope you guys have fun making your macaroons. It's not as hard, everybody thinks, and they taste delicious. 14. Enjoy Your Macarons!!: Hey, guys, I hope you enjoyed this macaron recipe. It was super fun to make. Um, They are a delicious treat. Fair family and friends. The filling on this one is especially special since most Macron's have buttercream frosting in the middle. So 11 Curtis kind of unique. These are super fancy. Like I said, they make great treats for bridal showers, tea parties. Um, pretty much any get together you have with your girlfriends, these air always appreciated and people who and over them. If you have any questions or concerns about making these, let me know I would love to see what you've made in the comment section poster projects and show me what you guys have done. I hope you enjoyed it a hand. See you guys later.